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Xtend-life reviews

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New Reviewer

I love their Omega 3 Ultra Fish Oil!! I have been taking it for 6 months now and experience a FULL night's sleep, no aches and pains, my hair went from thin and weak to strong and full and I have not had one migraine, I can't say that for any other supplement I have tried.

New Reviewer

I can tell you that my results with the product is that I have tried other Fish Oil products and I can tell the difference between their Fish Oil and others that are second grade product. I have more focus when using their fish oil hands down.

New Reviewer

great reviews -- they do monopolize the web and it's worrisome!!!

New Reviewer

this jabber website is interesting. ive been using xtend life total balance men for a two years now. i dont really know how to monitor results ey, all i can say is ive been sick less. i wonder if xtend lifes claims are legit tho? since they do their own studies from what everybody else has been saying.

New Reviewer

Seriously, it's so hard to do research on the xtend life vitamins. Seriously, do not pay others to market your stuff under the cloak of "unbiased marketing". The only people you are fooling are yourselves. I was interested in it, until I nearly vomited from all the fake marketing, fake profiles of people touting the benefits, etc. Disgusting.

New Reviewer

These people are crooked. I placed an order at the same time that I called them and emailed them that I needed to have the order shipped by courier. When they finally called me several hours later they told me that they do not offer courier service to the USA (even though the website says that they do offer courier service on request). So I told them to cancel the order. The customer service person said ok they would cancel but they need my credit card info? This made me very suspicious as I paid them with a credit card. The CS person was very rude to me. I got home to find that immediately after the phone call they went ahead and processed the order and shipped it to me! Do not deal with this company as all the research on their products was done or sponsored by them!

New Reviewer

I am just trying to research the product and the pop-ups and monopolized searches are a complete no-way! This has been the only site in about an hour and half that has any neutrality with this product-line. DONE.

Thanks -e

New Reviewer

Have to agree with the previous post that it's VERY annoying, if not disturbing, to see a company that at first look seems perfectly legit, going to such lengths to monopolize the entire internet for their benefit. I use their products and have had nothing but positive experiences with the company as such, yet, as with all supplements it is very difficult to determine their efficacy and the fact that X-Tend tries so hard to completely control any unbiased reviews of their company worries me very much. What have they got to hide?

New Reviewer

When I need to go four pages deep into Google results to come to a site that isn't a turnkey/clone of the site I'm trying to get information about, I see snake-oil salespeople. The first 33 Google results were sites that tout this product glowingly, and with exactly the same presentation---often the exact same layout, and sometimes the exact same page with different meta-tags. All are owned by the same two or three companies.

In other words, xtendlife is using marketing techniques that will effectively filter out sites with opposing or neutral views. If their product is as good as they claim, why do they need to do this?

If you want to unbiased reviews, it helps to go to forums that don't deal specifically with one product and look for reviews by people who have more than 1 or 2 posts. I haven't found many glowing reviews of this company on unbiased forums.

If the company's products are so world-renowned, they shouldn't need to resort to this kind of marketing. The only reason they get a "Meh" from me is becuase it's possible that their products are okay. I wouldn't want to spend my money to find out, though.


Not a bad site and it does appear they will actually ship you the products. I am giving it a Meh rating because of the lack of any real published medical study in a journal attached to this product. I "love" how the chairman posts his own hormone levels as a testamonial of the product. Still I'm all about fish oil, I just buy it from costco :)


Hi welcome to my latest review, today we're looking at a company called The offer an anti ageing skin care line, now I think it's fair to say we've heard it all and frankly a little tired of products promising the world and delivering nothing more than whats known as the placebo effect. Do these products fall into that category? yes as in they do claim to have the answer to wrinkles, age spots, inflammation, lines circles and bags around the eyes. Do the products live up to it's promise? thats what we're going to find out.

Before we go further, the site it's self is decent user friendly and thorough which i found helpful. Is the site transparent? yes everything you want to know about them and their products are there for consumers to really get an overall idea of what there about? their methodology, ingredients and ultimately why we should be using their products, it even shows you lab results. preliminary things like this.

They offer products for men and woman. I'd just like to say going of subject for a bit that if your under 23 and you use anti ageing skin care products your going to be disappointed simply because you have no business using them your 23 making your review irrelevant, a person in their 30's is a more suitable candidate agree? the same goes for supplements and going back to the placebo effect well if a product preforms one day and not the next you probably don't need it as the body has a sufficient supply and therefore your problem may lie elsewhere, deficiency in some other area, Well thats my opinion on the matter. I'd also like to add that age is inevitable and all products are most likely to only have a subtle effect on your skin or problem area.

I wrote to extend-life explaining that as part of my research for an article on anti ageing skin care products It's paramount that i sample 2 of their most recommended products. The replied offering 2 of their most recommended products thanking me for my enquiry and asking for a delivery address. I'm excited to say the least. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see how their products rate on a scale of? they work? or don't work, it's as simple as that. thanks for reading.

(apologies for any typos)

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