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CoolEssay has a consumer rating of 3.33 stars from 12 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. CoolEssay ranks 920th among Essay Writing sites.

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  • I I have a lot of paper work each time and I always feel overloaded.
  • I bet they can complete any paper or project of any complexity.

Critical highlights

  • Also the support team confirmed that they always send a doc file straight away (no pdf at all).
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Top Positive Review

“Perfect service”

Oleksandra L.

I want to express my contentment about the cooperation with the coolessay. They did the job on time and efficiently, I am very pleased by the result. The topic required was fully covered and the deeply explored. No plagiarism, no delay everything was done to the best extend. Thank you! My highest recommendations for this service.

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Top Critical Review

“Spam do not use”

Angelica J.

They did not follow the instructions and I failed the exam. No money back. They just want to take a money

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time (5) support team (3) paper (9)
10 reviews
10 helpful votes
March 1st, 2020

My friend has recommended this site for me when I missed a few weeks in a hospital. Well, my professors are understanding, but not THAT understanding, so I had a lot of things to do in order not to fail. Coolessay was a good service for me because they offered experts in all the fields I needed, plus the price seemed average. The only thing that made me worry was a few negative reviewes here, but I decided to take the risk, since there are always unsatisfied people, whatever you do. Grade speak for themselves: 2 A's and 4 B's. That is what I actually expected and I warned the writers not to make the papers perfect because I am not A straight student. The overall experience was pretty much common. I placed the order, paid, clarified the details, got it done, asked for adjustments, got the papers back in a few hours, and that is it. I wish the prices were better, even though they have given me a discount for multiple orders. Recommended.

Tip for consumers:
To get a discount, you just need to ask support team

Products used:
assignments done

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 3rd, 2021

They did not follow the instructions and I failed the exam. No money back. They just want to take a money

Tip for consumers:
I do not recommend it is waste of time and money

Products used:
Paper work

1 review
0 helpful votes
May 31st, 2018

Don't waste your money on this site.

Of course it's my fault that I opted to use a service rather than do my own work, but I could have never imagined such a terrible quality for a premium price. I was struggling with several assignments and deadlines and decided to use that website for two of them and I failed both.

There is no research behind their papers, the writer basically skims through the source's headlines (which is the most important part) and just writes a bunch of opinionated crap. One assignment was a case study and the other was a response paper, both of which require heavy reading of academic sources.

As I said, I cannot blame anyone but myself, I just wanted to warn you guys about it and save your money for either a better service or just try and do your work yourself. Extremely poor.

Education level: Master's Degree
Rating: 1/10

1 review
0 helpful votes
March 11th, 2015

I provided specific instructions, and to include references, but the paper was poorly written. I asked them to revise it but it still ended up trash. I ended up having to rewrite the whole paper myself. It seemed as if he pulled references but never cited them... Too much fluff and not enough information in the paper. The paper did not flow right, grammar mistakes, and just did not follow the directions.

10 reviews
10 helpful votes
May 9th, 2020

I want to express my contentment about the cooperation with the coolessay. They did the job on time and efficiently, I am very pleased by the result. The topic required was fully covered and the deeply explored. No plagiarism, no delay everything was done to the best extend. Thank you! My highest recommendations for this service.

1 review
3 helpful votes
November 22nd, 2017

My essay was poorly written after paying more than 200 pounds they are bunch of cheaters dont use them. My writer refused to follow the main instruction of the essay

10 reviews
5 helpful votes
September 30th, 2020

Thank you for writing the essay for me. It got me a high mark and the compliment from my teacher. I will certainly use this service when I need an essay or a paper again.

1 review
1 helpful vote
May 6th, 2016

I have used the services for some time now for a friend (no, seriously) who didn't want to open his own account. The work has always been low quality - received low pass marks and sometimes even failed. However, my friend did not mind because he just wanted the papers written (without doing it himself) and as most of them passed he did not care of the grade.

This time around I needed help myself because there was a lot on my plate and I needed someone to help me out a bit. After all they offer a FULL refund if you are not satisfied, right?! (no, hell no)

This is long, so here's a quick overview: they provided me with very low quality work, that would never in a million years pass. Took a mick with revision, the writer was obviously not serious. I asked for a refund and found out the full refund policy is a SCAM! On their website refund policy: They promise to sent a pdf file (which is the only time you can get a 100% refund) and then when you approve send a doc file (on which you can only get a refund up to 30%), however, they have NEVER sent me a pdf file first. Also the support team confirmed that they always send a doc file straight away (no pdf at all). The dispute team told me you cannot get a full refund after they have 'provided the service' (sent you the paper), hence you cannot actually get a 100% refund if not satisfied.

Long, detailed version:

So, I received my paper within the time limit I had paid for (they don't miss deadlines to be fair). Went through it and it was RUBISH! Very low quality, not any valuable information, just fluff to fill the pages. That would have been a miserable fail at the level I asked (would have been amazing at secondary school level, I am sure). I was getting the paper for ideas and guide (honestly), but needless to say it was useless piece of. Sheet.
Act2: I asked for revision (I wanted a refund which I expressed in my response to the writer, but though to give it another go). I told him to base the discussion on facts and figures, also made it clear that I was not happy with the WHOLE paper. I bought an example what to add to one of the sections (as facts and figures) to have an overall idea what I was expecting. The writer literary added ONE figure (unreferenced), and only changed the section I had brought the example of. Also told me that I had asked for a discussion and that is what he delivered. I mean, I PAID YOU, you done a TERRIBLE job and think this is the time to be sassy?! To which I respond that I also clarified the level of proficiency and this work was nowhere near that level.

Act3: I went to ask for a refund and support team informed me I needed to have 2 revision completed before I can ask for that. I obviously had not yet wasted enough time on this. So I send it to be changed again, this time gave a much more detailed outline of what I expected (I was pretty much writing it myself at this point). So this person, the writer, has the guts to ask me for an EXTRA payment because he had written more pages I had paid for (by following the guide I had sent). So I asked to see the pages I HAD paid for, and if I was happy with them (hahahaha) I would pay the extra and receive the rest. Guess what, I was NOT happy. He had copy pasted a section twice to fill the pages, they had included references within the page count, and to be honest I could have reduced a whole paragraph into 1-2 sentences. Very little value on the writing, and that 'value' was still not of quality. Even though I had listed questions he needed to answer, but apparently that was a bit hard to understand still. So I ask for a refund again, and the support team informs me that I need 2-3 revisions to be completed to get a refund. They tried to convince me that I HAD to get it revised once more to qualify for a refund. I explained them of course that I had 2 revisions done which falls in the limit of 2-3, so.? But then they tell me as I had not paid for the full paper (the extra payment) I cannot yet ask for a refund. Yes, they wanted me to pay MORE for a paper I was not happy with! We came to a solution (because I refused to pay more): I had to ask the writer to revise the paper back to the page limit I had paid for etc. Still bad of course after that revision if not worse, so finally I went ahead and asked for a refund. Gave them plenty of reasons. Even added my chapter of what the work should have looked like. Partly so they can see that the writers work was indeed very low quality and partly to show that I had not used that work. At all (I am not trying to fail you know).

Act4: refund team informs me I can only get maximum refund of 30% plus 10% discount. (they also gave me an option to get it written by another writer, oh thank you so much)
So I ask for explanation, because I did not need it written any more (had already written most of it myself which is what I should have done to begin with). Also I was not that excited about that discount. It's not as I was going to use their services again. So they told me (I got a response after a very long wait and actually had finished my work and more) I CANNOT get a full refund because they had already 'provided the service'! Oh and that part of it was done right.
Ohhhkay! NONE of it was done right. In fact they should pay me for WAISTING MY TIME! What do I look like I just give money for people to write crappy papers that are of no use to me?

So I went to their website, it says there:
1) they are supposed to send you a pdf file (that you cannot print or copy) on what you can ask for revisions. Once you are happy with the writing you can 'approve' and receive the doc file.
2) 100% refund is ONLY available on the pdf file. Once you have received the doc file you can only get up to 30% discount.

They NEVER send you a pdf file! They have always sent the doc file straight away. I talked to the support team who also confirmed, that they ALWAYS send the doc file straight away, to make it easier for the customer (yeah, to make it easier for us). When I asked them to explain why it says something else on the website, the support person kept going circles and not properly answering my questions.

The FULL REFUND is SCAM! You can never get a full refund because you are never sent a pdf file.

The support also told me that I can in fact get a full refund on the doc file if the dispute department decides so. Except that they (dispute dep) told me I cannot get a refund because the service has already been provided for me. So how am I supposed to ask for a refund otherwise? How am I meant to review my order and decide whether I am satisfied if I have not been provided the service? How can I ask for revisions if I have not been provided the service? LIES!

You see how they just try to trick me? Anyway, I have emailed back with asking them to explain me their website, support team claims and what they themselves are saying. Let's see how this plays out!

This rant is of better quality than their essays!

Tip for consumers:
Don't use it!

1 review
10 helpful votes
March 11th, 2015

I have used many companies during the past 2 years, but I found the website called coolessay.net, and first of all I was impressed with prices! This company is pretty cheap comparing to other companies, so i decided to give a try. I absolutely loved the service, since they could even complete my IT project which quite complicated. I bet they can complete any paper or project of any complexity. Definitely worth to try! I will recommend them to my friends.

1 review
4 helpful votes
February 28th, 2017

I cannot believe that the negative reviews of this website can be true!
I have been using this website for more than 2 years and they never disappointed me.
Every time I make an order I am accompanied by a support representative who helps me if I have any questions.
The writers are experts and always deliver the papers on time.
Several times, I have received a full refund when I wanted to cancel my order and did it on time.
The experience that i have with Coolessay.net is wonderful and I believe that bad reviews are written by their competitors, not customers

1 review
8 helpful votes
May 9th, 2016

I have been using Coolessay.net for around 5 months for now and they completed about 10 assignments for me. I am very impressed by this service and I am very sad that some people are trying to tell that it is a scam.
Some papers were simply amazing and I submitted them with the highest grades, however, there were times when I asked for revisions and even for a refund once as my assignment was quite complex to be done. But no matter what I can tell that my experience with this professional company could be only estimated as the "best one" as there was always a person from the support team to help me with understanding and resolving each issue individually. Let me clarify my points.
First of all, when I asked for revision the first time, they did it very fast and included almost all my comments so the work was much better than previously. I asked for 3 revisions for one assignment and at the end of the day I got what I really wanted. I guess that everyone should be ready to get a work that will look different to what you are expecting at the first time, as when you allow another person to do your paper, you should clearly understand that this person may and will (for sure) have different thoughts, beliefs and ideas to write your paper. It is obvious that even if your writer uses all your instructions they still can perform a work that looks different to what you are expecting. However, they never refuse to revise it and change it if you indicate your clear comments about it. Once I even asked for a new writer and they allowed me to have one with no extra cost while their policy indicates that it could be only done after 3 revisions completed (I had one). They did a very good exception for me and I was happy about it.
One day I placed an order for an engineering project and it had a very short deadline, I was contacted by the support team representative right away and was informed that an extension would be needed as my work is very challenging, they also mentioned that they would try to do their best but cannot promise in this specific case. I accepted this condition as I understand that this is a risk any way and you cannot get 100% guarantee about anything in this world.
Unfortunately, due to complexity they could not find the writer within my deadline and once again I was informed about this beforehand so I tried to complete my work myself. Morever i received 100% refund for this order and a free Top writer for my next order. I guess, that is fair enough considering the fact that I was informed about this possibility at the very beginning.
To my perspective every customer should understand that any way this is a risk that is accepted with placing any order and if you are not ready for this, then you should not probably allow somebody to do your papers. I guess, that its a personal matter about delegating responsibilities, some people can do it perfectly and others cannot. For example, I can do it and I can use it perfectly for myself. If I am not satisfied I can explain why and I can wait to get it redone because I know that the company`s policy indicates this condition and as the customer I should use it.
I guess that we need to put more attention to details and read them carefully, we should also understand that these people are doing a great job to make our lives easier, thus, I believe, we need to be more benevolent, intelligent and realistic to take this wonderful adventure.
My tip to all the customers is to read the policy, always ask if needed and stay positive. Do not forget, if you need anything you may always ask for help.
Even though I had some tough cases with Coolessay.net, I will still continue using them as there is no other company which would do exceptions for you and offer solutions in complicated cases. The people who work in their support team are simply amazing. All my questions get resolved no matter what. This is what counts- they value you as a client, and eventually you will still receive a great paper, even if some revisions are needed.
Thus you can share this fantastic experience that I do! :)

1 review
12 helpful votes
July 22nd, 2014

Yes, I really love this company! They have never betrayed me! I I have a lot of paper work each time and I always feel overloaded. Due to this fact some time ago I joined this online helper for the special assistance in writing the most difficult projects, till this time I have never regreted. Coolessay.net is a professional company, they can handle a paper of any difficulty, deadline, level, subject. They can complete a simple essay within a couple of hours and they can write a big dissertation project within the week time. What could be better?! Every time i need a help I join them, it does not matter what time I have, they are always there, ready to assist. With coolessay.net I feel comfortable as I know, that they will never leave me alone with my problems. Their support team is very friendly while the writers are the best professionals. I love coolessay.net I will work only with this company!

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Pretty much their design. All writing services are almost the same. The difference is in details.

By Alex M.

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