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Zappos reviews

145 reviews
Categories: Boots, Clothing, Shoes
400 E. Stewart Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA
Tel: (800) 927-7671
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145 Reviews From Our Community

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Well I guess it's about time someone emphasized the value of customer service as much as Amazon does. (in 52 reviews)


Great especially during the holidays with overnight shipping and good return policy, couldn't ask for more. (in 25 reviews)


Maybe send flying fairies to unwrap my new shoes and bluebirds to put them on my feet? (in 68 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Zappos makes buying shoes really simple, and they've got great prices as well. I've scoured the web for certain items and always found that Zappos offered the best deal, or equal pricing, and so I now trust them and don't even bother looking around. When I've had a return it's been without issue.

Ask Jim about Zappos
New Reviewer

sometimes the variety can be a little overwhelming, but overall its a good place to get your shoes on.

New Reviewer

Ordered a jacket for winter. Not only was easy to roam the site. It showed the models dimensions so it made it easier to see what it would look like on me. To top it all off, I received the coat the next day, the first day of snow. No question Zappos gets 5 stars.

Ask Danielle about Zappos
New Reviewer

I have ordered from this company several times and have never had any problems. The last couple of times, they have even upgraded us to free overnight shipping. This past time, had to return a pair of shoes I ordered for my son, had absolutely no problems and received excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend this company for purchasing shoes online.

Ask Headley about Zappos
New Reviewer

This is my favorite online store to buy shoes! Ordered some simplehuman® products here and got free ground shipping (365 Day Returns are also FREE). The package arrived in 2 days flat. Amazing. Will shop here again!

New Reviewer

Zappos is a great place for shoe-addicts. I bought so many pairs of sandals there this summer. One of them did not fit and the return was hassle free. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

New Reviewer

I had an issue with the website and called up customer service they were AWESOME!!! And after wearing the boots for about a month there was a manufacturing defect with the sole of the shoe. I called up zappos and they were super helpful and even sent me a awesome coupon!:D yes i know that some of the prices are a bit higher but for the amount of care and help that they give there customers it is soooo worth every penny.

New Reviewer

Best website ever! The free shipping both ways and NO question returns is amazing! I can order two sizes, try them on and send back the ones that don't fit. I will sometimes choose Zappos over higher priced sites because the customer service is SO fantastic!! :)

New Reviewer

Nice dresses but Too costly then other online shopping websites, You will found better deal from at cheaper price and best quality.

New Reviewer

I heard a lot of good reports about these guys and when I decided to order a pair of cute purple Nike trainers they came up trumps in every way. Everything good. Nothing bad. They just did it!

New Reviewer

They have great slippers for keeping my chronic plantar fasciitis at bay. These slippers remind me of the "Tide" style flip flops from this same company, except with wider straps and a memory foam footbed.

New Reviewer

Hate to admit but it was my mom who suggested I try Zappos. Well they say mom knows best and in this case it's true lol. Loved the experience from start to finish and happy to recommend to anybody.

New Reviewer

I did get a few compliments on my sandals. When I tried them on I simply could not take them off. I can wear them all day and my feet feel great. they are my most comfortable pair of sandals!

New Reviewer

i really like the idea of this dress i bought, but the horizontal stripes were just too overwhelming on me. It would be prettier with fewer stripes at the bottom of the hem. Other than that, I loved it and the flowered pattern with the stripes is beautiful.

New Reviewer

This is my favorite place for shoes of almost any kind. Great selection especially for sport and leisure and customer service is as good as it gets. Happy to recommend any time.

Apprentice Reviewer

I love the free shipping (both ways!) and the 365 day a year return policy. Tony Hsiea is a genius and has a great business model. Also the videos are helpful. Great selection of shoes to choose from.

New Reviewer

I know this is nothing new, but I am so enamored with Zappos' return policy! It alleviates so much pressure when it comes to ordering shoes online. I never have to stress about them being the wrong size, because I can order two pairs and return the ones that don't fit! It's genius, and I will be a Zappos customer for many years to come.

New Reviewer

I love all the filters in Zappos you can set to find exactly what you are looking for quickly. Great selection and easy return shipping if they don't fit.

New Reviewer

who doesnt love zappos these days. awesome and attentive customer service. i've bought a bunch of shoes from them before...and any time ive had an issue with size or quality, it has been resolved quickly.

New Reviewer

I recently ordered a pair of shoes from Zappos. The customer service was abysmal. The order never arrived and they would not remedy the situation. I am now out over $100 for an item that was never delivered.

New Reviewer

I had once ordered a shoe from this site. They said that I would get a discount on the price and that is why I decided to order from them. But, during the time of payment they took the exact price of the product. I lost my money and tried to contact their customer service regarding the issue. Since I was angry about losing my money, I talked to them in a rude tone. But, they just turned me off saying that they cannot help rude customers. Customers are customers, whether they are rude or calm. We pay money for a product and when we get cheated, we get rude naturally. That does not mean that they need not help their customers. Firstly, they take money from me by cheating me and secondly, they deny service for a customer in need saying about their horrible customer service agenda. I have shopped from many other sites online. I have never had to face such an issue anywhere.

In fact, there are many other sites that provide good products as well good customer service. fsession is one among them. They are so loyal towards their customer and treat them so well.

New Reviewer

I had an issue with the website and called up customer service they were AWESOME!!! And after wearing the boots for about a month there was a manufacturing defect with the sole of the shoe. I called up zappos and they were super helpful and even sent me a awesome coupon!:D yes i know that some of the prices are a bit higher but for the amount of care and help that they give there customers it is soooooo worth every penny

New Reviewer
2/10/14 is an exemplary website. Not a scam! Everything arrives in exactly 2 business days and they give you a year to return the product if you never got around to using it. Amazeballs!

New Reviewer

Never had a bad experience with Wonderful selection of items. The website is super easy to use. Returns are no problem.

New Reviewer

I was browsing online looking for a VANS wallet. Only to find out that I would have to pay shipping cost plus tax on their actual website including (pacsun, tillys, etc). Then I came across and wasn't sure if I should place my order since it was too good to be true because of the free shipping in any order. I ordered it Sunday night and wow!!! It got delivered to me on Wednesday. I'm very impressed with the product and the shipping. I'm definitely going to tell my friends and family about this awesome site and I'll most likely be back to order more products!

New Reviewer

This is a phenomenal company. I have always received my order within just days, and they provide free shipping on initial orders, returns and exchanges. If you want or need to return your item, no need to explain why, and the time period in which to do so is vast. When ever I've had an exchange, I've always received the new item within one-two days! Great customer service, this company cares very much about their customer relationships. They will do anything to make their patrons happy.

New Reviewer

Zappos wins my heart! I order a lot & will be a repeat customer. They answer their phones PROMPTLY. No long holds. They ship quickly & make returns easy & free! I'm not afraid to try things to make sure they work as it's sometimes the case with online ordering. I wish more companies would adopt their customer service techniques. Everyone is friendly. I've only once received a product with a flaw, but they made things right immediately without causing me a hassle. Absolute best customer service.

New Reviewer

I had been a satisfied Zappos customer for years. This changed today after my discussion / argument with a supervisor who insisted in a rude manner that I had been "educated" about a year ago that coupons are only issued once. Therefore, if I made the exchange I wished to make, I would lose half of my coupon money by ordering another model. When I mentioned that the representative who had helped me with my order five days ago had not advised me so; and that I had no recollection of being "educated" by Zappos at any point in my purchasing history; and when I asked for a record of that particular conversation as a reminder, he became quite rude and aggressive. I do not much care about coupon money from Zappos but it is the principle of the matter. I had no intention of abusing their policy, had I known in advance what it was. However, despite my three graduate degrees, including a PhD, I do not recall ever being "educated" about anything by Zappos! I intended to take this further but will not, as he was rather apologetic toward the end. However this will be the last time I will shop at Zappos.

New Reviewer

Site easy to navigate. Ships quickly, returns are easy. Prices for majority of shoes are significantly below that of brick-and-morter stores.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of shoes a few months ago and upon receiving them, I thought they might be too big, but I was afraid that the next size down would be too small. I wore them around the house for awihle before putting them in my closet and forgetting about them. I found them recently and decided to return them and try the smaller size. Thanks to Zappos' fantastic 365 day return policy, I was able to return them without a problem, even though it had been several months. When I called customer service about the return, they were extremely helpful and nice...the epitome of how customer service should be. They paid the return postage for me to ship the bigger size back and covered the postage on the new ones. Even though I had bought the original shoes on sale and they were not any longer, they didn't charge me any more to send me the other pair. To top things off, I got my new pair in 2 days! I could not be more happy with the service and would recommend this company to anyone.

New Reviewer

What an awesome online store. I am able to order several pairs of shoes and try them on in the comfort of my home and the ones that I decide I do not like or are are not the right fit I am able to return without any hassle. The return postage is paid for by Zappos. Great business model. I remain a faithful customer.

New Reviewer

I Have ordered shoes in the late afternoon and gotten my shoes early the next day. I love their service and selection, and you can't beat free shipping both ways! It's the only way I buy shoes!

New Reviewer

Always my first choice to go because of superb customer service which make you assured that your order will be kept informed of and be in good quality.

New Reviewer

I love this website! The customer service is amazing. The items are always top quality and delivered in an unbelievable time frame. Go Zappos!!

New Reviewer

I love the convenience of trying on shoes at home and getting to wear them for an hour or so to see if they are really comfortable for the long run. Zappos has a big selection, helpful reviews, easy-squeezy free returns, and they are very friendly too. Not the cheapest prices, but worth the perks!

New Reviewer

Great variety of brands, alwayz free fast shipping both ways, 365 days return policy and 24 hours costumer service----> what else can you ask for? Never had any problem, transactions are alwayz smoth and easy -_o.. One of my favorite web sites!!!

New Reviewer

Slightly obsessed with boots!! Zappos helps with that. Excellent selection, super fast shipping. Love all my purchases!

New Reviewer

They are 99% perfect but they refused to post my negative review about a pair of shoes! They filtered it out! So their reviews are fake-ish I guess.

New Reviewer

Product was good but too expensive. I could have purchased same item from Amazon at much cheaper price.

New Reviewer

I have always had great customer service from Zappos. No complaints! They are very understanding and friendly over the phone. Excellent company and excellent customer service.

New Reviewer

Judging by all the great reviews on this site it seems that my review is not needed but here it is anyway. Zappos has a huge selection of quality brand items at great prices. Usually I can find it cheaper on Zappos than any of the retail stores. First off, the shipping is fantastic. It comes basically comes overnight and the best part is that it's free. Sometimes items can take maybe up to two or three days but I'm used to waiting the standard 7-14 so no complaint here. The have an excellent return policy, probably the best I've ever seen and you can alway's find your size which can sometime be daunting for me because I'm very tall and slender and that makes shopping for pants a nightmare. Zappos has totally eliminated that problem. The only down side is when an item goes out of stock it takes quite sometime for them to restock it so when this happens chances are you should just check somewhere else other wise you will be waiting for it for a long time. Zappos is definitely one of the best sites I have ever had the honor of dealing with.

New Reviewer

I like the selection but I'm not really happy how they're distribution works. If I order multiple shoes, it either takes a long time or I have to pay extra for shipping. Only use them if you want to get 1 pair. In which case they are great.

New Reviewer

Very good selection, but overpriced compared to other online shoe stores. I think they build the cost of "free shipping" and "free returns" into the original cost of the product to make people think they are getting a deal, but really they aren't. I used to shop there a lot, but lately I find better prices through Amazon or the designer's website directly.

New Reviewer

Zappos is THE best site from which to order shoes and clothes. There is free shipping both ways but I've only ever had to return one item and it wasn't Zappo's fault but the shoe manufacturer's misrepresentation of their sizes which ran smaller than they stated. Zappos couldn't have been more helpful. It was as simple as clicking a box to return the shoes and they immediately responded, asking my preferences, I chose having my return shipping label emailed to me for printing at my convenience. It arrived immediately. My credit card was reimbursed promptly with no problems.
Zappos has put customer service at the top of their list in importance and it shows. A bonus: Not only are their representatives efficient and helpful on the phone, they're funny too! I would recommend to anyone anywhere any time. Order by 1pm and you'll have it the next day! It doesn't get any better than that!


Love your company culture and values! Also, my experience buying a pair of shoes was great. Thank you!

New Reviewer

Zappos is a great go to online merchant to purchase shoes. We have placed many orders through this site with no concerns or complications. The website is easy to navigate, the prices are more than reasonable and its easy to find great brand name shoes! Love this site, would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

New Reviewer

Are you kidding me, zappos needs reviews? You don't know how awesome they are? For shame! Free shipping both ways, great service, huge selection!

New Reviewer

I enjoy Zappos. Tons of inventory to browse, simple enough site to navigate and easy checkout (I'm in the US). Veru happy with the service, products and timeliness of each of my orders.

New Reviewer

If you want shoes this is the place to go.... Great deals and have anything you need to match any outfit. Only reason I gave it a 4 is because I had an issue with an order before. But I would recommend all ladies to check it out for their shoe fetishes. lol

New Reviewer

I love this site; I spend too much time looking, but all of my favorite shoes have been found here. My current favorites are my La Sportiva trail running shoes, as they feel like they were made for my feet. is where I turn to first when shoe shopping!