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SeniorPeopleMeet reviews

34 reviews
Categories: Dating, Senior Dating, Seniors
Tel: +1.2145769352
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New Reviewer

This is what they keep telling me about why they cannot post my picture:

We appreciate your participation with Recently you uploaded a photo, and due to the guidelines of terms and conditions we were unable to post the photo.

What guidelines are they talking about, this was a totally normal snapshot of me in a Western Band I was playing in at the time?? They NEVER told me what their guidelines were, or what the problem with my photo was. The exact same photo has been on Facebook for a long long time.

New Reviewer

This site is everything it promised to be. I get daily matches from the geographic region I specified, and the ages I requested.j I would recommend them to anyone

Tom K

New Reviewer

I think there was one or two credible men on the whole site. The rest were only looking for sex. Hard to take anyone seriously after too many of those experiences. I suppose they should monitor and make sure that the women on there really aren't hookers in disguise!

New Reviewer

I was matched up to a gentleman who seemed like a dream come true. Nice picture, nice profile, and we chatted the entire weekend. He wanted my cell phone number and I did not give it out and explained why. Anyways, I had dropped my subscription and a couple of days later is when I got this very nice match in my area. On the 3rd day his profile was gone. Poof! I am starting to think I was duped into renewing because I obviously renewed so I could communicate with this nice man. Anyone else out there been scammed like that? I am really thinking I was set up, although I could call that number, I don't think I should.

New Reviewer

Dont waste your money on this site. I signed up for a month and somehow was charhed for a 6 month membership. Customer service is of no use, they ate trained to read scrips only. No help with my fradulant membership due to policy. I contacted bbb and filed complaint.
95% profiles are scammers.

Tip for consumers: Dont get tripped up in a subscription

Ask M about SeniorPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

This site is completely Fraud, taking money from CC. I stoppped automatic-payment, and reviewed if it was OK. Later, the site changed my account status "auto-payment" again!!

Tip for consumers: Do not use this.

Ask kazue about SeniorPeopleMeet
New Reviewer

I get so many profiles from every state, including Canada? I have received few responses when I e-mail prospects. Looks like I made a mistake signing up.

New Reviewer

This is a lousy site and is not worth the money. I joined in Dec and paid for 6 months and am sorry I did. No matter how many times I go into my profile to indicate what match I would like - the matches are NOTHING like what I asked for. You have the option of choosing what race you'd like and smoking or non-smoking, marital status and age among other things - and these are the 3 items they get wrong consistently.I ask for a 60-70 year old white male, divorced or widowed, non-smoker, and what do I get. Not white - "legally separated" which is just crap, smoker and 54 years old? Don't waste your money on this site. You have a better chance of meeting someone on a bus!

New Reviewer

The only results I got werefrom women 1000 miles away asking to exchange emails so they could send me pics. My profile states local only. I cannot get a single reply from the 100 close by women. And when they come on the site and you try and chat with them you get an error message. Total scam.

New Reviewer

I have been here since May 2014. I met one real person from a town near me. I have been approached by others, many from far away states. My profile states that I don't do long distance and that I stay away from scam/fraud (catfishing). Many guys try to get me out of the site to send me their pictures to my cellphone, which I don't provide. I asked them to use Skype because I want to see their real faces. I don't hear from them again. I had a bad experience at match and I was there for one month. I did not loose any money, just trust and empathy for others. I have been reading a lot about romance scams/fraud. I am a 53 yo female and I know that I am a target. I am not going to be a victim. My credit card will be cancel before the renewal date.

New Reviewer

i got robbed also. the site said 11.95 for a month and then charged me 80.00. "we have a strict no refund policy"

New Reviewer

Stop! Save your money and DO NOT sign up for this site. It's a total scam. This site "matched" me up with people from all over Canada and the US although my criteria stated I wanted to meet people within a local mileage range. They also sent me "matches" of men who smoked, different ethical backgrounds, non-religious men, etc. All of my criteria was not even used. I even recieved messages from men who are in the 40' much for it being a 50-55+ web site. I have cancelled my renewal and it better be done or I will take legal action. You can't even get a response from Customer Service except for an automated reply. Forget this site - spend your money on joining a group class or something in your neighbourhood. Good luck.

New Reviewer

I signed my mother up for this site and helped her communicate on it. The MAJOR PROBLEM is that they don't mention that you're automatically signed up for auto renew. They told me that they did notify me at the beginning, which is laughable. I'm sure it was disguised in the smallest font type. It also took me a lot of searching on the website to stop the auto renew. PLEASE BEWARE. THIS IS A SCAM.

New Reviewer

I am a stained glass artist in the high end glass art and when I posted my art work they took it down and implied that it was someone else and that it was 2nd or 3rd party work. I threatened them with legal action on their liable statements and they allowed me to post. Then I guess a shift change came alone and removed more works and some that had been previously approved. I think there are enough people to create a class action lawsuit even if the lawyer gets all the money, I don't care I just want some justice...OH and I was sucked in with the free account - all of a sudden there seemed to be activity on my free trial and I paid and found it to be 4 statements from the company.

New Reviewer

A lot of people have had bad experiences with this internet dating. I can not understand the reason.I have been on this one several times. I am not looking for a husband just someone to be like a good friend. I have found many and when one or the other of us find someone else we part as friends. I think some people just look at the picture and turn them down.That will get you no where.. If they have some interests like yours, give it a try . It might not be the love affair of the century but it could be the start of something good. My longest relationship was 4 years .I am 80 now.

New Reviewer

this site is a joke .The chance of actually getting a date are not good.Even if you exchange emails and you think everything is going well all of a sudden you stop getting replys and you wonder what it is you did wrong.Also in some of the profiles the women set standards that very very few people[men] can meet.Lets face it this is a senior people dating site and if I was making 100,000 dollars+ I wouldn,t be looking at you.I mean that your not exactly Queen of the May anymore, if you ever were.In conclusion stay away and avoid this site like the plague. Capt.Steve

New Reviewer

What a joke and waste of money. Better off going to the bar!

New Reviewer

I think its a good idea but bad execution. You can find real people on or (they're related) and they do honor age-bracket setting - and some of those same people here, so they do have SOME real people. I think the big problem is their algorithms for "matching" you are bogus - it seems like some random computer program to me. And a preponderance of members without pictures is always a concern. Give this one a miss - there are better sites.

New Reviewer

signed up thinking it was only going to cost me $12.95 for ONE month. Decided it wasn;t for me, so canceled the next day. Got my credit card bill... it was for the 6 MONTH sign up... over $80.00!!!!! Steer clear of this site for your own good!

New Reviewer

Beware. They inform folks you sent a "flirt", or viewed a profile, when you did not. Say you were viewed by others, but were not,(computer generated). The few I messaged did not answer, (hard to believe all were that rude). I'm 65 and had three 30 year olds "flirt' with me???? sounds a bit phoney. Don't waste your money with this site. I think all the others operate in the same fashion too. A real shame!

New Reviewer

This site is a ripoff! They set your account up to renew automatically without letting you know explicitly (it might be in very lengthy fine print). Then they renew without any warning to make sure you agree. They make it very difficult to contact them and then when you ask for a refund they do not refund any portion.

New Reviewer

All the men seemed only interested in how I looked, not who I was. The site mated me with smokers non religious men, men out of state and I had requested NOT to have that done. I have cancelled the next month billing. I hope this is done. I am trying to have my profile removed, but am not having any luck in contacting customer service, if this even exist??? I am very unhappy with this site and how they handled their billing and how they handle introducing people to one another!! It seems hit and miss!!

New Reviewer

These guys have a stated price to sign up. I think it was 23.99 but then when I checked my credit card record it was 27.99. They sneak in what they call a processing fee. How dishonest can you be?

In addition I found people I had supposedly added as a favorite which I don't recall adding. Lots of flirts from out of state when I clearly state in my profile that I will not respond. They either don't read my profile or they are system generated flirts.
Although there are legitimate users on the site it's difficult to figure out who is real and who fake.
Fortunately I signed up for one month and cancelled shortly there after to prevent the auto re-bill. All in all I think this is a shady site. You're better off going to

New Reviewer

If you get an email and want to read it or even just see who its from, a pop up comes up and the first and cheapest option is 6 months $12.99. PLEASE NOTE: IT DOES NOT SAY 6 MONTHS $12.99 A MONTH!!!!!!!! You therefore think it is costing you $12.99 to join for six months.
Not only that, but all of the men who contacted me within the hour I was at the site, either couldn't write without sounding like they were speaking broken English or without sounding like they were a pervert.

New Reviewer

If other dating sites are like this one, god help online daters. Difficulty navigating subscription and membership cancellation procedures. Two weeks into a one-month subscription, I cancelled. Also sent emails to SPM customer service requesting confirmation of cancellation in the event I am billed again. Continued to receive flirt messages despite cancellation. Called People Media @866-727-8920 three times, insisting on cancellation confirmation. The site has no business integrity. Caveat emptor. Always research a site before giving out that credit card number!

New Reviewer

I agree, seniormeet is a rip off and they trick seniors into believing its free when it is not. They hook you in and then tell you it's free but then they need $11.95 a month for you to view messages. When you give them your card, they charge $75.00. What a rotten thing to do to seniors. Many of the men on the site are dangerous predators who have cut and pasted stock photos of nice looking American men, but when you engage them in conversations they can't even write in english. They always are in love at first site and want to talk off site with your phone number and personal information required. Be carfull, these guys are not looking for a date but for someone to rip off.

Apprentice Reviewer

This site is a shame. It does not have a good scam elimination system at all. Here is an article that shows the dangers of scammers especially with one found on this very site which this dating site took absolutely no responsibility for afterwards in the article. The article has highlighted a scammer problem that prevails it seems on the site.

Topic: Online Dating Scam Leaves Widow Esther Ortiz-Rodeghero Heartbroken, Foreclosed, Bankrupt

From: The Huffington Post,. Denver

Date: November 10, 2011

"A woman looking for love online instead lost her life savings after falling for an internet scammer on a seniors' dating site.

Esther Ortiz-Rodeghero of Castle Rock, Colorado, lost her husband in 2010 after he died of pancreatic cancer. After his passing, Ortiz-Rodeghero tells 7News, "I was grieving, and I was lonely, and I wanted someone to share my life with." She says a therapist advised her to go online to meet new people.

She soon discovered a dating website called, where the 55-year-old financial analyst encountered "Wayne Jackson," a man who presented himself as an Army major general who had lost his wife in a car accident. A picture of "Wayne" provided by Ortiz-Rodeghero depicts a handsome black-haired man in army fatigues, smiling at the camera.

According to ABC, the man claimed to be stationed in Iraq but would be retiring to the United States soon. The two emailed nearly every day. A month later, he requested she send him $800, claiming his bank account had been frozen and, due to his station in Iraq, wouldn't be able to sort it out with the bank in person.

Ortiz-Rodeghero says he showed her bank statements, and began asking for money on a more regular basis. She complied, thinking she'd helped "Wayne" start a business they would both one day run together, writes the NY Daily News. She emptied her personal savings, 401k, and her husband's life insurance, then proceeded to take out loans -- about $500,000 in all.

When she sent "Wayne" money for a plane ticket and he never showed, Ortiz-Rodeghero understood she'd been scammed. In addition to her emotional losses, the Daily Mail reports she recently lost her job of 17 years, her house is in foreclosure, and she has declared bankruptcy., the website where Ortiz-Rodeghero met "Wayne," warns users to never send money to someone you meet online, especially by wire transfer.

The U.S. Army also has issued a warning about online dating profiles from persons claiming to be serving abroad."

I hope all who who read this realize the sadness that scams and scammers can bring and separate themselves from and let the site eventually be shut down for all its shames.

Apprentice Reviewer

They appear to have many tchnical problems. My Internet Explorer occasionally goes crazy here, and I've had several notifications of attack attempts by my security software. About half of the people I write do respond, and I have found two definite possibilities. But the IM feature stinks; it keeps cutting off.

New Reviewer

This site is definitely a rip off...I have even gone so far as to request a refund but good luck on that, huh? Just a site for users and players. I joined on impulse and have regretted it ever since. Please don't make the same mistake I could get the same promises this site offers for "free". Spread the word...innocent people are falling for this crap every day and this site's promises are not kept. Post your comments everywhere until someone checks into this scam. Seniorpeoplemeet=garbage. Hindsight is 20/20 but I wish i had used my money elsewhere. Help !!!

New Reviewer

I had previously tried out the SCAM site (which I heard about in a FACEBOOK AD) and had just realized it was a total scam when I clicked on the ad, also on FACEBOOK. is even worse than, if that's possible. They advertise as 'free' initially but you can only put up your photo free, you cannot receive any messages without signing up for their automated monthly program - which I didn't do. (How stupid do I look?) Anyway, I went to the trouble of entering some basic information - without even a photo! - and got a message from someone. That seemed strange to me as I had not yet typed in any descriptions of what I wanted, etc. Once I did that and uploaded a photo, the rapid response of messages was identical in nature to except that this site would not let me actually look at them until I paid them money. I had never before tried out any online dating site & these 2 just happened to catch me in an adventurous mood.

Word of warning - Do NOT put in money for a site that says it has a free trial period. If the whole thing isn't free (without entering ANY payment info), do what I do and consider it a complete scam. The chances are extremely high that it is.

New Reviewer

This site is filled with scam artist who are praying on the older generation. I recieved one e-mail and by the third he was madly in love with me. He then proceeded to go out of the country and call from an international number telling me he needed money he had been robbed with a gun to his head. John Smith his name was(he was Russian with a very heavy accent) He kept calling me sending western union drop sites for money and a flight itenerary from KLM airlines for 7200.00. He called my phone for 12 hours straight every 30 minutes until I answered and said I called the police. I filled abuse with Seniorpeolemeet and they never answered me. Go on line you will see all the entries of the same complaints from this web site. If you are a senior do not enter this web site. Dana

New Reviewer

I am a women and thought I would find a gentleman friend on the site, but there are nothing but losers -

New Reviewer

In the beginning every thing looked legit....then I received a few flirts and I would reply to them..then would never get an answer..I sent an email and complained. after that I started getting flirts from supposedly men in other states and their info was typed and spelled like a first grader...I think it is coming from India or a similar place now. There is NO telephone # and I had a hard time trying to find an email addy to contact them...which is by the way... <> This is a scam !!

New Reviewer

Not sure yet

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Q: Just stick with commercial sites like eharmony and then ask for people within your age range. These niche dating sites just don't have enough users to be worthwhile. Good thing you pointed this out to people and hopefully others will read this and stay clear of this site
A: This site is filled with scam artists from India or elsewhere.they all have sob stories They pro mise you the moon Then ask for money.The BBB should be contacted! It is thar bad
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