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TinyDeal reviews

112 reviews
Categories: Gifts, Laptops, Mobile Phones
shenzhen, guangdong province ,china
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518057, China
Tel: +1.7202492374

112 Reviews From Our Community

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They always to fast free shipping as well, and have great customer service along with a great facebook page. (in 15 reviews)


I order an item then within 14 days I always got what I want. (in 68 reviews)


Everything came - it took 3 weeks but that was because I took the free delivery. (in 7 reviews)

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New Reviewer

The website is a fraud website. 6 months ago i had ordered a power bank from the website. From past 5 months i have been chasing the website and they have standard responses wait for some time you will receive the order.

Now after 6 months they say we have no clue where the order is neither we are interested in tracking where the order has been lost. now take some td points and forget about the money you paid us and the order you had place.

The order has been a torturous experience. There is no intent from the website staff to take care of customer, they just want to brush away your case.

For any new buyer please avoid the website its a cheat.

Tip for consumers: Please avoid the website..its a cheat

Ask maith about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

“Cheating Site - Tiny Deal

Hi Guys & Gals,

Don't trust this tiny deal site. I am not telling for time shake. I unknowingly ordered in this site. Many of my friends asked me a question like "Oh God! Why you ordered in this site? They won't deliver the product properly and will cheat a lot."

Even in my case, same thing happened. I have ordered a product 2 and 1/2 months before. Even they are not refunding the money. Simply telling silly reasons and delaying. Don't spend money and waste your time. There are lot of good sites to order.

Hope you people will accept my words and look for some other sites. Do forward if you believe on the same. If doubt you can check many reviews about this site in many places. One of the worst site to believe it.

You can hear from them the below details whenver you send mail to them...

1) "Generally it takes 15-20 business days for the post office to finsih the investigation. Meanwhile, we will follow up with the Post Office and keep you posted for any updates we are about to have in the next 2~3 weeks. And if you receive your item during this period, please let us know.
Please contact us 15 business days later if you don't hear from us or receive your parcel."

2) "Usually the post office need 2-4 weeks to check it
please kindly wait more days "

3) "We have asked the post office for help, and the report would comes out later.
To solve the problem the report would be necessary, please wait a little time, any news we will let you know.
If you receive the package during this period, please let us know."

Guys & Gals,

the above 3 points , they cut copy paste and keep on send the same mail whenver you contact them. Believe they will tell the same after 1 month/2 month/3 months......

I shifted to new apartment, different place. I informed the same to them but they are asking me to go and collect from old address if get delievered. When it will deliver and when can i go and collect. As per leasing office rule, they wont get the product, if they are out once leasing over. But this Tiny deal people not at all listening my words.

Guys & Gals, lets group together and file a case on them if you raise you hands. Those who wanna really get benefit, text me. We can try to close this TinyDeal.

If I chat online, a lady 'Tik' wantedly terminating the session. Don't trust

Ask Vasee about TinyDeal
New Reviewer


I recently purchased a P98 Air (NEW) for $220 US Dollars. Upon receipt of item I found the item was damaged and has hardware failure. I provided video documentation showing the hardware failure. The item doesn't work. I didn't agree to pay for a broken, damaged item. I agreed to buy a NEW working item.

After reporting the two hardware failures, the Customer Service Representative didn't even bother to watch the video proving the failure. She told me to Factory Restore it and other nonsense that can't in any way resolve the issue. I have gone back and forth about 10 times with this person who told me to PAY to return the item for REPAIR or REFUND!

The Sale of Goods Act 1979 makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. Any returns policy that says I have to cover the cost of returning items must only relate to the situation where I change my mind about the item ordered and not where there is a problem with the item. I should not lose out financially as a result of your breach of contract and accordingly all costs of returning the item should be met by TinyDeal / Seller.

I am expected to pay $80 to return an item I didn't agree to buy in the first place. I am expected to pay for an item that was sent to me broken and damaged. (IT wasn't damaged in shipping, box in perfect condition)

CONSUMER RIGHTS / LAW Dictates: Goods you buy should always be in a satisfactory condition, defect free and fit for the purpose they were intended when you receive them. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, you are entitled to return and get a refund if items do not meet the basic criteria.

I have 6 times requested the representative to escalate this issue to her supervisor/manager. Each time she refused telling me she is the handler of my case.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! They have horrible customer service, they ignore documentation/proof, they do not honor the purchase agreement and Consumer Rights to receive goods in satisfactory condition free of defect expecting you to pay to return the damaged goods. This is not legal!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY. They do not honor your purchase agreement. They will send defective goods and then tell you to pay to return it. Most consumers don't understand their rights to return without their expense of items that are not satisfactory. This company thrives off the consumers ignorance. After all who will pay $60-80 to return the damaged goods? They are preying on you, literally.

Ask Mandi about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

order not delivered, did not leave china
tinydeal is nagging about non-delivery document
customer service people are nice, company strategy is horrible

Tip for consumers: tinydeal = thieve

Ask John about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

Horrible !!!! I ordered 5 sweaters and it took them ONE MONTH after I ordered from them to tell me half my selections were "out of stock". Then it took another 2 weeks for them to tell me the items have been shipped and took around 4 months to receive in the mail. When the clothes arrives they SMELLED horribly (like gas) and were of a horrible quality except for one sweater, it smelled horrible too but was an okay quality ! NEVER AGAIN.

Tip for consumers: STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Adeline about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

Tinydeal its a good gadjets site for me . I was ordered a watch. the watch was perfect , working very goodTinydeal service is exellent : they help to me a lot , then i had a trouble shipping is fast about 3 weeks . its short time Very thanks... Tinydeal of their help to me .Gadgets in huge varietychina store best ever , china store -tinydeal is bestMuch cheaper than other e-shops and quality is betterFast & Free Shipping to worldwideMy only and the best choice:

Ask Wargo about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

Amongst the cheap gadget websites I especially like this one. I do not want to say any wrong on others, but there are certain points why I like Tinydeal the best.Of course they have low prices, more or less the same as few others. The best about Tinydeal is their... fast delivery. I order an item then within 14 days I always got what I want. Compare to others, where sometimes takes 2 monthes to get my order.This fast delivery makes them a good dropshipping partner also. I tried it many times. If I order to myself or my customers from their European warehouse I get the goods in 5-7 day. Which is quite good. If they could increase the number of their goods in their EU warehouse I will spend most of my time selling their products. I have to mention their affiliate program. You can get quite good percentage of points after selling something with their links. These points could be used on purchasing or within two monthes could be cash out. I’m now focusing on collecting 5000 point per month (which is equal 500$)
our review to help others learn about this online business

Ask Emmanuel about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

stay away from tinydeal - their substandard products and service are a big deal

Absolutely disgusted with them. I bought a smartwatch from them that linked with my smartphone by an app. After purchase, I downloaded the app from the qr code on their sales page only to find it all in chinese. I promptly contacted them, to which they apologised and offered a refund in 3 to 5 days without needing me to return the product. 7 weeks later and an escalated dispute with paypal, who seem to be in cahoots with these criminals, awarded me a full refund if I return the item at my expense. Turns out the return is not going to be cheap. I am absolutely disgusted that they are even allowed to operate. Never again, steer clear from their great prices, they cost you more in the end.

Update - since writing this review, they have offered me 20% money back and I need to change all bad reviews - like hell, I say.

Tip for consumers: Stay clear of these online bandits - use aliexpress instead

Ask Vi about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

I've ordered many times from this site. Prices are a lot cheaper than anywhere. Items arrive always on time. Customer service is excellent.

New Reviewer

I completely LOVE this site! They have tons of new and good deals every day! They offer free shipping on almost everything they have, and the shipping is fast. I have bought 3 items from them, and I am surprised at the price, and the free shipping option. They have over 10,000 items under $5, and they're all free shipping (under 2KG, but it's still a steal!).

There's no way you can go wrong on this site, they have everything to offer, clothing, tablets, computers, outdoor, furniture, EVERYTHING! This is the all-in-one shopping place, better than eBay, and Amazon, those deals won't be found here, and best of all, they have a price match! Just put in the website where it's cheaper, and they'll try to match the price!

Their site is also very user-friendly, even a caveman can navigate it. Aside from the cheap stuff you can find, you will also find BRAND-Name items like Syma, Western Digital, Durex, Samsung, Acer, and many, many more.

English isn't your primary language? No problem. TinyDeal offers the site in Spanish, Russian, German, French, and many more. It also has a built-in auto currency conversion, if you don't pay using US Dollars.

All in all Tinydeal is simply the best for finding anything you need, you may never have to go to the store ever again for non-food items!

Ask Andrew about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

I did receive my Powerbank 20.000 mAh in contrast to other reviews I read. I charged it and the blue leds did light up. However, when I wanted to test the powerbank, my phone did not charge.. I opened the powerbank and the negative pole of the battery was not attached.. (photo) I reconnected it, and as by wonder, it did charge.. So I think they maybe do this on purpose just to let you send back your bought item.. I'm never going to order again !

Ask bram about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

Do NOT buy from them !
They took my money, sent me a totally different item (baby carrier instead of a travel chair !)
I contacted them right away and sent all the pictures they needed as proofs. They asked for 10 days to investigate.
2 months later, and after about 5 emails without answer, I sent a chat to their CS.
They are asking me to either
- make another order of $100 or more to get the original item I ordered (which I no longer need as I had to buy one 2 months ago)
-or send them back the item (at my own cost) to get the refund of the item they never sent me
- or buy again at 80% the original item !!!
A real joke !

You've been warned !

Tip for consumers: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM !!!

Ask Jenny about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

Hello I want to continue their micro-reviews about the store TinyDeal and its capabilities. In my last review, we stayed on the order of "How To order from TinyDeal», in this review, I want to tell you what a TD scores and what they are.

TDP-Tiny Deal Point - Points score Tiny Deal. You could say vnuriproektovaya currency. It's very simple, you order a product and 10% of its value you get in TD scores, just even easier when you invite people on your referral link, he registered like and makes a purchase you get a TD scores 50% of the value of the goods. Suppose Bob registered through your link, placed an order for $ 100, Vasa has accrued 10 points TD (it $ 1) and you as the referee will give 50TD points (this is $ 5, for which you can order the watch itself interesting or even what cool trinket) . Thus the more people "active" will REGISTER for your link, the more you will receive proceeds TD scores, which by the way you can cash in real money to achieve 100 points (10 usd). How to spend TD Points? Very simply, when ordering you come across a line of "Use TD Points" that's out there and how you choose to use them. Let's say Washi have 1000 TD points (equivalent to $ 100) and that he wanted for a tablet that stands on the site TinyDeal $ 100 to pay with points, he introduced a line of "Use TD Points" and introduces 900 points (that's $ 90). Finally Vasya to appear charming total of $ 10. Tablet for $ 10? It's cool Write to feedback, comments, throw the pictures + videos, participate in various contests and surveys and get points, and then they raschityvajte or Encash. [According to the rules TiniDila points can be paid only 90% of the cost of goods + package, 100% so you do not pay]. Create your referral link My Account »Affiliate Program and choose what is already there and what link do.

PSI has finally, according to the rules TinyDeal reviews, comments, reviews and discusses managers are paid to the 60 hours (shorter than 3-4 days). I recall the comments about them, it is desirable to throw off once you have published it on the website (ie only from a distance and immediately threw them a link.) For that would throw them information on the check you should go to: My Account

Extended affiliate program (Promotion) That's all. Throw off the head of your URL link pointing directly to your feedback and in the second chapter of the "notes" can write anything to them, although I doubt that they read it. Can podstrahovochki to write your username and when issued koment, ito I think that they are not stupid and they have it all displayed :). Remember back then that no more than two reviews from one site per day, and it may deem as spam, and do not get anything. And just want to remind you that does not necessarily leave good feedback lishby you paid, please contact us as there is any information about TinyDeal seen as advertising that's all. All success in their endeavors, write, earn, order and resell, I will sometimes write something more interesting (I am just TD points I fill these comments, by the way for the previous about "How To order from TinyDeal» got 10 points = 1 USD

Ask Mauritz about TinyDeal
New Reviewer


 I ordered a product and waited 6 weeks, only to get a defective one.
 As instructed by Tinydeal I sent it back, with the receipt for shipment cost.
 Tinydeal refused to refund.
 After a very long e-mails debate, Tinydeal agreed to refund only 85% of what I paid.
 Tinydeal refused to refund the return shipment they authorized.
 Tinytdeal took 45$ from me, only because they can.

Tip for consumers: Avoid !

Ask Ofer about TinyDeal
New Reviewer

SCAM. I ordered an item which did not arrive. Complained and was told tracking number showed item was abandoned and not delivered by postal service. Tinydeal refused to give me refund, and offered something like 5% off my next order! Would never order from them again. Will contact credit card company to see if there is something they can do from their end.

New Reviewer

unreliable information
order a tablet in stock at the time of ordering the command does not move after six days I am forced to write to me to have answers that the product is not in stock, and now they ask me 4 to 5 jourds for refund of my order

New Reviewer

I made an order in June 2014 and still did not receive it! As I see, many people complain they faced the same problem! Seems like the site is a real scam! Avoid it!

New Reviewer

i purchased an electronic device from this site and warned them about shipment details, but their delivery staff declared two different items description, so the parcel helded by Turkish Customs and never delivered me, i refund to my payment but they did not refund me. Also i paid via, but also they did not solve this matter,too.
Be aware of this online shopping site....!”

New Reviewer

This is what happened to me with
1 - I bought a Onda tablet for 149€ (+22€ custom fees) on 19th may 2014
2 - They shipped to me quickly through DHL (less than 10 days)
3 - The tablet was defective and unusable so I contacted their customer care via chat
4 - After lots of chats and emails they told me to ship it back to their storehouse
5 - I spent 30€ to send it back on 29th may 2014
6 - Express courier couldn't find them at first attempt, and they didn't claim for the packet for at least 2 weeks (I emailed them so many times to warn them about it!)
7 - Finally they received the item on 1th july and they told me they would eventually sent the tablet back to the manufacturer FOR REPAIR!
8 - Yes, you read well....I bought a new tablet and they want to send me back a repaired one
9 - I tried to ask for a new tablet but they told me my tablet was 70% new and they couldn't replace it (I used the tablet twice: first time I switched it on and I recognised there was a problem, the second time I tried to upgrade Android to see if it could be a software problem - No, it wasn't software, was a hardware problem!)
10 - After about 10 emails in which I spoke with several people, I was tired (that's their strategy, now I know...) and accepted to get a repaired one + 30€ refund for the second shipping cost
11 - Today I asked several times for news (1 - if they sent the item for repair, 2 - what did the manufacturer tell them about repairing time)
12 - They told me they sent it to the manufacturer and then they told me to wait in order: more days to check all the problems are solved, 10 days to check all the problems are solved, 15 more days to check all the problems are solved

Does it sound normal to you?
They are cheating, they won't send me anything back.

New Reviewer

They sell used items!
I ordered a Pipo M9 Pro tablet that was full of scratches on both sides and chinese apps allready installed!
I send it back and they started mocking me! That the scratches were caused during transport! There is no certain representative to deal with, who understands and speaks English! They eat up your time, so that you lose the paypal protection period!
Search their site: there is no address, no phone number and only one email: sales. Recently they tried to hack my pc by sending a link with malware.
I created a site with copies of the 55 emails and photos, showing that these are a bunch of impostors:


New Reviewer

I ordered two bracelets from tiny deals and the picture of them when I ordered them showed them pretty, ornate and bright looking bracelets. When i received them they were tarnished, dull looking gems and orange discoloration like oxidation. How can anyone in good conscience sell this with a picture that looks totally different. I contacted them and the offered a 5% discount on my next ordered. I said no and I wanted my money back.. They kept offering me little crap discounts like this and said they would not refund because they have little profit in the items I bought. I offered to ship them back at my expense but they did not want to refund me. They are very unprofessional and I would not ever buy from them again no matter how cheap the items are. You get what you pay for. They need a class on customer service and how to treat people on business. Don't waste you time with this company.

New Reviewer

beware!!! of tinydeal,hi i bought a phone thl w100 from tinydeal.after 5 month the screen become dark,i was contact tinydeal.they dont want to fix it under the warranty,so u are as thl companny that i thoth its a good phone well i was wrong,i just throw the phone to the gurbach its dos not worth to fix it. but to let u wnow that on evry forum i can ill tel every one not to buy thl phone and not to buy from tinydeal.

New Reviewer

I ordered a mobile phone, received it a month later and the touch screen was not working. I emailed TinyDeal and they asked I send it back and obviously pay for the shipping myself. When they received it, they told me they will send it for repair, they did not want to replace it. So I had to wait for more 50 days to receive the mobile back. Once I received it the stylus was missing! I emailed them again and they said I didn't send it back with the mobile phone in the first place. They had told me that the mobile was received "good" when I returned it. And although I sent a multitude of emails saying that I want a stylus cause I did send it back they kept blaming me!

Something else I really don't like is that the customer "service" representative always change from one email to the next so it feels like you're starting all over again every time.

Not recommended!

New Reviewer

i really love this website.
it's one of the best website from the price and from the staff he sell

i have buy a phone from them in the last months

i order the phone on 2/06/2014 and get the phone in 24/06/2014 it's look great

good price it cost just 80$ hhh i have a coupen of discount with it hhh

i m buying items from them for more then 1 year and i get what i order in the next 3 or 4 weeks max

New Reviewer

TinyDeal, MegaScam: 10 months after order still no products or refund.

1. I've made my order in September 2013(!) and paid by PayPal (funds).
2. Up to this moment (10 months later) I still didn't receive any products (nor do I expect to in the future)
3. TinyDeal keeps asking me to "wait a few days" when I email them, promising me a refund when their "research is complete". This "research" is already taking more than 8 MONTHS now.
4. About 4 months ago, someone at Tinydeal (nicknamed "Adam"...) promised me to proceed with the refund after the research in 10-15 days. This should have been on April 3rd.
5. Obviously, this didn't happen. When I sent a reminder about this they said (surprise...): "please wait a few more days". So I'm back to square one.
6. Of course I already tried to get a refund through PayPal, but that's already too late now. I suspect that's why TinyDeal keeps stalling and promising you "they're on it".
7. After sending over 50+ emails, I'm done. Their just a bunch of scammers and don't follow up on promises. So avoid the hassle yourself and spread the word. Wish I would have seen their rating here before my order.

New Reviewer

They sent me the mobile phone I ordered half way around the world (to Greece) only wrapped in bubble-wrap. As you can imagine the phone was broken and wouldn't turn on. They refused to replace it with a new one or give me a refund of my money. They have asked me to send it back to them (with me paying for the shipping of the product to China) to repair it (with the repair done at my own expense). They are asking ME to pay for the repair of a product which THEY damaged with their half-assed packing. Although it is clearly stated on their site that if I receive a faulty product they will replace it of refund it. NEVER BUT FROM TINYDEAL.COM

They are a fraud and this has to stop. Isn't there like a government agency which can shut them down?

New Reviewer

What a horrible horrible experience with TD, never ever again! I bought some items from them end of September 2013! it's now beginning of July 2014 and it never arrived. I have tons of emails between me and TD and all they say is "wait a bit more" - really? I told them I want at least 50% refund and they offered me points worth of USD 7 to be used when buying from them next time. What a joke! It was my first time and definitely last time with them, if the package never arrived, why would I buy anything again? I paid them US$51.00 and offering me USD 7 in points is a mockery. I have been having an online chat with their agent today and when I asked her to give me the name and email address of the Customer Service Manager, you know what she told me? "The manager doesn't have an email address and we don't know his name" - I couldn't believe it! How convenient! They will be telling you the same things all over again each time you email them and it makes me feel they all have a piece of paper in front of them with the phrases they are allowed to use and any question asked that is not covered by the list is answered as "Don't worry". To be honest, I ordered some staff from BuyinCoins and my package arrived even quicker than I thought, so I would rather use them next time! Seriously, stay away from TinyDeal

New Reviewer

Ordered some watches for 20$ been waiting for 64 days and hasn't received the goods yet. Look at the chat that I had with them:
info: Dear Customer,
Welcome to our on-line shop. To help us serve you faster and better, please provide some information before chatting. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
info: You are now chatting with 'Sammy'
Sammy: Welcome! How may I help you?
Dino: hi
Sammy: hi
Dino: I'm contacting you for the third time regarding my order 7030035402330001357164
Dino: it hasn't arrived yet
Dino: you told me to wait and I did for 2 weeks more than the last time I contacted you
Sammy: 7030035402330001357164
Sammy: on the way still
Dino: I want a refund or for you to send me the same products with a faster shipment on your own expense
Dino: it was sent on 27/4/2014
Dino: and now it is 30/6/2014
Dino: so it has been traveling for 2 months
Dino: that is nonsense
Sammy: pls wait for more days and also check in your local post office ?
Dino: I checked already there is nothing
Dino: I don't want to wait any more
Dino: I want a refund
Sammy: then just wait for more days
Dino: No
Dino: I have waited too long
Sammy: we are checking for you
Sammy: any news we will inform you soon
Dino: I don't care I have been waiting for 2 months
Sammy: just more days
Dino: the goods haven't arrived
Dino: so you will not give me a refund?
Sammy: yes just wait for more days
Sammy: we will help you check in the local post again
Dino: so you will not give me a refund for the goods that I haven't received?
Sammy: please do not worry and wait for it
Dino: your site says that it will take 7-25 days for shipment I have been waiting for 64 days and the goods haven't arrived
Dino: so I will ask you one more time to give me a refund for the goods that haven't arrived
Sammy: we are checking for you
Dino: OK I will post that you refused to give me a 20$ refund for the goods that I ordered and haven't arrived
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
Sammy: any news we will inform you

New Reviewer

ordered a cellphone from them. Still waiting after a year. Same response from them every time saying they will refund after report from post office which never comes. They duck and dive. Over a year now and still they refuse to refund more or even allow me to purchase something else to the same value.

New Reviewer

Absolute crap product which never worked from day one and having returned the product (at my expense) they are are now ducking and diving about refunding my PayPal account.
I just hope that PayPal reads all these negative comments about Tiny Deal and ceases to deal with them

New Reviewer

Doesn't get any worse than this. Stay away! -Says by itself. Crappy stuff. I ordered a phablet (tablet+phone) and a battery, phablet screen capacity and quality was different from description, awful. They refused my request on exchange or return (though, there is an information about it on the website, which`s bul***). They just offered me a "refund" in their TD points equivalent to 3USD.
Battery didn`t work from the beginning, no exchange or returning, no refund- customer service told me- pay "just" another $2 and we`ll send you a new one. hey are liars and robbers, and don't know English- you talk to them like to a wall.

New Reviewer

Short summary of my story with TD

1., I purchased a cell phone from webstore.
2., In the specification they shown wrong battery capacity, which was a key factor for me.
3., Before purchase I clearly asked for confirmation, and they confirmed, that the specs is OK. -> It was not
4., I realised it only after delivery.
5., Started a long e-mail chain with TD. It was like a conversation with Zuzu Petals...
They basically acknowledged the problem as "their mistake", Return can I only on my costs, etc.
6., I opened a dispute in Paypal, this did speed up their responses.
7., They offered 20 TD points as a compensation, which I wanted to use to purchase a 10400 mAh power bank for ~ 15€, to solve battery capacity problem.
8., Seller told me to close dispute, as this it is their condition to proceed with the resolution.
9., I did that, but since that time the 20 TD points was not given to me.
10., And accidentaly it turned out, that this is not 20 USD, but only 2 USD compensation... Their mistake again.

So my only mistake was to make this purchase with TD...

New Reviewer
4/17/14 sells used and or returned products as new. Received a tablet that was used or returned. Product had Chinese apps installed by someone else, and had scratches on screen. Company told me to return product, without a promise of credit, etc. Submitted complaint to Paypal, and they were of no help. Paypal use to be good, but not so much any more. Jsav.

New Reviewer

This was the first time I bought anything from TinyDeal. First of all, the package came over a month late. The tracking number that they gave me was is that even possible? So I turn my "new" tablet on, make my user account, and turn it off. I turned it back on and it gives me the blue screen of death! So I shut it off and back on and that's where it won't do anything. I'm pretty technically inclined but nothing I did could get the thing to boot up. Turns out it was the hard drive that crashed.

Ok, so here's where the pain starts. Technical support and sales department. I contacted them since I only had the thing for one day and the website says you can get a replacement or refund within 90 days. Remember also that they only respond to warranty emails at the END of THEIR day so it turns out to be sometime in the middle of the night where I am. So ONE EMAIL PER DAY :S

I spoke with them and they were more than happy to help (they say that every email). And actually they kind of were AT FIRST. But they told me to take pictures and videos of what the problem was. Seriously? But I did...and then they said "bring it to your local repair shop and we will probably give you the money you paid for repair, but we want a quote first". I couldn't believe that they would ever give me money back for that.

Finally (after about 2 weeks!!) they said to send the tablet back and they would replace it with something of equal or lesser value on their website. I told them since it's under warranty they should pay the shipping but after another few days I could tell that was NEVER going to happen. So I bit the bullet, paid the $60 or $70 to ship the thing back to China.

Now shortly after I sent them the tablet, I spoke back and forth with their sales department and I picked out a replacement tablet (of lesser value) and they said "oh yeah no problem! We'll send THAT one to you as soon as we get the bad one". "Don't worry, we'll take care of this". I have all the emails to back that up...which I will get to a bit later.

So another 3 weeks later I finally emailed them to see if they received the tablet back. Nope, not yet (even though my tracking number told me otherwise). Another week later they said they received it. What's the first thing they say? "We're going to send the tablet out for repair and you can wait until we're done and we'll send it back to you".

What? No...I want a replacement as I was promised. Why would I want a faulty one?

When I told them to look back at previous emails, they said they didn't have access to old emails and said the same thing "we're going to send it out for repairs".

So I politely sent them a copy of every email, highlighting what THEY told me. They completely avoided them, however, and told me that due to wear and tear they couldn't fix it and sell it for as much as they did to me so I had to either pay 75 EUR for the replacement or wait until mine was done being repaired! Depreciation! now you know what they're selling has just been fixed up from the last sucker that bought it!

I argued for another week...they thought they were doing a favor to me by lowering the 75 EUR to 70 EUR. OK, first of all...they don't even use Euros on their website! Are you *bleeping* kidding me? And second, why would I pay another $106 CAN for a different tablet that's cheaper?????

I'm still fighting with them about this. Looking back at my emails just now it's been over 3 months that I've been going back and forth with this. 3 MONTHS. And I don't have anything in my hand.

Seeing I wasn't going to win this battle, I said give me my money back then. I don't need that tablet. You know what they said? We'll give you 60% of the money TD Points...60% CREDIT FOR THEIR WEBSITE?!?!?

I finally told them to send my repaired tablet back to me, and I was going to write a bad review on every site that I can to save someone else the GARBAGE I've gone through with them. I told them a bad review costs them more than one customer's tablet.

In hindsight, it was my fault. I should have read more reviews online before buying from them. It just looked like such a decent price...I'M AN IDIOT!

So, we'll see if I get the tablet back from them. If not, screw it. Learn from your mistakes right? Please learn from mine.


New Reviewer

this is brougt to your kind information that i had purchase from the tinydeal co 1X1"4 resistive wscreen wathc cell phone+ bluetoot ear phone vide my order number 8250011746080000400419 dated 19/08/2012 as the company is saying that they had delivered the said item vide track number Ra660770957Cn but till yet i had not receivede the said item as i had lodge several complaint before the said company they are saying they are looking into the matter and they will despach agains if the item is not received with in 90 days but no action been taken by the said company nor refund my amount. thus from its clearly indicated that the company had chreated me by this way taken money and had not given the itme for which i had paid how fraud done by this company you are here with requested to let me know the address of the company so that i shall place the matter with the government of china before that i whan to give the company one chance to refund my money immdeiately or i will take legal action against that company i do hope you will give me guide line in this regard.

New Reviewer

One of my friend recommended tiny deal for me. Most of electronics are for sale at very low prices as they are from China. The last LED light I ordered from them look good and work well so far. The price is attractive, but the shipping time…

New Reviewer

They don't publish negative customers reviews & don't allow to moderate any of them. They don't even try to change defective review system. Your refunded amount of money will come only in their TD points - not by bank transfer. The delivery time is too long for eastern Europe - takes 5-6 weeks. Beware!

New Reviewer

I bought item but it was broken. When I tried to get replacement, a lot of stupid mails come accross. Abot sending video of product, sendig extra money for replacement, checking bateries (like i'm idiot), asking same questions again and again. Purpose is delaying and giving up.

They are big scamers. They sell damaged goods!!!

New Reviewer

if you want to experience terrible customer service then shop at tiny deal, if your item is lost in transit you will not get any form of refund. Just diatribe, after diatribe, of 'wait', 'more time please' 'we will check at post office' . I must of invested 4-5 hours trying to get an amicable settlement but it was a wast of my life. I get 3 months of this rubbish and nothing. save your money buy else where. you have been warned.

One other point, when seeking a refund via paypal they reported a false (someone's but not mine) tracking number, to try to scupper my claim and convince paypal i had received my item.
You want to deal with these people, they just pray nothing goes wrong....

New Reviewer

I was somewhat hesitant after seeing so many negative comments about Tiny Deal to order something. I went ahead though and had a very positive experience. Everything came - it took 3 weeks but that was because I took the free delivery. I ordered a smart phone and a bunch of accessories. The Smart phone arrived and functions very well (HAIPAI P6S Nobel) GREAT phone and super price!

New Reviewer

I don't know why people are complaining about this site.Maybe I'm just lucky.
I did receive my goods after one week after they finally shipped it. It took almost three weeks before they received my payment thanks to PayPal. But that isn't the fault of tinydeal. I ordered a phone a tablet and some cables. It received in a good packed package and are working fine. Also the site is looking good and is very easy to use imo. And of course they have very low prices!

I'm going definitely order more things in the future from this site!

New Reviewer

I have ordered 6 different orders now and they al arrived in time and complete, trust me, tinydeal will not dissapoint you
I would order in china through tinydeal just as easy as in the netherlands now, i pay with paypall , paypall is also a good site

New Reviewer

I bouht two fishing rolls for my friend in september 2013. Never arrived. They said that the Croatian customs returned the item but the tracking number said that this items never left china. I wanted to see the pictures of both packages but that was not possible because they allready unpacked them. Lame. Then they offered me to ship another two fo 8 us$. I accepted and never got invoice for that. Then i asked what happend and they offered me 35 td point for items worth 64,88 us$. That's 3,5 US$. Again lame. Today on 2nd February 2014. I insulted those thieves so hard that
even I couldn't beleive in the words I wrote. To be simple, I said that they ara plain thieves.

New Reviewer

Hey I purchased an OBD II diagnostic tool for around 50 bucks from Tiny Deal Direct. Placed order on 17th of month and received order in perfect condition on the 2nd. Free shipping from Hong Kong in about 15 days...I'll take that any day. The hand held diagnostic tool came in great packaging and once opened the tool, software, connectors and booklet all came in a zippered nylon case. Does everything advertised and more! Everyone whom has seen or used it is amazed at the value. Happy Customer,

New Reviewer

I bought an item that did not work. Their solution? Buy something else for $30 and we will send you a new one.....LMAO

Rip off artists!!

New Reviewer

They have good products and a very good shipping but the quality is not so good, i bought a pencil eyeliner and it didn't work well, I'm kind of disappointed

New Reviewer

You should stay away from this site. They offer cheap products indeed but the delivery time is awful! I am waiting for the past 8 weeks and still nothing has arrived.
Whenever I try to speak to an online representative I get the same response, please wait a few more days. That's been going on for the past 4 weeks!! not even a compensation was offered.I bought a tablet in 208$, If I do get it eventually the money I paid back then can now get me something even better.
I will never buy from them again!!

New Reviewer


At 18th Nov. '13 I complete and pay with my credit card an order (Order No. 1810029380610001063982) and I arrange postage within two weeks max. All items appeared available!
At 21st Nov.'13 TD send me e-mail for non availability of some items asking me to change my preferred items. I answer to send me initial items when available.(Remember: All items appeared available and I pay extra money for fast postage).
Till 27th Nov '13 TD try to redirect me to other similar items trough e-mails.
At 28th Nov'13 TD inform me for availability of all items except one. For this item after e-mail traffic TD refund me in TD points!!! (They take our money and give us refund of TD points!!!)
At 6th Dec'13 I receive my package but real problems just start: all items seem to be used, two(2) items was broken and charger for tablet was wrong so tablet was not possible to charge!
At 13th Dec'13 after heavy & tired e-mail traffic, photos and involve of Pay Pal I take another one refund in TD points!!!! and stay to wait for correct charger!
At 20th Dec'13 ask TD for charger's delay!
At 23rd Dec'13 TD representative ''Suzy'' answered: "We will send the charger to you again, it may take 2-3 working days". !?!?!!!!!
At 25th Dec'13 TD representative "Eleva" answered:" We are about to get it in a few days
As soon as we get it, we will send it to you immediately"!?!?!?!!!
Same day with a ridiculous message TD inform me that the charger dispatched to me with low cost post and must wait 15 to 30 days more!!!!! because of the cost control!!!(Remember: I pay extra money to have my package within two weeks!!! Customer's cost control not count for TD)
At 21st Jan'14 I receive correct? charger (after almost two and a half months!!!) but tablet's battery probably damaged from long period without charge!!!!
I demand immediate replacement of tablet with new or MY REAL MONEY BACK!!!!



New Reviewer

Attention shopper!!!

Tinydeal is always doing bad to me
i did buy 7 item and i did waiting a lots of 7 month

and when i did contact them they told me please waiting tatatatatatatataatatatat

and after more then 7 month they refund me 3 item 40%
and other 4 item 10%

New Reviewer

I have ordered form Deal Extreme for years and never had an issue so I had no real reservations about using Tinydeals as they had similar pricing and a different selection. However, over about 2 months, I had placed 5 orders and to date, almost a year later I have received only one order. I contacted their poorly named customer service and was told to wait or see if the post office would allow me to dig through their parcels, cause you never know?.... I received this same advice on three different occasions. This site is NOT recommended and they are either a total scam or so incompetent it may as we'll be a scam. I never did receive the 4 missing orders and by the time I contacted Paypal I was well past the time they would do anything about it. Buyer Beware.