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Southtree reviews

48 reviews
1301 Cowart Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402, US
Tel: (866) 645 3358
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48 Reviews From Our Community

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I was most impressed by the customer service whereby they let me know what they were doing each step of the way. (in 11 reviews)


submitting old family VHS tapes for transfer to DVD was a great experience with Southtree. (in 8 reviews)


I got a Groupon for Southtree and decided it was time to make this happen. (in 15 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I have used Southtree for both old 8mm film conversion to DVD and old reel-to-reel tape conversion to CD. Their service is efficient, reasonably priced, and results are excellent. I appreciate their emails indicating the various stages of their process.

New Reviewer

Terrible! They don't communicate. My order has been placed and tapes sent fir more than two and a half months and still nothing. My status has been "in queue" and has never even been processed for the duration! Outrageous.
I am extremely displeased.
Do not use this company...

New Reviewer

Thank you Southtree for taking care of our families memories! We love the product we received back. The service was wonderful!

New Reviewer

This place is rocking it!!! I sent photo slides that had been given to me from my grandmother. These slides were taken between 1950 and the late 1980's, but regardless of the date taken, they all came out great. What I personally loved about Southtree is that they provide updates throughout the production process - everything from them receiving your package to them prepping your product to be digitalized. It took only approximately 8-10 weeks for the process to be completed, which is pretty quick in comparison to the rest of the industry. Southtree individually cleaned each photo slide I provided them, and then put them on a CD data disc. The moment I shared with my family, it instantly revived memories that had been buried with these old photo slides that hadn't been touched in over 20 years.

Overall, I would highly recommend Southtree, and plan on using them again.

Ask Luke about Southtree
New Reviewer

My late husband was a musician and when he passed away, I had all his music digitalized. Southtree has done soooooo much for me and did it to perfection. I can't tell you how pleased I am with ALL their work! They kept me posted all the way and they are soooooo polite. I just got one of my orders back from them and they had included a PERSONAL note to me...If you need something digitalized contact SOUTHTREE!!! A happy customer....Hazel McGlasson

New Reviewer

Sent Southtree over 30 VHS tapes...some of which had been sitting in storage for YEARS. Within 3 weeks, I had all but 1 on discs. The single tape that wasn't transposable, well, I got a credit for that one. I've been meaning to transfer all of these family memories for a very long time, but couldn't find the spar time to do so. Southtree did such a great job, I then sent them 100 old photographs for scanning. Again, A+++ job, Southtree!

New Reviewer

I also had a great experience and have no complaints. Had received an Amazon local email and that sparked me to finally get my memory tapes, that were in many forms converted. Their website and ordering processes simple and easy. I was a bit weary to send all my tapes in at once so decided to mail a set of 10. It does take several weeks to get back, but not longer than estimated for me. Their communication is great, with email status updates all along the way. I was so excited to receive the returned DVD/digital copies, they were all labeled and the copies look great. The entire experience from start to finish was great. I would definitely recommend Southtree. I have already shipped them 20 more tapes for copy.

New Reviewer

I had about 15 VHS tapes of family and very important dates that for years I wanted on DVD for safe keeping and for showing during family events as no one has an old VHS recorder. I got a Groupon for Southtree and decided it was time to make this happen. This was a great experience. I packaged up the tapes documenting the tapes I sent in the package, submitted to Southtree and sent a Twitter/Facebook alert to Southtree that the items were on their way. I received the tapes and DVD's returned in a safe package plus during the process they kept me up to date on the process. I received 6 emails from Southtree so I knew where my request was in the process. Everything was beautiful with this experience. Thank you.

New Reviewer

submitting old family VHS tapes for transfer to DVD was a great experience with Southtree. I was informed by email throughout the transfer process. Now I can watch anytime anywhere! thank you Southtree!

New Reviewer

I was very impressed with the service and end product from Southtree. After finding a stash of over-sized negatives taken by my grandfather on a visit to the 1932 Olympics, I immediately knew my options were limited in getting them digitized. Obviously trust was a big factor--these negs were like heirlooms to us.
Southtree did an outstanding job caring for the negatives, processing them, and shipping them back to me.
I was most impressed by the customer service whereby they let me know what they were doing each step of the way.
Bravo, Southtree. I'll be back the next time I find a treasure trove of images.

New Reviewer

I had several Hi 8 tapes with no way of viewing them and no way of transposing them onto digital media or DVD. I discovered Southtree via Groupon. They were much less expensive than a few other companies that provide the same service. So I sent my tapes in and in about half the time they advertised, my project was complete. I got all my originals back safe and sound along with digital copies which I can now store/manipulate on my computer. I really liked the realtime updates throughout the process. I confidently recommend Southtree.

New Reviewer

sent 2 cassettes in to be converted to cd these tapes were from 1982 of a band I was in your company did everything you advertised service was excellent, quality was great and tapes were returned within 2weeks your company ROCKS!!!!! thanks Paul A.

New Reviewer

I had a great experience using Southtree to convert 30 VHS tapes. The notifications kept me informed of the progress, but also from the very beginning, it was great to know my tapes had arrived and were being carefully handled throughout the process. I had one DVD (out of 75 received) that did not play. I contacted them and received instructions for returning it and a prompt replacement. I am very pleased to have my family's special moments updated and ready for viewing.

New Reviewer

I bought a groupon from Southtree to convert my VHS tapes and Hi8 tapes to DVD. I did this over the summer, got all 15 tapes converted and had 2 copies of each made. I think it took about 1 month. I had a problem with one set of DVDs, I had asked for 2 they only made one. I called customer service, they took care of the problem right away. I loved getting the emails on the progress of the conversion - when my tapes arrived, when they were converted, when they were shipped back to me. The quality is great. Thanks. I would use them again.

Ask Carol about Southtree
New Reviewer

I was shocked to see less than excellent reviews from Southtree! I purchased 2 groupons and sent our 8mm tapes to be converted. I was nervous putting them in the mail but shortly received an email they had been received and the process began! Within a couple of months I had received updates and the finished product was at my door. They were packaged nicely and the quality was excellent. We are so happy we will be able to enjoy our family memories for years to come. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend Southtree!

Ask Jane about Southtree
New Reviewer

Southtree is amazing! They kept me posted every step of the way about my precious tapes they were converting from VCR to DVD. They truly care about our precious items. I used them again and they were excellent. The DVD's and original VCR tapes came back and we love the work. I recommend this company for all the services they offer. Thank you Southtree for your your caring, professional and amazing staff.
Debbie Crooks

New Reviewer

Southtree did a great job retrieving and enhancing a 1969 choral concert reel-to-reel recording for me. They handled everything beyond my expectations --- kept me informed of the status of the project throughout the process --- all for a very reasonable cost --- and best of all, the finished recording is better than I had hoped it would be...!!

Ask Jarred about Southtree
New Reviewer

The quality of the DVD transfer from tape was nothing to write home about. The cost was ridiculously high - even with a Groupon - which I feel was misleading. Had I not felt that Groupon was giving me a good deal, AND if I had a bit more patience, I could have had it done locally for much, much less money and received the same, if not better results. Go elsewhere and save yourself a LOT of money!

New Reviewer

A problem with original order was taken care of by one Anna Varek who took my case and walked it through to be right with no problems she was personable with me all the time while my order was shipped back to them free no less through the process called me talked to me e mailed me and returned properly done. I am sure all companies have problems at times but in my case through Anna my problems were solved I would use them again and soon shall to have more movies put on disk. THANKS ANNA!! (Jack T)

New Reviewer

Everyone needs to seriously watch out for this business. is listed on the TN Consumer Affairs Division "BUYER BEWARE" report.

See for yourself:

In addition they have over 60 Better Business Bureau complaints (just from the past 3 years).

And on top of that they have a ton of Yelp complaints.

Buyer Beware is right!

New Reviewer

I sent in some old VHS tapes and 3inch film reels that belonged to my late parents. I couldn't be happier with their service! I got everything back in under month and everything was transferred perfectly. I have no idea why there are so many negative reviews. I feel like 1 or 2 angry customers have multiple accounts that they post reviews on. A customer service agent told me that they ship out over 100 orders a day, so it seems that the vast majority of people are generally happy with this company. With my experience in restaurants I know that people who dislike a company are far more likely to leave reviews.

Anyway, I would recommend South Tree to everyone!

New Reviewer

I sent three separate orders to Southtree to convert 8mm film to DVD. None of the orders were returned with menus on the DVD's as promised and they did not follow the order I requested. The quality was poor. The film was not cleaned properly and there was a lot of jitter which I did not expect to see. I would not recommend this company and will be looking for another to process the remainder of my film.

New Reviewer

The good news is I sent 4 reels of film to Southtree and they converted the film to DVD. There is nothing special about the quality of the conversion, some of the film on DVD is jumpy and contains lighting problems. Although I sent names for each of the films and expected them to use the titles for each reel, they converted all the reels together into one 53 minute DVD
I mailed the film on 8/25/13 and received the DVD on 11/16/13.
Per post office tracking they received the package on August 31 2013. Southtree said it was delivered on Sept 10. Southtree appeared to make up bogus steps so I would think they were doing something. Here are all the steps they sent via email’

Shipped Oct 29

Final Review Oct 13

Digitizing Film Oct 11

Production Queue Oct 1

Reviewed Sep 20

Barcoded Sep 14

Delivered Sep 10

Order Confirmation Aug 27

New Reviewer

Consumers Beware!!

Do NOT do business with this company! I live in the same city as these people & read about them in a local magazine. I was so excited to give them my business. HUGE mistake!!

Last year I decided to surprise my parents. For Christmas, my sister & I collected all of our old video recorded tapes (most we hadn't been able to watch for years because the old tape recorders were broken). We wanted Southtree to convert them over to DVDs so we could watch them all again. My sister & I are grown, so there were several tapes from our childhood - it was a very large order and cost over $500. I turned the tapes in to Southtree in July. I checked on the order in October and the beginning of December, and each time I was promised that the order would be shipped in time for Christmas. They even had a guarantee on their website saying that no matter how large the order, if it was placed by a certain date (and mine was way ahead of the cut-off date), it was guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. It was VERY important that my order arrive before Christmas since it was the ONLY thing my parents were getting for Christmas since it was so expensive.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve, and my DVDs still haven't arrived. It's a joke that they even have a phone number listed because they never answer. Someone did respond to my email; however, he was "so sorry" but my order was not going to be ready for a few more weeks. REALLY??

So, here we are, Christmas Eve, and we have NO gifts for my parents. Not to mention the HUGE disappointment that the idea I've been working on since the summer & the "big surprise" was now a complete failure. There are no words in the English language to describe how INFURIATED I am at this company - still a year later. I had to work Christmas Eve, so I had to beg my husband & mother-in-law to go last minute shopping for my parents so they would have something to open on Christmas. All the stores close early on Christmas Eve, and I wasn't going to get off in time before they closed. WORST Christmas EVER for my family.

Oh, but it doesn't end there! I wrote a very strongly worded email to Southtree (again, because they will NOT answer the phone), and demanded they give me my videos, DVDs, and money back. For all my troubles, they generously offered me another set of DVDs at no charge. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

I finally received my original videos & the DVDs a couple of weeks AFTER Christmas. I sent numerous emails demanding my money back but to no avail. One girl at Southtree even had the nerve to tell me that my DVDs were ready by Christmas - they just overlooked my order & forgot to mail it out. SERIOUSLY WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE???? Is that really supposed to make me feel better? Is that your justification for not giving me my money back? I repeatedly told them that giving me an extra set of DVDs was not sufficient enough to make up for what they did to me and my family. They repeatedly ignored me.

Now, a year later, my family has had enough time to view all of the DVDs. Not a single one of them was labeled correctly. We've had to relabel all of them. And 15 of the DVDs are extremely poor condition. My recommendation to anyone wanting to use Southtree for this service is just to buy the converter & do it yourself. You will have a better quality product and will save yourself a lot of money and grief.

This company is dishonest, provides poor quality products, and has terrible customer service. I would not recommend Southtree to anyone for any reason.

New Reviewer

I sent three reels of movie film that is 35-40 years old to convert to DVD.  Two of the three were a wedding from 1968 and another was a dance recital from the '80's.  I enclosed instructions to have the wedding film put on one DVD, and the dance recital put on a separate DVD.  It took much longer to have my order processed than it should have, and like other people have said, they only move you up in the queue when you contact them to ask about your order.

The order arrived in the mail, and I received the two wedding reels back with one DVD, per the instructions, but the other reel was missing.  

I contacted them to ask what happened, and it has been months now, and the missing reel is GONE.  They lost part of my order!

I am just so sad about this, the missing reel is completely irreplaceable and meant a lot to me.

I was told by Southtree that it is not uncommon for customers to say they are sending X amount, then for Southtree to receive something different.  The issue is, they don't verify the two.  If you say you're sending three reels, they don't check to see what they received when they get your order and contact you if there are discrepancies.  I absolutely, positively sent three reels, and only two were returned.

Handling decades-old materials should be a delicate process, but clearly they are careless.

Their pretty website and Facebook postings make it seem like they are a good company, but they are not.  There are clearly flaws in their process, of which customers like me are victims.

New Reviewer

I can't believe this company is still in business. They LOST my video and my memories and were impossible to deal with. Not returning calls or lying when I called back. They also sent me someone else's video, which I did send back. They had no clue who it belonged to but I tried to stop someone else from having lost memories as I did. They are now on groupon.. You be the judge but I say NO at any cost!

New Reviewer

Like others, it took 3 additional weeks then it should have. I only got a rush on my order cause I complained repeatedly and angrily :)

We received two discs that were not of our order. I have no idea who it actually belonged to.

The VHS to DVD didn't work. It seems like they had the machine on the wrong channel or something. They start out fine and then the screen goes blue.

Photos were not touched at all and some were cut off.

New Reviewer

To those considering sending in your priceless memories to Southtree, please take a moment to read what I have to describe as my single worst consumer experience to date in my life.  This is the first time I've ever posted or written a review of a product good or bad, but I can't stomach the thought of others going through what I'm going through so here goes.

1) The order took almost 3 months to process when the website says 4 to 5 weeks. Amanda the Agent of Happiness claimed it was due to equipment issues

2) As of today, Southtree has lost one of our original VHS tapes. It was not included in the return shipment and no DVD or data disc was returned for it either. Amanda the Agent of Happiness stated she believes they may have sent to another family. This is a priceless irreplaceable memory that I have no idea at this point where it is at and it is a sickening feeling.  Making it worse is an email communication today with Amanda, where she alludes to whether there really ever was a 16th tape.  Unbelievable.

3) Sent us another family's DVD, including the birth of their child, etc. A very private video that I'm sure this family is not happy is in our possession and control. Who knows what Southtree is telling them or if they even know which family it is.  I had to send Southtree a picture of the DVD today as they have no record of it being sent in our shipment and wanted to try and track down the family.

4) 1 of the 15 standard DVDs returned to us was unlabeled all together, which if this was the only issue I could have lived with as it actually was our video.

5) The Secure Label # system (sticker placed on each of the originals) does not sync with any of the files found on the data discs they sent back. Of the 15 data files on the data discs, one of them is completely blank and I really don't have the time or energy to set up a VHS player, 8mm player, my laptop and the DVD player to try and make sense of it all.  That is why I sent them in in the first place.

Considering I have a missing original, another family's DVD, a random labeling system, it is suffice to say I feel completely duped by Southtree.  I spent over $300 for this???
They have offered to have us send back the 15 tapes they did not lose to get the labeling and order correct on those, which I will not do for obvious reasons.  They even said they would expedite it, but totally glossed over the missing tape until I pressed the issue hard via email.  And by the way, there is no direct telephone # to talk to anyone so only when they call you can you talk live.  Email can be effective but is sure makes it easy to hide when you want to.

Amanda has stated they have never lost a tape ever, and yet she rattled of 5-6 titles from other tapes in their possession as we speak that were "misplaced" to check if they might be ours. Finally, in email communications Amanda is touting they have the best internal controls in the industry and their competition have even approached them to procure the process/technology, which is all great except when you have a customer whom has a current lost tape and was sent another families video. In the same email communication, Amanda alludes to the fact that maybe there wasn't in fact a 16th tape, which is sickening and appalling at the same time, considering all they have wrong with this order to begin to question whether we sent this one in.

Unbelievable is all I can say.  STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

New Reviewer

Just got back 423 photos that were scanned into JPEG images. Quick turn around for my order. I might be sending in another batch soon.

New Reviewer

This place is a joke! Not only did it take close to two months to get a sign that my videos were supposedly close to being done but it took me to call them and play phone tag for a week to actually talk to someone. When I did they said they were working on it and it should be "soon." That was as specific as it got. The icing on the cake was a couple of days after my call and close to two months after I sent the videos they called and said they can not transfer my type of tape! WHAT!!??? I called them before I even placed the order to make sure they could do it. They sent these bogus emails to make it appear as if they are actually working on my order but the reality is they weren't. Otherwise, it wouldn't have taken two months to tell me they can't transfer my videos. I was going to use the content as part of a video for a family milestone and they left me high and dry! AND, they charged me to ship the tapes back. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT USING THIS COMPANY. They never even acknowledged two emails I sent after they misrepresented their capabilities and most definitely over promised and under delivered their services. Run and run fast!

New Reviewer

I also wish ZERO stars was an option. AVOID SOUTHTREE. Maybe a few people got lucky and nothing was messed up, but for my family they lost a tape of a precious memory, and all the other tapes they sent back were messed up... and it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a straight story from anyone or to have customer service contact you back, and they never answer their phone. This is a horrible sham of a company: more like children with techie toys then a business. It is despicable that this "company" dupes you into sending them priceless and irreplaceable memories only to lose and damage them. Shame on you, especially shame on you for playing Christian music on your customer service line... I don't think Jesus would lie to people, take their money, lose their property, and then lie about it or never call the person back... HORRIBLE

New Reviewer

Southtree initially sent updates during the first month , then nothing. It's  been 3  1/2 months and no communication, no answer to my calls and no DVDs.
Southtree has a slick website but don't be fooled. The service is terrible.

I have not posted any comments before. Based on my experience, the other negative comments are deserved.

New Reviewer

1. took several months to receive the DVDs to 3 VHS takes.. had to call and email multiple to be eventually "moved up the que."

2. when our order finally came - the original VHS tapes were not returned and the instead of receiving the 3 copies we ordered - only one was sent.

3. after several attempts to contact them - I eventually got someone to tell me they would review the order if I sent the DVDs back at my own expense - no thanks - not waiting another 6 months for the only copy I have of these left to be reviewed.

total joke. groupon buyers beware.

southtree your fancy new website doesn't make up for your terrible follow thru on orders and customer service.

New Reviewer

I sent three 7" reels of Super 8 film (spliced Polaroid Instant Movies) last prior to Thanksgiving to Southtree Digital Media.  They didn't acknowledge receipt till 2 weeks after the PO said they had arrived, then nothing till ....  Two and a half months later the reels were returned with a note that said there was nothing on them!? [so much for my groupon].  Apparently their equipment is sub-standard. I'm surprised they are still in business.  One star - because Zero stars is not available.

I took my reels to a local spot in Brighton, Michigan (American Video Transfer) and I got them back inside of a week.  They look great.

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE!!!! AVOID! STAY AWAY! Every video we sent to them came back with some kind of error, and one video was lost. It has now been almost a full year that I've been dealing with their customer service department trying to get the issue fixed and NO progress... I keep getting the run around. Best to send your precious memories to people well equipped to handle them NOT Southtree...

New Reviewer

I would give 0 if I could.

I had 2 separate orders from them, both sent beginning of May.

Slow, slow, slow. Just received this week. Would have been fine to wait if it was worth it.

EVERYTHING was wrong!

2 DVDs were blank. 1 of my original VHS was MISSING. 2 VHS were damaged by them. 2 things couldn't be converted even though they said on the website it could. Photos scanned were so BLURRY you couldn't even tell what they were. 1 DVD was of a family I have NO idea who they were.

DO NOT trust these people with your precious memories. TERRIBLE! Won't give refund, just "credit" on next order. YEAH RIGHT! Not sending them anything else.

Overall, sent over 12 items. Not ONE thing came out right and 3 VHS of memories were RUINED (And I feel bad for the random family's memories I got!)

New Reviewer

After looking around online at several different video transfer places, I went with Southtree due to their snazzy website which promised great service and good prices. Uh oh - let the fun begin.

Sent Southtree 15 old video tapes in Oct. 2012 to have them put on DVD's. I was so excited to give them as Christmas gifts & after years of procrastinating, I was finally getting this done! Long story short - Southtree messed up my simple order again & again from the beginning. Fast forward to SIX months later and finally in March 2013, Southtree shipped my complete order. Happy day, right?!?! Nope. Turns out Southtree sent the package without a complete address label - AND used cheap shipping without tracking to the door. To this day, my package remains lost and I have zero DVD's and one of my original videotapes was lost in the mess. Not to mention - my money wasn't refunded until I filed a credit card dispute.

CONCLUSION - I wouldn't recommend Southtree in a million years. Their right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing & they were unbelievably careless with my videotapes. I was more than patient with Southtree for the first many months - but my experience with Southtree was a complete train wreck. Soooo, save yourself some grief - you'd be much better off to buy a machine and do it yourself - or take your tapes to a reputable local video transfer service.

New Reviewer

Stay away! I shipped an order for transfer of 6 mini-DV tapes to data DVDs to Southtree on September 30, 2012 and they didn't input it into their tracking system until November 8. An "Agent of Happiness" contacted me on December 11 to let me know that my order wouldn't be ready until "early January" because of their busy holiday season. They did not actually ship my order until January 25, and then only after I sent several nasty-gram emails threatening to contact the Better Business Bureau. I was told on January 21st that "We do not normally do this but after speaking with my manager and head tape technician I was able to make an exception and mark your order as a priority. This means it is pulled from normal processing and placed in rush processing." Rush processing?! My tapes had been in their possession for almost 4 months, and it then required "rush processing", as if they were doing me some big favor? At the time I placed my order, their website claimed a turnaround time of 4-5 weeks.

Of the 6 DVDs that we FINALLY got back, 2 are audio only with no video (just a black screen). We checked all of the tapes before we sent them off, and there was definitely working video. 1 DVD doesn't work at all. So of the $95.70 that we spent for their services, we didn't even receive half of the products we paid for in working order. They have ignored our request for a partial refund. Terrible service all around.

New Reviewer

I would not recommend Southtree. The service was slow, I sent my negatives and one movie reel back around the first part of February. I called several times inquiring "How much longer?" They were good about getting back with me I have to say that much for them, but it was always the same story, we got swamped and are running behind a little. I finally received them the end of May. I wish I could say I was happy with them, the reel played with everyone upside down which I had them send me a new one corrected and the negatives were very disappointing. During this time span I had bought a CanoScan 8400F Color Image Scanner on ebay and scanned the actual picture, it also came with trays for negatives but was intimidated when I first got it and thought they could do a more professional job with negatives that I would. I was wrong. I then freshened up the pictures with VueScan software. It did a better job restoring the picture than they did with the negatives. I even had them in order with music playing in the background. I would not recommend anyone waste their money on Southtree, even with the Groupon coupon I paid to much for what I got!

New Reviewer

First let me start by saying I really wanted to like this company. I did a quick search on them and tooled around on the website and saw the good things they were doing in the world. I felt at the time it was a good choice. I bought a package on Groupon that was $75 for $250 worth of services. I sent in 12 tapes to have one dvd and one data disc of each tape.
According to the website, from the time the videos arrive they are cataloged and put into the system so you can see each process they are in. NOT true. I sent my videos in 2 days after I ordered the package. I sent them Fed Ex and had a tracking number so I would know when they got there. They were dropped off on January 10, 2013. Only after about 3 weeks of checking did I make my first call to them to find out why they weren‘t in the system. I talked to “Amanda”. She said they were a bit behind. I figured, okay, they had a lot of Groupons sold so maybe that’s why it took so long. Another week went by. I started looking at reviews then. I wasn’t liking what I was seeing either. They were put in “Media Process” on February 5th and this is where they stayed for 12 weeks. I called on March 19th and talked to “Amanda” again. She said they were having some equipment problems and it might be a bit longer. I had planned on calling on Monday 22nd but when I checked the “track your order” and found they were on their way home, I didn’t. When they finally arrived I found all of my originals as well as the two sets of dvds I ordered. One set is for viewing the other was data for the computer. The regular dvds had labels matching what I had written on the tape. My originals had a sticker with my order number and another number 1-12 corresponding to the number of tapes I sent in. I watched the dvds first. I guess right here I should note some of the footage is unwatchable. Its like the tracking should have been adjusted. Now I’m not sure if it was the tape I sent in or them not paying attention to it while they were recording. I will find that out when I try to convert this again myself. I’m hoping my footage hasn’t been damaged in the conversion process. I wont know this for awhile. I watched all of the regular dvds. I would say about 75% of the footage is okay. The next day I decided to check out the data dvds. When I opened the box I found 7 data discs of mine and two data dvds that didn’t belong to me. I was also supposed to have one of each. Now, I’m not mad they doubled up on the data-- put 2 tapes on on data dvd -- but its random. For example I had 4 tapes of Disney. These should have been put together. The data discs were not labeled either. When I went into the file on the computer it was listed as my order number with a 1-12 at the end. This did not correspond to the number label on the original tape. I had to write on the disc so when I eventually try to make copies I know which tape I’m looking for.
Now on the subject of the dvds that weren’t mine... I had read in one of the reviews that someone else had gotten another person’s order. I decided that rather than sending them back I would try to find who they belonged to on my own. There was nothing but an order number on the dvd itself. The person who shot the footage put all kinds of addresses in the footage on this tape. It was from a Christmas in 1987. I googled him and found he is deceased. I was able to locate a family member from the addresses on the footage. I called them and I’m sending it directly to them.
Now I’m going to address this like a child’s report card. I would like to explain my reasons for rating them a certain way.
Quality-D: I’m giving them this because 75% of the footage is watchable and data dvds were unorganized and because they sent me someone else’s data dvds.
Timeliness- F: If you can’t deliver in the time frame stated on the website don’t say that you can. Please make this realistic for the customers.
Price-C: I guess I got what I paid for. I would have been pretty upset if I paid full price for it.
Customer service- B: Every time I contacted the company I got a call back from Amanda. While I know she was kinda making excuses for the length of time, at least she called back and treated me with respect on the phone.
Would I use this company again? Sad to say no.. As much as I worried myself over the last 4 months I will buy the converter and do it myself. No one has as much respect for my memories as I do. Lesson learned.

New Reviewer

I love Southtree! Sent in around 28 old vcr tapes of my family and some super8 film reels. Some of these films were from my parents and had footage I'd never seen! They turned out great, customer service was attentive and I had quick turn-around. Have already recommended to family and friends.

New Reviewer

I would give them 0 stars if it was an option. Not only did it take forever to get my videos back, they lost one and can't find it. Now I have no DVD or video of the memory from 30 years ago.  Oh and to throw sand in the wound, they will not refund my money for the list DVD. I've never had such a bad experience with a company. Customer service is awful. Unfortunately I trusted some of my most precious belongings to them and now I will never see it again.
Anyone looking for a good company, try Yes Video. Much better quality and always available for help!

New Reviewer

Yep, pretty awful. After many weeks or months of waiting and praying, you will receive SOMETHING back. Sometimes I get a sense that the reviews on sites like this are overwhelmingly negative because only the pissed off customers post something; the satisfied customers never speak up. In this case, I think maybe all their customers are upset. That's why they're always on Groupon; they'd never sell their services by word of mouth otherwise.

I made the mistake of buying a second set of Groupons before receiving back my first set of slide scanning orders. I think the second set actually came back worse than the first. They were not completely out of order like my first set, but instead of vertical photos being scanned properly, they were now letterboxed left and right and cut off top and bottom - almost like they switched scanning equipment or something.

After going through the files and finding this, I spoke up. They sent me a return form and I carefully packaged everything back up for rescanning and shipped it off on my dime. Everything came back lumped together on one CD this time... with the vertical scans looking exactly the same as before. Oh, and they e-mailed me a coupon for some hypothetical time when I'd want to use their services again.

New Reviewer

Terrible experience, took months to receive back my tapes with excuse after excuse. After I received them back not One tape they had attempted to copy played correctly. They were in black and white instead of color and the screen was broken up. As far as the assertion that every complaint was satisfactorily resolved this is not true as I still am left with unplayable tapes.

New Reviewer

Steer clear of Southtree! I bought 3 Groupons to have my video tape collection converted, and I wish I had seen reviews before making that purchase. I did read some reviews prior to sending in my orders, so I made return address labels with my contact info and order numbers and made sure there was one on each tape. Well, I received my orders in acceptable time--about two months--but I also received another customer's order. It wasn't mixed in with mine--just a separate box with my address on it, but someone else's videos. Not only did it have this customer's precious home movies in it; included for some reason was the original written order form with complete credit card number, expiration date, and security code. Not cool!

I emailed Southtree to ask how I should deal with their mistake. I was asked to print a FedEx label, repack the box, and send it back to Southtree. When I requested that they arrange a pickup at my house since there is not a FedEx location conveniently located near me, I was told they could not do that. Since I don't have a FedEx account, I could not do it myself. The Southtree Rep (whose emails always began with "Hey, Susan" as if we were teenager buddies) then informed me that her internet research indicated there was a FedEx location only seven miles from my zip code. They were offering me no compensation/refund, yet expected me to make a 35-minute round trip drive out of my way. Ridiculous! Of course, I wanted to make sure the other customer got her videos, but I thought Southtree should make every effort to minimize my inconvenience since it was completely their error. Finally, the informal "Agent of Happiness" (as they call themselves) checked with her manager and scheduled the FedEx pickup. I put the package out, it was taken, and I haven't heard anything else from them.

I have only watched snippets of a few of my DVDs, and the quality is disappointing. Also, I went to a lot of trouble putting clear character-limited labels on each tape so my Dvds would have titles printed on them, but none were labeled. More work for me!

Maybe it was a good price for the conversion service, but this is not a responsible company. Don't entrust your memories with such careless people.

New Reviewer

I went ahead and sent off some family photos last year before the holiday. Quality looked great, it took a bit longer than I expected. Maybe they were busy during the holiday season. Hopefully timeframe is better now.

New Reviewer

Watch out for this bargain company with your precious memories. They currently have a bunch of 1-Star Yelp reviews and over 50 Better Business Bureau complaints. OUCH!

New Reviewer

Customer service was helpful. Send in a small batch of tapes to try out the service. Took a few weeks to process, but the videos look great. Next time I'll order some extra copies.

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