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I have written several articles for Hubpages, all of which are very highly rated by the site's own measures, and all of which have been featured by the site, so I know they are considered high quality content. These articles were written as long as seven years ago (2012). You would think producing good content for a website that supposedly pays you for writing would make at least a little bit of money over seven years, right?

I have total balance in my Hubpages account of just over $40. Very conveniently for Hubpages, you have to have a minimum of $50 to cash out at all. My balance increases by approximately $0.04 a month (they have changed the rules since I started; the writers' share of the earnings used to be higher, which is why I was able to get $40). At this rate, I still have over 20 years before I even meet the minimum balance to get any money at all.

Because of this arbitrary minimum cash out balance, the overwhelming majority of Hubpages writers will never receive a penny for their work. Of course, Hubpages will happily earn ad revenue for themselves from your content.

I have even written to the support center and politely asked to be able to withdraw my $40 because it would be impossible for me to ever reach $50. I figured they would care enough about their users to make an exception if asked nicely, and it was just $40. Not even $40 I was asking to get for free, it was MY $40. To my surprise, the individual I spoke to refused to budge and even became rude when I continued trying to explain how their policies would make it impossible for me to ever access my money.

I realize now that Hubpages is basically a scheme to trick people into producing free content they can profit from. They say you'll get paid for it, but the rate of earnings is ridiculously low, and they have that "minimum balance" in place to ensure most people won't even be able to receive the little money they earned. The entire business model is unethical, and the internet will be a better place when they either go out of business or get shut down for legally dubious business practices.

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I sense many negativity about "Article Removal", Alleged violations and many others. What if some of the users can get away with violations / rule breaking while these authors can't. I prefer a website based on a dead magazine company.

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You can discover, enhance and grow your writing career here. Hubpages helped me build my own writing career and also helped me publish my first eBook on kindle and it had really paid off. I am so grateful to hubpages, I owe this site a lot. This is how every company should be. Thank you Hp

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
Thanks for your review, Ngozika, and congratulations on publishing your eBook!
5 reviews
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This is a site that gives a writer an opportunity to expand his/her writing prowess for free on topics of their interest. A writer will have a chance to earn from his articles eventually.

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
Thanks for your review Isack! Very well put.
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Hm, same complaints here as with
(sarcasm) Website owes me this and that. And I don't see "cash dispenser" button. They should be scam or unethical at least.
No guys. Problem is in you, not in them.

I'm doing well with both. I like to write, I like to express myself, I don't expect to receive free cash. Hubpages is actually a hosting for the writers and it does the good job.

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
Thanks for the kind words and the much-appreciated humor break. :)
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I've been on Hubpages since 2012 and have been through some ups and downs with the site but now in 2017 they are definitely on the upswing. I have around 300 articles and make around $8,000 a year. HubPages has survived by focusing on quality and using editors to improve and standardize some of the content. HubPages has a really excellent writing platform which lets you include video, maps, tables and photos. In addition, HubPages has all of the content on one page so that the viewer looking at "10 Kitchen Design Tips" doesn't have to scroll through 10 pages to see the content. HubPages is for dedicated writers who are willing to write excellent, interesting content that beats everything else on the web for that topic. It is not a personal blog or creative writing platform and it does not promise instant success or guaranteed income. However, if you know a lot about something and you know how to write clear explanations or instructions, you probably can use HubPages to build a business.

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
Thank you for your detailed review and helpful tips, Virginia!
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So I had to make some extra money online (not easy. Actually, just about impossible) and I responded to a Pro Blogger job board about Hub Pages wanting writers. They approved me. They said that I would be paid like 5 - 10 based on the word count of the articles. I was told which topic to write and was given suggestions. I wrote the suggestions I knew about. After a while, it was not worth the time so I quit. And then I rejoined and a new lady was the "boss" now. And back then I had so many computer problems one time I had a keyboard problem and a not her time I had a mouse problem. It is VERY difficult to use a computer without either. It takes FOREVER to type an article! After 3 more months of active work, I was "fired". Eventually I sucked it up and deleted my account. (I saved the information first.) You are probably thinking I deserved to be fired be cause of my bad grammar but back then I made sure to type better. I am writing badly on purpose to get your attention lol. P.S. Hub Pages ate squidoo. R.I.P. It does not matter. Writing sites suck.

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I have been on hub for 3/4 years. I love to write, read and connect. I also wanted to make some money. It was very very hard to get to know how to really make money, I tried to get paid the first yearand gave up. I would just leave to avoid writing too much for free and spend time trying to get to know how to get paid. I met some nice people and talented writers willing to share tips and experience, but money is a taboo subject, even in private messages.
It seems that a few writers make some money or pretend to, they could be part of a disguised promotion team. One thing, I was disenchanted, disappointed and left.I appreciate the community of writers but after censorship, religious trolling, I sorted things out.
It is sad because it was such a beautiful dream: being paid to do what I love to do...

Tip for consumers: Gi to grow your writing but know that your material is not protected (seen my work on another website) and that you won't make money… better go somewhere else.

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
Thanks for your honest review, Nia. It can definitely be hard to earn money on HubPages, especially for those who are just getting started in the online writing scene. We do our best to provide educational resources in the form of our FAQ and Learning Center, and the forums are a great place to ask for help and advice from veteran authors, but the reality is that it definitely takes time and a lot of articles to earn decent money. Most authors start earning after writing 20-50 articles. We are glad you had the chance to connect with other talented writers and would love it if you'd be willing to give earning another try (though we understand it's a lot of work and don't blame you if you've moved on to other things). Either way, thank you for the sharing your thoughts on writing with us.
3 reviews
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its for sure one of the best way to earn online and easy to use

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
We are glad you think so! We certainly do our best. :)
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hubpages is a great place to share your opinions and thoughts and you also get paid for doing so.

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
Thank you for the kind words, Erica!
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I find it disgraceful that Hubpages only pays their writers if their revenue reaches or exceeds $50. They are making money off of people and deliberately refusing to compensate their contributors for their efforts. Hubpages presents an exploitative and unethical business model that shamelessly rips off those who create the site's content. I was disheartened to learn, today, that Squidoo has merged with Hubpages.

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
It's true that we only issue a payment when authors reach the $50 payout threshold. We make this clear in a number of places all over the site. Payment thresholds are not unusual for paid writing sites. Additionally, earnings never expire but continue to accrue over time. There is no time limit in which authors have to reach the $50 payout. Whether it takes a month or a year, we will issue the payment when the limit is reached. We also split ad revenue with authors 60%/40% (we pay the highest percentage to authors of any revenue sharing site), so whatever we are making, our authors always make 20% more. Those with technical expertise may earn more from their own private websites and blogs, but we feel HubPages is a good and fair option for writers who don't want to deal with the technical side of earning from writing online.
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I have the same complaints about Hubpages that everyone else does, so don't expect this to be anything new. Just take into consideration that there is a reason you read the same thing over and over again about HP; that is because they are all true! First, the site does not pay well or at all. They constantly change their own rules to set the bar so they can get maximum dollars, yet not shell out a dime to those doing all of the work.

Secondly, there are a bunch of trolls and they are friends of HP management or either they are the writers making the most money for the site. HP keeps their censorship rules kind of grey so they can pick and choose what and who to ban at their own discretion. I recently saw one hubber, we'll call him GT, wrote an article about cyberbullying and the person he complained about, we'll call him TS, actually came to the hub and began attacking him.! Right on cue! TS complained to HP and then in turn wrote an article accusing GT of cyberbullying and GT actually got banned yet TS didn't! So two people complain and write articles about cyber bullying and only one gets kicked out. GT did not visit the others site. GT did not direct the hub at TS or even use vulgar language . TS did direct it towards GT. Why might you ask was GT banned, but not TS? Because TS actually works for the site. He can legally bully someone for their beliefs (God) and ban them for it. Crazy stuff! TS even went to GT's LinkedIn and twitter accounts!

I actually had the same problem with TS until I closed my page. Now I go back and read my favorite authors using a guest account, but I still see he is out on his crusade to eradicate religion. I guess he thinks he can do it by banning one hubber at a time.

Tip for consumers: Save yourself the tears and heartache. Just don't use them.

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
We are a small company and don't have the manpower to look at every forum post. We rely on users to report posts and comments that break our rules. All flagged posts are looked at by moderators, so when certain rule-breaking posts are taken down and others are not, it's usually because someone reported the ones that were removed while nobody reported the ones that were not. We rely on the community to help, so we encourage users to report personal attacks and hate speech.
6 reviews
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If you want to post article to this site, You must first understand their terms.

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
Very true, we do have strict quality standards for being published, and there can be a lot to learn. Between our FAQ and our Learning Center, we do our best to provide new authors with everything they need to know to get started:
6 reviews
16 helpful votes

Great website to get free information to almost anything. Great way for inspiring writers get themselves out to the public. Many people blog and link their content to this site

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
We appreciate the positive review! We certainly do our best. :)
10 reviews
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I can sum this site up in one word and that word is "LAME".

Squdoo is better and they, unlike Hubpages do not yank every single post I make.

Response from Paul E., HubPages Representative
I'm sorry to hear you've had difficulty getting your posts published. We do have strict standards requiring content to have top quality spelling and grammar and to be spam-free, but we are as transparent about those standards as possible. You can find everything you need to know about our quality assessment process and publication requirements here:
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