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New Reviewer

Cindy Fritz made a commitment to come back & clean my apt.@ the end of July so I could recover my deposit & I've called her twice in the last 72 confirm our appt.& she has not responded. I have a backup though, so I will be covered for my move-out. You should have called me to say you couldn't make it. That would be the right thing to do Cindy Fritz. You blew it!

New Reviewer

If I could have given them a lower score I would have. This web based company is the biggest joke ever. After signing up and going though all the motions I began receiving "leads" Turns out not one of them bothered to respond, actually only 2 out of the 8 leads opened my bid. I then started researching things. Before I knew it I was reading over hundreds of negative reviews/complaints about this company. They have over 150 complaints at the BBB, all over their Facebook page etc. I would strongly suggest to anyone interested in doing business with them to do your homework.

New Reviewer

I found the best cleaner I have ever had. Sherri Sherman was mature, reliable and very thorough. She worked overtime to help me get my project completed in time. My windows never looked so good...they looked brand new. She needed very little supervision and was reasonably priced. I highly recommend her.

New Reviewer

i was not satisfied with the service from dupree jackson computer repair
i paid to get rid of virus off my computer.and still had them on there and had to pay another tec to get rid of them and could not even get a refund for a job he did not even do.

New Reviewer

I think this web site has a good idea of ​​how to do business, but they are focused on their behalf and the end user which most of the times are curiosities they have about prices from businesses and individuals who provide services, the problem is when businesses pay tumbtack, tumbtack informs the client and open communication between the two, if the client decides for one company, others end up paying without results and I think it's not fair, I think thumbtack should charge a higher fee only to those who wins the contract and charge little or no charge who gains nothing but notifications to push them to buy credits.

New Reviewer

I officiate weddings and get 100% of my business through Thumbtack. You buy credits and then use your credits to bid on jobs. The website is very helpful in providing pointers for how to improve your odds and win business. If you have a service that is standard (as opposed to job specific where you couldn't deliver a price without visiting the location) then it's a great forum.

New Reviewer

I joined this site in hopes of better my business as photographer. At first i thought the site as great until i realized you cannot contact any of jobs being requested in your area they make sure to hide all contact information. As a result you pay $8.99 for 5 credits to send a quote to the costumer who seems interested in your services. You lose money on buying credits for quotes for leads they send you.
The site is rip off and should be reported to the BBB.

New Reviewer

I finished my first manuscript, and with my first completed work, I had no idea where to start with finding a reasonably priced editor. So I found I hired a woman by the name of Christine Stewart based out of Baltimore Maryland, who calls herself "The Real Writer". Well now I understand why she has to call herself that instead of people just assuming she was an actual writer, or an actual editor for that matter. She does an amazing job at selling herself as one, which was why I trusted in her to edit my manuscript. She had 3 reviews of 5 stars, and after doing some research, I took a chance with her. I paid her $800 for developmental editing of my full manuscript. This would include subjective editing for consistency, and flow, and structural improvement, as well as grammatical corrections, spelling and punctuation. After paying half of the fee up front, upon the last half of payment I should have received the manuscript with the editing marks, and the manuscript with all of the corrections made. A clean copy. What I got back was far from that. The clean copy was FULL of typos. She did not know how to format my document, which I had to correct myself. She did not finish making all of the changes throughout the document, handing it back to me and saying that I should make the corrections "for practice." She handed the manuscript back to me sooner than the deadline, but did not complete the job at an acceptable level at all. When I communicated this to her, she complained about having to leave a party early to finish the work. On another occasion she had the excuse of being sick. Overall the service was very unprofessional, and her attitude was very negative. She did not seem interested in the manuscript at all, which is fine if she didn't enjoy the story, but she should have shown interest in the work itself. As an editor, you will not always enjoy other people's work, but she is being paid to make corrections. When I gave Christine a negative review, she in turn got very nasty and made several responses in reply, using a personal email I sent to her, editing it to say things that I did not say. If you go to her page on Thumbtack, it clearly says that she has completed only 5 jobs with Thumbtack, yet she has 12 reviews in total, all except for mine giving her 5 stars with glowing reviews, which leads me to believe that she is posing as an editor, misleading amateur writers and duping them out of money. contacted me about one of the reviews I wrote, asking if I actually dealt with Christine, and because I did not reply fast enough, they told me that they had to remove my review because Thumbtack had a policy of honesty. Well I replied telling them my story, pointing out that Christine was misleading and in fact not being honest when she has 5 completed jobs with Thumbtack and 12, 5 star reviews. No answer from Thumbtack, and her lies that she put up on her page about me are still there.
If you are a new writer, desperate to find professional editing services, DO NOT trust your hard work with CHRISTINE STEWART, or with They are both a con and could care less about providing professional and honest services to anyone. Like the worse of them, they only care about making a buck.

New Reviewer

I love thumbtack! They have the best customer service and actually listens to their customers feedback.

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