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1 review
0 helpful votes

After signing up I receive an email... Thank you for joining! Use the following login information to gain access to the members area. You'll then be able to browse matches, send and receive messages, and edit your account / profile. If you were disconnected during sign up, don't worry, your information has been saved. Just revisit the site and log in with your user name and password. It says that you can send and RECEIVE messages, but RECEIVE is where they trick you. Yes, you can receive messages, but they fail to tell you that YOU HAVE TO PAY TO OPEN YOUR MESSAGES.

Ask Marjory about Roommates
1 review
0 helpful votes

I used to pay $5.00 every email. It got me know where. It doesn't matter, male, female, Everybody I spoke to is hyper and drunk! Can't make up their mind if they want a roommate or a lover! One person told me, I can't bring meat in the house, but he has a friend accross the road whom would rent to me. So, I called. I was able to bring meat in the house, but not cook it. I thought then and there, I will not pay $5.00 to put myself through this again. So then, I started putting my number in to still get emails back! If I gave you the number, it takes nothing to write it down and call. Especially after giving the number to do so. A scam? I will never know and don't want to deal with this. I need a roommate not a head game! I don't understand adults playing this game. If you are not serious, what's the point? Go on twitter to play games!

Ask Jean about Roommates
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I wish I had read these before I paid the 20.00. I never receive any answers back. I think they have people posting fake stuff to get you to pay the money.

Bad site

Ask Cathy about Roommates
1 review
8 helpful votes

Unlike others who have complained about the $20 membership fee I wish this site would get rid of the "freebies". If everyone had to pay then maybe the only people who would take the time to fill out a profile would be serious about finding a roommate. As it stands, the site is filled with absolute crap, fake people, people who put a profile up just for kicks and forget to take it down, etc. And the simple fact that you cannot contact a potential roommate unless you are a paid subscriber negates the effectiveness of the site. At least 1 person has to have paid. I kinda cheated and listed an Outlook email account I created just for finding a roommate. But again, unless someone has paid, you can't even see that. To be fair, several potential roommates (non scam) did contact me but it didn't work out. But that's over a period of about 6 months. It seems to me the site is not a true roommate site. As in 2 people share a place completely 50/50. It's mainly lots and lots of people who have trouble making their mortgage and just want to rent a room.

Ask BH about Roommates
1 review
7 helpful votes

total scam, it makes no indication that you have to pay for anything until someone emails you, then it tells you have have to "upgrade" aka pay money to see the message. stay away.

Ask freddy about Roommates
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I have an ad for a room and only paid roomers respond via email. Then I learned that I can put my contact information in my description and I've had a couple scammers. I guess other people like me didn't know we could use our real information in our descriptions and not pay..

Ask Robin about Roommates
1 review
10 helpful votes

I have been on for a few months as a paying member. Only got one real response, who stood me up, and a fake response from a girl from Germany saying that she worked for The International Labor Organization and they would mail me a check for the rent and deposit before her arrival. So she is telling me she is willing to send me, a stranger, $2000, sight unseen? Also Germany withdrew from the International Labour Organization in 1935. I put up a blog about her as a present and now she is threatening me, so I contacted a couple of fraud reporting sites. I reported her to, I am only going to stay on a few more days to see if they take her down. And no one ever responded to any of my emails.

Ask Donna about Roommates
1 review
8 helpful votes

I sent messages to 33 people the website said were matches and received 2 responses and 1 from someone who was not even a match. The 1st message I ever received in my mailbox was spam which to look at I had to get a membership. I paid $19.99 and the message was fraudulent. I did not receive any messages for days so I emailed customer service asking why the response rate was so low and never got a response. This was the biggest waste of my time, money and efforts. I feel taken advantage of and I am extremely disappointed by this website, extremely.

Ask Mary about Roommates
1 review
5 helpful votes

Same as every other review on here. Went through the whole process of setting up an account, got an email the next day which I wasn't allowed to read. I thought about sending this person an email explaining that I'm not a paid member but I assumed they were not either so just didn't bother. And why is it so expensive? Six bucks for a three day trial? I'd rather be spammed with ads than pay for something I'll only use once. Such a waste of time.

Protip: If you're going to set up an online business that charges a subscription fee, you really ought to mention that before making people create pointless accounts, otherwise you're just gonna piss off a lot of people and ruin your business.

Tip for consumers: Try a free site first.

Ask Marcus about Roommates
1 review
7 helpful votes

I agree. is a huge waste of time and money. I was looking to rent a room in NYC. After upgrading for the 1 month unlimited access, I sent out about 40 inquires. Of the 10 or so that actually replied, 9 were from scam artists. The tenth I'm not sure that he was or not. The site does alert you about scammers. Basically everyone that replied to me, I received a message from the administrators that the user was a fraud and suppressed. Complete waste of time and money. I don't mind paying to upgrade if I'm going to get what I need. With this site it's not worth it. I believe almost 90% of the profiles are scammers. Zero stars.

Tip for consumers: Don't waste your money.

Ask chris about Roommates
4 reviews
22 helpful votes

All the emails I got was fake, I tried and found a great room. You get to speak to a live person and they give you landlord information the same day. I moved in the next day. is a SCAM

Ask Kim about Roommates
1 review
9 helpful votes

Spent the 20 bucks, received ZERO emails for my posting or replies to emails i sent. within days after my upgraded account running out, I started receiving emails. TOTAL SCAM. Sorry, but that's oldschool dating site scammery from the 90's and easily recognizable. immediately deactivated account, only to find now i cannot delete my account. Certainly so that the website can use it to scam others, which is yet another dating site scam from 2 years ago. What a total fraud site. Stay away. Far away.

Ask Earl about Roommates
1 review
6 helpful votes

I had to cancel my listing once I realized what they were doing. Here was my comment to them: There is no functionality except to see a match or listing but only basic information without upgrading. There is no way to communicate with prospects without upgrading. In fact there is really nothing useful that can be done without upgrading. Why do you allow people to even post for free. I was VERY dissatisfied and your service is useless to me and I found it underhanded and misleading. If you had just said that this is NOT a free service up front, it would have at least been honest. I will be using another service and posting my experience regarding

Ask David about Roommates
1 review
5 helpful votes

My experience has been pretty much the same as all of the others. No legitimate emails. I had a couple that were so clearly fraud with misspelled words and very poor English. The sender claimed to live in my city but from the statements they made it was obvious she had never even been here. If this was an email that they let through what must the others that they stopped be like? Terrible!

Ask Charlotte about Roommates
1 review
7 helpful votes

dido. the same thing happened with me. No one answers e mail. you only get the same matches over and over again..(((this is a scam. They collect money and then use the same fishing profiles over and over that are not even real. I did not receive one call back from any of the profiles since they are old or never existed. Do NOT use this site.)))))) SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY

Ask Ron about Roommates
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

this is a scam. They collect money and then use the same fishing profiles over and over that are not even real. I did not receive one call back from any of the profiles since they are old or never existed. Do NOT use this site.

Ask roxanne about Roommates
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I came on site jabber to do the review for - because it absolutely sucked with 1 fake lead and tries to auto-renew your membership, while actually gave me real leads and got me a room.

So after reviewing with 1/5, I decided to take a look here, and surprise, 1/5 also!

From my view worked, so it deserves at least a 3/5.
Since the sites needs to make money, it's totally understandable to charge people for its service. Now, if only it allowed FREE members to read messages sent by PAID members, I'd give it a 5/5. I'd imagine it will drastically improve chances of a good match, and not as many messages sent with no reply.

Ask Scott about Roommates
1 review
5 helpful votes

Such a scam. I paid the inital $3 fee to have a 3 day trial and I just realized, two months later that they were charging me $30 a month to have my account active. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ROOMMATES.COM. I found my roommate on craigslist and she is totally normal.

Ask Marla about Roommates
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

This website sucks!!!! I am sorry for setting up an account, what a waste of time- I can't set my preference to narrow my search and then to have to upgrade just to figure what area of phoenix these listings are located. I will blog about my experience through not a very easy or rewarding experience this has been for me. I am more frustrated then ever wasting my time with this ridiculous site. I will spend more time validating through rating blogs about you ROOMMATE.COM good luck with your business, I would rather go through craigslist then to pay who trick viewers to setup an account only to request payment for capabilities to view information on available roommate ads from the start of creating an account. Roommate doesn't operate business on integrity or for the interest of internet prospectors.

Ask michelle about Roommates
1 review
3 helpful votes

Utter waste of time and money. Thankfully, I only lost $20.00. Nothing worth paying for on this site. The free sites gave me more choices, matches and information. I knew better, but still fell for the "pay" to view more info on my matches ploy!

Ask A about Roommates
1 review
2 helpful votes

I needed a place, I used paid membership about 8-9 years ago and I found a great roommate. Now I had a place to rent and I posted an ad on I mostly got emails that had been "flagged by their fraud department". They don't show you the content of those emails, just tell you the message was removed. Emails I sent to prospective roommates never got answered. (Now I know why, but more on that later!). I decided to upgrade my membership. I did get a couple of messages, but not enough to justify the paid membership; and I still was getting "flagged" messages often. I also sent several emails to possible "matches" but all those emails went unanswered. Once my paid membership ended I decided not to renew, but kept the free ad running just in case. I did get a few "flagged" emails and a couple of what appears to be legit emails, but it turns out "I can't read them unless I pay for membership". What a bunch of BS!!! Now I know the reason why all those e-mails I sent to prospective roommates were never answered, most of them didn't have the paid membership. I get that some of the "premium" features should only available to those who pay, but the ability to read/respond to emails should not be one of them. It seems now this site is just a scam with made up profiles to make it look bigger than it is. It used to be a good service, but that's no longer the case. 8-9 years later you think the web site would have been upgraded, but it looks just as it did then.

Ask Latin about Roommates
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

As the rating says: "Doesn't get any worse than this. Stay away!". I have been now for days trying to get a refund issued back to my card for a 60 day subscription to their service and they keep on trying to up-sell me...
I've told them many times, but they just don't listen.

Don't waste your time AND MONEY on this site. Now... I want my refund!

Ask Savion about Roommates
1 review
3 helpful votes

This site is total garbage! most of the emails I ever got were blocked from the site as being detected as fraud...which is all well and good, except I was still nearly scammed. I sent out numerous emails and only got 1 response. As I read the other reviews I can see I am not the only one. I only wish I had read these prior to wasting the 29.99 I didn't have to waste in the first place. And now I just caaan't waaait for Matt from roommates to respond with his useless comment on my post. oh look at that I have a "match" in my email. I can't wait to not read it because I refuse to be defrauded again.

Ask Crystal about Roommates
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is the only roommate website I've encountered where I regularly get scammer emails. In fact, the vast majority of my emails have been from scammers in one case from the same one twice after it changed its user name after having been detected. On two occasions after my premium membership expired and I paid the fee again so I could read my email, I checked my email and guess what? Scammers. I really think that in a case such as this some consideration should be given to those who've paid the fee just so they can read their email only to find that it was suppressed by the Fraud Department. This strikes me as highly suspicious. I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone.

Ask Clay about Roommates
1 review
5 helpful votes

scam artist has found the perfect breeding ground for committing fraud. is sitting by while honest members are being robbed blindly.
I was robbed of $2500.00 and there is nothing I can do about it except to warn unsuspecting people of the scam.


Ask Pat about Roommates
1 review
1 helpful vote

The rep from the site said it's free to view and email potential roommates. Untrue. If you've signed on as a freebe, you MUST upgrade to a paid account to view any email sent to you by other members who have attempted to send you emails. My suspicion is that staffers are actually sending emails because the email I received dated 4/20/12 stated in the subject line: "We're a perfect match." Hello? I don't think so.

Buyer beware!

Ask Joan about Roommates
1 review
2 helpful votes

ended up sharing a home with a CRAZY LADY FROM TIERRASANTA IN SAN DIEGO, CA who accused me of stealing something ridiculous which i did not. this lady needs to be reported or YELPED on. I want to WARN OTHERS about her. Found her on "ROOMMATES.COM" Please all ROOMMATES.COM PEOPLE -- PLEASE YELP ABOUT YOUR BAD EXPERIENCES SO YOU CAN PROTECT OTHERS FROM BEING EXPLOITED. THANK YOU

Ask David about Roommates
1 review
4 helpful votes

As with the other reviews, I can verify everything that they've said is true. As a paying member, you are subjected to scams. When you turn these scammers in, nothing is done to remove them from the site. Other non-paying members can not view your profile or read your e-mails. If you send an e-mail to complain about the lack of customer service, you will get a rude response telling you to just discontinue use of their service. They will not offer you a refund. They are a waste of money. Don't bother.

Ask Wes about Roommates
9 reviews
38 helpful votes

My complaint about this site is similar to Stef P.'s. When I pay money, I expect to receive ALL the information I need to decide who to contact and who not to contact. does not let paid members know the identity of other paid members. What that means is that they expect me to email many people who will not be able to read my emails without paying to unlock their inbox.

The company's goal is to have you pay them in order to give you the ability to waste your time trying to get other people to pay them with very little potential benefit to you.

Ask Marc about Roommates
1 review
1 helpful vote

Awful! The only messages I received were from scammers and whacky people who didn't even come close to fitting my criteria. I tried Craigslist and found a great roommate in a week.

Ask Laura about Roommates
1 review
1 helpful vote

This site is a huge waste of time and money. You can create a profile for free, but you are completely unable to use the site for finding a roommate without paying for a subscription fee. Unfortunately, most people do not pay for a subscription fee, so your emails to roommate matches will go unanswered. The only response I ever got was from a scammer.

Their profile system is horrible too--you cannot select gender without also selecting a sexual orientation, and the only options you have are straight male/female or gay male/female. I'm sorry, but not everybody can be compartmentalized like that and I had to misrepresent myself just to create a profile--not something I want to do when I'm looking for somebody to share a living space with me.

In short, don't waste your time or money with this useless site. Use Craigslist if you actually want to find a roommate.

Ask Missy about Roommates
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was a little confused on the first posting, so here goes. My first experience with was excellent. My first roommate was very decent and there weren't any problems. He simply got married, so I listed my profile, yet again. This man sent me emails and we first corresponded and then he wanted my phone number, which I felt was safe. He began to call me two and three times a day, asking me numerous questions about my political beliefs, etc. He was very pushy and wanted my address, but I felt a neutral place of meeting was safer. We met for dinner and just seemed odd. All along he had told me, he could afford the rental room. I decided to show him the room and once inside the house he tried to kiss me and he made it very clear that he wanted sex. I threatened to call the police and he left. Also, I received a phone call and I caught him trying to turn on my computer. I immediately sent an email to and I reported him to After all of this, he was still listed. I couldn't believe it. Now, I will only deal with the newspapers. I feel it is safer.

Ask Meganmazy about Roommates
1 review
2 helpful votes

I too was highly disappointed by this site. I was paid member and only response I got was from a scammer. I tried lot to find a room mate on this for a month and ultimately gave up. Nobody can wait whole life to get an accommodation. Totally useless site. Don't waste your money, time and effort on this site.

Ask huyt about Roommates
1 review
5 helpful votes

From first hand knowledge, I want to warn others (who are thinking about becoming a paying member of on how this website does business so that they won't waste their time and money on it as I did. As a paying member you would expect that nonpaying members could read your emails sent to them. The only way a nonpaying member can read emails of a paying member is when they too become a paying member. Since the website does not tell you who the paying and nonpaying members are, a paying member may (as I did) spend hours sending emails to nonpaying members not knowing that they are unable to read them. Since very few people become paying members, it would be wise to go to other roommate websites that does allow all members (paying and nonpaying) to read paying member's emails.

Ask Stef about Roommates
3 reviews
12 helpful votes
7/30/09 is a worthless site. I went to it because I remember hearing about it a few years ago on TV. I didn't want to try craig's list because I though it was sketchy. I feel like an idiot for using this site. The price of enrollment is way to high and there are very few people on it. This is throwing your money away. They are also masters of the upsale, so prepared to be annoyed. I spent two month on the site and got only two responses, one being a nudist, the other one flaking. I gave up and tried craig's list and got 8 responses within hours. I found my roommate right away. I feel so strongly about it that I even wanted to make sure to write this so other people don't make that mistake.

Ask Chris about Roommates

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Q: I believe I have just been scammed by one of members.Its sad that know of scammers and did not give a warning regarding how we should proceed with money transactions.
I am out $2000.00 plus money I paid to sign up. Everyone who joins this service should be made aware of scammers and should give members a list of potential scams. I am very disappointed in this service. shame shame shame on for providing such an easy way for scammers to feed of unsuspecting, good honest legitimate people.

A: Hello,

I’m sorry you came in contact with a scammer. Please be assured that we take very seriously scammers and improper use of our site.

You may want to contact your local authorities as well as report them to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. You can do this by visiting their website at

We will be happy to assist the authorities in any way we can.

Unfortunately, many times scammers don't make themselves known until they get you to email them through their private email address, which Roommates is not privy to. We do have a Scam Alert posted on the website that explains the type of common scam that is currently being perpetrated on this website as well as many others. We hope that this information will assist people in educating themselves so as not to fall victim to fraud.

Every profile also has a Report Member button in the upper right hand corner that can be used to send the account information of a suspected scammer to our Fraud Department for review. You can also send the Nicknames and/or Email Address of any profile you believe to be fraudulent to If the account is found to be fraudulent it will be deleted.

It is up to the potential roommates to decide on how they will pay their deposit and monthly rent payments, but we will absolutely pass your suggestion along to our Development Team. We are always looking for ways to improve the services! We'll consider it for future site improvements.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support through the website and we will be happy to assist you. Customer Support
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