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Review of Warby Parker

Warby Parker reviews

22 reviews
Categories: Eyeglasses, Sunglasses
121 Greene St
New York, NY 10012, US
Tel: 888-492-7297
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22 Reviews From Our Community

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Everything is top notch, including their designs, their product quality, their customer service, and even their website. (in 7 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

The one pair of glasses I have ordered has had to be replaced four times before I finally cancelled the order. They even had a pair sent to their office to confirm they were of good quality before sending them to me. The company couldn’t even get that right. The problems varied from tool marks on the lenses, to the lenses being installed wrong. They are what you pay for, just cheap glasses.

Ask Joshua about Warby Parker
1 review
0 helpful votes

I placed my original order back in March... first order got lost in the mail. When I finally received the glasses one pair didn't fit at all, I asked to return one pair which they did - I waited another 3 weeks and received the wrong frame. I emailed customer service and they told me they would overnight me the new order... it's been 7 business days and I haven't heard anything. I'm never ordering from here again... Warby Parker is just terrible.

Ask Carole about Warby Parker
1 review
4 helpful votes

Supposedly my glasses were made to my prescription but the outcome was horrible. I could not see driving and yet I could with my previous prescription. Customer Service response was virtually non-existent. Save yourself the money and aggravation and don't buy Warby Parker glasses - you will regret it.

Mike C

Ask Mike about Warby Parker
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

We ordered these glasses on March 27. They called me next day to say the rx was expired. We had gone to the doctor the day before. The prescription was one day old. However, the doctor had awful handwriting and it looked like it said 2005 and not 2015. Okay. I get that. Fine. Then we emailed and called back and forth all day. They couldn't find the correct phone number for the doctor, so I GOOGLED IT FOR THEM. Nice job guys. I figured after they had gotten the correct number, things would be moving along so I just kind of forgot about it. A week later, still no glasses. My boyfriend called and asked what was the hold up, and apparently they never got a hold of the doctor and pretty much just said, "Meh." and JUST GAVE UP ON OUR ORDER!!!! What the hell?? The guy apologised profusely and said he'd take $10 off our order. Big whoop. I got another email the next day saying they gave the doctor a call and that he should be faxing the rx over. That was a week ago. I have heard nothing more. They still have not taken the money out of my account. My boyfriend still doesn't have new glasses on his face, so he is blind as a bat. I am so pissed. I sent another email, but it's Saturday so I'm guessing we won't hear back until Monday. But the fact that they haven't charged me for anything leads me to believe that the order has still not even shipped!! Stay away from this company. They have been nothing but a pain in the ass.

Ask Ashley about Warby Parker
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought the Aviator sunglasses and received them about a month ago.. I wore them 4-5 times in about a month and one lens keeps popping out. I have tried to tighten the screw with loctite and the threads in the glass frame will not hold the screw tight. I sent an Email to Warby Parker last week and have not received a response. There were not much cheaper than my wifes sunglasses at the optometrist's office. I will not ever buy from Warby Parker again and I will pursue getting a full refund.

Ask Steve about Warby Parker
1 review
9 helpful votes

I think the recent press about Warby Parker was too much for the company to bear. I ordered prescription glasses from them last year and while I'm not a huge fan of the actual frame I ordered (too heavy, bulky), their prices are good and frames interesting, so I tried again. This time around the service is absolutely horrible!! After about five email exchanges, I'm convinced the factory is too swamped to keep up with the new demand and the customers reps just keep asking repeated questions (some I have answered twice now) to stall my order....and to make me think they are giving me good service/attention. They did offer a 10% discount on my order, but it's been 3 Weeks since I placed my order and I just sent another set of answers...oh my...

Tip for consumers: Prepare to wait a very long time....

Ask D about Warby Parker
1 review
4 helpful votes

There are cheaper glasses out there, but these were pretty cheap (and yes, I know they're made in China). I paid $125 for frames with prescription lenses. The frames were OK quality, looked pretty nice, but no matter what I did, they just didn't fit that well and felt weird. They also creak a lot.
The lenses, which I paid extra to upgrade, were either slightly off in production or prescription. When I switch between them and my old raybans I bought from Target, there is a CLEAR difference in clarity. I don't think I'll buy from them again, unfortunately, because I really wanted to like them!

Ask Darrin about Warby Parker
1 review
5 helpful votes

I was so pleased when my box of Warby Parker home-try-on glasses arrived earlier than the estimated delivery date. The confirmation email and the packing slip had the correct list of glasses that I had ordered and I was so excited to start trying on the different frames! However, I was extremely disappointed to find that the glasses inside were not what I had ordered. Rather than 5 different pairs, I ended up with 3 of the same pair of glasses and two others (one of which was not my original order). To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Would like to give them another shot.. but I have not gotten a response from Warby Parker's "help" line or email yet.

Ask J about Warby Parker
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

Really wasn't that big of a fan of the frames. I don't see what all the Warby Parker fuss is about. I'm going to Costco next time.

Ask Stuart about Warby Parker
1 review
5 helpful votes

Website said shipping is 2-3 days. now 3 days almost passed, I have not see any update on USPS website. Think about it, a company using the cheapest shipping method of USPS without any concern about the delay, what kind of company it is, right now, even a t-shirt is delivered in 3 days.

Ask Han about Warby Parker
6 reviews
3 helpful votes

I sent a question to the customer service department - and had an extremely friendly response (answering my question) back the same day. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

Ask Alex about Warby Parker
1 review
7 helpful votes

Ordered some lenses from Warby Parker and when the glasses arrived in the mail, they were the wrong prescription and I noticed the quality was not as good as my previous pairs. Think twice before purchasing prescription glasses from this website.

Ask Steve about Warby Parker
1 review
4 helpful votes

I found their website so easy to use. It was fun and simple to pick out trial frames and ... poof... they showed up very quickly. I had no problem uploading my prescription and when I needed a couple questions answered, customer service was fantastic. I received my new glasses a few days ago - I love them.

Ask Rachel about Warby Parker
1 review
9 helpful votes

I just got my glasses in the mail. Several problems. .1) lenses feel AND sound like they are going to pop out any second. 2) The glasses in the showroom and the glasses they sent are nowhere near the same quality. Sturdy and noise free in the store, flemsy and crappy feeling in real life. Plus I bought the "premium" 150 dollar ones as well. 3) Glasses in showroom fit really well..the ones I got are so wide they fall off my face and don't fit my ears well. I thought it sounded too good to be true. Going to take them to an eyecare place and have them looked at 1st. Thats why I give two stars. If they can be adjusted I can live with them..but just be is done over the internet with them. Lots of room for mistakes.

Ask Charlie about Warby Parker
5 reviews
8 helpful votes

It’s really very good product and i really happy with it. It quality is really amazing and now it’s my regular sunglass. The sunglasses price is really very cheap compare to other sunglasses.

Ask james about Warby Parker
1 review
12 helpful votes

First, they don't sell glasses with lenses for people over 40, so if you need a typical adult pair like of bifocals or reading glasses you're out of luck.

I did, however, want to get a set of prescription sunglasses, and the cheap price enough of an incentive to take a chance. The first problem I had was the order form only saved half of my prescription, and there's no way for you to edit it once its been entered. When I called on the phone they were nice, but didn't really know how to go about fixing the problem.

I eventually got my glasses, but the quality level was disappointing. If you can imagine sticking the cheapest possible Chinese-made lenses into a frame from a gas-station it wouldn't be far off. My previous prescription sunglasses were Oakleys, and the quality difference from both the frame and lens are very noticeable.

In short, Warby Parker is selling the cheapest possible glasses using great web design and PR, but the product itself falls short. If you want to buy online instead of in a store then has the some thing for $13 instead of $125.

Ask Michael about Warby Parker
1 review
6 helpful votes

Best experience ever getting a thing I hate - glasses. I have two regular pair and one prescription sunglasses and I am happy with the style, price, service and performance. Yes, the first time I ordered on line, I was asked if I'd approve an extra $30 for high index lenses if my prescription required it and I did see the $30 on my bank card for a day , but it was credited back without my asking. I consider this a computer glitch, not some scheme to cheat the customer. I've chatted over style selection by email, lovely people, quality product. Shop here!

Ask Karen about Warby Parker
1 review
11 helpful votes

Be careful when buying from Warby Parker. Twice now I've ordered glasses from them and the amount shown on the screen does not match what they actually charge. Fortunately, both times I printed out the page before I pressed the button to order. And both times, my $95 glasses magically turned into $145 when the order confirmation e-mail came. The first time it happened, customer service was very quick to issue me a credit, so I assumed it was a fluke. Now, a few months later, it's happened again. So it's not a fluke. My guess is that part of the business model is to automatically bump people into the higher-index lenses, even if they don't need them, and hope that nobody notices. I notice. And I have both the printouts and the credits on my card statement from Warby Parker to prove it.

Not reputable.

Ask Wayne about Warby Parker
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered a pair of glasses last year for one daughter. Ordered a pair this year for another daughter. Great, friendly customer service, perfect glasses for both girls. Highly recommend!

Ask Diane about Warby Parker
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was looking for prescription sunglasses and came upon this site. I was not too sure about it because I had never heard of it before and they didn't have a very large selection of sunglasses. Also, the prices are extremely reasonable ($150 for RX sunglasses) AND they donate eye services to those in need. It seemed too good to be true. However, I tried out the home try on for free and received 5 pairs of glasses that I picked out. I had 5 days to try them on and return them with prepaid shipping. I didn't find any I liked in the home try on, and the ones I did like where not available for home try on. So, I chatted with an employee and found out that WP has a 30 day no questions asked return policy with free returns. I ordered my glasses, but it was taking longer than expected and I was about to leave for vacation. I called the toll free number and it went straight to an employee! I could not believe it- no buttons to push, etc. They expedited the shipping for free and changed the delivery address so that I would receive them at our vacation spot. I love my new RX sunglasses because they are great quality and I know someone in need will have glasses as well. I love Warby Parker and will be telling everyone I know about them!!

Ask Emily about Warby Parker
65 reviews
367 helpful votes

A very impressive eye wear company selling amazing products for a really good cause. Everything is top notch, including their designs, their product quality, their customer service, and even their website. I just can't say enough good things about Warby Parker:

1) Very trendy frames and prescription lenses for only $95 (yes, $95)
2) A website that allows you to try on frames virtually by uploading a photo
3) Allows customers to try up to 5 different frames in 5 days with a pre-paid return shipping label
4) 30-day satisfaction guaranteed return policy
5) Donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair sold
6) Works with non-profits to promote third-world women entrepreneurship

There's really no reason to ever buy expensive designer glasses again. Who knew a company could literally make the world a better place at the same time as providing you with the latest in trendy eye wear?

Ask Michael about Warby Parker
150 reviews
886 helpful votes

Point Browser To:

Trying on glasses can be a pain. Not every frame and shape works on every face, so the process consists mostly of guessing and testing. How your face is shaped can determine a lot of this, so buying glasses online is a bad idea.

Or is it? If you'd rather get an idea of the sorts of frames that work with your face without spending time in a store, check out Warby Parker's online showroom. Here you can not only browse an online store full of different sorts of glasses, but also upload a picture of yourself to try on glasses digitally.

The idea simply is that you'll like what you see and purchase glasses from Warby Parker, but you're by no means obligated to. If you just want to see if certain shapes look good on your face you're welcome to; there's no registration process for doing so.

There are only 46 glasses to choose from at this time, but it's still a great way to get a feel for the sorts of glasses that could work for you.

Have fun with it.

Ask Ron about Warby Parker

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Q: Some companies use poor lens material I suspect. Acuity is not great. Lenses from other opticians are much better. Is this an illusion or fact?
4 hours ago
A: This is a fact. Each eye doctor chooses which labs they are supposed to use to make the patients lenses. Or if someone has a certain vision insurance, sometimes they dictate which labs have to be used. Some are superior to others in quality. I have purchased glasses from both online websites and doctors' offices, and the quality from doctors offices is much better in my opinion. You get measured correctly and the optician/optometrist is there for you if you ever need anything. Something online websites cannot offer.
11 minutes ago
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Q: Some companies lenses seem to result in poor acuity others result in better acuity...same prescription. How does this happen?
4 hours ago
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