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RueLaLa reviews

86 reviews
20 Channel Center
Boston, MA 02210
Tel: 1-888-992-LALA (5252)

86 Reviews From Our Community

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Things are brand new, packaged well, shipping is quick, customer service is great. (in 25 reviews)


I don't like paying for the shipping, but they lump your whole order into one. (in 54 reviews)


After trying out other flash sale sites, I'll continue to rely on Rue. (in 4 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Ordered product 12/3 was told I would have no later than 12/16 which is quite a long time, but now I'm being told they are not sure if I'll get it at all!!!!! How do you sell something you do not have?

Tip for consumers: Be careful if you need the product, this was my 1st experience and last also.....

Ask Will about RueLaLa
New Reviewer

I placed an order last week (12/7). I recieved my items within 5 days. However, after I placed my order for an electric kettle I found the same model at Home depot for $10 less. I wrote them (I had not received the shipping confirmation yet) to cancel my order. I never heard back from them and recived the shipping tracking number 2 days later. Once i received the order I called for my return label just to find out that this was a final sale. There is absolutly no note of final sale on my order confirmation. Not sur why I would order there again if the same item can be found at any other store for less money with a very flexible return policy. They really need to do something about the return policy, price matching and customer service.

Tip for consumers: Make sure you read all the fine print and search the web for other retailers who might offer the same product at a lower price.

Ask carsten about RueLaLa
New Reviewer

I needed my orders by 12/15 for special reason. Two order placed on 12/2/2014 and as of 12/11/2014, shipping status says the orders have not been shipped.

USPS Priority Mail charges flat rate small box for $5.95 and guarantee shipping time of 2-3 days max. RLL charges me $9.99 for shipping and takes longer to ship. No sure how can anyone justify their expensive and slow shipping.

12/12 afternoon I finally got email confirmations regards that my items has been shipped but estimate delivery has been delay to 12/22! If they knew the promised shipping date is 12/15, they could ship the package next day or 2 day shipping. This has turn into a complete nightmare shopping experience. If I knew the items will take 20+ days to ship I would definitely buy something else. For special reason I need these by 12/15. If I get it after 12/15, I'll have to ship the items out and my family won't get them until after the New Years.

I'll never and ever shop at Rue again and I advice anyone to stay away from them.

Tip for consumers: Stay away from this company

Ask May about RueLaLa
New Reviewer

Horrible! I was supposed to have my order on or before 12/11. There site even says granted delivery. Well.....they told me they can not tell me if or when the item will be shipped. Whhaaatt? I'll be cancelling my order through paypal after reading this is normal for them. Unvelivble.

Tip for consumers: Do not order from them. You'll never get your item.

Ask Renea about RueLaLa
New Reviewer

Item ordered on 11/28/14, received email on same day confirming order and stating delivery to be "on or before" 12/11/14 and I'd receive a confirmation when "it leaves their hands". Called their 888 number today and they do not know when or if the product ordered will be shipped. They quoted some problem with their supplier. I have requested an email stating what our phone conversation was about, but have not received one as yet. Since I used PayPal for this purchase, I'll wait another few days and if nothing arrives, I'll contact PayPal for a refund.

UPDATE: 12/17/2014 Finally arrived - 6 days late! - 26 days since order placed. I wish I had reviewed this company first. I don't think they actually have inventory, they obtain what's requested and then ship it via slow boat.

Tip for consumers: Check the reviews first and then buyer beware!

Ask Tom about RueLaLa
New Reviewer

Too often (3/4 orders this month) rue la la confirms the order, takes a while to "process the shipment" and then sends me an email that they apologize, but the item is not available because there was some misunderstanding as to the inventory. I have only had this happen once with another shopping site, and they issued me a $25 credit, which rue la la does not. I guess if they did give $25 for every confirmed order that they actually did not ship, they would lose too much money since this happens more often than not (at least for me)! It's gotten to the point where I am not comfortable ordering from the site since I feel there is no guarantee I'll actually receive what I order.

New Reviewer

I recently had a terrible experience with Rue. I especially liked to shop their web site for children's clothes. I placed an order and planned to use the merchandise for my grandchildrens birthdays. Six weeks after placing order I still did not have clothing. When I called regarding the order, their concierge did not have a clue how long it would take for them to mail me my order. I am no longer using this web site. It is very unreliable. You cannot count on receiving their merchandise.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE WAY TO DO BUSINESS. I ordered a cape 10 days ago, then I received an email that it was 'no longer available'. They need to check their inventory before they sell things. I will never use them again.

Tip for consumers: If you MUST order from them, call and make sure the item is indeed available before you pay for it!!! Also shipping times are outrageous.

Ask Heather about RueLaLa
New Reviewer

I think I'm done with RueLaLa. At first I was very excited about the items/prices they offer but after several returns (because the item took so long to ship that I missed being able to wear it for the intended event, or just didn't fit properly) I began to realize I was spending a lot of money paying their $10 shipping and $10 return that I could be using to purchase merchandise at my local Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, etc. when they are having a sale. I know I could save on the return shipping if I choose to opt for a "store" credit but then that money is tied up for who knows how long. Just isn't worth it.

New Reviewer

Great service. All items were as described and even better than expected. Timely shipping. I am definitely going to order again . Just wish there was more makeup sales and free shipping when you order a certain amount like 75 or 100 dollars would be nice. However overall would recommend.

Ask Elizabeth about RueLaLa
New Reviewer

So disappointed. Tried to make a purchase online, but the website locked up in Firefox. While I was on hold with customer service the item I wanted sold out even though I had it in my bag and was trying to buy it. Big ticket item, too.

Tip for consumers: Don't use Firefox.

Ask Vinny about RueLaLa
New Reviewer

I bought shoes. Which they couldn't delver and the only reason I bought a shirt is to reduce shipping cost. They delivered the shirt but not the shoes. They wanted to charge the shipping cost. I wanted them to reduce the shipping cost. The only reason I bought the shirt was the shoes. They kept referring to 10 dollars on next order. I wanted my shipping reduced now. Do not use these guys. Same ole same ole. Bad customer service

Tip for consumers: Do not use them. Their emails for customer service are so canned

Ask Joe about RueLaLa
New Reviewer

Buyers beware, I have purchased a dress from RueLaLa and since the dress was over $ 100 dollars I made sure before I made the purchase the item is returnable, but when I went to return the dress I was told that I could not return the dress. So disappointed with this company.

Tip for consumers: Buyers beware it might say the item is returnable when in fact they won't refund your purchase.

Ask Andrea about RueLaLa
New Reviewer

I ordered 1 item and was sent and charged for 2. Since this was "Final Sale" I have no chance of a return.

New Reviewer

I ordered several items from Rue La La (ranging from Jimmy Choo bag to Villeroy & B cutlery set). Their service has always been great. The delivery is speedy. Packaging is great. Quality outstanding. I never had to return an item to them, so not sure how effective the return process is. I'm not suite sure why others give it less than 5 star.

New Reviewer

Never again. I bought a vintage Chanel bag. They shipped via some absurd arangement where FedEx picks the package up from them but hands it off to the US Post office to be delivered. I'm in downtown Chicago and we get several fedEx and UPS deliveries a day, so there was no reason for this FedEx-USPS handoff. I used the same addres I always use which FedEx and UPS never have any trouble finding, but USPS could not deliver the package. I went to the post office to try to find the package, but they looked for it and said they did not have it. (Really bizarre to think that the "convenience" of on-line shopping involves having to walk tot he post offie.) I emailed RLL who said I had to wait 10 days. On day 11, I emailed RLL and was told I had to wait 15 days. No one who answers my emails ever knows what's happened in the past. They keep telling me that they'll refund my payment but it hasn't happened yet, and anyway I wanted the bag. One of their reps told me that a high value item such as this should never have been shipped via the stupid FedEx-USPS arrangement. She was right. I will NEVER shop RLL again.

New Reviewer

I'm a regular customer for years. I've spent many thousands of dollars and have generally been very satisfied. However, my last purchase, a $600 rug bears little resemblance to the color of the rug displayed on the site. So far they've refused to allow a return on this "final sale" item, sending an explanation that "colors vary" from time to time. Bull. I thought I ordered a burgundy rug and I get one that's violet. I couldn't possibly use it. Perhaps they'll come through and preserve this once-great customer.

New Reviewer

They sell COUNTERFIET Designer Bags...Buyers Beware!!!! I bought a Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull....They guaranteed that it was authentic however it was not...I have called, emailed and sent them pictures. They are not giving me a refund and continue to say it is 100% authentic? I have filed a consumer complaint against them via BBB and the FBI internet fraud dept. I am disputing with my bank as well. SHAME ON RUE LA LA!!!! I wish there was a way to rate them with a NEGATIVE star~

New Reviewer

Never order from them, I placed an order on May 5th, it's May 15 and nobody knows where my package is!! I called customer service all they can say is "wait a few more days" when I ordered it said delivered by May 12th; it's the 15 going on the 16 & they don't even know the location of my package! I want a refund they can keep their items!

New Reviewer

I've ordered things from them before and all was ok. Recently I clicked on the email they sent and I can no longer login. I can only log in with a facebook account. I don't want to share my facebook experience with RueLaLa. So I guess I won't be shopping there anymore.

New Reviewer

I was a regular customer, shopped the site almost everyday. I like nice things, and this site has great events. But unlike other sites, for example Hautelook, their customer service is incredibly poor. Every time you contact them, it is the same old story, Sorry you were disappointed, but we can't help you. No consideration is given to the customer, and they certainly are not concerned about customer satisfaction. It really doesn't seem to matter what your problem is they are not going to help you out. Use caution shopping this site, because they won't provide any support if there is a problem.

New Reviewer

I have ordered from ruelala - 14 times. Every order has been great - wonderful prices and excellent delivery. I do order items that i have knowledge about - the color, manufacturer and quality. One item, i did return due to the lesser quality - a mattress pad - and received a full credit plus the shipping since i had them hold the funds and reordered something else later. The Gottex swim suits at 35% of the price tag was a great deal - my husbands sun glasses at 30% of retail. So i was very surprised to find the negative comments. From a history of 14 orders over the year, I am VERY pleased with Ruelala and plan to continue shopping.

New Reviewer

I will never do business with this company again! I placed an order with them, which was sent to the wrong address, and subsequently lost or stolen. They lied about being able to recover it, gave me the run-around, and refused to give me a refund. Stay away from Rue La La!

New Reviewer

I have received items in the past from this site. I ordered two toys for my nieces birthday on 3/6 and they were supposed to be shipped before 3/27 (birthday is on 4/3). I saw an updated status on 3/27 looking like it was going to be shipped out. On 3/29 I saw no change- I spoke to Rue's concierge service and they refunded my shipping and said they would respond with an update from the company. On 3/31 (Monday) I didnt receive any updates so I called again and received a so called concierge that told me that per the notes they gave my shipping back and they will provide an update to me within 5-7 days (I was never told that initally). I said I was not intersted in the shipping but the actual product and was shocked that they were not following up with the company as I expected. After a lot of back and forth of the same answers from them I was put on hold and the rep came back on and magically had an answer that the company would be shipping the next day and the products should be received by 4/11 - well past the birthday. They showed no concern for the lack of commitment or service. They stated that there was nothing that they could do (couldnt expedite shipping due to late delivery etc). I suggest if you want a product- stick with Amazon over Rue- I should have and would have had the product within 2 days from ordering if I had ordered from them. They also have much better customer service.

New Reviewer

I saw today an increidible deal for Pandora Jewelry, to good to be true, I called a few Pandora stores and they told me they DO NOT have sale items, they are not affiliated with RUE LA LA, the only specisl they carry is a free bracelet for every 100 dollar purchase, they have two outlet stores that carry discontinued charms that are for a more economical price.

New Reviewer

Rue La La is such a disappointment. First, the item I receive looks very different in color from the web picture. Second, when I try to return the item, they told me I couldn't. It's a final sale. I specifically looked for final sale mark when I purchased it. The return policy clearly said 30 days. That was why I made the purchase. The convenient thing for them is that they took off the web page after the sale ends, so there is no evidence what so ever. Straight up FRAUD. I will NEVER buy from them. I also suspect the authenticity of the products. Why wouldn't they let you return like normal stores if they are selling the real things!!!??? I hope they go out of business soon...

New Reviewer

Rue la la has EXTREMELY slow shipping. Won't order from here again! It's been 3 weeks and still haven't received order.

New Reviewer

I think Ruelala is selling fakes! Do not buy from this website!!! bad customers service and ALL SALES FINAL FOR THE FAKE BAGS THEY ARE SELLING!!!!!

New Reviewer

I will never order from them again. 1. Towels had flaws. Credited $10 2. Received someones order, not mine. 3. Ordered gift leather jewelry box, and it smelled to high heaven, almost a cleaning fluid smell that no airing or kitty litter or Febreeze would ameliorate. No returns on it. 4. Very expensive shoes that I ordered first came too huge; second pair, too small. Thought I was Goldilocks. No return. 5. Gloves way too short in the fingers. No return. 6. Gave duvet set as a gift; recipient too polite to complain. I am out close to $300, so I will no longer do business with them again.

New Reviewer

The quality of the merchandise I have ordered from Rue-LaLa has been fine. The shipping has been painfully slow. I'm convinced they are using the pony express. Ordered a suitcase that did not arrive until after I left for trip. I have ordered numerous items and have not received 1 in a reasonable time frame. I'm done with Rue LaLa

New Reviewer

I browse more than buy, but all of my purchases have been fabulous! Some amazing deals on higher end items. Shipping is always quick. So far clothing has all fit well and been of good quality. I especially love the deals on BCBG, Free People, and Betsey Johnson items.

New Reviewer

I will not go back to this website. My worst online shopping experience! So I ordered 2 items, they promised me that I can receive it by December 24. It didnt, and did not shipped after 3 processing days. Suddenly, they told me that one of the item has been cancelled. When I received the other item, it was in wrong size. I was asking if they can do anything for the whole inconvenience, all they do is refund my shipping only. I am extremely disappointed, I do not recommend and will not go back here!!!!

New Reviewer

Very bad site. Items sold by site are usually more expensive then actual price on original sites when they have sales. Customer service was horrible. Only canned generic replies, they don't even read what you write. Sent 5 emails about a problematic shipment received 5 worded exactly they same from 5 different associate. Phone service is buggy and when it worked could get in touch with a real person. Probably the worst out of all the flash sale sites.

New Reviewer

First of all, I ordered a pair of shoes from here. When they arrived they were defected! I chatted with some people manager online whom told me that they didn't have anymore in stock so I could either A) Pay to get it shipped to them and they would refund just the money I paid for the shoes. or B) Keep the shoes and they would give me a $10.00 gift card/credit. That was four months ago. I agreed for the $10.00 credit and STILL have not received it! Save yourself sometime & money from not shopping at this site.

New Reviewer

Ruelala was one of the first flash sale sites that I ordered from on a regular basis (Gilt was my first). I remember being sent one of their VIP cards with my "own" personal concierge. I used to order a from them like crazy, but then started to notice that their great pricing was no longer that great. Then I noticed that some of their offerings under 'pre-owned' like Vintage Gucci and Hermes were actually knockoffs that I was very familiar with from Chinatown here in NYC. I did contact them when they offered a VERY fake Hermes silver plated cigarette holder/case with a lighter built in. How do I know it was fake? I used to see them all over Chinatown with every designer name etched in...just pick the name you wanted to carry. When I informed them that it was a fake they refused to acknowledge. I was letting them know as a good shopping samaritan, but I guess the profits won out because Linda's Closet still provides most their handbags and accessories for their 'vintage' sales.

I do ove them for finding those things that would be a pain finding elsewhere such as home goods. While I love going to the actual Home Goods (owned by Marshall's) for a great houseware bargain, RueLaLa is a great alternative for me when I want to pick out gifts, cookware, knick knacks, etc that don't need to be authenticated.

New Reviewer

I have been a relatively happy Rue customer for some time now, but I will not shop there again. Two issued over the past week: First, I bought a $200 Judith Ripka ring in late August. The THIRD time I wore it I noticed a stone had fallen out. Rue's initial responses were "sorry, 30 day return policy." Given that the item is defective, I assumed they would do something. Back and forth all week and they want to offer me a nominal amount of $ to get it fixed. My guess is all the other stones will fall out eventually too, so I just want to return it. Happily I used Amex and am working with them on insurance/refund coverage. Second issue - and I have seen this on several comment sites - I am trying to return 2 items from the same shipment, and there is only the option to return 1 online. I have said that clearly in emails, and get the standard reply each time on where you can find return options on their site. STILL fighting that one after 5 days of back and forth. They used to be good - now they are horrible. There are better sites out there that I will continue to use, but I am done with Rue.

New Reviewer

impossible to get a response from ANYONE from their company.50% of the time you get the wrong item delivered.From now on, I will only order from IDEELI, and HAUTELOOK.

New Reviewer

I have been a Rue La La customer for a while now and never had a problem until today. I've wanted a Foley & Corrina bag for a long time now and Rue had one in a gorgeous nude color for a great price. I received it today and was utterly disgusted. It looks like 2 different bags stitched together. There are scratches, one side has smooth leather while the other side has pebbled, and it was obviously redyed because of imperfections as there are splotches of a lighter color all over it. For a retail price of $395 I was not happy. I called and the woman was very nice and told me I could return even though it said final sale, but an obviously damaged bag shouldn't have been sold in the first place. I got a fuschia one from Gilt as well and my decision of which one to keep got a lot easier when that showed up at my door. Not impressed at all and I probably won't shop again after that experience.

New Reviewer

I have previously used RueLaLa with no complaints...until today. I am appalled at their extremely poor customer service.

I ordered a duvet set from the approximately 2 months ago and it came withOUT the shams. That was the first problem and then, I contacted them about it and all they did was merely apologize, seriously? Then I returned the duvet and used USPS instead of their return label only to never receive a confirmation that they had received it. So I reached out to them and they told me I had to give them a tracking number. I didn't have a tracking number because I sent it through regular mail because WHY would I pay 20 dollars in shipping costs for something I don't want?

Anyways, they told me that they really needed a tracking number. I emailed them back yesterday and demanded that they put me in contact with a supervisor because how do I know that they didn't receive the package and were scamming me out of my $100?

Needless to say, the supervisor contacted me today saying that they found my package in the facility and I would be credited the amount right away and that she was sorry for my frustration. Ummm, what if I hadn't demanded to speak to a supervisor and she hadn't called the facility? I would have given them $100 for free!!! All I received was a less than believable "I'm sorry but..." there is no but here, their customer service is terrible and essentially they're thieves. Unbelievable, I will not be purchasing anything from their site ever again and will be advising everyone I know not to as well.

New Reviewer


I purchased two pairs of Valentino Rockstud flats totalling $1,237.95 on a single order. The shoes arrived in a single shipment - beautiful authentic shoes, and lovely packaging but too small!

I requested a return for both pairs through my RueLaLa account, received a Smart Label return, packed them back into the original box and took them to USPS. They processed the return within 6 days but ONLY REFUNDED $539.05 FOR ONE PAIR OF SHOES!!! I called and was told they would research and get back with me.

I now realize that I don't have a way to prove that I packed both pairs into the box....and someone in their returns department could have swiped the other pair and I'll be out $679.

I've opened a dispute with PayPal and my next step is to contact the USPS so I can compare the weight of my returned package versus the orginal shipment since they should be identical. If that doesn't work I'll call the police in Shepherdsville, KY. This sucks. :(

New Reviewer

Be warned: This site will not honor product warranties! I bought a Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie with a 3 yr warranty, and it stopped working after 1 year. When i asked for a refund Rue sent me to Cuisinart and Cuisinart sent me back to Rue since that's where I bought the product. The reply from the Rue rep was that "we simply cant entertain a refund after 1 year", regardless of the fact that it had a 3 yr warranty. Nice.

New Reviewer

I ordered twice from this site and both times no problem. Merchandise came in great condition and was well packaged and shipped fast. Their website is easy to use and overall run well only thing I don't like is there is no time in your shopping cart and buyers can buy the items in your cart so you better make a decision fast.

I give the three stars because they often have higher prices than ideeli. I bought an item on ideeli from free people for $14.99 and saw the exact same item on RueLaLa for $63.00 so I know prices are marked up considerably on some items. Selection is ok and definitely set up more like a small boutique rather than a mass shopping site. Overall good place to shop if you find something worthwhile and $9.95 for shipping.

New Reviewer

Rue LaLa was fine until they switched to the kind of automated shipping that Amazon uses. For many people with different physical and postal addresses, this is a disaster, because USPS doesn't recognize the physical address and UPS and Fedex obviously don't deliver to a P.O.Box. Since Rue LaLa uses both, I was always trying to second guess them, depending on the size of the order, but then they began breaking up shipments. After months of receiving fewer than 50% of my orders, innumerable phone calls, emails, etc. I gave up. The people in customer service want to help but their hands are tied, because this is the "policy" and can't be overridden. Re the merchandise, if you shop within the first 10-15 minutes of opening, there can be some very good buys, otherwise most of the good stuff is gone. I also dislike their fairly new "waitlist", where you can choose to receive an item (automatically billed to you) that's not available if they get it back in stock; so months later you may receive something you no longer want/need.

New Reviewer

Excellent service. Placed order one day and received item the next!!! Product was as expected! Would recommend to anyone.

New Reviewer

If I could give them no stars at all I would. I ordered a White Duvet which in case you don't know what a duvet is its basically sheets for your bed... that you sleep with, on your bed... I'm emphasizing this because when I received my pure WHITE duvet, IT HAD HUGE, BLACK, LONG AND THICK HAIRS ALLLLL OVER IT! The product was obviously USED. This is bedding! This isn't a watch or some other object which you do not sleep with that doesn't touch your body! Would you ever EVER buy used sheets!? I'm so disgusted! When I saw one hair on it I kind of blew it off, two hairs a little upset, six giant black hairs later I folded the thing back up and emailed Rue LA LA asking for an explanation. There was no explanation given, just a generic email sent with a return label. After seeing the complaints below about refunds I can't fricking wait to go through that process. I would never buy from this company again nor any of its counterparts. I'm four emails in with them now and they still refuse to give any sort of explanation. This company is sheisty, buyers beware.

New Reviewer

I placed an order for 1 decorative plate only to receive Elena's from Miami Beach with 3 fragile items! It came in a giant box. When I called customer service, the woman said she would send a return label. I live in NYC. I am not carrying a huge box with fragile items onto the subway to get to the post office. So she offered to have UPS come by. Well, I live in an apt building and will most likely be at work. Does she offer me anything for this inconvenience? No. I had to ask her. I am the lucky recipient of a $10 credit toward my next order. I don't trust their shipping so doubt I will ever order from them again.

New Reviewer

I am done with Rue La La. I ordered a pair of King size sheets from Cuddledown for a Christmas present. They shipped sheets that were a Full size which wasn't discovered until after they were given at Christmas. Rue La La will not contact Cuddledown to replace the sheets. There are too many other flash sale sites to be bothered with their nonsense.

New Reviewer

Good shipping - great quality stuff !!!
My daughter and I love this one for clothes, but I also find other 'random' stuff on it for gifts or home accessories.

New Reviewer

I love the clothes but the site is always going down!!! Right now it will not even recognize my username/password. Last week it kept timing out. I would spend the money on the clothes if the site actually worked!

New Reviewer

Shipping is very slow, and customer service is non-existent. They just copy and paste a generic answer to whatever question you ask. I ordered an item, shipping was described as 'within 3-5 days', and 3 weeks later, still no shipping notice.

When I tried to cancel the order, they said it was too late. Only after I threatened to cancel my account, were they able to find my order and cancel it for me. They acted like they were doing me a big favor by saying, "Our warehouse worked hard to track down your order and were able to cancel it before it left the shipping department."

Two weeks later I received an email saying the item was no longer available. So, they lied about tracking it down at the last minute and cancelling it. It was not even available at that time. I still wonder why they sold me an item, then waited for 5 weeks to tell me it was not available.

They acted like it was my ignorance that caused the issue. Customer service reps consistently told me, "It says on the item page how long shipping takes." I replied by telling them it said 3-5 days, which was 3 weeks ago, and they responded with the same answer.

You can find good prices here, but same prices can be found on other sites. chances are, the other sites will have better customer service and faster/cheaper shipping.

When you buy an item, you pay shipping of $9.95, and then receive free shipping for 30 days. However, shipping is inflated, as most items do not cost that much to ship.

I have received some good items, but the bad experiences outweigh the good.

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