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I want to refund me because I will be away on 25th/11 and no one can collect my watch (160£)
(in 29 reviews)


As my watch was being shipped from the states it took another 3 days for delivery. (in 5 reviews)


I was impressed by the speed of delivery and customer service was great as I needed to clarify dimensions of the watch. (in 8 reviews)

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WATCH33 - Additional writing - Posted on Nov 19, 2009

I understand this writing may jeopardize my credibility. I place this my writing in front of an old review since SiteJabber does not allowe writing a fresh review from same account for a same web site, let me say this. I am not costumer and I did not have personal experience with their products offered or business practice.

I read or at least glance almost everything posted on Site Jabber. I have read the first mostly negative reviews and got more involved and started my research about after the post on SiteJabber written by Mr. Matt Silversides was removed and there was an array of positive posts afterwards. I started sending e-mails and on Nov 16, 2009 wrote a review about After a while thru my Sitejabber account I received messages from Mr. Matt Silversides regarding my review and pointing to aspects and specifics of the online watch retail business that I did not know and probably will not fully understand since I am not in the business.

I would like to post them but it will be against the rule of the site

That what I said on Nov 16, 2009 is true and is based on information provided by watch manufacturers I have contacted, but then I realized that I was trying to "play god" and I am not. Mr. Sirverside's messages also made me start thinking of how little I know about the specifics of the on line watch and retail sale and resale. Off topic but relevant – People shop on e-Bay.

In the future I will make more research and read in full everything posted on a web site such as: waranties, terms and conditions ... if I decide to post a review.

************** Posted on Nov16, 2009 *************

Everyone who loves/hates or still follows reviews.

In attempt to find more about I looked the web sites of Swiss Army, Swatch Group, TAG Heuer, Tissot, Cartier and Omega. Some of the watch brands listed on

I wrote e-mails to Swiss Army, Swatch Group, Tissot, Cartier and Omega with the question if the is affiliated to them.

I browsed and compared randomly watches on display on with these on the official factory web sites I visited.

Here are my findings so far:

1. Swiss Army – – I searched for the watches with factory numbers 24053, 24115, 24134 and 24141 which appear on the list and found out that all of them are discontinued models. I also sent an e-mail to costumer service. The answer: is not authorized Swiss Army watch dealer.

2. Swatch Group – - Sent an e-mail and representative of Swatch Group wrote me back that is not authorized dealer of their watch brands.

3. Other watch brands as a part of Swatch Group can be checked on and include Omega and Tissot.

4. Cartier - - sent an e-mail and representative of Cartier wrote me back that is not authorized dealer of their watch brands and Cartier would not cover watches sold by them.

5. TAG Heuer – - I could not locate as a TAG.Heuer authorized dealer in the list provided by TAG Heuer web site then I called 1(866) 260 0460 costumer service telephone. The answer was TAG Heuer does not support

I wish the future reviews about watch33 to be positive. I wish good luck to Watch33 in getting under better spotlight and their strive for decent costumer service. Time heals everything and as the developers of this site have cited, negative reviews also help a good business from time to time.

Ask Armen about Watch33
1 review
3 helpful votes

My purchase was an Omega ladies watch made on the 8th November; the watch was received on the 11th. I had the watch certified by a high street jeweller on the 14th as my only concern (due to the fantastic prices) was the authenticity of the watch. The watch was genuine and I saved a lot of money going to Watch33, should I ever need to purchase another watch I will of course use Watch33.


Ask Jennifer about Watch33
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought the wifes birthday gift from watch33 on the 4th November (Wednesday) and received the watch on the 6th. I was impressed by the speed of delivery and customer service was great as I needed to clarify dimensions of the watch. I am a fussy buyer and would definatley purchase from watch33 again.

Ask John about Watch33
1 review
4 helpful votes

My summary - excellent products at fantastic prices but they need to work on communication and delivery time, over 2 wks in my case. The point being that I still got a fantastic watch with a 47% saving over RRP!!!!

In Detail:
I decided to buy a watch to celebrate the birth of my 2nd son and to be an heirloom for him. After a good while researching watch33 and others, including phone calls with Matt at Watch33, I placed an order for a Tag Heuer Carrera on 13th October and recieved conformation emails asap.

The item said in stock and fed ex delivery so I got concerned when 7 days later there was no news. I emailed them and got a response from Matt apologising and saying the item was due for shipping in 2 days and that the delays we due to higher than expected demand

2 days later still nothing, it was actually another 7 days before I got the email from fed ex confirming dispatch and the tracking. As my watch was being shipped from the states it took another 3 days for delivery.

Both myself and my wife run our own businesses and from my dealings and conversations with them, Matt and David do seem to be very genuine and are trying to to cope with a business which has only just launched and is suffering from having poor information from their suppliers, unexpected levels of demand meaning its hard to cope with operating the business as well as answering all the queries on delivery dates for existing orders.

I would recommend to do as I did which is to wait it out and you should be as happy as I am.

I don't normally do reviews but as I had the same concerns and reservations as everyone else I thought you'd like to know that mine proved to be unfounded and yes I will be recommending this site and using it again.

Paul L

Ask Paul about Watch33
1 review
3 helpful votes


First, please, excuse my very bad English, because I am French and therefore my English is not actually fluent.....
About Watch33. com, I have to recognize Matt is a very nice person, who answer my mails, and, because of a delay of his supplier (ESQ), he proposes me a full refund.
I think he is very honest and he tries to do his best to fulfilled his customers. Indeed, he sent me several mails, to explain the reasons of the delay of my order.
Eventually, "wait & see" : I am now decided to keep my order on, and I am sure Matt and his colleague will do their best to ship my order in the next days.

Best regards,

A French buyer.

Ask Aubert about Watch33
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have ordered a watch from this website on the 14th October. I received a confirmation email with an order number and another email to say the order was being processed - payment was taken from my account the same day. I have not received the watch. I have sent several emails but got no reply. I tried phoning the company and am only getting an answering machine. My advice to everyone is DO NOT USE THIS SITE or its associated sites of which there are another two who say they are selling jewelry and another selling sunglasses. Be very, very careful - I think this may be a scam.

Please , any advise! . I want to refund me because I will be away on 25th/11 and no one can collect my watch (160£)



We simcerely apologise for the lack of communication with regard to yourorder. Your watch was one of a quantity of stock ordered from our Seiko vendor onThursday 15th October due to high demand. This stock has still not arriveddespite contact with our vendor on numerous occasions. As requested wehave issued a full refund to your card, for the amount of £163.95 (refundtransaction code REFNQ14WE11330369-25956-F29). Regards,

Thanks Matt

Ask Nidal about Watch33
1 review
5 helpful votes

I used this site recently and was genuinely suprised at the number of negative reviews I have come across. My experience was 100% positive! I ordered a Tissot T-Classic Watch on November 6th. The watch is over £50 cheaper than on most other websites and arrived with me yesterday (12th November), just as described. Overall an excellent website with easy-to-use layout, providing quality watches at prices seemingly much lower than elsewhere. The delivery time of 5 days during the UK postal strikes is also much quicker than expected! I will certainly be returning if i ever purchase another watch.

Ask Rob about Watch33
1 review
5 helpful votes

I ordered a Tag Heuer watch which cost me £350 less than the store. Shipping was a bit slow however a great price for a great watch..... Will be back to shop here for my families christmas gifts

Ask kevin about Watch33
1 review
4 helpful votes

One of the best prices on the net even though took a while to come at the end of the day I got my watch and I couldn't be happier!!!!!

Ask steven about Watch33
1 review
3 helpful votes

My order was shipped out within 3 days and I am in love with my new watch.

Ask josh about Watch33
1 review
5 helpful votes

Update 3

A week since my last update and I am sorry to say that there has been no further action from the last email sent from WATCH33. No sign of action from Fedex. Matts promises are unfulfilled (ive not checked the refund) as much as would like to stick with them, they are not providing a satisfactory service!! All I require is simple communication and a more personal service.
Come on boys get your act together.

ill keep you posted.

Update 4

Got an email today stating I have been refunded !! 5 weeks later!! I think they have employed a cust svc rep and they have made many excuses!!
Not checked refund but purchased same watch elsewhere
£40 cheaper and free next day delivery!!! Authorised dealer.

Ask Ewan about Watch33
1 review
7 helpful votes

Despite being assured that I would receive a telephone call from your company yesterday evening and after leaving more e-mails and telphone messages this morning, I have still not heard anything about my order from this company, perhaps leaving a message on this site will prompt them to answer me, as I can see from the MD Matt that you are concerned about bad reviews on this site......................I wait to hear and will update continuously until I do Update: True to Matts word I have received my watch you would think good but no I ordered a Tag heuer alarm watch the instruction booklet that came with this was the wrong one, once again I have tried to contact both Matt and David but NO response it is basically beyond a joke and will have to take matters further, also my guarantee card was not stamped so that means I have no international guarantee with Tag Heuer if noone comes back to me soon I will go back to trading standards

Ask Tracy about Watch33
1 review
2 helpful votes

Matt silversides phoned me this morning about my order with them and explained the situation of delays with some delivery. i was quite pleased that he phoned as i really wanted some reassurance.he was very polite and confident with what he is doing. i have given him credit and he proved me wrong as i thought that i was conned. i have not yet received my watch but i am prepared to wait and considering placing another order for my wife's christmas present. lets give him a chance. A young man with a new company and doing better deals than most of them online and on the high street. will deal again

Ask nimeire about Watch33
1 review
3 helpful votes

Found this whilst looking for the site again. I need to order another watch. The watch I ordered came after 4 days of ordering and I saved a lot of money. I am using them again

Ask Craig about Watch33
1 review
7 helpful votes

It should get 0 stars! I ordered from Watch33.com10/10/09 I'm still waiting for my watch. It's the same story of emails and phone messages that go unanswered. It could be a scam or just really a rubbish company, either way avoid this site!!!

Ask Mark about Watch33
1 review
7 helpful votes

When enquiring about watches I got a number of quick responses from "David." The watch I ordered showed "in-stock." I expected the watch to arrive the next day or the following at the latest. I then emailed sales and support each day for a confirmation of delivery date but have never received any reply. I also tried calling but just get their answering machine where I also left a message. This is worrying - guess it's time for some action...

UPDATE: Done some digging around and and may be the same umbrella company. All are in Rotterdam House, 116 Quayside Newcastle Upon Tyne. I tried all the telephone numbers and I get the same message. I found share the same address and tried calling them - and surprise surprise got an answering machine. Doesn't look good.

UPDATE 2: Some questions:
1. Why is the post that was there this morning from Matt Silversides now missing?
2. I sent a question about a watch to watch33 this morning from a email address and name I created (I didn't want to use my own as this gets ignored) and I got a reply almost immediately from David. Why do they have time for new business but not for existing customers?
P.S. I have copied the promise and commitment that Matt made in getting their act together - if requested I will post it here.

UPDATE 3: Another week has gone by and despite numerous emails, I have heard nothing from watch33. I find it difficult to believe anything they say and if I could, I would cancel my order and rather pay the extra and go somewhere else. It's not worth the frustration, delay and concern. What do we do if we do get our watch and something goes wrong with it? Sent it back to watch33?

UPDATE 4: Just when I thought all was lost; I got en email from Matt.

"Thanks for your enquiry. The warranty period begins the day the watch
arrives at your door. During this period if there are any defects in the
movement, simply contact us and we will arrange for the watch to be
returned and repaired completely free of charge. We operate by exactly the
same policies as the watch manufacturers' warranties. We therefore do not
offer repair on watches with cosmetic and "wear and tear" surface damage
due to everyday use, broken crystals (glass watch face), scratches, dents
or breakage that occurs after the watch has been received.

We are still awaiting correspondence from our Tag Heuer vendor regards an
ETA. When we have to order stock in at this time of year there can be a
slightly longer wait than normal, but we contact our vendors on a daily
basis and any ETAs are relayed to the customers. I will let you know as
soon as we hear anything from them. The option is always available for a
full refund if you'd prefer not to wait.

Kind regards,


"With respect, you are one of several hundred customers that we are dealing with on an individual basis. The alternative would be to use a
copy-and-paste technique, but we would prefer to cater to each customer on a constructive basis rather than a dismissive one."

I went with the refund - Matt's response:
"No problem. Your card has been issued with a full refund of £1,256.95.
This may take up to two days to appear on your card statement. Your refund transaction code is REFPH..."

My final response to Matt:
"I worked for a Financial Institution and we to comply with the FSA guidelines and level of service. If any query was not dealt with in 48 hours there was hell to play. It was all part of the ethos of "Treating Customers Fairly." Internally - it had to be dealt with in hours.

Matt, even a copy and paste would be a reply and some contact and you would have had a satisfied customer - there is nothing more disconcerting than silence, we expect the worse. It would have taken you seconds to reply so I'm at a loss to understand why...

Nevertheless, I hope you can get this sorted. I will update my review in Sitejabber and Watchseek."

That's it from me - good luck to you all...

Ask Phil about Watch33
1 review
8 helpful votes

Wel - Matthew has been in touch and advised me of dispatch. He has also advised me how to return it for a refund as i had tried to cancel my order. Fingers crossed from here!

Ask Suzi about Watch33
1 review
6 helpful votes

I also made the mistake of ordering from I placed and order and they charged my credit card two weeks ago. However, I have still had no contact from them. I have sent them numerous e-mails and they have not responsded. I believe this site is a scam - so buyer beware.

Update 16 Nov: I was contacted by Matt last week, and he offered a full refund, which I promptly agreed to. I have now received my refund. The site is not a scam, but suffers from terrible customer service (no contact for two weeks), compounded by the fact that payment is taken at the point of ordering.

Ask Arvind about Watch33
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

I ordered a watch from this website on the 25th October. I received a confirmation email with an order number and another email to say the order was being processed - payment was taken from my account the same day. I have not received the watch. I have sent several emails but got no reply. I tried phoning the company and am only getting an answering machine. My advice to everyone is DO NOT USE THIS SITE or its associated sites of which there are another two who say they are selling jewelry and another selling sunglasses. Be very, very careful - I think this may be a scam.
UPDATE 13TH NOV - I have checked with my card company today and I have been given a full refund from Watch33. Good luck to everyone else who are still waiting. I personally will NEVER use this company again - and those of you who have got your stuff ....boy are you lucky, there are a lot of unhappy people around!! I have ordered the same watch from another company earlier today, have been kept informed by email and text of its progress throughout the day and it will be with me in the morning via special delivery for only a few pounds more than watch33's price. Now that is what I call service! BY THE WAY - I wonder what has happened to the reviews that were posted on the pricerunner site - they seem to have disappeared?

Ask over about Watch33

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A: It's a real shame because some of the other balanced opinions support their products but don't promote their service.
That said I'm dubious of some of the shining reviews because they pretty much say the same thing! Great watch - winning service - helpful staff - authenticated by local jeweller blah blah blah ! What makes suspious of the origin of the review is these people are of the mind they need to get their product authenticated. Why part with vast amounts of cash if you feel the need to have it authenticated by an independent jeweller?? You just wouldn't, would you! Anyway I cancelled my order before they dispatched my order and they've assured me I will get my money back. Hopefully that'll be the end of it BUT watch this space??!!??
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