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Amazon search results all gunked up

They are now full of sponsored items that appear out of sorted order and don't meet the search criteria. RecentlyI ended up with the wrong cable. Now I read carefully and don't read the text once I see "sponsored" but it is much more time consuming. And when you see a higher priced item it no longer means you've reached that price point. There might be lower priced unsponsored ones on the next page. Gotta start supporting the alternatives like Home Depot, Target and Walmart and not be so lazy and addicted to Prime shipping. Plus you don't have to pay to mail back stuff like that stupid cable.

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  • over 1 year ago
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I agree. Amazon is kind of scary - have you seen Hassan Minaj's Patriot Act episode on Amazon?
And yes, the sponsored ads are annoying. I'd like to avoid Amazon, but sadly that may be impractical.

As you say, the best we can do is try to support other online retailers.

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