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Since so many people complain about the gift card balance all gone after 100 days and raise doesn't bother and sorry u are screwed I cannot help haha kinda thing.

While I am one of the victims, there is something painful I learnt from the 10 hrs of panic and anger on phone calls to raise, to Wholefood and TJMaxx store managers and customer services. Meanwhile, I am a mother of a crying 10 months old baby who I was carrying him at the TJMaxx store trying to resolved the 0 balance giftcard (I purchased from raise) problem with no results and no help. I learnt this lesson the most painful way. I cannot believe I let myself go through such terrible experience because of a mistake of buying their giftcards on raise.

I learnt This is how unsafe it is about giftcard is that, because we don't have the original purchase receipt!! I thought the TJMaxx physical giftcard was safer but not really. The person who sold us the card report lost or stolen card and get his card replaced and zero out our balance.

Because TJMaxx will only ask for the original receipt and credit card proof of payment, if u can tell them the purchase date they can help you. But of course we Will never know that piece of information. And the store asked where u got the gift card from, once they know it's from raise they said sorry we cannot help u at all.

Anyways, we better not buy anymore gift cards unless u use it right away. Or prepare to cry and panic at the store when u wanna use it to make a few purchases for your baby and family. That's the only suggestions most people will tell me.

Do u guys have any "buyer be aware" experience to share or any painful stories like mine to share?
asked by Snowy S. on 3/12/16
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people should unite and file a class action lawsuit against these guys, any attorneys reading this???
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DO NOT BUY from this company. I entertain clients and t heir dining cards were a great benefit for me. I purchased over 70 Landry's, Olive Garden and Darden Gift eCards. I verified the amounts of ALL the cards when they arrived and all were valid and marked "Does not Expire." I used a few with no problems. Suddenly ALL the cards I had were invalid. In checking with the restaurant companies ALL were redeemed all over the US during March 2016. None in my own state. All were scanned, that is, a physical certificate and not a mere number was used meaning the cards were either resold by Raise or by their "trusted" card seller. I caleld Raise and for over 2 hours went over all the card numbers and was assured they would stand behind their cards. In fact I received emails today stating almost all were outside their "100 days guarantee" and I was out of luck. My credit card companies would not allow me to dispute the charges. I have nothing good to say about this company. Do business with them at your own risk and NEVER keep a card with "no expiration date" over 100 days.
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