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This is the listing ID #-H11101913474819.The caretaker wants rent/deposit in cash.Is this a legit ad?

asked by Sue T. on 8/15/17

3 Answers

Thank you for contacting Easyroommate Sue.
I'd be glad to help you with your search and how to have a safe experience while using an online website!
First, to be able to check the ad for you I'm going to need the full listing ID, as the one you have posted is missing a number and it did not allow me to find the ad in question.
However, the good news is that there is a really easy way to ensure that you are not scammed - First and fore-most - Do not make financial agreements or arrangements with anyone you have not personally met.

You can read more about online safety on our FAQS from here: https://easyroommate-us.helpscoutdocs.com/category/245-scams-and-safety and you can also contact our Customer support directly by email as well from here: Victoria@easyroommate.com

Thanks again for contacting us and I'm looking forward to helping you further.

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Good suggestion! The Roomgo response is not relevant to to overseas travellers. As usual, Roomgo dodges the question b y falsely implying that they cannot check ads, despite charging for them with no guarantee of a response. Roomgo is like a very unreliable lottery where the chances of success are random. It's designed that way to make more tax-free $$$. Beware! Every other accommodation service is more efficient.

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Speaking from a landlord perspective in British Columbia. We do require a damage deposit to hold the space. BC law allows for 1/2 the rent to be collected.

A bank account transfer is safe in Canada to a Canadian bank account. I would also check with each country, state even city tenancy branch to advise. Transfering via bank, one can leave a note, details of what the transfer is for. I. e.: Address of the rental, date to take possession, amount of deposit, phone number of landlord.

As a landlord I ask a potential guest if they have contact in the city who may come over to view the room. If this is not possible, I ask if they are on LinkedIn, Facebook - a fake account is very transparent in both.
Another option, if you just can't see any way to feel comfortale, find a short term accomadation via Airbnb - and start looking when you get to the city of your choice.

There are ways to make a smart choice even on a fraudster packed site. In ER's defence these parasites operate with relentless indefatigability. We landlords get countless emails from these bottom feeders too.

As a suggestion to ER a premium member landlord who had the same adds for years, with the same email should receive some 'mark' to make them a safe option to people whom are looking. Especially if they have several successful transactions under their belt from the site. I know this would be possible, as adds deligently checked to make sure non premium members have NO WAY to contact each other via information in the add itself. :) It would take less effort to highlight established members who are proven to be trustworthy. In any case ER needs to put on their thinking cap and elevate their status from a consistent 1 STAR. Surely, it can only be good for business.

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