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Ed Magedson, the founder of WWW.RIPOFFREPORT.COM, has saved a lot of people, a lot of grief, and pain. (in 3 reviews)


I like any kind of website that gives people a voice, even if they make money on us. (in 15 reviews)


Getting the news out to people about scams and rip-offs. (in 18 reviews)

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5 reviews
3 helpful votes

This website has saved me from countless scams and fraudulent business deals. Thank you RoR!

Ask Shaye about RipoffReport
22 reviews
3 helpful votes

First went to Stanton optical on 4/8/16 and eye exam from dr. Sutton reveled rt. +0.75, -.050, 085, +1.25. Lt. +0.50, -0.50, 095, +1.25. Staff and Dr all very helpful and nice. I purchased a set on glasses using the buy 1 get 1 free. One for distance one for reading. The distance glasses were great and I could see clear again. Paying no attention to the reading glasses I left. So later I had found a pair of frames at another store that I liked and I decided I would have the progressives made. A week later the glasses came in and the distance was great but the reading part was blurry. So I tried on the reading glasses I purchased from Stanton and sure enough they were blurry too. The strange thing though was the cheap +1.25 reading glasses I purchased from the Dollar tree for $1.00 are crystal clear. So I asked the tech about it where I was buying the progressives from and he explained that the prescription that they have to go bye says add +1.25 He said to equal the +1.25 reading it should be rt. Add +0.50 to equal +1.25 reading in the right and Lt. add +0.75 to equal +1.25 reading in the left. Had to have the prescription made out correct to get it fixed. On 5/5/16 I returned to Stanton optical and dr. Sutton was not there. I explained the problem to dr. Sussmane and he said to fix the problem we had to do a recheck. On the recheck reveled rt. -1.25, -.050, 150, +1.25. Lt. +0.50, -0.75, 096, +1.25. So the problem is the prescription is not correct and it is according to him my fault because I did it wrong. What I am confused about is, Why are the original distance glasses clear and why are the dollar store reading glasses clear. For some reason I could not articulate this to dr. Sussmane and I had a appointment I had to get to so I decided to leave the glasses there and told the tech I would be back in an hour after my other appointment. I returned 2 hours later and was told they cannot do progressive lenses in house. Um, I do not have progressive I replied. So I am in the computer system, they have both my glasses distance and reading and somehow they started thinking progressive. So after explaining everything to the technician frustration seems to set in with both of us and customer service went right out the door. I asked for my glasses back that she was holding and said ill just bring the issue to my bank and let them handle it. She said Im not going to give them back to you then. I then had to firmly state to return my property and she removed the glasses from the case and returned them to me. I said the case too and she returned it to me as well. When I asked her name and for the manager she ignored me. When I leaned to look at her name tag she covered it with her hand. To identify her she was the oldest woman there, in her 50s about 5 slightly overweight. I then went to a tech that was not busy and he pointed out the assistant manager that was helping a customer right behind where I was NOT getting helped. After the assistant manager was freed up I asked her if she had witnessed any of that and she stated she did and was very apologetic and helpful toward the customer service issue. She had suggested I wait for the store manager to get back from lunch and proceeded to try and figure out the problem with the glasses. (1+1=2). I might not be the smartest person around but I know what clear is. Anyway, about 20 minutes later the store manager came back from lunch and I had been there a combined 3 hours to do some simple math to equal +1.25 and she seemed real busy and I left tired and frustrated. By the way did anyone else catch that in the second prescription? Right eye distance -1.25 add +1.25 for reading. Zero magnification in the right eye for reading. I did say the +1.25 $1.00 reading glasses are perfect right? So I am using the original prescription for distance and it is clear and the $1.00 glasses for reading. For the progressive I will just have to eat the cost of another exam to get the correct prescription. Going back to the statement of the second Doctor, you are correct it is my fault; I chose to go to Stanton Optical.

Ask Robert about RipoffReport
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I was told by a friend that I wrote a review on this website, Well let me tell you. It wasn't me! apparently someone used my name to hide behind and wrote their BS story... This site is a JOKE!!!!

Ask Jim about RipoffReport
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm kind of old (keep that in mind if you young folk happen to be reading this and don't understand some of what is stated herein).
I remember when the corporations were propagating that cigarettes were safe and "doctor approved", cigarette companies haven't gone to jail for murder. I remember when we were told by the media that the Kennedy's all died of this or that gunman (only to find out that it was contrary to the media's propaganda (the media is still around and still is free to manipulate public opinion with slanted information). I remember when the media told us that a bunch of black people listened to a white preacher and committed suicide in Jonestown Guyana (yet failed to inform the public of some factoids such as who the owner of that property was/is and that the MKUltra-type test population was forced to do some insane daily visits to the "hospital" there), the owners still exist to this day. I remember when the media showed us all 3 steel and concrete towers falling due to tin planes and kerosene fuel (and later dubbed the incident "twin towers" and the minds of the masses went comatose about that third building). Yahoo, in 2010 was found guilty of some evil stuff (and still to this day their auto-responder robots exist which create posts against anyone that might use one of their keywords ...such as murdering innocent people should not be considered a good thing...within seconds you will be blombasted with the most insane rubbish responses that aren't even from real people). I remember watching some high ranking people murder 2 kids in Provo (and the media completely lied about the incident the next day...of course I and another witness were not permitted in the police department where the "press" conference was being held...I waited outside and none of those reporters wanted to hear the truth...I spoke on channel 2 and 5 news and they only permitted 3 words to air which gave the illusion of something totally contrary to what I said). We've all seen certain groups killing kids, women, unarmed men (we need no longer look at waco or ruby ridge or kent state or attica for those fallen). When I went to school we still had prayer before our school day, the capitalists quickly removed prayer and put in its place conformity without protest, be all you can be, officer friendly, and reel to reel projector videos that had absolutely no educational value whatsoever (such as Exxon, and all the wonderful things that Exxon is doing to create a better and safer fish allowed). We were given a bait and switch education where monopolies were stated to not be a part of our economic system (and now we have only two players at the monopoly and democrat, verizon and brighthouse, microsoft and macintosh, walmart and bestbuy....the illusion of choices sure seem to abound these days). We now have open discourse in the media of lobbyists bringing bagfuls of money to curtail the better ethics of those decision makers that lord over us and ask only that we donate our children to her wars and our money for her causes.
But wait, this story is about ripoffreport right? Right. A year ago I made a valid and true report about greendot money card. I noticed that when searching my name that it appeared that I was the scammer moreso than the entity I was reporting. I emailed ripoffreport and guess what? Quicker than any monopoly site around was the reply back!
In fact, I appreciate sites such as this that keep some semblance of equilibrium between the misguided and apathetic masses and the monopolies that have apparently caused the greatest heist in history to go unreported ( for starters I know, you didn't know we were the brokest country on the planet, right? Where did the money go? HA! I could answer that and could even offer a damn good solution but this is about a single man, Ed something or other, right? A man that singlehandedly offered a site where any Joe could come along and state his peace (almost echoes what the protectors of our freedoms were supposed to uphold....freedom of, 2015 and nobody dares stand up for our eviscerated constitution).
I ask you, if I were to start a site, using my own server, and allow a community-based forum where we could discuss avenues for rectifying bad situations, or lauding good situations, is this of itself bad? Of course not! Ahhh....but if I should make a dollar in doing so, now that's bad (unless you're called the supreme court and all it's ilk)...
Courageous we are not. Apathetic and ignorant till death do us part we are.
I suggest we read that last book of Revelations...start at about chapter 17 or 18 (there's only 5 or 6 more chapters to the end) and consider what our end should be.

I would post the communications between myself and this ripoffreport entity but I doubt it would be of good use here. I suffice to say that they treated me above and beyond what should be considered appropriate (and I'm nobody). They handled my request the same day I made the request (yesterday).

I've written the truth here, what you do with this information is of no concern to me, I'm old and on my way out (it's you younger folk I worry for....the water is deep and the sharks are rampant).

(written but not read, there may be errors in the aforementioned, should we kill me or profiteer because of it? Thought crimes, maybe?)


p.s. on second thought, I'm posting the communications between myself and that small company that yearns to be big like the monopolies that rule us (how dare he aspire like those others!)


>> Hello,
>> I made a report against greendot about a year ago and it's making me look worse than the entity I was reporting! In fact, whenever someone searches for me they find me with this report as being one of the first things seen: RIPOFF REPORT: KENNY HENDRICK. Someone would actually have to read the entire article in order to find out that I'm not the ripoff.
>> My email has changed (for political reasons I left yahoo which is probably the email I used to make the report against greendot...if it wasn't yahoo then it may have been gmail. I'll list some of my past email addresses here:

If you call, I can verify anything (such as a quiz question or other information that only I might know).
>> In short, I really would like the opportunity to edit my report and any help or hint you can give me as to which email address I'll be needing to remember the password to, would be much appreciated.



Ripoff Report Customer Service<>11 dec. at 23:56


If you could please give us your name, we will be able to make the changes that are needed. Thank you and have a great weekend!


Ripoff Report Customer Support


Them (same day)

Ripoff Report Customer Service<>12 dec. at 00:59

Dear >><redacted><<,

We have removed your name from the reports that you have placed and replaced it with anonymous. You may view your report using the link below.


Thank you and again enjoy your weekend!


Ripoff Report Customer Support

Tip for consumers: This is how a business ought to act! I've already pulled a couple of cards from the haters out there that are speaking against this ripoffreport website (if for instance, it sounds as though they've stated something that strangely resembles something from elsewhere, simply copy a portion of their "authentic" words against this guy, and then search google for that exact copied section or sentence!). One guy had the audacity to make a statement against ripoff report by PLAGIARIZING words that

Ask Kenny about RipoffReport
1 review
4 helpful votes
Stay out of this website. Mambo Sandy is rude, she takes your money, won't take your calls, won't reply to emails, and to top it off, her love spells do not work.

Ask Cheri about RipoffReport
7 reviews
49 helpful votes

This is a terrible website where anyone can say anything about anyone or any business. It's a place where people with grudges can defame whomever they like without repercussion.

Ask Lisa about RipoffReport
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

Ripoff betrays your confidence. Do not trust them! Ripoff report is not the website that you naively think it is. They mislead that they post all reviews and never remove reports from their database. This is not true. Companies paid Ripoff report not to post negative reviews. Their advice to you, not to reveal your real name is a trap, since they give it to the companies without your consent. You are unaware that the company knows your name. Behind the misleading Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program, Ripoff report doesn’t post the negative reviews. He gives your name to the company, and they contact you personally. The consequences could be very damaging for you and your reputation. Rich companies found the way to eliminate the negative reviews.
Be careful – never, ever write your real name when you create a profile and do not use your personal email address.

Ask John about RipoffReport
1 review
3 helpful votes

As the scourge of Defamation/Slander/ Complaint sites like Ripoff, and several others, still exist. Here are 5 TIPS on what people can do:

A long time ago right after the internet was invented, American politicians flubbed, and passed the now outdated, law:

Because of this law, websites, to this day, have been able to commit the equivalent of economic terrorism against individuals and small businesses. Write politicians. If they don’t reply or help, then write a few scathing complaints about them on ripoff and elsewhere, and show them the unedited unexamined complaint they now have. This may get their attention.

Also, in addition to adjusting the botched 230, NEW laws about hosting internet defamation need to be created, on both the state and federal levels. The minute these new laws pass, (locally and nationally), these sites will collapse.

Ditto for the major search engines. The slander/ defamation sites get all their power from the links they derive from the search engines. Without the search results, their visibility would end instantly. The search engines are why there is so much grief is passed along.

Contact people at the search engines and ask them to delink results from such abusive websites. Get the names of the people you speak to. If they don’t help, write a complaint about them too. Also, make a database of all the companies advertising on these sites. Websites that allow anonymous people to post whatever they want about anyone, and do not investigate the accusation and verify for accuracy, and then do not remove posts, deserve to be shut down.

There needs to be extreme public pressure on "Do No Evil" Google to stop linking to these particular sites. And someone, hopefully, will put together a successful class action, Federal RICO charges (for serial extortion) Also be sure ask the search engines to implement the de-link policy that has been recently adopted by Europe:

Here is the link to complain to the FTC


Again, follow the money. If the website uses the extortion model to make money, create a large database of people victimized by these sites presently or in the past, and email blast them not to pay. Follow up. If the web site uses the advertising model to make money, then start a campaign and/ or petition against all their advertisers.

Write each advertiser politely that they are advertising with an evil website that harms people’s reputations and does not remove posts. If you get no response, then complain on 5-6 websites about them. See how they like it. They are just as vulnerable as you are. People will get the message. Shut off the money spigot to these sites.

Why people are gullible enough to pay protection money and subsidize these sites is beyond comprehension. The funding has to stop. Also, email your list of victims not to respond to the posts, and give them tips on how to fight back. When you respond on these sites, a flame war starts and that is good for the defamation site and it’s search engine value. If everyone refused to pay and post, these sites would cease to exist.

3) SUE, SUE, AND SUE AGAIN. Sure you may lose, but if you lose you still win. These sites don’t want you to sue, because it takes up huge amounts of their time and energy. But they need to be spending their time in court and on lawyers, not devising new schemes to torment and defame people like you. Imagine if the lawsuits to Ripoff quadrupled next year? Even a psychopath has to decide if it’s worth it to terrorize the public. You may also want to consider organizing a class action lawsuit using your database of those victimized.

4) HACK & SPAM. This is not legal, so we cannot recommend hacking or spamming these sites. But if you personally know a hacker or spammer, let him know your story, he may sympathize with you. A website that is hacked or spammed massively, would experience acute downtimes and a loss of time and money.


You are not helpless. If just a few dozen people take strong action, these sites will only exits for a few months until they are sued to bankruptcy. The government does not put up with internet bullying, terrorizing children, or copyright infringement, but for some reason they have dropped the ball with adult individuals and small businesses who are slandered online. You can help change that.

How a website sadists and bullies, can stay alive and thrive even in Osama bin Laden style hide outs remains perplexing. We cannot advocate violence, but it is amazing that no crazy person has yet tracked down these evil folks. If I were them, I would quit while ahead, take a long vacation of ones choice. If anyone knows people who work for and help these companies, you may want educate them about the evil they are working for, and the danger they put themselves by working there.

Permission is granted to edit/ use any text from this post, anywhere.

Ask Susan about RipoffReport
3 reviews
18 helpful votes

Great for the reporter but, watch out if you're the "report~ee" There are always 2 or more sides to a story and unless the reporter of such information is quite sure of his/her facts, they need not post there (whew)

Thanx a hoot for this heads up hon <3

Ask Anita about RipoffReport
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have reported a bunch of companies on here, which have all screwed me over in some way. Most of the time, my intention was not to have the issue resolved, but, just to settle the score with some good old, sweet revenge!
By exposing what the company and what they did to me or someone else to the world, it may not solve the problem, but, it will hurt them in other ways.
First of all, anybody that reads my complaint will think twice about going to that company again. That means, they will have that many less customers to rip off! These people will also tell their friends and relatives not to go there. That will hurt them a little more, because they won't be able to hurt those people and rip them off.
For every customer I take away from a business, they will lose anywhere from $1 to multiple Billions of dollars! So I'm not just hurting that company's reputation, but, I hurt them financially as well!!!
Vigilante style revenge is so awesome!
The site Sometimes even works as it is supposed to. That is when a company actually is informed of a complaint somebody has submitted about them.
Then the company contacts the consumer to make things right. When this happens, the two parties come to their own agreement on how to solve the problem, usually without going to court.
Most of the time, the offender, usually a company, will offer to make things right to the victim, either by fixing whatever it was they broke, refunding the person's money or doing whatever they have to do to make amends to the customer and keep them happy. After they resolve the problem, they will usually insist that the person who submitted the complaint must immediately remove it from the site.
There are a lot of companies, however, that just don't seem to care and they simply don't get the message. For example, if you look up Just Brakes on this site, you'll see over a Thousand complaints! This is a company that just has no Morales! They couldn't care less if people post more complaints about them!
So, this is a good site, on which you can research a company and find out if they have a bad reputation. If they have more than 50 serious complaints, don't go there, or they will screw you to!
An example of how this site has worked for a friend of mine:
My friend from work was sent home one day by the Manager, because he didn't have. a company tie and another part of his uniform. The Manager was very corrupt and he told him that he needed to buy his own tie and anything else he needed for the uniform.
My friend said, "No, that's not right! The uniform was issued by the company! Anything that goes with it, you have to supply!"
The Manager sent him home and said, "Don't come back until YOU buy the accessories you need for the uniform!"
He refused to spend his own money for the company uniform. So, he stayed home and was off duty for two whole weeks.
Then, he wrote about the incident and some other things the company was doing wrong on Rip Off Report.
The next day, the Manager was received a phone call from Rip Off Report. They told him about the complaint that an employee just wrote about him and the company.
The Manager called my friend into his office to work out a deal.
The Manager was waiting in the office with a tie and all the other things my friend needed for his uniform.
When my friend got to the office, the Manager gave him everything he needed. Then, he said, "Lets make a deal, I will give you full pay for the entire two weeks you've been off work and here's an extra $300. But, you can only have all of this and keep your job here, IF, you remove your complaint from Rip Off Report!"
My friend said, "Fine. I'll do that. But, if you do something like this again, I'll see you in cout."
The Manager told him, he had to remove the complaint right away. He had him use the computer in the Manager's office and the Manager watched him remove it.
By letting the employee keep the job, paying him for the time he was off,giving him what he needed and giving him an extra $300, the company probably saved Thousands, if not Millions of dollars. Because, if that report had stayed on Rip Off Report and tons of people saw it, nobody would of done much business with the company ever again. Then, maybe somebody would have even put it on the NEWS.
BTW, the company I'm talking about here is: "SECURAMERICA, in Orlando, FL. Don't ever contract that company out! They've screwed me and a bunch of other people! In fact, they have screwed the LITERALLY ALL THEIR EMPLOYEES! They cut everybody's pay and treat people like s#@t! Don't ever work for SECURAMERICA! You've been warned!

Overall, this site is great, evn though they don't resolve ALL the problem that people report, at least it's a good way to get a little revenge!

Ask David about RipoffReport
5 reviews
25 helpful votes

Good site for those who know how to sort information from misinformation.

Tip for consumers: Don't believe everything you read. I think even the website tells you that.

Ask Brian about RipoffReport
2 reviews
20 helpful votes

"Ripoff" is an amalgam of disguised corruption run by a man named Ed Magedson. There is no staff, no secretary; nor is there any "panel of arbitrators".

In the social vernacular Ed Magedson is an Internet Loser, a self-styled egotist who is outspoken about his grandiose accomplishments, yet doesn't possess so much as a high school diploma.

In clinical terms Ed Magedson is a sociopath. He cares nothing for his fellow human beings, seeing in others only how deep he can stick his plumbing in them financially. When he moved from the streets of New York to Mesa, Arizona, it was for the sole purpose of being at the ready when his parents died, so he could mine their estate. He goads his adversaries into legal confrontations with the enthusiasm of a child anticipating a trip to Disneyland. His only friends are his enemies, especially those who dare sue him in court.

Magedson, a balding, overweight, 62-year-old admitted pedophile, runs the highly successful website "". In reality it's a slickly-disguised, strong-arm confidence game that solicits complaints from legitimate consumers, and then blackmails the subject of those complaints - usually companies with deep pockets - into paying large sums of money to have the derogatory information suppressed. The lesser problem with his website is he spends way too many pages waxing poetic about his lifetime of highly improbable accomplishments, while giving barely a nod to his real victims. To describe Magedson as full of himself would be an understatement. Indeed, his ability to interact positively with his peers leaves much to be desired.

Magedson claims he never edits comments that have been submitted. That would be good if it were true, because his literary skills are typically 5th grade: he writes in fragmented sentences, doesn't know how to make paragraphs, can't differentiate between fact and innuendo and has so aggravated his webmaster, that he is now charged for any editing services he needs. In fact, Magedson is so illiterate, he cannot even restructure the paragraphs he lost when he edited a single submission into one large monolog. The result? Ripoffreport is a slovenly, tabloid attempt to create something that could have been useful, were it done with any degree of skill, professionalism and moral fiber.

His egotistical attitude, along with his 60's throwback hippie appearance, haven't exactly endeared him to the locals in Maricopa County, Arizona, where he ekes out a living selling nebulous publications and questionable services on his ripoffreport website. Magedson claims negative reports cannot be "bought" away, yet companies that want negative information removed can in fact, do so simply by sending this con anywhere from $2,000.00 to $100,000.00 (Magedson calls it his ''sliding scale'') along with a monthly "maintenance fee" to keep the negative comments suppressed (as opposed to removing them entirely, as legitimate websites do). Then Magedson, posing as an imaginary panel of anonymous arbitrators, places a disclaimer by the negative comments. Despite claims to the contrary on his website, Magedson is drawn to legal confrontations - where he is usually the loser - like a moth to a candle, ever confident this, finally, is going to be his big winner of a case. It hasn't happened of course, but in Magedson's sadistic mind, hope springs eternal.

Meanwhile, he rambles about freedom of speech but, somehow, can't get it through his concrete coconut that defamation, specifically libel and slander, are still against public policy - whether in real life or on the Internet. Meanwhile, he relies entirely on the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which absolves websites of liability whenever false statements are placed by their users. And that's where he derives his income: blackmailing legitimate companies into paying for his "protection" against further negative comments visitors place on his website.

Magedson redefines all that is evil about the depravity to which mankind can sink.

Livid emails he sends indicate a clear need for a psychiatric evaluation; indeed, Magedson freely admits he "hides" because he believes "people are out to get him" - presumably from his legal troubles, ranging from litigation entanglements with local authorities to the victims of his corporate extortion schemes. His Mafia-style version of cyber blackmail is a creative new skill he honed on the streets of New York, and has cleverly applied to his Internet victims, usually businesses and large corporations, that would rather pay to keep Magedson's pockets greased, than to spend money on lawyers and protracted litigation.

To see a sharper profile of the Internet's most dangerous egomaniac, see:

The brutal antics of this mentally impaired bully make an even more compelling argument that industrial-strength regulation of the Internet is long overdue.

Tip for consumers: It has been suggested - and is highly probable - that Ed Magedson writes his own complaints, then creates a fictitious author. That means, be careful how much you publish about yourself ANYWHERE on the Internet: some enemy can use it against you by posting it on - and good luck getting it removed!

Ask Justin about RipoffReport
1 review
3 helpful votes

Great site!

Had a problem with a Firestone Tire Shop putting on new tires without my permission. negligent service on another car before that.

They were not willing to explain why or what they will do...

They made a lot of stupid mistakes.

I think auto repair should have cameras on repairs to our cars!!!!!

Anyway... I have tried to use BBB before in the past and they were useless.

Where is an average hardworking consumer to go?

I had paid for new tires I didn't need and couldn't afford because they .... were scamming me and i and a set of semi new tires sitting in the garage.

Put it on Ripoffreport which got the attention of District manager that played around and finally refunded the new tires!.

Again.. What can an average consumer do when getting ripped off by auto repair shops!??? NOTHING!!!!!

In this case. it worked for me!

Ask David about RipoffReport
1 review
5 helpful votes

It's a shame that a lowlife like the owner of can claim to be a "consumer advocate." After reviewing the methods of how the site is run, it's nothing but a lazy, unethical, easy way to make money, not much better than "revenge-porn" sites.

Basically, anyone can ANONYMOUSLY post any kind of nasty rumor about anyone- a business competitor, an ex, a disgruntled employee. You don't have to verify that you even have a real email address. You don't have to use your real name. Once you have "registered" you can than make up ANY kind of lie you want, and it will rise to the top of Google looking like a legitimate warning about a bad business.

THEN the business, person, or nonprofit who is having their life destroyed can only remove the damaging rumors from Google by paying thousands of dollars to the site (which claims that the money is for 'arbitrators' who don't actually exist. In reality, the owner of the site just copies and pastes a disclaimer at the top of the article.)

Even if you're tempted to use for a legitimate gripe against a business (unlike most people who just use it as a way to destroy other people's lives), please read the Forbes article on this site's awful founder and owner. It's not worth helping this guy make another dime destroying jobs, lives, non-profits, and livelihoods just because he found an easy and sleazy way to get rich.

Ask Isaac about RipoffReport
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

I am sure Ripoff is in shady business. They are extortionist that make companies pay thousands of dollars to them so they can remove a review. But, they never really remove them. I heard most reviews on there are not even real. Probably written by Ripoff themselves. It's sad this site can't work to it's true purpose.

Ask Conor about RipoffReport
1 review
4 helpful votes

This website does not require any facts to support complaints. I have found this to be a Jerry Springer of websites intent on destroying people and business versus valid truth.

Additionally concerned because anyone that I am aware of that has visited the site ends up with a terrible virus on their computer.

Ask Stephanie about RipoffReport
2 reviews
19 helpful votes

some frauds or our competitors lie that they use our service and we never ship them any items. we contact they said, if we want to remove that fraud lie review, we have to pay to do that. This is a rip off website, they just want money from you and never offer help for innocent people. we should never trust this website at all. they should be shut down.

Ask M about RipoffReport
1 review
6 helpful votes

It's a shakedown scam. Exploiting people's desires to "stick it to the man." In reality, they do no such thing.

Any competitor, ex-boyfriend, or just a troll can post anything under any name, with no fact-checking or accountability. You can post "reports" about any person, non-profit, or business. It's a way for people to destroy and hurt other people.

Then the damaged persons (innocent or guilty) can not get their lives back unless they give this slimeball $2000. And he justifies the jobs and lives he's ruined by fancying himself a "consumer advocate."

Real consumer advocates do the work of fact-checking! Ripoff report only cares about extorting real businesses and nonprofits for money!

Ask Isaac about RipoffReport
3 reviews
29 helpful votes

It is one of those sites that could be helpful if the owner cared anything about content, but instead it is nothing but a libel site. The owner of the site refuses to remove ANYTHING! Instead a person is offered to pay a ton of money for a company to come in and enhance their reputation by moving the Ripoff Report posting down the google search engine list.Please note RRO has their own preferred company to do that and make them even more profit. Their website is pure trash.

Ask Katie about RipoffReport
1 review
4 helpful votes
12/27/13 will extort your business to have a false complaint one person has about your business, even if this complaint was resolved. One complaint out of tens of thousands. The owner Ed Magedson is a wanted fugitive and uses Google adwords and spamming keywords to get the complaint high in search ranking but even worse he is using money he gets from bad scam artist company's advertising on his website. Get rich quick schemes, bad credit loan schemes, fast cash loans who prey on the poor all of the company's and crooks that you normally associate criminals to our ripoffreports advertisers. That is correct he takes money from criminals, fraudsters and thieves and he is operating a website that supposedly a consumer can complain about the very businesses he is supporting and making him rich. If you go to his website make sure you clear your history and cache afterwards you will be spyed on by the lowest of bottom feeders and crooks if you do not clear your cookies and spyware Lookup to see if the actual rip off company's that are supporting have any complaints listed, they do not because he removed the complaints when they agreed to the paid advertising and his extortion. I am certain that eventually this guy will be locked up and made to pay. The BBB rates at F its lowest score it seems that Mr. Ed Magedson does not answer complaints about his business but yet he terrorizes honest businesses with lies and then tell that business he will remove the lie if you pay Mr Ed thousands of dollars, that is extortion. You can change all of this by writing your senators and congressman and put this bully behind bars.

Ask John about RipoffReport
30 reviews
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Pretty solid complaint website, another good one is pissedconsumer.

Ask Josh about RipoffReport
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I reported a notorious internet scam to these people and they totally blew the report off. They have developed a relationship with the scam and gave it high praise meanwhile characterizing me as deluded or dishonest. It appears that people who have gone after ROR in the past have succeeded in cowing it down.

Ask John about RipoffReport
1 review
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Malicious website. No way to verify that any report on the site is true or a bunch of invented garbage. Criminal's paradise for online abuse, defamation and libel.

Ask Joe about RipoffReport
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As a business owner I was notified by that they had received a complaint from one of my customers. After clicking on their link to what I thought would take me directly to the complaint, instead I received their order page.

I then when directly to their main webpage,, put in my company's name and received the following response:
Approximately 0 Reports Found
Showing 1-0

I don't believe this site serves a useful purpose for businesses, but it may do well for consumers.

Ask Ron about RipoffReport
6 reviews
6 helpful votes

I have followed Ripoff Report for several years, and pass-along some information to family friends.But the reviewer may just be too subjective. You cannot believe them all.

Ask Gabriel about RipoffReport
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Yes !!! I had a recent little problem with a dishonest bunch of collection whores in Tulsa, OK, who had placed a derogatory remark on my credit
history. NORTHSTAR TECHNOLOGIES, doing business as EQUINOX COLLECTIONS, also in Tulsa. Equinox reported on my credit history that I owed a crooked doctor, GARY R. LEE, MD, in Tulsa, $300 bucks for a 1995 bill that a conscienceless, psychopathic osteopath named FARRAR said I owed. FARRAR was a devious jack-off ambulance-chasing JERK, that was so incompetent, he had no practice except for personal injury cases that some unscrupulous Tulsa lawyers were sending him. This Lee character bought FARRAR's practice. So, 18 years later, this Gary R. Lee tries to extort me. I placed some carefully worded reviews of Gary Lee, ad his collector, EQUINOX/NORTHSTAR. They erased/removed the derogatory remark form my credit. Ed Magedson, the founder of WWW.RIPOFFREPORT.COM, has saved a lot of people, a lot of grief, and pain. If YOU get a bad review on Ripoff Report, answer the review. That is, unless you're a crook. And in that case.....take your punishment. You deserve what you get.... a swift kick in the arse. HES/GROVE, OK

Ask Herchel about RipoffReport
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10/26/13 needs a report of itself on itself.

Ripoff Report is a scam., Greedy charlatans who found a new way to blackmail every business in America.

You CAN remove reports, IF YOU PAY. How's that for being impartial?

Rip people off all you want, then pay them. You'd be fine. Charlatan mentality for the professional charlatans.

Ask Amir about RipoffReport
2 reviews
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I like any kind of website that gives people a voice, even if they make money on us. As long as they do not delete our reports UNLESS the business being reported of wants to do the right thing for the consumers that reported it.

Otherwise, is by far one of the best site to get your voice heard!

I just filed my report on RIPOFFREPOT.COM against and for discrimination in FAIR LENDING ACT, and I am proud that I can read my report and share it to others.


Ask Jean about RipoffReport
1 review
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A bad and totally unfair place. Anyone with a grudge of any kind against a business, or even a competitor can post whatever lies they like. Sure, you can, as a business owner, post a rebuttal, but the rebuttal appears way down in the page where few people see it, and also serves to boost the page in search engine findings so more potential customers will find it. When they do, they see the blaring negative headline and may never actually visit the page itself to see the rebuttal. This damned place has allowed many good companies reputations to be maligned and damaged. Shame on this site. May they rot.

Ask geoff about RipoffReport
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

it is an extortion site. company is asking money for a removal of negative feedback left by a competitor.

Ask Caroline about RipoffReport
10 reviews
73 helpful votes

I like this website, but I think their UI needs an update. Just read the reviews and then research. A lot of helpful reviews and helps allow people to get back scammed money.

Ask Adem about RipoffReport
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I like this site you can write or view others reviews of their experiences. Its pretty easy to get a picture how companies relate to us as consumers. So if you are curious about a service check it out first.

Ask jeffrey about RipoffReport
169 reviews
1,497 helpful votes

I can tell you with me ripoff report gets my highest rating. I was personally cheated out of my money from a so-called "honest" company that used dishonest means. I am thankful that I was able to post a permanent warning on this site about their activities so as to warn others about their ways and shame the company.

This is why I like this site so much because it means that the site does not remove reports like some sites that take money and will take down the reports. Ed Madgeson has actual been sued for millions of dollars in order to get him to take down the reports on his site but because he stands for freedom of expression and the first amendment rights of others the courts are always in his favor.

People often have a tendency to discredit consumer advocacy sites and say they are scam but they cannot be blamed for the reports because they do not put them there. Reports are done by different individuals and with the hundreds of thousands of reports on this site it is impossible for one person to write them all.

I only blame consumer advocacy sites if they take down a legitimate report because they were cowards or greedy for money but I cannot blame this site because at least it still gets an A plus for standing up courageously and refusing to take down its reports.

The only problem with the ROR that I have is with editing reports which sometimes it may not always want to and sometimes trying to find reports and the long wait one must experience at times in order to actually see one's report but I know for sure they are not removed from the site.

Now that's integrity to say the least that cannot be bought or sold. We could all learn a thing or two from that.

Ask Omega about RipoffReport
1 review
7 helpful votes

This site allows defamation and worst - does nothing to stop it.

Ask Anna about RipoffReport
1 review
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Ask NICOLE about RipoffReport
9 reviews
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Like Sitejabber, Ripoff is a site which takes consumer input and posts them on a searchable database for all to see. This is a second site which I go to whenever I do not find enough information about businesses here on Sitejabber.

They allow rebuttals to unflattering posts, and refuse to take ANY reviews down for any reason. (including the rebuttals). This way, they are able to be fair and balanced insofar as the business being reviewed can defend themselves if they so choose.

Oddly, there are not many who do. This leads me to believe that the critiques stand as being valid and true ; either that or the businesses being criticized do not care or unaware of the critique. Either way, I almost always screen all of my internet transactions now through one or both of these sites.

Ask mike about RipoffReport
11 reviews
29 helpful votes

I think this is a great website that can really help people not get scammed. I do think it has a large potential for misuse which may dilute it's affect a little but the idea was a good one. Some of the posts are not needed - like the ones regarding CPS and personal issues but the majority of the data is very useful.

Ask Noneya about RipoffReport
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Very similar to this site. Getting the news out to people about scams and rip-offs. One can post rebuttals to the reports if one disagrees.

Ask Cynthia about RipoffReport
2 reviews
4 helpful votes


Ask Jim about RipoffReport
73 reviews
401 helpful votes

Well, Tracy H. has brought this to my attention just today about that's been on the web for quite a while.

Now, I don't know about the owners of the site but I know I've posted legitimate complaints on there. Anyway, the owners have had charges brought against them and Tracy H has provided us with a link so have a look and decide for yourself. I'll be avoiding them in the future and just stick with SiteJabber.

Ask LilRebel about RipoffReport
1 review
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Contact at this number: 888 483 2860

Ask katherine about RipoffReport
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Great for the reporter but, watch out if you're the "report~ee" There are always 2 or more sides to a story and unless the reporter of such information is quite sure of his/her facts, they need not post there (whew)

Thanx a hoot for this heads up hon <3

Ask Check about RipoffReport
155 reviews
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I've read that Ripoff Report has engaged in some shady business practices.

Here are some pieces about them on the news:
Here's their Wikipedia entry:

Ask Sophie about RipoffReport
150 reviews
937 helpful votes

This is a very serious consumer advocacy web site:

"Helping you, the consumer...
Search the Ripoff Report before you do business with retail stores with bad return policies, checking & credit theft, rebate fraud or other unscrupulous business policies such as phony auto repairs, auto dealer bait-and-switch tactics, restaurants with bad service or food, corrupt government employees & politicians, police corruption, home builders, contractors, unethical doctors & lawyers, online stores that sell non-existent products, dead beat dads & moms, landlords & tenants, fraudulent employment & business opportunities, and individual con artists who scam consumers".

The site makes clear that filed reports CANNOT be removed, even by an attorney's appeal, which means your claim is forever.

If you've been burned and need to voice your ire, this is unquestionably the place to do it. Highly recommended as SAFE & EFFECTIVE. Free web site.

Ask Ron about RipoffReport
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