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U.S. Medical Supplies reviews

89 reviews
3901A Commerce Park Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27610

89 Reviews for U.S. Medical Supplies

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New Reviewer

Buying a chair lift online from these people is dangerous. We ordered one brand and got another. The installer came from far away, left having done an appalling job and these sellers would not send them back to make it right. We did not get the three promised covers, nor warranty materials and an acceptable operating manual. The brand provided has an awful open track that is going to require constant maintenance, no backup battery, and it is bottom-of-the-line. The man who sold it to us was simply in it for "a buck". Watch out for this place. They seem far from honorable.

New Reviewer

This chair is uncomfortable it wore a hole in it in four months.Also , it was delivered by US medical Supplies not working. Presently , it's rocks backwards when it reclines like bolts on the frame are loose. This chair is extremely poor quality and way over priced.

New Reviewer

My experience with the chair lift has been very enjoyable. Once the installer got there and was able to adjust the chair lift to the stairs, we have been using it everyday and it is a God send. I was having trouble climbing stairs and this chair lift has made it possible for me to live in my daughters home and still have my own apartment. Thank you for making this happen.

New Reviewer

I did a lot of online shopping and this was the best deal offered. It was shipped right away and I put it together myself and I'm a 77 year old lady. I ride it back and forth to our pool and can't wait to take it on our cruise. I love it and most of my neighbors have tried it out and all agree. It's great.

New Reviewer

service quality and delivery is excellent. I had chair sent to nursing home.
driver took chair in and helped me unpack it so my wife got to use right
away. I highly recommend us medical supply and the help I got from
Craig McCullough.
Ken M

New Reviewer

I ordered my scooter and it arrived within the week! I didn't hear anyone ring the door bell, but the dogs let me know somebody was there. The large box was sitting on the porch and the delivery person was gone! My neighbor across the street came running over (about as excited as I was) and she helped me pushed it through the front door and into my living room and lay it down so that I could cut it open and remove my scooter parts. The instruction sheet was glued to the tape so that I cut them in half (it couldn't be avoided) when I cut the box open. I had it mostly together by myself except for the positioning of the arm rests, which my son helped with later when he came by. The directions left a lot to be desired anyway. Nerve damage keeps me from walking far or standing for long, but I can get around inside my house for short periods (thank goodness). The battery was fully charged and I tried it out inside the house, terrifying my pets! LOL!!! After riding it in the dark to the local Heritage Festival and almost being run over by trucks twice on the way there, I got the Police Chief to follow me home with his headlights on so that I could be seen. I've since purchased a clamp-on flashlight to attach to the front of the basket and a little flashing red light attached to the back of the seat for being seen in parking lots at night or any further sojourns around town after dark! I just love this scooter!! I must take most of it apart to put it into my small SUV and then reassemble it when I get to where I want to use it. The parts are a little heavier than I'm supposed to lift, so hubby is making a "lift" to assist me with that. Oh, and the picture doesn't show that there is a pocket on the back of the seat with a flap closure that attaches with velcro. I find that very handy to keep my flashlight in when it's not in use!

New Reviewer

The stairlift is positivly fantanstic. I should have gotten it years ago, it's saving my legs and knees from tremendous pain. I can carry things up the stairs without effort and send things up without climbing the stairs.

Betty from Michigan

New Reviewer

Purchased this chair for 96 yr old mother. Lives in assisted living facility. Has lost all the strength in her legs to stand up or sit down. This chair is very useful. The people at medical supplies were very helpful and courteous. The shipper brought the chair into the facility from his truck. Now just waiting and hoping for some type of Medicare re-imbursement!

New Reviewer

My 88 year old mother-in-law suffers from osteoarthritis, plus recently fell and broke her leg. Getting up and down from her chair has been difficult, and caused undue strain and pain on her back. Since using her Pride chairlift her pain has been much less and she absolutely loves it. Just as important to me was the ease of purchase, the customer support received when choosing the right chair for her body size and needs, the incredibly good price as compared to other vendors, and the rapid fulfillment and delivery of the chairs.

New Reviewer

we recently purchased two Rave stair lifts from us medical supplies. The service was great and the agent that assisted us was very professional, kind, and helpful. He did not just sell us our stair lifts and leave us but assisted us in the installation as well. The stair lift are wonderful and serve a great purpose. I would highly recommend the rave stair lift to anyone who is elderly or has a disability in any way. The stair lifts make climbing steps safe and easy. They are great!

New Reviewer

I went to the site not knowing anything about stair lift chairs. Michael Noneman was extremely knowledgeable in the industry and extremely helpful in directing me to the chair that best fit the needs of my parents in their home. I am a general contractor so I decided to self-installed the system and everything went smooth. I could not be more happy with how simplified the website is for explaining how to measure the staircase in order to properly order the chair system. Overall I would highly recommend US Medical Supplies to anyone!!!

New Reviewer

Hello, my name is Nereida Ramos and I have just received my Go Go Scooter from, and I loved it!!! Roger was a great help in deciding which scooter was best for me. It has a massive amount of power and speed and is quick and easy to put together when your on the go. I fell in love with the scooter the first time I rode it and it was easy for me to drive. I would strongly recommend this product to everybody who is always on the go and needs to be in two places at once because it is strong, quick and easy!!!

Thank you so much Roger and everybody at who helped me receive my scooter in the best condition!!!

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with U.S. Medical Supplies. The lift chair I ordered, and the addons, all arrived in a timely manner and the setup was complete and explained. The chair works just as promised. Very happy.

New Reviewer

I purchased a lift chair recently.

The staff was very helpful with all of the chair pricing details and shipping.

We received the chair on the ship date as promised, and the chair quality and performance has been excellent

New Reviewer

My old scooter was eight years old with a couple of batteries updated. It was slow and barely made it up the ramp into the house. My new scooter is faster (a bunch), more power and pulls up the ramp like it isn't there. Very comfortable as I use it in the house and in the yard - on grass - with no problems.

Wish I had purchased the new scoter a year or so ago. I would have saved the cost of a battery pack and a new cushion.

Great buy and made my life a bunch easier!!

New Reviewer

had no problems w/them at all. Ordering was easy, but you must pay extra for items to be delivered INSIDE & set up. Golden lift recliner I ordered is very comfortable & love the velvet fabric.

New Reviewer

We had a great experience overall with this company. The sales reps were wonderful, very knowledgeable and experienced about their products. We are general contractrators who installed the stair lift for the homeowners and they are very happy with the product. We would highly recommend this company.

New Reviewer

I've had the chair about a month and I am pleased with everything accept the seat cushion gets my rump a little sore by the end of the day/ The service was good and the chair was delivered in a timely manner.

New Reviewer

this website is well put together and user friendly. it is easy to navigate and place an order. overall I give it 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for medical aid devices.

New Reviewer

Stay away, they promised free in home delivery with a lift chair order. The day of delivery, delivery company wouldn't bring it inside. No one was at the place of delivery who could physically lift the chair inside the premises! Had to refuse delivery. Getting through to customer service thereafter and trying to get a refund has been a nightmare.

New Reviewer

The rubix model was purchased and installed for my mother-in-law, who is recovering from a stroke and has come to live with us. The lift was installed and operates as promised and she she thrilled to this degree of mobility in her control. The support offered by the company is what helped us to make our decision to go with Ameriglide, as opposed to another company on a long list of providers. Dusten Jorden was an asset to the company and a tremendous help to us.

New Reviewer

First Fed X sucks. Their drivers are excellent. Now we tried several sites selling Rubex chair lifts. We chose Bob Mammino as he was polite, easy to talk to and not pressured. The support people you had were very helpful and polite. We installed two lifts and the first one we had many laughs and spent a couple weeks installing but the second one went in in less than 1/2 day. Have passed on our experience to a few friends and suggested they contact Bob before doing anything.

New Reviewer

My wife has had a GoGo scooter for myears due to inability to walk any distance without pain. I reached an age where wallking was difficult ( early 80's. After visting many dealers in peerson and on line I happened upon U>S. Medical Supply website.

The scooter I had been quoted as anywhere from $900.00 to $1,200.00 was listed as 467.00 delivered!.
Eric was our initial contact and all information was given up front. I liked the scooter, price and terms. I bought it and am very happy.

I am recommending Usmedical to everyone who asks me for informaion.

New Reviewer

Dealing with US Medical Supply was extremely easy. Our Rep (Adam Rogers) was very knowledgable in helping choose the right lift chair for me. He explained everything and answered all of my questions. I am on Medicare and Mr. Rogers explained about the forms I would need for Medicare. Not only did he explain them, he e-mailed the forms to me ! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of Medical equipment.
The only thing I was not impressed with was the delivery company they used. Without getting into specifics, they were not as professional as I would have hoped.

New Reviewer

I researched a lot of websites looking for a scooter that would be perfect for indoors as well as being able to be broken down and put into a car trunk or SUV. Ease, convenience, excellent quality, a good price and service were my top factors that had to be met. I decided on U.S. Medical. Taylor was professional, extremely helpful and had my product at my door exactly as promised. I love my scooter! It runs very quietly, has lots of power and all I'd ever need. I'm totally happy with my purchase. Hopefully, after my surgeries I won't need the scooter but have no plans of ever getting rid of it.

New Reviewer

I had a terrific experience with this website and company. I needed to buy a chairlift for my mother before she came home from the nursing home, and I was under pressure to get it done quickly so that everything would be ready to go when she arrived home. Michal, the representative, provided the human touch I needed. We talked extensively on the phone several times about the different chair lifts and the different prices. I felt zero pressure to buy the more expensive lift. In fact Michael spent a lot of time letting me know the features of the lift with the used engine if I needed to save some money. I ended up purchasing the new Rave chair lift and we are all extremely satisfied with it. Michael made sure to get it shipped to us when we needed it, which actually was a rush job, but we were not charged extra for the rush; the installer in our area came out when arranged, and the lift is working perfectly.

Most importantly, my 89 year old mother is happily at home again. She keeps telling me how happy she is to be home, and she keeps smiling. This would not be possible without the chair lift.

New Reviewer

I have looked and researched power lift chairs but decided on this website because the person was so helpful in my ordering. Awesome customer service!!

New Reviewer

Kieth at USMEDICAL was most helpful. He helped me through the purchasing process with a profeshional attitude. He asked the correct questions to help me get the correct lift chair for some one my size and weight.I got the lowest cost that I had seen either online or at stores here in Mi.. My chair was delievered in less time that I expected and was very easy to assemble. If I ever need to purchase another one its back to USMEDICAL. Tom

New Reviewer

Great help finding the perfect chair for my mom for her specific measurements and needs.
We were so happy with the chair we bought another one to put in a different room of the house.

New Reviewer

Purchased a lift chair for my mother. When I called to inquire about status of chair, I was given a number to call regarding the delivery. They gave me another number. Once chair was delivered I was told that white glove service included set up and demo of chair. Not true. Delivery person did not demo chair. Heat and massage not working. I called to inquire about assistance and was provided with the number of the company who built the chair. I called them and when I said I was not provided with demo of chair they said "oh, it doesn't include that - we cannot control what our distributors say to make the sale." Terrible customer service - these people sell you the chair, make false promises and then you are on your own.

New Reviewer

Hi-- I bought the cart for my wife. She has used it three times now and is very happy with it.
I a 73 and have no problem loading and unloading cart from our car, and I only remove the seat and basket.
Easy to operate and assemble.

New Reviewer

Added the 'white glove' delivery service - it was a joke - delivery men could not get out of my home fast enough - had to tell them 3 times where to locate the chair (1 room, not difficult, but they just wanted to drop and run). No instruction how to use the chair. The $185 spent on the service was wasted - knowing then what I know today I would not have not signed up for it.
PS - the chair is great; very comfortable; multiple, almost infinite reclining postions; well constructed.

New Reviewer

Well, the ordering & paying part was easy. I was sent an email saying it was being shipped After 6 weeks & 3 phone calls I was finally told that my chair would not be available to ship for another month. NICE! Why did they wait until then to tell me. I asked for my money back & was told it will be up to a week to get my debit back. We'll see what happens. Never will order from here again.

New Reviewer

In taking care of my elderly father on my own, I have found it to be a loving challenge. I have dealt with many agencies and companies that are less than compassionate in helping with caretaking decisions. My experience with met every high standard I demand. The associate I dealt with, Dylan Kelly was both extremely knowledgable of the product I was interested in and handled every aspect of the order from beginning to delivery with the upmost caring professionalism. Thank you for a nothing but a relaxing and trusting experience in my journey as a caretaker!

New Reviewer

love the comfort of my chair - my one complaint is that it came in two pieces - easy for some to put together but with my arthritic hands - impossible for me - had to wait to get someone over to attach back of chair to frame.

New Reviewer

I ordered a Lift Chair from US Medical. I used this site because they had both the largest variety and the best prices of the many sites that I checked. My chair arrived sooner than I expected (less than 1 week) and was exactly as advertised. I am very pleased and would order from US Medical again.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Very Very poor service! As soon as I put payment for my chair on my credit card, they wouldn't give me the time of day! I requested upon payment for them to send me a hard copy of my recept as well as the medicare forms needed, but to this day they have not ever sent them. I never heard from them when to expect delivery of the chair and began call and inquiring the third, fourth and sixed week, yer the sales reps. reply was always that it's still being built and he couldn't give me a timeline of any kind. Then the day after I spook to him the sixth week, it arrives on my door step! Are you tell me that in this day and age they couldn't keep track of the factory procees or ship tracking! Then the guy delivering wouldn't bring it into the house and set it up, when it clearly states in their advertising, "Free shipping and set up" yet he stated it's only door yard delivery and left it out in the rain! Then I had to find help to bring it in and set it up. All the wires weren't attached and we had to figure out how to attach them to the power source, so it wasn't even in plug in condition! I was thinking of purchasing a scooter from them, but after said service, I will be looking elsewhere in hopes of receiving better respect and service!
The chair has heat and vibration, so I bought a $1200 chair, yet once they got my money, they no longer valued me as a paying customer!

New Reviewer

We are senior citizens and when people ask us where we got our stair lift I tell them we ordered through the internet. Their reply is always "that's scary". Not at all. Tres. our rep. was so friendly and happy to help with our questions We never felt intimidated. The equipment came on time and was not difficult to install. Thats easy for me to say because we had a friend install it. The video was extremely easy to understand and when a question came up Tres. was right there ready to answer. The second unit (we ordered two) was faulty. When Tres. heard about it he was one steip ahead of us to get a replacement sent out. It arrived 10 days later. We couldn't be more pleased with our chair and the service we were given.

New Reviewer

The measuring and buying process was very easy. Installing quick and professional. I recommend US Medical Supplies to anyone needing a chair lift.

New Reviewer

Only took about 5 minutes to order. It came a few days later, as scheduled, and was just as easy to put together & install as claimed. My Mom is extremely happy with the product & we would recommend it to anyone!

New Reviewer

I contacted US Medical Supplies after my father had a total knee replacement and came to the conclusion that the recliner that he was using was not going to work. It was too soft and too low. I spoke with Justin Stapely and he walked me through my options asking questions that mattered for the fit. The chair is a god send. My father is safe and the knowledge of the salesperson and their willingness to work with me was so easy and stress free. I recommend to anybody that has mobility issues and looking for a good product made in the USA.

New Reviewer

The customer service is great - quick response, excellent service. The chair arrived 6 days after ordered! We are very pleased with US Medical Supplies.

New Reviewer

the stair lift looks good. I just can't get it installed - after I've paid the $500 installation fee !

The first guy backs out on the appointment day (a week ago), saying he's having questions with the company. Now, I'm getting a phone call giving a name to call - but - the caller says, if he doesn't work out - here is a second person to call and he will take care of the installation.

Do I feel safe, concerned, right now - the merchandise (I hope) is top shelf, but the service falls on the floor off the bottom shelf.

I hope to get the $500 back and find my own man (I've already installed the rail on the steps, which, I assume, would be one of the most difficult part and using the most time.

New Reviewer

Relatively simple to install the ameriglide stair lift. It did not come with plastic wire mold to cover the ugly wire from the wall switches (I feel it should have). Went to Lowes, got two of item #61624 which required cutting (simple task) and painting to match wall.

New Reviewer

My dad loves his lift chair! Makes it so much easier for the caregiver to transfer him to his wheelchair. The chair arrived sooner than expected! Not being able to see it before purchasing made us a little uneasy but the chair is great! Will recommend this site to friends whose parents are in the same situation!

New Reviewer

Site was easy to navigate. Cameron Bright was extremely helpful
answering questions about the shower chair and Chair Lift.
Instructions for measuring stairs were clear.
The installer Andy Anderson was personable, arrived on time
and was most professional. I'm extremely satisfied with the Chair Lift
and would recommend US Medical Supplies to others.

New Reviewer

From the moment someone there answered the phone, it was an excellent experience. Mr. Kelley and his staff(whoever else answered) were all very helpful and efficient. They did not put me on hold, They were straight forward with all answers to the questions I posed.There were no misleading or hidden statements made and the prices of the equipment I ordered was the best deal in the world. I searched and called many places. I ordered a couple of stair lifts and exactly what they told me is exactly how it went down. 3-5 days to get to me and the support to assist us in the installation. I find it rare, these days, for companies to be straight. These folk are like an arrow, a truthful, transparent one at that. I strongly recommend them. They remind me of the days when service was good, when you could trust someone you talked to, remember that don"t you.
It was a long time ago, but Dylan and U.S. medical supplies is where and who I will go to for all my medical equipment. I want to go there and buy something everytime I think about them, because it was such a satisfying and perfect situation from start to finish. They saved us thousands, sent quality equipment, and kept their word. Refreshing. I swear by what I am writing about them and assure anyone reading this that they are the best place to go for the equipment you need. I am George.

New Reviewer

I love my new scooter. So easy to assemble... fits nicely in my trunk. I had a Rascal but it was hard for me to load and unload having to use a ramp. I bought this scooter the very day I sold my Rascal! Has lots of power. Will be able to travel more now!!

New Reviewer

I am power wheelchair bound and I can only travel to a store on the Paratransit bus that has a wheelchair lift. The bus limits the amount of packages that I can carry. I needed a large backpack to carry large amounts of groceries. I ordered the Monster Bag. I received it quickly. The size is ample and it is made of very durable material. The straps have a anti slip piece on each to keep it from slipping. My only suggestion is that it have a mesh sleeve that slips over the back of seat and is secured with headrest grommets like a smaller bag I have.

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