Sitejabber Partners With Official Black Wall Street to Help Promote Black-Owned Businesses

Sitejabber and Official Black Wall Street Partnership

Supporting Black-owned businesses with a new Sitejabber feature

The team at Sitejabber is excited to announce our latest partnership with Official Black Wall Street and the newest feature we’ve come together to create – being able to search reviews by Black-owned businesses!

Stacking your weekly groceries in a virtual cart, comparing outfits by switching tab to tab, and completing your holiday shopping in all of a few clicks, are habits more common than ever. With the digital shopping world at your fingertips, more members of the Sitejabber community have begun to ask us – who are behind the companies I’m purchasing from, and how can I support businesses I care about?

We’ve partnered with Official Black Wall Street, the largest platform for black businesses, in addition to growing directories I Am Black Business and Five Fifths, to help you discover a business for any of your shopping needs.

To find out whether a business is Black-owned, search for their reviews page on Sitejabber, and keep an eye out for this Corporate Values Logo:

Or if you want to plan out your shopping spree, check out our Black-Owned Business page, where you can find over 4,000 companies for anything you’re looking for.

You can filter by stars, service, quality, shipping, pricing, and more, as well as read reviews from the community. And don’t forget to leave a review after you’ve made a purchase!

“Helping consumers make more informed decisions has always been our focus at Sitejabber. We are impressed with what Official Black Wall Street has built and fully support their mission to support Black business owners and generate more awareness for their businesses,” explained Michael Lai, CEO and Co-founder of Sitejabber.

We’ve worked closely with Mandy Bowman, Founder and CEO of Official Black Wall Street, to launch our new feature.

“I am excited to tap into Sitejabber’s three million monthly visitors to bring additional exposure to Official Black Wall Street’s businesses,” said Bowman. “We applaud the Sitejabber team’s consistent efforts to support our community of black entrepreneurs through this partnership.”

Mandy started Official Black Wall Street in 2015 after seeing the challenges black people face in starting any kind of business. Since then, her team has amassed over 200,000 active users and has data on over 6,000 businesses. We’re proud to connect her mission of supporting black businesses with our platform as a leader in consumer protection, and introduce Black-owned businesses to every online shopper.

Here are just a few of the amazing brands you can search for:

You now have a one-stop platform to read reviews and find top-rated Black-owned businesses. Get started now by searching for a reviews page or checking out the black-owned business page! Let us know your new favorite business to shop from!