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Wyzant reviews

136 reviews
Categories: Education, Tutor
1714 N Damen Ave Ste 3N
Chicago, IL 60647-5578, USA
Tel: (877) 999-2681

136 Reviews From Our Community

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We vacation in New England during the summer, and I wanted to find a Spanish tutor for my kids while we were away. (in 124 reviews)


With Wyzant, when I meet students or their parents, the only topics we need to discuss are educational topics. (in 64 reviews)


Wyzant is very much about the bottom line (money) and not its customers. (in 8 reviews)

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1 review
6 helpful votes

I started using Wyzant two months ago as a tutor. One day I received an email from Wyzant accusing me of accepting cash payments from students, and my account was cancelled after I had built up a client base and invested a lot of time into building a profile. No justification or evidence was presented for terminating my account. I even had students ask on the Wyzant email system if they should pay me in cash / via paypal and I instructed them to pay via Wyzant. I had students ask for my email address over the Wyzant email system and I had to repeat Wyzant's policy of communicating through their system, precisely because I didn't want to violate the user agreement. My advice is that even if you make extra effort to avoid breaking the user agreement as a tutor, your account could be wrongly cancelled without notice. For this reason, I would strongly advise tutors to seek other platforms to connect them with potential students.

Ask Mike about Wyzant
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been tutoring since I was 15 years old, I am 29 now. I am still aspiring to become a high school Geometry teacher but life has gotten in the way, taking time off from school and starting a family. I have had trouble finding students since I moved and got married 4 years ago. My main source of clients had been word of mouth, but being in an area where I literally know no one that is quite difficult.

I currently work through a local tutoring company that has me working with 3 students and I don't get 60% of the total (I get paid $18.00/hour). I had work previously (in 2005) with a different company and they paid me $16.00/hour while charging $52.00. And that was me driving to the students home, without compensation for commuting also.

So WyzAnt is as good as it can get and it will get better as I log in more hours... I can go up to as high as 80%, which would be great! So I cannot complain. Those who write negative reviews, are just fools thinking this site was some kind of miracle. Nothing is a for sure thing, and it requires time and a lot of work into it to find success. So if you're a prospective tutor, give it a try and good luck.

Ask Cha about Wyzant
1 review
8 helpful votes

If you are a tutor, RUN! 40% off a check, seriously? And they brag how tutors can make 50k.. wait is this before they rape you or after? Either way, whats there to brag about this pay?

Then they deactivate your account whenever they feel like. They'll send you students who aren't that interested in having a tutor, but they deactivate your account anyways.

This site deserves 0 stars.

Ask Jaime about Wyzant
1 review
4 helpful votes

Great company. You can find tutoring jobs in your area from their website. I wish they would increase compensation for tutors, though. Easy payment (direct deposit to checking account). I've always been paid as promised on time for hours tutored. Easy website - very user friendly!

Ask Lindsay about Wyzant
1 review
7 helpful votes

Beware! Most of the 5-Star ratings here are made by Wyzant Staff members to push up their review! It's a rip off! Stay away from it!

Ask Nina about Wyzant
1 review
5 helpful votes

WyzAnt is a total rip-off! I have had a profile with them for a year and haven't received any tutoring jobs in spite of having passed 6 tests from French to English literature. I have been tutoring for 20 years in another country and when I moved back to the US, thought I might use their site. Every time you end up spending a lot of time answering potential students - I have spent more than 40 hours doing that - but the students never want to give their credit card information to WyzAnt before seeing you and you are not allowed to give them the information directly. Frankly, I don't even understand how they make ANY money with such a poorly organized system.

Ask Shirley about Wyzant
1 review
5 helpful votes

I wouldn't have given them even one star!!! The worse tutoring site ever!!! Their Terms of Use are very confusing, not transparent at ALL. That's how they get tutors: A tutor agrees to the terms and conditions and then you're screwed after you start finding out what this is about! I gave one of the students my phone number (because of last minute cancellation reasons-I had a commute of 20 miles to get there and wanted to make sure the student would be able to contact me for any reasons) and got thrown out because the student didn't provide the credit card/payment information yet. When I asked for reasons, I got a bitter bad email back. Blood sucker!!! Don't even bother to find a tutor through them. The tutor has to raise his salary high enough, to still being able to make some money out of it. A tutor gets only 60% of the hourly rate. It progressively goes up after hundreds of hours of tutoring. I also believe that the 'students' that contacted me, were people from Wyzant. Everything looked suspicious. Stay away from them!

Ask Stella about Wyzant
1 review
3 helpful votes

Wyzant does all the thing that make tutoring undesirable like marketing and collection.
A little preperation and you can zero in on your student's problem and move them ahead. The goal of any good tutor should be to work yourself out of a job. That is easy with Wyzant.

Ask Roland about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

I love tutoring math! When I moved cross country and had to find all new students I signed up for WyzAnt and have loved it. The students I found were all from wonderful families who really wanted to help their kids succeed. The percentage they take is my 'cost' of advertising, cloud management of students and payment options. I just focus on the actual tutoring!

Ask tracey about Wyzant
1 review
5 helpful votes



I worked for Wyzant as a tutor for months . They were only interested in money.
Besides , Wyzant is getting extreme commission from poor tutors.
When I was helping as a tutor, they removed my account just because I was trying to help the student and gave my contact info to make the process faster.
I am also father of a 8 years old kid and
I warn you about this website. Don't use it at all.

Ask memos about Wyzant
1 review
6 helpful votes

I worked for Wyzant as a tutor for many years and always found them to be a particularly nasty bunch who were only interested in the bottom line, i.e. money. They definitely do not care about their tutors and, as another review stated, look for any opportunity to delete your profile even after you've become a top earner with a large client base. I had over 200 hundred hours in and over 100 client reviews (4.9 out of 5) but was deleted without any explanation, obviously for no good reason....stay away from these guys, they are very bad news!

Ask jim about Wyzant
1 review
4 helpful votes

Please do not sign up with this tutoring service.They wasted my time with hours of testing and job applications to students who very possibly do not exist.
The only student they sent me made an appointment for a lesson and then stood me up.I now believe he was working for them.

Since they took my social security and credit card numbers, I suspect their purpose is identity theft.
I suspect they will try to use my credit card and steal funds from my bank account.

The Internet is full of fraudulent scams. Please be careful.

Ask Arthur about Wyzant
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

After spending hours making a profile (I have 24 yrs experience teaching & tutoring), then answering emails from prospective clients, my profile was deleted with no warning! I could never get a direct answer from the Wyzant folks as to why.

From what I've heard/researched, it was "a blessing in disguise" because I am able to freely communicate and keep 100% of my fees by using a couple other sites, as well as assist my "tutorees" in obtaining their goals...

Ask Lisa about Wyzant
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am so happy I used WyzAnt. Thomas E. is my Tutor. Other tutor sites are a lot more expensive. They are the best. I will recommend them to anyone who is going back to school!! WyAnt is the best, the very best! I had brain surgery for epilepsy. The kind which took away part of the memory. Thomas E. is my Tutor. He helps me remember so much, by not only going over what the person who taught the GRE class, but going over some of the homework. It is kind of like re-training my brain. They help me a lot!

Ask Michele about Wyzant
1 review
5 helpful votes

Great website! I have almost doubled my number of tutoring clients through Wyzant. Straightforward interface for the most part. My only complaint is the draconian email system-- I often miss emails from students who try to message me from email addresses not associated with their accounts.

Wyzant is also fair with pay. After you've worked about 400 hours (1 year) Wyzant takes a smaller percentage to a point that it really isn't much more that clients I book through Craigslist-- but I get a lot more quality leads. They do a TON of google advertising and yet only take 5-20% of my student's bottom line-- depending on whether they purchased a package or not. 5%?? Not much to pay for top rate marketing. Other companies without software based solutions often take 20-80% of what students pay.

Ask Brooke about Wyzant
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have been a tutor with WyzAnt for a little over 8 months. The students I have worked with have all been motivated and hard working. The organization has been responsive and once I learned the website, I found it easy to navigate. I recommend this tutoring website and feel it contributes positively to an excellent learning situation for both teachers and students.

Ask Stella about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

woops they do not listen to customers. god. I need to call again on monday. They would never give you refunds ^^

Ask kelly about Wyzant
1 review
5 helpful votes

Site takes away too much money. Customers never understand that they must first put in their credit card information before I can provide an email or phone number which leads to losing the chance at tutoring them. STAY AWAY. not worth the trouble.

Ask Bob about Wyzant
1 review
3 helpful votes

As a tutor, I find WyzAnt is very easy to use, very user friendly to both tutors and to clients. My clients have all given me 5 star ratings. The billing is easy, the payment easy, and I'm surprised at any negative comments from tutors.

Ask Licita about Wyzant
1 review
4 helpful votes

My 13 yr old preAP math (prealgebra/algebra) student was struggling and loosing confidence in her ability when i started looking for a tutor on-line and found WyzAnt. I was hesitant at first but emailed a tutor. Within an hour I was corresponding back and forth with a potential tutor for my daughter. I deceided to take a chance. She had been to labs at her school only to find 25 other students there all needing individual attention and limited time to get it. Mariana has worked with my daughter a couple of times now and my daughter now has the confidence back that she needs to continue. Mariana is very patient and seems to truely want my daughter to understand what she is doing. I would recommend her and WyzAnt to anyone. I only wish i would have done this sooner. It was well worth the money!!

Ask Sandra about Wyzant
1 review
3 helpful votes

Our tutor, Melissa, did not achieve any of the promised goals. She promised to improve my daughter's SAT scores. Instead, after three months and $2,000 of lessons, my daughter lost 20-60 points in each SAT subject area from her first effort. Her precalc math grade fell to 81%, which is the lowest Math grade she has ever had. Parents beware.

Ask Laurie about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

I'm not sure why it was so easy to find this website because it was the answer to our prayers. Things just seem to fall into place when we found Brett through Wyzant for ACT help for my High School Senior. Located near my neighborhood, Brett proved to be punctual, patient, understanding, concise in his direction & teaching and extremely thorough in all subjects on the ACT college admission test. He was in no way condescending or impatient and let my daughter know her difficulties were common when taking this test. I was completely prepared to have them continue to meet, but because of Brett's ability to diagnose her weakness during their first two hour session, both he and my daughter felt comfortable in ending the tutoring at the end of their second two hour session. He resolved in four hours what we had been trying to accomplish in five months! I can't say every student will have the great results we have had, but personally, our experience has been amazing.

I am overjoyed that we found Brett in time and totally wish I had found him and WyzAnt tutoring earlier. Brett was the missing link we needed. Without the slightest hesitation, I would highly recommend Brett for any student struggling with the ACT test.

Ask Jayne about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

The first words that come to my mind are THANK YOU! I am a single mom who got hit by the economy hard and has to re-invent myself due to my chosen career going by the wayside. Therefore, I enrolled myself back in college to start a new degree, new career and Algebra was going to be the downfall of all my plans if I did not pass! After I had done and re-done an assignment over and over until I realized I had done the same problem over seven times and still could not understand the work and therefore could not pass it, I decided to find a tutor. I found Jon who was prompt in responding to me and quick to set up a time to meet in order to help me get through this very stressful assignment. We were able to set up a time within days of my contacting him. When we sat down to go over what I needed to know, he was very patient with me and made me feel at ease. Jon's approach to the assignment was straight- forward and thorough; the algebra problems didn't feel as they were such an enormous task as they did when he walked in the door. When we were finished with my first lesson, I felt as if I would be able to move forward in my studies by myself and was not so intimidated by the work ahead of me. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone who is having problems understanding math. My only wish is that I had contacted him sooner! So, as I said in the beginning, Thank you Jon!

Ask susan about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

I tutored for Wyzant for a year. I think the system can work for certain people in certain areas but not for everybody. Wyzant is very much about the bottom line (money) and not its customers. A major problem is those who do not submit payment info. These people want the tutoring but for one reason or another have not/will not load payment info. You can not exchange contact info because Wyzant is afraid they woke make money off you. Not to mention that take a nice chunk out of the price you charge forcing you to charge the client more than you normally would.

Ask vol about Wyzant
7 reviews
13 helpful votes

Very positive experience and effective tutoring. Great results!

Ask Becca about Wyzant
1 review
3 helpful votes

In my very brief experience and in my opinion, it was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I signed up for Wyzant seeking a foreign language tutor for my young toddler in my home. I learned about Wyzant through a segment on CNBC. After carefully vetting their list of tutors who appeared to meet my requirements, I selected a tutor and requested that the tutor contact me via telephone first. The corporate company then sent me an email explaining that although they had forwarded the specified tutor my email, they deleted the my phone information and I could contact their company if I had questions. I contacted them and while their customer service representative was pleasant, their policy of PAYMENT FIRST, BEFORE you even get to speak to your selected tutor was RIDICULOUS. I explained due to previous bad online tutor experiences where some individuals claimed native fluency and qualifications only to prove otherwise, there was NO way I was going to let a stranger that I didn't even get to speak to into my home around my kid. Not knowing how legit this company was, I explained I did not feel comfortable giving them my credit card info and I further explained that if Wyzant was worried about getting their "cut," I'd be more than happy if they conducted a three way call which they could partake in. The very courteous rep said they couldn't do that and I indicated that I wasn't interested. Literally after hanging up with the representative, I received several emails from prospective tutors WHOM I DID NOT even send an email to. This necessitated my calling back their customer service dept a second time and asking them to remove my info from their database as I couldn't even unsubscribe from their website. A complete and utter waste of time!

Ask K about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've been working with Wyzant for almost two years. I have been distressed to see that some people think it is a scam. It is NOT. It is for people who want to be self employed. It doesn't work by magic. You have to do your part. But it gives you a venue to find people in your area looking for tutoring help and for them to find you.
Wyzant provides the links between tutors and clients, and then it's up to you to correspond and see how you'll fit together. It's true some people don't put their payment schedules in, and so the computer will not let you exchange phone numbers.
Unless you are trying to go around the system, which is unethical, this protects
both your privacy and the clients. Wyzant takes a portion of your income, but they also set up payment schedules for the client and for you and you are able to teach without having to worry about payment all the time or be embarrassed by it. And they send you a 1099 if you earn over $600 in a year. You get tested, posted, given a blog site and review site so clients know your performance. Some clients are short term,
some long, but there is constant posting of people seeking help and people desiring work. I kind of found Wyzant by accident, but couldn't be happier with them.
But truly you have to work at contacting clients. Thing is, it's all set up for you.
If you're good, you may get word of mouth business. But it's not good if you're just going into it for the summer, for instance. It takes time to build a clientele. I want to be self employed and love tutoring and so for me it's a great fit and their services are worth the percentage. You have to understand how it works, though. They connect to you and prospective clients and do the billing and income tax and give you this great venue to put yourself out there on the market. I hope this helps some of you who
are frustrated with it.

Ask Char about Wyzant
1 review
3 helpful votes

Wyzant is extremely uptight. They seem legit because they make the tutors pass "tests" and other written explanations of their skills but I think they are controlling. I tutor at a college and through a different site, I have been able to meet up with countless students through that site and not a single one through Wyzant. I am trying to delete my Wyzant account because it is useless but with no such luck. You do not need to be paying commission to some site for tutoring or finding a tutor. There are other better options.

Ask Diana about Wyzant
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

These people are scam artists. I tutored several students and never received the check that they had supposedly sent to my office. After my third inquiry, they cancelled my account and to this date (6+ months later), I've never received the mystery payment.

Ask Joanna about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

Definitely the best tutoring website I have seen and registered with. I do hate the high commission they charge. But they do offer a lot of functions on website.

Ask David about Wyzant
1 review
4 helpful votes

The site's biggest interest is not for tutor and student to connect with each other, but to make money as a third party agency. As a tutor, my account has been deactivated because a potential student was not willing to pay with a credit card through Wyzant. We still exchanged addresses and scheduled a meeting. Wyzant deactivated my account without notice, even though I have had many students before that and have brought reasonable profit for Wyzant. I would not recommend this website to any one.

Ask Shiya about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've been working with WyzAnt for a few years now and it has become a really good place to find students and make a fairly steady income. They provide a lot of tools for self-marketing, but they also market the site aggressively, at least through their site gets a lot of traffic. The vast majority of inquiries I get are from serious students and parents, so my time is not wasted. Also, students submit payment information in advance, but don't get charged until after the lesson, so both the tutors and students are protected. I would highly recommend WyzAnt to anyone looking for a tutor or a tutoring gig.

Ask Tiffany about Wyzant
1 review
4 helpful votes

Prior to beginning Statistics in the fall semester, I was scared to death of the subject. I was enrolled in a level 400 Stats class with no background on the subject. Desperate for a tutor, I did my research and selected Leandro H. Leandro is an extremely patient individual. At times when I was frustrated, he insisted on showing me another way on how to find the solution. He is also encouraging and understanding and therefore makes him a patient individual (borderline Saint) :)

As part of the course, I use JMP for Statistical Analysis. Because of Leandro's background with SAS, he was able to quickly assist with JMP software. Topics that he tutored me in are: Linear regression; probability models; hypothesis testing for proportions; comparing means; ANOVA; Multiple Regression and correlation; and comparing ANOVA models.

The books we used as part of my coursework were as follows:
Richard D. DeVeaux, Paul F. Velleman, and David E. Bock. (2011). Stats: Data and Models. Upper Saddle River, New
Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc
Alan Agresti and Barbara Finlay. (2009). Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences, fourth edition. Upper
Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc

As a PhD student, I would HIGHLY recommend Leandro for Statistic tutoring.

Ask Ryan about Wyzant
1 review
3 helpful votes

They have one of the worst business models! The small service that they offer (connecting students with tutors) is not worth the 40% that they take for each time that the student and tutor meets. They create such an awkward business environment when students don't have the payment method on file. They should be the ones forcing students to input payment info rather tutors. I hope this company fails and people stop using it...

Ask Mary about Wyzant
1 review
1 helpful vote

They filter the emails so it is difficult to get in touch with tutors

Ask c about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

They deactivated my account...won't tell me why. I stored my pw and mentioned a recent compromise to my PC. Still nothing from Wyzant. They are now withholding my pay! I work in Special Ed so Wyzant should not be allowed to view correspondence. I am contacting an attorney about my pay and this principle.

Ask mya about Wyzant
1 review
3 helpful votes

Horrible and in fact filed a complaint about them. They do no background check on either students or tutors who must often work with small children and are often high school students and therefore underaged. It is also a vehicle for fraud and financial scams as well as very dubious requests. When I reported what was going on to Wyzant, I was told the site was obviously not for me and nothing was done. In fact, they took me off the site unbeknownst to me. Despite having a Masters and being a certified teacher, I NEVER got a job. Besides they take 40% of a tutor's wages, which is unheard of!

Ask Pat about Wyzant
29 reviews
63 helpful votes

I was looking for PSAT tutor for my very bright daughter with some problems in reading. This site offers a nice choice of tutors and they respond very quickly. But the rates of the tutors on this site is higher than on similar sites. And actually it seems to me that the same tutors are listed in several web-sites.

Ask Jina about Wyzant
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been tutoring for Wyzant a little over a year. At he present time I am tutoring as much as is reasonably possible. I have only secured 2 students on my own (4 hours per week), but through Wyzant I average about 10 hours per week.

I have seen complaints about the amount of money that Wyzant retains from the sessions. It does decrease as your accumulated hours increase. At the present time I am at the top percentage of pay. Using Wyzant has been a really good experience. I don't need to market myself, or worry about collecting my fees. All of this is done for me. Anyone that complains about the fee that Wyzant retains forgets that it is a business and a business does need someway to make money.

As for students not responding to email, parents can go out and review your profile and decide if your rate is within their budget and if you have the right skills they require. If not, they don't bother to respond. The reverse is also true. I have been contacted directly through Wyzant after parents have gone out and reviewed my profile.

The tutor needs to market themselves on Wyzant to maximize their students. I reviewed other tutors in my area to see what rate was being charged for comparable skilled teachers. I also ask my parents to leave a write up if they feel that I am doing a good job.This written commentary appears in my profile along with my rating. If your ratings are not good from parents, then you need to take the initiative to inquire from the parent what they feel you need to do that you are not. It is the tutor's responsibility to respond to job postings in a timely fashion (since they can be filled quite quickly), prepare for the sessions, and openly communicate with the parent beyond the session write-up. Just waiting for Wyzant to "drop" a job in your lap is unrealistic.

Ask Mary about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

It works; I got some business through the site. In fact, finding students through the site was a little easier than without it. However, I still had to work very hard for those students and only about 1 out of 14 correspondences ever lead to a lesson. Most of the students I was in contact with were not even valid because the WyzAnt system is all about students placing their credit card info on file, which they're understandably cautious about. Then the site has the nerve to ask for up to 40% of my income!

WyzAnt has a strange business model. They take a significant cut of your hourly rates, but set you up to meet in person. Considering this, I suspect tutors and students cutting the site out of the deal is a huge problem, at least in part justifying their apparent neurosis. They could make it a little better by at least offering tutors a more reasonable cut of the income they generate. To make matters worse, the vast majority of students I connected with through the site did not have billing info on file and were thus off limits. I ended up spending substantial time explaining the billing system to weary customers and easing their concerns only to find that most of those cautious customers found a tutor elsewhere.

With all these students with no billing info badgering me to meet them anyway, I had my work cut out for me just fending them off. One day a very professional and respectful young man started with his concerns about the billing system and asking me to meet him at his school and cut the site out. I tried and tried to ease his concerns but he insisted I meet him and gave me a location. I said I'd come talk with him in person about the billing system and help ease his concerns. Within hours of this, my profile was disabled. After all those countless hours laboring for the company trying to get students to do as WyzAnt wanted, put billing info on file, this one little incident got me zapped out of the system. Talk about institutional neurosis.

Ask Jacob about Wyzant
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I think the concept is good, but the business model sucks. I did a little research on the owner and everything became clear. He's an ex-Wallstreet dropout taking his holier than now ripoff scheme to tutoring. Taking 40-60% of the tutor's rate is outrageous and claiming it in the name of administrative costs. It smells funny to me. We have to stand up against these people with bad intentions and hold them accountable.

Ask JASON about Wyzant
1 review
4 helpful votes

I signed up for this website hoping to make some extra money. I am a full time college student, studying to become a certified teacher. I have 2 associates degrees and am a member of the international honor society Kappa Delta Pi.
As soon as I paid for the background check and passed it, I got an email from wyzant saying that I was not qualified.

Ask Erika about Wyzant
1 review
7 helpful votes

Would give them negative stars if I could. Abysmal customer service. They treat tutors very poorly and charge a starting fee that is 40% of the total fees paid on the website by students. Would not recommend to anyone.

Ask Silvia about Wyzant
1 review
2 helpful votes

I worked for wyzants for a year as something to do while job searching for a job after getting my masters. I had some tutoring and teaching experience at the college level but more from volunteering. I found it really easy, I started off slow picking up a couple jobs in different places but by the time I found a full time job I had 10 regular clients and was getting more people daily. It was a really good experience, I tried to post ads on a couple other places cause they didn't take a cut but never had any legit clients from the site. So I would rather have the site take a cut then not have clients. I was working with one client that had to get paid a different way because he was being paid by a nonprofit and the company really worked to get that all set up. The better I did the more ratings I got and the more people who wanted to tutor with me. I never had any problems with the site and I only had positive interactions with them.

Ask Val about Wyzant
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been finding students through Wyzant for about three years, netting about $30K for about 600 hours. I think Wyzant's end comes out to about $8K (I forget just when I raised my rates). Right now I bill $80 per hour and keep $64. Package discounts come out of Wyzant's end. It's not nearly a living, but it isn't nothing, either.

Over this time, the site has developed a bit, and some initially infuriating site behavior (clunky interface, slow server) has improved quite a bit. There are still some page glitches. Administrative responses to queries have always been prompt.

Their cut schedule seems fair--hey, they have a business model, and if you want to use their bulletin board service and accounting, you pay their fee. They try to control student/tutor contact to prevent poaching (from other tutoring services) and cheating (by their own tutors and their own students). Some of the resulting policies are silly (like how they don't print your registered clients' full surnames--you tend to find this stuff out when you meet them for the first time) and some of them are annoying and silly (like how they lock communications when long-time clients change credit cards without telling them). But I understand and respect their paranoia.

If I were to recommend one change, it would be to eliminate the word-count check on tutor lesson summaries. I do resent a computer program telling me how to write. Of course, it doesn't complain if you fill out its requirement with jabberwocky. If I were to recommend another, it would be to edit the mistakes out of some of their tutor qualification quizzes. Those could be a bit more rigorous, too--though that might cut significantly into their tutor base.

Ask Benjamin about Wyzant
1 review
4 helpful votes

Overall good experience as a beginning tutor. I was able to get 5 students within a month of joining the site. There are some algorithmic problems in how they look at underpreforming tutors which, importantly, they seem to be aware of and are looking to fix. I look forward to a continuing relationship with this company.

Ask Matt about Wyzant
1 review
1 helpful vote

I posted a comment a few minutes ago, recounting some bad experiences.

Ask Janis about Wyzant
6 reviews
7 helpful votes

Great tutoring website
(for students & tutors both).


Ask BruceAlan about Wyzant
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been tutoring with Wyzant for about 6 months now. I started soon after finishing grad school. I appreciate the services it provides, and wish I would have known about it when I was a student.

Pros: I like that the financial information is handled through Wyzant. They ensure the money is there to pay me, and I don't have to do a thing. I have had students who short me on what they owe; some tutoring sessions take longer than expected. With Wyzant I never have to worry about that. Also, they give me greater visibility than I have been able to find anywhere else. Want ad postings get me a fraction of the exposure I get through Wyzant. And their website ensures a satisfactory experience for the student as well. Their certifications help weed out those who don't have a clue, they offer a satisfaction guarantee for the first lesson, and offer background checks on the tutors.

Cons: They're expensive. For me to make my normal rate, I have to charge an extra $10 to cover the cut Wyzant takes. Also, they limit my travel radius to 40 miles, when I would be willing to travel twice that distance to reach higher densities of students in my core subject areas.

Conclusion: Wyzant offers screened tutors at a moment's notice with a minimum of fuss. However, you pay for their services, perhaps a little more than expected.

Ask C about Wyzant
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I have been a tutor for a year and it has been rewarding on one side and also not so on the other. It is rewarding indeed to find new students and teaching them, but on the side, I don't have only good comments for the On-line tutor company. It is not so easy to find students, even as WyzAnt says that all the marketing and payments get on their hands, it is your job to follow all the E-mails and maketing yourself through your mails and successive contact with the customers, which I don't mind. But sometimes there are long periods of not having custormes and then they can deactivate your account without any explanation. Also they deactivate the account without warning, if they see something in the communication e-mails between you and your student they don't find within the rules of their company, such as giving your phone, or making appointments without them as intermediaries. They could give a warning, and not being so radical or dictatorial as they are, especially when I have been earning money for this company, that takes the 40% of your hourly rate. It is not a way to appreciate their tutors.

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Q: Aww, that sucks. =[ Sometimes it sucks to have your account deactivated because of a misunderstanding. Might I recommend, however, that you post this in a review so that others can see? That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :D
A: Yes, potential clients of mine said Wyzant hounded them over and over to give billing info. Wyzant apparently thinks it's our job to police them and be sure they do that. All we can do as tutors is echo that we cannot meet them until they do that, however some are hesitant. Not my problem anymore. Wyzant sucks.
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Q: I am already a WyzAnt tutor --- how do I apply to be an on-line WyzAnt tutor

Herb Kline
A: Based upon observations, you have to be invited after you have reached a "stable" level. I don't know if this is based 1) total number of students 2) total number of concurrent students 3) their finding out that I tutored online using other than WyzAnt tools 4) total number of hours 5) length w/WyzAnt

At the time I was invited I had
1) 20 total students
2) 6 repeating students
3) used skype to tutor online local WyzAnt student
4) 100+ hours
5) more than 1 year
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