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There is a minimum purchase of 20 dollars on a ten dollar coupon.

First time, all was perfect and I didn't even meet the minimum.

I just bought a gift certificate for a friend that is unemployed.

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New Reviewer

I was scammed today!!!! I had $205 in gift ecards from exchanging. I had that amount for months. There were no restaurants which I wanted to go to so I could use them.
I received two emails from RDC stating that the restaurants no longer would honor RDC's certificates. I exchanged 13 certificates last night to ecards. I checked my balance last night, and it was still $205. This morning, it should have been $330! The new exchanges were there, but I had lost $100 of my old ecards!!! SCAM!!!! Don't ever trust this company!! SCAM ARTISTS!!! I spoke with two reps, and they told me that I was mistaken and that it was correct. No one cared that I had been beat out of $100!
I am still fuming!!! I will never spend another red cent there!!! Please tell others!!!!

New Reviewer

I have used for a few years now and I have 'never' had a problem redeeming their certificates! A lot of the negative reviews listed on this site I believe, falls on the restaurant being visited and not on How RC be held responsible for restaurants pulling out of the program or making up changes to how or when they will accept the certs? Some of the other complaints seem to be about RC not making updates quick enough, yet it's hard to tell who is telling the truth. As someone else suggested, call the restaurant to verify they accept the certs before buying them. If you still have a problem log back into RC and redeem them for another participating restaurant. I just did that today for certs I originally purchased back in 2010 with no problem. I think it is a great program for us consumers. I don't know how it works for restaurants.

New Reviewer

I have purchased several and never had a problem. I feel bad for all the people who felt they got screwed but many did not read the fine print, so they screwed themselves. For those where the restaurant refused to accept them, that is another issue.

New Reviewer
7/23/14 is a complete fraud. I was given four $25.00 gift certificates. First off, none of the participating restaurants are less than 15 miles from where I live. My daughter and I took one of the certificates to a taco shop, counter service no waiters. They charged us a mandatory 18% gratuity even though we placed out order at the counter and carried it to the table ourselves. Then the $25.00 did not include tax. By the time they added the tax and the mandatory tip I paid more than $25.00 for some second rate tacos. I threw the other three gift certificates out. Never do business with the place, it is nothing but a scam.

New Reviewer

Within minutes of placing my order with for a Special Wine purchase, my AmEx card was billed, even before I received the "Certificate" from; upon attempting to redeem my purchase, the site indicated the certificate number no longer applied; then my efforts resulted in being informed I was being charged additional money, shipping and tax, for the purchase when did not mention the additional costs; I immediately called and was told "NO REFUND IS EVEN GIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES; YOU WILL RECEIVE A CREDIT ONLY TO YOUR ACCOUNT WITH RESTAURANT.COM.

I ask: Would anyone ever want to do business with a nationally-recognized name knowing they will NEVER issue a credit to you under any circumstance? This man thinks not. I suggest: Stay away from UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. What they did to me was grossly unfair; deliberately misrepresenting in not issuing an immediate refund.

New Reviewer

They scammed me too. I thought this would be a gift certificate and after I purchased it I found out that it is coupons off of meals, and you can only use one coupon per visit.

New Reviewer

So bought 2 $25 dollar gift certificates for 8 bucks total. only to find out that it was just 25 dollars off of 40. so in the end i ended spending more then what i planned on spendig. it did not tell me this untill AFTER i had bought them.

New Reviewer

Complete scam!!! I purchased a bunch of restaurant gift certificates from this site that claim to never expire. However, apparently all of these restaurants have the right to refuse the use of these gift certificates. So why would they ever accept them then, right? So I unfortunately got totally ripped off and I am hoping this review will help prevent other folks from suffering from this complete scam this site has going on.

New Reviewer

Tried to use the certificate and was told that it didn't apply to steak or fish. That was not mentioned anywhere on the certificate. They also didn't accept the certificate on my phone- I had to have it printed out. That may have been my fault. I'm not sure. This was my first time trying to use these certificates so we'll see what happens with the others that I bought but I'm not very hopeful.

New Reviewer

Can I rate 0? This site is full of scams and traps. So I bought a 25$ coupon and gifted one to my friend(my biggest fault). I asked restaurant owner to deliver food at my home and he refused to accept the gift card. He started to give excuses and asked me to use the coupon by coming for dinning or take out. This was bizzare. I called customer service and they did not bother a bit about it. I think is one of the best service I have ever used. Not at all recommended.

New Reviewer

I don't know how I let my self get scammed like this I was so excited to get the discount I never checked the reviews, which is something I do faithfully on any and everything... Thanks alot you got over on me this time!!!!

New Reviewer

RESTAURANT.COM is a rip off!: I got an invitation via LifeMart, which my company provides as a team member service, to purchase discounted certificates at last month. I decided to try it out, assuming that because my company sent it, it would be legitimate. I spent over an hour finally identifying 4 restaurants which suited my tastes. Part of the criteria, since I am single and dine alone, was that the minimum purchase had to be reasonable for 1 person. I selected 4 resturants with minum purchase requirements of $22.50 or less. (There were others I would have enjoyed, but the minum purchase was over $30 and there was no way I could eat that much food.) I had at that point done my homework and understood the rules. Shouldn't I have been able to assume the restaurants they sold certificates for were still in business? I guess not. Did they suggest that I check that salient fact? No, they did not.

Well, the first restaurant I attempted to visit was out of business. I called They tried to get me to simply exchange the certificate. I explained that I was not interested in any other restaurants, and that I believed that since they sold me a certificate for a business that had closed, they should refund my money. They agreed and refunded the cost of that certificate to me.

Just over a week later, I took a long drive across town and attempted to visit a second restaurant for which I had a certificate. That restaurant also had gone out of business. Being pretty frustrated, I called about it.

They of course indicated that this rarely happens, but the terms and conditions state that they will do exchanges, but no refunds. I indicated that this is not the first, but the 2nd of 4 certificates they offered for purchase where the restaurant was no longer in business. They refused to make a refund. I called back and got another agent, who also refused to issue a refund. My arguements that I wasn't interested in an exchange went unheeded this time.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a ripp off from an unscrupulous company. What you see is not what you get. I suspect they have no process for removing restaurants from their site, and you have a probability of purchasing certificates that can't be redeemed. Before you buy, check to see if the restaurant you are interested in is actually still in business, and check to see if they will accept the certificate. You will otherwise be left holding the bag. This is only a good deal if you are very flexible, and open to significant trial and error. What an awful experience. How does something like this rarely happen, yet happen to me twice within the space of weeks? If it looks to good to be true, it is. Save your money. Have a good stressless full price meal rather than paying for one you won't get.

New Reviewer

We had two gift certificates of $25 each. The restaurant REFUSED to honor it, stating "we told them ( to stop issuing them!" Thanks a lot. We invited 2 guests to join us and ended up with a larger than expected bill. WHAT A SCAM!! Will never do business with them again. ---And no way to contact without "invalidating" the certificates!! Shame on you!!!

New Reviewer

We purchased $100 through United mileage plus program. What a scam! Tonight "When in Rome" restaurant in Bigford, Montana, said they have been trying to get their name off this program for 3 weeks now. No success yet.
We had a wonderful meal, too bad it was dampened by this swarmy program.

New Reviewer

I got a $50 gift cert and the only restaurant in our area where i want to dine only accepts it at $10 per month for 5 months! What a rip off!

New Reviewer

All I can say is do your research first. I purchased some certificates to use at a restaurant in our local mall which was listed on 5/30/2014. I tried to use them today only to be told that they do not participate any longer. Their words were "we have contacted them repeatedly and asked them to remove us from the program but they still have not done it". After managerial discussion I was kindly advised that I could not be compensated by then I can come back and they would honor my certificate this one time. I thought this was a very kind act. I notified so they can remove them. Let's see what happens. I am not upset just very cautious after the experience.

New Reviewer

Great customer service. I made a mistake and used the wrong certificate at a restaurant. I thought it just disappeared. After writing customer service they gave me a new certificate and credited the restaurant that was not credited. My mistake but they made it right. Could not expect better service.

New Reviewer

Only used them twice. One for restaurant $25 coupon I got for free as a RCI Platinum member. I read the $37.50 minimum and was sure to exceed that and whola they deducted $25 from the bill. All as advertised. After reading reviews here I will confirm with restaurant that the honor the certs in advance. The second use was stellar. I searched through their special tab and found a offer the half case of wine. Normal price was $36 bottle. offer was for $8. Bought the coupon for $48 which allowed me to buy $216 half case. I had to pay the taxes and Shipping extra - $44 dollars. That is legit. So it was an amazing deal. The website for the wine did not work properly for the certificate but I call them and in few minutes the deal was done for the price of the coupon $48 and $44 shipping and handling. They charged me nothing extra for the wine itself. I was shocked to see their normal price was $36 a bottle. Not an inflated retail an actual retain value. So for me the experience was quite valuable. The best price on the net I found for the wine was $20/ bottle. I paid $8 thanks to

New Reviewer

Took 'advantage' of one the offers for a discounted broadway show. It was a $130 deal for $55. When I got the ticket it had a face value of $39. If I have paid the $55 directly for the ticket I would on been in the center about 10 rows back. Instead we got the last 2 seats of row 13, so far to the side we missed half the show.

It's a rip off.

New Reviewer

I'd used them in the past, and was happy. I bought several of them before I got laid off a while ago, and haven't been dining out for a while. Last week we decided to use one to celebrate my daughter's birthday. Checked on the web site to make sure it was still valid. After a great meal, the restaurant said it wasn't valid any more.

After I got home, I went to their site, filled in the complaint form, and got no response after an entire week. So today I called their 800 number, and all they would do is replace their worthless piece of paper with another worthless piece of paper.

As of this AM, it still shows on their site as valid. refused to make good on the extrs $25 I spent on dinner because they didn't cancel the coupon off their site.

The won't get any more of my business.

BTW, just talked with the restaurant owner, and she said was terrible to deal with, and offered to make good on their screwup.

New Reviewer

Not worth your time or money. Over and over I told them how the restaurant I bought the certificate for was out of business, yet they keep re listing it. They gave me credit to use for other places, but the selection seems more and more limited and who knows what is actually in business from what's listed. They clearly insist on re listing an establishment regardless of it's current and indefinite status. I've even called to tell them, after the first time I noticed the original place was back for sale on their site. Again.

New Reviewer

This is the most confusing web site I have ever encountered. It is virtually impossible to redeem a credit since they use two platforms. One is "theidealmeal" and the second is ""

I have gone through the process their customer service sent me and the end result was two exchanges did not appear. On a $100 gift card I redeemed I had a $25 balance and that is somewhere in cyberspace.

I have no idea why such a level of incompetency exists, but the fish does rot from the head down.

Using Groupon or Living Social is very user friendly and any credits are issued and visible without going to a different site.

New Reviewer

this article will expose what an unethical company is !

New Reviewer

I'm one of the victims today. I went to the restaurant which is a little bit far only to find out that the certificate was not accepted & that the restaurant manager said that they didn't make any business with this stupid site.. I got the free certificate from ATT for opting to paperless bill.. ATT should stop doing business with them as this affects their company reputation.. This site is a real scam :(

New Reviewer

Same bad experiences as everyone else. They claim to give you eGift "credits" for cards you bought in the past that are no longer honored by that restaurant, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah, and then if you try to redeem them? The website takes you to a disabled screen. This place IS a total scam. Don't buy ANYTHING from them. Shysters.

New Reviewer

One week after purchasing two certificates to a restaurant, the restaurant no longer accepted certificates. I felt this was an inconvenience at most, so I followed's instructions and went to exchange the certificate.

Their site is so poorly constructed that I was able to exchange the certificate without registering my account first -- so I'm not entirely sure where that "eGift" credit went. After I signed up (great, yet another site I have to register on), the credit still was not present.

I am inclined to believe this whole operation is a huge scam. I would NEVER purchase another certificate with, and if I was given one, just throw it away; it's more than likely useless.

New Reviewer

Use this site only if you have unlimited money and time to fit into their slender little window of opportunity. BAD service... run to Groupon.

New Reviewer

I'm surprised of all the negative reviews here. I've been using for years. I've never had a problem, but I have always understood to read any requirements the restaurant may have. Some used to have a minimum amount to spend for each certificate. It was usually twice as much as the certificate was for. A $50 certificate needed to be used on a $100 minimum bill. But some restaurants would just require 2 entrees. Some would exclude alcohol, some wouldn't. Some would exclude days such as holidays.
It was important to read the rules of that particular restaurant before purchasing. They are all clearly stated BEFORE you purchase.
They've recently changed that though. It seems they only have a minimum requirement, and it's not always double the coupon amount, sometimes it's only 1.5%. So it's an even better deal now. As another poster said, I rarely pay the listed prices. I would use a code to get them 60-90% off the price, or just buy them off ebay or other reputable sites.
As for some restaurants not accepting them anymore. Again, it's important to call the restaurant before going to be sure they still accept it and that it won't be a problem. If the restaurant doesn't accept the coupon anymore, makes it super easy to exchange the coupon! Just go to your account and find the certificate, and to the far right of the certificate name just click exchange. Follow the instructions and pick another restaurant at that time, or later.
These are great when on vacation too. I always check when I go to Florida. There are a lot of great places that participate where we go.
If you aren't willing to put the little bit of time in it takes to ensure your coupons will be accepted, just don't use them. But don't critisize the site because you don't understand how it works. They are right up front with all the rules, you just need to read them.
Also, as for customer service.... my first experience with them was a week ago, and they were curteous and friendly. My account was fixed within the hour as they said. And the problem was caused by me, forgetting my password, but never changing the email address from one I no longer had access. And I also had them combine 2 accounts. All done, no problems now!
I give them AAA!

I just wrote a review, and now after reading many many more of these horribly negative reviews, I came to the conclusion that a huge majority of these reviews are FAKE. They have been purposely written to trash
I have been using for YEARS, since 2008. In that time I have only one time had a restaurant no longer accept the coupon. I will usually use my certificates right away though because I know many restaurants only stay in the program a month or two. So if you hold them for months or years, you don't have a big chance of having them accepted. CALL first for any of them. That's all it takes.
Not one place has EVER said they never participated and it's a scam!
So all these people claiming scam, and all their certificates are being refused... impossible. I not only use them in my state of Pennsylvania, but also Florida, and the states between here and there. If they were recently purchased they're never refused. For the one "gentleman" claiming he purchased $4,000 of coupons!! Really? Geez. Liar Liar.
I really hope people read the positive reviews and realize all you need to do is read the extremely clear conditions of the coupon you are purchasing. It's not a surprise and you don't find out as you're printing them. It's all up front... JUST READ.
If you still feel that paying about $4 to save at least $25 and possibly $50 off your bill, then don't buy it. BTW, if you purchase them from other sites you can get them even cheaper.
It's a great deal! Don't bellieve these fake reviews!!

New Reviewer

The worse site ever! Restaurant .com e gift certificates are a fraud! This site falsely advertise the e gift certificate as if you could really redeem as advertised. They know you would not purchase if you were aware of all the restraints required by the participating restaurants. You do not save money, you actually have to spend more money than you had anticipated in order to use the e gift certificate. Please do not be fooled, Fraud, Fraud, Fraud!!!!!

New Reviewer

The coupons offered by do not work at most of the restaurants included in their list. The terms and conditions mentioned on their certificates always differ from what the restaurant agrees upon and a lot of restaurants do not accept their certificates at all claiming that they are no more part of I would advise confirming with the restaurant before buying any of these certificates to avoid wasting money and time

New Reviewer

when I tried to use my $50 food credit it was not there. I called them but they wouldn't do anything. I filled with the BBB and hope everyone else does too. Lets get these scammers shut down!

New Reviewer

They offer special deals that don't work. No customers services and lousy Restaurants. Stay away from this place

New Reviewer

I agree that calling them gift certificates is a little misleading - they are more like buying coupons. You can buy a $25 coupon (for $10) and it is good towards the purchase of $37.50 or more.

The site makes it very clear that there is a minimum purchase required, and they have for years.

I wouldn't give one of the coupons as a gift -- that's just tacky. For those of you who give it one star based on getting a certificate as a gift from someone -- maybe you should direct your anger towards them for being a cheapskate and giving you a coupon instead of a real gift certificate.

I have never paid full price for a certificate/coupon. They used to have promo codes for 50%-90% off all the time, but not so much anymore. Now I just buy codes from reputable sellers on ebay. I have gotten $100 worth of coupons for like $6 and 10 of the $100 codes for $35 or so. I used a $100 one at a bar the other day on $22 worth of food and about $190 worth of booze. Coupon cost me like $3.50 and saved me $100 -- I already got my money back from the $1000 worth of codes I bought!

New Reviewer

Drove to another City to use my certificate to learn that as of March 1st the restaurant no loger accepts the certificates and that I had to contact for a refund. The owner hinted the company is going out of business. I would recommend not buying any new certificates and try and spend any ones you have asap!

New Reviewer

A scam. Got it as a gift certificate from one of the parents of the kids I care for, for Christmas. Called the restaurant today to make reservation and when we mentioned we have this gift certificate, they told us they do not accept it anymore. But there is not way to go back to the site to exchange for anything else. By looking at the reviews on this site ,about Restaurant.BOMB, it looks like others have had similar experience.

New Reviewer

No integrity! I spent $25 purchasing discount coupons for places that we frequent. They were the only places on the site that we were interested in. Imagine our surprise and dismay when we went to use them and none of the restaurants were participating! The one had big signs all over their doors stating they would not honor ANY issued coupons. I contacted asking for a refund. They wanted proof that the restaurants would not accept them, so I sent pictures of the signage on the doors as proof. After seeing the proof, they then said they would not give me my money back, but that I had to choose other restaurants with my "credit". If I had wanted other restaurants, I would have purchased coupons for them in the first place! The only ones we would use were the ones we purchased. When I explained that fact, they basically said to take a hike. I will NEVER buy from them again. A company that does not stand behind their business is not one that I want to do business with. AVOID!

New Reviewer

The site advertised $100 egift card for a restaurant in your area and 2 movie tickets for $30. It is supposedly a Valentines special. I purchased this deal for $30. It was very difficult to even get the info to print my certificates. Once I was able to print them the restaurant certificates printed out in $10 & $25 certificates, totaling $100. Each certificate has a minimum purchase per restaurant and it is double or almost double the amount of your certificate and you can only use 1 certificate per restaurant per month!! I will never purchase any deal like this online again unless the site gives specific details before purchase. I am very disappointed with

New Reviewer

AVOID!!!! AVOID!!!! AVOID! They make it sound SOOO good, but the reality is not so good! The "gift certificates" are nothing more than forcing you to spend more than you would otherwise just to use your "gift certificate." I bought a promotional deal only to discover that I have to spend at least $50 at the restaurant we had hoped to go to just to use the certificate.

New Reviewer

I have a new credit of $25 with this company because several years ago I bought a coupon and when we went to the bbq place, they would only accept it if we spent double the $25 and not the $35 it stated, We couldn't eat that much and they didn't allow take-out with coupon. Even though they are a walk-up order and do drop off your food, you get your own drinks, napkins, etc. I was told they still added in the 18% tip as stated on coupon. Needless to say, we left. Now this credit shows up years later, but with my special code, I pay the same for the coupon as its value. Why would I want to hassle with ordering extra food and paying dollar for dollar for a coupon? Some of it was my money in the first place, but I marked it up to a lost cause a long time ago. may not be a scam, but is definitely a bit shady.

New Reviewer

I worked for RDC for less than a year (average length of employment for employees who have integrity). This site is a SCAM. SCAM to the restaurant owners, scam to the people who buy certs. Sales staff does put in unauthorized restaurants because if they don't make their quota, they don't get paid! Worst of all, management and CEO are fully aware of their shady business practices, they just don't care. RDC is a perfect example of corporate greed in today's United States.

New Reviewer

OMG- Complete BS and waste of time, I have 100 certs and 4 for Kabob Corner2 in Woodbridge VA - I called Kabob Corner2 and they said we DO NOT taking these gift certs and issuing those gift certificate anyway. this website should shutdown and there must be a legal action against this F'd-up gift certificate website business.

New Reviewer

Complete and total scam!! This concept sucks out loud, completely devised to make people feel like they are getting a deal and them making them want to commit suicide while navigating their complicated and set up to be non-user friendly web site.I received a $50.00 "Gift card" as a Christmas present and thought "Wow, how generous" it turns out, it's actually a coupon, because you ALWAYS have to spend out of pocket to use the "gift card" I waited 2 months while the one restaurant within my dining area that I was even remotely interested in going to "refreshed" it's coupons (Due to the fact that that they only allow so many coupons to be redeemed per month-it took me several times on the web-site and then calling the actual restaurant to find out this info), then I woke up at 6am on the first of the month to be sure I would be able to finally redeem my card for a voucher, only to find out out I HAVE TO SPEND $100 DOLLARS TO GET THE $50.00 OFF!!!!!!! WTF???? So now to get my "Christmas present" I have to dish out $50 bucks out of pocket??? DO NOT EVER buy this for anyone as a present. It is a curse. Now let me go back to banging my head against the wall for wasting my time......

New Reviewer

I first thought this was great. Used several gift certificates at different restaurants in St. Augustine, FL. Then a local place popped up on their site so i purchased two $25 cards. Tried to use one the next day and was told that the restaurant did not authorize to offer this card and that they were not honoring them. CALL THE RESTAURANT BEFORE PURCHASING THE CARD. For all of the one star reviews that i have read. READ THE ENTIRE PAGE PEOPLE. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS.

New Reviewer

i went to the Blackjack pizza located in ( 4850 Chambers Road Denver, CO 80239) in order to redeem my Gift Certificate,but the employee there said that they're no longer accepting the Gift Certificate from
i came back home with empty hands and with bad experience.

New Reviewer

I saw a restaurant that I normally go to that was on their site. I purchased a couple of $50 gift cards that were significantly discounted. When I went to print the gift card, it said that - 1) it can only be used once, and 2) the purchase must be for $100 or more. I NEVER go with more than one person, so this "gift card" is worth about as much as dirty toilet paper.

New Reviewer

I bought several restaurant coupons, mostly $25 for $4 coupons. I bought for 15 different restaurants. Over time the restaurants stop participating or they only accept the $10 ones. I have over $4000 worth the coupons because there's not much around my area anymore. I bought OIP pizza restaurant 2 days ago. I exchanged coupons for 30 $15 off a $22.50 purchase. The very next day, they stop participating. They were in the program less than a month. It's ok to buy a few but don't hang onto them like I did. They stop participating or they only accept smaller amount coupons. It will take me years to use up $4000 since there's not much around where I live.

New Reviewer

Bogus! I am a business owner that is represented on this site. I in no way endorse, condone, participate with this company. Customers show up with a coupon they purchased and get ugly when I do not honor them. This is a scam!

New Reviewer

Alert: before buying from these website, please learn and make an educated decision. Avoid regrets and sour moments. Read their many, incredibly restrictive terms here:

what a rip off!

New Reviewer

Really these shouldn't be considered gift certificates, more like super coupons for restaurants. I bought 7 of these on black friday and only spent $10. I called all the restaurants to confirm they accepted them before purchasing and haven't had a problem. It's a good deal as long as you know you need to spend money to get what you want. It clearly states there is a minimum purchase to use and you can't combine certificates. Everyone must be blind if they can't read the clear print.

New Reviewer

I bought certificates to several local restaurants and then found out that they were all fraudulent--the restaurants had not entered into agreements with When I waited to speak to a customer service rep, I heard an ad awhich stated that if you signed up five restaurants to the service, you would get $500. So most likely, a scam artist turned in five new contracts to and the company, without verifying with the restaurants that the contracts were legitimate, went ahead and advertised them nonetheless. What a horrible business. Save yourself some time and bother and stay away from it.

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