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1 review
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I received a ring from you through tophatt. The ring has a blue set missing. the ring was solid 925 sterling w/blue & clear AAA + cz criss cross sz. del sept 21.

2 reviews
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this site is really bad, 0 votes for them. my orders doesn't come on time and their support is not always there to comply what i complain, really really bad.

1 review
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I ordered two dresses, I check on the shipping & handling tab at the bottom of the screen for each dress I purchase the handling time was posted as 1-3 days, so I purchase the dresses and went with the 2-6 day shipping, I was checking online a few days later to find the status and the tracking number, A: It means your order is still being processed. Our regular processing/handling time is 3 ~ 5 days. In some cases, we need a few more days to restock the items you have purchased. it said it was in processing - this means the item has left our warehouse and is being delivered to our processing center - HUH ? now the online catalog says 1-3 days now after you have spend your money which left my account immediately, now it says it takes 3-5 days, If the item is not in stock it needs to say not in stock. This website is very misleading - I do not recommend doing business with this company at all- I order a lot of products from different website domestic and international and this is the first one that I have came across with such misleading information - This company make itself look very fraudulent, I DO NOT RECOMEND USING THIS WEBSITE AT ALL

3 reviews
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I have purchased few items on this website and overall experience is good. Thank you.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I had a good experience with they provided me good and fast service...

1 review
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I have shopped several times with this website (fashion4us) and i am so impressed with their products... very high quality products, the measurements and sizing are perfect! Unlike other website which are scam at all. So I don't agree if people said this is a fake online shop.

The only things I don't like from this onlineshop is that when I ordered some products, there must be 2 or 3 items which were out of stocks. I still have credit left in them, which means I have to keep shopping in order to get my credit back.

So, for those who are nervous to buy things from this website, don't worry. They are original items (same brand as advertised / as pictured). You can track your items, too. Well.... Happy shopping then... :)

1 review
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Don't order from this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The pictures are fake, you will wait for a couple of monthes then get nothing. Most likely lost your money.

1 review
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Do NOT buy from this site! I ordered $35 worth of items, and shipping was $15. However, I never got any of it! This site is a total scam- customer service was horrible as well

1 review
1 helpful vote

this site? FAKE. i wouldnt even rate a star but thats not an option... SCAMMED ME. saying how they "have things in stock" but guess what. THERE NOT ON STOCK. tell you that after you order it. i send them MILLIONS of messeges. no reply. some of us work hard for our money you know lucky there not here i would kill them -_-

1 review
1 helpful vote

When I ordered from this site, I was a little nervous. I saw all the bad reviews and people saying it was a scam. So I decided not to order my cart. However, after searching around the internet I simply could not find any shoes that were as unqie and fun as the ones I had seen on fashion4us. I decided to take a chance and order the shoes. Some reviews I've read have said it has taken them up to 6 months to recieve their full order. This was definitely not the case for me! I ordered my items (seven pairs of shoes) October 18th, and I recieved them yesterday, November 5th. I think this is pretty fast, especially for shoes coming from China. The shoes came and looked very much like the picture and were what I was hoping for. If you are looking for the absolute best quality shoes, DO NOT order from here. However, if you're looking for pretty good quality shoes at a good price then this website is great. The downside of the shoes I bought were that they smelled very strongly of gasoline (according to my mother, I do not know as I have a very weak sense of smell, and to me they just smell like rubber). Most shoes you order from China will have this problem. I've ordered shoes from China before though, and after airing them out they're perfectly fine and the smell doesn't linger. I would definitely order from here again, as they actually have my shoe size (9.5/41)! I can tell you that I was not scammed by this website and I got what I paid for! I'm very happy with this purchase

1 review
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It took 3 monthes then finally they canceled the order. Don't buy from this site, you will not get what you expect.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Well, based on my experience, I ordered 2 items. Got them a week or 2 after the estimated shipping date. (A few months ago) I was worried at first but all my doubts went away after I received my items. The items I ordered looked exactly like the ones in the photo which made me happy. Nice quality too ( ´ ` )
I think the sizes is based on the models wearing the clothing/accessory & some people don't understand that. They also give information on size reference. So for example, when it says "Free Size" it doesn't literally mean people of ALL sizes can wear it.
Based on my 1st experience ordering from F4U, I placed a 2nd order & am looking forward to retrieving it next month. V(ω -)z
The only complaint I have is that, when you precede after selecting your shipping option, the total may be a bit pricey.. like $15-20 more but, again, they base all that on how much the item weighs.. something like that..

But overall, I'm happy with the order(s) I placed on this site.I usually shop from F4U only if I can't find clothing I like from other clothing sites. I have a limited number of clothing shops I'm able to order from since I pay with pre-paid credit cards. I don't have a credit card so I pay with a pre-paid credit cards from local stores. I like the fact that Fashion4Us excepts payments from this card. I went to Yesstyle & wasn't able to order because of it. *devastated* 3':

So if you don't have a credit card like me, You can order with pre-paid credit cards instead. I give F4U a thumbs up for that <3 I only base this review on my experience with them & I like it~ Would order in the future~~ (''- )

4 reviews
4 helpful votes

The order was shipped pretty quickly. And the order was what I wanted. Thanks!

1 review
1 helpful vote

For the people who are skeptical about ordering from fashion4us, I was hesitate, too, at first. My sister even refused to order for me after she read the bad reviews. I really wanted to change my style, but how was I going to do that if I did not take a chance? So I went for it and decided to start out small with two items from Joanne Kitten. It is true; shipping rates are horrible, but what can you expect when they are shipping from China? Although, they have a new air mail option which is cheaper than their other shipping, plus it even comes with a tracking number. I am here to clear up any misunderstandings that fashion4us is a scam. I got my items in the mail and they look exactly as they did on the website. I know they will not let you return items unless the wrong items were shipped or the items are damaged, but that is THEIR policy. Every company has their own policy. My advice is to start out with a small order and if everything goes well, order some more if you want. Do not let all the bad reviews fool you into thinking fashion4us is a scam and take a chance. Just make sure you read their return policy and other policies. I do not normally write reviews (actually, I think this is the first review I have written), but I told myself I would clear up any confusion over fashion4us if my order went well, and it did. I am not just some fake person from fashion4us. I am an 18-year-old from Washington State, United States striving to be the next fashionista. I am very satisfied with my order at fashion4us and will look forward to future orders. Happy shopping, everyone!

1 review
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SUPER HORRIBLE place to order! The pictures look so great and so you would want to order from them. But after I paid and ordered several items, then they tell me every one of the item is out of stock. BUT WOULD NOT REFUND MY MONEY BACK for $130+ so I thought I would just ordered a few things which turned out to take almost 2 MONTHS to get and the SIZE was totally not right. And 2 items were out of stock again so they should at least give me those money back. I contacted them right away for return or exchange BUT THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURN OR EXCHANGE EVEN THOUGH I CONTACTED THEM THE SAME DAY I RECEIVED THE PRODUCTS. The email say they will refund your money in 48 hours but it has been OVER 3 MONTHS AND NO MONEY HAS EVER BEEN REFUNDED. CONTACTED PAYPAL AND DID CLAIM BUT NO MONEY STILL REFUNDED. WILL NOT EVER GO BACK WITH THOSE LYING PRETTY PICTURES. THEY ROB YOUR MONEY AND NEVER GIVE BACK.

3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Just received my wedding dress and honeymoon swimwear. They are just plainly gorgeous. Fashion4us has variety of products that come in different prices. You get what you pay for, period.

1 review
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Please DO NOT order anything from this website: fashion4us and fashionblast are the same owner. When you place the order, they never let you know the items not in stock. They wait couple days later they, sent you the email notify the item not in stock, another day, another item not in stock. Took almost a month to arrive your package. When I opened the package, there was only one item instead of six. I had to email them so many times to find out what happened the rest of the items, Finally, they replied me that the rest of the items not in stock, so they charged me shiiping really high as twice as your item cost for one item. They always do that. They didnt even do this to me, but also to my friends I know. Also really hard to get your money back when they don't have your items. Those people are scam, trying to rip you off, make money from you. I swear whatever I have said here are true. I don't want anyone get misleading, because I went through all the problems. This is the only websites I never trust. I never write any review in my life before. I can't stand this one anymore, so my first time to submit my review here. If you believe what I said here, please do not order anything from them.

1 review
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they sell fake brands / replica

1 review
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i ordered two items two months ago. they charged my credit card immediately. since then, my awful experience with it has officially been launched.

i did not hear from them anything, even a tracking number, until i got an email two weeks ago. they told me that my ordered items were back ordered. i asked them to refund me. but they claimed that they would charge me 25% canceling fee. They also claimed that they shipped my orders from korea, and would reach me in four days.

i said ok then.

however, i got an email today saying that they were back-ordered again. how could that be since they said last time they had shipped my stuff? I know now they were lying to me

how could i get my money back? I just don't want to deal with this site any more.

on Yahoo answers, this website got good reviews. i am wondering how they got them. To me, this website is totally a scam.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I bought 2 pairs of boots and I've never seen such a bad quality I think I can't wear those boots there's even some kind of plastic inside....
I also bought a cardigan wich was too short and too small and very different from the picture they show, I've never seen such a bad quality I would not reccomend this online shop to anybody.

1 review
2 helpful votes

i recommend not to buy from the shop! i ordered shoes and clothes, took 2 months until i got my package. the customer service is unfriendly and not able to speak some decent english. all the positive reviews are written by themselves. the shoes stink of gasoline and have very poor quality, i don't mention the crap clothes. shipping costs are simply a chiz! i'm angry with myself because i wasted my money, those people should go straight to jail for scam.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Since I read some of the negative comments about "fashion4us: but I still want to place an order. The first time, I picked 2 clothes from their website but 1 of them was out of stock. Shipping charge was based on how many items I bought. I choose standard shipping and it took 19 days to receive the package. Total what I paid was US$40 for one cloth (not worth to buy just only one item).
After I have the first experience, I placed my second order. I bought 4 clothes in this time and choose express shipping. However, it still took 17 days shipped to me.
I will never buy anything from "fashion4us" because I found most of their products got their own website and the prices are very cheap there.
"fashion4us" marked up at least 3 times more then the original price and I think they are only running as a middleman to buy the clothes for us and also earn so much money from shipping fee. Such as the cloth I bought at the first time, it cost only around US$10 in this website but finally I paid almost US$40 together with the shipping fee. It is not worth to do that. I learned from experience and want to let everybody know the truth. They sell very cheap clothes. You can have a lot of options with US$40 outside "fashion4us".
Don't waste money on those cheap things from "fashion4us" and to avoid the high shipping cost they charge from us.

1 review
4 helpful votes

last month on march the 3rd I ordered 9pcs totalling £230 inc tax & delivery, I was over the moon with the choices I had made and awaited patiently for my delivery although it took just under a month to reach me due to two items taking a little longer to send, the emails from them were prompt so I was happy to wait, when my order finally arrived I was shocked as all the clothing plus a pair of shoes were tightly packed into a small cardboard box and as I opened the package in disbelief in how they could fit 3x coats, 2x jackets, 1xshoes 2x trousers and 1x dress in such tiny packaging I realised its because the quality was so bad and thin and shoddy workmanship also the item which I had to wait for, for so long was'nt even the item I had ordered, I emailed them politely explaining the error and asked what they intended to do to fix it and surprise no reply.. so if anyone is reading this please do not order from them the clothing is not good quality and there customer service is rubbish..

1 review
4 helpful votes

I have ordered from several Asian webshops, and although I can say that none of them are perfect, I can say that Fashion4us is THE one website I've had the worst experience with.

Although it is quite normal for wholeshipping sites who do not stock their own products, to have a certain difficulty in giving information about the stock of their items, Fashion4us seems to contact these suppliers once every two weeks or so as their information is worse than I have ever encountered. Also, they do not give you information when you view your order on the status of your items. You can NEVER see whether it is ready for shipment, or whether the item has yet to arrive at their company.

Out of my order, originally consisting of 6 items, 4(!) items have been canceled. One of these items had a shipping time of 1 to 3 days and you would expect to hear something within that time limit, however this item got canceled after 8(!) days while here I was thinking that item would be mine.

My advise would be to never order from them, as the great clothing you have in your shopping basket will probably never even get close to your house. In order to strengthen this opinion, I can say that a friend of mine who ordered from them had 50% canceled out of her order, meaning that it is not something which only happens once in a while but is a common practice for this website.

I can mention one positive thing about their website, which is that when an item gets canceled you can add new items yourself without having to e-mail the staff. However, this was probably done as their specialty is canceling customers' items, thus making this on their website would give them less work in the long run.

Now, would I hate them merely because I am not getting the clothes I ordered at that time? I don't think so. As my order was taking a long time, and because I wanted to get it earlier on and be done with this company, I wanted to cancel a few items in my order. If they can cancel items, I can do the same, right? Well... no. I have sent 4 e-mails with the items I would like to cancel, and coincidentally they seem to reply very late to these type of e-mails as if filtering the world "canceling".

So when I finally received a reply, they told me that some of the items had already arrived at their warehouse (Wait, what? Those items had a shipping time of 22 to 28 days? you get that but you don't get my skirt which would ship in 1 to 3 days? I am not following the logic of this company now) and that they would need to send it back (they don't have a place to temporarily store items?). And that if I still wanted to cancel them, I would need to pay $5 per item for shipping costs (and they cannot send it in one package for $5?).

Interesting. But this story gets even more interesting in fact, as my feeling of hate and anger towards this company increased more and more, of which its employees have sent e-mails in a language which cannot be counted as English I figured I would agree with their $5 costs per item. Of course it is a waste of money, but I would see it as buying my way out of the scam which is called Fashion4us. So I e-mailed them that I was willing to pay $5 per item.

Perhaps not expecting that I would agree to it, they now have e-mailed me once again and SUDDENLY have different reasons for not being able to cancel these items.

I quote from the e-mail I have received
"As you know there is some difficulties here. We just moved the warehouse from the old to a new bigger one, that 200 miles away. Due to this move, we are not able to cancel your items anymore.

To compensate for you, I am willing to give you some store credit for for free for your future orders.

At this point, we can not cancel your items anymore as its already booked a while ago. We are sorry for the inconvenience and promise this will never happen again after this warehouse move."

Oh yeah, first you cannot cancel because I need to pay shipping costs and suddenly a new problem arises? There is something fishy about this company, that is for sure. Even if it were to be true, why would I as a customer need to face the consequences of them moving to another warehouse? Fashion4us should solve this themselves and not let their customer pay the price. And why would I want store credit which I can use on items which I will never be getting in the first place?

My only advice to any of you can be: never EVER buy from Fashion4us. Not only is the chance of receiving an item you ordered as slim as it can be, their English is lacking which complicates the communication with them and lastly their customer service is as bad as it can get.

1 review
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so get this.... I ordered a few items from this site a few weeks ago (not knowing how troublesome it would be), and apparently my package is and Has been held in Customs. Who knew? No one notified me about it! Until I get this urgent email, "Shipping Emergency" from 'fashion4us' saying that DHL has been trying to contact Me and that I need to "hurry up" and pick up my package... And if the package gets sent back, 'fashion4us' is not held responsible. Watda?! Uhhhhhh... So I call DHL and they said they have actually been trying to get a hold of THEM! For the package to be released from Customs, 'fashion4us' just needs to answer a few questions regarding the items they are shipping. And these aren't tough questions by all means, they're just questions like how many items, what they are and fabric. How difficult can that be??!! GAH! If they can email me (with the fake urgency on my part), why can't they email DHL with the information that is needed?!! Now I'm wondering if I'll EVER get my package... And for them, 'fashion4us', to say they are not held responsible if the package gets sent back to them when they've already billed me, UM YES, I believe it is!!! And if it Does get sent back, shouldn't I get a refund or shouldn't they AT LEAST try to re-send it back to me?!!! >.< wow, does it really have to be THIS difficult?!! ... I will write up a follow-up comment, but for now, I AM NOT HAPPY!

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