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40 reviews
Categories: Movie, Streaming Movies
LONDON, N13 4BS, United Kingdom
Tel: 1-877-799-6840
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40 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I checked on a simple one month payment for less than $8 and was charged $44..this is trickery in my mind. I cancelled my bank card because of this.

Ask James about ReelHD
1 review
20 helpful votes

I signed up to this site for a trial. i need to cancel my subscription. How do I do this?

Ask Roger about ReelHD
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

Round one was flix123 , as the game progresses , or should I say ,digresses ,round two rolls out yet another scurrilous business practicer , After discovering the theft by flix123, I took a look at my last 3 Visa statements online . Low and behold had gleeped onto my credit info and jumped on for a free ride . I made contact with them on June 23 2015 they acquiesced , sent me email complete with banking reference numbers stating I would be refunded $39.95 plus 95cents . June 26 they billed me again and I'm doing not snap, because I tread ever more closer to the buckle point , so once again I'm off to the bank to cancel and reissue my credit card , take the matter up with Visa as to what my legal options are and get in touch with the Better Business Bureau , ( Long Sigh). I shall keep the masses that deserve BETTER informed , OOOOHmmmm, oooohmmmmm .

Ask Mark about ReelHD
1 review
5 helpful votes

They have charged my account two separate transactions of $ 34.95 !!! It took me a while to notice until I got an overdraft fee ! Of another $ 35.00!! Never even heard of this site !!! It's a scam please call your bank and cancel right away !!

Ask Dally about ReelHD
1 review
11 helpful votes

I didn't sign up for their service! I don't even remember the site. I must of done a search for an old movie. Reel must of got my info. from my Internet cookies. I rarely put my name out there but never my bank account # to a site like that! I do buy on line from company I trust. Reel has charge me $39.95 + $1.20 international POS fee a month for at least 3 months. I got a overdraft letter from my bank on 07/27/2012 My online banking only shows the last 90 days so their maybe more charges. I will find out Monday when I pay my overdraft fee and put to that account. Let put a stop to Thank You

Ask Frank about ReelHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

this is the most ridiculous site i have ever experienced !! 99 percent of the movies i never even heard of !! i signed up for it when i was searching a movie and it led me to them. after signing up guess what, absolutely NONE of the movies i searched were available. just paid a dollar to cancel. contacting better business bureau immediately !! scams run here do not sign up !!!

Ask pamela about ReelHD
1 review
9 helpful votes

BRUTAL - scam site I did not even look at one movie. They have got over 150- 175 $US out of me, for a FREE 5 Day trial!! Do not enter in any information!!!! They also charge to cancel. What the hell are they even offering that justifies $35.00 a month. (I will never do another transaction for trial or without going through paypal.) Please write a review if you have been scammed to, Lets put these guys out of business.

Ask kelly about ReelHD
1 review
1 helpful vote

They have just as crappy of movie selection as netflix and their movies do not stream well at all. Constantly waiting for videos to buffer. Have to pay for some movies and some movies don't even work.

Ask Erik about ReelHD
1 review
6 helpful votes

Complete rip off! Their customer service is awful! The worst I have ever experienced. They steal from you and outsource their customer service. When you check your bank account and wonder why you are being charged $2.95 a month even though you have never watched a thing from this site it is alarming. Warn your teens! When you call customer service, the supervisor not only over talks you but hangs up on you as well. Stay away from this company, their practices are unethical. If there was less than a one star rating this company has definitely earned it!

Ask K about ReelHD
3 reviews
35 helpful votes

total scam, guys! i signed up for the free trial and they charged me! stay away!

Ask Donogh about ReelHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

This guys promised movies for free and now the keep on deducting money from my credit, free movies now has cost me R1000.00

Ask Tumisho about ReelHD
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

total scam!!! charging random amounts of money twice in one day!! not even one movie watched. So not worth it

Ask claudia about ReelHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

If you just register with this scam do what I did and save your money: Freeze or Cancel your credit/debit card. It might not be too late as it takes a while for the money to leave your account. Call your bank before you call to complain. Tell your bank to not allow any payments towards this company. You might need to change your credit card altogether or else they might keep charging you anyway. That's what I did for a peace of mind.

Unfortunately they somehow managed to withdraw the money anyway even after I had cancelled my Debit Card. The bank compensated me though and they are going to look into this since it now became the bank's issue. My bank reassured me that there will be no more payments towards this company.

What happened:
I went on the website to watch a movie. Clicking on the option to watch the movie in HD gave me a message that I needed to register for a free account first. I accepted. Instead of starting an account with I registered with Apparently is affiliated and receives payments for any victims they send to
I thought that it was a good deal to register for $2.95 per month. Once I got in the "Premium Account" though I saw that the movie was not available. I thought that there was something wrong with their search in the beginning because they didn't have any movies that are worth watching. Only some old and forgotten movies that I doubt if anyone ever watches.

Ask Gebuc about ReelHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

Horrible! Rip off! Buyer beware - never even heard of this site, come to find out they have been charging me $2.95/month for the past 10 months! Not a ton of money no, but if they are doing this to thousands of people - they are making quite a bit of money by ripping people off.

Ask Nicole about ReelHD
6 reviews
58 helpful votes

This is a Ripoff outfit.
Just know that i have contacted the FTC with all the below information and it appears the FTC are already aware of them and are going to break some bones real soon.

They have a chain of websites that have the same look and feel and
they basically create new domain names each time one of their domains gets too many complaints.,,,,,,,,,,

The difference between the sites is minor to non existent.
Its a simple tactic , you guys are complaining about while tomorrow it will be named , if has too many complaints then they create etc etc..
So basically while you guys complain about they already moved on to create a different website name that will get all the flack from that point.

Here is how the scam works:
1.They have an affiliate network called "Affiliatebuzz":
Affiliates are website owners (in this case movie websites) that put the ads for affiliatebuzz websites (such as on their domains. Usually they have banners aimed to trick customers showing movies still in theater and some kind of "download now" button , a video that starts and requests you to register or some other form of trickery. Each time an affiliate brings a customer (a sucker) they pay him 10$ - 16$ per registration so these affiliates are highly motivated tp continue doing this.

2.The customer(you) visiting the affiliate site clicks on a banner or whatever and gets sent to on of the affiliatebuzz sites such as thinking he will get the movie he clicked on.
3.The website tells the customer it's just a free trial and the customer, thinking he will get the movie he initially clicked on registers for the free trial.
The terms of the sale are very shady (on purpose) making the customer not really aware what he is actually buying and what it will actually cost him.

4.After registering it is very hard to cancel. This part i am sure all the good people in this forum are aware of so i will not elaborate.

Statistically many of you will not notice the charges for a while or are not aware of your consumer rights (like chargebacks) and this is how this outfit survived so far.

But good news! blatant scams like this NEVER last long and frankly I'm surprised they didn't get their merchant account suspended and a major lawsuit up until now.
But the FTC is working on these guys .
The way the FTC operates, they take a while to gather all the evidence and they do it quietly. Once they are done they hit fast and hard with a millions of dollars lawsuit backed by top law firms. It doesn't matter is the site is in US,UK or whatever, the FTC has very long hands.
So stay tuned because justice is on it's way.

And sorry for all of the people who got suckered in by this fraud.

Ask richard about ReelHD
1 review
5 helpful votes

S*it! Don't even remember registering... Have been paying 2.95 usd / month without knowing... Beware.

Ask Edouard about ReelHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

DONT USE IT! THEY AUTO DEBIT 52.50 a month and to cancel you can't get a hold of anyone. I left the country to find out that they have been debitting out of my account for 8 months.

Ask Danielle about ReelHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

they make this huge fuss about guaranteeing they will not charge your CC then they charge you $1 and proceed to send an email detailing how they are about to charge you $39 a month. You go to their cancellation page and it charges yet another $.95 to cancel you. Nothing but thieves.

Ask scott about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

Scam site. My parents never signed up and they had all there info and charged my moms credit card even though she never gave them her card info. THEN they wanted to charge 99 cents to cancel! I don't think so.

Ask Dee about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've never heard of any of these movies. The movies on the original site aren't available. I've thought of 10 different movies, & not one of them is available. I can't find one movie I've heard of.

Ask Debbie about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

I mean really? Whatever means Credit Card for free = Scam. It's pointless to put your credit card information and know that its a scam. Sites like these aren't worth putting your information in.

Ask Yong about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

A total SCAM. I found on my bank statement I was charged £34.95 for originally subscribing for a five day trial. Warning to everyone out there!!!

Ask Cameron about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

ReelHD is a scam. I got charged after signing up for a free trial. Thank God I nabbed it early. I cancelled my credit card straight away so hey won't touch a cent more. I feel so silly having given my credit card details over to so many sites to try and watch Game of Thrones. Lesson learnt!! Be safe on the internet everyone! :)

Ask Anna about ReelHD
1 review
8 helpful votes

I was just about to sign up with them but your reviews have alerted me. Thank you for sharing your experience!

Ask Liv about ReelHD
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

This site is a total scam, Firstly they charge during their free trial. Secondly, when you try to cancel online there is another fee to do it.I got charged around thirty bucks after the first five days. I didn't realize that so many of us could be duped but this is somewhat short of a scam/ponzi scheme its ridiculous. So basically i had to call and cancel on the phone but i was still getting charged. I notified my credit card company of the scam and they cut off the charges. total SCAM SCAM SCAM DON'T SIGN UP AT ALL. AND IF YOU DO BEWARE OF MULTIPLE CHARGES AND LOTS HEADACHES.

Ask Hoshua about ReelHD
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Wish I'd seen other SiteJabber comments before I signed up to this scam site.

I'm 64 and thought I'd wised up to this sort of thing by now. Anyway, immediately I saw what the site actually opposed to what they offered...I realised it was a scam. I cancelled by phone immediately via an automated system. (They charge you to cancel online). I then contacted my credit card company to advise them of the scam.

A total fraud in offering something they don't/can't deliver. Also, if other comments are to be believed, they stick you for other charges in a matter of days without notification.

Ask Bill about ReelHD
6 reviews
22 helpful votes

BE CAREFUL! I too fell for its claims for a free trial ($2.95 per month after) and got doooped when my show was not available - later I went through my browser history and noticed FOUR other sites I did not sign up for: PushPlay, Cineplay, ItsHD, Sidereel, When I typed my username in to these other sites Viola- I wasn't even aware I was a member!!!! Exact same spout about free trials and there contact numbers were all 1-2 digits different. MAKE SURE YOUR NOT CHARGED FOR EACH SITE! I called the company within 2 days of signing up- they sent me a notice to refund $0.95 ???? wtf? SCAM SCAM SCAM you can get free shows and movies off UTorrent.

Ask Carolynn about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

Have given credit card details yet am unable to access it. And according to all the comments I've read dosent seem like I'll get to either. I dont understand how sites like this can get away with this. It seems like a case of false advertising

Ask Jax about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

a load of sh1t! i noticed on my bank statement that i was charged €34.95 from this site fir 1 month membership!!! (after 5 day free trial) so said i may aswel get my moneys worth out of it before i cancel. went onto website just tO realise that i have NEVER heard of ANY of the movies listed on it, EVER! A money making racket. i reckon they get the rights to sell/ distribute the movies for free then fleece anyone who signs up. STAY AWAY!!

Ask jade about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

this web site is a TOTAL fake, only to rip you off - DO NOT EVER SUBSCRIBE

Ask yawneo about ReelHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

They stole my cc number and got charged with out authorization, thiefs stay away.

Ask Al about ReelHD
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Being an attorney and at 60 years old, makes this difficult to even write this, but sites such as this can a subtle manner punk your butt. I signed on to watch an old TV Show from the sixties and it was right their in front of me, before I signed up (BUT) after signing up it was not available!! Coming soon it said. Ten minutes later I cancelled my free five day subscription (BUT) I had to pay a .99 cent cancellation fee. I am clear on the law and this is against FCC Regulations, and could easily, if I had the time, notify this agency of the government, but I am to expensive. When a site does that in the beginning stages of a business relationship, it should be indicative of their future dealings, so beware of this sites business practices. I cannot judge anything other than that folks, but the word of the day is? Caution

Ask William about ReelHD
1 review
5 helpful votes

They offer free trial for 7 days and said you won't be charged, but after 5 days they charged your card for $39.95. This is the worst kind of site, never trust it, total scam!!!

Ask HT about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

S C A M!

Ask jayson about ReelHD
1 review
5 helpful votes

Classic "should have known" situation--only the IP address is needed to establish location; billing address is NOT needed. I was duped. Cancelling my credit card now and sharing via fb.

Ask julie about ReelHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

Scam. $3 per movie rental site. Claim that it free movie web site and only need credit card for age verification and it would not be charged. Then charged my card.

Ask Arthur about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

THIS SITE ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. they advertised it to be free. IT ISNT. and after you cancel, you still get billed a premium charge. now i have to go to my card company to appeal to them whatever can be done. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR REELHD. THEY FALSELY ADVERTISE. THIS SITE IS SHORT OF A SCAM.

Ask dan about ReelHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

Beware this site is fraudulent and crap. Don't suscribe on it.

There is nowhere any mention of 39 euros in the free trial but then when you go to their FAQ, they say that after the free trial, the fee of 39 euros will have to be paid. They will even charge you if you try to unsuscribe and they never send you any confirmation mails for anything. Canada Quebec Montreal Iweb Technologies Inc
Google Map for MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA (New window)

Geolocation data from IPligence (Product: Max)
IP Address Country Region City ISP Canada Quebec Quebec Concept Link Networks Sa Snc

Ask Paul about ReelHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

total ripoff -- promise of no charges, bill just arrived for 3 separate charges, when I ordered, viewed, received NOTHING!

Ask marilyn about ReelHD
1 review
5 helpful votes

the website offers a "free trial" in which they require you to sign up using your email address and credit card number. they guarantee no charges to your card, yet 5 days after i signed up for this so-called free trial, i was charged 39.95. i would like to say, yea, i know i definitely shouldn't have signed up. but why, may i ask, if they need your email address, don't they send you any freaking emails???? most websites sends confirmation emails or at least some sort of reminder about the lasting length of your trial. not this one. DONT DO IT.

Ask Samantha about ReelHD

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