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ShopAtHome reviews

66 reviews
5575 Dtc Pkwy Ste 300
Greenwood Village, CO 80111-3021
Tel: (303) 843-0302

66 Reviews From Our Community

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I was tickled pink to get cash for purchases I would have made anyway. (in 31 reviews)


my first check was lost in thin air for over 1 month but after contacting customer service couple times. (in 8 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I purchased a dishwasher from Sears through Shopathome when they were having a promotion of 20% cashback on all purchases through Sears, which would have equated to about $120 cashback! Guess what, cash back never showed up. I emailed their customer service numerous times without ever getting a response. SCAM. Will be taking my business to another affiliate website like Fatwallet. Much more reputable.

New Reviewer

I ordered shoes for my mam who has Parkinson's and had to return I emailed shopathome and got no help I posted shoes back using registered post on 24th October it's stated as delivered and I have still not been reimbursed my money

New Reviewer

My business is listed on this website without my permission. I don't offer coupons and they had no right to add my site. They just want to show a lot of businesses listed rather than businesses that requested to be listed. That's misleading to customers

New Reviewer

this shopping mall is full of trashy people with no self control all of the baby mamas who is just having babies and not taking care of them it is a shame how young mothers are not supporting their kids on their own.

New Reviewer

I was using ShopAtHome regularly and all of a sudden I ordered a large item from JCPenney and should have received almost $40 in cashback, but didn't. ShopAtHome said I didn't order through them when I definitely did! I have been using it for dozens of purchases and then suddenly it doesn't work on my largest purchase. HMmmmm. Don't you find that strange?? And they won't tell me where they got the information saying that I went through another site so I can investigate the transaction. Scam!

New Reviewer

Every time I want to order on-line (which is becoming more and more often) I sign into Shop At Home first. The money back is great, but the free shipping codes makes it well worth it to shop from my office and not have to leave the house looking for something I need. I complete all of Christmas shopping on-line every year now using in record time, everything is delievered where it needs to go, and I get a check within a couple months. I get paid to save time and money by shopping on-line. It's kinda crazy! My favorite is plane tickets thorugh because it's such a high ticket item I get a lot of money back each time for spending exactly what I would if I didn't use Can't rave about this site enough!

New Reviewer

i downloaded this app to try to download a couple of coupons. my new years resolution to help my family save money. and this program totally corrupted my computer. it took the computer over. now it won't let me uninstall it. it turned off my restore so i can't restore to a prior date. when i turned restore back on. the only date it will give me is the date i downloaded this very bad app. my computer is completely useless and i can't get this out of my computer. bad. very bad app. please don't take the chance with your computer

New Reviewer

I have trouble with any site who does not identify the owners or who is responsible for their site. Most likely it is Tammy Prochaska, from WI, A/K/A The Coupon Lady. Her husband Marv sued his former employer, Menards, for millions because they fired him...he lost. IMO, These two people think their poop does not smell, and they think they are better than everyone else. They are both mean and hateful and I would NEVER do business with either of them. Tammy comes off to be friendly, but don't turn your back on her and Marv, ask Menards Home Improvements about him. Don't you people realize this internet coupon business is a scam and you are only making people like the ones mentioned above rich by using it to save a tiny bit of money? Go by local, from the local merchants and stop supporting China jobs and big Corporations by falling for the coupon scams. Besides, most of the coupon foods are loaded with GMO, chemicals, preservatives and are killing you . If you look at Tammy's backside you would see the results of eating coupon foods.

New Reviewer

Awful!!!! Have been using them for years but I have finally had enough!! So many of my purchases do not get credited to my account. I've had to fill out their, very lengthy, missing cash back form too many times. Today will be the last time! There is another cash back site that works much better, smoothly and I have never had a problem, ever. Do your research on cash back sites before you pick one to use

New Reviewer

Terrible experience might just be a ripoff. I spent money at one of their site's and got next to nothing compared to what they claimed I would get. I filled in a complaint form, which asked for hard to get information. I then sent it in and got no response at all. A ripoff

New Reviewer

I received an email from saying I should sign into an account that I never setup with them. I have reported it as spam. Sure is sketchy.

New Reviewer

Love the site! Used it to book our summer vacation and buy back-to-school clothes and got a nice check in the mail. No spam. Easy to use.

New Reviewer

Terminate my account without any notice, just because I made multiple gift with purchases for my friends and family, and they refuse to pay all the cash back even for those regular purchase. Very bad and greedy website, they can take all your cash back any time for the ridiculous reasons.

New Reviewer

I didn't like it at all. Very spammy. I never bothered trying to get money back. If you scroll through the reviews you'll notice a lot of posts on same dates by people with no image and only one review. All of them raving about the site one after the other but if you go through to the earlier reviews, one posted just recently... they say terrible things about this site.
It's quite obvious most of the positive reviews were posted by individuals associated with shopathome hence the higher star rating than it deserves. The fact that they would attempt to get ahead that way pretty much diminishes their credibility in my opinion.
I think the concept is great though. I hope they clean their act.
Don't let others be scammed. If you feel you agree, post your honest review.

New Reviewer

I began using shoptathome and I accumulated roughly $200 in two months time (I spend ALOT) and thought ‘hey, this website provides cashback on my purchases, this is great’. Last week, I received an email stating they were closing my account for some odd reason and they were not going to send me a check for the amount I accumulated in my shopathome account. I think that shopathome saw that the money I accumulated was too much and came up with a BS excuse to close my account. If I had known they were just going to close my account, I would have used other sites like mrrebate or ebates. I’m never using this site again and I highly recommend others to keep away as well.

New Reviewer

Love love the 110% Guaranteed, nobody beats ShopatHome's cashback. Checks are always mailed out on time, thank you for helping me save money!

New Reviewer

Love this site. I've saved a ton of money with the coupons and the rebate check is like the cherry on top!

New Reviewer

Cant beat it, you get a discount when you buy plus a check back when you get to $20 accured in your account. Love it!!

New Reviewer

i love the fact that you can get money back by shopping online plus you can use coupons so you get more back

New Reviewer

Got my check a few weeks ago, just as promised. I was tickled pink to get cash for purchases I would have made anyway.

New Reviewer

I am disabled and do alot of shopping online. It is great that I can get a little back on what I spend. I have received two checks from shopathome. I love this site it seems to be safe and easy to use.

New Reviewer

It toolk me a couple months of shopping - I finally got to the minimum of around 30 dollars- That's 30$ more that I have in my pocket!

New Reviewer

Awesome! I get rebate checks for making purchases I was already going to make from stores that are affiliated with Shop at Home (which are plenty).

New Reviewer

I have been using ShopatHome for a while and have recommended it to several people. It provides cash back on internet purchases when you go through the ShopatHome website which is linked with a variety of stores/internet shopping sites. ShopatHome notifies you when your check is coming, what the amount will be, and follows up to make sure you received it. They can't make it any easier than that! Additionally, they have special offers and coupons too! Great service!

New Reviewer

Wow really cash back i love it and it makes me want to shop more and its fun when i do Shop At Home is a god send

New Reviewer

It is great to get money back for things you need to purchase anyway. You just need to remember to visit the website before you make a purchase. Great way to save money!

New Reviewer

I love shopping through this site and getting cash back for al my online purchases! Plus, they have a 110% cash back guarantee, so if you find a better cash back deal on another site, you can report it to them and they'll match the other site's deal plus another 10%.

New Reviewer

When I joined I had no idea it was a cash earning program until I received an email letting me know I would be receiving a check in the mail. Five Stars for ShopAtHome.Com.

New Reviewer

So easy to use - I got a check for 70 bucks delivered to me just for purchasing my new mattress online and going through!

New Reviewer

What a great way to make money while shopping online! Just enter your chosen store before you shop via Shop at Home. It couldn't be easier. The amount of cash earned varies from store to store and on a day to day basis. It's also easy to find promo codes to save you even more money. They even email you to tell you when you've earned money and a check is on the way. Fantastic!

New Reviewer

I've hear about receiving money for doing the things we would normally do on-line, but have never found any to be true. Until now! I actually did receive a rebate check from shop at home! I'm glad it came because now I know I should make sure I am using my shop your way rewards to the max!

New Reviewer

I do quite a lot of online shopping and kept getting messages about cash earned. I didn't pay too much attention and then I received an email stating that I had earned 50 some dollars. Filled out info and soon I had a check!!!!

New Reviewer

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this website!! It's great getting cash back just for shopping. You can't beat that!! So many companies to choose from, get coupons, get money and shop. Thanks SHOPATHOME for being a FANTASTIC website!!!

New Reviewer

I am in love with this site! Why would I NOT go through Shop at Home to receive cash back every time I order online? If I'm ordering online anyway, might as well get paid to do it!! :D

New Reviewer

Great Website, has all the current coupons listed and it is nice to also get Cash back for online shopping.

New Reviewer

Shop at Home is GREAT! All you have to do is go to Shop at Home, type in the store you want to shop at and it comes up with specials and coupons and rebates. I have found it to be so easy. And you get a check every quarter! This is extra money in your pocket- that you never expected. I highly recommend Shop at Home.

New Reviewer

Fabulous website giving you cashback for things you would buy anyway! Genius idea. My last check arrived as promised and am looking forward to my next one. Makes shopping for essentials and treats truly rewarding.

New Reviewer
4/9/13 is a SCAM and a SPAM company that the Better Business supports because pay the Better Business Bureau BIG DOLLARS to quiet the public down about their BAD BUSINESS practice. Once they get your email address its all over because will spam you till the day you take your last breath. They fake good deals and prey on mindless people to SCAM them out of their money. If you want deals and discounts on thing, go RIGHT TO THE COMPANY your looking for discount or deals from and there you will get your Best deals. I go to the company websites and look for coupons, deals and discounts and I get them without getting spam mail.

New Reviewer


This website looks like a SCAM to me, they don’t issue the cashback points in your account, by giving some false reasons. It has happened in my case, I contacted the merchant from which I had ordered few items via, and the merchant told me that they have made the payment already to shopathome, and these crappy guys are keeping my money by saying that the merchant has an issue with the cashback rebate. Worst customer service ever! They even issue the certain amount of cashback in the account first, send the email and delete it from the account after few days when they see that the total is approaching to $20 and they would have to issue the cashback checque to the customers. Sheer bull$#*!! They must improve their customer service or else the day wouldn’t be far when they have to close the doors.

New Reviewer

Get off this site & stay away from it at all cost!!!!!


USE ebates, mrrebates, fatwallet or BigCrumbs. This site is definitely a scam if you compare to any of those I listed.

How the hell the government allow such scam to state in business!!!

New Reviewer

I love getting cash back on my purchases. I saved a lot of money not only with coupons I found at but the cash I get back from my purchases. I am a employee and not only does the company want to put the customer 1st they are also very good to their employees. A great place to work and to save.

New Reviewer

I have been a member for over 5 years and I get regular cash back checks with no issues. i have earned over $2000 in cash back since I started! The coupons and cash back are great!

New Reviewer

ShopAtHome offers 1000's of Coupon codes and grocery coupons – the site has thousands of offers for you to take advantage of ShopAtHome has a large selection of coupons for national and regional stores. Before heading off to a department store, I recommend that you check out this website first to find extra discounts that you can apply to your in-store purchase.
The uniqueness of this site it that it offers CASH BACK and Coupons , that means a customer can earn cash rebates on online purchases that they make through their account with ShopAtHome.
Buying groceries and gifts can get expensive as a family, even if I didn't work for them I would recommend this site to everyone who is looking to save money on their shopping.
4 million plus Facebook fans Can't be wrong!!

New Reviewer

It's really easy to use. I love the bargins and cashback! I'm shopping anyway so It's great getting money back for doing nothing. I've gotten $73.00 back .

New Reviewer

I have been a member for over a year now and overall have had a good experience. A couple of times, either I clicked on the wrong link or something and didn't get the full amount of the rebate. However, SAH, when contacted gave me the full credit which pleasantly surprised me. It not often nowadays that sites will assist you.......if you screw up and miss one little step, you're out-of-luck.
So thank you SAH, I will continue to use your service!

New Reviewer

I received cash back for my first 2 small purchases (about $7 total). However, I made several follow-on purchases thru this site and received nothing - one of the cash backs should have been $25. All of the purchases were made 2 months ago. So I go to file an inquiry request and find out that there are no track back numbers for my transactions, so I can't file an inquiry as this info is required for the form to be submitted. I can't find any other way to contact this site. I don't know what their problem is, at least a very poorly run website, maybe more. I will never use their site again. Fatwallet and ebates are 100% reliable and you get the cash back % they advertise.

New Reviewer

I made a purchase from (Barnes & Noble site), and was directed to sign up for to get a free gift certificate. They insisted on a cell phone number. I trust B&N, so I gave it. I never could get the certificate, and now I am getting spam! Note that sice I own my own domain, I give each and every company a different e-mail address. I started getting spam on by B&N address (which is what I gave to shopathome). I also got a marketing call to my cell phone.

New Reviewer

Hi, I am really, really surprised to see so many "Negative Comments" regarding the "" Website!! I am actually really shocked....I truthfully have been a member of their site for I know two years or more and I have nothing but GREAT COMMENTS regarding their site!! I have often bragged to my family & friends ALL THE TIME telling them "Do NOT shop online without going through the site".

Their site couldn't be any easier to navigate & find the best deals out there online, and it is all within a few keystrokes & clicks! Prior to joining the "ShopAtHome site" I literally wasted hours going back & forth at other sites, and basically was getting a "Run around" with out getting any coupons/savings or rebates! And yes, I had belonged to a few of the other sites that offer similar services, but has always had the highest percentage paid back on the dollar! And LooK OUT on the HOLIDAYS! Whoah!!! They really offer even GREATER Rebates, sometimes it has been DOUBLE & TRIPLE the normal Rebate!! I always try to plan my shopping around those Holidays of course! Now I don't shop online everyday, but I do often enough to have received at least 4, maybe 5 checks of $25.00 or more!! I just LOVE their site and their site is NO WAY A "SCAM!!!" They have always given me exactly what ever I activated or copied & pasted in the check-out as indicated on their site! And I promptly received a check exactly within the time frame they indicated.

I honestly have to say, something wasn't done correctly for these people not to have been honored & paid what was said on their site.....and you know what is even neater???? They offer points & rewards to any individual who makes them aware of or shares the info regarding a better coupon/deal or sale going on.. so they can pass that info on to other shoppers at a better deal.....I've done that a few times....AND, they usually always have some type of Contest going on at their Facebook Page that is really quite simple to enter! I'm sorry but I just have to "Disagree" with a lot of the comments that have been derogatory to their site!

I just thought I should let people know, their site is 100% LEGITIMATE!~they just save the customer who is making purchases, a lot of unnecessary time and headaches by having everything you could possibly want to know about coupons & savings, all nice and neatly condensed on one site and it really is worth maybe reading the coupon and/or offer thoroughly. Some of the coupons/savings at the end are listed as "Community Coupons" which are given by people who have claimed to have used & saved at that particular store, but may NOT BE Consistent with honoring these savings. BUT, it clearly does state that the store "MAY NOT HONOR" the savings & "THEY" MAY NOT BE ( be able to give a rebate at that store when using those coupons.....

Just hope this will help people to know, there is DEFINITELY ALOT of HAPPY & SATISFIED Customers who LOVE & APPRECIATE the " Site!

Thanks for listening...

New Reviewer

I have used many times in the past and they have been awesome. Just recently I made a purchase and didn't see the cash back show up in my account. After letting the customer service team know, they quickly took a look into it. Within a few days, they had found my cash and credited my account. It couldn't have been easier and I couldn't be happier about the experience. This purchase will push me over the $20 and I will get another cash back check! Thanks again ShopAtHome!

New Reviewer

There are a lot of great coupon sites out there but Shopathome is the best one I've found for Cash Back and many times has the same or better coupons with ability to also provide cash-back....something retailmenot and others don't do.

Here's my top pros and cons of Shopathome:

110% Price Guarantee - this is a link available on all stores that offer cash-back. Every once in a while I'll find another site offering better cash-back on a store I'm going to purchase and never had a problem with ShopAtHome honering at 110% better cash-back price

Earn cash-back on everyday essentials - ie, I buy everything from toilet paper to toothpaste on shopathome and pickup at Walmart or have it shipped from Walgreens or and save lots of money + earn cash back.

Cash-back often works with coupons as guaranteed on each of their store pages to double dip on savings.

Use for travel! Most travel sites don't offer a lot of coupons but Shopathome guarantees cash-back at 110% on everything from hotels to vacation packages....if you're already booking your hotel online, great to have cash-back on it as well!

Responsive customer service - other reviewers seem to have an issue but I usually get an email response within about 2 business days on the 2 commissions I have had

Toolbar allows you to see cash-back anywhere you are shopping online

Every day they offer a good cash-back deal on a product or store that is much better than I've seen on other sites

When you search for a product in the search box it will show you cash back options for that specific product as well


Cash-back isn't paid till $20 is reached - eBates is similar but sites like big crumbs is lower

No PayPal Option

They push their toolbar a lot - personally don't like toolbars and wish it would stop asking me.

Need to pay attention to the cash back guidelines at each store page to make sure your purchase is not, gift cards, iphones, and some categories might have lower cash-back rates

Have found some of the coupons other sites are offering can be higher than what Shopathome has with cash-back....seem to net out in the end in most cases but wish shopathome always had the best coupons

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