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To be honest, fanpop is a little boring and there can be quite a few weirdos on the site. But what really gets on my nerves more than anything is spam. There has been quite a bit of spam lately and I've reported it, I've even reported the person who's posted the spam, but Fanpop won't delete any of it. I can't stand it. I am so tempted to delete my profile and never go on there again. I just wish their act together and delete the spam and spammers. I mean before you sign up for the site it says below that 'We also hate spam', so why haven't they deleted any of it. The spammer has been going to every and I mean every club to post spam, nothing but spam. Anyways that's all I have to say.

1 review
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They basically ban people for no reason. I joined in one day and was banned for no reason whatsoever. All I did was try to share some fandom but was just automatically banned. If you make an account with them you are not deemed a secure member and can be suspended over pretty much uploading fandom 'which is what you are supposed to do'? Yet they allow some people on that website to upload some REAL copyrighted materials and those people don't seem to get banned? The website is a joke. If you join I assure you that one in ten people will be banned.

And if Fanpop try to defend themselves, they are liars. You know darn well that I didn't do anything wrong. Your website needs to be removed from existence. When the DMCA laws come into place your website will vanish.

1 review
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I used this site a couple of years ago or so, and was reminded of it when a friend recently mentioned how bad of an experience this site was.

The concept of having a site solely based on things you're a fan of is a good idea. If only it would be carried out better. I liked that it wasn't the typical self-based social media, and you can (in theory) comment on things you like.

A bizarre experience...There was a group that had rules based around making it friendly for younger users to browse without sexually inappropriate content being posted. A few users had a problem with this and thought minors should be exposed to this disgusting as "revenge", those users spammed racist obscene comments and porn, as well as attacks on the main users who were against exposing younger users to inappropriate "role-plays" and such. Reporting only worked on the obscene porn being spammed, only after a few hours though. What did the admins of Fanpop do? The account of the pro-child-safety & highest contributing member of that group was removed, as well as others who were his friends, yet a few of the scumbags had their accounts remain in tact. They later bragged that they killed the group. Maybe things like this might contribute to Fanpop's demise?

People's accounts are being removed without warning in a Maoist-like manner, if they are not politically correct users with left-leaning views. But accounts that make constant posts attacking the character of other users stay put, just because their views are leftist.

I don't think it's ok to silence people based on their political views - doesn't that fundamentally oppose democracy? At least warn users when they sign up that if they don't toe the party line, their personal beliefs and political views aren't welcome...What a horrible attitude to have towards people taking the time to make an account and contribute to a website.

Overall, it seems the admins at Fanpop will side with those who don't think kids should be protected from perverts. Reporting does next to nothing, when admin decision for action (or inaction) seem to be ideologically-based.

1 review
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I have to say with everything going on in Hollywood, fanpop is a good resource.

1 review
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I have enjoyed for 5+ years, specifically in a club titled "SONIC FAN CHARACTERS". The layout of the site has always been my preferred structure out of any site because of its archiving-based system that lets you quickly find posted things as far back as the beginning of the club as opposed to facebook where you have to scroll forever until finding the first post at which time your computer is very laggy.

However the layout is the only compliment I can provide. Not only does fanpop have unnecessary updates at random times, but these ALWAYS cause the site to glitch up, and even when they aren't updating there can be EXTREME problems such as not being able to post or see comments randomly, or the current pictures, videos, posts, videos, etc. switching back and forth to that of week-old ones. Those are examples of the many issues.

They also recently (as of this review) implemented a system where instead of comments on pictures simply APPEARING you have to click a button to show the comments, which makes it more tedious. That is of course if you also manage to not accidentally click the dozens of ads that have also been added everywhere, which do not go away no matter how many times you click them off and give a reason for not wanting them.

The reporting system does not work well either. The options are
~Bad Answer
~Bad comments
~and Broken

and those options are fine, but while there is an option to give more information for why you are reporting something, it is SO incredibly rare that you'll actually get an admin response, or sign that the admins noticed the report, that it is often a futile effort, and even worse, the report system only sometimes works no matter how offensive the content. You can report a video about pie and it will vanish, but then a sexual picture with a woman's ta-tas hanging out may take five people to get rid of and even then they don't always go away.

But by far the worst thing about the site are the admins. They have been criticized by many as lazy but for a few years I was more supportive of them. I would contact the admins whenever there was a major issue. I would ask them to take care of the problem and they would. Of course I would also add things like "Please use your own judgement" and "please don't delete the person's account, just give them a warning or something" and unfortunately they would almost always simply delete the accounts. I HAD actually asked them before to delete people's accounts at times but only when I was certain the person was a danger and after I had given evidence to support myself.

We had been on good terms for a good while, however recently my account spontaneously vanished, suspended. I was not warned. I was not consulted. It was simply gone. When two of my friends attempted to find out from the admins why this had been done their accounts were REMOVED as well.

This was all because of the 70+ reports I had on my account, something the admins KNEW about for YEARS and still stood by me about FOR YEARS. They claimed I was being intolerant and not giving courtesy even though they had NEVER given me any sign that they were against me SIMPLY NOT ALLOWING THINGS IN A GROUP WHERE IT'S MEMBERS AGREED THEY DID NOT WANT SUCH THINGS. This wasn't like we all yelled hateful comments about all the topics. We simply had standards, but oh no, that's not allowed. How DARE we have a sanctuary.

But even worse, the admins claimed our content would remain on the site for us to retrieve, but that was not fully true for three reasons.
1. EVERY SINGLE COMMENT EVER MADE HAD VANISHED. That means every discussion, every roleplay, every post, GONE, WITHOUT time to retrieve. We had memories AND INFORMATION in those comments and we weren't about to cram all of that into our computers. We had no reason to.

2. We couldn't access our profiles so anything on there we ALSO could not access.

3. Mephiles97 (one of my friends who got removed) had HUNDREDS of files and drafts ON that she had written over the years that she now CANNOT access at all because she needs to log-in to do so. As far as we know all of that work has been deleted as well.

The Admins had the mindset that we were causing problems, and making things constantly an issue... but then... but THEN... They let back in EVERY TROLL THEY REMOVED THAT DOESN'T LIKE ME. Every BULLY. Every EXTREMISTS. PEOPLE WHO HAD POSTED WAVES OF PORN ON THE CLUB, FILLED IT WITH ANTI-CHRISTIAN HATE PICTURES, AND ATTACKED SPECIFIC PEOPLE ON VERY PERSONAL LEVELS. So how exactly did that make anything better?

So now everyone from the club, THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE, who had supported me and the club's standards, do not comment. They are in hiding as far as I know. I hope they're okay because I CAN'T CONTACT THEM! And those I ask to contact them for me GET THEIR ACCOUNTS REMOVED.

The admins refuse to talk to me in ANY FORM, and even claimed that NintendoFan364 (the second friend of mine removed) deleted his own account even though we KNOW it was them.

It was without warning and without any consideration for our previous relationship. They seemed to decide OUT OF NOWHERE that I was the enemy even though we were friends, so now not only have I been punished for doing NOTHING, but my friends as well.

I don't know if this is related to the admins yet but I had made a new friend on FACEBOOK who I asked to contact my friends on fanpop so I could simply TALK to them. His name was Denzell Brown. We were roleplaying on facebook and not bothering ANYONE and then out of nowhere his account vanished along with every post he made, including the roleplays. I was GOING to draw a picture of his characters but I can't do that now because the descriptions were in the roleplay.

Avoid if you want fairness. The site isn't safe. The only reason to interact with it is to fight against this stupidity. If this was simply me getting removed then I would not have been so upset, but getting rid of people for simply asking "what happened" is unforgivable.

1 review
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I've been on Fanpop for quite some time - since 2010 so I would say about 9 years. Within those 9 years I have witnessed:

- Trolls
- Drama
- Multiple bans given without proper notification or reason
- Incompetent admins
- Broken pages
- Sexual Predators

The list literally goes on. Now, the only saving grace with this site is that I love the concept of having "fan clubs" that you can go to surrounding different topics. However, the admins that run the site have to be some of the most biased individuals I have ever seen. I've seen countless, harmless, articles and pictures removed without any valid reason in a heartbeat, but when it comes to actual concerns, it is almost impossible to get a response.

Nowadays they seem to be paranoid as hell about troll accounts. In 2015, there was a massive flame war that went on for almost 3 months on one of the clubs, and the admins came in and did a massive purge of all of those who were involved - I was one of these people. They didn't care who was innocent or guilty. And they even posted an article saying this particular club was the center of the most drama on the entire site. Ever since then, they ban literally anyone with a silly name or anything that might even remotely sound trollish - even if you have no intention of trolling.

In the end, I would avoid this site all together. It is a toxic environment all around and honestly the website seems to be broken in a lot of areas as well. One of my friends even claimed that the site is riddled with malware, though I haven't had any problems with this, but I wouldn't be surprised honestly if it was.

One last thing I should mention is that this site seems to attract a lot of sexual predators. I've seen quite a few folks come and go within some of the clubs I was involved with that had pretty clear intentions of hooking up with minors while trying to promote relationships between adults and underage individuals. Again, I would try getting in touch with the admins about this issue but like I said I would get literally no response a good 95% of the time (and yet they are so quick to jump on articles that they deem aren't good enough for their site after one person reports them).

So yeah, I would HIGHLY recommend that you avoid this site altogether. Take it from somebody who has been there for almost 10 years. I've finally put my foot down and logged off for good and I have no intentions of going back.

1 review
3 helpful votes

While this website does have it's info, and that it's possible to make friends, the system is horrible.

Images get removed without reason, many members could be horribly mean, and whenever (like one guy sort of said) someone tries to upload something for the purpose of criticism, it may get taken down by the "butthurt" of other people. I also contacted Fanpop twice by asking why my stuff was removed, and such and I get no response.

"Some people can speak up an opinion that is negative, but when someone disagrees and argue, it gets censored" << At least this has happened with me sometimes.

If you can handle this, and still like it, then great!
If you feel like you want to stand up for something, you may have bad luck.


If the website can address this problem, and do it the way that should happen, then maybe I can review this website better!

3 reviews
11 helpful votes

(Please note, My reviews are completely opinion-based. In other words, just from MY experience from the respective website.)

To sum it up in a nutshell, It's horrible. I was a member for three years, I had multiple accounts during that time span. However I have been trolled, I have been betrayed, and all the time I spent there was a waste. I use to serve for the sonic fan characters fan club before I was IP banned for having a opinion that wasn't what the majority of the club thought... And the funny thing is, I have slaved away trying to make the club better. However my work was in vain. Most friends that I had there during that time eventually stabbed me in the back, so I almost couldn't trust anyone. There were some good people there that were reported off and is pretty much in the same boat that I am in. But I suppose it's a good thing to get away from that dump. When even Wikipedia refused to acknowledge a site, you know it contains fail. Fanpop should be avoided at all costs, it's nothing more then a sinking ship. Just let it hit rock bottom, it will do us all some good.

I won't go into full details, However the security is rather poor, the admins and mods are filthy liars(They allow a cyber-bully to remove my friend's accounts and pretty much worship him like a bobble-head.) The ad space is HORRIBLE, and it's generally unpleasant. I won't lie, back in the day... fanpop was half decent, but all the changes lead it to disaster.

Fanpop is pretty much in internet hell, any lower and if would encounter the likes of 4chan. It's best just to dodge this bullet, plenty of better websites exist. 1/5

1 review
4 helpful votes

As a user of Fanpop for almost two and a half years, I guess you can say I was your average user on the site. However, there were tons of arguments there. All because people had different opinions. If you had a different opinion and didn't want to start anything, something gets started anyways. And then it becomes worse on a whole new different level. Bullying. Quite recently, a friend of mine has been getting bullied by a user, and then one day after crossing the line. After a couple friends of mine were defending her, some of us were banned (including me).

When we came to confront one of the admins of the site, they said we were banned because we were 'fake users'. And for what? Having multiple accounts. However, the one who were bullying my friend did not get banned. So having more than one account is much more important than someone getting cyberbullied according to Fanpop standards.

Also getting the attention of the admins is very difficult and sometimes they may even ignore your posts. Absolutely no one has to wait forever just for an admin to respond to them.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I was on fanpop for about two years and towards the end of the second year I was bullied by another user, my friends [fellow users] tried to stop this and got banned for "being fake users" because they had multiple accounts. And when another friend of mine tried to bring this issue up with the admins, since they weren't fake users, my friend was told to "stop posting on the wall". And when we gave evidence of the bullying, it apparently "wasn't enough" and the bully was doing "nothing wrong". So apparently it's A-Okay to emotionally compromise someone as long as you're expressing your opinion whilst doing it! That's their logic! And multiple accounts on one IP? It must be a bot, there's no way the user could have siblings or anything.

And guess what? The bully's account still stands.

The report system is broken to the point where I could report my own stuff and it would be removed in one day. On one report alone. And anyone can report it for any reason, since it's not checked.

You don't even have to put in a proper email address to make an account, it's a terrible website both socially and in security.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Well there are plenty of things wrong with this website.

For starters, the layout itself. Sometimes it breaks when I go to a page, it doesn't happen all to often but it does happen. They have plastered all of the white space with ads so unless you use adblock, I do not recommend. It is HORRIBLE on the eyes.

My biggest complaint is the customer support. They never replied to any of my inquires. So I had to go to an admins (Dave) page to ask my questions. He didn't reply either, eventually he did, but it included "Do not comment on my wall again'

So clearly, the customer support sucks because it is next to impossible to get a response and when you're persistent like I am to get one, they tell you to stop! Somebody doesn't want to do their job! Creating a 2nd account is valid ground to get an IP ban for them, however I have a friend who was BULLIED off of the site, however when we linked to the proof that this person was bullying our friend Dave just disregarded it. So on Fanpop, cyber bullying someone off the site is okay but making a 2nd account is not.

Oh and there is little to no customer support, and when they finally do reply they are VERY unprofessional about it.

7 reviews
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It's just awful!! So first you have to be thirteen and up and I'm like what?!?!?!!!!?!!! So if your under thirteen you can't be a fan of anything? And you can only add photos on the Internet it sucks

1 review
6 helpful votes

Well, after the site had me banned for having an opinion, I started to notice a trend with fanpop. Any time a user does not agree with another user, they are deleted the next second. It's total censorship on this website, and it's downright wrong!

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