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Why are the reviews so overwhelmingly negative about Bark?

asked by David C. on 5/10/19

14 Answers
Hi David,

Check out our Trustpilot reviews where we currently have 14,282 reviews and a 4-star rating.

Bark.com is a lead generation company and as such, we provide companies with the means to reach out to potential customers. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee business as ultimately the decision lies with the customers as to who they engage with or hire. And lead generation is competitive. Only one business can be hired, so for every professional who managed to secure the business, there will be those who haven't and want someone to blame.

Typically professionals on Bark.com will secure 1 in every 5 leads they respond to and our leads are priced with this in mind. We want professionals to succeed, make a return on investment and continue using us.

Lead generation is certainly not for everyone but its a great marketing tool if used correctly, one that can help grow your business. And Bark.com is the largest, we have 1000's of successful professionals who rely on us to secure new business and currently we operate in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa and Ireland.

We have a great customer success team on hand 7 days a week, who want to help professionals succeed and who have great advice to give.

We offer every new professional our Starter pack of credits, which gives you enough credits to respond to about 10 customers, comes with a sizable discount of 20% and our 'Get Hired Guarantee' which protects you in the event you've been unsuccessful in securing any business after using theses credits and allows us to add those credits back to your Bark.com account giving you a second chance.

Ultimately I would encourage any business looking for leads to talk to the team here and make their own assessment.

If you have any questions our customer success team will be happy to help. You can contact them by phone or email: team@bark.com

Kind regards

The Bark Team
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Your reviews are high on Trustpilot because they remove all the negative reviews from their profile. Bark.com removed my review twice.

Trustpilot is the only review website that allows businesses to remove reviews for a price.

Trustpilot got criticized in several news articles for being easily manipulated of their 'Reviews' for $600 any business profile can push up or down review they want.

Look up 'Trustpilot news articles'; they say 'Trustpilot reviews are just paid advertising'
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Because they just trawl the internet for email addresses and them spam those addresses. They've been barraging the address for my not-for-profit studio (which my website specifies cannot take cold pitches and can only respond to general inquiries) with messages in which their "clients" are looking for birthday party performers and event planners. I mean, can you imagine being a Bark.com client and paying them to do this kind of "work?" Knowing what I know about email marketing, specifically the global clampdown on unsolicited marketing brought about by GDPR, I don't even think Bark.com's processes are ethical.
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Because they're a scam. Just imagine it: I'm not even a business and I'm getting email quote requests for my photography business (which again, I'm not a photographer and not a business of any kind) so yeah they're pulling at straws sending out phishing type scam emails hoping for some bites. I'm not a business, never signed up for anything to do with them or anything related to any business. That in and of itself PROVES Bark.com is a complete and total scam.
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Because the leads who request a quote are not serious to book. They just answer a few questions and some don't provide correct contact info. Thus, wastes business owners time and money.
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Because it is a 6 year old scam. They take money of hard working people and provide fake leads. And they offer a get hired guarantee that is not a guarantee
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Bark has no way of eliminating time wasters. Most of the leads I followed up fell into that category, They were genuine leads, just rude and selfish people,
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They are clearly not vetting the businesses, hence you have no idea of the quality of work of the business they recommend to you. Any business Bark suggest that is legitimate appears to be pure luck.
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Leads are fake and they use phishing to seek out businesses. They contacted me via my email address about my daughter's business that is not connected to the website they quoted they got the details off. Complete scam. Don't lose your money.
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Because they are dishonest folks who use spam to promote their business.
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Because they remove bad reviews... go watch their trustpilot 1 star reviews... ones i read were suddenly gone two days later even ones that were "verified" so unless people are writing 1 star reviews and all removed them on same day something is clearly going on. I did a 3 star review on their TP and asked questions too and they didn't even reply they just reported it and strange because normally TP email me for evidence but didn't even get that, its how they make their money, if they left up reviews where people talk about their coin return policy that basically states if you get 0 leads they return your coins only once and their no refund policy and reviews where actual companies have used it for leads and got 0 and Bark kept their money do you think anyone would buy them? Instead they flood sites with 5 star reviews which strange enough all are no avatars and only 1 review and all verified but even the ones that seem real are the people actually on there to get work done, yet to see reviews that are 5 star from the people actually spending £155 + vat on coins to buy leads and i'm not pushing the boat out either here, i have a large amount of friends and business owners who i've personally asked in group chats if they've used Bark and got leads and i'm yet to find one whos had success and not started disputes..
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Business owners stay FAR FAR away from Bark they are an absolute rip off and scam. Leads are false/fictitious and uncontactable everytime and they refuse to refund. Dont believe them they are stealing your money by not providing any real service or lead
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Because they are a terrible company. No wonder they want you to go to trust pilot... that's where they have paid employees post false favorable reviews. Look at their bbb rating! Their reviews are terrible everywhere except the one site they recommend and even there aren't great! Pathetic!
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I think that most of the reviews that are overwhelmingly negative have to do with people not getting hired through them. I have responded to people within a couple of hours, chatted with them, and have called them, and when I follow up with them to set up a time to meet, or to get the sale, I do not hear back from them. Sometimes, you need to investigate the people placing the Bark. Look for local Facebook profiles with the same name that requested the bark. In my case, I can find Brides that have posted their wedding announcement and then feel a bit more confident that it was a legitimate bark.
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