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TigerDirect reviews

71 reviews
7795 West Flagler St., Suite 35
Miami, FL 33144
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71 Reviews From Our Community

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What I can't vouch for is Tiger Direct's customer service because I didn't have to deal with it. (in 13 reviews)


The ordering process was very straight forward and I received my item very fast. (in 17 reviews)


I usually get my items either the next day or two days later, as long as I order by 4 p.m. (in 23 reviews)

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New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! They "shipped" my item to a warehouse, sent it via Purolator and somehow "lost the tracking number" meaning my product went completely missing. I was patient and waited 2 weeks. After 10 days worth of calls to try and figure out what happened to it they finally "opened a ticket number" to investigate. This took over 1.5 hours. They offered nothing except a replacement that would take over a week to arrive.

Ask Shane about TigerDirect
New Reviewer

What would I do without you TigerDirect? I would be sans technology-- and miserable. As an openly out shopaholic, technology/fashion fiend, I rely on this website for the best deals on my gadgets. Before nomorerack and all these new sale sites were around, I was buying my futuristic fun on TigerDirect. They have never let me down, they have never let me down and have always provided excellent service. When my Toshiba laptop died within three days of arrival-- they handled everything and I paid nothing. So thank you TigerDirect-- for years upon years of being awesome. Please don't ever change!

Ask Tricia about TigerDirect
New Reviewer

This is a awesome electronic site to buy from. My family and I buy from here all of the time. They have great prices and great delivery time. We are always satisfied. I recommend this

New Reviewer

Shame on me for trying to get a bargain- the laptop they sent me died within a month of getting it. It took over 3 weeks to get them to replace it. Not worth it.

New Reviewer

This company has the worse return system. I ordered from Walmart site which 3rd party sells with tiger direct. What I ordered from Walmart some how is something different than the item the warehouse ships. Still waiting for a return label so I can sent this wrong item back. Then that's when I will get a refund. But still I have no item . So I spend more money an order It Again Assuming The Warehouse Made A mistake.. Well They Sent The Same Wrong item. So now I have 2 items totalling 400$ that I never ordered no return label or address to send it to. No refund, no nothing. I will never try to save a few dollars for a good price just to get ripped off at the end

Tip for consumers: Beware tiger direct

Ask Catherine about TigerDirect
New Reviewer

I noticed a mysterious charge on my account last night and I called my credit card company to cancel my card and report fraud. I called this morning trying to see who used my card and where the purchase was going to. Not only they refused to help me with the information of the theif, they are also very rude. The person who answered my call was like " It's call FRAUD", you call your credit card company to deal with it. We are not allowed to provide information of our customers to anyone other than your credit card company. I was like, but it was my card that the theif has used, i have all the right to find out who used my card. And he said, again it is FRAUD, you call your credit card company for FRAUD.


Ask shu-huei about TigerDirect
New Reviewer

HORRIBLE! THEY SHIPPED TO WRONG ADDRESS, and held my money hostage over 2 weeks. I will be leaving negative reviews ALL OVER until they give me interest on my money they held hostage.




Ask Shawn about TigerDirect
New Reviewer

I got a cute little laptop here for myself and a mp3 player for my nephew..he loves music and was very exited to get.. Shopping was no hassle and shipping was very fast..for electronics i really like shopping here.

Ask Abigail about TigerDirect
New Reviewer

I have used the TigerDirect for the purpose of buying my laptop. And really the experience from the TigerDirect was really awesome, and also the ordering procedure was extremely directly forward and I have received the product very fast. And I’m so happy about it.anf in future also I will use this service.

New Reviewer

I used this website at time when I was building my PC. Some of the parts are functioning very well, but some of them are not good. I am not well satisfied with their service. The price is affordable.

New Reviewer

A horrible company. I have been buying from them for over 10 years. My current address and credit card number hasn't changed in 8 of those years. I even placed an order 1 week ago but I placed an order today, Tigerdirect took my money out of my account and when I checked on the shipping status later in the day, it was on hold. They didn't email me, they didn't call me. I had to waste my time and call them. I was furious. They needed to verify my information. Remember, same address and credit card information for 8 years and they needed to verify. If I didn't check on the shipping status my order it would have been on hold for how long? And they took my money? If this only happened once I might think this was an aberration but this is not unusual. It is a regular occurrence. I have spent thousands of my companies money over the years but this is it. I will NEVER buy from these people again. NEVER--EVER!!!!

Tip for consumers: Don' will bound to be disappointed. Maybe not the first sale but eventually. They treat their customers like cow paddies!

Ask Bob about TigerDirect
New Reviewer

I spent over $1,200 at this site 3 months ago and they won't even post my reviews of the TD-610 iBUYPOWER computer (fantastic!) or the benQ monitor I bought w/the warranty. My keyboard shipped defective. iBUYPOWER resolved it. But every time I call Tiger, the rep on the phone uses boilerplate "Talk-Offs" to get me off the phone as soon as possible so Tiger can keep their call volume high. It's all about production, you know? Forget the needy fool on the other end of the line. Don't ever expect Tiger to do anything for you except - Pass The Buck - & tell you that you need to take your problem somewhere else.

Tip for consumers: Shop, just don't buy. Take your make & model# to money & don't pay for shipping!!!

Ask Paul about TigerDirect
New Reviewer

Ordered an Acer laptop computer and MS Office on August 15th. Notified my bank in advance of larger than usual purchase so that there would be no delay in processing the order. Bank rep stayed on phone with me while I completed the online order to ensure that everything went through without any issues. Before being able to submit the order, there were several 'personal' questions I had to complete such as DOB, previous addresses, address where my car was registered. Unfortunately, I paid no attention to the red flag going off in my head; I just needed to get the computer ordered/delivered as quickly as possible. So, I answered the questions and completed the order. The level of personal information they require from the customer just to complete an order is highly suspect! But, hoping/thinking all was fine and the order would be shipped, I let it go. By the time I got home Friday evening (still August 15th), there was an email stating that my order was on hold because they needed additional information. There was a number to call in the email, but of course, no one is there during the weekend, so I had to wait until 8am ET on Monday to call back. When I called back, there was a ridiculous run-around by a "customer service" representative with such a thick accent, I could barely understand a word she was saying...and mind you, I teach ESL students! She had to 'call me back' at the number I was calling from. She needed to know what the ship to address was and then put me on hold (for the third time) to confirm it was what I said it was. It was all surreal! I let her know that I would never order anything from TigerDirect again and that I would do my best to let everyone I know that they must NEVER even consider ordering from TigerDirect! Continuing now; on the 19th, I get an email stating that my order has shipped. When I opened the email, I saw that it was only the software that had shipped. The computer still had not shipped. At this point, I was done with TigerDirect. I immediately completed the RA request for the software and handed it back to UPS when they delivered it on Wednesday, August 20th. On Tuesday, I called TigerDirect to cancel the order since the computer had not yet been shipped. I even got a cancellation number! That was Tuesday; on Wednesday, I receive an email that the computer had shipped!! WTH?! In the meantime, after making the call to cancel the computer on Tuesday, I immediately ordered the same computer from Ordered Tuesday...received and set up on Thursday!! No hassles! The computer from TigerDirect has still not arrived (been a week now). Since you can't get a RA on their website for the computer, I called and spoke to someone named Gabriel who gave me an RA number and said that UPS would pick it up on Monday and if it wasn't there/ready for pickup, they would return on Tuesday or Wednesday. Do I believe him...heck no! But we shall see. Planning to post this write up on as many sites as possible so that others are not subjected to the experiences I (and others here) have had to endure with this less than reputable outfit. My final words?! DO NOT SHOP WITH TIGERDIRECT…EVER!

Tip for consumers: Don't do it! There are way too many sites that have great deals without amassing all of your personal information and then still not coming through.

Ask BJ about TigerDirect
New Reviewer

First off, I had to spend an hour on the phone with an incompetent and unhelpful service rep to wrangle the $150 Surface Pro 3 student discount. Major pain. When I made my order, I thought the worst was over. Boy was I wrong.

My shipping address was different from my billing address. They made me jump through hoops for a good 2.5 hours, including conference calling my bank in on the call with their customer service rep and asking me to send them a copy of my lease as proof of residency. Not only that but they (without my permission) added the most expensive warranty onto my purchase (I was able to cancel it) and completely ignored my request for 2 day shipping, then had the gall to claim I had never ordered it in the first place (I ordered it on the phone with one of their customer service reps).

Never deal with Tiger Direct. You will be treated with no respect. After 2.5 hours of complete bull****, I ended up canceling my order. I will never order from them again. If I could give less than one star, I would.

Tip for consumers: DON'T. It may be tax free, but a few extra bucks is worth it not to deal with these jagoffs.

Ask Peter about TigerDirect
New Reviewer

I paid a premium for next day air shipping on a Tuesday night order. They estimated my delivery time to be on Friday. At 10 AM on Thursday I received the tracking information which said they shipped it ups ground and I wouldn't receive it until the following Wednesday. I contacted customer support about the problem as soon as I got the tracking info because I needed their product by Saturday. They responded to the complaint at 8 PM Saturday night.

Instead of admitting their mistake and offering a partial refund (or at least refunding me the difference between the overnight shipping rate and the standard shipping) they shifted the blame to a "third party distributor or manufacturer". I'm not writing this in haste. I've had days to be angry about this. This is merely a warning to others that rely on fast shipping.

On the contrary, I ordered some things from amazon on Friday night and will be receiving those items by Tuesday with free shipping. It appears that I wasted $20 in shipping and an additional 3 days by going with Please don't make the same mistake I did.

I've copied and pasted the response I got from's customer service department:

Hi [my email address],

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Our records show that the item is being shipped either from the manufacturer or from a third party distributor. In these cases, items may take a little longer to arrive. We advertise their availability online, based on the information we obtain from the shipper. Your shipping method is expedited and your tracking number [my tracking number] that this item will be delivered on Wednesday, 06/25/2014, By End of Day. If you do not want the item please refuse the package once it was delivered to you. we will issue a full refund back to your original mode of payment once the item is received back to our warehouse.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards,
Ronalyn Tacardon

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service! Bought a laptop,didn't work, it took me over 3 WEEKS to get a new one. problem was a bad hard drive. apparently their "vendor" had swapped out the original one with a really cheap one. Awful.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

If I could give this company more stars I would! They are great! My computer arrived within 10 days and it was packaged so well there was no damage even though it was clear it was thrown around during shipping. I did a lot of price comparing too before purchasing and they had everyone beat! I'm not very tech savvy so I asked for their help when setting it up and they gave me step by step instructions and made it very easy. I appreciated all their help and how nice the young man was.

New Reviewer

i ordered a 55 inch flat screen from tiger direct , the first thing that should be noted is that they say on there site that most orders are shipped in 24 hours , i placed my order on April 25 th , they didn't recognize the order till the 26th even throw they charged me on the 25th ,the order wasn't made to have the item picked up until the 28th ,this order was going from southern California "L.A"warehouse according to the shipping company to Phoenix Az approximately 500 miles! apparently the tv was eventually picked up on the 29th according to A.T.I. the company responsible for shipping this Television, so (shipped in 24 hours turned into 96 hours ) to be fair this was there free shipping option .. but they stat on there site that delivery is made in 5 days to 11 days when i made this order on the 25th doing my math the worst case was that it would arrive on the day of the party where it was to be presented may 5 th..a Sunday ..... i watched the shipping info and got nervous quickly when i noticed that the item didn't seem to move . "i can drive to L.A. from my home in less then 5 hours " the tracking function on the site only showed (in transit) from the 29th ,30th,31st, of April may 1, may 2nd (Friday) before the party when i checked the shipping status it showed it had arrived the night before in phx at 9:27 pm but not out for delivery?? i called the shipper A.I.T. and asked if it would be out for delivery that day and was informed that i would have to "schedule a delivery for the following Monday" i explained the situation to the person at the shipping company and asked if i could pick it up at there warehouse instead. this was at 11 am Friday may 2nd .. i was first told that there was to much fraud and that was against the "company policies " i explained the situation again to this person (who identified themselves as the dispatcher)that this was a present to be given on Sunday. i was then transferred to a manager who then told me at first that it wouldn't be a problem to pick up the item at there shipping dock but very quickly changed his mind and informed me that on this item they couldn't allow it since it had come from there L.A. warehouse and that i would have to call that facility to get permission to pick it up , i was given a number to call , when i did i was promptly told that this was incorrect and i would have to call the phx warehouse ??? i explained again the situation and what i was already told by the phx office .. i was put on hold for 15 minutes and when the gentleman came back on the line i was informed that the real problem was that the contract with tiger direct didn't allow for me to pick it up , and that the only way i could get it that day was to have tiger direct give them permission to release it to me "or for tiger direct to authorize a "same day delivery ,8 days after the order " ?? he told me that he would call and try to get that authorization , he also encouraged me to do the same saying they would respond to me faster then they would to him .. So after a total of 48 minutes on the line i was now calling tiger direct again ,i again had to speak to multiple people at tiger direct after being told that i was talking to the wrong people or they didn't understand the problem and referred to call the shipper ,( running me around in circles ) i would explain who i already talked to and what all other parties had said .. each time i was put on hold and or transferred to a different department (i should explain i run an auto repair facility for a living and was trying to do this while dealing with the buiss. at hand ) tiger direct would put me on hold each time and i would have to wait again and again my call log on my cell showed i was on the line at least 2 hours and 15 minutes ,, the whole time i was asking to talk to a manager and each time i would be told no problem but each time i was put on hold up to 25 minutes and when a voice would return it would be the same rep , making a new excuse to why i couldn't pick this up,when he came back again i was told they would give the shipper an ok to allow me to pick it up but i would have to fill out a liability waiver they would email me ,so i waited on the line with him till i received the waiver witch stated that if there was any damage at all under any circumstance that i would have no recourse at all and i was willing to waive all warranty !!! i told the rep. absolutely not because i hadn't even seen the tv. i was put on hold again , each time the blame was put on the shipper, "almost like they forgot the prior conversation ,, this i don't doubt with the time frame between each conversation !!) finally i was told that i would have a call back from the manager at this point it was now 3:30 pm ..with in 2 minutes i received a call from a.i.t. rep saying that they where dispatching the delivery and it would arrive between 4 pm and 7:30 pm, i told them it was great it could be dispatched but that my buis. is only open till 5:30 pm. i was put on hold and when the young women came back on i was told it would be there by 5:30 pm. 45 minutes later at 4:45 pm a van pulled in to my lot with a shipper name on the side ..(my tv was there i was now happy and when the tiger direct mgr. finally did call (conveniently as the van pulled in i told then thanks for getting it worked out ,, but as soon as i hung up the driver started unloading from the van right away my assistant pointed out that the box was open already .. the driver had parked as far from the buis. door as he could . and as he removed the box from the back of his van the tv almost fell out of the bottom of the box which was also apparently open..he caught it and was able to lower the tv onto a simple movers dolly that he then used to get the tv to the front door as he approached the front of the buiss. he seemed to loose control of the dolly and the box ,and dolly bounced of the cyclone fence of the yard he tried to correct it and get it threw the door of the buis. once again pushing it right off the dolly onto the ground , for some reason he felt he had to right it back onto the dolly then try to lift it up (forgetting the bottom was unsecured ) allowing the tv to fall about 18 inches to the ground loudly , he then asked me to sign his receipt saying it was fine and undamaged !!! lol i told him i needed to look at the tv and make sure it wasn't damaged first ,this he found funny and laughed at ,, !!! this jerk that had dropped the tv 3 times in 35 feet .. when we took the packaging away from the tv it was obvious that the screen was damaged but oddly enough not where it had fallen it was damaged on the left side of the screen at about the mid point it looked like it had been hit with a hammer !!! a shatter point the size OF A GOLF BALL with fractures radiating away from it , needles to say i refused delivery , and again called tiger direct who once again left me on hold for over an hour that call log showed 1 hr 15 minutes i was not allowed to talk to a manager and was told they would refund my money .. i explained again that this would be too late since the funds would be tied up for several days and this would be a problem since i didn't have another 750. to spend on this item . in the end i can not give the intended recipient the gift and i will not have funds returned even with them" forcing it threw " for another 7- to 10 days . thanks tiger direct and ait for ruining a birthday ..

New Reviewer

Tiger direct offers interesting price but one should expect an open return policy from a company who do not invest in local stores such as Best Buy.
However, it seems to be falling into a death hear.
I bought for $500 of equipment including a home phone system. When I received it, I immediately disliked it (mostly it was lagging between numbers) and asked to return it so I can get another one. They refused since the item was not broken. Of course I could break it but is it really what it comes to?
I am through with tigerdirect essentially because they do not understand the whole concept of online buying and let the whole risk fall into the buyer.

New Reviewer

I've been on an intermittent boycott of since the early 2000s. Here's the thing: Their competitors continually set benchmarks for site functionality, customer service, and proactive order tracking updates. TD has consistently been behind the ball in all respects. Heck, their site still has the "look and feel" of a late 1990s website. Particularly on the back end. Looks aren't that important, but a website that looks dated often tells a story about a backend that's even more dated.

Every time I've ordered from them (and my order history shows 3 orders since 2006) time-to-ship has been slow, and updates of my order (e.g. "order processed", "order shipped", etc) have been slow as well. The site is run like they just don't care. Or they're still in a .com boom mindset of web and systems design.

What particularly irked me about my last order is this: It was a snowblower. In case you haven't tried to buy one, certain makes and models are universally sold out at this time. Well, except on TigerDirect's website. The item I wanted was listed as "Ships in 1-3 business days". That would indicate to any reasonable person that it's in stock.

What's worse, they occlude the fact that the order is shipped by a third party. NewEgg and Amazon are completely up front with who the real "seller" is, and which entity will ship the order. On TD you have to click the "details" link next to the shipping estimate to find out that it's a third party. Not knowing that, I hadn't clicked on the "details" link.

OK, shipping by a third party is no big deal. What is a big deal is non-existent inventory management integration with suppliers. It's been 12 days since my order would ship in "1-3 business days", and not a peep from TD or the third party warehouse. My order status has been stuck in "To Drop Shipper" for the entire time.

It boggles my mind why TD would want to attach their reputation to the whims of third party shippers. At the very least if they made that distinction obvious during the ordering process it wouldn't damage their brand quite so much.

I'm not officially done with this site. I've given them a chance every few years for nearly 20 years at this point, and though my orders have been intermittent, the company has been consistently lackluster.

New Reviewer

The site has really low prices on electronics, which is why I use it, however, I notice that some of the parts I get are DOA or dead on arrival. They do replace DOA parts though, so I can't complain that much. It doesn't happen a lot, but enough that it has become a nuisance in the past.

New Reviewer

Ordered a bunch of items. Most shipped right away. One item had an 1-3 day shipping estimate. It has now been over a month! Been emailing customer service for over a month. Some reps tell me it's delivered already, some say wait 24-48 hours and they'll get back to me (they do not), and some say it's backordered. They've taken my money and given me a tracking number that is for their drop shipper. Terrible customer service, it's like dealing with children under the age of 5. They can talk, but the reasoning and problem solving skill just are not there. Horrible experience.

New Reviewer

total bait and switch, and I am still dealing w them to get my money back. I bought a laptop that was suppose to have 8gb of ram and a 256GB ssd..what I got was inferior laptop w half the specs...when i tried to get the o acknowledge that the sent me the wrong item, they told i had to call sony...after repeatedly calling them them game me a rma to return the item...still no refund...

New Reviewer

Ive dealt with Tiger Direct recently and in the past. Mostly I order PC parts. They always ship them fast and its always been the correct part. They have some good prices too if you keep an eye out for a good deal. I think the problem with the low review here is that these are "squeaky wheel" folks. They are more apt to complain than people who have had good experiences like are going to compliment the company. For instance....1000 people use tiger direct and have good experiences....20 leave good feedback. The rest go on with their day. They wont look for for websites to compliment the company on. Say 100 people have bad experiences.... Those people are looking for an outlet and are VERY much more likely to find a website to complain on. Which is what you have going on here. I like Tiger Direct and have had good experiences with them. In fact I just ordered an AMD CPU from them for a great price. I use NewEgg more, but thats due to availability and selection

New Reviewer

Love this site. I'm a sucker for their tech deals. They've got me hooked on the galaxy note series. My last purchase was a galaxy tab, during their holiday specials.

New Reviewer

Tiger direct is by far and large the single worst company I have ever done business with ever. I purchased a laptop from them in August. In September, the hard drive promptly died. After taking it to a repair person I was informed that this computer was a “refurbished” laptop. Fine, right? Well apparently all the “refurbished” parts were inferior versions of the existing product, making the laptop a ticking time bomb.
But that’s not why I’m giving tiger direct a 2 star. I tried to return my laptop to get a replacement, or even just my money back. What that process looked like was this.
Step 1. Go to the website, contact company. Be told that is not something they do.
Step 2. Contact BBB. Exchange lengthy dialog via BBB resulting in tiger direct promising to send me a shipping label to return computer. 2 months after the initial conversation.
Step 3. Not get a label.
So yeah, never buy anything from Tiger Direct.

New Reviewer

first order ok second order SUCKS ,No hard drive installed. Tigerdirect needs to focus on Quality assurance before it leaves their wire house shipping.In ref to a security camera outfit BF 84500 K Guard.

New Reviewer

1) Tried to order a gift card with their Visa checkout promotion ($20 off $100). Told me I couldn't price match the processor I wanted because it was their "lowest price". Couldn't use my promo after canceling the transaction.
2) Tried to order PC memory using their own sites code. Code would not take. Chatting with support and they said they would have someone call me. No one did.
3) Ordered a flash drive at their promo price. They cancelled it saying "out of our control". Stock is out of their control?
4) Tried to get help with issue listed in #1 above. Support said they would have someone call me, no one did.
Bottom line: their prices are no better than competitors and their customer service is far worse. Why would you bother?

New Reviewer

They don't have enough support on the floor to help you and it can take several minutes before you're helped but they do have one of the best bargain deals where you can actually go in and pick it up.

New Reviewer

Simply great.

Honestly, there's not much else to say. This and Newegg are the only 2 electronics retailers you should ever bother with.

New Reviewer

I get all my electronics here, they match any internet price i find and I can get it local and right away.

New Reviewer

i bought a refurbished desktop tower for my father from Tiger Direct. He is very happy with it and the tower looked almost brand new. Searching for specific specs made my shopping very easy. Their prices are almost unbeatable and the selection is very good. I took one star off because the site is a bit cluttered with so much information about specs, reviews, advertising, etc. Not as cleans as I'd like.

New Reviewer

I have made a few purchases from them. So far so good. Have purchased a Motherboard/CPU/Memory Combo, Cables, USB flash drive, all delivered as promised.

Store has a decent selection, good prices on computer parts. Overall a very positive experience I would recommend.

New Reviewer

I was fascinated by the positive reviews on this site especially compared to all the horrible negative reviews on other sites. Check out for all reviews in the past 3 years. I buy a lot of electronic and computer equipment. These guys are scammers - bait and switch, delete negative reviews (including mine), misleading product listings and false deals. They cheated me out of money and now won't acknowledge their false product display. I'll stay with and Amazon from now on.

New Reviewer

When I first encountered this website, I was pretty sure it was a scam. At that point, I hadn't heard of Site Jabber, which is too bad because I spent a lot of time doing extensive research on the web about TigerDirect. I was afraid it was a scam because the prices seemed outrageously cheap -- like they were trying to lure me into purchasing something and then never send it.

Well, as it turns out, TigerDirect is in fact a legitimate website, and I received my electronic cables for a pretty insanely cheap price. The website is really user friendly and well crafted. I've gotta give this one 5/5.

Hope this helps.

New Reviewer

Very organized website. I purchased a product through them and I started getting emails on the updates about my order. Providing information about my order tracking. Excellent service

New Reviewer

I have bought 30+ things from Tiger over the years. They are my go to site for all things computers. They even have video games now too.

New Reviewer

As a Tech and small business owner Tiger Direct is my go to store. They have a knowledgeable staff, courteous, 98% of the time items are in stock and convenient. They get a thumbs up from me.

New Reviewer

Bought a Acer computer from them and they "give" you a free gift of anti virus protection for 6 months. Then a recurring credit charge occurs afterwards to continue to get the anti virus software. They give no realistic way to cancel the recurring charge as they require the serial ID number from the retail packaging of which I never had as it was directly put on the pc. No other way to cancel the charge or get a refund. I won't do business with them ever again. If you do, make sure you uncheck their free gift of anti virus software.

New Reviewer

Not a bad site for computer parts, prices are about average. Still lower than Best Buy, but slightly higher than Newegg. I have not had any problems with this site. Would reccomend.

New Reviewer

Good customer service. Parts are good. Nothing to write home about. They do have a good return policy. Warranty is handeled well.

New Reviewer

My husband bought a refurbished laptop from them. Saved us money and it's like new. Good pricing compared to best buy.

New Reviewer

At you can always find great deals. I get calls from "one-source" IT suppliers who want to do all my research for me and then save me money. Nine times out of ten they can at best match the tigerdirect price, but most of the time tigerdirect is a much better value. Buying and shipping are a snap, and customer service is always knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. First place I shop for IT hardware, and usually the last.

New Reviewer

They have great prices and really good refurbished laptops which save money. I like buying from here.

New Reviewer

Customer service could be better, but merchandise came fast. packing material could have been better also, but nothing arrived damaged. Still OK.

New Reviewer

I recently purchased an HP computer from this site, as a friend suggested the link. The ordering process was very straight forward and I received my item very fast. I was pleased with the ease of ordering, I just had one problem, and that was they continue to send you various e-mails on using their "free" one month trial of norton or one of those other virus protection programs. I hate those programs, and the majority of times, they are placing virus's in your computer, and detecting them, and making you feel like the program is actually doing something. Other than that, amazing deals.

New Reviewer

We bought a refurbished computer and a one year extended warranty. One week before the warranty was to expire the comp. completely died. We had to pay for the shipping return, but we got our complete money back that we paid for it. It was like we'd rented the computer for $15 a month. Really couldn't beat that. Only problem of course is if you don't remember to back your stuff up you will lose it. But that's one's own responsibility.

New Reviewer

Placed an order..... it got indefinitely backordered (phone support says they'll NEVER get another one of the item in question) so I cancelled the order..... they are STILL sending me backorder emails, and it's been almost a year.

What a crappy site!

Apprentice Reviewer

havent had the best luck with these guys, CPUs sent with bent pins in the past, OEM stuff is packed terribly, but some of the HDDs and SDDs are a steal, perhaps worth the hassle if you are pinching pennies.

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Q: . I am a Technician( Not for TigerD though) and its seems to be a variety of either good experiences( provided the purchase was not refurbished) and very poor if it was, and that is odd because believe or not refurbished electronics usually catches all possible problems unless, you didn't research the item as New and what its rating was then, and if it had numerous lemon problems then(new), well steer clear no matter whether its refurbished or
Printers, refurbished is a tricky one too, if high mechanical failure is the issue no refurbishment is ever going to secure a reliable product, Imaging issues yes, that is easy to resolve, but moving parts no way! Where does the I touch fall, under what category?, well that is a bone of contention when I see people buy those big expensive ITOUCH HP all in one PC desk tops, your asking for trouble when your only bay for a DVD is built into the screen no less the hard drive, and think about this all these touch screen devices a relatively 3-4 yrs old including PDA cellular. When the First Volume of I phones comes back to refurbished( 2008-up), just think about it technology that was in its infancy at only 4 yrs ago any refurbishment is going to be sticking back in the same hardware that it was originally designed with, so it follow there would no greater improvement of life span of 3-4 yrs and if it worked with a ever changing network no less.
We forget the lessons of the 1990's when no one in right mind bought any software with a the first version Windows95 point Zero WindowsME for example or the first DVD players at $600 dollars, you just waited till they got the bugs out or price to go down, If it was 300-400 dollars 3-4 yrs ago for that I Touch and now $160 they probably bought 1000 of them for $10 dollars each,no doubt I see it on the line every day,
Bottom line visit the technician troubleshooting sites for what your are about to buy and read the posts and questions,if you see numerous" It won't turn on, Power Supply dead" or never charges battery, BIOS always corrupted, then that's a sign, or Mouse doesn't move,
If you see simple fixes like, check setting under Tools and uncheck this...and display will not flicker or needs download patch, its a chance you be okay.
The Hoot of here I'm typing this on a HP Pavilion SR1720NX , a work horse running 8 gigs of memory and a processor upgrade,I picked this jewel up reading all the fancy up grades And that is was capable of and cross reference parts that fit and worked, power supply, graphics hooked now to a flat screen with HDMI and I won't give up Windows XP till my dieing breath, even have Windows 7 on an alternate drive but it does me No good digging deep into programing guts or writing boo-table programs on USB, don't take for granted what the consumer sites claim with 5 stars, go to the technician sites and read what the repair people say.But this is still no excuse for TigerD with the level of Business they do, what would kill them to send another $10 I Touch in the mail for an exchange? and tell them that, if they throw at you " Should have bough
A: tiger will rip you off if they get the chance i orded a computer from they that i never got and they still have my money and will not give it back i have to take them to court they are not moral people
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