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    Educational Credential Evaluators

Educational Credential Evaluators

17 reviews
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Educational Credential Evaluators has a consumer rating of 2.65 stars from 17 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Educational Credential Evaluators also ranks 280th among Education Other sites. The most common issues with Educational Credential Evaluators are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

Positive reviews (last 12 months): 33.3%
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Top Positive Review

“Wonderful Service”


I am full of appreciation for their work. My questions were answered promptly by the 2 ECE staff I talked to, the report was done very quickly and fairly and I received it earlier than I expected. Aside their low pricing and excellent customer service, they did exactly what they said they would on their website. Their services are outstanding.

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Top Critical Review


Grissel Y.

I'm so disappointed with this company name ECE. I sent my original papers a month ago because of the pandemic schools right now are closed. I didn't have another option than to send them my originals. They promised they will send them back with not problems. Until now I haven't received my Original papers. Now they are blaming the USPS for the package missing. USPS never received a package. Label was created but ECE never send anything. Now they don't want to answer the phones and are not taking any responsibility for the missing paper. I dont recomend or trust this company with important papers.

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1 review
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April 1st, 2020
I am full of appreciation for their work. My questions were answered promptly by the 2 ECE staff I talked to, the report was done very quickly and fairly and I received it earlier than I expected. Aside their low pricing and excellent customer service, they did exactly what they said they would on their website. Their services are outstanding.
1 review
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May 15th, 2020
I cannot remember a more positive experience from a company as I had with ECE. For individuals with a foreign degree, the process of getting the degree certificates can seem daunting at the onset. ECE had videos on the process of submitting an application.
The best feature was the live chat, with wonderful staff, who were supportive and understanding and went beyond their call of duty! Their service was fast and efficient. I would very highly recommend their services.
1 review
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March 27th, 2020
After reading dozens of negative reviews, I was very worried and skeptical about the evaluation process. The one thing that most bothered me was the fact that many people left reviews stating ECE awards very low GPAs compared to WES (e.g. GPA of 1.9 as opposed to 2.9 from WES). Some mentioned that an Indian Master's degree was equivalent to a US Bachelor's degree after being evaluated by ECE. I picked ECE because they accept original documents in university sealed envelopes from the students. WES does not accept anything from students, transcripts have to be sent from the native universities directly to WES. One of the universities I attended would not mail anything to the evaluation agencies. They would hand over the transcript to the student and the rest was up to the student in terms of delivering to the credentialing agency. So I did not really have a choice than to pick ECE.

I got my results from ECE today and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they find my Indian degrees (MA and BLISc) equivalent of US Master's and Bachelor's, they also awarded me a GPA of 3.75. I could not be happier.

In addition to the fair grading, they also followed up with me on a regular basis for additional documents they needed for evaluating my transcripts. I was under the impression that I would have to create two separate orders to get two different degrees from two universities evaluated. But I was told I could send everything as one order and both degrees would be evaluated as one report. The customer service person told me I could save money by sending everything as one order, otherwise, it would cost me a lot of money.

I couldn't be happier with ECE, I highly recommend them.
1 review
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February 18th, 2019
I have done the course by course evaluation(for Indian document) from ECE, they did everything in exactly 7 days and documents reached to me in 3 days, so total time taken is 10days, and by the evaluation I get, I am completely satisfied with that, I will high recommend ECE, I get complete satisfaction in all respect.
1 review
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July 2nd, 2020
I'm so disappointed with this company name ECE. I sent my original papers a month ago because of the pandemic schools right now are closed. I didn't have another option than to send them my originals. They promised they will send them back with not problems. Until now I haven't received my Original papers. Now they are blaming the USPS for the package missing. USPS never received a package. Label was created but ECE never send anything. Now they don't want to answer the phones and are not taking any responsibility for the missing paper. I dont recomend or trust this company with important papers.
1 review
1 helpful vote
April 3rd, 2017
I just received my credential evaluated. My high school and my MBBS in India. They evaluated very well. Gave my MBBS degree as equal professional feild as well as bachelor. It took them 3 weeks to complete all the process after I sent my originals. After three weeks they sent my originals and my evaluation report as well. I was scared at first after reading bad reviews but then I had no choice and sent out. The results are satisfying to me
1 review
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November 19th, 2015
I have been working with evaluating for a while and I can say that ECE is the greatest company ever! They are so helpful! They make the customer experience individual and always resolved all my issues. I recommend them to everybody! I was requesting several copies and always got them on time. My evaluations were done within 2 weeks without any problems. ECE continuously working on improving its service and there is not a single complaint I can make. I had a lot of trouble with schools to receive the copies, so ECE was even sending a contact information to them! What is more, once ECE returned my money for the report as they informed me about the online service! That was amazing! Thank you ECE for being there for us! I appreciate all the work you do and your customer service is excellent!
1 review
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October 17th, 2012
Service requested: general evaluation

My goal: equivalence/validation of my PhD degree diploma obtained at a Institute of the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Cost: US$ 165 for a 5-day rush evaluation

Documents provided: only scanned copies of my high-school, undergrad and PhD diplomas and transcripts. I translated all documents word-by-word. I didn't submit my undergrad transcript because I didn't have it.

Time it took to receive the evaluation: in 5 business days I received the report by mail (in the US)

Problems: none

Satisfaction: high

Communication with ECE: they usually replied my emails in the next day. Communication was generally satisfactory.

This was my experience with ECE. If you're in a similar situation that I am (PhD diploma from a well-known Brazilian institution, you have most of your documents and are in need of a quick service), ECE might work for you.

They did not request documents to be sent from the institutions I attended, which was great because I was in a hurry to receive the evaluation.
1 review
3 helpful votes
March 13th, 2020
This review is not meant to be malicious, but only an honest feedback of my experience, which caused me a lot of heartache. For anyone who is considering using ECE, if you have a three (3) year bachelor degree obtained from Europe or any other region, DO NOT use this organization.

Please note that they do not take into consideration the different educational systems that exist across the world and they will evaluate your degree without seeking more information from you, in order for them to make an informed and fair assessment. When I received my evaluation, I was devastated. Not only did they lower my GPA significantly, but they also evaluated my Bachelor Degree as a 3 year undergraduate study. I reached out to them and explained in detail (went back to high school) the background of my education and asked them to reconsider. Their response was cold and rigid. It felt like a robot was responding to my email. At that point, I had already paid around $200 for that service. I did not want to lose any more time with them, so I went elsewhere.

As I mentioned above, I quickly went back to NACES (there are 18 other members) and picked out another evaluation service. That other service asked me for my high school education and official certificate and for my bachelor degree and diploma. They asked me questions and were able to make an informed assessment. The result was a fair evaluation of my education credentials, which they evaluated as a bachelor degree.

Remember that you have studied for years and you worked hard for it. You deserve to get evaluated by a service who is personable, who asks you questions, and make the effort to check your educational history, in order to give you a fair evaluation.

This is not only about money (because it is expensive) and time lost; it is about fairness. ECE does not really seem to understand or comprehend that education systems are different throughout the world. Go and read other reviews of ECE and you will realize that a lot of people are complaining about this same issue.

It is important that you get fair credit for your hard work. Do not settle for anything less. You deserve fairness. Spend your money elsewhere, your dollar will go a long way. The $200 I spend with ECE was a waste and their evaluation went straight to the shredder, with no regrets.

I hope someone in NACES reads these reviews and raise the issue to their board. ECE needs to be re-evaluated for transparency and their understanding/process of evaluations. I am going to be looking at ways to raise this with NACES one way or the

P.S. Do not be influenced by ECE's years of "experience" and nice website (their website is attractive and inspires confidence and they have been operating since 1980), that's how they got me.

Update: Responding to Billie M: Evaluators at ECE need to be more proactive with their customers, and not just hide behind the customer service team who do not know or do not have the right to answer some important questions. I do not fault them because this is what they are paid to do. They were nice but their responses were very limited. It reminded me of the bureaucracy in the government. Sure, it is more work for the evaluators to communicate directly and promptly, and they may need some training to do it, but it's important. I am sure it is a big operation and what not, but you really need to work on that part of the process. The other NACES member I worked with (who was also expensive) were amazing in their communication. I did not even go through a "customer service representative".

Institutions rely on you AND on other evaluation services to provide these reports. They DO NOT ONLY rely on you. Don't forget that you are not the only players in the field. There is plenty of competition around you.

I know applicants receive individualized report by trained evaluators. The package I received was organized and looked nice. But I don't think it was a thoroughly researched evaluation, not at all--because of the reasons I mentioned before.

You need to revisit the way you do your evaluations. Seriously. It will catch up to your reputation that you have built over the years. It happens all the time to successful businesses. Reputation is not enough. You can not keep riding it forever. There is a missing link there. Fix it.
1 review
3 helpful votes
October 3rd, 2019
ECE doesn't have a fair equivalence system in place. They have their own internal rating system that isn't based on the ISCED/International regulations. My five years of university are defined as a level 7 from ISCED classification (Master level). ECE equivalence was reporting an Associate degree only. I was shocked! After sending them all the proof and official documentations they didn't want to correct their equivalence report. I asked and received a full refund. Save your energy and look for another provider!
1 review
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December 17th, 2019
I won't recommend ECE for getting your evaluation done. The evaluators are not at all knowledgable. They can't even differentiate between original and photocopied transcripts. Even though, I have sent my original transcripts and original statement of marks (includes the hologram and stamp from university), they had said those are photocopies and wouldn't go further. After multiple attempts to reach them and explain about the documents, I have sent, They did not respond and wasted more than a month keeping my documents with them. When I finally realized they are not working or unfit, I have asked to send back my originals along with refund. They have even delayed this and wouldn't pay back 50$ for processing fee. I have no clue if the evaluators are even trained for. Kept harassing to send more docs even though I have sent every original that I have. Complete waste of time and money. Seriously, there are better services out there.
1 review
1 helpful vote
August 19th, 2019
Don't never send to them your degrees for evaluation. My experience with them was horrible. I sent my degrees for evaluation ( BA and MA). My University from West Africa confirmed all the degrees, but I don't know why they refused to authenticate them. My University finally told to use WES and everything went great.
Billie M. – Educational Credential Evaluators Rep
Dear Abel, thank you for your review. We sincerely apologize that you were disappointed with the report ECE prepared. If there are concerns about a completed report, we are committed to a thorough and complete review. If you wish to discuss the evaluation further, we invite you to please contact our Customer Service Department at your convenience. Once again, we are sorry for your disappointment and thank you for the honest feedback.
1 review
1 helpful vote
November 5th, 2019
Four of my friends and I used ECE to evaluate our degrees in order to study in the US. Three of us had Bachelor degrees from Europe that were three years in length with all the same GPA's. One evaluation came back as equivalent to a US Bachelor degree and the other two were stated as being "three years of undergraduate study", with the evaluators saying that our degrees were not considered a Bachelor degree in the US because of the length of study. This meant that one of us got accepted to the course and two of us were denied entry to our courses, even though all of us had the same degree. This company is not consistent and does not use correct guidelines. They take an overwhelmingly long time to reply and they are impossible to deal with. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
1 review
6 helpful votes
March 10th, 2017
The mail courrier says that my documents arrived at ECE a month ago and they did not do anything up to now. I have no idea what is happening, as they also do not answer the messages I send through their website. And I have paid in advance, as they require. I missed many deadlines because of this delay. I would NEVER use their services again. They are just not reliable.
1 review
7 helpful votes
May 7th, 2017
Terrible service. Called a week before submitting my application to make sure I won't need anything else besides the paperwork listed on the website... since I my Diploma is from a different country, I wanted to make sure I got everything. Their customer service representative ASSURED me I had everything and all I had to do was to click "submit". Only after 3-4 days I got an email saying "not enough documents... pls request additional paperwork from the country you got your Diploma". It was pretty much impossible to get that (and they new that) since we are in a different time zone and I have graduated 6 years ago. I called and asked for my money back... Long story short, RUDE, IRRESPONSIBLE and LIERS!... I've lost $70 because their own representative told me my paperwork was good to go. Don't deal with them... there are other better evaluation companies out there!
1 review
10 helpful votes
April 3rd, 2016
Try WES if you need more accurate translation especially if your school followed the British system. WES considers the differences in education systems such that if you went to a system where 65% is a "B+", your 65% will be deemed an "A-" in the US multiple choice system. WES will translate your, say, B+ of 65% to mean an A- in the US (Multiple choice system). ECE just assigns GPA to whatever you get without factoring in the differences in the education systems. In short, expect a GPA of 3.0 or lower from ECE even if you had First Class Honors from your Brits system.
1 review
8 helpful votes
April 1st, 2015
This business is one of those who just want your money and whose staff are incompetent to do a simple job. I ordered a credit evaluation of my academic documents from the school I graduated from in an Asian nation. I also paid additional money of $80.00 for their service of 5-day rush processing. As humans, I made a mistake of overlooking the additional requirements I need to submit. Not knowing this because of my fault overlooking this, I called their office after 2 weeks wondering what happened to the 5 day rush that I paid for. Then they told me that I lack one more document so they can complete their evaluation. They said they informed me of this by sending me an email. I never received an email. I even looked at my spam folder and searched for it. I only received one email from them that confirms my order and that my documents arrive at their office and that the money I paid through check was cleared. That's it. But they never emailed me for the request of the additional document I lack. They insisted that they emailed it to me. I was taken aghast because they made it seemed it was my fault that I did not receive my email. I told them that all they need is to follow up the email or call me or text me because this is urgent and of time-constraint which I paid for. I was expecting that if I commit a slight or overlook something, they should have just emailed me again to remind me because I ordered "speed process"... it's their responsibility also to take effort to make process it speedily by requesting me through constant communication with me. They did not bother to email me or if they did once, they did not email again. Because if they really want to satisfy their customers to give their money; s worth, then I demand that they do their jobs by also "expediting" the process by constant communication. But they never did... they just sit on their ass all day while waiting for a response to an email they never sent. This is a business that just sucks your money. I can't believe a simple process of crediting, can be so tedious on them.

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Use WES if you need more accurate GPA equivalent (which is always higher than ECE's)

By k c.

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