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TinyDeal reviews

75 reviews
Categories: Cell Phone, Gift, Laptop
shenzhen, guangdong province ,china
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518057
Tel: +1.7202492374
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75 Reviews for TinyDeal

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New Reviewer

This was the first time I bought anything from TinyDeal. First of all, the package came over a month late. The tracking number that they gave me was is that even possible? So I turn my "new" tablet on, make my user account, and turn it off. I turned it back on and it gives me the blue screen of death! So I shut it off and back on and that's where it won't do anything. I'm pretty technically inclined but nothing I did could get the thing to boot up. Turns out it was the hard drive that crashed.

Ok, so here's where the pain starts. Technical support and sales department. I contacted them since I only had the thing for one day and the website says you can get a replacement or refund within 90 days. Remember also that they only respond to warranty emails at the END of THEIR day so it turns out to be sometime in the middle of the night where I am. So ONE EMAIL PER DAY :S

I spoke with them and they were more than happy to help (they say that every email). And actually they kind of were AT FIRST. But they told me to take pictures and videos of what the problem was. Seriously? But I did...and then they said "bring it to your local repair shop and we will probably give you the money you paid for repair, but we want a quote first". I couldn't believe that they would ever give me money back for that.

Finally (after about 2 weeks!!) they said to send the tablet back and they would replace it with something of equal or lesser value on their website. I told them since it's under warranty they should pay the shipping but after another few days I could tell that was NEVER going to happen. So I bit the bullet, paid the $60 or $70 to ship the thing back to China.

Now shortly after I sent them the tablet, I spoke back and forth with their sales department and I picked out a replacement tablet (of lesser value) and they said "oh yeah no problem! We'll send THAT one to you as soon as we get the bad one". "Don't worry, we'll take care of this". I have all the emails to back that up...which I will get to a bit later.

So another 3 weeks later I finally emailed them to see if they received the tablet back. Nope, not yet (even though my tracking number told me otherwise). Another week later they said they received it. What's the first thing they say? "We're going to send the tablet out for repair and you can wait until we're done and we'll send it back to you".

What? No...I want a replacement as I was promised. Why would I want a faulty one?

When I told them to look back at previous emails, they said they didn't have access to old emails and said the same thing "we're going to send it out for repairs".

So I politely sent them a copy of every email, highlighting what THEY told me. They completely avoided them, however, and told me that due to wear and tear they couldn't fix it and sell it for as much as they did to me so I had to either pay 75 EUR for the replacement or wait until mine was done being repaired! Depreciation! now you know what they're selling has just been fixed up from the last sucker that bought it!

I argued for another week...they thought they were doing a favor to me by lowering the 75 EUR to 70 EUR. OK, first of all...they don't even use Euros on their website! Are you *bleeping* kidding me? And second, why would I pay another $106 CAN for a different tablet that's cheaper?????

I'm still fighting with them about this. Looking back at my emails just now it's been over 3 months that I've been going back and forth with this. 3 MONTHS. And I don't have anything in my hand.

Seeing I wasn't going to win this battle, I said give me my money back then. I don't need that tablet. You know what they said? We'll give you 60% of the money TD Points...60% CREDIT FOR THEIR WEBSITE?!?!?

I finally told them to send my repaired tablet back to me, and I was going to write a bad review on every site that I can to save someone else the GARBAGE I've gone through with them. I told them a bad review costs them more than one customer's tablet.

In hindsight, it was my fault. I should have read more reviews online before buying from them. It just looked like such a decent price...I'M AN IDIOT!

So, we'll see if I get the tablet back from them. If not, screw it. Learn from your mistakes right? Please learn from mine.


New Reviewer

this is brougt to your kind information that i had purchase from the tinydeal co 1X1"4 resistive wscreen wathc cell phone+ bluetoot ear phone vide my order number 8250011746080000400419 dated 19/08/2012 as the company is saying that they had delivered the said item vide track number Ra660770957Cn but till yet i had not receivede the said item as i had lodge several complaint before the said company they are saying they are looking into the matter and they will despach agains if the item is not received with in 90 days but no action been taken by the said company nor refund my amount. thus from its clearly indicated that the company had chreated me by this way taken money and had not given the itme for which i had paid how fraud done by this company you are here with requested to let me know the address of the company so that i shall place the matter with the government of china before that i whan to give the company one chance to refund my money immdeiately or i will take legal action against that company i do hope you will give me guide line in this regard.

New Reviewer

One of my friend recommended tiny deal for me. Most of electronics are for sale at very low prices as they are from China. The last LED light I ordered from them look good and work well so far. The price is attractive, but the shipping time…

New Reviewer

They don't publish negative customers reviews & don't allow to moderate any of them. They don't even try to change defective review system. Your refunded amount of money will come only in their TD points - not by bank transfer. The delivery time is too long for eastern Europe - takes 5-6 weeks. Beware!

New Reviewer

I bought item but it was broken. When I tried to get replacement, a lot of stupid mails come accross. Abot sending video of product, sendig extra money for replacement, checking bateries (like i'm idiot), asking same questions again and again. Purpose is delaying and giving up.

They are big scamers. They sell damaged goods!!!

New Reviewer

if you want to experience terrible customer service then shop at tiny deal, if your item is lost in transit you will not get any form of refund. Just diatribe, after diatribe, of 'wait', 'more time please' 'we will check at post office' . I must of invested 4-5 hours trying to get an amicable settlement but it was a wast of my life. I get 3 months of this rubbish and nothing. save your money buy else where. you have been warned.

One other point, when seeking a refund via paypal they reported a false (someone's but not mine) tracking number, to try to scupper my claim and convince paypal i had received my item.
You want to deal with these people, they just pray nothing goes wrong....

New Reviewer

I was somewhat hesitant after seeing so many negative comments about Tiny Deal to order something. I went ahead though and had a very positive experience. Everything came - it took 3 weeks but that was because I took the free delivery. I ordered a smart phone and a bunch of accessories. The Smart phone arrived and functions very well (HAIPAI P6S Nobel) GREAT phone and super price!

New Reviewer

I don't know why people are complaining about this site.Maybe I'm just lucky.
I did receive my goods after one week after they finally shipped it. It took almost three weeks before they received my payment thanks to PayPal. But that isn't the fault of tinydeal. I ordered a phone a tablet and some cables. It received in a good packed package and are working fine. Also the site is looking good and is very easy to use imo. And of course they have very low prices!

I'm going definitely order more things in the future from this site!

New Reviewer

I bouht two fishing rolls for my friend in september 2013. Never arrived. They said that the Croatian customs returned the item but the tracking number said that this items never left china. I wanted to see the pictures of both packages but that was not possible because they allready unpacked them. Lame. Then they offered me to ship another two fo 8 us$. I accepted and never got invoice for that. Then i asked what happend and they offered me 35 td point for items worth 64,88 us$. That's 3,5 US$. Again lame. Today on 2nd February 2014. I insulted those thieves so hard that
even I couldn't beleive in the words I wrote. To be simple, I said that they ara plain thieves.

New Reviewer

I bought an item that did not work. Their solution? Buy something else for $30 and we will send you a new one.....LMAO

Rip off artists!!

New Reviewer

They have good products and a very good shipping but the quality is not so good, i bought a pencil eyeliner and it didn't work well, I'm kind of disappointed

New Reviewer

You should stay away from this site. They offer cheap products indeed but the delivery time is awful! I am waiting for the past 8 weeks and still nothing has arrived.
Whenever I try to speak to an online representative I get the same response, please wait a few more days. That's been going on for the past 4 weeks!! not even a compensation was offered.I bought a tablet in 208$, If I do get it eventually the money I paid back then can now get me something even better.
I will never buy from them again!!

New Reviewer


At 18th Nov. '13 I complete and pay with my credit card an order (Order No. 1810029380610001063982) and I arrange postage within two weeks max. All items appeared available!
At 21st Nov.'13 TD send me e-mail for non availability of some items asking me to change my preferred items. I answer to send me initial items when available.(Remember: All items appeared available and I pay extra money for fast postage).
Till 27th Nov '13 TD try to redirect me to other similar items trough e-mails.
At 28th Nov'13 TD inform me for availability of all items except one. For this item after e-mail traffic TD refund me in TD points!!! (They take our money and give us refund of TD points!!!)
At 6th Dec'13 I receive my package but real problems just start: all items seem to be used, two(2) items was broken and charger for tablet was wrong so tablet was not possible to charge!
At 13th Dec'13 after heavy & tired e-mail traffic, photos and involve of Pay Pal I take another one refund in TD points!!!! and stay to wait for correct charger!
At 20th Dec'13 ask TD for charger's delay!
At 23rd Dec'13 TD representative ''Suzy'' answered: "We will send the charger to you again, it may take 2-3 working days". !?!?!!!!!
At 25th Dec'13 TD representative "Eleva" answered:" We are about to get it in a few days
As soon as we get it, we will send it to you immediately"!?!?!?!!!
Same day with a ridiculous message TD inform me that the charger dispatched to me with low cost post and must wait 15 to 30 days more!!!!! because of the cost control!!!(Remember: I pay extra money to have my package within two weeks!!! Customer's cost control not count for TD)
At 21st Jan'14 I receive correct? charger (after almost two and a half months!!!) but tablet's battery probably damaged from long period without charge!!!!
I demand immediate replacement of tablet with new or MY REAL MONEY BACK!!!!



New Reviewer

Attention shopper!!!

Tinydeal is always doing bad to me
i did buy 7 item and i did waiting a lots of 7 month

and when i did contact them they told me please waiting tatatatatatatataatatatat

and after more then 7 month they refund me 3 item 40%
and other 4 item 10%

New Reviewer

I have ordered form Deal Extreme for years and never had an issue so I had no real reservations about using Tinydeals as they had similar pricing and a different selection. However, over about 2 months, I had placed 5 orders and to date, almost a year later I have received only one order. I contacted their poorly named customer service and was told to wait or see if the post office would allow me to dig through their parcels, cause you never know?.... I received this same advice on three different occasions. This site is NOT recommended and they are either a total scam or so incompetent it may as we'll be a scam. I never did receive the 4 missing orders and by the time I contacted Paypal I was well past the time they would do anything about it. Buyer Beware.

New Reviewer

Everything started on 2013. September 13th. I had another 2 orders (both of them smartphones, total value appx. $320) from them. These orders were something different as it turned out after a couple of days. When I got the tracking numbers, they did not look like, they did before. I figured out, that the parcels were not given up at the Deutsche Post as always before (this was the free shipping option, and it worked very well for me), they were given up at China Post instead. The management, or administration forgot to inform their customers, that the free Deutsche Post shipping has changed to China Post, and Deutsche Post service became a taxed service (about $2-4 for one parcel).
The former 8-14 working days shipping time changed to 30 working days, and one of the parcels arrived. Time has gone by, and the other one didn't look like to arrive. I contacted them, by the time about 10 times, every time the same "solution": wait a few more days pls" or "wait another 2 weeks pls" blah-blah. I waited 3 months, just as a guy wrote it under my comment.
You must know (to fully understand my story with them), that I spent $1750 at Tinydeal, which is quite a lot of money as a single customer, I think. Additional information for this is, that their customer support (I mean both in e-mail and the live chat) is terribly unusable. If they can not answer (besides their English is equal to a newborn childs) to a question, then they keep telling the same irrelevant $#*! until the end of the chat, or the end of the customers patience. I AM a patient man, and I stand up for my rights, and my money.
So end of november came, and I started to think, that my money is lost in the ether. One evening, the usual evening's chinese-chat was different. The package has been sent back to them because of incorrect shipping address. They offered me to:
1.) resend the product with a new shipping method for free
2.) fully refund the items price in affiliate points, which I could use for purchasing on the site
3.) refund 90% of the money to my Paypal account
As every sane person, I wanted a full refund to my Paypal account, after 3 months of scamming. They said it's not possible because they had a shipping fee, and handling fee, which is 10% of the items price.
I made myself so angry, that I could barely control my words written to them. How could a big company be this MEAN, that after a never-arriving parcel, (which was their mistake) they only offer me 90% of my original money sum? Why am I the one, who should pay the shipping fee, and some trumped handling fee? As every normal webshop, it should be their responsibility, to deal with their own mistakes, but no, they devolved that to the customer. My only choice was the affiliate points thing. I decided to make one last order, with which I could use up all my points, and leave TD forever. There gave no customers for me, whom I could buy anything, so the points were still on my account on December 20th.
I didn't really know, what to do. I tried speaking with the support again. After several tries a guy named "Sam" told me, that he'll talk to his manager to redirect my affiliate points to my Paypal account. This was my big possibility, to finally have my points in real money. Of course there were no money, because I received no e-mail, as promised.
I pulled myself together for one last attack. This was my so-called victory. I swore them to God, I will write this review, and post it everywhere I can, if they don't give me back my points in real money in 3 days. I had spoken with 4, repeat FOUR, support representatives in ONE chat session, because they couldn't do anything with me. One sent me to another from time to time. I wrote down my problem and my intimidation 4 times until it worked. Finally I was in charge. They also tried to bargain me (,, how about refund you 95%?"...), but I told them, they have 3 days, including 2 holidays. Even I didn't think it is possible, but this was the "only way". I didn't believe my eyes, when on the third day (Monday) SOME money was there, on my account. Thing is, even this way they only refunded about 95%. Now comes some instructive information again:
- A refund is available only for 60 days. After that it is considered as a simple money transfer between Paypal accounts. At these transfers the sender has the possibility to decide who has to pay the transaction taxes, which are 3.4% of the price + 90 HUF (equal to appx. $0.40). They decided, I should pay it, as all of this was my fault. This costed me $8.06. This is, where we stand now. After this I tried getting back that few dollars, but I couldn't. Not for that $8.06, I wouldn't die for it. Just to take everything back, and "be victorius over TinyDeal".
- Do not buy from them.
- Do not be afraid to use hard words. Feel free to do it, they are just a bunch of scumbag, I tell you.
- Do not make the same mistake, I did. INVOLVE PAYPAL until your 45 days are gone. If the order isn't older than 45 days, then Paypal will cover your back. Starting date is the payment transactions exact date.
- Customer support is truly unusable both via e-mail, and via online chat (and I mean this)
- They are far the most mean chinese company I've ever met. They only bring down the reputation of other chinese sites.
- Be prepared not to get back your money 1.) for months 2.) ever

Every word of my review is true. I swear, this is the worst bunch chinese guys, I've ever met. If you want good for yourself, you WILL NOT BUY from them. Buy from whereever you want, but save your money, and sanity, and DO NOT BUY FROM TINYDEAL.

New Reviewer

Your review will help othДоброго дня, сьогодні я хочу розказати вам про сайт Тинудеал. Я з цього сайта заказую вже рік. Це дуже гарний сайт, все приходить в строки. Найбільше мені подобається на цьому сайті те, що там можна купувати за ТД балли які заробляються таким образом:
-Пишу обзори на товари які я там купив
-За кожне подтверждение сайт дає 2 бала
-за виставлення фотографій сайт дає 5 балів
Таким чином 10 балів це 1$.
Я замітив, що на цьому сайті ціни не є дуже великі порівняно із другими інтернет магазинами. Ще на цьому сайті діє дуже гарні реферальна програма.
Ще є Оналйн-чат в якому вам завжди допоможуть які б у вас не були проблеми з вибором товару або доставки.
Отже я хочу вас сказати одне надійний сайт.
Заказуйте з сайта Тинудеал и не пошкодуєтеers learn about this website.

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.

New Reviewer

I bought a coat in this website and when i received the parcel i was initially surprised by the weight that was abnormally light. When I opened it i understood all, this is just a clear SCAM, the cloth has nothing to do with the pictures, wrong measures (extremely short leaves) and the fabric is just so fake and cheap you will never wear this unless you want people laughing at you! they say fabric is cotton... yeah sure!!

New Reviewer

ONLINE FRAUD!!!! I ordered over $500 worth of items from them over 2 months ago and they still have not reached me. This after a sales consultant confirmed the shipping method etc. They take so long because the items are only guaranteed for a month and then you cant exchange them. If you talk to their LIVE online consultants they keep telling you to wait another 2 weeks. They refuse to refund me or give me credit. Dont know what to do now. Who can I report this website to? I found many other of the same complaints about this company.

New Reviewer

be very careful dealing with this company, they never send the items I ordered and they refused to resend or refund. they most probably a scam company, I will steer clear from them if i where you, don't make the same mistake I did, there are a lot better sites to purchase from. tiny deals they are very tiny in there of the worst experience i ever had online, pure liars especially Miya there so called manager.

New Reviewer

Attention shopper!!! if you want to shopping here(!!!
please have a look on internet and you will see THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY!!!

buy from them but you will have BIG TROUBLES!!! the only thing they are selling are flam!!!
Their support will NEVER give you a straight answer trying to deceive you. they will keep you waiting and waiting and sending bull$#*! emails so the 45 days are gone so you can't get it back. which is the time period you can claim your money back from credit card company. (I have read all reports of other users regarding them, and I noted that they do the same to everyone.)

if you are the victims...maybe help here

Share it to everybody!!! FACEBOOK, TWITTER, WECHAT, FORUM............

New Reviewer

I bought clothes from them and they do not fit. They are refusing to take them back and give me a refund as they say they cannot resell them even although I have them in the packet still looking like new. All I get is I should have checked the size before ordering and they do not give refund for clothes even although their site says return good within 5 days of received a refund.. Now using Paypal to help with my claim me. DO NOT USE THIS SITE FOR CLOTHES

New Reviewer

Ordered cell phone from and it took over 2 months to arrive. It was packed into thin plastic bubble wrap bag and box was quite damaged.
Package missed earphones and phone was stuffed between three pieces of foam.
Luckily phone worked except soft key leds below display do not light up at all.

Second item that I ordered at the same time has not arrived at all and seller claims that post has lost it. Tinydeal gave wrong tracking number to paypal claim case which I opened before 45 day time limit. Parcel had no tracking number first place because its low value.
They also tried to get me to close paypal dispute case that I opened when the cell phones delivery delayed.

After this experience I would not recommend to any one.

New Reviewer

never get the phone, china custom return it back to them. now i need to pay more money to get it. sure they had first play time so i can´t claim paypal refund.
i also ordered small items low value but items were low quality. it was trasch.
my sister also ordered phone from tiny deal and gei it... proken... and they do not pay nothing back, sure they can send it back put post will not send anything with lion battery inside.. cost of return more than value of phone.and refund price is low in tinydeal.

New Reviewer

I participated in a contest them completely "made-up" on Facebook!
They choose what to do and whom to assign points and gifts.
I was very disappointed by their behavior.
They would not give clear explanations.

New Reviewer

Tinydeal is completely safe to buy, I've 5 deals with them. I usually tick tracking number. Greetings from Mexico.

New Reviewer

hi all
I got a £49.00 tablet it arrived with screen membrain leaking asked to send back
at my cost £17.90 tablet arrived in china they then asked me to pay 4usd for handling charge
now they say the repair cost more and want me to send a payment of £16.00
so now this cheap 9" tablet costs £85.00 I have told them to get lost
will never use again they say that chinks are inscrutable more like unscutable
they are rubish

New Reviewer

Product I received is defective. They want me to send it back but make me pay to send to Hong kong. That is not fair. Don't buy anything from them.

New Reviewer

Just like all the other reviews, this is a scam website.
Ordered in June 2013, chased 4 times between September and November. They said they would check with the post office. How long can it take.
Raised a dispute with paypal. I doubt it will be resolved due to the 45 day resolution time limit.

New Reviewer


I ordered from them on 6/21/2013 it is now 11/12/2013. Still have not received my order. Every time i use live chat its always the same exact bs. "Check with the post" screw that. I've waited forever and these people are just ridiculous. I give up!!! DONT BUY FROM THEM. About 1% ACTUALLY GET THEIR ORDERS. Wouldn't Test my luck with them again. Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere.

New Reviewer



New Reviewer

I have ordered for flash memory card with Chinavasion. They sent me fake flash memory card which does not work. I have returned back to them and again they resent one that doesn't work either. As i was in quick need, i ordered it from other online store ChinaBuye, i received the memory card on time and started using it with hazzle free without interrupting my business works. Now i am still waiting on with Chinavasion to take their item as i no longer need it and refund my money.

New Reviewer

I will NEVER order again from this website! My order was placed in May 2013 and is still not delivered! Their chat person reply is the same for the last 3 months - "we will need time to check with the posts". He refused to ship the items again to me and refused to refund me, even I agreed this to be done with points for shopping at your own website!
I'm sick of them and I don't care how they will resolve this issue anymore!
They suck, not only because their delivery terms are all a lie - they suck because they can't resolve their customers' issues at all. They wish on luck and that's it! They'd better fire all your chat operators and place machines on their places - they will be as effective as the staff is - simply pass the sentence "we will need to check with the posts" every 2 mins and you will get to the same result.
Also, all the electronics I've bought from them (tablet, phones) are having problems after a month or two of use. When asked about the guarantee, the TD staff recommended me to find someone to repair my items here and pay additionally for it! So basically, there is no guarantee or repair service if you have the bad luck of receiving damanged or defective items. My Ainol tablet came with a defective screen and TD told me they can't do anything about it - the best was to ship it back to them and EVENTUALLY receive it back, repaired, within at least 6 months.

New Reviewer

My package was indeed China. I live in Italy.
When asked what was going on, they said to be a little more patient, that it will take a few more days, that the China tracking system is faulty. Or...maybe I just gave them the WRONG address???


New Reviewer

I buy, I pay, they don't send, and now I escalated dispute via PayPal and still can't get my money.
In one word— SCAMS.

New Reviewer

Bloody awful! They never sent my £10 item, and when I contact them they never help me, and persist that the item has been sent, they claim to have contacted the psotoffice (which they haven't), and each support customer is different and never read the above emails, so you have to start over.

They also use google translate.


New Reviewer

they took money but not deliver goods any more and after that only taking your time for shecking for your package in post office avoid this site for future buying

New Reviewer

Product was faulty on arrival so we sent it back, they wanted a handling fee! After arguing with them they sent the item back to us after we threatened to do a chargeback.

The item arrived back with a cracked screen and they tried to blame me for signing for the package! Agreed to replace the item with a new version and after I shipped it back refused to honour their commitment offering a 50% refund. 50% because the item was now 'old'. Whos fault is that Tinydeals????

In Ireland I would do a chargeback and get my money back, sadly my wife uses a Spanish bank and they just fobbed her off until it was too late to do anything.

Tinydeal are not honest and they have most certainly lost my business.

New Reviewer

I brought a top - it arrived and looked nothing like the picture at all. I wanted them to either give me back my money or send the top that was advertised - they wont - they just keep mucking me around telling me that they can give me a 3% discount on my next purchase and say I decided to keep the top and they cant refund me and maybe I can sell it to friends for family. What a joke - I dont want to keep the top - I have told them so many times I just want what was advertised or my money back - they dont listen and have now stopped replying to my email - I am out of pocket and have a HIDEOUS top that I cannot wear - DO NOT TRUST THIS WEBSITE - THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY! ASIAN SCAM ARTISTS!

New Reviewer

Good store! Low prices and fast shipping. Early I had experience with buying e-cigarettes on this site. And every time I receive good quality goods.

New Reviewer

Non stock items, they charge without items. They think they are traders for non stock items paypal have to refuse bussines with this type of fake companies in the web shoppers community.Stop this send mail to paypal.
d'not lose your time and money.

New Reviewer

(1/5) by kostas posted on July 27, 2013 #


I’m a regular Internet shopper my 80% of my goods are from the net,
my worst EVER EXPERIENCE IS WITH Tiny Deal they not even try to help you, the have 4 email “templates” and they call this Tiny Deal customer service !!

Tiny Deal was just ok for simple things in the beginning,and when you will be a regular customer,Tiny Deal will making some “small mistakes” in your orders, for the last 6 months in every order that i place on make a mistake, first order one item was missing,send to Tiny Deal 35 email 8 times the photos and videos that they told to make for them,as return or money back policy,in each of my emails a different person answer me without ANY IDEA of my problem just that they are sorry for and ask me to send them photos and videos that all ready have send them 8 times !!!!! then i order some e liquid order was 5×35 ml for 14.28 euro they sent me only one…
15 emails later the answer was that my order was for one , so i upload my order details proving that the order was wrong from them , because i was right and they have wrong, Tiny Deal deletes my uploaded screen shot from my ordering basket, so i try live chat, a person (Andy) talk with me for 20 min telling me that he see my orders coming and they have proceed my emails for all the missing and wrong items send so as he said to me they are on the way to my address, so i thank him.
And make a new order with a few things, and of course the most off them was wrong,used or not working.
MY TOTAL LOSS FROM Tiny Deal was more than 200 euro in less than 6 months .

This is some of my reviews in Tiny Deal i copy paste only 3 for you

Quit Smoking 5 x 55ml Tobacco Tar Oil Cartridge Refill E-Liquid for Electronic Cigarette – Mixed Fruit Taste HKH-145530

Involvement: Expert (understands the inner workings) Ownership: less than 1 week
the order as you can see is for 5x55ml don’t fool yourself as i did TD will never send 5x55ml, they will send 1x55ml and they will insist that the order was for one . this is what they did with my order . they send 1 instead of 5
I have send 22 emails , 5 times the photos that they ask me to sent , also a screen capture from my ordering manager that proves that the order is for 5x55ml liquid and not for 1x55ml every time i have a different answer from a different person that haven’t read the above emails so i mast tell all the story for the beginning

New Multi-function LCD Digital Weather Thermometer Projection Alarm Clock with Calendar WTH-97996 New Multi-function LCD Digital Weather Thermometer Projection Alarm Clock with Calendar WTH-97996


LCD Digital Weather Thermometer WTH-97996
Involvement: Expert (understands the inner workings) Ownership: 2 week to 1 month
a nice looking alarm clock, but mine didn’t last more than 2 days day 1: i install the batteries , after 2 hours lcd get black day 2 : around midnight projector went from bright red to fade dark red and the third morning died
day 1: i install the batteries , after 2 hours lcd get black day 2 : around midnight projector went from bright red to fade dark red and the third morning died
waste of money
cheap and not working

High Speed USB 2.0 to IDE SATA 2.5 3.5 Hard Drive Converter Cable with Power Adapter & Data Cable CCB-5616

Involvement: Expert (understands the inner workings) Ownership: less than 1 week
2013-03-15 20:20:26 AND NOW IS 2013-05-08 NEVER GOT THE ITEM 313189 OF MY ORDER AND I’M NOT HAPPY WITH THIS
2013-03-15 20:20:26 AND NOW IS 2013-05-08 NEVER GOT THE ITEM 313189 OF MY ORDER AND I’M NOT HAPPY WITH THIS
2013-03-15 20:20:26 AND NOW IS 2013-05-08 NEVER GOT THE ITEM 313189 OF MY ORDER AND I’M NOT HAPPY WITH THIS
2013-03-15 20:20:26 AND NOW IS 2013-05-08 NEVER GOT THE ITEM 313189 OF MY ORDER AND I’M NOT HAPPY WITH THIS

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Tips and Tricks:
• When ordering a product in one parcel - Free tracking number for orders of $ 33. If you order a smaller amount, you can pay extra for tracking number (the price depends on the weight and dimensions of the order).
• When ordering multiple items in one parcel - Free tracking number if most items in the order worth more than $ 33. Or you can pay extra for tracking number (the price depends on the weight and dimensions of the order).

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My items never reached me. I kept following up with them for 3 straight months. All they keep telling me that they have shipped the items and hence it is no more their responsibility. This is a fake company and a scam website, please refrain from buying anything from My Order# is: 6850021778490000824928

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I have been buying from this company for over year now and am very pleased and happy customer, i make several orders a month and have had no problems they have great prices for great products, i would highly reccommend them to anyone. They have everything you could possible want.
They always to fast free shipping as well, and have great customer service along with a great facebook page.

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TinyDeal is a SCAM!

I ordered a macbook recharger from them. It was not working. I've emailed them app. 20-30 times. I get an answer quickly, but based on the answers they don't even really read the emails. Anyway, they refuse to refund. Their suggestion is that I pay them 80% of the value and they'll send me another one. They sent me a defect product and I should pay them more money?!?

I did file a complaint via PayPal and got my money back. I suggest everyone to make a complaint via PayPal after a couple of emails from Tinydeal if (=when) they refuse to refund a defect product or if your item hasn't arrived at all.

I've received my refund from PayPal 2 weeks ago, but I still have an email conversation going on with TinyDeal. Just for fun to see how long they'll go on.

Do not buy from TinyDeal. They are a big scam. If you've already ordered, make a complaint to PayPal immediately!

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Little Scam site (Fake). Specially they are wasting our time to arrange or ship our deals. Sometime they are displaying some items in stock, after bought it they are displaying order is processing. 5,6 days later when we are asking, they ask to create some TD points or refund. And the refunds are also always delaying..

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Bought a PowerBank 20.000 mAh, after 2 recharges the thing gives up. After 3 weeks of emails going up and down, looking for replacement - the best they can do is give me 2 USD discount for the next order ! So don't complain about warranty, there is none. And you have been warned.

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Well....Like most of the comments i have read here mine is pretty much the same. I ordered an Android phone from them in April. It is June already and I have yet to receive anything. I have made several attempts to communicate with them but all they ever come back with is "We have dispatched the following item ******** to you on 2013-4-17. The international shipping sometimes times unstable, some may takes more time. Order is on the way smoothly, please don't worry. Generally it takes 25-30 business days (3-4 weeks) for delivery depend on your location.
Most of the packages will be delivered in 4 weeks, while some may take up to 6-8 weeks. While carrier transit time and customs clearance time are beyond our control." Same old message every time. I have even told them to cancel the order and demanded a refund into my paypal account but they do not acknowledge my request for a refund. I suppose i have lost my money and will definitely never reccomend anyone to order from them

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If only I had visited this forum before buying from Tinydeal… I was very excited when I bought a mobile from them. It looked very nice and the price was fantastic. Anyhow, my experience was terrible with the product and with the assistance from Tinydeal.

After using the product for few days I started to realize the problems:

1) The GPS did not work. Tested in UK, Italy, Netherlands, Greece and the phone was never able to get the GPS signal (I travel a lot so I could test it, to be sure).
2) The screen sensitivity was horrible. The more hours the phone was on, the worst the sensitivity became, even without having any application running in the background.
3) The Wi-Fi Network dropped randomly after the restore to default settings, as suggested by a representative of Tinydeal.
4) The plastic case of the phone was getting apart showing the glue in two points and, on the top part, where there is the audio jack, the silver plastic was separating from the black plastic and you could even see through it, where there is the audio jack.

If you hope for some kind of help or assistance with the problems, it is a loss of time. And you will be amused by the answers to your questions. I had a correspondence for more than a month and with an exchange of more than 65 emails (I’m persistent) and still now I get the question: “can you explain what is the problem with the device?”. 99.9% of the representatives (and you will speak with really a lot of them, tooooo many, with the result that every time you have to restart to explain the problems) do not even read your emails and they reply randomly. A few of them read the emails but you do not decide with who you speak to, so you have to be lucky to speak with them. And, at the end, you discover that they change their mind and once you ship back the mobile to repair you are done.

They proposed me to install windows mobile software to solve the problem with the GPS on an Android device. They suggested to adjust the sensitivity in the mobile OS but there is not option in the OS. They suggested to restore to default setting and the result is that the wi-fi stopped to work fine.

Maybe after a number of emails (enough so you cannot get anymore refunded) they will finally tell you that you can send the mobile back to repair. They will tell you “Please send your item back by post office air mail; this will not cost you much money. Please do not send the item by any express mail, or the shipping is really high.”. If you live in the Netherlands, as I do, the minimum you can pay is 26 euros and it will take 10-15 days. Not few money for a problem not caused by me. Anyhow, this is not the problem, as this is normally the case with shipping aboard.

If you want to change the device, as I wanted, there is trick: you should be in 60 days from when you bought the item. In my case, I did my order on February 10, the product was out for shipping after 18 days on February 28. It took other 21 days to arrive to my house. So I got my product 39 days after I order it in the website. I started to use the device after a couple of weeks as I didn’t have time before, and I communicated the problems and the result is that after more than 20 days exchange emails they will tell you to send the product back. It will take other 15 days for the mobile to be shipped back in China and, finally, when they get it, they will tell you that you are out of the 60 days and that if you want to buy a different mobile they will keep 50% of the price of the mobile I bought already and not working. So at the end, to change device I would pay 26 euros to return the old one, 75 euro from what I paid already and I still have to pay the rest of the price to buy the new one. So I had to pay 100 euro to buy a different mobile. This means that, at the end, I would pay 75 euro more than the price advertised in the tinydeal website. Completely unacceptable and extremely dishonest.

So, at the end of the story, I ordered the mobile on February 10, the mobile is now at tinydeal, it will take other 20-25 days to be fixed, 20-25 days to be shipped back and, if I’m lucky, maybe by the end of July I will have the mobile (hopefully working, although I seriously doubt that). And I used an internet shop to make a fast purchase!!!

I’m persistent and will continue up to when my mobile will be sent back to me. Although, I lost hope after reading the reviews in this forum.

I did two orders in total with this company: in the first order, the mobile was not working (150 euro) and the headset for the iphone (5 euro) I ordered were not the one advertised on the website and clearly fake as Apple was printed on them, and they looked used so I have thrown them away. In the second order (more than 1 month to be delivered) 2 connectors were not working but I do not spend 26 euro to ship back to china a product I paid 5 euros. I prefer to loose 5 euros then 26 euros.

As somebody pointed out, they will always start with: “I am happy to assist you further.” They will not reply to more than one email per day so to delay the all procedure, and they will always conclude with “Have a nice day! Truly yours,…”. Many representatives do not understand simple basic English and do not read (or decide to ignore) what you write in the email.

They also blocked the possibility to review the phone as they told me to wait and wait up to when I could not upload my review anymore. They will ask you to review the items you bought and that you will be awarded points to buy things in the website. Forget about that. You will write the reviews and they will answer you that they assign points only to 4 reviews per products. Too many reviews are suspicious and written in very poor English or Russian. Russian people look very chatty in the tinydeal website and they look really satisfied customers as they always grade 5 stars in every single category. I wish I was as lucky as they are :-)

If you want an advice: do not buy from this shop. I should have known: when it looks to good there is something suspicious behind. Always!!!!

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