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Review of Soufeel

Soufeel reviews

20 reviews
Flat/RM 1202 12/F Tung Chung Comm Centre 438-444 Shanghai Street
Hong Kong, China
Tel: 1-800-518-2718

20 Reviews From Our Community

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4 stars for customer service (2 for online, 5 for facebook, 5 for e-mail). (in 7 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I have order from them a total of five times. And the only problem I have with them is customer service and shipping. If soufeel can get those two things straighten out I would give them the five stars they deserved. But I must say I love there charms. And I did take my complete soufeel bracelet to a well known jeweler here in Memphis TN and they did confirmed my soufeel bracelet and soufeel charms were real 925 sliver and not sliver plated. Like I said customer service could be a lot better. And shipping is terrible you place an order example. On April 6 it will still be processing entire week after the order has be place and deducted out of your account. My orders have always been over $130.00 or more. So my order get shipped by DHL for free but even that take up to 18 business days or more. Now that I don't like. Now I don't have a pandora or love links or trollbeads. My bracelet is completely Soufeel and I have not had/have any problem with my bracelet it's also the 925 sliver bracelet. And I wear it everyday wash dishes take showers I do the most while wearing this bracelet. And I'm so please with the memorable charms they offer. Some of there charms are way smaller than expected but it fits my soufeel bracelet great because all of mine are the same size. But if you are a pandora love links trollbeads. The charms might seem smaller compared to your pandora love links trollbeads charms. But the overall quality of there product is a A for me. So yes I will tell friends and family who want a pandora look alike to go for it BTW If your order is over $99 or more you can get an FREE charm maybe a free bracelet if that offer is still going on. I know when I first ordered I ordered two bracelet and four charms as gifts at the time the bracket was 29.99 but my order amount total was 137.99 they was offering at the time there 925 silver bracelet for 9.99 so I only paid 9.99 for an 925 sliver bracelet. And on this last order my order was over an 150.00 so I got a free 925. Sliver Bracelet. I mean it is always special offer on there site. Like I said if the order is over 99.00 a free charm. Over 130.00 you have can get a free charm with a choice between a pair of fresh water preal earrings, ring or necklace. And with the free charm they will have three charms selected from you to choose from. But yes give it a try. If anyone have any question feel free to email me at And I will try my best to answer any question you might have.

Ask Ella about Soufeel
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered twice from this website, took ages for the goods to arrive, like i was staying in some unknown island near bermuda triangle. And while i am submitting this review, i'm still waiting for the order, which i placed on 22 April 2015, to arrive. Wanted to get a gift for mum for mothers day on 10th May, but obviously it didn't make it. Hopefully they could make it for next year's.

Ask Sharon about Soufeel
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ulike everybody around here, I have had a good experience with Soufeel. Some of the girls roughly speak English, but I got along just well with e-mail tickets. I bought a bangle, which was very nice, apart that it is a bit hard to open, and a couple of charms with beads and one memorable charm. After a few days while my order was still processing, I asked on their facebook page why is it not shipped yet. I got a fast response on facebook and in my e-mail inbox, that there was a problem with high demand of memorable charms (for Valentine's) and that they will send my order via DHL for free. One week later, my order arrived, while I was able to follow it with tracking number provided. 4 stars for customer service (2 for online, 5 for facebook, 5 for e-mail). 5 stars for delivery time, estimate was spot on. 4.5 stars for quality, no beads fell off (after two months of day by day wearing, I have a charm completely out of beads, all are in place).memorable charm had a bit of glue overflowing, but it is easy to remove.

Ask Alice about Soufeel
1 review
3 helpful votes

unbelievable service they had there.
the charms are poor made, the clips i bought from them broke after 2 weeks. not so sure if its really sterling silver as they claimed.
its very disappointed with the charms, so i return my second order back to them and they gave me a hardest time.
i made a terrible mistake for not using paypal as payment, otherwise thing should be so much easier.

Ask Michelle about Soufeel
1 review
1 helpful vote

i have been nothing but thrilled with the charms that I have received from Soufeel. All orders have been correct and complete. During the tough winter this year, one of my orders was about a week after promised. I contacted their customer service by email, received a response the next day, and they sent me another email the day my post office would be delivering the item. I have filled my bracelet and now buying charms as gifts.

Ask Linda about Soufeel
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered only one charm. Thank god. The charm I ordered was a crown with the word QUEEN written on it with a clear stone above it. When the charm arrived it was cute, but on the small side. This charm was for a pandora bracelet that I own. It is almost half the size of my pandora charms. It does fit the bracelet but looks off, so I wear it in the back.
Customer service is not what I am used to. You must contact company by e-mail. Tracking the package is a problem since they take forever to get back to you. Delivery is about 15 days but I almost had to wait a month to get my package. Liked the charm but not comparable to pandora since there is a big difference in size of product. Will not buy again from this company. Like the charm but don't love the size.

Ask Linda about Soufeel
1 review
7 helpful votes

After looking at there charms,stating the will fit all bracelets,I ordered 2 charms to go on my love link bracelet guess what their to small won't fit,I went on live chat I said very politely they don't fit,the response I got back was yes they do and cut me off.
Avoid I'm now stuck with 2 charms I can't use.

Ask Jen about Soufeel
1 review
11 helpful votes

Horrible company! I ordered a charm & bracelet from this company and not even a half hour later, I received a suspicious (private/unknown number) call saying that my Visa card was locked. I hung up & called their 800 number and of course it didn't work.. Didn't even ring! I immediately called my bank, cancelled my card & reported a fraudulent purchase. Stay away from this company! It really was too good to be true. I'll stick to Pandora... Lesson learned.

Ask L about Soufeel
1 review
10 helpful votes

I ordered items on November 1, 2014 and as of November 30th I do not have them. They promise 10-18 business day shipping, but they can't live up to their shipping guarantee. The e-mail on their site is invalid, no one answers the phone and returns calls and you can only reach someone on their online chat only during Asian Pacific time. I submitted several tickets for research through their online chat forum and no one gets back to me. Once they take your money they run. I finally got ahold of someone at 1a.m. eastern standard time on chat and was told they would ship the items and send me a tracking number. This company loses orders and does not invest in Customer Service. This is the worst business experience I ever dealt with. Buyer Beware..........

Ask Maria about Soufeel
1 review
6 helpful votes

I am very dissapointed with the bracelet received, we ordered the black pandora look a like,
and within 3 months the bracelet has broken on both ends, the leather has turned out.
What upsets us is we have another bracelet in customs which is also a gift, how do you pay out funds 29.95USD without a guarantee, will not refer any other family members or friends
to deal with Soufeel

Ask PAT about Soufeel
1 review
9 helpful votes

Never Ever Use this company. After they get your money - they are no where to be found and you don't get your merchandise. The Live Chat is ALWAYS off line. Emails are not answered.

Ask Sharon about Soufeel
1 review
7 helpful votes

Review -10 yes negative. Won't even start on defective bracelet #1 broken bracelet #2 charms losing beads and stones. DoD I mention bracelet #2 broke TWICE.
2 BRACELETS 8 CHARMS. Christmas present, December 25. 2013......
December 27, 2013 first call leaving voicemail and also sending e-mail to three departments in the company. No response. Months following 6 more voicemails also 6 e-mails. No reply. Hmmmm began posting reviews. Suddenly to my amazement an e-mail appeared in my box. "I apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail. We have been very busy".....for almost a full year? That's just the start. AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE, POOR MERCHANDISE, LACK QUALITY, DO NOT CARE FOR REPEAT CUSTOMERS AND DO NOT HONOR THEIR OWN POLICIES. 60 DAYS OR IS IT 365. OH YEAH WE MUST HAVE PICTURES OF PROBLEM HMMM Pandora and Chamilia here I come. My wallets loaded. I want quality, true customer service and certified repair shops local.

Tip for consumers: Make a choice of negative 10 in the rating areas for Soufeel. I had to put 1 star due to the fact it doesn't have the option of beyond disappointment. .

Ask Renee about Soufeel
1 review
12 helpful votes

Worst company I have ever tried to deal with. Be advised that their BBB rating is a big F. There is a reason for this but too many to list. You will loose you money if you have to ever return something. Often times, they will charge your card immediately and then loose your order. If you try and call them, they will not answer.

I have actually found their physical address:
Zhaan Gao
2nd floor of unit 2, Area 1
Hebei old villiage, Ma'an , tang Community
Ban, tain street, Longgang district
Shenzen, 518100
Guangdog Province
China Tel: +868676734807

Good Luck!!!!

Ask Tim about Soufeel
1 review
5 helpful votes

Every order I have placed has arrived quickly and has been exactly what I paid for I don't understand all the negative reviews. Very happy with all my charms. :)

Ask Elaine about Soufeel
1 review
8 helpful votes

I ordered 4 charms from and ALL 4 charms came different from the picture shown on their website. I have noticed that they actually COPY the pictures from and paste it on their website to lure you into buying. Not a genuine seller at all.

Ask Melinda about Soufeel
1 review
6 helpful votes

If I could give 0 stars, I would. The place is a scam. Never received item ordered an absolutely no response (phone disconnected) what so ever. I have disputed this with my credit card company

Ask Daisy about Soufeel
1 review
7 helpful votes

The website gives the impression that this company is well put together and legit. I ordered and item on 12/09/13 upon finalizing my order i was told i would receive a confirmation email with my tracking number. I never received the email so i have no way of knowing if my order was even shipped, processed or whatever the only thing i am sure of is that they wasted no time charging my debit card. I have called the customer service number repeatedly over the past week and every time i am told that there is no one to answer the phone even though the customer service line is supposed to be 24/7 i have also sent muiltiple emails to the customer service email and yep you guessed it i have not received a response to my emails either. This company has the worst customer service that i have ever experienced in my life. I will never use this company again and will bad mouth them to any other person thinkinh of ordering from them even if i receive my item because they are shady and cant be trusted to do anything but take your money as soon as you click submit order and you never here from them whether you actually get the product or not but i guess since they have your money already then it doesnt really matter.

Ask Ashley about Soufeel
1 review
5 helpful votes

This company is a total RIPOFF. I place an order and less than 8 hours later when I tried to cancel I was told that the items had already shipped. That was December 5th. Then then charged my CC and to date the order has not shipped. 800 number is no longer in service. Thank goodness I used a CC and submitted a Fraud claim. STAY AWAY

Ask S about Soufeel
1 review
5 helpful votes

This site promotes fast processing, fast delivery, 365-day-no-questions-asked return policy (when in fact their confirmation email says ''60-day money back guarantee'' provided you give a reason) and it just does not live up to these promises. Orders show as processing when they should have been shipped and many complain about not receiving their orders. When you complain about it, they give you every excuse under the sun as to why they did not do this or that. The only fast things that they do is immediately charge your order (credit card, PayPal, debit etc) and fast-talk you with excuses when they don't ''deliver'' on what they promote. A lot of unhappy customers who had many different complaints posted very negative comments on their Facebook page only to have them removed! NEVER AGAIN!!!

Ask Jade about Soufeel
1 review
7 helpful votes

I am a regular customer on Soufeel and I often buy items there. They offer various types of charms and I bought them as gift. My friends were very impressed with what they received. Nice charms! Nice service!

Ask Ellie about Soufeel

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Q: Xmas day my grandchildren opened their presents,charms didn't fit love links bracelet
Brown leather bracelet has a screw fitting one part is to big to screw in.
I spoke on line I said the charms didn't fit I the response back was yes they do then they cut me off.
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