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RetailMeNot reviews

60 reviews
301 Congress Avenue, Suite 700, Suite 700
Austin, Texas 78701, USA
Tel: 7734422626
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60 Reviews From Our Community

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I never buy anything online without looking for a coupon code on first! (in 14 reviews)


I think it is one of the best coupon sites on the internet. (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I always check retailmenot prior to buying anything. I usually end up with some savings & am always grateful. It's easy enough to copy & paste the code into my order screen if I'm ordering online. If I am trying to use it in store I make sure there is something that shows me it's a store coupon. Like with most coupons, not all stores are obligated to take them. Like my store has coupon out for other areas that can't be redeemed at my store. Always read the fine print & if it's just a code, not a coupon from the store, call the store first and ask. It's not that complicated. Also, if it's a popular company you can see if people reported it as "worked for them" or not.

New Reviewer

Some coupons work but a lot do not and the stores do not have to honor the coupons from this site since they are third party truth is if you see it on this site do not trust it call the store and ask them if the deals are legit ot will save you time frustration and monemoney alalways call the store

Tip for consumers: Call the store if you see it in this site or app

Ask james about RetailMeNot
New Reviewer

Those GPS mobile alerts rock! When I am out and about and I get a buzz on the phone, I can instantly check which shops have sales & mark downs. Makes my life a whole lot easier when finding items to flip for potential profit.

Ask Natalie about RetailMeNot
New Reviewer

What a great deal today! We purchased Sirrus Radio for six months, 25.00!
The auto renewal was priced at 219.00 per year!

We love Retail Me Not!

Ask Laura about RetailMeNot
New Reviewer

This $#*!ty website has made coupons for my store and about once a week we have customers trying to redeem a coupon we never offered. This retailmenot is a scam and a fraudulent website. Don't even try to use the coupons because they're not legit

Ask Steve about RetailMeNot
New Reviewer

Best site for discount codes. Yes sometimes they don't work but people usually update and add comments and most do work.

Ask Stef about RetailMeNot
New Reviewer

RetailMeNot adds coupons as they please, regardless of the business' wishes. Our business offered discounts 3 to 4 years ago and although we no longer honor them, RetailMeNot REFUSES to remove them for us. We often get grief from customers about this. Guess what they tell us? "So sue us!" I wish it was cost effective for us to sue them. This site is a scam for both consumers and businesses.

New Reviewer

I think it is one of the best coupon sites on the internet. You can find kinds of coupon for many stores. But some of the coupons don't work.

New Reviewer

I like to save and I can save a lot when I print coupons from this site. I have never gotten a coupon that was not accepted, you just have to pay attention to the success percent.

New Reviewer

I like to get my coupons from here. I do alot of online shopping because dealing with people out in the stores is just too much for me. The offers are usually current and up to date which is a big plus because I hate having to dig through codes to find one that works.

New Reviewer

RetailMeNot is one of my favorite websites. I always find coupons on RetailMeNot when buying online as they provide varieties of coupons every day. Like it so much!

New Reviewer

Great website! got some amazing deals that save me a lot of money.

New Reviewer

Awesome site!

New Reviewer

Retailmenot, is listing coupons that simply don't exist. On my site, they crawled the website and found items we had on sale, took the average percentage off, from just the sale items. Then posted that everything was 37% off. If you don't see a coupon code, then there isn't a coupon. Also, they lead customers to believe that an old coupon code is still valid, which isn't the case. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

New Reviewer

Not sure how they make money off these sites but a SCAM it is. I tried to use a coupon for office supplies. When I tried to check out the coupon was worthless. I called the company and was told the site was a scam. They do not honor any discount from that site.

New Reviewer

The Nike coupons on this website may be fraudulent -- they did not accept them when we tried to use them (and, to make it worse, we had a TERRIBLE experience with the Nike employee in Utah when we tried to use them - he was so HORRIBLE and treated us badly when we tried to use what we thought was a legit deal).

New Reviewer

Do not use this site. We operate a company they claim to have coupons for - they do not! This is a scam. They seem to get "click thru" credits from Google or something - but they have no coupons for us (even though they list 5!) Don't use them.

New Reviewer

I love this site! I use this site every time I shop online and I always find awesome discounts!

New Reviewer

Coupons, coupons coupons what else can I say .... :))

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. I printed out a coupon for a resturant and told my friend about the coupon on the web site. When it came time to pay the bill the resturant would not take either coupon. It was NO GOOD!!!! I was told you have to watch websites like this one alot of times the coupons won't work. I gave it one star because I had no choice.

New Reviewer

I work with a company which has informed its employees to no longer allow retailmenot (or any third party coupons) to be used

If i coulg give zero stars i would.

Rtm does not check coupons out first. The problem my company kept having is,
They would post fraudulent coupons on site. Sometimes a similar coupon code would be used but they would make the coupon for a higher percentage off.
When the coupon didnt work a cashier would override the cost, losing lots of money!!!
I have also seen customers come in with a 6 yr expired coupon swearing up and down it is a good coupon bc its on RetailMeNot.

So, once the company had enough, we put a ban on not JUST retail me not,
But ALL third party coupon sources, just to eliminate confusion.

Consumers. Please stay away from this website!!
Using fraudulent coupons IS STEALING!!!
(And it IS a punishable offense)

New Reviewer

Best site ever! If you like shopping online its a must have. Great coupon codes that actually work and save you money. Very easy too.

New Reviewer

I always always stop by retailmenot and check for coupons before I buy anything online. I don't really use the offline coupons just because it's an extra step and I often forget before I go out shopping, but the online coupon codes are fantastic. I often get at least $5-10 off and/or get free shipping. Only downside is now I feel ripped off if I can't find a coupon on retailmenot XD

New Reviewer

This is coming from a company whose unauthorized offer was posted on this site. The offer is 3 years old, outdated and will never be honored by us, but refuses to remove it. Plus, they want to blackmail us into submitting a new offer. Why should we be forced to replace an offer we never posted? Not a reputable site in our book and we recommend never doing business with them. Poor customer service.

New Reviewer

I am so excited to do a review about RetailMeNot. It is the place to go before you think of ever buying anything online. There will be a coupon code there that you can use almost all the time. I have saved so much by going there first before actually getting my final order. And they have every merchant site you can ever imagine. No matter where I want to buy from, I find a coupon code on retailmenot. They are so expansive. I love that site!

New Reviewer

I use this site every time I order pizza delivery. I can always find some kind of discount.

New Reviewer

One of the better coupon sites around - like that I can find coupons on even some of the smaller, more obscure mountain biking and outdoor sites. Usually one of the first places I check for coupons.

New Reviewer

Retailmenot uses very unethical practices in order to game a high SEO ranking on Google. I'm getting really tired of having my first search for promo codes or coupons be retailmenot (regardless of what I'm looking for), only to find they have no promo codes or coupons whatsoever. When the first site on Google is completely irrelevant to your search terms, it means those searches are irrelevant. Clicking on their site has become irrelevant. Gaming Google just wastes my time and my trust. I'll be skipping retailmenot from now on due to a 0 for 10 search streak.

Apprentice Reviewer

This site has come through again and again! They seem to have a deal for everything!

New Reviewer

A megastar, soooo very helpful. Seems their wings have been clipped as many retailers begin to censor what promo codes can be posted (Newport News, Spiegel) but still my first go-to when looking for a coupon.

Yes. I love you, RetailMeNot. Truly.

New Reviewer

found many nice coupons here. Especially deals for baby foods and powders. Electronic deals here and there. I will give it 5 star for helping me through my life with more savings.

New Reviewer

Thanks to this site, I always find coupon codes for EVERYTHING!!! Great site!

New Reviewer

This is my goto website when I am online shopping. I am always looking for a coupon code and some of them work and I trust this site more than others. They don't always have a code and sometimes it's expired but well worth a look. The site is very easy to navigate and doesn't have a bunch of confusing links and jargon. Two thumbs up!

New Reviewer

Simple interface, definitely one of the first places I go to before making any purchases. Never hurts to check!

New Reviewer

Love a good deal. Whenever I online order I'll check this site for coupons. Most of the time they have a coupon code I can use.

New Reviewer

As a merchant this site is a nightmare. They accept coupon codes for stores without validating them, will not remove them when you ask, and the merchant has to field questions from upset customers about why the coupons don't work when they are for a promotion that was run 5 years ago! I believe this site simply attempts to garner advertising dollars by getting in as many visitors as possible

Veteran Reviewer

Use to be really good with a ton of online coupons, lately not so much so. I wish retailmenot had more offerings, but it is a must got to site before shopping on the net. To get the best price you have to stop here first for the most reliable coupons.

New Reviewer

Love the coupons on this site!
It seems I can almost always find some kind of deal for everything I'm shopping for :)

New Reviewer

This is one of the very best sites for finding coupons for the retailers you love, before you go to the store. Their weekly email updates are awesome, and their search engine is one of the best. They are very honest about the success rate of some of the coupons they post, so you will never be disappointed here. This site is run my professionals!!!!

New Reviewer

Some of the coupons don't work. On the other hand I have found a few that did. There is no 100% chance that you are going to find the coupon that will save you some money every time, but it does not hurt to look. I like that you can tell them when a coupon doesn't work for you.

Apprentice Reviewer

I always check this site before placing an order with an on-line company -- they are the best coupon site as often the other sites won't show the codes and make you click through them -- this site makes it easy to find the codes and save BIG!!

New Reviewer

Great site - it doesn't always come through for me, but it does often enough that it's my first stop whenever I am going to buy something from an online retailer. Lots of current coupons. A real money saver.

New Reviewer

The best site ever. I cannot believe how much money this site saves me. I never buy anything online without looking for a coupon code on first!

Apprentice Reviewer

I love love love this site, you could not find a better site with online coupons. This site has variety of coupon codes that have worked for me 90% of the time. It has never failed me and you can find just about anything you're looking for if you want that discount.

Veteran Reviewer

I've used this site many times for random coupons at various websites. When I am checking out I always make it a habit to check this site first for a coupon or promotion code. I've gotten anywhere from free shipping to 20%+ coupons. In fact just a couple of weeks ago I saved $35 on a phone plan with a promotion code I found on the site.

New Reviewer

My first stop in finding online coupons--usually very reliable! A huge money saver!

New Reviewer

Awesome site i have saved so much money using it.

New Reviewer

Saying that I do a lot of online shopping is an understatement. Saying that has saved me thousands of dollars is an even bigger understatement.

I visit before I make any online purchase. Some stores don't have coupons, but most stores do. I've saved money on everything from plane tickets to clothing to food deliveries. If I counted out the money I've saved from checking in with this website before I make a purchase with any other site -- Well, that just explains why I have enough money to shop this much. :)

My tip -- and this is really important -- is to visit before you ever submit your credit card information to another site. You might not find a coupon for the store in question, but then again, you might find a coupon that will save you a bundle.

Happy shopping!

New Reviewer

love this site im constantly using it to find discounts and deals. although i will admit that i wish they cleaned things up a bit as there are alot of old coupons and such that i could do without.

New Reviewer

love this site I aways go here b4 I buy anything. I love to save anyway I can and this site gives me ample opportunity to do so.

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Q: Your site gave me a quote for Mt Olympus in Wisconsin Dells for $72 a night for 6/16 & 6/17.. well they told me your offer was not valid, since I had never used your site b4 I called to verify.. why is this?????? not good business very upset and disappointed

1st timer
A: I called to verify a quote for a nights stay at Mt Olympus in wisconsin dells they say the offer was not valid????
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