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49 reviews
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tel: +1.6307568555
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49 Reviews From Our Community

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I highly reccommend using this website and redbox for future movie rentals. (in 5 reviews)


I use this all the time to rent movies for over-night. (in 3 reviews)

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3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Good movies, good rental price

Ask Lily about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

They are not too bad if you just rent a movie from the actual box for one night, but don't create an account online and don't utilize any "free" movie codes. If you take my advice you will save yourself from a lot of head aches having to deal with their horrible customer service and company policies. For example, things like being charged twice for a "free" movie when you shouldn't have been charged at all are the types of things that happen. They say the money goes back on in a week, but I can't find them on my bank account statement. $1.61 is not a lot of money but it adds up and it's the principle of the matter. If there was a half decent "box" competitor this company would get crushed.

Ask Michael about Redbox
10 reviews
0 helpful votes

you killed blockbuster with a box

Ask Kordai about Redbox
5 reviews
2 helpful votes

I like redbox mainly for movie rentals. It's super cheap. I would like to use it for video game rentals too, but there is virtually no selection for xbox 360. If you have a PS4 you will have a lot more options for video games.

Ask Nick about Redbox
4 reviews
1 helpful vote

Wish you didn't always have to go inside a store to grab your bluray

Ask Michael about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

Called tech support in India and even chatted with them online. I can't get my credit card added to my account because the old ones expired. I deleted the old cards and tried to add a new card and it would not work. I contacted tech support and they kept asking for the last four of my credit card on file. We went round and round on this and then they said that the site was undergoing maintenance. The condition I experienced was over a couple days. It never got resolved so I guess I don't use Redbox anymore because I have no credit card on file. I guess I have to wait for all future movies to come out on Netflix. Too bad, I really liked Redbox. I guess cheap customer service is preferable to keeping customers.

Ask donald about Redbox
16 reviews
10 helpful votes

I've used Redbox many times, and I've watched lots of good movies from it. I wish that they had a better selection of older movies, but I can understand the demand for new titles. It doesn't cost too much and sometimes there are coupons, so I'd say it's definitely worth using. I haven't had much trouble with dvds being scratched or damaged. I don't think Redbox is as good as Blockbuster, but since there are no Blockbuster's around here, Redbox works well enough.

Ask Katie about Redbox
34 reviews
6 helpful votes

Red box is a great place to get movies you have missed at the theater.I love it because I do not have to stand in line to get a movie I want to see Brenda Carlton

Ask Bredna about Redbox
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Yes, Redbox is a cheap way to rent movies, but there isn't always a good selection. I always visit the redbox when I see one but always get disappointed because I couldn't find one movie I wanted to rent after going through all the pages. Sometimes I will find one or two, but most of the time I can't. But that's just me. For the most part, it's fun and easy.

Ask Taylor about Redbox
10 reviews
7 helpful votes

This is by far the best video rental source I have ever dealt with. Always a special promo code or a give away to make your movie entertainment pleasurable.

Ask Dante about Redbox
6 reviews
19 helpful votes

My family and I use Redbox monthly. Since movie stores are obsolete this is a convenient way to watch new movies when they come out on disc. The majority of the time Redbox has the movies before they're on Cable Satellite or Netflix. The ONLY complaint that I have, and it really is out if their control, is 3/10 times the movies we REALLY want to see are out of stock. I just got to get there quicker ;-)

Ask Karena about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

I 'joined' Red Box last night, by 'creating an account;' when I tried to locate a kiosk near my home, the site kept coming up with a location further than the one THAT I KNOW HAS A KIOSK--a Stop and Shop store three miles form my home; I made the mistake of calling 'customer service,' a misnomer if I ever heard one; The 'rep' insisted that; 1, my email was wrong, an account I've had since 1989; 2. my credit card 'last four' was wrong(according to him), and 3. when I asked to speak to a supervisor, HE HUNG UP! Of note, their customer service is based in the PHILIPPINES, and English is a second language to them; I have called my credit card company, and put a block on any charges or other fees on my FORMER ACCOUNT. A word to the wise--use NETFLIX, or another USA-based company!!!!!!

Ask lloyd about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

So I have really no issue when I go randomly to a redbox to rent a movie, but it seems like EVERY TIME I try to reserve them online there is some error and I can't reserve them. It's extremely annoying that they offer this service, but when I try to utilize it I can never actually get it to work. And their website is NO help in figuring out how to get the transaction to go through. So sick of redbox. It may take longer, but I may just stick to getting the movies I want to watch through my library. I may have to wait for the movie if it's newer, but at least I know I will get it AND IT'S FREE!!!! Or, luckily for me, there is still a video store inside the grocery store in my town. May be more expensive than redbox, but again still more convenient than redbox is (at least for me).

Ask Malori about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

The Redbox unit in my town was out of order, I could not return my disc until it was fixed the next day. They still charged me for the extra day. This is the second time this happened. They don't have an email contact to resolve this. Will not rent from Redbox again.

Ask Amber about Redbox
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have had a few discs not play on occasion, but just email them or call and they give you a free rental code to make up for it. I love using Redbox to preview movies I'm on the fence about buying for my home collection. I'll be continuing to use them.

Typed as I watch this weeks rental.

Ask Laura about Redbox
2 reviews
3 helpful votes


Ask Apolonio about Redbox
5 reviews
0 helpful votes

Movies appear at Redbox much more timely than other available options. They do a great job at what they do.

Ask Bobby about Redbox
5 reviews
2 helpful votes

Best and cheapest way to see a new movie. Wish they were still $0.99 though.

Ask Dan about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

I rented and returned video and was charged $36 for a video. I worked customer service via chat and all they could offer was reimbursing my for $15. The customer service member was nice but their policy/methodology for tracking video transactions/returns needs to be changed. I think I may rent via my cable service or another method.

Ask Nigel about Redbox
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I love this site. It has many movies old and new. I like the blue ray disc rentals because the quality is great. I like to stream TV Series

Ask Sally about Redbox
5 reviews
2 helpful votes

I use this all the time to rent movies for over-night.

Ask Bob about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was informed there policy is you are purchasing as is and they will not return your money when you get the movie home and it does not work.

Ask Jamie about Redbox
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

I get a Redbox video typically 2 to 3 times a month. It is very convenient but if I go over a day I will get extra charges. I think they make most of their money on over age days

Ask Paul about Redbox
29 reviews
27 helpful votes

Selections are horrible. Rarely do you find a current movie. They even recycle 1950 through 1990 movies. Desperate? I think so.

Ask Walter about Redbox
4 reviews
0 helpful votes

I use Redbox every once in awhile. I encounter glitches with the machine often. Soemtimes it says its available and its not---Returning a disc can take forever.

I still love redbox anyway

Ask mike about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

I returned DVD's within the 24hr window and was charged $34 in my account a month later! Redbox had no account that my dvd was returned and I didn't even get my money back. They could only issue me 10 free movie rentals. Do you think I want my card to touch that machine again? I think not

Ask LaLa about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

I rent 4 red box disc and i couldn't even watch them because they were dirty and skipping in my player and I wanted to see them so went over to friends house to watch them and got the same result so finally i took them back and they said i kept the over 11 days and change my bank account over 60.00 for them. I WOULDNT USE REDBOX. I could have brought the four dvds for that much. What a shame how they want to ripe people off. I used to be a regular customer but not anymore it would be cheaper to just buy the dvds.

Ask cassie about Redbox
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I'll add inexpensive to the list as well. Though the selection is far from huge, if you enjoy a variety of newer movies, checking out the nearest Redbox is worthy of your time.

Ask Wes about Redbox
20 reviews
59 helpful votes

Convenient, easy, inexpensive, fun to use! Great for those Fri nights when the kids want something different to do and Netflix has me waiting for our new release.

Ask erin about Redbox
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

Downloaded this app 3 days ago for the Kindle Fire. I must say its much easier and faster than logging on to my PC. Concise and easy to use, if you use Redbox and a Kindle Fire this is a must have application.

Ask Edgar about Redbox
22 reviews
15 helpful votes

they have good deals on rentals but the selection is outdated and you have to get the movie back by the time you rented it the day before or you get charged for an additional night which I did not know until I got charged I would rather use hulu or Netflix less hassle

Ask Katherine about Redbox
22 reviews
7 helpful votes

i love to rent from this company. they have convenient locations virtually every where.the price is cheap.they have a great selection of movies to choose from. i get e-mailed codes alot for free rentals. so that helps. you should try this for yourself. if you havent already.

Ask Dale about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

I used to be in love with Redbox, but now I am a disgruntled consumer. They waited an entire year and then put a charge on my account that I have no way to dispute. It makes me wonder how many people are getting bogus charges and then not recognizing the company is taking money from them. I won't trust Redbox again. You have just lost my business and I will warn others of you as well.

Ask Amanda about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am becoming disenchanted with Redbox --- they took out one that was just a few blocks away and now I have to go .5 miles from my home. And Redbox increased their prices by 25% --- so I'm paying more and getting less.

And it seems fewer users are inclined to reserve movies online so there's invariably a long line of folks at the kiosk as people wade through the extra-bad search tool at the kiosk. They need to figure out a way to let folks who have reserved online get their disks at the same time other folks are browsing.

Ask TT about Redbox
1 review
3 helpful votes

If I could put 0 stars I would. I was charged for a disk that was returned the very next day.
I wrote, I called, I was charged anyway. Very frustrating. I will NEVER use Redbox again.

Ask kim about Redbox
1 review
0 helpful votes

Write your review to help others learn about this Movies are not available when advertised and are old by the time they do come out, very old. Don't trust all kiosks to have the movie you want to rent, it's a waste of the drive to the box.

Ask G about Redbox
83 reviews
149 helpful votes

I love redbox. Great idea. For about $1 a night you can rent a video. Their machines are everywhere, so very convenient. I also love that nearly every weekend I get a coupon for 50 cents off. I think they make their money by banking you won't return it the next day so they can charge you for a few more days, but I always do! They used to also give me a free movie on my birthday, but no more - sad.

Ask Stephanie about Redbox
1 review
1 helpful vote

DO NOT USE REDBOX. I got dirty, sticky disks the first time I rented, then tried a second time and got EMPTY cases ! NOT WORTH THE HASTLE!!

Ask amanda about Redbox
1 review
1 helpful vote

If you want to see a very popular movie, you must be prepared to be disappointed. On your everyday, crappy movies there is no problem. Situation is I want to see a VERY POPULAR movie, so I stop at the kiosk and there are no copies of it left. So I go home and do a "Hold For Pickup" on the movie. The website happily takes my payment and says I'm all set.

The website has no idea if the movie is really available in the kiosk, so if I then make a special trip to town to get the movie, it may or may not be there. I may or may not be wasting my time going there.

I've chatted with the customer service people at RedBox several times and, bottom line, yeah there's a flaw in the "Hold For Pickup" logic but if it makes a problem for you they'll straighten it out monetarily… of course they can't return your time or your gasoline.

I also found out there is no way to hold for tomorrow. If you ask for a hold today you get a hold for today(whether the movie is in the machine or not) if you want a hold for tomorrow, you have to wait for MIDNIGHT to tick by before you can do the hold. So maybe the best strategy for a POPULAR MOVIE is to do a hold for pickup just after the stroke of midnight and then plan on picking the movie up just before 9PM the next day.

Ask Paul about Redbox
1 review
1 helpful vote

The website has been totally screwed up for over a month. I can't even describe all of the problems because it would take forever! It sucks!

Ask marie about Redbox
6 reviews
3 helpful votes

This a great way to save money on movie rentals. I would recommend downloading the App. It is easy to use and you can reserve your movies for pick up.

Ask Brad about Redbox
7 reviews
12 helpful votes

Redbox is great - easy to use, has a mobile app, great deals.

Ask Julianna about Redbox
45 reviews
82 helpful votes

Cheap and easy movie rentals. I like that you can reserve your movie online and then go pick it up. They also send you a free movie via text club the first monday or tuesday of every month. They also send out coupon/promo codes via text so check out the website and join the text club :)

Ask RJA about Redbox
71 reviews
208 helpful votes

Awesome site to review and reserve what movies are available in the redbox you rent from. They also provide ratings of movies that have been seen by others. Great site-Saves you time

Ask Joanne about Redbox
11 reviews
20 helpful votes

Gone are the days of waiting at the return bin in Blockbuster.. hoping someone will drop off a new release.. I really like that I can reserve my rental over the internet and just have to go pick it up.

Ask Michael about Redbox
30 reviews
76 helpful votes

For a buck a night you can rent DVDs from their kiosks. You need a credit or debt card to use. On their website you can reserve your DVDs and pickup location closest to you. If you keep your movie for more than one night, you'll be charged for each additional night. They have a lot of new release DVDs available.

Ask Olivia about Redbox
82 reviews
313 helpful votes

Nice iphone app and until netflix gets more movies on download redbox will fill the void of major DVD rental stores going out of business. Netflix should have done this and added it to their "queue".

Ask Todd about Redbox
40 reviews
216 helpful votes

Now that blockbuster and hollywood video no longer exist near me, I discovered this great new way to rent movies thanks to a review here on SJ. I don't like netflix because I rent movies at the last minute when I have nothing to do that night. Cheap and reliable.

Ask Heather about Redbox
32 reviews
215 helpful votes

Redbox is a great low cost method of renting movies. You visit and you can reserve movies to be picked up at your local redbox. This helps you to get the movie you want, and saving you trips to the redbox, until you know your movie is in.

I have used this feature many times and like it. It works great, and hey a movie for $1 per night, who wouldn't like that.

I highly reccommend using this website and redbox for future movie rentals.

Ask Jesse about Redbox

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