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12 reviews
Categories: Auction
35 E Horizon Ridge Pkwy #110-123
Henderson, NV 89002
Tel: 702-267-0633

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1 review
5 helpful votes

I started selling collectibles on Webstore, everything was going fine. One day I made a "buy it now" sale to someone I had never sold to before only to have it canceled. What?? I received a message from the admin stating I broken their rules. What rule had I broken? Admin said the buyer was on the same network as I was and that it was shill bidding and it was against the rules. Same network? Shill bidding? Are you serious, it was a "buy it now" sale. Since
I live 1500 miles away from the buyer, whom I'd never met before, What is this talk about us being on the same network?
After a couple more accusations and listing cancelations, I realized Webstore administrator may not be all there.

Ask John about Webstore
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

I'm a WebStore seller. I registered several years ago, but only began listing in mid 2014. Now, about 6 months later, I have 1465 listings and have had 118 sales. They've been helpful when needed and they offer the features that most sellers have come to expect.
Selling is slower than on eBay, but if you list regularly, have reasonable prices & shipping fees, and treat the customers well, success will be yours. As with all business, the keys to succeed are having a viable plan, determination, a positive attitude, and then work at it regularly.
((HInt: View those who are already doing well, see how they do it, then modify their plan by expressing it in your own words.))

Ask Bob about Webstore
9 reviews
2 helpful votes

The best auction website.

Ask Jessie about Webstore
1 review
9 helpful votes

I just opened my account on webstore in late July. I had my first two sales in early October. This website is more primitive then eBay and you can only have up to four pictures. But you can easily host pictures on a photo hosting site like and have them embedded in the description.

Other issue is that nobody really knows about this website so YOU have to drive your own traffic. I also sell on eBay but I send out business cards to attract buyers. This website is perfect as a secondary sales channel for repeat customers as there are no sellers fees and the buyers can use guest checkout if you setup you account to accept them. If you sell you items on ebay and at the same time sell more of them on webstore for 10% or whatever less (since you save 10% on not having seller fees) you will get repeat buyers that want to buy more. YOU just have to advertise with every item you sell.

Tip for consumers: There is a $10 account verification fee on this website but it is completely optional. What it is, you pay the fee & mails you a letter with a code to the address you entered on your account. On the letter is a code that will allow you to verify your address allowing you to remove the initial seller restrictions of 10 items or so at a time.

Ask Annoyed about Webstore
3 reviews
17 helpful votes

Webstore is OK takes a little while before you can get your items sold.

Ask Amada about Webstore
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

EBAY has been involed with crimes online, and it is on record, also ebay has lost multiple lawsuits ! !Now ebayi is spending money fake reviews against webstore, because they fear no fees, and they met their match, ebay is trying to quickly block new members from joining webstore with false acusations, all the things they are saying, are the things ebay themselves are responsible for, these bastards need to lose all business, please make you're own decision, watch this youtube video to understand ebay: Ebay The World's biggest online Crime Ring : By Bugsy Cline

Ask James about Webstore
1 review
8 helpful votes

Perfect site, No fee, auto relist, more than perfect

Ask Vietnam about Webstore
5 reviews
18 helpful votes

Wonderfull website, loads easy. Easy to communicate with sellers, customise transactions, a better selection of special interest AMERICAN sellers.

Vast improvement on the WRETCHED dumping ground, Ebay

Ask sherry about Webstore
4 reviews
9 helpful votes

A previous post by an administrator of the site claimed they had 300,000 active members. Whatever it meant by "active members" is unknown, buts it not showing up on the site as a quick addition of the total number of items available for sale was just over 615,000. I recall seeing some of the same exact stuff 1-2 years ago and its still unsold, but of course this would not represent the total number of items unsold as many of those have been removed from the site. How have quit the site?

I hate ebay, but at least they regularly have over 200 million items. I hate ebay's final value fees and paypal's fee which typically work out to a total of 12.9% of the item price and shipping + a $.30 transaction fee, but I list items in auctions that need an actual audience. There is no traffic on this site to generate bids, especially for higher ticket items. Its an utter waste of time. If I need to list fixed price items why would I bother going out of my way to list on this site as it is highly inconvenient.

I can't indicate the type of payment I want to use on the listing form and am told I can't because I could be a potential criminal.

There bulk listing tool consisting of a text file is years behind the norm. Check out a tool like say GarageSale whereas I can construct thousands of html listings with a graphical user interface and embed images in the listings - uploading these to eBay whenever I want.

Exactly how do you print labels from this site? With eBay I click a button to print a label, edit the shipping weight and service if needed, and save the label as a pdf file and then print them out in bulk. If I have to go to the USPS web site and manually insert all this information or to the post office I would not even bother to sell the items in the first place as time is money.

Exactly how do I get a shipping label discount with this site? I hate ebay and paypal, but I end up getting a 37% discount with some shipping services over higher counter prices.

The staff of this site does not get it. Online sales is all about the time it takes to make the sale as time is money. It makes little difference that this site is free because it costs much much more in lost time. With 15 years of experience listing items is pretty much a assembly line; however, this site in its current form is a broken cog that slows down the machinery.

Ask A about Webstore
1 review
5 helpful votes

After registering on this site I've already had an identity theft issue with one of the advertising affiliates that pop up on their site(Car Loans)somebody filled out an online application in my name,address and phone number for a car loan.I've never had problems with identity theft and know the webstore is somehow connected.BEWARE OF THIS SITE!!!

Ask Bret about Webstore
1 review
1 helpful vote

Free to buy and sell; easy to use , alot like ebay posting.
Try it you will like

Ask Ted about Webstore
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

Great Seller support--no fees--buyer appreciated and needs to be advertised more. I have sold and shopped here and I also do other auction that have fees to buyer and seller. Webstore is the least known but the best .

Ask Amanda about Webstore

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A: Webstore is 100% free to use and that includes your very own personal Webstore which you can customize to sell all of your items...the best part is YOU keep all the profits! Webstore offers support via our online message system and we generally reply to all incoming messages within the hour depending on how busy the queue is on any given day. We have a very secure site and have NEVER had any security breach, the comment made about identity theft is 100% false, we have NEVER had a security breach of ANY kind on Webstore! The best way to maximize the traffic to your store is to actively promote it as you would any business. Webstore is setup for everyone to be as successful as they want to be, but often times you get out of it what you put into it. All of our most successful sellers market their items on Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media and online forums to maximize the traffic to their Webstore. We also offer a Webstore Affiliate Rewards Program (WARP) in which we pay sellers to bring in new buyers, regardless if they buy from that seller or one of our hundreds of thousands of other sellers. Webstore is free so there is no risk in giving it a try. We do offer a service to verify your address listed on the account which does has a small one time $10 payment to help cover the costs associated with verification and also helps support Webstore and keep it free. However this is an OPTIONAL service and is not required to sell or buy on the site.
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