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New Reviewer

TigerDirect does not honor sale prices.

New Reviewer

I've been on an intermittent boycott of since the early 2000s. Here's the thing: Their competitors continually set benchmarks for site functionality, customer service, and proactive order tracking updates. TD has consistently been behind the ball in all respects. Heck, their site still has the "look and feel" of a late 1990s website. Particularly on the back end. Looks aren't that important, but a website that looks dated often tells a story about a backend that's even more dated.

Every time I've ordered from them (and my order history shows 3 orders since 2006) time-to-ship has been slow, and updates of my order (e.g. "order processed", "order shipped", etc) have been slow as well. The site is run like they just don't care. Or they're still in a .com boom mindset of web and systems design.

What particularly irked me about my last order is this: It was a snowblower. In case you haven't tried to buy one, certain makes and models are universally sold out at this time. Well, except on TigerDirect's website. The item I wanted was listed as "Ships in 1-3 business days". That would indicate to any reasonable person that it's in stock.

What's worse, they occlude the fact that the order is shipped by a third party. NewEgg and Amazon are completely up front with who the real "seller" is, and which entity will ship the order. On TD you have to click the "details" link next to the shipping estimate to find out that it's a third party. Not knowing that, I hadn't clicked on the "details" link.

OK, shipping by a third party is no big deal. What is a big deal is non-existent inventory management integration with suppliers. It's been 12 days since my order would ship in "1-3 business days", and not a peep from TD or the third party warehouse. My order status has been stuck in "To Drop Shipper" for the entire time.

It boggles my mind why TD would want to attach their reputation to the whims of third party shippers. At the very least if they made that distinction obvious during the ordering process it wouldn't damage their brand quite so much.

I'm not officially done with this site. I've given them a chance every few years for nearly 20 years at this point, and though my orders have been intermittent, the company has been consistently lackluster.

New Reviewer

The site has really low prices on electronics, which is why I use it, however, I notice that some of the parts I get are DOA or dead on arrival. They do replace DOA parts though, so I can't complain that much. It doesn't happen a lot, but enough that it has become a nuisance in the past.

New Reviewer

Ordered a bunch of items. Most shipped right away. One item had an 1-3 day shipping estimate. It has now been over a month! Been emailing customer service for over a month. Some reps tell me it's delivered already, some say wait 24-48 hours and they'll get back to me (they do not), and some say it's backordered. They've taken my money and given me a tracking number that is for their drop shipper. Terrible customer service, it's like dealing with children under the age of 5. They can talk, but the reasoning and problem solving skill just are not there. Horrible experience.

New Reviewer

total bait and switch, and I am still dealing w them to get my money back. I bought a laptop that was suppose to have 8gb of ram and a 256GB ssd..what I got was inferior laptop w half the specs...when i tried to get the o acknowledge that the sent me the wrong item, they told i had to call sony...after repeatedly calling them them game me a rma to return the item...still no refund...

New Reviewer

Ive dealt with Tiger Direct recently and in the past. Mostly I order PC parts. They always ship them fast and its always been the correct part. They have some good prices too if you keep an eye out for a good deal. I think the problem with the low review here is that these are "squeaky wheel" folks. They are more apt to complain than people who have had good experiences like are going to compliment the company. For instance....1000 people use tiger direct and have good experiences....20 leave good feedback. The rest go on with their day. They wont look for for websites to compliment the company on. Say 100 people have bad experiences.... Those people are looking for an outlet and are VERY much more likely to find a website to complain on. Which is what you have going on here. I like Tiger Direct and have had good experiences with them. In fact I just ordered an AMD CPU from them for a great price. I use NewEgg more, but thats due to availability and selection

New Reviewer

Love this site. I'm a sucker for their tech deals. They've got me hooked on the galaxy note series. My last purchase was a galaxy tab, during their holiday specials.

New Reviewer

Tiger direct is by far and large the single worst company I have ever done business with ever. I purchased a laptop from them in August. In September, the hard drive promptly died. After taking it to a repair person I was informed that this computer was a “refurbished” laptop. Fine, right? Well apparently all the “refurbished” parts were inferior versions of the existing product, making the laptop a ticking time bomb.
But that’s not why I’m giving tiger direct a 2 star. I tried to return my laptop to get a replacement, or even just my money back. What that process looked like was this.
Step 1. Go to the website, contact company. Be told that is not something they do.
Step 2. Contact BBB. Exchange lengthy dialog via BBB resulting in tiger direct promising to send me a shipping label to return computer. 2 months after the initial conversation.
Step 3. Not get a label.
So yeah, never buy anything from Tiger Direct.

New Reviewer

first order ok second order SUCKS ,No hard drive installed. Tigerdirect needs to focus on Quality assurance before it leaves their wire house shipping.In ref to a security camera outfit BF 84500 K Guard.

New Reviewer

1) Tried to order a gift card with their Visa checkout promotion ($20 off $100). Told me I couldn't price match the processor I wanted because it was their "lowest price". Couldn't use my promo after canceling the transaction.
2) Tried to order PC memory using their own sites code. Code would not take. Chatting with support and they said they would have someone call me. No one did.
3) Ordered a flash drive at their promo price. They cancelled it saying "out of our control". Stock is out of their control?
4) Tried to get help with issue listed in #1 above. Support said they would have someone call me, no one did.
Bottom line: their prices are no better than competitors and their customer service is far worse. Why would you bother?

New Reviewer

They don't have enough support on the floor to help you and it can take several minutes before you're helped but they do have one of the best bargain deals where you can actually go in and pick it up.

New Reviewer

Simply great.

Honestly, there's not much else to say. This and Newegg are the only 2 electronics retailers you should ever bother with.

New Reviewer

I get all my electronics here, they match any internet price i find and I can get it local and right away.

New Reviewer

i bought a refurbished desktop tower for my father from Tiger Direct. He is very happy with it and the tower looked almost brand new. Searching for specific specs made my shopping very easy. Their prices are almost unbeatable and the selection is very good. I took one star off because the site is a bit cluttered with so much information about specs, reviews, advertising, etc. Not as cleans as I'd like.

New Reviewer

I have made a few purchases from them. So far so good. Have purchased a Motherboard/CPU/Memory Combo, Cables, USB flash drive, all delivered as promised.

Store has a decent selection, good prices on computer parts. Overall a very positive experience I would recommend.

New Reviewer

I was fascinated by the positive reviews on this site especially compared to all the horrible negative reviews on other sites. Check out for all reviews in the past 3 years. I buy a lot of electronic and computer equipment. These guys are scammers - bait and switch, delete negative reviews (including mine), misleading product listings and false deals. They cheated me out of money and now won't acknowledge their false product display. I'll stay with and Amazon from now on.

New Reviewer

When I first encountered this website, I was pretty sure it was a scam. At that point, I hadn't heard of Site Jabber, which is too bad because I spent a lot of time doing extensive research on the web about TigerDirect. I was afraid it was a scam because the prices seemed outrageously cheap -- like they were trying to lure me into purchasing something and then never send it.

Well, as it turns out, TigerDirect is in fact a legitimate website, and I received my electronic cables for a pretty insanely cheap price. The website is really user friendly and well crafted. I've gotta give this one 5/5.

Hope this helps.

New Reviewer

Very organized website. I purchased a product through them and I started getting emails on the updates about my order. Providing information about my order tracking. Excellent service

New Reviewer

I have bought 30+ things from Tiger over the years. They are my go to site for all things computers. They even have video games now too.

New Reviewer

As a Tech and small business owner Tiger Direct is my go to store. They have a knowledgeable staff, courteous, 98% of the time items are in stock and convenient. They get a thumbs up from me.

New Reviewer

Bought a Acer computer from them and they "give" you a free gift of anti virus protection for 6 months. Then a recurring credit charge occurs afterwards to continue to get the anti virus software. They give no realistic way to cancel the recurring charge as they require the serial ID number from the retail packaging of which I never had as it was directly put on the pc. No other way to cancel the charge or get a refund. I won't do business with them ever again. If you do, make sure you uncheck their free gift of anti virus software.

New Reviewer

Not a bad site for computer parts, prices are about average. Still lower than Best Buy, but slightly higher than Newegg. I have not had any problems with this site. Would reccomend.

New Reviewer

Good customer service. Parts are good. Nothing to write home about. They do have a good return policy. Warranty is handeled well.

New Reviewer

My husband bought a refurbished laptop from them. Saved us money and it's like new. Good pricing compared to best buy.

New Reviewer

At you can always find great deals. I get calls from "one-source" IT suppliers who want to do all my research for me and then save me money. Nine times out of ten they can at best match the tigerdirect price, but most of the time tigerdirect is a much better value. Buying and shipping are a snap, and customer service is always knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. First place I shop for IT hardware, and usually the last.

New Reviewer

They have great prices and really good refurbished laptops which save money. I like buying from here.

New Reviewer

Customer service could be better, but merchandise came fast. packing material could have been better also, but nothing arrived damaged. Still OK.

New Reviewer

I recently purchased an HP computer from this site, as a friend suggested the link. The ordering process was very straight forward and I received my item very fast. I was pleased with the ease of ordering, I just had one problem, and that was they continue to send you various e-mails on using their "free" one month trial of norton or one of those other virus protection programs. I hate those programs, and the majority of times, they are placing virus's in your computer, and detecting them, and making you feel like the program is actually doing something. Other than that, amazing deals.

New Reviewer

We bought a refurbished computer and a one year extended warranty. One week before the warranty was to expire the comp. completely died. We had to pay for the shipping return, but we got our complete money back that we paid for it. It was like we'd rented the computer for $15 a month. Really couldn't beat that. Only problem of course is if you don't remember to back your stuff up you will lose it. But that's one's own responsibility.

New Reviewer

Nice clean site that has great deals. I recommend them for generic electronics

New Reviewer

Placed an order..... it got indefinitely backordered (phone support says they'll NEVER get another one of the item in question) so I cancelled the order..... they are STILL sending me backorder emails, and it's been almost a year.

What a crappy site!

Apprentice Reviewer

havent had the best luck with these guys, CPUs sent with bent pins in the past, OEM stuff is packed terribly, but some of the HDDs and SDDs are a steal, perhaps worth the hassle if you are pinching pennies.

New Reviewer

This is a great electronic site to buy from. My family and I buy from here all of the time. They have great prices and great delivery time. We are always satisfied. You should try it.

New Reviewer

I heard of Tiger Direct about five years ago.In July of 2008 I ordered a laptop computer from them.It arrived the next morning.Works great,no problems with it.Since that time I have purchased other electronics.Not once have I had any reason not to be pleased with service or quality of their offerings.I now have a 60" Sony TV from them.They are the best retailer I have ever done business with.

Apprentice Reviewer

For the past 10 days now I have been unable to access this site,
sometime ago, a case was filed in the course,
I don't know the result,
but I think I care either!!!!
did I just say that,
guess I did there are many online stores,
I can shop from

New Reviewer

I used this website in building my PC. they are hit and miss with their prices, but do have a very large selection, and categorize their merch really well which makes it easy to find what you looking for.

Their barebone kits are also very helpful to get you started.

New Reviewer

i bought a refurbished i touch for $160.00 it lasted 3 months. now i'm out $160.00
don't buy from tiger direct

New Reviewer

Set up an account and placed an order with next day shipping on a Thursday. Within an hour I received a call from them stating I needed to verify my address, The CSR then did some kind of search on my address and said I had to verify by calling him back from the number he found listed as my address, which was the number to my neighbors apartment which is listed at the same address as mine. I explained to him that this was not my number, and he started insisting that it was. After pissing me off for a few minutes with this stupidity. He finally said there was another way, he insisted I give him my social security number! He finally "released" my order and I asked him to verify it would be here on friday, and he said it WILL be there tomorrow. UPS is now telling me it will be here Monday. I will never order from them again. They don't know what they are doing, they insult their customers. and allow you to waste your money on shipping when they can't deliver what they promise. Total fail in my book.

Apprentice Reviewer

No Problems, it's realizing do you need the stuff, most of it is useless, until you hit the right day!!

New Reviewer

Tiger Direct always has great prices on items I need for my computer repair business at competitive prices. Shipping is fast, everything is very straightforward. The one time I had a problem (UPS smashed the package to smithereens) they were completely responsive and arranged for a replacement item to be sent via 2-day air. Definitely a website I have on bookmark!

New Reviewer

Tiger offers you good prices, good products, presales assistance, FAST, FAST shipping, and definately after the sale backing when needed. If you feel that anything is not 100% to your satisfaction, pick up the phone and Tiger will make you happy!!! This a company you can buy from with confidence and trust! Same company as CompUSA.

New Reviewer

Bought a supposedly new Plantronics Bluetooth Headset and when I received it, you could tell it was used. When I called, they were supposed to send out a label for me to return it, which I never received. After waiting so long and it was never sent, I decided to try it out, and it didn't work. Needless to say, by that time they said it was beyond their return window. Obviously it was used and that is probably why they had received it back in the first place.

New Reviewer

Being a computer professional, I often find myself looking for great deals on relevant technology. Tiger Direct it a great place to start! Shipping, price and customer service are top-notch. Many items qualify for free or reduced shipping. I have used them dozens of times and have never had a single problem.

New Reviewer

This website is great. You may be able to find the stuff on here for cheaper at other stores, but if you live in the Midwest near their Naperville, IL warehouse, the speed at which you receive your items compensates for it. I usually get my items either the next day or two days later, as long as I order by 4 p.m. CST, with their regular shipping.

New Reviewer

This website always has excellent prices and great service. It is my "go to" website of choice for anything pertaining to computers. They don't always have a huge selection in stock, but they usually carry something close to what you need. They have an outlet store located in Raleigh NC and I used to shop there all the time. Can't say enough good things about this seller!


I just bought a new computer monitor on this site for a very low price compared to other major electronics retailers (Best Buy, Amazon, etc.). I used Google Checkout to buy it, so I didn't have to give the website my info, and everything came as ordered in slightly less time than they promised. The site's a bit of a mess, but overall it was great experience. What I can't vouch for is Tiger Direct's customer service because I didn't have to deal with it. But if you're looking for a deal on electronics, this seems to be the place to go.

New Reviewer

Short but sweet. Bought form them a few times. Always got the right part I ordered and genearaly some extras in the box to say thanks. Stickers etc. Nothign worth anything of course. But seemed like a fair deal to me.

New Reviewer

Purchased an HDTV from tigerdirect. It didn't work! I called customer service and was met with an arrigant person that wouldn't let me complain to a supervisor. Return process took almost 30 days and they charged me the origional shipping.

New Reviewer

Do not buy from this website any more. They changed policy, now you can't return to warehouse, and you have to pay shipping, no matter for what reason you need to return... Also, you have to use their shipping box, otherwise, they won't credit you.

They changed their policy just to make it is hard to return, or give back your credit.

New Reviewer

Great site for the do it yourselfer. Very competetive pricing.

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