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Review of Swagbucks

Swagbucks reviews

147 reviews
Categories: Free Stuff, Gift Cards
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Manhattan Beach, CA 90267, USA
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147 Reviews From Our Community

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I don't know what would happen to me if Swagbucks and their free gift cards were not there. (in 35 reviews)


They have always been nice to me and great customer service. (in 16 reviews)


For the first year and a half, I was very dedicated to the site; spending most of my internet time on the site. (in 75 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I love Swagbucks. The payouts are low for things like watching shows and commercials, but I've found the surveys are fun and pretty high paying. There are also high payouts for things like groceries or simply downloading apps. But the best part of this company is their customer service. They respond within hours and always leave me happier with the company than I was before.

Ask madison about Swagbucks
1 review
0 helpful votes

Swagbucks just close your account without any reason if you have lot of cashback in your account.

Ask lily about Swagbucks
1 review
0 helpful votes

All in all, it's a good site. However, today I had to complain twice. 1st time, 100 points didn't get credited. 2nd time, the survey site got all the info they needed, then they gave a task to perform that was not able to be done. It totally stopped the survey after an hour answering their questions. Avoid the liquor survey if it comes up. I've had several other minor issues that have arisen over the last 2 weeks, but its getting to be a major problem now.

Ask ALLEN about Swagbucks
1 review
0 helpful votes

Love the site, Got to learn how to use site but realise.....................Rome wasn't built in a day

Tip for consumers: I tend to look at reviews about sites before going on them . I think this is an especially good tip

Ask Susan about Swagbucks
1 review
8 helpful votes

They're basically stealing from you. You complete a survey and they don't pay. All the good ways to earn are gone. They say they "love" the president but they're not ethical like him. I've started to contact vendors for whom the surveys are about and explain to them why I won't be buying their products. If I could rate them a zero I would and not lose any sleep. Any good rating you see about them is either a sheeple or a bot.

Ask allen about Swagbucks
1 review
4 helpful votes

I've been on the site for quite a while now and actually have gotten well over $100 in gift cards from random activities. One of the best ways to earn points is the shop and earn section however this has been in steady decline lately. For most of your purchases, it will never show in their register. If you contact their support, they will start off saying you need to give them 30 days for it to show. After 30 days, they say to give it 60 days then 90 days, etc. It used to be that they would resolve this quickly but now they just want to push it off and not give you the points you earned from basically giving them free marketing information on you, mostly likely hoping you forget to follow back up so they are off the hook. Their customer support has really gone down. I'm getting my last few purchase points, cashing them in and I'm done with Swagbucks. I really wouldn't recommend anyone joining at this point and wasting their time with Swagbucks since their customer service has gone to basically saying to just wait it out for nothing to happen instead of actually addressing a problem.

Ask Notmy about Swagbucks
1 review
9 helpful votes

You can earn a lot more working in a sweatshop. People defend this company so much and they're thrilled to spend their whole days slaving away with surveys they get disqualified for at the last question and not get paid anything. Stingiest and greediest rewards program on the internet. Go to the beermoney subreddit on reddit and find dozens of other better ways to make money on the internet than Scambucks.

Ask Alexander about Swagbucks
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been doing swagbucks for about a week. I have already earned enough swagbucks to get a 5.00 amazon card and a 3.00 amazon card. If you want to earn enough to get gift cards you have to spend a decent amount of time on there. A person cannot do just one survey or offer and expect to get 500.00 in gift cards. It is just not going to happen. Expecting this site to be your total income for the month is ignorant. If you just want a few extra bucks to buy someone a present or buy yourself something, then it is a good site. To try and make a career out of it, you would need to be on there 24/7.

The only bad thing I have noticed is like someone else stated, I filled out a bunch of questions, then the page says: sorry you don't qualify. I would prefer they just send me surveys catered to my profile instead of wasting my time. I also signed up for a free trial to something and the reward should have been 236 swagbucks and it has been 3 hours and I still don't have them. I also donated 9.00 to the wildlife foundation and the reward for that is 1500 swagbucks, and I have not received those yet either.

Bottom line is, everything you do on the internet is a gamble when you are trying to get free things. Sure they gave me 800 swagbucks previously, but I can almost bet that I will not see any from the two things that I paid for. If that is the case, I will continue to use swagbucks. However, I will not pay one penny for any trials on there or support any causes on their site ever again. I will only do their surveys and watch videos and eventually it will add up. I do not blame them for my decision to pay for those things in the hopes of getting swagbucks. I do however, think that is false advertising.

Ask kelly about Swagbucks
1 review
12 helpful votes

They've made it harder to earn as many SwagBucks as you once could, which is stupid, since three-fourths of the offers don't credit you after you complete them. From what I've heard, the general consensus is that customer service is a total joke and even giving them screenshots as proof won't do anything. It's also very difficult to qualify for just one survey, even though you have to complete a detailed profile before taking them. It was frustrating, disheartening and just not very fun. There are sites lie it out there that are superior in almost every way; I suggest you look for one of them.

Ask Juan about Swagbucks
1 review
10 helpful votes

I spent a few hours on the Swagbucks website and earned about 500 points. So part of their deal is they promised I could trade in these points for gift cards. When I traded in 300 points for a $3 Amazon gift card, the website had no problem taking away my 300 points but getting the verification button to work was impossible. So I just lost all of that work without a cent to show for it. Stay away from Swagbucks, it is no good.

Ask Sara about Swagbucks
1 review
10 helpful votes

This is a ripoff. One month of hard work ended in 243 swag bucks = $2.43. Most of the surveys started with a list of 6-7 items with the question what items have you heard of. The first two always always were nonsense. I would answer the question and get a you qualify message. I would click to start. I would get a bummer screen ending my partipation. Sometimes I would answer 10-15 questions and then the bummer screen. .
Under the question area would be a ad like get a year of cosmetics for free. Ha! These are sales pitches. One time I answered a question about car insurance. Immediately my phone rang nonstop from companies wanting to provide quotes.

Based on the way the system is rigged, you can't earn even $5 a month.

Ask Butter about Swagbucks
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Surveys video's lots of ways to get lots of points I see people on here do not know what there doing made $1000's of dollars if they wanted get get rid of someone making to many points I would be gone long ago. SWAGBUCKS IS GREAT

Ask james about Swagbucks
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

I've used this in the past and it was fine, but I guess my old login credentials were deactivated. So I used a new email address and password to register. Wouldn't take it. 2nd try it said an email already exists so I tried to login again and this time it said my account was deactivated. All within a few minutes.

Ask Cadence about Swagbucks
1 review
6 helpful votes

I bought items at Walmart twice, spent $200 just in one transaction then says that my pending sb will be credited in about 30 days which is just fine then after a week I can't see the pending anymore so contacted and sent an email informing bout my pending sb, customer service replied saying to check my account if I'm using the right account, nothing related to my question then i sent another message again explaining my side so they replied again, the same reply. I regret wasting my time so please don't waste yours!!!

Ask Cherry about Swagbucks
1 review
11 helpful votes

They will find an excuse to close your account if you make a lot of dollars in gift cards even if you are playing totally by their rules. My brother had several hundred dollars worth in shop and earn credits and they didn't pay him and then when he complained about it they shut his account. The put on this " "We are liberal green diverse socially concerned company who loves the president and any one who doesn't is evil" face but like many companies I have found like this have ZERO ethics. If you use this site don't try to hard and don't make waves when they screw you.

Ask Tip about Swagbucks
1 review
24 helpful votes

Been a SB member for close to a year now and have only qualified for one survey, out of the numerous I've attempted. Usually after answering a few basic preliminary questions about myself I get booted out and told I don't qualify, but am paid one Swagbuck for attempting the survey. However, quite frequently I'm allowed to answer part or even most of the survey before I am booted, which is crap because they'll still have all my answers up to that point. This morning I completed an entire survey and was told "that's all the questions we have for you!" before being redirected back to the main SB survey page where I was met with the message "Sorry, you do not qualify for survey #------". WTF??? They're doing nothing short of stealing from me, by taking my information for market research and refusing to pay what I was told I would receive for my time. AVOID.

Ask Daniel about Swagbucks
1 review
4 helpful votes

So easy to get FREE gift cards. Totally legit.

Ask faye about Swagbucks
6 reviews
15 helpful votes

I love this site. This isn't any ordinary survey site. You get to do a bunch of activities that make up about 5-30 minutes of your time before you meet your "daily goal". There's also an easy point system. Each point earned is worth about .001 cents. Meaning you need 2500 points to make 25 dollars. Before you say the threshold is too high, know that it's incredibly easy to make 100 points a day in under 20 minutes. Just by taking 1-2 surveys, the daily poll, and entering in the daily swag code, I make over 120 swagbucks. Even its title of currency is addicting. Now 120 a day can easily turn into 2500 in under 3 weeks, so you're looking at an easy 50 dollar payment a month, or about $600 a year.

I almost forgot about this site until one day I absolutely got sick of another survey site I was on that was harder to earn money on a consistent basis (plus it nicely taxed the money I earned at the end), but when I did get back on here from my 2 week hiatus, I was immensely satisfied. Hopefully you will too.

I will say that I haven't yet cashed out, but I am less than 500 "bucks" away from being able to, which I can breeze through in 2-3 days. Cross my fingers.

Ask ingrid about Swagbucks
1 review
12 helpful votes

Don't trust this company. It's a scam pure and simple. didn't want to pay me.

Ask Michel about Swagbucks
1 review
19 helpful votes

Went to log in and found out my account was deactivated. Contacted support and they replied with this account was closed for exceeding the one account per person policy. I have only ever used/registered one email address and am the only one who uses the account. I do not understand how they determined this. I was using the account that morning and then all of a sudden it was deactivated. Still no reply back about this matter. I now have $25.00 pending, and cannot access my account. I am left feeling angry, confused and ripped off. Total waste of time.

Ask Colin about Swagbucks
6 reviews
65 helpful votes

The other posts have hit on all the big complaints with this site so I'll just do a brief point by point of what went wrong for me.
1) Survey system is a joke--promises high point payout, so you click, spend 5 or 6 mins. answering 'screening questions' then get told you don't qualify. Out of 25 surveys, I didn't qualify for any.
2) Videos--Are you kidding me? 3-5 points for watching up to 20 -25 minutes of sometimes racist and/or sexist content. On a 3 pt queue, I had 3 videos at least 8 mins and one OVER 15 MINUTES. For 3 points. Are you kidding me?
3) Pretty much the only way to make a lot of points is spend money at their affiliates so that company gets your money, swagbucks makes referral money and you get a few points. Big whoop, easy to see who's coming out of that deal smelling like a rose.

Ask Jen about Swagbucks
1 review
25 helpful votes

I used to get loads of gift cards on Swagbucks without spending my life on the computer. My friends and I used to compete to see who could get the most points. At this point I don't see how I could even meet the daily goal without spending all day on the computer. At this point I think I would have to spent 12 hours to make a dollar. Not worth the effort.

Ask Lynn about Swagbucks
1 review
19 helpful votes

Do Not use Swagbucks my gift cards plus, unless you enjoy giving interest-free loans. They take $$ out of your account immediately but don’t deliver any goods for Days

Ask c about Swagbucks
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

Not sure what some of the complainers are talking about, this has been the best rewards site of late for me. FAR better than MyPoints or Shopkick. I have qualified for plenty of surveys lately, it goes in streaks. Yes, the companies sponsoring them may want specific answers to fit their needs, that is life. They offer more survey opportunities than most. I rack up well over 100 swag bucks a day, with little effort. Good site as far as I am concerned.

Ask Jim about Swagbucks
1 review
18 helpful votes



Ask Mrs about Swagbucks
1 review
26 helpful votes

Spent a lot of time TRYING to do the surveys. I have made over 10 attempts to fill out just ONE survey WITHOUT success! Most times they said I did not qualify, other times they said the survey capacity was full, and the last one (this really was the tip of the iceberg) I got through 90% of the survey and they gave me a message saying "you were filling out the survey too fast, and we didn't save your answers". Uhm, really??? I just spent 15 minutes of my time filling out very detailed information. I believe they just stole my time and answers and I got nothing for it. TOO MUCH WORK - NO PAY.

Ask Merissa about Swagbucks
1 review
16 helpful votes

Been using swagbucks for over a year. You now have to watch more videos just to get 1 or 2 points. And quite often there are several surveys to answer, but when you click on them they are unavailable.
Having said that I'm still quite happy, as the points build up slowly and they do pay out quickly when you claim rewards.

Ask Kay about Swagbucks
1 review
14 helpful votes

Small or no reward for a lot of your time. Acct deactivated with Gift cards pending. Rip off!

Ask KLM about Swagbucks
3 reviews
20 helpful votes

site continues to get worse and worse, now is impossible to contact anyone on new forms, keep asking for all ready answered info, just continues to reject. It has nothing to do with customer satisfaction and all about SB not wanting to have contact. They continue to make all aspects of earning points into a huge chore not enjoyable. If Canadian pay in Can$ used to be us, just one of the many ways they have screwed people around. I would suggest look elsewhere as this site will just waste your time and piss you off.

Ask MICHAEL about Swagbucks
1 review
18 helpful votes

Swagbucks helps me to buy food every month, as well as shoes and clothing. I don't know what would happen to me if Swagbucks and their free gift cards were not there. It's true that even a little help can go a long way and I'm proud to tell everyone about SWAGBUCKS!

Ask Glenda about Swagbucks
4 reviews
25 helpful votes

I been using swagbucks for quite some time and I will have to say every negative thing said b4 my post is very much true about them. My very first $25 gift card order my account was deactivated. I got lucky and was able to sort it out (it was radio loyalty offer that caused my problem) I have since abandoned radio loyalty because not only was my account deactivated from using that offer but they never gave me my points for it, they instead explained it away and screwed me over. NGAGE is the same way screen shots every time it completes or u will find yourself shorted tons of points that they will never reimburse. Don't do the surveys 1. you will get tons of telemarketers on your phone and sending u trash mail. 2. You will most likely waste a half hour of your life with no personal gain. They revamped the site not to long ago and trimmed points drastically, you will be working hours for pennies, people working in sweat shops make more money. The customer service went from bad to worse since that revamp. Shop and earn has invisible stipulations attached to it, you gotta buy "specific" things but as much as I have attempted that I have yet to find a single item type that they actually approve. All that has ever gotten me is excuses from them as to why they aren't going to credit my account. I have canceled my amazon account and created a new one as a result of those efforts, I don't trust them enough to have any attachment to that or paypal. All I get from them is wal mart gift cards that amount to toilet paper and various household goods. Lots of flags for virus riddled content from avast. If your not somewhat savvy on how to remove viruses this is not the site for you, they will never pay u enough to put your pc in the shop. As for those ppl saying you are getting "FREE" gift cards... your brain damaged, they are not just handing them over. You are spending your time, (which is not adequately compensated by their current payouts) effort, and taking huge risks with your computers health to acquire these gift cards. That is if your lucky enough to not get your account deactivated b4 u can actually cash out your gift cards. I never let my points get above a $50 gift card and rarely do i push it that far. I know they are crooks they have proved that to me over and over again but I got free time and know how to remove viruses, so I risk it for the biscuit.

Ask Skyler about Swagbucks
1 review
17 helpful votes

They used to be good. Most of the time, I answer their surveys while loading their videos. It used to be 3 videos=1 swagbuck. But now, they SUCK BIG TIME. 8 videos for 1 swagbuck? are you serious.And now, the videos take a long time to play before you can earn a star or something in order for you to progress. And their ads there are very annoying!!!

Ask Kiten about Swagbucks
3 reviews
15 helpful votes

12 + hours a day for maybe $3. That's what it comes down to. Half the videos don't credit. Surveys don't credit or you're DQ after completion. Poor site staff that lie to save pennies. Minimum daily goals have increased.They do pay if and when you can cash out. It was a great site to make some extra money. Now, just a typical American scam site. But they do pay.

Ask Philip about Swagbucks
1 review
14 helpful votes

It takes awhile to earn enough points to get a reward, but that isn't really too bad. Whats terrible is that everytime theres an issue with swagbucks I earned not posting to my account and I reached out to customer service they did nothing but explain it away... there should be no explanation; if it said I get swagbucks for shopping here I except to get them after the 30-90 days it takes to credit to your account but not once did they ever apologize or try to make it right with me... to me a company is worthless if their customer service cannot back them up.

Ask Brittany about Swagbucks
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Ask Rebeca about Swagbucks
8 reviews
15 helpful votes

Swagbucks is a fun way for me to earn a little. Most things work well for me. My timing is often off for codes. They seem to be offered whenever I go shopping or do household chores. Maybe I should give that up?? LOL The only thing I really miss out on is the mobile codes - can't get them with my phone. All in all a really good site!!

Ask Jane about Swagbucks
1 review
9 helpful votes

I can hardly get anything to work. Half the things I tried for points didn't credit new anything. Their Swag codes don't work. Can't get the swagbuvjs button to install. Surveys aren't compatible with mobile or tablet devices (get with the times!), etc etc. I've been frustrated every time I try to do something. Not impressed. The concept is awesome but their technology sucks.

Ask Kristen about Swagbucks
10 reviews
33 helpful votes

They have always been nice to me and great customer service. I would recommend swagbucks to anyone.

Ask BRANDON about Swagbucks
1 review
48 helpful votes

I had 3 months not problem with swagbucks ,but this time after working so damn hard about 10 days to earn over 9500SB before I ordered a gift card they deactivate and block my account!

Ask nina about Swagbucks
1 review
7 helpful votes

This is one of the best sites I have ever used for extra cash. Tank you!

Ask Arus about Swagbucks
8 reviews
39 helpful votes

This website frustrates me so much. Half of the surveys they have me take they say I don't qualify for or that the survey has reached its limit, yet I'm not told that until I'm halfway through. Tonight I had spent 20 minutes on a survey and then it said I didn't qualify for the thing. The only reason I use this site is to get the giftcards. They are nice to have but the time you take to get one isn't worth it. Each swagbuck is basically worth a penny.

Ask Savannah about Swagbucks
1 review
33 helpful votes

Unofficial investigations have proven that Swagbucks will deactivate any account(s) without notice and accuse any member they want for non-compliance without any need for proof on both sides of those involved. This leaves the user surprised and confused as their was no explanation and reason for their account removal and to initiate contact to Swagbucks regarding the problem(s), which is a very outdated style of support. After a member(s) account is deactivated for their insistence on their accusations (not even assumptions at this point), they will still send writing in their e-email addressing this individual as a member and that they must still comply with their rules and continue to insist that the user(s) is wrong. They will also provide a policy link which leads directly to their sign in site, meaning their policy is inaccessible unless an individual is a member or is smarter than their management to go to a link of their support page.

Reasonable and helpful explanations regarding issues on their site are handled inappropriately or ignored. This is easily seen in one example where some videos in their watch section are unplayable and have remained there for quite some time. Comment sections for these videos include such details, and worst of all, is that one of these videos is in the editor's pick section about Swagbucks. Many of their deals to get SB don't work, which results in problems for many of their members. Members that send in a complaint if they are deemed good spenders are kept, while members that have not spent money are at high risk for account deactivation. Information given through some surveys and special offers have hidden partnerships with companies that spam your e-mail even after you are no longer considered a Swagsbucks member. Management and communication within Swagbucks is highly questionable as a member who does their first bunch of surveys will get a special thank you note, and days later will be followed up by an e-mail that questions if the member knows that they actually have a survey section that you can earn SB in. However, these are only a few of the issues found in a selected amount of time, since this is an unofficial investigation. Swagbucks is now in knowledge of some the issues above, it is their choice to improve or continue with their behavior.

Ask Allen about Swagbucks
1 review
27 helpful votes

After working so damn hard for days I managed to earn 1000SB. The moment I ordered a gift card they deactivate and block my account!

Ask Denise about Swagbucks
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

i have actual money from these guys although it takes a sec to get it processed at least they pay and are honest! recommend 100%

Ask gmjf about Swagbucks
1 review
12 helpful votes

After signing up for them and completing 2 surveys, I decided it was not worth my time.
Then I stated getting at least 5 phone calls a day starting at 4:30am from unprofessional tele marketers. These calls have woken botg me and my children up. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Ask Aimee about Swagbucks
6 reviews
75 helpful votes

I have been a member of Swagbucks for a few years now, here is the good, bad and ugly:

The Good:

Swagbucks is legit and honestly pay its members. Members can be redeem for Paypal or a variety of different gift cards ranging from Amazon, CVS, Walmart, etc. Members can also choose to donate their swagbucks to a variety of charties.

Customer Service responds to complaints, questions, normally within 24 hours on a weekday, weekends may take a little longer. My account issues have always been addressed to satisfaction. Sometimes, as a courtesy, swagbucks are given.

1 Swagbuck is equal to 1 penny. Swagbucks offers its members a variety of ways to earn Swagbucks by: Watching Videos, Taking Surveys and Completing Offers.

The Bad:

Swagbucks new web design, really sucks. For a company making millions, I am very surprised at how terrible their new design is. Honestly, I haven't spent as much time as I normally would, because of their new design. Perhaps, this is intentional? to retain stats for how long a user visits and cuts down on their "Bounce Rate"? Whatever their reasoning is, I really hope they apply some of their millions into a user friendly site.

Timing of Redemption can take as long as 10 business days (not including holidays/weekends) and sometimes as short as 24 hours. This inconsistency makes me feel uneasy, as I like things scheduled and followed.

Their App, lags in notifying of when SwagCodes are available. Constant ads or "please rotate your device" while playing videos is a hassle.

Swagbutton data mining I don't like being tracked when I am not on a website. I find that button lags my brower now I only enable it when there is a code, otherwise, its off.

Surveys, I don't bother with anymore, I have a big problem with how they go about their "surveys". Because after grabbing your information you receive a message about "not qualifying" or "over quota" and will receive 1 penny/Swagbuck for your time.

Secondly, their surveys are not worth the time, 50/75 cents, no thanks I can take the same survey elsewhere for $3.

The Ugly:
I honestly can't say anything ugly about Swagbucks. Because Swagbucks is LEGIT and DOES pay there is a LOT of ABUSE and Swagbucks does close accounts for violating there TOS. Having multiple accounts or lying about your location will lead to your account being closed.

The complaints I have seen most likely are those who tried to commit fraud, multiple accounts, lying, using bot software, etc. Swagbucks is legit and unlike other websites, it has intentions of being around for a long time. With that comes higher scrutiny of accounts.

Play fair, watch videos, check out the offers, use the mobile apps and you can earn a few dollars a day. Try to scam them and you will have your account closed in no time :)

Happy Swaggin!!

Updated 11/1 in response to Allen F and others posting INCORRECT information (Credible reviews are honest and not biased)

You do NOT have to be a member to view TOS from Swagbucks Homepage. The Homepage/Log-In page provides plenty of links of information available to ALL to read.

Racking up swagbucks/points doesn't cause an alarm. But will get you noticed to determine if you are legitimately completing offers. Some days, I rack up over 1000 swagbucks ($10) other days maybe 100 ($1).

Swagbucks is NOT responsible for offers YOU request. Too many people try to scam offers by entering different email addresses for offers to credit. Then are disappointed when that doesn't work. If you have honestly for the first time completed an offer and there is a crediting problem, send proof or an email to Customer Service and any problems can be resolved.

I understand, most people are use to fly by night scam sites that just want to steal your information or have excuses for not crediting/ban you (yes, I have been a victim of them too), But, that is NOT Swagbucks!!

Swagbucks is a REAL multi-million dollar company. Not some guy or gal behind a website scamming its members!!

Update 12/14 Scammer tried to scam and got banned (read the one with 95.00 over a 10 day period) The only way I can see anyone making 95.00 in 10 days is by scamming/falsifying information on offers. It's obvious to me you were scamming and got banned.

Other "review" really? Your "review" is about the SwagGuy? Your review doesn't even make sense. You do NOT get banned for cashing out ~ You get BANNED FOR SCAMMING! Accounts get deactivated if not used for a long time, so I do NOT believe your review at all.

Update 2/13

Swagbucks has announced on 2/16 they are lowering their points for watching SwagTv, to 10 cents. I advise anyone to just uninstall the app. It simply is not worth the time, effort, nor data usage on your phone/tablet.

I do not know if Swagbucks, is shutting down or just increasingly taking advantage of their members with the recent changes over the last 8 months.

There are fewer earning opportunities now. The Videos at their website are not worth watching 10 minutes for 1 penny is honestly not worth it to me, YMMV

The surveys, as you can see from my review above, are not worth anyone's time. Because of 2 reasons, very low pay and HIGHLY UNLIKELY you will be given credit for the time you have put in. I consider this an information grab if nothing else.

I do not recommend buyin any of their Gift Cards, because you can find them cheaper at or <-----saving you money off the bat without the hassle of Swagbucks.

There are still some good opportunities to earn SB from some offers though.

Overall, I believe Swagbucks is dying or at least on the way out like MyPoints did.

Ask Jessica about Swagbucks
9 reviews
9 helpful votes

you can't make much doing this

Ask Jamie about Swagbucks
1 review
10 helpful votes

They offer a lot of promises, but never follow through. I have been cheated out of my bonus points after I achieved my daily goal. It's extremely difficult to qualify for most surveys. It makes me wonder what demographics they're truly looking for. Please stay away. There are better survey/research companies out there. I have cashed out. I'm waiting for my gift card. Then I'm happily closing my account. Goodbye, Swagbucks!

Ask K about Swagbucks
2 reviews
35 helpful votes

I was a member for a month before their harassment started!
I first tried the surveys - but after spending 30 minutes, on surveys that said 10 minutes, then having them stall or just end without any payment, I just gave up on the surveys as their online chat monkeys were useless!
I tried their free email signup stuff (25SB or 40SB for giving a company my email address), half the time they did not credit my account, and again the Sb monkeys were useless!
So I started the paid trials/offers, and racked up a lot of SB quickly, with a few larger amounts pending for 30 days. Once I tried to to contact them for my pending SB they cancelled my account as they said it was a multiple of my brother's account??
I contacted them a dozen times about it, providing more information each time, proving my identity, but they had already decided they would rather keep my 7200SB!
I complained to the BBB, and after six months, their head swagbucks helper monkey contacted me asking for photo ID, which I provided (after erasing all sensitive data), and the next day they replied said that my account was closed for good as they deemed it was a fake account!

HOW is it possible for them to prove, or even suspect, a fake account if they didn't ask for both persons' IDs? This company makes more money from people spending their time on garbage (like the surveys that SB gets paid for, even when SB doesn't pay out to their customers) or signing up their emails for offers that barely pay out, so it is easy for them to cancel higher value accounts as they have my money and know that I only fulfilled high-paying offers onetime.

In short, you could pay a few dollars from them, maybe, but if you try to fast for too much, they'll steal from you & call you a fraud for their unethical theft!

Ask unhappy about Swagbucks
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Swagbucks is a complete waist of time and I advise no one to go there. You'll be trying to take gold surveys and none of them have space for participants, partner surveys and you'll never qualify, and peanut labs and you'll never get past 5 questions. This website is so stupid and bad, they need to close down because they can't host surveys. They also are bad at tasks - do anything they ask you to and you'll still not get points. And then they have the nerve to never respond to you on customer service when they don't want to answer one of your questions or you'll get a bad response. They think they're doing big stuff because they're making $54 million but they suck and need to stop doing business.

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