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Review of Spokeo

Spokeo reviews

338 reviews
Categories: People Search
556 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Suite #101-179
Pasadena, CA 91105, USA
Tel: 1-877-913-3088

338 Reviews From Our Community

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The result was an old address for them I had, "Phone number Unknown, Email Unknown, Social Networking... (in 54 reviews)


Like many others who reviewed Spokeo, I paid $1.95 and received zero information. (in 115 reviews)


I would like to revise my review and give the company 5/5 stars for their customer service. (in 25 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I paid $0.95 for one use to check it out. The search was inadequate. BUT THEY CHARGED $19.95 for at least the last THREE MONTHS that were unauthorized or somehow disguised upon purchase. I only used it once. Deceitful. I also read the FTC found they were writing their own positive reviews.

Ask Allen about Spokeo
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I've been the victim of credit card fraud one too many times, so I decided to find out who is responsible since the card companies can't be bothered. Guess what, these jokers won't let me investigate the people who stole my credit card! When I put that I wanted to use it to investigate credit card fraud, they said think you very much your money has been refunded! Good that I verified the location of the address before I gave them my info so I can report that with the phone number.

Ask Rebecca about Spokeo
1 review
1 helpful vote

Spokeo remains the lowest form of life on the internet. Every 6-12 months I have to contact them to correct the misinformation they spew.

My father, deceased since 1984, is still alive, as far as they are concerned. My mother, who died in 2009, shows as still alive and living in Fort Collins......... where she never lived in her life.

They have 5 listings for me, 3 of which are wrong.

If you believe in Spokeo, you believe in Godzilla and Peter Pan. This useless site should be shut down for distributing more misinformation than any other source on the internet.

You have to know, looking at the reviews 300 one star vs. 6 five star reviews that this is a failure of a company. If they served food, sold gas, mowed lawns, or provided any other service in the world, they would be out of business. If you pay them a nickel. you are a sucker. Their motto must be "Never give a sucker an even break"

Vote these clowns out of business

So spokeo's response is that it is not their fault that there are so many innaccuracies, all of the data collection is done by machine....... therefore it must be the machines' fault.

"It wasn't my fault that I killed someone, the bartender should not have sold me the drink and they shouldn't have made a car that would go 75 MPH"

Sounds like the dog ate someone's homework out in Pasadena. 50 to one....... one star vs. 5 stars........... the world has spoken: "spokeo is scum and a worthless hazard to the internet"

Ask Manny about Spokeo
1 review
1 helpful vote

i wish i could rate it lower than one star. a website that exposes you address, relatives and more WITHOUT a shred of your consent. puts your information to the public WAY to easily. If i were you i would go on there website and op out just to ensure your safety

Ask john about Spokeo
1 review
1 helpful vote

How to find them? How to get them to stop taking my money? They offer as little as 411 and ask for extra money for every small service beyond that. I was gullible and joined so I am spending money every month but cannot ascertain who this terrible agency is! The best I am say now is: Help!

Ask Perry about Spokeo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Spokeo membership is a scam. They charge more than the original fee quoted. It was very difficult to cancel membership. They "lose" the account information, but are quite capable of taking money from my account.

Ask Maureen about Spokeo
1 review
2 helpful votes

They say they are going to charge .95 to look up a number and then a week later charge you $19.95. Do not use this company. Find a reverse look-up company that does not scam it's users.

Ask cheryl about Spokeo
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

HA! What a joke. Tried to find a number for work. Was going to pay $0.95 to get the listing. So after I entered all info it says I will be signed up for a monthly charge!! Well don't want a monthly charge. I wanted to look up ONE thing for under a dollar! So I closed that page and went to another reverse lookup page. Come to find out they charge you the monthly fee anyway! Even if you don't click to finalize the order! Once they have your info they use it to put charges on your card! I wonder how many people don't even notice they are being charged. None of my emails have even so much as a confirmation of account email to show my membership or agreement to join their services. Another scam, fake company, RIPOFF!

Ask Amy about Spokeo
1 review
0 helpful votes

My Debit card was charged on 3 different occasions, totaling $40.85.

The company is called Spokeo. They're a web based company designed to conduct reverse lookup searches on people. They're website is

Transaction as it appears on my Wells Fargo bank statement: RECURRING PAYMENT AUTHORIZED ON 04/22 SPK*SPOKEO SEARCH 800-6994264 CA S306113303286617

If you look on your bank statement, there will be random numbers that appear with the general transaction information. These random numbers aren't so random., they're actually the phone numbers connecting to Spokeo. The numbers start as 1800 (1-800) or just 800. They appear on my statement as 800-6994264, which is phone # 1-800-699-4264.

I called the 800 number and connected to a recording. Press "0" immediately after the recording begins and you will quickly be connect to a live Spokeo representative that will help you with cancelling the account.

The Spokeo representative you speak with will ask you a couple questions that will direct him/her to your account information. They will see detailed information regarding the activity or inactivity on the account in question.

You MUST inform them this is an unauthorized charge and you want the money refunded in full or you will begin with disputing the charges with your bank. Spokeo will refund the money and send you a confirmation number immediately.

If you claim these charges are unauthorized by you, the cardholder, the Spokeo representative has no other option but to refund your money. The last problem an online company wants to deal with is your banks legal department contacting them and throwing around words like "fraud" and "Better Business Bureau complaint".

Ask Jamie about Spokeo
1 review
0 helpful votes

First of all, I did a general search for "reverse phone lookup". The search came up with "Spokeo" as the first listed. The title said, "FREE - Reverse phone lookup". You go to website, put in what you're looking for, and then, if you're not careful, it'll sign you up for a $9.95/mo service. Otherwise, for only a single lookup, it's $1.95. So I paid for that. It took my pymt, told me it would email me a receipt but NEVER GAVE ME THE INFO I HAD REQUESTED. If that's not a scam, what is? I'm giving it a one star rating, because it wont let me select zero.

Ask K about Spokeo
1 review
1 helpful vote

Had them taking payments from my account without authorisation. My bank called them with me on the line. Promised to refund last 2 payments and stop taking payments. That was December 2015. Never got the refunds and on 03/29/16 they took a further payment. Bank is dealing with them as I type. Unprofessional company that gets as close to criminal as you can without being prosecuted

Ask Brian about Spokeo
1 review
2 helpful votes

No searches come up with viable information to be used, just asks for more money to continue. Your basic on-line RIP-OFF. Basically fraud. No info is current or accessible.

Ask Dan about Spokeo
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was in the process of signing up, email, password etc and hit the sign up button and it came up saying my account has been cancelled!! WTF I didn't even get the chance to sign up and I was still charged.
I tried calling several times and it said call back on their normal business hours...It says all over the site 24/7 customer service, someone is always available. I just want to make sure my account really is cancelled because if they screw up this much in the beginning I want nothing to so with them. Definitely going to my bank and fighting whatever charges come through

Ask Claire about Spokeo
1 review
3 helpful votes

After failing to get ANY information on the number I was looking up, I looked up my THREE phone numbers, which I have had for 6 years and OVER 10 YEARS, respectively.
THEY HAD INACCURATE INFORMATION ON ALL THREE and in fact, didn't even come WITHIN 20 MILES of ANY address I've ever had in those 10 years.
No name, no other information.
SPOKEO is a JOKE! You may keep and enjoy my 95 cents for my "trial period".
I am cancelling my account after only 1 hour. Way to do business boys.

Ask Danny about Spokeo
1 review
0 helpful votes

I kept getting a call from a cell phone number. Never left message, nobody on the line the couple times I answered. So I decided to find out who it was. After doing a free number search
with Spokeo the result gave me the impression they had some background information on the number. So I paid the $1.95 and basically got the same limited information I got in the free search. A email to there customer service got me nowhere and all I can do is warn people don't be surprised if you just waste $1.95.
I did request a refund and Spokeo did process a refund for $1.95 and offered a free search.
So I will give them credit for decent customer service.

Ask John about Spokeo
1 review
2 helpful votes

I did a $.95 search and ended up being billed for $19.95 for a Premium non refundable subscription for one month...Stay away from this company.

Update: Spokeo Refunded my $19.95 but They did not do so until I left a bad review. When I first called just hours after I was billed, I was told there would be no refund. But I will give them credit for resolving the issue...

Ask Lynn about Spokeo
1 review
7 helpful votes

Not enough information outdated information

Ask Missey about Spokeo
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

So bad, a total scam!!!!!!! Useless information. Most of which is either highly outdated or just outright not accurate! STAY AWAY....FAR FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Mary about Spokeo
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

I opted for a .95 trial for one record, then they added other services and said I siggned up for them. I called same day of trial and cancelled. Guess what, they only cancelled 1 of the services I signed up for. I thought I only signed up for 1 service? Anyway, month later, charge comes through. I called and said I cancelled the service. They said you only canceled the one service, the other was still active! I never signed up for other services! I was so unhappy with the trial I canceled same day, why would I want other services that don't deliver? If I called to cancel, it was for anything and everything that should be in their record. I feel bad fo all the people who get charged after the free trial is cancelled. If anyone is interested in a class action suite against this company, please comment below. If we get enough people, they will have to stop these deceptive practices!

Tip for consumers: Thanks for the reply. I cancelled the account the same day! Your response did not mention that instead inplied I did not cancel. I have a confirmation email of my cancellation. What I did not receive or even know to cancel was an additional serice that I did not request was added without my understanding. I kept very good notes and screenshots to cover my tracks. I am not at all happy with the way SPOKEO "upsells" without a users knowledge.

Ask John about Spokeo
1 review
8 helpful votes

I tried my own number, which I've had for a little over 6 years now. Literally everything they gave me about that number was wrong. According to the results, the owner of the phone was in a completely different state than me, and was a BMX racer who died over a decade ago.

This is a quote from the site about the so-called results-
"CAUTION: Spokeo uses proprietary deep web technology to search over billions of phone records. The results may contain detailed information that might shock you, so please prepare yourself for the unexpected."

"Unexpected" indeed.

The best part, is that every single negative review on this site gets a response from a rep in the company that is pretty much the same thing repeatedly, an apology and a sad excuse that it is simply a program that searches a wealth of information on the web and has no human interaction, and therefore may not be accurate. However- even excluding the last 2 digits in the same phone number returns on both a google search and Bing search gives at least one accurate thing about me.

If the site can't even come close to competing with an awful search engine such as Bing, it has no right to boast any useful utility in the world now. Maybe ten years ago, sure, but the way things have grown make this to be a really pointless site that just steals money.

P.S: I hope the same rep tries to give me the same copy-and-pasted response.

Ask bob about Spokeo
1 review
7 helpful votes

You pay for the membership fee of whatever, 14.95$ and you're given about as basic info as you'd get from a google search. Then to find out anything else, it's a whole host of other fees tacked on. Wanna see social media? Another 5.95. Oh want to see court records? Another 9.95. Oh how about marriage certificates. That'll be another 4.95. By the time you have all the info you want you've spent 200$ and I'm sure the info you get out of that is worthless too. Awful. Awful. Awful. I'll never fall for one of these stupid scam sites again.

I like how the response from the website itself has absolutely nothing to do with what I said in my review as well, shows how awesome they really are. The fact that they would even respond with a bot or whatever speaks volumes. Unbelievable. Scam scam scam. Shut your garbage site down spokeo.

Ask Jack about Spokeo
23 reviews
28 helpful votes

I checked myself on spokeo and a couple other people who I am current on their actual address and contact info and the information I received back on myself was way off. Old phone numbers. Many numbers I never had. Places I lived wrong. It isn't current, it showed me living in an area I lived five years ago. It showed my ex husband as living where I live now. it lists wrong people as relatives. As far as my friends I checked out too the same applied to them as well. It's a rip off.?not worth the money

Ask Kim about Spokeo
1 review
12 helpful votes

Do one search and they tell you afterwards about automatic renewal!!!

Then they tell you they will refund 3 months and only provide a portion each month!!!

Ask Stuart about Spokeo
13 reviews
44 helpful votes

Pretends it is $4.95/mon as if you can get one month - would be reasonable. Then you get a bill for $29.70 and it claims a min of 6 month. Stupid company. Look at the 1-stars (if I could give negative, I'd give negative 5). No matches of any worth whatsoever on the one email I was looking for -- I'd pay $5 for a decent piece of info and re-use the site if it did THIS. But the scam they are using? I hope they all go broke and to jail.

Ask Mike about Spokeo
1 review
13 helpful votes

Spokeo automatically renews your subscription and does not give you the option to unsubscribe prior to the renewal date. I saw a pending charge on my credit card today and called them and asked to have the charge removed and discontinue my subscription. I was told I would be charged today but then in 6 months I would not be charged again. I asked them to credit the charge because I did not need the service and was told that was not possible.

What they fail to say is that you can not find a way to deactivate your subscription. They have that feature so buried in their website for a reason! I never did find it, and had to call them.

Ask Angela about Spokeo
1 review
15 helpful votes

Again, another dissatisfied customer! Used this service once! Got dinged more than once. Did NOT sign up for it.

Ask Jennifer about Spokeo
1 review
35 helpful votes

WHAT A JOKE!!! I signed up for a special "3 months for $9.95 membership". When i got the receipt i discovered that they had charged me $59.70. First of all, the only info I was given was birth month, year, zodiac sign and ethnicity. All of which is useless and already known. When I clicked the "full report" tab they wanted me to pay more money to see it. I then called customer service and they refused to refund my money even though i didn't get what was advertised. After arguing with them and asking for a supervisor they finally said they would refund $44.78. That means they still charged me $14.92 when it was only supposed to be $9.95 for the entire membership. What a scam!

Ask Rainbow about Spokeo
1 review
36 helpful votes

Sounds simple. Give us your credit card # and $0.95 and do a search. A few weeks later your card gets debited $19.95! No email, No Warning. If you don't catch it they will continue to do monthly debits from your card. Spokeo is one Internet site where you better read the Terms of Service! Just another internet ripoff. Is it any wonder why people are getting gun shy of Internet businesses? Businesses like Spokeo prey on people that don't pay attention to details and skim over TOS's. If they were to openly state that your search will cost you $0.95 plus $19.95 billed to your card monthly, how many people do you think would use it? Very deceitful.

Ask Larry about Spokeo
1 review
28 helpful votes

I know I should read fine print more carefully, but this kind of stealthy Internet THEFT should really be illegal. The $20/month that AUTOMATICALLY kicks in after you do a single search for $0.98 should be BLASTED IN NEON LIGHTS for those of us with failing eyesight. These people should ashamed of the worthless "service" they "provide" to scam fools like me.

Ask Lo about Spokeo
1 review
29 helpful votes

I paid to find out who called me. All Spokeo gave me was the town the call came from. I already knew THAT! I can tell by the area code and first 3 numbers where it came from. I wanted to know WHO called me. It said no other information was available. WASTED MY MONEY!

Tip for consumers: Dont use this site

Ask a about Spokeo
1 review
27 helpful votes

I HAVE BEEN A LOYAL CUSTOMER WITH SPOKEO FOR TWO YEARS HOWEVER I HAVE PAID ALOT OF MONEY AND I WAS PROMISED A FULL PACKAGE WITH UNLIMITED SEARCHES THEY KEPT CHARGING MY CARD FOR EVERY SINGLE THING SEPARATE CHARGE FOR NSME SEARCH, Address search, Email search and never have I gotton email address marriage records"NEVER" I called spokeo and I asked them to kindly reimburse me or give me what I paid for mind you O have paid spokeo literally over $300

Ask Pamela about Spokeo
1 review
35 helpful votes

I have used this service twice and didn't find out anything. It is a rip off. DO NOT GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD NUMBER.

Ask Jameela about Spokeo
1 review
37 helpful votes

I did a reverse phone number lookup to find out who keeps calling me and not leaving a message. This has been going on for several months. I am glad I signed up for one report for $0.95 and 7 day free trial offer.....which I have already cancelled.

The report, which was according to Spokeo was going to give me name. address, owner's e-mail, etc came back with UNKNOWN as the answer to each item.
Rip-off is the only way to describe Spokeo!!!

Ask Mary about Spokeo
1 review
29 helpful votes

I join Spokeo and wanted more info so I paid for an upgrade . It's has never worked. When I call them they say it's working on our end. I'd called several times, I've email them. I still don't get my upgrade I paid for.

Cynthia Konarski

Ask Cynthia about Spokeo
1 review
33 helpful votes

I payed for their premium services for over 3 months, I never ONCE found it to be WORTH the money they charge, It should be removed along with Intellus, and uspeoplesearch and all those others like is also another TERRIBLE ONE.

Public records are technically free just google "How to find *states* Public Records" for a good start xD

Tip for consumers: 90% of any data you find will typically be outdated, plus they will claim to have info they do NOT ever have, the sites I listed in my review also do the same, and spy fly does too.. though all those sites share one info data base I swear.

Ask Tina about Spokeo
1 review
34 helpful votes

Dude thanks you guys for warning me about this site. Nowadays before you make a purchase on a site that you are not familiar with you have to search around and make sure its legit. & i am glad that i did!!! I would have trusted this website with my information & now i know that this place is a SCAM. How are they still running? It doesnt seem fair or right. We all work hard for our money even if its a dollar. That not right for them to do that to anyone. I will never be giving them my business, and i personally own my own business, and i will let everyone i know, know about this website.

Ask Sarah about Spokeo
8 reviews
35 helpful votes

I signed up for a single search thinking it was .95$ and looked on my credit card statement a few weeks later and found a 19.95$ charge for a renewing autopayment. This is very deceptive and I called and canceled. I was told I would only get a $7.00 refund and I told them I would fight this charge through my credit card company. They immediately refunded the full 19.95$. Very deceptive company. I do not ever deal with companies like this.

Ask Howard about Spokeo
1 review
28 helpful votes

I subscribed for the 1 month (Casual Users for $13.95/Mc ( normally $19.95)... suppose to get the full access to everything I needed... so I thought. But all it let me do is put in an email address (which I already knew who it was) but as I stated... I thought I was getting more info for what I paid for... but... for an extra $4.95 charge I could get all of that.... Seriously?? I immediately cancelled my subscription. So exactly what kind of services should I be getting for the 1 month subscription of $13.95 that I paid for?? I haven't seen any good reviews on this site at all. I should of read reviews first but guess you could say I was desperate to find out what I needed. Sighssss!!!

Ask Rebecca about Spokeo
2 reviews
26 helpful votes

There is nothing consistent about the fees on this site. A free search will tease you information, blocking details with an *. They ask you to subscribe for 6 months at a rate like $4.95 a mo. Then you cancel and they will give you a "Platinum" subscription for $0.95 for 7 days. Pretty much like a free trial, but no details as to what "Platinum" is. Come to find out, it is 20 name searches which will give you old numbers and addresses, in which some are current if they still live there or have that number. I did get to make contact with a long lost friend, so worth my $0.95, but anything else they want to charge you more for. Want social media info, another $19.99 a month, until you click on something else, then it is $12.99 a month. It shows there are 4 court records, click on that, it pretends to search specific records and teases you with more info in which it wants another $49.95 for the single report, or $11.80 a month to get search results, not specific details. Oh, and once your 20 searches are over, every detail gets hidden again, even though you have a subscription.

It is creepy to know how much info is out there on people, and now I feel I have given them even more by paying for the 7 day trial, in which I have canceled in under an hour. But it is just a scam of a site that will do everything it can to get more money out of you.

Ask David about Spokeo
1 review
26 helpful votes

I paid $0.95 for a one time search and have now found I have been billed $19.95 for a service I have not consciously subscribed for , used nor have any intention to use

SPOKEO are out and out crooks in my opinion based on my experience

Ask neil about Spokeo
1 review
30 helpful votes

I saw the pop up from Spokeo, that promised me they HAVE the info I was looking for, and I can retrieve it with my free trial. I paid my $.95 for the trial, expecting to see the information I was promised, and there was none..... also charged 19.95 to get unlimited access. a partial name showed up. then a second offer promising me that they would have the information I was seeking if I paid another $4.95 to get that single address verification. i then basically closed my connection. i went to my bank statement this month and realized that i was being charged monthly $19.95 and an additional charge of 17.85 had now been added which took the same date 1 month later as my original $.95 charged

Ask d about Spokeo
1 review
27 helpful votes

I was charged 19 dollars for something I didn't find uuseful and wasn't aware that I had subscribe for!! I NEED MY REFUND!!

Ask yesica about Spokeo
1 review
27 helpful votes

I will not be using Spokeo. Thanks for saving me headaches.

Ask John about Spokeo
1 review
31 helpful votes

I needed to do a search recently for my son's new cell phone that was stolen from him at high school. We used the phone's GPS to track it down. I found the ad for the spokeo $0.95 single search so I used it to explore more about the specific address. Well, a couple weeks later I get an email stating my credit card was being charged $19.95 for a year long subscription.

There was not easily identifiable text in the "one time search" that I purchased stating that it was also triggering a yearly subscription. Very deceptive business practice! So, I asked spokeo for a refund and explained in my request that it was not made clear that I was triggering an automated payment. I asked for a refund of my $19.95. Today, they responded after a delay of almost 2 weeks with a refund for $14.96. What a scam. I am sure they will try to respond to this review as they have with others but their practices do not appear to be changing. Bottom line: I basically paid $6 for a search that provided me with no meaningful information. Save your money. Spokeo is not worth it and they have dishonest business practices. They probably make a mint doing this to a lot of unsuspecting people.

Update: Spokeo finally did me the "courtesy" of refunding the entire $19.95. And to their credit they did it after one final email that conveyed my dissatisfaction. But, I'd like to clarify details of what I feel continues to be deceptive. The automatic subscription after a 7 day trial was not clearly identified at all. It was buried in an ungodly long terms of agreement. I went back and studied the $0.95 offer and it is extremely difficult to find these details. I openly ask for spokeo to clean up this deceptive practice and make the automated subscription more clear and up front in their marketing and web ads.

Tip for consumers: Don't use spokeo!

Ask Paul about Spokeo
1 review
30 helpful votes

I was never on the site and they charged me $40! How did they get my personal information is beyond my knowing and is a very scary thought indeed?! I did not even know what the service was about. They charged me 3 days ago and I asked for a refund but they told me that they are unable to give out refunds but I could use the site until March or May next year. I do not care about using this service at any time EVER! AND I do not appreciate your super friendly service workers when really the company is truly based on unethical practices. Please expose and inform!

Ask N about Spokeo
1 review
25 helpful votes

Please do not use spokeo they are a $#*!ing scam and don't give you any info and will save you card info. $#*! that! Please take some advice if you have to use a site to look up and old friend or phone number you better off not knowing what does t want to be found seen or heard that's why there's Facebook if you can't find them there let that $#*! go !!!!

Ask Chris about Spokeo
1 review
27 helpful votes

I started my address search with When they did not have the information I was looking for, I saw the pop up from Spokeo, that promised me they HAVE the info I was looking for, and I can retrieve it with my free trial. I paid my $1.95 for the trial, expecting to see the information I was promised, and there was none..... Only a second offer promising me that they would have the information I was seeking if I paid another $4.95 to get that single address verification. SCAMMERS. I am cancelling my membership AND my Credit card so that they cannot continue to charge me.

Tip for consumers: PS
After I wrote my initial review (WARNING), I have read the reviews of others. I noticed that the company replies to every single review with the exact same paragraph. Hilarious.

Ask Alice about Spokeo
1 review
7 helpful votes

I had previously written a review entitled Beware of Spokeo.
Spokeo responded to my complaint and has refunded the 3 month subscription that I had no idea I had signed up for.
I now give them a good review as they took my issues seriously and redpned in a positive manner to keep a customer happy.

Ask Linda about Spokeo
1 review
22 helpful votes

Spokeo sucks! When you first enter a name phone number or email address it populates and looks as though they've got all this information that they're going to give you and then my response that I received after I paid was we don't have any information on this person name phone number or email address they provided zero information! But of course I was charged up the *SS anyway.

Ask Christine about Spokeo
1 review
25 helpful votes

I trusted SPOKEO to be a serious business, however, after I used their services and discovered to be unsatisfactory, I canceled my account the same day and I called them to make sure it was canceled. Three months later my bank has notified me that SPOKEO had taken TWO payments on November 16, 2015, one payment was for $13.95 and a second payment for $17.85 , when I confronted them with this false charges they refused to recognize my claim saying they couldn't find any record of my account! Well, I wonder why would they have a record of my account if I had already CANCELED THREE MONTHS AGO??? Why am I still being charged for a service I am not receiving and why isn't my claim being honored and my money being REFUNDED? PLEASE I WANT JUSTICE and I want them to STOP STEALING MY MONEY NOW...


Ask Dolores about Spokeo

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