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Healthful Chat has a consumer rating of 1.89 stars from 44 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Healthful Chat also ranks 131st among Health Information sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 16.7%
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Positive highlights

  • Peer support site with over 50 different channels for mental, physical and mental illnesses.
  • This went on nightly when there were no other mods available.

Critical highlights

  • One of these disgusting moderators is named "Forever"
  • So, bullying does occur among chatters and moderators.
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Top Positive Review

“What a hidden treasure”

Pyramid D.

I was so pleased to come across this free site, where I've made friends and developed acquaintances that understand my heath conditions. This is not professional counselling, but to me, it's even better... it introduces me to people that understand exactly what I'm going through. I can't thank this site enough for everything they and it's kind members have offered me. Thank you.

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Top Critical Review

“Not great”

Myriah U.

Though some of the users can be nice the mods tend to be over zealous, there are many things you can't discuss and if you discuss any one topic for too long they'll ask you to stop- and if you don't your banned. This hasn't happended to me but I've seen it with issues about parents, abortion, addiction, LGBT issues. So I would say this service really isn't inclusive and others have highlighted that the mods can and actually do bully.

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1 review
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July 19th, 2020
I've kicked aound the site for a number of years. I admit that I use a number of nicks, but I really am a nice guy. Sometimes I am a poet, a writer, a sensitive and caring guy, a showbiz hipster, an English dude, a guy whose wife died, a poor slob who is unlucky in love, you name it. I started in bipolar room and my female fan base just kept growing. If you are reading this, we have probably chatted at the site on more than one occasion. If I duped you, consider it a life lesson. This one mod has no idea about me and has a crush on all of my nicks. She told each one that she has feelings for him. It's kind of sad. The website is okay especially if you are completely bored or manic. That's about it.
2 reviews
17 helpful votes
January 13th, 2019
Chris j - As chatters we are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. It's possible the chatter in question had been reported as inappropriate. As you've noted in other comments the site is prone to perverts and it's the moderators job to protect chatters, therefore chatters should not question a mods motives when they try to do exactly that.

Tommy d - Agree there is favoritism. New chatters get in trouble for things mods themselves do and the mods ignore the same thing a regular chatter does. Agree there isn't enough focus on health issues and people coming in seeking help are missed. Disagree with your opinion about Forever. Many chatters love this mod. She is fair, kind, and one of the mods who actually takes actions when needed. Chatters who don't follow rules dislike her for that reason.

Tom D - yes, it's a pick up site. Have to learn to close the pm and put the pervs on ignore. Mods used to mute and kick the pervs. Something happened with the modding where they started focusing on minor infractions and letting the big stuff go. Wish they'd bring back the kick butt mods.

Freya l - It says in the rules displayed before entering site self-harm and suicide talk is not allowed as it puts undue stress on and triggers other chatters. I agree with the rule.

Bill b - no proof mods read personal messages, just a rumor

Felicity M - Many chatters are defensive in general and feel they can break rules without being reprimanded. Extensive disrespect for the mods and rule breaking goes on. Site rule is to not argue with the mods and if you have an issue use report content to address since it disrupts room to argue.

Timmy V - Agree. Chatters are banned and when contact is made to find out why at times not answered. There's 2 sites, Depression/Trivia and Healthfulchat, who share the same server. Depression bans without reason and it's difficult to enter back into room. Healthfulchat sometimes same, but much better than Depression.

The thing about a lot of these comments are they are directed at the Depression/Trivia site, but listed under Healthfulchat because you can enter Healthfulchat via Depression site and vice versa so many chatters don't realize they are different.

To combat the pervs have to close pm and ignore. I think it should be an auto-ban, but it's so easy to override a ban mods don't ban.
1 review
3 helpful votes
July 29th, 2019
Honestly I think the sites intentions are AMAZING. The site is trying to help anyone with any issues about anything, by having people talk about it, and is succeeding most of the time :).

But I do however think some mods are definitely a little unfair. I wouldn't say all the mods are unfair, because that is not true. 90% of mods are so nice, so amazing, and always gives people second chances even when they are being put down.

I have been banned for "creating clones" because my friends were over and they wanted to go on the site too. And, to be fair, I 100% understand why multiple logins from one wifi network is against the rules.

One of the mods just told me I couldn't do multiple logins, in a nice, but stern way, which I think is a really effective. But before I had the chance to tell my friends to we had to log out, another moderator muted me and everyone else using my wifi network. Then 5 seconds later, he banned my network from the website FOREVER. (not even a 48 hour ban?)

Then a few days later one of my friends invited me to her house, so I used her wifi and tried to find the mod that banned me. I found him and tried to explain the situation to him but he wouldn't listen. Instead he banned my friends network from the website forever too.

You might be asking, "Were you and your friends rude to the people on the website?"
And I would say definitely not. Everyone was just chatting and having a great time, which I think is what this website should completely be about.

Q&A (5)


Healthful Chat is legit. Many of the negative reviews here are not. The wording and that names have been changed, but reviewed with the same content and on the same day, are indication the same person keeps reviewing. Myself personally am a Healthful Chat chatter who has used the site for several years and been helped by it, rather than a "sponsor" (whatever that is) as I've been accused of here. All the negative reviews are obviously disgruntled chatters who have been asked to follow the rules by moderators and now have a vendetta against the site. Use the site properly and follow the rules, respect the mods and room assistants, and you will get help from Healthful Chat. I see your type in Healthful Chat consistently and what you're doing in this review process is very apparent. I've even seen disgruntled chatters go to reddit and request people to join them in trolling stayathome78, forever and one other moderator. Very pathetic.

By Mikey C.
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Easy to use, friendly and the variety of having numerous subject room.

By Mikey C.
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Many chatters, including room assistants and moderators, have helped me. They've supported me with struggles with my conditions, motivated me to improve my lifestyle, and encouraged me to seek treatment. The Healthfulchat behind the scenes staff went the extra mile to fix a very serious issue I was facing. Very much appreciated!

By S J.
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You're being trolled via the Notice feature in NickServ. Someone does not like you for whatever reason or sees that you will respond to trolling so has chosen to target you. If you don't respond they stop trying and will leave you alone. If you send this to report content or speak to a moderator they will permit a name change for you. Being a victim of trolling is unfortunately a repercussion of using the internet, it is up to you whether or not you want to add fuel to the fire.

By Mikey C.

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