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Reading the 2019 reviews, I hope you people are not frauds. I just spent over $300. It's illegal to false advertise. Your company can be investigated.

asked by Mia V. on 4/16/19

11 Answers
I use online shopping reluctantly and when I can't speak to someone live every time I call like HAUTELOOK AND VENUS, BOSTON PROPER I will not order..

No phone number and no customer service is a RED FLAG!!

We must SLOW DOWN and think!! Before giving your credit card info .. also Only use PayPal. They have the ability to freeze their funds when fraud complaints come in!!

...And refund your money!!!
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Suggest you immediately contact your card company and cancel and dispute as they do not respond to emails. Just once in awhile a random email to say in process. You should get money back as they haven't shipped yet. Per their advertised policy you can cancel tell your bank. As didn't ship yet. When they do if they do send anything it is garbage.
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Just wanted to reinforce what dee k. wrote. The US Federal Agencies have no jurisdiction over companies which have no US presence--I used to be a federal investigator. And, independent attorneys can do nothing to support litigation in such cases, not to mention that $300 would not merit an attorney's representation. Had this been a local store, you might have had a shot at a small claims court recovery. I'm not an attorney, so please feel free to double check.

It looks like someone was kind enough to respond really quickly to encourage you to contact your cc company, your best hope.

There are a number of similar scams on the net at present, great looking clothes at well below normal sale prices. Clothes made of better fabrics--soley for the photo shoots--drape better, so, off the top they look more flattering. The same old 'if it looks too good to be true' hasn't changed, but I hope you haven't learned an expensive lesson. I've had some from Neiman Marcus--the worst of any established brick and mortar when purchasing via their online sales, despite their upscale rep and clientele. I suspect we're all in for a rocky ride as the brick and mortar retail stores are rapidly disappearing.
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I'm going through this now myself - this is false advertising. The fabrics are not as described. Linen?! Ha! That alone is bad business. The measurements are not accurate. I checked each garment carefully against mine. Literally out of 11 pieces, two fit me. I spent almost $400 and want to return the bulk of it. They offered me 15% refund to "alter the fabrics to fit". I'm reporting them to PayPal. Thank God I paid that way.
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You just lost $300. I tried to cancel my order on a Monday, within 24 hours of ordering, after reading these reviews, and they shipped their crap anyway and then said "oh sorry, we can't cancel an order which has been shipped." So sneaky and devious. Paypal denied my billing dispute. They must be in on the scam also. Maddening...
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It's a Chinese company. Th US gov't. won't investigate unless millions are affected. Like Mar said - cancel your order through your CC company ASAP!
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USA has no jurisdiction over China, and they can't make China do anything. You basically just donate someone $300. And there's nothing you can do about it. American women, don't buy anything from China. They use those fake ads to draw you in, and when you order from their site, they send you crap they wouldn't even let their dog wear...Before you order anything from China, read the reviews.China hates the US, and they have found a way to get our hard earn dollar bills...Buyer beware....Buy USA...That's what I do.
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So its not way to return items?
I have been emailing them and they don't answer
I received the order and everything is wrong...sizes, quality and some items are not the ones I ordered.
What can I do?
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I spent $145. Nothing is as nice as the pictures. Sizing is wildly inconsistent, but mostly just too small. The boots are cheap plastic. The denim is not denim, some cheap substitute. Don't expect shoes or boots to fit. I purchased clothes from them for my vacation. They took a long time to arrive and did not arrive together. So I did not have time before leaving to return anything. If you buy from this site, prepare to be ripped off.
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Do not rely on PayPal for help I received only half of my order and PayPal would do nothing. Noracora told them they shipped everything and PayPal believed them.
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I tried to go through paypal to get my money back but they said I have to send the items back and it will cost me more money in shipping and customs than what I paid for the items so paypal is no help.
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