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Review of ReptileCity

ReptileCity reviews

34 reviews
Categories: Pets
Honey Grove, TX 75446
Tel: 888-220-3536

34 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

My wife bought a boa constrictor from Reptile City for my birthday. I have always wanted one of these snakes and this was awesome, until I realized it was completely INFESTED with mites that I was unable to get rid of before the snake died of infection. I contacted them and let them know, never heard back from them and then another snake arrives in the mail. It was shipped while prepping to shed. When I got it, it had a dry shed and a nasty case of mouth rot. Reptile City has provided me with nothing but sick animals, anxiety and lighter bank account. I found a local boa breeder that does great work and sells exceptionally healthy animals. I will pay more to the breeder, than deal with these crooks again. I'm not even asking for my money back, because I don't want to deal with them any more. Unfortunately, this rating system doesn't allow for a rating of less than 1.

Ask Brandon about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

Our baby Tegu arrived safe and sound. What a beautiful addition to our family! I was very impressed with your service- you answered the phone whenever I called to check the status of my order and responded to my e-mails in a timely manner. You did an excellent job in packaging the animal so it arrived safely (with the cold winter conditions here in Minnesota). Feel free to put this customer review on your website- you get 5 stars from me!

Ask Brendle about ReptileCity
1 review
1 helpful vote

A: I recently ordered a baby Albino Pacman Frog on Dec.6/2015. Haven't got an email from Reptile City. So I sent them an E-mail asking for the tracking info on the frog for shipping. Didn't receive a reply until today when I sent Reptile City another email saying I was going to cancel my order if I didn't hear from them about the frog if it was going to be shipped or when it was going to be ready. The email I got back said that he will gladly refund my order - GOAY. I don't even know what GOAY means. I wouldn't place an order with this company. Still waiting for the funds to be added back into my account but haven't received my refund yet either and it is Jan. 1/2016.

Ask Nick about ReptileCity
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a white California king snake valued at $129.99 on November 27th, the snake arrived dead. I contacted Reptile City, they requested a picture. I sent a picture to them. It took weeks and many phone calls to finally receive a replacement snake. The replacent snake was a regular black California king snake which is only valued at $69.99. We contacted Reptile city and complained that we received a snake that was not the same type we originally purchased and it was only valued at $69.99. We paid $129.99 for a totally different snake. They said we would be refunded $60.00. We never received any refund. I reported him to Paypal and have an open claim against him. I also reported him to the Better Business Bureau where he is an F rating!

Ask Brandi about ReptileCity
1 review
2 helpful votes

Fenton the owner of this business has horrible customer service skills and appears to be a criminal. He charged me for animals that were not sent. He has promised to ship them twice and not followed thru twice. When I expressed my displeasure at being lied to his response was maybe we are not a good fit to do business. I brought the negative reviews all over the Internet noting his multiple accounts of negligent service, sick animals, and other complaints against his business from other consumers his response was "people hide behind a keyboard and only tell one side of the story and this doesn't stop my business from doing 500 orders a week".

This man has clearly made a habit of poor customer service, is delusional at best and a criminal at worst, what he's done to me is outright theft. His only excuse is that there are two sides to every story, I guess everyone else who has a complaint made up their complaints too. Buyer beware!

Ask Devin about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a Chinese Water Dragon with a 8 to 14 day shipping and got a perfectly healthy (CWD) in THREE days. I am very pleased and will be ordering again!

Ask Mark about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

I just to thank you for send me my water dragons in such a quick way I'm so very happy with them nice color and healthy looking again thank you and I will be ordering again

Ask cecil about ReptileCity
1 review
1 helpful vote

I requested some pictures for the Pastel Red Slider Turtles (c.b. babies) because I wanted to choose the one I wanted to buy.

Mr. Felton Willis the guy who promise me pictures of the pastel red slider turtles never responded me after my request.

The reptile city customer service is really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would never buy from reptile city.......................

instead I will buy from or

Ask jorge about ReptileCity
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered 4 turtles, only 3 sent. Called the owner twice and was told he'd "look into it"- never heard back. Poor turtles arrived in an unmarked, battered box In a plastic tub with a dry paper towel. One died the following day. The others were sick and we're still not sure if they're going to make it. So horribly sad. Will never, ever order from them again- PLEASE don't give them any more business!!

Ask J about ReptileCity
1 review
2 helpful votes

I posted earlier anout it being a scam. After the email bout getting the FBI, DEA and myself to call him i expresed more concerns, at which he replied that he would love to hear it from my voice. I disregarded because of me being at work and dont have time for his bull crap. He ended up sending me an email says "you fill better" so this guy has horrible customer service and is a smart ellic. I have the emails to prove it.

Ask Joshua about ReptileCity
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have not bought from these inexperienced sellers and after reading ALL of your reviews I NEVER WILL!!! I am VERY upset now after reading these extremely sad reviews. I have purchased 2 African sidenecks from a pet store who's supplier was selling dying turtles. 1 passed in a month and I was refunded immediately and the other became very ill. She went to the vet for 6 weeks on the pet stores expense and have had her home for 6 months now. They also quit selling turtles altogether for this reason. My point is that is how a legitimate business is ran NOT what is said in numerous reviews on this site!!! PLEASE SHUT THESE SITES DOWN AND FIND A NEW SCAM WERE POOR ANIMALS LIVES ARE NOT AT YOUR EXPENSE! !!!!! Thanks $#*! on the phone

Ask Ashley about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was a little hesitant to order a frog online but the website assured that the animal would be shipped overnight so the least amount of stress is put on them. I ordered on the 16th and received an email on the 18th stating it was just shipped and would arrive the next day on the 19th. I checked the status on the tracking number that was given so that I could see where it was and what time it was shipped and get updates on his arrival. I was completely appaled to find out that it was not actually shipped that day but two days ago and it was not shipped overnight mail but 3 day priority mail instead. So I felt terrible that my poor frog had been in the mail for days and I anxiously awaited his arrival. When he arrived on the 19th I was AGAIN appalled and sickened at the way he was shipped. For starters the box was not marked live animal, fragile, handle with care, nothing like that. The mailman had no idea that there was an animal in there. The box was partly crushed and if the box was marked properly this wouldn't have happened. When I opened the box the poor thing was just in a plastic container with a crumpled up paper towel in with him. A DRY paper towel. Which may have been wet when they shipped him but because they didn't ship over night like they claim to and he was in the mail for days it was now dry and frogs need moisture to breathe. Luckily he was alive. I can't even imagine how much he had to have been thrown around, jossled, put upside down, been in cold temperatures( they also say they are shipped with heat packs which he was not) and who knows what else on his journey because he was shipped like an object instead of a live animal. I'm still determining if all of his limbs work properly. Such deceitful business practices. I can't believe it.

Ask M about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

We have made 3 purchases from Reptile City. There was a billing err on the first purchase but it was dealt with. On the 3rd purchase we received a dead chameleon, & one that was blind with an eye injury.
When we reported the problems, Felton was less than professional. When I complained about his lack of customer service but defensively he perceived that to be whining. He was quick to refund my money, but he is well less than a professional businessman. Quite a sad case.

Ask Leo about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a turtle from them months ago . I called almost every day and very Rudley all he would say "it all depends on the turtle . They will be shipped next week" they kept telling me "next week" every time I called . I tired of waiting and called them and told them I just wanted a refund . Rudly he said "okay . Hang up and email ." Then he ended the call . He never says buy or anything professionals should . After I emailed them they emailed me back and said "Yep. " never heard from them after . I check my balance in my bank account and about 3 weeks later they finally give me my refund . Never Oder from these people .

Ask Elyssia about ReptileCity
11 reviews
11 helpful votes

Reptilecity, HahaReptiles, and another site. This man sold me buy one get one free snakes (both of which were sick) and he tried posting on facebook that I just killed the free snake to get my money back! I had to get a vets opinion AND a lawyer so he would stop harassing me (he went to google maps and sent a screenshot of my house and was talking crap and being childish!) and give me my money back. snakes took three days to get here, but he played it off and only sent me tracking info the day BEFORE they got here. He paid 14.00 to ship them, im surprised they were even alive when i got them. They were in little cups, as expected, but the only other packaging was some crumpled up paper no heat packs or anything! please check out fauna classifieds to see other reviews on them. the good reviewers here simply got lucky, and im glad they did. I hate knowing this guy is still getting away with this! He was also a jerk when we were exchanging emails, i only sent him two. One asking if B1G1 salamanders (which thankfully i decided against) were shipped as male+female, and a second time asking for tracking info. He replied with "i knew youd be trouble" when referring to my two emails. Yes I was trouble. Sorry for caring about the well being of an animal! PS: He lied about his location as well, doesnt have "a few acres with warehouses" as stated. the guys from florida!

Tip for consumers: My tip?? AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Ask B about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

First off the guy was a complete jerk off. Argued with him several times. He gave me a wrong order and said "atleast youre getting a really good deal the best around" He sold me NEWBORNS instead of adults that I ordered for and said it was my fault and wasnt going to do nothing about it. On top of that; the other reptiles were in terrible condition died the very next day it took 4 weeks from the time I placed my order for them to come and I had to harass him to send it out because he kept forgetting and saying "we dont have all the reptiles yet so you have to wait unless you want it without the lizards" Never order from this company save your money the animals will die days after or arrive dead and he wont compromise you.

Ask Jack about ReptileCity
1 review
4 helpful votes

Asian Vine Snake, 1000 crickets, 2 nile monitor.
Purchased some reptiles from the website stating 100$ minimun for free shipping withen 3-5 days. They claim in their website that the animals are shipped with heat packs via ups, fedex, delta or airborne. Package arrived via usps with no heat pack or breath holes for ventilation a box inside a box. No live animals printed on the box to let delivery personal to handle with care. The order was on May 9th 2015, monitor lizards arrived May 20th 2015 the claimed the shipping was delayed. Research shipping address it linked back to a funeral home in Palm City Florida. Our order also included 1000 crickets and an Asian Vine snake, when we called for the crickets and Snake they were very rude, cursing and vulgar language. This was after we complained about the other animals not being here and response being from them that the Snake was a "first come first serve basis and it wasn't in stock". Website does not state this nor it did not say "out of stock". We called the first time to a response similar in regards to our order saying it will all be on the way and shipping was delayed. Felton Willis answered our calls so did a lady im assume it was Nina Baum very rude individuals and liars should have told us on the 9th date of purchase the snake wasn't avail. This company does'nt need to be in business for other people to suffer the same rude hospitality and false hopes of pets to arrive that wont arrive.

Tip for consumers: Do not buy from these people

Ask Annette about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered 2 red-spotted newts, 2 gray tree frogs, and 2 leopard frogs. I first received the newts and tree frogs and they were in acceptable condition but the package said nowhere, live animals, fagile...nothing! Thankfully they arrived safe. The leopard frogs were missing so I called to inquire. The guy was lacking in his social graces but informed me that the leopard frogs would ship next week and hung up as I was attempting to extend my thanks for the information. A week later I received the leopard frogs, they were thin and one looked like it had half of it's one hind foot chopped off but whatever I knew I could bring them back from that. My main issue was not only was it 2 day shipping but the frogs were in a dry cardboard box with some crumpled up newspaper...Are you kidding me! These morans don't know that frogs need to have moisture, luckily they weren't dead! I feel guilty for ordering from these ignorant least I can give these poor creatures a second chance.

Ask Scotty about ReptileCity
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been searching all over for a baby/juvenile blue-tongue skink and didn't have much luck until I came across ReptileCity. They seemed legit and their prices were very affordable; now I know I should have done my research on this company before purchasing!
I purchased a baby BTS and paid for over night shipping with everything totaling out to be around $250. Their website said that it takes about 5-7 days to process, so I waited...and waited...and waited. My husband finally called a week later and the guy he spoke with told him the skink would be shipped out in 2 days to be picked up at the post office. We never got a confirmation number or tracking number, but my husband being the optimist he is went down to the post office as soon as they opened and of course there was nothing there. He called RC as soon as he got home and the guy told him that they were out of babies (which the website stated were in stock) but had a juvenile they could send us instead, which we agreed to, so it was supposed to be shipped out Thurs and arrive on Fri. They guy said that we would get an email Thurs night with the confirmation/tracking numbers, but of course, the night goes by and we get no such email. They do have a 24hr "customer service" line, so my husband called again to check to see if our skink was shipped out. The lady who answered sounded very agitated and told him that if we didn't get an email, our order wasn't shipped out, my husband asked if she could check the system for our order and her reply was that "we don't keep track that way". So by now the red flags were really starting to pile up. Today (the day our skink was supposed to arrive), my husband had to call AGAIN to speak to whom we assume is the owner, and he said that they were all out of skinks but should have some next week...we've been getting the run-around for almost a week of them claiming to have something in stock, that it will be shipped, then having to call again and find out no such animal exists in their stock. We ended up canceling the order which we're still waiting on a refund for (which I hope we actually get). After reading all the other reviews I can say without a doubt I would never attempt to buy any animal with them again and would NEVER recommend to anyone!

Ask Erin about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

I had ordered 3 green Basilisk babies, 2 fire belly frogs and 2 fire belly newts.

The frogs were simply not in the order. The newts and basilisks arrived in a UNMARKED PRIORITY MAIL FLAT RATE ENVELOPE! Newts dead on arrival. 1 Basilisk dead after turning to a skeleton for the next 2 weeks, a second followed him the week after. One survived the ordeal to grow response to complaint, no refund, no new animals, no apology. Sick bastards sending live animals without a proper marking on the package, never mind illegal.

Ask Katja about ReptileCity
1 review
5 helpful votes

I stumbled across reptile city (also under the name HaHa Reptiles) in my search for fire bellied newts. When I bought them they were buy one get one free, so I ordered 2 of them expecting to get two free. Just to be sure, I contacted Reptile City and asked how their buy one get one free worked; I.e. If I had to place four in the cart total or if they would automatically send the two free newts. The man that answered was very rude and treated me like I was stupid. That should have been the first red flag, but I figured it was such a good deal I would place the order anyway. Five days later I received an email saying they would arrive the next day. The tracking number they gave me indicated they would arrive in TWO days. I managed to track them down and pick them up early from the post office. I took them home right away and opened the package to find there were only two newts as opposed to four. I was charged for them both. I figured this was just a mistake and immediately called Reptile City to report their error. Again, the minute the man answered he was very rude. I explained the problem and he told me that they were not buy one get one free. However, when I placed the order and they went into my shopping cart, it clearly stated they were buy one get one free. Conveniently, they had discontinued the offer the day AFTER I placed my order and tried to convince me that when I placed my order, the offer had been discontinued. It had not. I checked and double checked before placing my order that they were buy one get one free. I talked to two separate people, both were very belligerant, rude, and both belittled me. They refused to remedy the problem and told me that it was my responsibility since I am the one that bought them. They kept interrupting me while I tried to talk, talking down to me, telling me they did nothing wrong. They also kept cutting in and out, and when I said I think there was something wrong with their phone, the lady I was talking to at the time became angry and snottily remarked, "It is not our phone. You're probably on a cell phone." Woah-so sorry I insulted your telephone reception, Lady. I finally had my husband call from his phone to talk to them. He received the same treatment and was disconnected several times. He reasonably suggested they make it right, to which the man he was talking to replied angrily, "this is NOT OUR FAULT." We kept going back to the fact that the newts were on special the day I placed the order, but we kept getting yelled at, interrupted, and treated like we were stupid. All it would have taken was a refund of 13 measly dollars and I would have been a (semi) happy customer. Now I am the owner of two VERY expensive newts. DO NOT SHOP HERE!

Ask S about ReptileCity
1 review
6 helpful votes

I ordered two Fire Belly Newts from this company for my daughter. I emailed customer service before the newts arrived asking about their diet, never got a response, first red flag. When the newts arrived both were very thin and had ulcers on their skin. I have been attempting to nurse them back to health since I received them because I know the trip back will kill them. One had started to eat and I am hopeful he will survive. The other is in terrible condition and will likely pass soon. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! It's obvious these animals were kept in poor living conditions and treated badly, animals are living things! I will never recommended buying from this website, never ever.

Ask Karen about ReptileCity
1 review
5 helpful votes

horrible service just horrible. waited three weeks for bearded dragon.
I was charged for an adult male but received a tiny juvenile dragon the guy explained the original was missing all its fingers and toes.
charged for an adult dragon + shipping and got tiny lizard.
had to call every day to stay on top of my order

Ask Malcolm about ReptileCity
1 review
6 helpful votes

I would give Reptile City less than one star if I could. I ordered 5 desert hairy scorpions for a research project. Several weeks went by and they didn't arrive. I called and was told they were a special order and would arrive any day. A week later I called again and was told the order was coming from out of the country and the package was in customs, but would arrive any day. A month later, the package has not arrived. I'm sure the animals are dead anyway. I've called and emailed several times asking for my money back ($175!) and have gotten no response. I reported the company to the BBB. I am not holding my breath for a response or my money back, but I paid $175 and got nothing in return. The package never even arrived and the customer service was not just terrible, it was nonexistent.

Ask Caroline about ReptileCity
1 review
5 helpful votes

Not the most personable fellow to deal with, I ordered 4 frogs, and 1 chameleon. one frog was doa and he offered to refund it, then one died the next morning, and he pointed out that he does not refund on any amphibians after the arrival date, so i lost that one and another one 2 days later. so i ended up with one live frog out of the 4 he sold me. and only refunded 1 frog. He is bbad news and i would suggest not dealing with him

Ask mitzi about ReptileCity
1 review
5 helpful votes

We received our 2 turtles they were in excellent condition. Very healthy and friendly reptile city is the best place to buy a pet.the only place I will buy from in the furture.we had ordered from a different place before finding reptile city and our turtle died in 2 days.glad we found reptile city and thank you for the great service.

Ask rebbecca about ReptileCity
1 review
7 helpful votes

Here at Reptile Nation we don't condone how this company operates and thus many bad reviews. I don't know who they talk to here but im the manger and I will find out. Reptile City we don't condone your behavior as a business owner. The only reason you guys getting a star is because we have to rate it .

Ask Reptile about ReptileCity
1 review
7 helpful votes

I Had been looking around for a scale less head ball python. I called reptile city an a man answered the phone. He seemed very agitated when he answered. I had asked him if they had any scale less head ball pythons. He was very rude and said no. He then ended up hanging up on me. Whatever you do, do not trust these people. My cousins salamanders were dead when they arrived at his house. Please listen to me DO NOT ORDER FROM REPTILE CITY YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF AND TREATED LIKE GARBAGE.

Ask Isaak about ReptileCity
1 review
7 helpful votes

I Ordered Three times from this company. First a male basilisk he had MBD THIN and VERY dehydrated when he arrived I was able to nurse him back to health. Then I ordered two tokays and a female basilisk. One Tokay came VERY dead so dead it was already decomposing. The other was VERY thin and dehydrated. Then the basilisk came with MBD and only a LITTLE hatch-ling when I CLEARLY asked for a larger guaranteed female. Then after only having her three days she died. Then when I asked for my money back he DID refund but left this message to me in response. "We do not want your business either - Find another reptile company to ___ over" Isn't that just GREAT customer service. I WILL NEVER use them again. This place sucks and Felton Willis is VERY RUDE!!!! WOW NEVER do buisness with this company EVER!!!!

Ask Shanna about ReptileCity
1 review
5 helpful votes

I ordered tortoises from this place, its been a week to and still havent sent them .You can never get ahold of them weather your calling or emailing no responce from them at all. so today after calling over and over i got them to pick up and the responce was verry rude. They claim that tonight they are being sent and will be here in the morning. they also claim to have sent me shipping information that i still have not receved, I can only hope they arive alive and on time. But i am expecting the worst.

Ask jo about ReptileCity
1 review
5 helpful votes

They gave me a date that my turtles would ship, and then shipped them 2 days later. Then, instead of shipping them express mail as they promissed, shipped them Priority US Mail, charging me $24.95 and only paying $6.95 for shipping. When I finally got the box, it was unmarked, the only padding was newspaper and the turtles were in a round clear plastic deli container with holes poked in it and a damp kleenex for moisture. The turtles were still alive but appeared dazed and dehydrated. It was 80 degrees that day. I waited all day long for them to arrive because I was worried they would be left in the heat. The mail carrier apparently "forgot" they were in her van and had to come back in her own vehicle after 5 and drop them off. I was having a nervous breakdown that they were going to die because of the heat. When I saw the packaging I was livid. More people need to know about this so that this company stops this cruelty to animals.

Ask Skip about ReptileCity
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Purchased 2 Red Footed Tortoises at a great price. Shipping was FAST & FREE. Tortoises were very healthy. Company kept in touch regarding the arrival of my tortoises. Great customer service. I WILL shop here again.

Ask Todd about ReptileCity
1 review
8 helpful votes

I purchased a Mississippi Map Turtle from this company and they emailed me telling the turtle would be shipped out on the 7th as overnight, because shipping was 19.99 for overnight. I never received a tracking number so I emailed them back and they told me that they were shipping him on the 8th do to a delay. they finally sent me a tracking number and told me to call the. The guy I spoke with had a attitude because he said I emailed him too much. Which I sent 4 emails because I heard nothing back and go no tracking number, but he said he just shipped the turtle on the 8th and gave me the tracking. I went online to check and it said 2-3 day priority shipping. I called the post office and they told me the package takes 2-3 days to arrive because they sent it priority. I told him it was a live turtle and they said the shipping didn't state is was an animal because it is manditory that animals are expressed mailed overnight. They paid arou $6.00 to ship the turtle and he has been the box since the 7th at 11:50am. It is the 9th at :45pm and he still has not arrived. I hope he is still alive. I would never order from this company if I were you. Animal abuse. Someone should shut them down.

Ask Eugene about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

I would never recommend doing business with this site.
I was shopping around for a baby tortoise to add to my family and stumbled upon this website. The price they had listed seemed to be very nice, combine that with free shipping (reptiles normally are shipped for between 25 and 50 dollars!!) I was eager to buy from them. The only problem was all their baby tortoises were out of stock. I contacted by email and was told they would search for one. They found one a few days later, after I finally contacted to ask if they had found one yet because they had not contacted me back. I was thrilled and called right away. To my shock they had tacked on an extra 60 dollars to the price of the tortoise, bringing the price to 250 dollars for the single tortoise. I felt that I had to purchase the tortoise because of all the work I assumed they had done to track down a tortoise for me. I gave them the 250 dollars. I then did not hear from them for almost another week, delays and not being able to communicate with the breeder they said. I was furious. They eventually did email me and say that my tortoise was being shipped, but unbeknownst to me, they had him shipped 2nd day air, which meant he would be in the cold october weather for 2 days instead of just overnight. I paid SIXTY extra dollars and they STILL couldn't ship my tortoise overnight?!?! When he arrived he was very cold, not moving, on his back, I literally thought he was dead, they had not packed a heating pack in the box so he'd been at the mercy of the weather (this is a desert animal that needs temps in the 80's and 90's to live, the temps at night were in the low 40s!) He was also covered in his own poo because they had fed him apparently right before he left, and they had put a wet paper towel in the box with him, so he was cold, dirty and wet. Worst of all, this "baby" tortoise I was supposed to get, turned out to be a poor little one year old tortoise with a bad case of shell pyramidding and runny eyes. These are indications of very very bad care at his breeder's home. The wrong kind of food, the wrong kind of heat and light, the wrong everything! None of the supplies I bought were big enough for him, I expected a 1.5 to 2 inch BABY and got a 3.5 inch yearling! I will ALSO now have to replace 70 dollars worth of supplies.

In all, this place has cost me 250 for a tortoise, 75 for vet visits that still aren't over because of his condition, 70 for supplies and another 70 when I have to replace them again! so a "189 dollar" tortoise turns into a 465 dollar nightmare. Learn from my mistake, NEVER use this company.

Ask Kristy about ReptileCity

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