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BharatPlaza reviews

26 reviews
112, Sector-E, Near Kalpatru Cinema, Shastri Nagar
Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342 003, India
Tel: +91 900 133 5555

26 reviews with 1 star

1 review
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Most of the products are fake only once you pay and after one month u come to know Instead of this product purchase some thing else which is horrible experience, since I was from Rajasthan so some how I recover my money

1 review
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Placed order in November. Item was supposed to be shipped in early January. No update on order in the middle of January. Email customer service to be told sorry we cannot ship your item please choose one of these (less comparable) items instead. Tell customer service that will not work as I needed that specific item, please refund me the money I payed. No answer. Days go by with repeat emails. No answer. Very thankful I payed with paypal and they were able to recover my money. Would never recommend this company. AVOID LIKELY SCAM.


1 review
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I placed a order on 27 november 2017 till now I did not get my order .....several times called customerservice use ...send email many times no reply ......big cheating going on there ...I feels they are collecting money and plan to run away

1 review
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Only half of my order was sent.
I was told to pick something from ready to ship items instead. Requested to refund my money because I didn't like anything from ready to ship.
It's 3 mnths now, didn't receive refund and my emails are getting ignored now.

1 review
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I ordered a suit and their measurements online were pretty specific, so they made the pants according to all the size measurements they took....except the width of the pants leg. Over the past 2 months I have contacted them more than 6 times now and they have constantly told me that they made the pants according to the size measurements, but there was NO measurement asked for width of leg. I have escalated this to 'higher authority' and all responses have said that they made it correctly and to work with them. I even asked to pay for 1/2 the cost of another pants and their response was to go online, purchase any item that says 'ready to ship', and then they would send me an invoice to pay for another pants and then ship a new pants to me. I have never heard anything more RIDICULOUS in my life! I have repeatedly asked them to correct this before I leave them a negative review but they have made internet excuses, holiday excuses and everything else to say why they could not respond in less than 3 days for an escalated case.

Bottom line, if you're ready to spend money to purchase anything from them, be ready to accept whatever you get and smile. Totally POOR service!!

1 review
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I ordered a saree some months ago but still have not received it. Asked them to refund me but said that I must choose something else but I clearly explained to them that I don't like anything else but they won't refund me. I would advise people not to buy anything on this website they are fraud.

1 review
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I ordered a lehenga for my engagment event, ordered a month ago, I didn't hear from then since. I kept emailing , finally someone emailed me back sending me with a Link saying that I have to choose something so they can shipp to me as soon as possible. I told that man honestly I didn't like anything, also why Should I do that, when the lehenga I bought the processing time was 20 days only. He reply please contact our live help line. I tired via live customer service, they are terrible don't understand ,few not willing to help you . I am suggesting for thos who ordered didn't received the item please report to
They are not only taking ppls money,also worst customer service. They are being unreasonable, after reading all this reviews I am hoping this website will be closed very soon.

1 review
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If I could I would give them 0 stars, I ordered a wedding dress for my daughter from them for $380 and 2 months later I contacted them because I hadn't received anything, they told me it can't be shipped due to production error, okay why did I have to contact them first? They couldn't contact me to tell me that? I asked them for a refund and they refused! I mean seriously? They told me to order something else and since I had already paid I went on to buy my son in laws suit from them, it's been 5 months!!!! Every time I message them they respond saying it will be shipped in 5-7 days. Please save your money and spend it somewhere else! This company is a damn scam! I still haven't received a refund or my product! And I've spent over 380 USD. They have been giving me a run around for months!

1 review
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I have complained almost 5 times in the past two months stating that I didnt get my package. They give no direct replies. Just simple "ma'am we will send your order" but nothing happens. The customer service is horrible. Even if I call the number, a man who sounds like he has been sleeping answers (of course, there is a time difference from India to USA) but that was so unprofessional. I've spent $88 dollars online. I still have not received any direct replies with tracking or anything.

1 review
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I urge you all who have been cheated on like myself to contact the nearest police station to the company and file an FIR. They will be raided, we will recieve our money back. Give your details to the police and you will be contacted soon and will recieve your money

1 review
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I bought an anarkali dress with bharatplaza and i was informed by them that the dress is not available. They did not refund me my money and forced me to choose another dress. I told them i don't like other dress and want my money back to buy it in another website. Each time in their live chat, they said they are refunding but they never did so. It is already more than 2 weeks now but they never refund me. They are keeping my money and not taking any action. I then took the help of PayPal and now they are asking me to close the dispute in Paypal then they will return the money but still they have not. They are all liars and cheaters. I will not recommend BharatPlaza to anyone as they are CHEATERS AND STEAL CUSTOMER'S MONEY. Please guys, be safe and don't shop at Bharat Plaza. It is not a trusted website. If you don't believe me, i can show all proof of their action.

Tip for consumers: Shopping at Bharatplaza at your own risk! They are all cheaters and steal customers money!

1 review
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Please keep away from this store as they are a bunch of frauds. I have ordered a saree for my wife over 2 moths ago which they confirmed will be delivered within 20 days, I have got in touch with them on several occasions and every time they said that they are having problems at the factory with the production of the fabric, and every time they assured me that I will receive my order in the next 20 days and today they finally told me that my order is not in production anymore and can't be delivered and I can choose one of their ready to deliver saree. Their service is really awful and unprofessional. I don't think they are a legitimate business, they probably just invested in a website to take orders from innocent customers and keep winding them until they just give up and stop asking for their order or refund.

Please do not place order with them unless you want to lose your money and be disappointed.

1 review
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I ordered sherwani from USA, they sent me wrong size and refused to refund my money! ive contacteded to Lalit Khatri (owner) several times, but wasted my time. Stay away!

1 review
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I am sending this email from Muscat ( Oman).

It is my sincere request to all of you to read my email before placing an online order with Bharat Plaza.

My ordered was placed on the 03rd Jan 2017 for a function to be attended on the 28th Jan.I was communicated with lots of assurance that my order will each before 25th and on the 26th of Jan i received an email stating as below

"We re really sorry to inform you that the product SATJ106 is not available due to some fabric production problem so we request you that please select any other product from our "Ready To Ship" category of same worth, So that we can ship the order on same date & you have it for your occasion on time"

After this email, i asked for refund the email as appended below:

Dear Mohsin Bori,

We have cancelled your order and we have reserved your amount with us which you can use in any of your future order and we will surely provide you best possible discount and free gift as well.

Looking for your kind co-operation.

When i insisted for refund only : the reply was :

Dear Mohsin Bori,
We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

We want to inform you that we have forwarded your refund request to our higher authority and within next 48 to 78 hours you will get your refund in the same card through which you confirmed the payment.

Looking for your kind co-operation.

Your Bharatplaza Team,
Thanks & Reg.
Customer Support

Now, it has been over a week but still i have not yet received any refund nor they are replying to my email.

I would like to inform you all the company is a cheat and extremely unprofessional.They have no clue as to what is happening internally in their department .The customer service has a standard reply of saying the your order is in process and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Please keep distance and only order from Bharat Plaza incase you wish to spoil your function.


1 review
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If you are buying online- BEWARE. They promise a certain delivery date- but of course they will go over. They take days to respond to you and give you false promises- oh just one more day, yadda yadda. I planned on wearing the dress on a certain date so I ordered in advance- and gave myself 20 more days from delivery date in case anything were to happen. Well,my special event came and went and they were still giving me false promises. offering discounts, etc.Terrible customer service.

1 review
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These bastards have been dragging my refund claim for 4 months now and yesterday after I chatted with them they said because it's been over 60days its not possible to give me a refund!! Seriously how are you still in business?? Please PLEASE stay away! I have lost $140 and 4 months of my life chasing them for a $35 refund that they said they would give me and I accepted and then they kept saying not possible. I wish I had paid by Paypal now but they convinced me not to. Don't do that..EVER!

Tip for consumers: Please stay away. Not only are the clothes an absolute disgrace, but you will also get frustrated trying to get this resolved with them. At some point they'll just start ignoring you hoping you'll go away. Totally not worth the pain of ordering from them.

1 review
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1 review
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I've purchased an Indian outfit that looks very attractive by picture. It was certainly very disappointing when I received it....the skirt was OK, but the top was made of a piece of damaged material, the outfit looks like it has pieces stitched together and it just couldn't fit. I send back to have another made, sadly the other piece looks worst, but they sent some small gifts (the little star to put on the forehead), which I didn't care for. I just wanted my outfit that I paid $150.00 for. They couldn't get it right, so I demanded my money back. It's been 4 months that I shipped the outfit back, they've received it and yet still I AM STRUGGLING TO GET MY MONEY BACK......SAD! I hear all types of excuses. I would like to receive my $150.00 in full, but I am so frustrated at this point, that I entrust God to do the rest. This company is definitely not to be trusted.........AND I HAVE THE PROOF TO BACK IT....ALL EMAILS, ETC.

Tip for consumers: Please be careful of what they are promising you.

1 review
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I ordered a lehenga in size 27 waist and received size 33. The length was supposed to be 38in long it came at 44. After a lot of backs and forths with the company (telling me to pay out of pocket to fix it) they told me I could return the item but they can only try to make it tighter but will not shorten it because it will " destroy the design". Unbelievable, they refused to provide me with a new lehenga with the size i ordered. It is not my fault their workers cannot read the size chart. Every email they sent me began with "Please understand- we cannot send you a new item..." So far for satisfaction guaranteed! So i paid $170 to get a product that I cannot wear or would have to pay $150 dollars to alter. I already told all my friends and cousins about my experience and they shared a similar bad experience so please stay away from the website.

Response from Bharat P., BharatPlaza Representative
Vasa D.

Please inbox us the issue along with the order no. So that, we may look into it.We're sorry about that :( Request you to share your regd e-mail ID, so that we can assist you accordingly..

Thanks & Regards
Bharatplaza team
1 review
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I will not recommend Bharatplaza to anyone because it is very clear that if the order is not what you except then you have a problem. I ordered a Anarkali for a child of 4 years with bust size 28 and received a Anarkali for a child of 8 years with bust size 36. Bharatplaza do not want to admit that they made a mistake despite the evidence that is clearly stated in an email where the correct size and age of the child is mentioned.

As long as the order is to be placed and sent you respond quickly to questions but now there are problems, I had to send emails reminders to ask for a response.

The service is so outrageously bad and also the solution for a great discount on my next order. I will never going to buy from Bharat plaza.

Response from Bharat P., BharatPlaza Representative
Widjantie r.

Please inbox us the issue along with the order number. So that, we may look into it.

Thanks & Regards
Bharatplaza team
1 review
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I ordered two suits at the same time with the same measurements, when they arrived, one suit fit perfectly, the other was completely wrong....not I or two measurments...but's like I got someone else's suit. Now they are offering a 10% discount....for a suit I can NEVER wear or even have altered to fit me as the measurement are inches too small. Going after them through my credit card company as they have stopped communicating with me.

Response from Bharat P., BharatPlaza Representative
Hello Robert D.

Please inbox us the issue along with the order number. So that, we may look into it.Please let us know your order id.

Bharatplaza team
1 review
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I order the Man's designer suit and here is what I got from BhartPlaza:-

Hello, Can you please give me estimated delivery date?

07/17/2015 11:41 am

Dear customer

We would like to inform you that your ordered products will be ready with us by the end of this month.

Have a nice day.


07/23/2015 4:24 am

Please make sure to ship my order by July 30th, I have wedding to attend on Aug 8th.

07/23/2015 11:20 am

Dear Customer

Thank you for your email ,We want to say you that you can surely have the products before end of this month,Feel free to writing back to us for further assistance.

Have a nice day

07/30/2015 6:33 am

I just received my order and for Debonair Party Wear SuitSKU: TSJL1111 Paint color does not match with Jacket. Paint is black and shade in jacket is dark blue. See attached. Also missing t-Shirt. Please ship me new paint asap that is matching with jacket and send me DHL shipping label, si i can ship this paint back to you or ship the jacket matching black with paint and i will ship the this jacket back to you. Please do asap because i have wedding to attend. U r Site is not accepting the image size for upload.

07/30/2015 12:41 pm

Dear customer

We are very very sorry for the inconvenience. Please provide us the images of the products so we will check with our concern department.

Feel free to writing back to us for further assistance.


07/30/2015 8:16 pm

Please see attached image, Take an action ASAP. When I am trying to upload image your site is giving me Error: Selected file exceeds allowed size.

07/31/2015 8:06 pm

Hey Guys, Ship me Dark blue paint or Jacket black in it with t-shirt ASAP. I Have to attend wedding. Take responsibility for the mistakes.

08/01/2015 2:59 pm

Dear Customer

Thank you for your email we want to inform you that please send the images of the product which you received so we can check with concern department and provide you the as images have to be less then 2mb so it can attach with email,Feel free to writing back to us for further assistance.

have a nice day

08/01/2015 10:43 pm

Here you go:-
Paint_Jacket_color.jpg(63.1 kb)

08/01/2015 10:44 pm

here is 2nd one, Take action ASAP
Paint_Jacket_color1.JPG(82.3 kb)

08/03/2015 8:11 pm

Hey Guys, Please update me ASAP, Now u have evidence. Ship me the Jacket black in it ASAP, so I can use for the wedding. Thanks

08/04/2015 2:54 pm

Dear Customer

We would like to inform you that we have manufactured the outfits as per your given measurements only, we request you to kindly send us the images of the item which you have received keeping and inch tape on it which clearly shows the difference in the measurements so that we can check regarding the issue with our concern department.

Waiting to hear from you soon..

08/04/2015 7:57 pm

Are u stupid, the issue is different color between paint and jacket
Paint is black and in becket is royal blue. Please read the complainers
Care fully and proceed!!!!

08/05/2015 5:56 pm

Dear Customer

We are really sorry for the inconvenience,We request you that please send the full individual
image of the product so we can check with the concern department,And we will update you the further process,Again we are really sorry for the inconvenience,Feel free to writing back to us for further assistance.

have a nice day

08/05/2015 8:07 pm

Here are the images, Don't u trust customer. Act soon.
IMG_0476.JPG(84.2 kb)

08/05/2015 8:08 pm

here is paint
IMG_0479.JPG(84.9 kb)

08/05/2015 8:09 pm

here is close look of color differance
IMG_0472.JPG(82.3 kb)

08/06/2015 10:08 am

So, when I will get the replacement?

08/07/2015 7:41 pm

Hey guys, what the f!!! Why u r not responding?

08/08/2015 10:18 am

Dear customer we would like to inform you that there is no color difference but instead you are facing the problem we can provide you the good deal in your future order your cooperation will be highly appreciated

1 review
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"Worst experience ever. Please do not make a mistake of ordering from this site. I made a purchase for my fiance. It was suppose to be delivered 1 week before our engagement day and it reached 2 days later. So its wasn't received and send back. This happened on Jan 20th 2015. when i talked/chated/emailed, thy said they will refund MY CASH and till date its not done. i have the entire conversation thread in my mail."

1 review
0 helpful votes

This company is absolutely horrible. Please do not make the mistake of ordering from them. Their clothing is nothing like what they show on the website, the material is not even the same. They also refuse returns, and for a $300.00 suit that was totally wrong, offered us a $10 credit on our next purchase. Needless to say, we will never purchase anything from these con artists again.

1 review
3 helpful votes

The most worst service and untrusted site. Please dont buy anything on this site. They are CHEATERS!!! . I had my marriage they promised me to deliver in 20days. They are such a careless people they did even inform that it will be late. I called them many times they didnot respond. I tried to chat with them but they never informed anything. but finally a day before the marriage they said its not ready and we cannot ship. They are playing with customers feeling. Please dont buy on this site.

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I agree. It is impossible for so many people to have good reviews for the crap that they sell for exorbitant prices. The only explanation would be having a team paid to write good reviews for them all day. They should go out of business for this type of service.

By Neel N.
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