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Swagbucks reviews

56 reviews
Categories: Free Stuff, Gift Cards
P.O. Box 578
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267, USA
Tel: 1-877-748-2714
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56 Reviews From Our Community

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This site is a primarily a search engine that will reward you with points for searching. (in 9 reviews)


It works great you just gotta take your time with it. (in 34 reviews)


I LOVE Swagbucks....I have gotten so many gift cards. (in 13 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I have only been on swagbucks for about 4-5 months and i have earned 6 different egift cards this is an awesome site for extra earning when you have time on your hands

Tip for consumers: Good tips are sign up for all the free offers and download the 2 apps for more earning

Ask Destany about Swagbucks
New Reviewer

I love Swagbucks. It took me a couple years to figure out how to earn on it but now that I know I am enjoying the extra money every month. I usually cash out $25 to $75 a month in Paypal gift cards which can be put right into my bank account if need be. I participate in the Encrave mainly as well as running the apps that pay to watch short videos. There are about 5. If you meet your daily goal every day for a month you get an extra 300 points. There's a second daily goal as well. It can be tedious but if you're a stay at home parent, disabled, or work part time then it doesn't hurt to run these apps while watching TV or doing other things. Always check your swagmail every day because they offer you quick tasks to earn small amounts. I have only done one pay offer through SB which took me to an offer on Living Social for a Sam's Club Plus Membership for $45 with a $20 gift card & about $20 in fresh food vouchers on top of 450 Swagbucks so I paid 50 cents for the membership! I qas rewarded my 450 SB!

If you haven't tried SB yet give it a try!

Tip for consumers: Download the apps & run them daily. You can meet your dailies with all the apps.

Ask Jennifer about Swagbucks
New Reviewer

I have earned more then $500 dollars worth of gift certificates and get them fast and easy. I have never had an issue with any certificate I have used. I also use these gift certificates to either give a gift or send the certificate directly to someone for either Christmas or birthday. I find it very easy to earn and use Swagbucks. I don't see how anyone can call them a scam .

Tip for consumers: Visit daily and you will find the Swagbucks building fast.

Ask elvira about Swagbucks
New Reviewer

Prizes come slowly or not at all. Scam artiststs. They will try everything possible so you won't get reward. Try Prizerebel LEGIT website.

Ask Dallin about Swagbucks
New Reviewer

i a member of swagbucks since august 2014 and I earned two $10 gift certificates. Its not a lot but it helps. You can cash out quickly. The bad part is most of the offer require that you buy something unless you love doing surveys which take forever to earn enough swag bucks. Overall I enjoy it but I feel there are better ways to earn money online. check out

Tip for consumers: Try to do a few of the free for 30 days offers then cancel or a cheap offer to earn more bucks. Do as many surveys or free tasks as possible.

Ask Diamond about Swagbucks
New Reviewer

I LOVE Swagbucks....I have gotten so many gift cards. It's fun to search, watch videos, play games, and shop because you know your gonna get rewarded. Love it.

Ask Bailey about Swagbucks
New Reviewer

I can't really attest to the site so much because I've barely used it, but judging by the fact that there are multiple identical reviews on here from supposedly 'different' people, I can only ascertain that the company is writing false positive reviews on here. Take a look at the reviews from saravanan p. and Liz p.

They are identical.
"I've had a great experience with Swagbucks. There are so many ways to earn Swagbucks, especially if you just put a little time in or are patient. I use the search engine and I let videos play when I'm already using my computer. I do the occasional offer (free, usually just using my email and then unsubscribing later) and if I'm going to buy something anyway I check to see if I can do it through Swagbucks. Doing surveys gets you a ton of Swagbucks. Sometimes it's frustrating because you don't qualify for any, but when you do you can rack up quite a bit of Swagbucks."

Blah blah blah. Be wary of false reviews!

New Reviewer

Why is there a need to enter the letters before getting 3 swagbucks in the videos? (Come on - it's THREE cents or less.) It seems like the company keeps trying to come up with new ways to keep its members from getting points. REALLY frustrating and a waste of time.

New Reviewer

Ordered an Amazon giftcard and verified the order (why do you need to verify the order?). It got REFUNDED. Even though I verified TWO TIMES.

New Reviewer

SwagBucks is a huge rip off. I did a credit report that I had to use my CC info for and was ripped off of 1100 SB. They purposefully don't credit you so you get stuck with a huge bill from the credit company you signed up with and purposefully take 3-5 business days to respond to your email demanding your SB to make sure you get charged for one month by the company you signed a free trial with. This is on the verge of criminal.. Would not doubt if there is a class action lawsuit in the midst for this company.

New Reviewer

swagbucks is a peice of crap they dont pay out and then give you different reasons why they dont pay out points i went through priceline and its 2 bucks per dollar first i didnt get any back then contacted customer support wich told me i would be credited within 24 hours and i wasnt replied to there messagethe same person then spouted off that i wouldnt be credited till 60 to 90 days and by 90 days they cant even do complaints more days went by so i messaged again same person then blows off somthing about stores special terms now let me remind you this is suposably a senior customer service rep giving 3 different stories as to why i didnt get my swagbucks on a reply none the less where she could of read the previous mails to at least get her story straight if this is a senior rep all i can say is wow this company is in trouble

New Reviewer

I would not recommend anymore. When I first joined Swagbucks, it was fairly decent. I downloaded the toolbar and everything was good. I did Shop & Earn and got rewarded Swagbucks with no problem. Things have gone downhill. I had to reinstall the toolbar and it took for freaking ever to get all the malware off. So instant Swagbucks gone. Shop and Earn is only given now, if I contact swagbucks between the 32nd day and the 60th day after my purchase and I have to provide all the info that used to be done automatically. Really it has become a pain in the ass.

Tip for consumers: Contact as soon as possible if you are missing swagbucks.

Ask Rhonda about Swagbucks
New Reviewer

I've been using Swagbucks for many years, and have finally given up on it. They used to be a great company, an easy to use and generous rewards site. Since they got "big" and more popular though, it's become a matter of diminishing returns. It's not a scam per se, you can earn money, it just takes much too long to do that now, in my opinion. Their rating on Survey Police is no longer very good, and I would suggest finding other sites that pay you more, with a lot less hassle.

I used to spend around an hour a day on Swagbucks surveys to make both daily goals there, plus running SwagTV overnight on my mobile. With their recent changes to the surveys it's been taking me up to 4 hours daily, on surveys alone, to make just my first goal, and it's become a very frustrating and unrewarding process.

The survey companies they use now, Peanut Labs especially, make the surveys much harder to qualify for, linking to malware sites or to "funnel surveys" that bounce you from site to site, collecting up to 20 minutes of highly repetitive demographic information, before finally indicating that you don't qualify. These surveys then give you nothing, or occasionally one SB, for all your time and trouble. I've had 2 surveys this last month alone that I completed and never got the points for as well. Personally, I really don't appreciate companies that mine my data with no rewards, or sites that support them.

Between the surveys and other activities like SBTV I've been spending an average of 5 hours every day, or 150 hours a month, on earning Swagbucks alone. At earnings of $60 a month, with that very conservative estimate of 5 hours spent a day, it nets around $2 daily, or 40¢ an hour, which is way too little money to make it worth my while to work this hard and be this frustrated any longer.

I'm done. My Wife is done. We've both addressed these issues with Swagbucks on several occasions and received the exact same canned email response, along with 25 SB to try to placate us, which was not enough compensation for all the time we both wasted. (The copy/paste response from Amanda in Customer Service there also contains a typographical error that changes the meaning of her response entirely, which is just a sloppy practice for any business.) It's always a shame to see a company stop respecting the people who make their business possible. This one used to be great.

Tip for consumers: You can skip the movie trailer videos on SwagTV mobile after 2 seconds by clicking on "done". At earnings of 2 SB for every 5 trailers, with the commercials in between that can't be skipped, it can take a lot of time each day to make your cap of 36 SB (recently lowered from 50), and it pays just pennies. I suggest doing the math to see if their meager payouts are worth your time, which is my whole point about Swagbucks, it's become a hassle and is not worth mine any longer.

Ask Morgan about Swagbucks
New Reviewer

if i had to give this website an offer within the first week of having it, it'd be 5 stars... but that's how they get you hooked. They give you lots of opportunities to earn Swagbucks at first and the site seems amazing, but then the earning opportunities drop off considerably. Very quickly its time consuming to earning a meager 1 or 2 points, and it requires 500 to do anything substantial with them.

New Reviewer

A total scam. They offer you surveys for points, then ask you the same demographic questions over and over. After 20 minutes of this, they tell you the survey is full and don't give you any points for your time. If the survey is full, why would they offer it to you in the first place? To collect your information for free, of course.

I did this for awhile and finally accumulated enough points to redeem for a reward. After I submitted the order, they inexplicably closed my account for "violating the terms of service" even though I haven't. I emailed them multiple times with no response. Stay far, far away from this company.

Ask B about Swagbucks
New Reviewer

Try the Encrave videos offered on the main page under the discover tab. I have a separate monitor I run while working at my computer and I make a nice chunk of money each month from that alone. Also Swagbucks TV.. Wont make me rich but its so worth the effort..

Perk TV another app similar to Swagbuckstv for what its worth..

I use the Swagbucks Encrave videos? I am at my computer all day so I have a second monitor and just stream them all day- its low pay? but if I do get about $75-100 a month between that and Swagbucks TV (They smart phone app- you must get that!!!).

If you try SwagbucksTV app and like it you might also like Perk TV.. same thing.. it all adds up : )

New Reviewer

I've had a great experience with Swagbucks. There are so many ways to earn Swagbucks, especially if you just put a little time in or are patient. I use the search engine and I let videos play when I'm already using my computer. I do the occasional offer (free, usually just using my email and then unsubscribing later) and if I'm going to buy something anyway I check to see if I can do it through Swagbucks. Doing surveys gets you a ton of Swagbucks. Sometimes it's frustrating because you don't qualify for any, but when you do you can rack up quite a bit of Swagbucks. Some days I've gotten 500 Swagbucks from surveys. If you search with Bing you can win points to get Swagbucks. Also each coupon you use from Swagbucks gives you 10 SB. If you are patient and put in a little extra effort, you will be earning SB in no time. I've had my account for a little over a month and I'm already halfway to an $100 gift card to American Airlines.
If you are want to give this site a try go to

New Reviewer

Do the surveys...It's easier to accumulate swag bucks and reach $5 quick....Use this link...

New Reviewer

The continuous need to put in a captcha while watching videos is comically bad. Get rid of it. Stop trying to hose users out of money (that's already not very much).

New Reviewer

This site is a waste of time. First their surveys disqualify you at the end. Their offers hardly ever credit. They don't reward you for being a member. The swagstakes are complete scams and actually nobody wins them. On top of all that they are the slowest sites at giving you your rewards and over time they have even gotten slower. Don't waste your time go here to gift hulk. They reward you for your time and being I am a platinum customer I get my rewards some time the same day I order them. Please use my link to sign up here.

New Reviewer

Swagbucks is NOT a scam- you do NOT have to spend a dime! There are so many ways to earn swagbucks from surveys to watching videos to playing games! Yes, you CAN buy things for swagbucks- but I've never spent money on anything and I've gotten many gift cards with swagbucks I earned just playing around with the site. If you take the time to do the surveys, games, etc, it's definitely worth it but if you think you'll just be handed something for nothing this isn't the site for you. They also do many swagcodes for free swagbucks that they post on fb, Twitter, Instagram, their pages blog, etc. To boot, I've cashed in my swagbucks for gift cards and spent my e-cards on things I wanted, like clothes, and warmed back swagbucks on those purchases I made with my free money!

New Reviewer

I've had a great experience with Swagbucks. There are so many ways to earn Swagbucks, especially if you just put a little time in or are patient. I use the search engine and I let videos play when I'm already using my computer. I do the occasional offer (free, usually just using my email and then unsubscribing later) and if I'm going to buy something anyway I check to see if I can do it through Swagbucks. Doing surveys gets you a ton of Swagbucks. Sometimes it's frustrating because you don't qualify for any, but when you do you can rack up quite a bit of Swagbucks. Some days I've gotten 500 Swagbucks from surveys. If you search with Bing you can win points to get Swagbucks. Also each coupon you use from Swagbucks gives you 10 SB. If you are patient and put in a little extra effort, you will be earning SB in no time. I've had my account for a little over a month and I'm already halfway to an $100 gift card to American Airlines.
If you are want to give this site a try go to:

New Reviewer

What a waste of space! Swag bucks is terrible, the site should be renamed SwagPennies. That's all a point is worth pretty much. They try to get people to buy stuff they don't need and entice them with points. So what if you can get a few bucks out of them its not worth it save your money and don't fall for their tricks. I signed up for a few trial pay offers and seriously it took me a week to get the points for one offers after I had to send an email to Trialpay because Swag bucks wouldn't help. I tried to cancel a free trial for a cloud service online and I was told I have to call! I spent 40 minutes trying to take the surveys and every single one said I didn't qualify of it was full. I know what to and what not to say on those things to make sure I have the best chance of getting in. One of the "quick" questionnaires took me 15 minutes and I didn't get the 50 points because I had unchecked the box to allow the company to send me SPAM but I still took the full survey and got nothing! I managed to actually get enough points to use. I figured I had wasted enough time I would take my 5$ and go so I ordered a 5$ Amazon eCard...After having to verify my account by SMS then email I was told it will take up to 10 days to get. For an eCard? I had tried to change my Swag bucks to Bing rewards points just to get out of there but I was told it was a once in a lifetime option for users to exchange points and it would take 7-14 days! So I will wait 10 days for a 5$ card after getting charged 4.99 for a service I didn't want because I didn't have time to or plan to call in the first place before they billed me. Swagbucks is a joke..Don't let them get in your head with the free stuff. Want to make a penny at a time? Go pick up cans and sell them to a recycling place. It would be faster and easier than this!

New Reviewer

I make 2 dollars a day on Swagbucks by mostly watching videos, you can earn $1.50 each day just watching videos, (I open a tab and minimize the page [ctrl -] to my fitting and do whatever I want while running the videos). You can also install the SBTV app and get 50cents a day by letting the vidoes autorun (US only). Other than that you could do much more thing but those will require concentration. Like tasks and Surveys.

New Reviewer

I still use swagbucks every now and then because you can get cards for either Wal-mart or Amazon. I do like that. However, I HATE their not putting the points in and then forgetting all about them. It took a long time to get my points and I only got them coz I stopped using the site and kept complaining over and over again. That is not fair. If one uses their time and I was using it to supplement the income of our household but was doing it for NOTHING. They kept wanting this or that when there should be a better way for THEM to know one has used what they offer and to ANNOTATE. Once they told me I had to call the company. I did. The company said they showed I had done my part, swagbucks did not do theirs. They want one to use their search engine but last night after a LONG time of not using, it took 12 searches before I got points, Today I have already searched approx 8-9 times and NO points. Someone posted a block on my acct saying I lied on a survey (slander against my name) and now I can't do the REAL surveys. One is lucky if you get to do a survey on any others. They have you spend all kinds of time without letting you complete the survey at all and then used to nothing, now I think they give one point....not sure. For the amount of time one puts in, it is a rip-off. However there are a FEW that are good and where one can get points, especially if you already like and want to use those offers. I use Hulu and now Spirit clips, and Netflix so sometimes they have special offers of lots of points which gives a $5 card of choice. Those are nice. Otherwise not so nice.

New Reviewer

I've had a great experience with Swagbucks thus far. Earn a $5 Amazon giftcard about every 10 days. I love using the Swagbucks TV app for easy swagbucks (you can use this on your tablet or phone). I also use the printable coupons at the grocery store (10 swagbucks per coupon used). If I need to search for something on Google, I'll go to first and use the search function to see if I can score some more Swagbucks. I have not downloaded their toolbar so I can't comment on that feature. I hate the surveys because it always says I don't qualify after spending tons of time answering questions. But earning $15 to $20 in Amazon giftcards every month for very little work is great. Please use my referral link if you'd like to start earning gift cards today -

New Reviewer

Recently, when I redeemed an amazon card, I entered my phone number, and I didn't have my phone with me, so when I got the vertification code, IT DIDN'T WORK, AND THEY TOOK AWAY ALL THE SWAGBUCKS I HAD!!!!!!!!! I retried, because I had enough for two cards, AND IT DIDN'T LET ME GET ANOTHER ONE BECAUSE THEY WERE SONS OF B******!!!!!!! This site is a scam, and don't waste your time on it. (P.S. If you use tapjoy for premium currency in mobile games, the 100 swagbucks offer is the best.)

New Reviewer

SCAM. Hard to earn points. It takes many days to make points to claim $5 gift card, it takes another week until the gift card actually arrives. And the worst of all, they close accounts before the gift card request is fulfilled.

New Reviewer

After I downloaded their Toolbar, my computer was infected with over 100 viruses. Still have not gotten rid of them all. STAY AWAY from this site, it is not safe.

New Reviewer

Terrible. They rob your time and get all their data still. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE CROOKS!

New Reviewer

If there was a neg rating, I would gladly give it.

HUGE waste of time, way to much time and effort and virus' and SPAM directed your way when you sign up for this site.

Ill personally give you a gift card myself if you can ever get to the end of one of their surveys LOL

ENORMOUS waste of time.
But if you have LOTS of time...hey have at it!!

New Reviewer

Worked great, use it every day especially for online purchases. Use my link to get started today.

New Reviewer

I had a huge problem with getting kicked off the surveys from them over and over, I Emailed their support about it and waited a long time for an answer. I finally got a reply about it, and they basically said "Tough crap, that's how we do it." And without the surveys it takes a long time to get $5, which I attained through the SwagBucks TV app on the iPhone and iPad (which had all sorts of bugs and such). I redeemed my points for a $5 PayPal gift card, it took them 10 days to Email a $5 code for Amazon. I Emailed the support asking them to change it to what I requested, and they said no. Also, if you rack up a bunch over time to make it actually worth it at all, and then they ban your account for "cheating" when you did nothing of the sort (which I keep seeing in other forums), you did all of that for nothing. It takes a long time to rack up these points, and it's quite frustrating at times. If they weren't dishonest, it would be nice to make all that extra money for online purchases and such in your free time, but alas, they are dishonest, and I am canceling my account.

I am using Bing Rewards, which can make you a little over $5 a month for online purchases, just for searching stuff on their site and it's only a short bit of time, easy, and not cheating or frustrating at all so far (I'm fairly new, about 2 months) so I would recommend it if you're looking for this sort of thing.

New Reviewer

The surveys and offers always did pay out for me when they were supposed to, there are fun games to play, and a very generous video section, but the customer service was terrible for me. I did not do anything that was against the rules as far as I know, yet they suddenly ban me one day without telling me why. I was always known for helping people out in the community as well as being very encouraging. I emailed support and posted on their Facebook page but I still never did get a response why I was banned. I'm sure it was a mistake on their part, but they could have still owned up to it.

New Reviewer

I have been using SB for awhile now and love it! At first I was skeptical but have since made over 300$ its been awesome try it out! Use refer
It will start you off with 50 free SB on your way to you first gift card with "freegiftcards"

New Reviewer

I thought I'd give this site a chance back in 2011 and since then I have kept my account open and active.

Let me just say that I do not participate in the "trusted surveys," "paid surveys," or "tasks. " Typically I"ll use the Coupons, daily poll, videos, noso, swag code, and swagbucks TV.

If you're a casual user, you can make a little bit of money (I've made about $60 in 2013), but I wouldn't rely on it for major income.

Support staff seems and has always been friendly, polite, and professional towards me and I've only contacted them twice about missing points. I received my missing points in about 2-3 days from the day I reported them and all was well. Though when it came time for me to claim my rewards it was a little different.
Paypal money was in my account within 24 hours but I ordered an optical mouse once and it took 17 days to get to my house. The cool part was that if I took a picture with it and a sign (or something like that) I could get more points.

New Reviewer

They seem to have a habit of deleting accounts for no reason. After several emails asking for an explanation, they falsely accuse you of cheating and refuse to reactivate your account. They don't even seem to read your emails, they just send copypasta emails, so trying to explain that you weren't cheating is a waste of time. These guys can't tell the difference between bots and actual people, so they could delete anybody at any time. Don't waste your time on these guys.

New Reviewer

Swagbucks is a scam don’t do it. If you want to make money guaranteed go to . I was only watching videos from swagbucks almost went over my bandwith limit so I cut down on videos. All week I cut down, in the meantime I had 2 gift card waiting. Says it may take up to 10 days witch I found was weid because it’s and e gift card, so it’s not a hard copy or anything the code should be instant. Anyways while still a swagbucks member I joined instagc. I made a 100 points pretty easy then I said I’ll try to cash out a 1$ amazon gift card to see if this site is legit. What do you know I got the 1$ gift code instant! I took the code, put it in my Amazon account and bam. Mean while swagbuck I’m still waiting on this 10 day crap. Swagbucks never even emailed me or anything also about this issues, just a pure silent deactivation. In the meanwhile I made more money on instagc doing it a few hours a day and making gift cards instant! You can even cash out a check on instagc and they post winners all the time on Facebook. There’s even a little chat you can talk with others. If you want to waste your time go to swagbucks, if you actually want to make a bit of money use my link and go to instagc I can even help you get started.

New Reviewer

Simply put, Swagbucks is a scam.
They explain in rules that you can earn up to 5 Amazon gift cards a month.
However, if you actually approach this number, they'll deactivate your account.

I used Swagbucks only for a few days, and when I finally had enough points, I redeemed it for my first gift card. Here's the catch: They don't give you gift card. You have to wait up to 10 business days before they "decide" to give you the card. And if they feel like your account is earning Swagbucks too quickly, which isn't even the rules at all, they'll deactivate it and you'll never see that gift card.

If you really want to use a site like this, I would recommend something like InstaGC, in which gives you your gift cards instantly leaving no room for scamming.

However, like I said, Swagbucks is a scam. Avoid it at all costs.

New Reviewer

*Main complaint is the Surveys not allowing completion, or credit, though they get a lot of answers they want along the way. Always some lame reason, too. About 2/3 of the surveys do this, which ends up being a huge waste of time.
No problems with pre-qualification questions denying me. But actual surveys 95% complete and ending up with "webpage not available" is a rook, by design.
As a whole, I kinda get the feeling this failure is related to "wrong" answers... meaning someone who is careful about spending is most likely to get booted.
Seems like what the survey companies want is young, dumb, big spenders who can be easily influenced to buy everything on the market. The more credit cards the better. It's all about advertising, and promoting cash flow.
*Swagbucks itself, as the BBB describes, is a small number of employees running a technically efficient hub of high-powered computer equipment, which explains poor customer service, and a very one-sided contract (Terms & Conditions) that clearly states Swagbucks can change the rules anytime they wish.

Overall, payouts take longer than expected, but they are valid. As others have said, large amounts have big problems... resulting in closed accounts... so keep track of records when using points to buy giftcards. Screenshots are very helpful when filing a claim with the BBB, and Swagbucks is immediate to fix overdue giftcard purchases. (Allow fair time, first, though. 5 to 10 business days after failure to make good, before involving the BBB in Swagbucks's locale.)

Advice: Keep expectations low, and try not to end up being a sucker.

New Reviewer

I've heard if you had a good experience you may tell one person, if you had a bad experience you will tell seven. I had a bad experience. I spent hours a day on swagbucks. I did every survey I could, I did a ton of web searches, and I watched the max SBTV everyday, and then they deactivated my account right before they were supposed to pay out my rewards. I have read this has happened to a lot of people. They, like myself, were accused of scamming swagbucks. I followed all of the rules and in no way intended to scam or cheat, but after a couple of emails to swagbucks I was informed that I did something wrong, (they told me what it might have been, but not what I did. It was a form email). I had no chance to explain myself or prove to them that I was not cheating. I did try to reply and was told the matter was closed and that they would not respond to anything else that I wrote. I now warn people that it may work for some people, but don't put in too much time or effort. They profited off of my work and all I got was accusations and form emails in return. I do still get their advertisement emails cluttering up my inbox, so they are still getting credit for me after my deactivation.

New Reviewer

I've been searching with for a number of years. The site offers a good and ever upgraded search engine maintenance. The genius of this search engine is that you get Swagbucks that can be turned in for merchandise. There are gift cards from many companies as well as other goodies you can trade your Swagbucks in for. There are a number of ways to earn Swagbucks. The easiest is to just do your web searching on the SB engine. Every day you get one SB just for logging in! During your searches they give away anywhere from six or seven SBs up to 50 or more. Again, just for searching.

They offer challenges on their web site as well. Many of them are free just for playing a game or watching some videos. Others require a purchase - and the value of that varies. If it's something you want, you're already one step ahead.

The one down thing is that occasionally - and really not often - the web site has issues to where you can't get on it, or you can't get it to to update your SB total. Generally it is fixed within a day.

I highly recommend checking Swagbucks out and find out what you can get for free.

New Reviewer

They will deactiate your account if you earn too many swagbucks. Surveys are very rarely credited. Don't waste your time!

New Reviewer

It takes time and patience, but it is definitely worth it! I have earned $20 in amazon gift cards.

New Reviewer

I was a faithful Swagbucks user for nearly a year. I thought it was great and recommended it to everyone. Occasionally I'd come across a bad review, but I thought they were just whiners who had been caught cheating the system. Imagine my surprise when I was suddenly told that I couldn't log in because my account had been deactivated. I contacted Swagbucks and tried to be polite and offered to help figure out what I did wrong but I got two very rude replies back from Allison, head of the compliance team, who told me I was a cheat and had used auto-refresh to watch videos fraudulently. I have never used anything like this - I don't even know how! - but they will not help or listen. I had over 8,000 Swag Bucks in my account at the time of deactivation. Even if you are having a great experience with the site now, be very wary of what could happen. I would've given the site five stars before, but now there's no way I'd ever consider it.

New Reviewer

Been a member for over a year and have earned $250 in Amazon gift cards, about $5 a week. One of the few sites I visit every day, some days are more fruitful than others. I would have given it a 5 but I too have had issues with surveys giving me the boot after a lot of work. All together a great site, love that referrals are only a plus not a requirement.

New Reviewer

Not a totally bad site. It is legitimate and you can get free stuff by earning "swagbucks" which are then turned in for various prizes.I have gotten several $5 Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks, which in my opinion are the best value. You earn swagbucks by doing searches using their search engine, watching videos and taking surveys. they do occaisionally toss some random codes in their blogs or on the website or FB page. However I found that unless I was on the site ALL the time it took a really long time to earn anything.I also agree that being told 1/2 way into a survey that you don't qualify is completely annoying. So if you have a lot of time on your hands, this is a legit and decent site....if not, there are better ways out there to get free giftcards and get paid for surveys.

New Reviewer

Yes, you can make small amounts on Swagbucks...BUT it takes much longer on this site than on others I've used. If you have a lot of time to waste, this is the site for you. Personally, I am resenting completing chunks of a survey, THEN being told I don't qualify.

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Swagbucks is on of the best sites I've signed up for. They pay in swagbucks, and have several ways of earning these. Daily surveys, opinion polls, shopping, searching, swagbucks tv, and tons of others. Just by downloading their toolbar, and using them as my search engine, I have received swagbucks daily, sometimes only a few, and other times I've received up to 50 swagbucks. I've qualified for a few of their surveys, and I always do the daily poll which gives you 1 to 3 swagbucks. Swagcodes are also a way of earning, these are not easy to find, at least not for me. I've only found 1 or 2 of these. Swagbucks can be redeemed for several prizes. So far I have cashed them in for $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards. For every 450 swagbucks you can get a $5.00 gift card. I have received 7 of these so far. There are so many ways of earning here, it's hard to list them all. Definitely a site worth checking into though.

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look for something and get points

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Q: Does anybody know anything about My daughter downloaded the toolbar. It offers "bucks" which can then be redeemed at thier swagbucks store. Is this legit, or should I just disable and remove the toolbar?
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