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New Reviewer

Firstly, let me start with the positive, the loan process went very smooth, delivered everything as promised, always able to get in touch with my loan officer Steve Kincheloe. I give him 5 stars.

Below is the bad news.

I had a loan with Veterans United. I refinanced it to a different company at 2 points less. This made them very mad, to the point of calling me and telling me so. They have been sitting on my escrow refund for over 6 weeks now. It is just shy of $3,600. Every time I speak to someone, I get a different story, from check was sent 5 weeks ago, even though they cannot give me a check number or tracking information. I called multiple times and was never allowed to speak to the same "supervisor" twice. I get another email from Customer Service (name withheld) telling me the check has been mailed out. I was on the phone with a supervisor at the time of receiving it and was told that it was incorrect. The check would be sent via overnight and I would receive it the next day. One week later, after daily phone calls getting the same story, I am finally given a check number. This "proves" the check has been issued but has not been received by the correct internal dept. to send it out. We will overnight it and you will have it "by the of the week", according to a supervisor. Not sure what those jerks use for calendars but this was on a Monday, overnight would make receiving it Tues. Everyone I speak to has a different story. I asked if this was their Standard Procedure or they just made it up as they went along. They cannot be trusted at anything. I was told on last Friday the check would be overnighted but that FedEx does not deliver on weekends. WRONG. At the time I was told the check was in house, now the weekend has passed and the check has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. The check shows online as being issued one time, 4 days ago, not 6 weeks ago as they claim. I once thought they were a good company and gave them high marks. Apparently I was wrong. Somehow they always seemed to be able to get info to me when they needed it. I wish I could take back my previous review.

New Reviewer

Vet's bewared this site is nothing more than a information gathering for the government they will not get you a Mortgage. When you think your ready to close on a home they come up with a ton of more thing's to do. You end up losing the home you wanted. Lawyer's and Realtor's have no luck with them. SO STAY AWAY.

New Reviewer

After the initial contact with veterans united, my wife and I went through hoops ( more than the norm) to get a mortgage. After pre-approval and having the close date set by all parties including Veterans United, they changed the game and came up with a dozen more new things never used in the industry and we lost the house. Couldn't believe they employed these tactics. Even the realtors and lawyers jumped in to make them move forward. After doing some research, we found that there were many others in the same situation. Looking at numbers you'll find that Veterans United doesn't close on any mortgage. They are only a tracking source for the government. Our realtor had other clients using Veterans United that also didn't get sourced. They lied to us all the way to the end. Takes a lot of guts. Don't use them. You'll pay the price. They pass on all your information to government agencies.