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FixNow.us has a consumer rating of 3 stars from 8 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. FixNow.us ranks 71st among Tech Support sites.

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Top Positive Review

“As far as I can tell omnitech support did a good job...”

Mark H.

As far as I can tell omnitech support did a good job of ridding me of the viruses I had. The people behind the phone could not have been nicer.

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Top Critical Review

“Very tricky over sell”

Bruce w.

I called trying to get a hold of bitifender to set up my security and the next thing I know they have me buying a maintainence plan for $179.99 that I really didn't have.Im now reading that it is dangerous for these people to have access to your system.Im wondering now how the 30 day money back deal works

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2 reviews
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September 3rd, 2014

This company is the same as Omnitech Support which has been reliable in my computer needs.

1 review
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September 24th, 2014

Asked them if it was still possible to download Office 2010 Pro, 32-bit, and if the key to my 64-bit version would work with it, if I could download it. Just a question. Told them I was willing to pay for the answer. All they wanted to do was connect to my computer. Said they couldn't answer question without checking the issue out on my computer. I don't have an issue on my computer, and I don't want them to install an issue on my computer.

Marc H. – FixNow.us Rep

We have no record of this person being a customer. This person supposedly had a computer-related issue which is why he may have contacted us in first place. We need more details from this person as to why he contacted us, his email address and on what date he came in to us for help, so that we can retrieve the recordings and investigate the alleged issue. As per his comment, he was asking for help with a product key, but activating software into a possibly corrupted environment is not a great idea. We follow a process that was set after several critical analysis and researches over years carried out by our audits and high-level technicians to assist our customers in a safest way by eliminating the chances of wrong diagnosis and troubleshooting that may cause other big issues to the customer’s computer.

That standard and most efficient process cannot be changed for one instance like this. We use a respected 3rd party remote access tool using that we access the customers’ computer only after having their prior permission. We diagnose using a trusted, third-party diagnostic software, whose results cannot be manipulated. This is a FREE diagnosis. We do not try to violate any customer’s computer privacy. In every online tech support process, remote session is required to diagnose and to fix the issue online and without remote session, the issue cannot be addressed.

1 review
1 helpful vote
June 22nd, 2014

Anthony was very knowledgeable and performed the job quickly and efficiently while keeping me informed and updated.

1 review
3 helpful votes
November 8th, 2014

WARNING: Be aware that this company is not connected with Microsoft even though a Google search brings up their website. Difficult to communicate. I find it hard to believe the positive reviews online. Total misunderstanding of what I needed. I thought that I was communicating with a Microsoft agent. After having my laptop cleaned due to a virus, all I needed was to have my Excel and Word programs restored, and this should have been done at no cost (as had been done previously). Your tech said that I needed the Microsoft Office program, and moreover that I needed various scans and downloads to remedy registry errors and other errors (although the laptop had been totally cleaned). After 4 1/2 hours I was charged $349.99 for services that I did not need or want in order to get repairs and the Office program. The following day when I started my computer it would not work due to a hard drive failure. After numerous calls to your office, and two hours of online communications, I was finally able to get a refund of the costs except for $120 (would have cost about $90 locally) for the Office installation. So 6 1/2 hours and $120 wasted, not to mention the cost of a new hard drive. This was a nightmare experience not to mention a learning experience.

Marc H. – FixNow.us Rep

We do not claim to be Microsoft and we always identify who we are. If he searched for “Ford Repair” and got the name of a local garage, would that mean they are claiming to be Ford Motor Company? Unfortunately, this customer may have gotten confused because Microsoft never directs anyone anywhere. They don’t direct anyone to any third-party. If anyone wants to contact Microsoft support directly, they should go to the Microsoft support site (www.support.microsoft.com). We are OmniTech Support, an independent global Tech Support organization which has been running successfully with pride and passion more than 12 years.

On our chats, on our remote access tool, on our payment pages it all says very prominently, who we are. We have a disclaimer that clearly says that we are an independent tech support company and that we are not affiliated with Microsoft. We have every single customer sign a terms and conditions document, that again clearly states who we are, and again has the disclaimer. We send an invoice to every single customer, and you guessed it, it is from Omnitech Support in large bold font. We send a payment receipt, again from “Omnitech Support”. We are proud of our A+ BBB rating and we work hard to maintain it by doing everything we can do to resolve issues and to offer a full refund if we are unsuccessful, even though we may have spent 20 to 30 hours working on the problem.

Every business has positive and negative reviews less or more and we also have negative reviews but that is a fraction compared to our satisfied customers. We are confidently in our business and can prove that we did not scam anyone or not performing any unethical practices. We are a fee-based technical support organization that has earned and maintained an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. One of the reasons why we have this rating is not only because we always strive to satisfy our customers’ needs and concerns is also because we are very careful to make sure we follow steps to ensure that our customers’ computers are working well and are not compromised by malware or registry issues.

Below is the history of what exactly happened and the detailed case history with chat transcript of conformation of the fixes of his computer issues.

Mr. Elder’s complaint that we ruined his hard drive is totally without merit. His hard drive is HARDWARE. Working on software cannot break hardware. That’s a basic fact. If his hard drive failed, it was not because of any interaction with OmniTech Support. Mr. Elder contacted us on October 13,2014 with an issue” Install MS office 365 and virus removal" and signed up with us for half yearly plan by paying $349.99, which includes full versions of Bit Defender anti-virus and Advanced System Optimizer, 5 GB of cloud back-up and unlimited tech support. The issue was resolved & confirmed by him. Below is the chat log:

Tech 74: You have tested and confirmed that the issue with installing office and removing infections from the computer are resolved now.
Bill: Correct
Tech 74: May I take this as the confirmation?
Bill: Yes
Tech 74: Thank you for the confirmation?

On the same day we installed ASO in customer’s computer and performed optimization, also cloud storage software was installed for 5GB

On the October 15,2014 customer called and asked for refund as per customer request refunded the customer and informed the same to the customer. Below is the refunded transaction detail for $229.99:

Transaction ID: 2444596410

Later customer did not contact us again through any source. We fixed his issue and did not waste his time. His computer had to be diagnosed, programs installed (which he still enjoys) and the OS installed. He is not, by any definition “out” $120.00. He has been treated most fairly.

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 3rd, 2014

They did not even attempt to fix the problem I came to them for. Instead they tried to sell me a suite of antivirus programs. They also took more control over my computer than I agreed to.

Full text:
I was having trouble verifying my Microsoft account. When I googled the problem, Fixnow.us was the first thing that popped up, so I contacted them. FixNow then rerouted me to Omnitech support. I thought I was talking with a Microsoft subcontractor. When I realized that they were not, they reassured me that they would be able to fix the problems with my Microsoft account.

Even though I was dubious, I let them take remote control of my PC. They reassured me that I could take control back at any time I wanted to. They downloaded one of their programs and checked for errors. They claimed that my inability to verify my account was a result of hundreds polymorphus viruses and registry errors that were infecting my PC, and that if I did not pay them to take care of the problem now, it would spread and my e-mail, and financial data; everything would be compromised.

I knew this was not right. I run a pretty comprehensive suite of security programs, and I knew I did not have hundreds of viruses. I politely thanked the representative for her time, and attempted to close the remote control session. She then took over my mouse and attempted to access some of my programs. I forced a shutdown of my computer since I didn't want them messing with it any more. All in all, I spent three hours with their 'support' staff.

5 minutes later, I booted my computer back up, and their PC control program booted right back up with it. After I exited the program, I tried to remove everything they had installed on my PC. I could remove their antivirus program, but not the control program. I had to be content with disabling it on startup. I also ran my antivirus (which now showed 3 problems I didn't have before). I then did another google search, followed some advice in a forum, and three minutes later my Microsoft account was fixed!

I DO NOT recommend Omnitech support.

Marc H. – FixNow.us Rep

We are asked to resolve. We are transparent throughout the process and explain everything before the customer makes a payment and signs up with us. They sign up with us because of our beneficial service plan and unmatchable price. We don’t force anyone to sign up.

Generally, there are two programs we install temporarily on the customer’s computer with their permission. Our technician first installs a recognized 3rd party PC diagnostic software which we run on the customer’s computer in an effort to uncover the root of the problem as our initial troubleshooting step. In this instance, the PC diagnostic software might have uncovered system errors and polymorphic viruses, the presence of which were conveyed to the customer. We cannot alter the diagnosis result. What is shows is what exists. After the issue is diagnosed, we install the LogMeIn Rescue applet (1.2 MB), which allows us one-time remote access to further diagnose and fix any issues. It is a harmless, one-time use applet. You can read about it here: https://secure.logmeinrescue.com. After a session is closed, the applet becomes unusable. However, we are not always given a chance by some customers to uninstall those software. A customer can easily delete these in the Delete Program application in the Windows Control Panel. We record every keystroke, every interaction with our customers for training and quality assurance, so we can unequivocally say we did not tell her computer had hundreds of viruses. The diagnostic scan can uncover, viruses, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), adware, malware, registry errors and orphaned temp files. This customer apparently misunderstood the exact issue and our process. A customer’s contact with OmniTech Support is always safe and secure.

With respect to her running a search and finding 3 new issues, that can happen due to any site visited or false updates accepted. Some malware are only active sporadically, so they don’t always show up on a single anti-virus scan. When we remove a virus, we do so manually, so it is removed for good.

1 review
2 helpful votes
June 29th, 2015

I called trying to get a hold of bitifender to set up my security and the next thing I know they have me buying a maintainence plan for $179.99 that I really didn't have.Im now reading that it is dangerous for these people to have access to your system.Im wondering now how the 30 day money back deal works

1 review
1 helpful vote
June 25th, 2014

As far as I can tell omnitech support did a good job of ridding me of the viruses I had. The people behind the phone could not have been nicer.

1 review
2 helpful votes
June 28th, 2014

Tech support is important to have. The diagnostics, virus removal and cleanup and the backup are all must haves for computers and tablets!

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