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simth R.
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Have you lost up to $5k and above while trading on Binary Option or cryptocurrency? Forx trading Have you tried getting your money out from your binary option broker account and was unable to place a withdrawal? Have you found your self wading through excessively complicated terms which might seem impossible to meet, all because you traded with an unregulated broker? Do not panic, I have good news for you. I lost over $97k to an unregulated broker who stocked my trading capital and denied my access to my account. But thank God I have recovered all my lost funds, through the help of a certified binary recovery expert. if my assistance is needed, kindly get in contact with me via and I will guide you on effective steps to take and get back all your lost funds in just few days.

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During my early days of binary option i fell into a lot of online scams, trying to trade bitcoin and invest in binary options. Which nearly wrecked me out, making me loose up to 295k very confused on what to do not until my boss introduced me to an online recovery agent whitecyberwiz at gmail dot com. A recovery expert at helped me recover all my money back from the scammers. He's also able to recover funds of any form of scam.

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I invested $9,000 into my Broker account and after 2 months I had lost over 80% of my tradings and ended up with even bigger debts than i than before.I got bonuses from my broker that made withdrawing and cashing out my remaining funds almost impossible...i had bills to pay and my credit card was almost maxed out...i scouted the internet and met a lot of people for help but it was fruitless. i lost all hope to get my money until i stumbled across a review posted by Dr Liam Hopkins and my story changed. He helped me get my funds from my broker.After 2 weeks of intense training with him i started earning over $2,300 every day with his new trading strategy.I and my sister have moved into our new home, I have cleared my bills. I can now pay my little sister's college bills.All thanks to Dr. Liam should write him : you can email

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This site was recently put out by the Department of Justice and is intended for victims of and


You are encouraged to contact the US Department of Justice here:
If you have any questions, please call the Victim Assistance Line toll-free at (888) 549-3945 or email us at

United States v. Lee Elbaz
Court Docket No.: 18-cr-00157 (D. Maryland)

Court Assigned: This case is assigned to the Honorable Theodor D. Chuang, U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, United States Federal Building and Courthouse, 6500 Cherywood Lane, Greenbelt, MD 20770.

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• Updated review

Binary Options Follow-Up Schemes: Dont Lose Money Twice
Recovery Scams and IRS Impersonation Scams Are Common Cons

WASHINGTON The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) today issued an Investor Alert warning anyone involved in binary options trading through unregistered non-U.S. companies to be on guard for a one-two punch: losses followed up by potentially fraudulent pitches to help recoup those losses. Ploys include recovery scams and IRS impersonation scams.

Binary options are inherently risky all-or-nothing propositions. When a binary option expires, it either makes a pre-specified amount of money, or nothing at all, in which case the investor loses his or her entire investment.

Consumers using unregistered non-U.S. trading platforms or services may be particularly vulnerable to follow-up scams.

Following a significant loss, investors may be anxious to get back at least some of their money, said Gerri Walsh, FINRAs Senior Vice President of Investor Education. This can leave them vulnerable to follow-up frauds that add to existing losses with devastating financial consequences.

In most cases, customers of binary options platforms hear from individuals who appear to know about their accounts and claim to be able to help them get back lost funds, provided the customers pay an advance fee. Be wary of tactics such as:

urgent correspondence and high-pressure calls that specifically refer to your binary options accounts;
claims that the caller is with, or acting at the behest of, U.S. government agencies; and
subsequent correspondence with official-looking documents that make it look as if money is available, and can be recovered for a fee.

While there are many variations of these tactics, beware of any person or organization that claims to know about your binary options accounts and offers to help return money to you, Walsh said.

“BinaryBook's bank info”
• Previous review

I successfully sued BinaryBook, aka WSB Investment LTD, and won on 14 March, 2016 for my unpaid profits of $47,000.00 USD. The owner is a Hungarian named Mr. Zsolt Csilling.
The Liquidation of the company is in progress.
Our lawyer & liquidator would like to know all of BinaryBook's bank(s) info.

If you credited your account using a bank wire, Please let us know the bank account details, sort code, bank name etc., and the date and amount you transferred your money too.

If you used a credit card and still have an open account with them, go to make a deposit via their bank wire. Don't go thru with it, just write down the bank wire info they give you.

We need to take over all of BinaryBook's bank accounts to be able to pay everyone back at least some of their money.
Send the info to either me at:, or to our Liquidator:

We want to sop up every dollar they suckered out of us!
Peter Huntington

1 review
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There are many binary options companies which are not regulated all around. Most of these offshore companies are not supervised, connected or affiliated with any of the regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Please If you have lost a reasonable amount of money to an untrusted broker, Or you need to know which company /broker you can trust to invest on Contact . for full assistance on real brokers and how to recover your money back from scam brokers .. They helped me recover $489 k for scam broker 24options and Grand options... , it was like a dream come true.

1 review
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After falling for different brokers who were fraud, i started falling for fraudulent people who claimed to help me recover my investment of about 128,000 pounds, it was a crazy season as i looked like a mentally disturbed mom. Finally i was introduced to a company and i'm here today testifying to the magic done by this company, its magic to me because i never believed in all this anymore.
Well i learnt to Never accept bonuses or a trade offer by a broker whose marketing focuses on bonuses, these are strategies unregulated brokers use to keep your deposit locked down so can't withdraw anything, It's a simple case of manipulation. If you have any funds you wish to withdraw or other form of help needed, just check out they definitely can help in most cases.

2 reviews
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• Updated review

Guys when you put your case or review you will find other people adding their experiences and how they used X Y or Z to get their money back ...could be a law office a private organization that works on fraud ....etc. All this is a scam, and they will rob you another time. Best go to the authorities and take their advice. So authorities in the UK directed me in the right course, and right now we are working to get an arrest warrant against individuals as they have co-operated in an action of Fraud. Names and locations were identified. Once done these guys won't be able to travel in money back I don't think so ...revenge ...sure thing......just avoid accounts that claim they go their money back it's all fake.

• Previous review

So after promising me to pay back my money , $17K after all my positions expires. Nothing happened , after a stream of mails a guy called and said , sorry all your cash is gone in trading .
They play a dirty game , you deal all the time with the support department , when they see you are angry they put you on line with the compliance department , when you are mad they put you with the investigation department ....the funny thing it's all the same person !!!!! . So at the end this is a gang operating from Poland , Romania ... something like that. I hired a private investigation company for fraud in the UK, they track the people as individuals and bring them to justice through a legal department and I think this is the best route. Meanwhile I am working on liquidation of the mother company ....Don't waste your savings .

1 review
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Does anybody know where iBinaryBook's withdrawal policy is clearly spelled out? Their website seems to have been "revamped" recently (in or about early November 2016) so that, among other basic information, even on 'Learning', previously stated written details seem no longer available. Also, what happened to the 24/7 'Chat' feature? For weeks nobody has been attending to that (customer) service.

So far - without ever accepting any bonus - requested but talked out of proceeding to demand withdrawal. I have been polite and overly patient...

1 review
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Let me tell you my story first, then you can decide if you can help me.
I saw your website so I wrote to you.
I don't know if you can help me. I am from Taiwan and I feel I am stupid!
My broker is Binarybook.
On Feb., I saw an advertisement on web called millionaire. I was curious and filled up my contact information.
Someone called me, and asked me to deposit USD250. I said I won't touch anything I am not familiar with!
The agent said they will have an account manager assisted me.
On the same day, an account manager named Paul Chase called me and persuaded me to deposit another USD3000 auto deposit on his side, and ask me to sign a compliance form, which can make them legal.
then he will deposit a bunus USD1000 to my account.
He helped me to trade well at the beginning. My account increased to around USD5529.
Then my first account manager disappeared for a long time.
I asked customer service, they said he was no longer working here.
They said my new account manager is Diego Felipe.
He contacted with me, and kept helping a few trades.
We won a few trades, account is around USD 6500.
Then I said I need the fund to get married on 16Jul, so I will withdraw at the end of June.
At the end of June, I lost trading, and my account remain around USD2000.
I was so upset and complained to them.
Then Deigo helped me some trades, my account back to around USD5000 on September.
Then Deigo disappeared.
The third account manager named Melanie Lask called me, she said she is my new account manager.
I asked where's Diego. She said company checks my account did not progress, so send me under her team.
She's more aggressive than the previous account manager.
She demanded me to deposit another 12k as a free risk account, then she would help me boost.
I didn't agree at the first time, then she said "if you don't do it. I will kick you out of my team.
What I only know is how to earn money." If you don't listen to me, if you don't trust me, I can't help you.
She said, if I deposit 12k on 23sep, she will send another 15k to my account.
I agreed, and deposited. She helped me for a few trades,and my account was around 22k.
On 13OCT, she said tomorrow would be a big day for brend oil price.
Then I called her via Skype. She said deposit another 20k in order to boost your account.
I said I alread out of credit.It's impossible. She said,call your bank and told them the trading ended tomorrow 14oct,
you will have your money back tomorrow!
I was forced to do it. then I did my best to fund another 18k.
Then she asked me to trade with USD2000, 9 times, and put.
On 14OCT, I lost 18k overnight.

However, no agent told me any of their terms and conditions before demanding me to deposit.
No one tell me about risk free account bonus policy needs to meet 30 times of turnover!

I realized how stupid I am!

Our living standard is not as high as your country,
my monthly income is around USD 1K. I definitely counldn't afford 30k.

I wrote a lot of email to complain and tried to withdraw remaining 16k in my account in order to lower my risk.
They said financial department was closed during weekend and she will not work until Tuesday.
I am so tired to negotiate with them.

If you have any good advise, please help me.
I am in Taiwan, it's far away from here. I don't know if you can help me.
Or give me some suggestion, let me fight by myself.
I just need someone to discuss.
I don't know you, but I will be appreciate of your kindness.

I need to declare some things:

From February to October, I total deposit 33250, I've never got any cent back.
I claim for ALL the initial money back to my account at the soonest time.
I state the reasons why you are disqualified as one of the binary brokers.

First, using exaggerating advertisement to fish some bites, words and deeds are inconsistent!

I'm one of your bites out of millionaire blueprint.
On 25Feb.,A person called Daniel Hayes asked me to deposit USD250.
I told him I was a laymen, I won't touch anything I'm not familiar with.
He said, give it a try, besides, you can withdraw your money anytime you want,
as long as you fill out the compliance document.
I was forced to deposit money.

Second, lack of disclosure risks and bonus and any necessary regulation verbally.

At the same day, a man called Paul Chase, he declared himself is my account manager
and he will help me trade for a long time.
He asked me to deposit another 3000, without my consent, auto deposit on his side,
and asked me to fill out the compliance form as soon as possible,
then he will give me company bonus 1000 without disclosure of that I need to reach turnover 30 times of granted bonus.

Third, Inability to carry out promises.

I told him, If you can help me,I will need an amount of money for my wedding preparation
because the money is 3 times of my monthly income from our wedding fund.
I emphasized over and over again that I will need to withdraw the money by the end of June,
because my wedding ceremony is on 16JUL.
He told me that we will trade on a monthly basis.
Paul Chase helped me with a few trades, then disappeared on 08MAR.
No reply on skype anymore.

Fourth, lack of dedicated customer service on informing customer even just a simple thing.

On 16APR., I doubt what happened, then I asked via email
and was told by your customer service that Paul Chase no longer works here,
And my new Expert Trader, Diego Felipe will help me.
It's been over one month without being noticed by anyone.
Even if you said my phone was unreachable,you should send an e-mail to inform me.
I was like a fool waiting for no one, and my account was frozen without knowing anything.

Fifth, lack of consistency.No profit, no service.

On 19APR.,Diego Felipe finally contacted with me.
I really don't like to talk my story all over again!
I need to re-build trust on a stranger again,
I emphasized again that I need the money for my wedding by the end of June.
He said, no worries, he will help me.
He helped me with a few trades on a monthly basis as well.
At the end of June, I lost over half of my original money.
I guess even if I didn't lose,
I still couldn't withdraw the money since the balance was still under 10k.
Diego Felipe did not disclose that I need to reach 30 times of granted bonus either.
I died without knowing why!
If you don't want to help the customer, don't ask me to deposit any cent!
How poor the service is!
He helped me recover a few trades on 14JUL.,then disappeared again, maybe already block me out.

Sixth, lack of respecting different customers' financial ability and using some discriminating words to push customer.

On 02SEP.,another account manager called, Melanie Lask called me and said she is my new expert trader.
Ok, again, I hate to build trust to a new one!
I asked where's Diego.
She said, company checks my account did not have any progress, so send me under her team.
She's more aggressive than the previous account manager.
She asked me to deposit another 12k as a risk-free account, then she would help me boost.
I didn't agree at the first time since I didn't get anything back yet.
Then she said in an imperative tone of voice,
"if you don't do it. you're not deserve in my team! What I only know is how to earn money!
If you don't listen to me, if you don't trust me, I can't help you."

Seventh, Without disclosure of risk-free account bonus policy verbally.

She said, "if you deposit 12k on 23SEP, I will send another 16k to my account on 23OCT."
Besides, she said, "even if you lost, the company will reimburse your lose as bonuses
because it's risk-free account valid for one month. You can trade safely."
I said, this is not my saving, it's my bank's money.
She gave her words on me and said again,
"if you deposit 12k on 23SEP, I will send another 16k to my account on 23OCT."
She said, no worries, everything is under control.
Then, I deposited. She helped me for a few trades,and my account was around 20k.

Eighth, lack of profession and risk management, only profit-oriented.

During this time, I consistently asked what your plan for risk-free account and what our goal are?
It seemed she was pretty busy.She wanted me to call her on 13OCT.
On 13OCT,I called her.
She said tomorrow 14OCT would be a big day for brend oil price.
She said," leave alone the previous 12k, deposit another 20k in order to boost your account."
I said, I alread run out of credit.It's impossible!"
She said," call your bank and tell them the trading ended tomorrow 14OCT,
you will have all of my initial money back to my account tomorrow!"
I was forced to do it, then I did my best to fund another 18k.
Then she asked me to trade with brent oil with USD2000, 9 times, and put.
On 14OCT, I lost 18k overnight.

Don't you think it's a scam?
I trust you over and over again, but hurt badly over and over again.
I cannot tolerate this kind of service!
I will not compromise anymore!
From February to October, I total deposit 33250, I've never got any cent back.

Can some one help me to withdraw my money out? I am so frustrated about them.... total deposit USD33250. I am so stupid. Right now my account lose a lot.. and only 16k in remain. They still make me in trouble of withdraw money!! What can I do? Can someone who has good experience can help me?

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I was new to binary trading when I joined this crowd, broker was very friendly initially and extremely helpful. Started with $250 and that did well so I took the step of going for a $5000 package. The broker then placed 2 x $2500 trades on my behalf and lost both, account wiped out in 1 day. 'Oh no worries' he says,' they were risk free so here's your money back'. Except that is now viewed as a bonus so subject to the 30x turnover rule, its extremely unlikely that I will ever see this money again. the platform itself is also rather shabby and you will need an alternative chart provider if you want to take trading seriously.

Tip for consumers: Dont use it!

1 review
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Stay away from BinaryBook! If you are lucky to receive back your initial deposit from them, they will not let you to withdraw your profits with different lame reasons or without reasons at all. That is my personal experience with BinaryBook.

1 review
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Keep away from these,you will pull your hair out trying to get any money back.i sent 10000aud ,within one week they had stolen it all.Bb run by human garbage

1 review
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FInd someone with guts government authority financial services police to take action on scam fraudulent on the middle class people who are trying to make some extra cash and ask. is fraud not illegal in UK ? or is ti that nobody cares as those who really got money do not touch binary brokers. these brokers must be very well connected throughout UK at our expense, why not arrest,fine or imprison them?????????????

1 review
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No one mentioned me that the fees are so high. But called me several times and called me a "my friend".

1 review
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had a terrible experience with this company .. very pushy insisting i cant make any money unless i out £2000 in ... after trading they refused to refund my money . when i tried to complain i was told i was stupid and sworn at .. in the process of reporting to autorities in Bulgaria where they are registered

1 review
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I cannot understand where some of you have gone wrong? I'm not sure whether or not you have built a rapport with your broker contact but my account has gone from $6083.75 to $13,500.88 in four days
( give or take some change).

If I could post two screenshots of my balance from 26 September 2016 through to and including 29 September 2016 it was show an increase of roughly $7000 US.

Ask for and talk to Daniel Parker who is my broker. Tell him Rick from Australia sent you!
Rick from Oz... Thanks Daniel !!!!!

3 reviews
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There is my experience. I have started with BinaryBook more tnan 6 month ago.
I decided to try Tauribot robot which recommended BinaryBook as a broker.
I began from $501 and $500 bonus. I didn't want the bonus, but Roger Wilson (I think it is not a real name)
said that it will not a problem to withdraw my deposit. He was my broker.
He traded very well and I deposited $10000 additional.
And I had $15992.59 after one month. I started a withdrawal
and got an approval on third day.
I've got the first part $10000 (minus transaction fees) in my bank account, second one $501(minus transaction fees)
on my credit card, and third one was $3000 to my bank.

Everything looked nice. Roger Wilson sugested me to participate in NFP trade. I had to deposit additional
to get $10000 at my account. I did that.
Roger made NFP trading on 03/06/16. Here is a screenshot
As a result of that I've lost all my money.
Does it a professional trade? It seems to me it is not. It looks like a theft.
Furthermore, at the same time and the same NFP I've got money from two other brokers.
I had canceled to trade with Roger Wilson and BinaryBook.
That is my sad story with BinaryBook.

2 reviews
19 helpful votes

Do NOT give these scum any money. I have given them money and I haven't even traded yet. They are withholding my money and refuse to speak to me. If anyone has written a good review about this company then you are as low as them and you are most likely one of them. This is 100% scam and I'm still fighting to get my money back

1 review
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Pretty satisfied. I have already invested couple thousands with my broker there Mike Wilson and now getting returns of approx 25-30% monthly. The only thing is that the broker is not allowed to trade for me and I need to be with him on the phone and logged in to my account to place the signals he gives me but that's completely fine as long as I see the returns lol.

Tip for consumers: Mike Wilson

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have found a site, if you have been scammed by a brooker

I think it is usefull to see this one :!services/cee5

(level scam seems to be <2000$

1 review
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1 review
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Went onto binarybook put my details in then stop when they asked for card details. Instantly I was barraged with call from them 30 odd calls in 5 mins I answered the first call and told them I wasn't happy giving my card details until ide done some research on them and the lady was very rude telling me I had to pay now ide registered I told her where to go thank God I did after reading all these reviews

1 review
10 helpful votes

i opened an account today with them.i have been trading with an automated software and and with the help of the expert trader,i was able to learn and place very good trades and make some good profits as well.I had the best customer service, and the assistance needed.I initially deposited 250$ which turned to a profit of 650$ within hrs of good trades.I definitely recommend this broker

1 review
17 helpful votes

FIGHT! there is strength in numbers,all of us have fallen victims of this unethical,cheating,lying ,corrupt trading platform. when you email,you get a
form generic response. anybody you speak to has no authority! some don't even
know the owner's name,so they say. he keeps himself well insulated!

i am now gathering info on all the government agencies for fraud,illegal trading,etc..there are many agencies that i will be contacting in the uk. the first co.WSB is in liquidation.the payment or holding company is now in sofia,bulgaria. owner is from hungary. appears
that this binary book is a sham,stealing 100's of thousands of dollars from all around the world. what is their real agenda, i would like to know! they do everything that is unethical & underhanded.later i will be posting the url's to complain to! it will be a long list & hopefully effective! good luck! don't give up!

Customer Questions & Answers

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It depends on how you paid. If you paid online direct from your bank or with a Visa Card, you can ask your bank to do a Visa Chargeback where the bank will immediately replace the money in your account and claim it back from Binary Book, which is what my bank did. In the meantime, I told Binary Book that under Consumer Legislation, I was entitled to withdraw within 14 days and would go to the Police and report them for fraud. Binary kept asking for copies of my Debit Card, which they already had, to delay matters but I told them they were getting nothing further from me, so they said they would refer my claim to another department and my money was returned within a few days! I told my bank so that they were able to claim back what they had repaid me so now I'm done with Binary Book. They keep phoning me on my mobile and telling me how much ,money I can make and how much they really want me - "I bet they do" !! but I just block the latest number every time they call me so they will soon give up. It is quite amazing how many people have been conned so my answer would be - go to the Police or Action Fraud. Good luck with your claim. You don't actually need forms to withdraw, just be threatening to them!!

By Peter M.
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No they are scam men they stole $4,000 from me!!

By Phil z.
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I would not trust binary book to clean my toilet. When you want to withdraw your money they will charge you up to 35.00 and they will fight you to keep you in their system

By ken c.
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my broker convinced me to leverage cc for $25000 and said we would have that pd off in 3 months...after 1st month no payment made, only excuses!!! then no payment after 2nd month,, and he quit! Taking some clients w/him!. Mean while, im in hole $25000!! those jerks at BB want 30 x's bonus $ traded b 4 withdrawl will b made, whatever the hell that means?? Soon as last trade complete on 30th I'm out!!!

By Glenn R.
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Not as helpful

Dear Ken, This is exactly what happened with me. They claim that they paid my $3300, that I asked to be withdrawn from my account with them, back into my credit card account. Of course, that was a big lie. They never paid any money to my credit card. I don't know what can be done to get my money from them. It has been 100 days now since they scammed me.

By Mahmoud A.
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Because he is a scammer! Try to withdraw any money from your account! No way he will allow you to withdraw a single dollar! He keeps your money until you lose it all! If you made profits, or if you try to withdraw your original money he will not allow you to do that! He will keep temporizing for ever!

By Mahmoud A.
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I did sign up, however I lost money from he start. I never made a dime, not only that, the claim it is the software, but again in my first post, I mention I did not start anything yet. They even bid on things I did not. Anyway, don't trust them. Also he neo2 software is not all that it appears to be.

By Marlon N.
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Scam or not I don't think that it is not reliable. To say is binarybook a scam, one has to ask, is 24option and other binary options platforms like banc de binary, top option and more a scam. I have seen more bad reviews for the other brokers than this. I know it sounds bias, but the honest truth is that I trade with binarybook and I am beyond happy with this options trading platform. It is very reliable, user-friendly, easy to use and understand. I make around £2100 per months from just trading. Well, that means trading almost every day, but being able to trade anywhere makes it much easier and accessible. Do not be fooled by other people's complaints online.

By Nathan H.
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I can tell from my personal experience. It was 4/20/2015 when I made the mistake of opening an account with them and believing their sweet talk and sweet claims which made me deposit $3300. In 4/22/2015 the balance on my account without any of their promotions was gretaer than my original deposited amount. I felt that this is not for me, and asked for withdrawing my money. Since then, it has been now more than 4 months of requests, complaints, emails, phone calls, and disputes with my credit card company; and I am not getting my money back! I don't recommend doing business with Binarybook or having a credit card account with Barclaycardus. Binarybook is a SCAMMER and Barclaycardus is the worst credit card company I ever dealt with. They don't do their job in protecting their clients. In two words: Stay Away.

By Mahmoud A.
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Yes your money will grow but you try and take it out I gave 100k in my account terms and conditions say withdrawals take 3-5 days mmmm over a week nothing they won't call me I get email to say your account manager will contact you Then I get a email to say you a real pain I'm like what?.... Where is my money still nothing

By A Z.
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