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Soufeel reviews

8 reviews
Categories: Jewelry
Tel: 1-800-518-2718
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8 Reviews From Our Community

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New Reviewer

Worst company I have ever tried to deal with. Be advised that their BBB rating is a big F. There is a reason for this but too many to list. You will loose you money if you have to ever return something. Often times, they will charge your card immediately and then loose your order. If you try and call them, they will not answer.

I have actually found their physical address:
Zhaan Gao
2nd floor of unit 2, Area 1
Hebei old villiage, Ma'an , tang Community
Ban, tain street, Longgang district
Shenzen, 518100
Guangdog Province
China Tel: +868676734807

Good Luck!!!!

New Reviewer

Every order I have placed has arrived quickly and has been exactly what I paid for I don't understand all the negative reviews. Very happy with all my charms. :)

New Reviewer

I ordered 4 charms from and ALL 4 charms came different from the picture shown on their website. I have noticed that they actually COPY the pictures from and paste it on their website to lure you into buying. Not a genuine seller at all.

New Reviewer

If I could give 0 stars, I would. The place is a scam. Never received item ordered an absolutely no response (phone disconnected) what so ever. I have disputed this with my credit card company

New Reviewer

The website gives the impression that this company is well put together and legit. I ordered and item on 12/09/13 upon finalizing my order i was told i would receive a confirmation email with my tracking number. I never received the email so i have no way of knowing if my order was even shipped, processed or whatever the only thing i am sure of is that they wasted no time charging my debit card. I have called the customer service number repeatedly over the past week and every time i am told that there is no one to answer the phone even though the customer service line is supposed to be 24/7 i have also sent muiltiple emails to the customer service email and yep you guessed it i have not received a response to my emails either. This company has the worst customer service that i have ever experienced in my life. I will never use this company again and will bad mouth them to any other person thinkinh of ordering from them even if i receive my item because they are shady and cant be trusted to do anything but take your money as soon as you click submit order and you never here from them whether you actually get the product or not but i guess since they have your money already then it doesnt really matter.

New Reviewer

This company is a total RIPOFF. I place an order and less than 8 hours later when I tried to cancel I was told that the items had already shipped. That was December 5th. Then then charged my CC and to date the order has not shipped. 800 number is no longer in service. Thank goodness I used a CC and submitted a Fraud claim. STAY AWAY

New Reviewer

This site promotes fast processing, fast delivery, 365-day-no-questions-asked return policy (when in fact their confirmation email says ''60-day money back guarantee'' provided you give a reason) and it just does not live up to these promises. Orders show as processing when they should have been shipped and many complain about not receiving their orders. When you complain about it, they give you every excuse under the sun as to why they did not do this or that. The only fast things that they do is immediately charge your order (credit card, PayPal, debit etc) and fast-talk you with excuses when they don't ''deliver'' on what they promote. A lot of unhappy customers who had many different complaints posted very negative comments on their Facebook page only to have them removed! NEVER AGAIN!!!

New Reviewer

I am a regular customer on Soufeel and I often buy items there. They offer various types of charms and I bought them as gift. My friends were very impressed with what they received. Nice charms! Nice service!