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Rakuten reviews

35 reviews
Rakuten Tower, Shinagawa Seaside Rakuten Tower , 4-12-3 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, , 4-12-3 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo, Tokyo 140-0002, JPN
Tel: (813) 638-7111
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35 Reviews From Our Community

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Customer service was just as good ,understanding and extremely helpful. (in 7 reviews)


The tablet came without trouble so I can't comment on Rakuten's return policy but I did receive it promptly. (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Poor and unacceptable service. I purchase from several online companies and have never had such problems. The customer service is a waste of time. I placed an order (as a gift to a family member) on early Wednesday. That afternoon I received an email stating Rakuten needed me to authorize the ship to address and wanted me to "add" the address to the bank, then reply to Rakuten with the confirmation of doing that along with a contact number for the bank. I did. Late Thursday they emailed to say they still were unable to get confirmation from the bank. The bank said they had received no follow up call from Rakuten.
I then emailed Rakuten again and requested they address the situation properly, again reciting the information they needed. On Friday late they sent me another email indicating they still needed information and confirmation from the bank.
A that point I referred to all our previous correspondence and one phone call, requesting they resolve their issue and ship the item by Monday or else cancel the order.
Not surprisingly, they called me Monday late morning to advise they still needed their authorization department to take the steps necessary and could not guarantee when the item would be shipped. I cancelled and placed the same order with Amazon.
What a waste of time.
Mind you, I place online orders at least 6 times a month, sending to various recipients, and never had such an issue.
Thoroughly disgusted.

New Reviewer

Ordered a few times from this company advertised merchandise and fantastic service and shipping.

New Reviewer

Very good company period. Excellent website very colorful and vivid Web pages, good quality products and millions to choose from .Products arrives on time and in excellent condition. Customer service was just as good ,understanding and extremely helpful. Rokuten is by far one of the best websites to order from. Rokuten is like Japan's version of amazon or so they say.Thank you Rokuten for your services.

Tip for consumers: Be prepared to hear someone in customer service who might not speak good English but please be patient with them for they are they are the right of passage to your product.

Ask Paul about Rakuten
New Reviewer

They've advertised a "Brand New" B235-M Plantronics Bluetooth and delivered just the Bluetooth in a TMobile box and a cell phone case!?!? No USB nor charging case and the two Bluetooth headsets I bought could not even be paired with an iPhone.
After more than 10 days complaining, they said they are a "mall" and cannot solve problems with the stores that advertised in it.
The "store", eShop, or YouShop LLC, refused to deliver advertised products and asked me to return both for a full refund instead.
Worse than that they keep sending me emails offering a $10 cash back if I change my feedback to a positive 5 star one. Do they really think they can pay me to tell lies to other consumers?
"Carla, if you could change the feedback to a positive 5 point and provide a paypal email, we will send you a $10. Could you let me know?"

Tip for consumers: Get away from it!

Ask Carla about Rakuten
New Reviewer

My business with Rakuten was through their eBay store, operating under, and it was the worst experience I've ever had with any online seller. I, too, wish I'd have seen these ratings before placing my order. It's like their goal is to drive customers away! I opened an account on SiteJabber only to report my experience.

The item, a computer monitor, was not as described. It was sold with a resolution of 1920x1080 but the actual resolution was a paltry 1600x900. I contacted them through eBay and requested a refund, which automatically opened an eBay case. After five days they offered an unacceptable $15 partial refund for an item I could not use. At this point I noticed they updated their eBay listing for accuracy. I requested either a full refund, including return shipping since the mistake was theirs, or a higher partial refund. 11 days later, after no response, I sent another message requesting an RMA and a pre-paid return shipping label as per their return policy. After eight more days with no contact (for a total of 2.5 weeks with no contact from them) I was forced to escalate the case through eBay. In order to obtain a full refund through eBay I was required to ship the item back to the seller which cost me $17. Nothing like flushing a shining new Andrew Jackson down the commode...

New Reviewer

I was so scared to use this company from reading reviews but I was looking for a particular modem and they had it so cheap that I was willing to risk losing the money. The retail for this modem was around $80 and I got it for $25. I waited 6 months to write review because I was certain it would fall apart and I'd have to complain. still works great and is saving me money on my internet provider bill! No problems here.

New Reviewer

Ordered a "BRAND NEW" vacuum cleaner and received something that was clearly not Brand new. Indeed it was missing one of the components. Contacted both Rakuten and their supplier and neither has followed up on my requested return of the vacuum. After four attempts over three weeks of trying, I have issued a charge back through my credit card company. Will see what follows.

New Reviewer


I will never buy from Rakuten or Wayfair again! Both have non -existent customer service. You need to e-mail and wait 3-5 business days for another excuse why you need to wait 3-5 days for another reply. Tried logging in to the account that I set up when I ordered, only to be told that they did not have any record of my order or account. Wasn't a problem for them when they took my money though. The price seemed way to good to be true when I ordered, so I only ordered enough to get free shipping. As per their invoice I ordered and was charged for 3 sets of 6, which as far as I can tell should be 18 pieces. I was only delivered 3 pieces. Took 20 days to get a refund. What they try to do is wear you down with the run around, until you give up!


New Reviewer

I did not find this forum of reviews until after I had spent over $100 on Rakuten and bought three items from three different vendors. After reading the reviews, I was terrified and convinced that I would never see my merchandise or my money ever again. Much to my surprise, I received the first item only days after placing my order! It was in mint condition and looked exactly as I had hoped it would. Within the next week, the two other items arrived on my door step, also in mint condition. I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews out there, but my experience with Rakuten was first rate! I would definitely recommend this site to a friend.

Ask Lindsey about Rakuten
New Reviewer

we are sellers on rakuten, paid $100 to sell on their site for 3 month, so far we can't get paid for thousands of dollars in goods sold, every 5 days our account is deactivated, no reason given. they have no phone numbers for seller support, over 100 emails go unanswered, no communication of any kind! do not see how they can stay in business....horrible site!!

New Reviewer

I wish I could give lower than a 1 star for This is by far the worst online retailer I've ever come across. 1) It took a bit longer than it should've for the product to be shipped and to make it to my house. This isn't a huge deal but then... 2) The product was NOT what I ordered. 3) The product was from China (despite claiming to be from the US on the order form). 4) There is no phone number on their website so I emailed their helpdesk. No one ever returned my email (after a week). I finally found a phone number on the internet and called them. They finally tell me that I have to send an email to someone's email address (no online form or anything) to talk to the specific vendor. This is just... the worst company I've ever had the lack of pleasure dealing with. AVOID!!!!

Tip for consumers: Here's a tip... don't ever type in ''. I believe they advertised on, which is where I found the link in 'external sites' but I'm not sure. Just avoid them, please.

Ask Tom about Rakuten
New Reviewer

They appear to use bait & switch techniques. No discernible C/S no. to call.
Does not respond to customer emails.
I'm now very concerned that my CC info is in the hands of a disreputable actor.

Stan N.

New Reviewer


They use many questionable vendors to supply products.
They refused a refund on a damaged product due to their handling.
I had to resort to PayPal claim and it was settled in my favor OK.


New Reviewer

Every year, tens of thousands of African elephants are killed each year for their ivory. Vast quantities of both elephant ivory are sold on online marketplace sites in Japan, the largest of which is

Google and Amazon have removed ivory products, however, the largest online marketplace,, profits from the cruelty by selling ivory on its site, which it hopes to expand its brand in the U.S. and U.K. A recent survey showed over 28,000 ivory items for sale on its site.

New Reviewer

I ordered the 4 in 1 dog training collar and when it arrived the receiver had something rattling in it. The receiver did not work at all. I contacted the seller and was told that I would get a new receiver sent out to me to replace the broken one. I was good with that as I wanted to give them the opportunity to make it right. That one finally arrived and did not work as it was not the one that went to the remote control. I have sent more emails and still no response. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I am sure I will not get my refund on this order as well since my service has been bad.

New Reviewer

Wrong product showed up. Was told NICELY that it was not their problem, contact seller. I do not have time for this. Should have used Amazon. 2 dollars more, best return policy. I will NEVER use Ratuten ever again.

New Reviewer

I love this place. It reminds me a lot of amazon actually. I've purchased several things from this company and haven't had any issues when it has come to delivery or getting the product I ordered.

New Reviewer

I purchased a Canon T3 rebel from Rakuten, for $401.72, just the camera and lens nothing else included. The day I got the camera I went online to buy a bag for it and found the same camera with the lens, and a plethora of other things such as, battery, battery backup, 16g storage, the carrying bag, a tripod and a bunch of there tools and cleaning supplies for only $309!!! WTF!!! I emailed Rakuten because they have a "low price guarantee policy" they then refused to honor it because they said that Amazon Market place was not considered one of their competitors because it was third party selling. Are you kidding me??? SO IS RAKUTEN!! My camera was actually shipped from ZeeMo! Also a third party vendor!!

They are liars and their products are over priced, wish I would have done more research and read these reviews before purchasing from them! By the way, none of this additional information was posted on their site!

New Reviewer

Bad! Ordered a microwave, paid for it, did not get a confirmation email for roughly 4-5 hours. Finally, the confirmation email arrived. Few hours later I received another email informing me that my purchase was refunded. There was no explanation as to why? The site automatically created an account for me when I made the purchase, but I never received an email with my user name and password. Finally figured out that they used my email address as the user name but was unable to obtain the password. The "Forgot my password" link was not functional. After I realized that I won't be able to log into the site to find our more information about the cancelled purchase; I thought about calling them to see why my purchase was cancelled. But, later figured I would move on not waste any more time. I am upset at giving my personal information to them at the time when I placed the ordered. However, it could have been a lot worse than that. I read other reviews about people waiting for couple of weeks even up to a month for their item. After they reach out to Rakuten they would simply inform them at that time that the item is on backorder. Horrible!!!

New Reviewer

Very poor customers services! I send 3 emails after I purchased a camera without any answers from them to let me know if was canceled or nothing! ! I still don't know what happened... DON'T BUY FROM

New Reviewer

The advertised item ended up being a poor counterfeit.
Rakuten .com puts all the responsibility to correct a bad sale on the vendor who just ripped you off. plays an "arms length" denial position. "Not us"..."we didn't do that!", but they continue to advertise and sell the same product as genuine.
Got my money back only because I used PayPal. THEY know how to support the customer in these situations.
Would NEVER buy another product from the site.

New Reviewer

My worst online shopping experience ever........horrible customer service....horrible!

New Reviewer

I've recently purchase 2 sets for dining chairs from Rakuten's website and received only 1 set. Rakuten asked to try work things out directly with the seller-123Stores. 123 stores said that they've had an error on the listing and the price was only for one chair although the listing clearly called out the price for a set of 2 chairs. 123stores refused to ship the balance of my order and asked to accept a small credit against the 2 chairs that I've received. The credit wasn't even 50% of the paid price, therefore I've asked Rakuten to help. After emails over emails and hours on hold they discuss the issue with the seller and provided with a 50% refund for the balance of the order. Now, I have 2 chairs and I need to find 2 more chairs to match the ones that I've received. What a hassle!!!I've wasted so much time by dealing with these people....I warn you DON'T BUY from RAKUTEN or 123 Stores!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a cover for my macbook and it came in within 3 days. It also came with a screen protector and keyboard thing. But both things were poor quality so I threw it out. My friend recommended this site to me because the cover only cost $10 plus free shipping. They have a different sale every day. I didn't really have any problems, so I gave three stars. They do email you once or twice a day for promotions.. But you can just unsubscribe.

New Reviewer

Recommend NOT buying from Rakuten. If you do, your email inbox will be flooded by unwanted emails hawing (probably) unwanted stuff. Very annoying experience.

New Reviewer

No doubt it has great prices on lots of items but the website is not easy to use. Need improvement. Hope it will last

New Reviewer

Called customer service, they should change their name to "I don't give a damn about customers". I had a problem with my order - the item I received was not what I ordered. I called customer service, they gave me the run around saying that they were not the seller and I have to call the seller. The seller said to call Ratuken. I asked to speak to a supervisor in America, still very frustrating. Never ever going to shop here again.

New Reviewer

On Jan. 17, 2014 I purchased a "new" Panasonic DLP TV, (actually a 2005 model), for a little over $100. I received an immediate email confirmation of the order, acknowledging the receipt of payment, and confirming shipping of the TV. I did not receive a TV, but instead received a lamp assembly for the TV. I have called the seller three times and left two messages about this, but no reply has been received.

New Reviewer

Classic bait and switch operation. I ordered a stainless steel vernier caliper, and received a PLASTIC one.

New Reviewer

Ordered a cd player for my son for Christmas through a seller on Rakuten. It was never shipped, they never even had it to begin with and we were relying on it for a Christmas present. I tried contacted the seller and they didn't respond to any of my three inquiries.

I asked for assistance with their seller since they "hold their sellers to high standards" and claim they will respond within one business day. They said they were unable to help me and I needed to keep contacting the seller.

Eventually, I had to google the seller to find their phone number to call. Rakuten would not stand by their seller and assist me when this company didn't have the cd player to begin with but had no trouble taking my money.

New Reviewer

Item bought was shipped through fedex, fedex lost item twice before finally shipping item. Item shipped was wrong and was not even close to what I purchased. Customer service was unable to assist me or contact third party seller for the replacement for 3 business days. Replacement could not be shipped for almost 2 weeks after complaint was filed. Overall my experience was HORRIBLE with RAKUTEN. Though, don't worry, they gave me a $5 off gift card like i'll ever shop here again.

New Reviewer

Rakuten is a great place to buy random electronics and other "Japanese" products. I think it used to be which if I recall correctly was not as good.

New Reviewer

Why do the star ratings not go into the negatives. Worst, most infuriating online experience ever! Initially ordered on the 3rd of September. 3 days later, I had still not received a conformation email of any sort. So I went back on their site. Turns out my order is on hold. I spend hours on hold waiting to talk to completely unhelpful costumer support reps, OK never mind, I'm not even wasting anymore time on this company. It seems like it is run by a roomful of monkeys, so expect service as such,

New Reviewer

i was really in a huge need for 5 acer notebook specific model BZ897 i found 1 on ebay and two on place an order on ebay and received the notebook really fast placed an order for two acer notebook on never received the item had to contact customer service to receive the refund. does anybody here know a trustworthy site that i can buy acer BZ897 i really need to find 4 more of those for my company please contact me to let me know where i can buy more

New Reviewer

I bought a really cheap ASUS tablet from Rakuten. It was much cheaper than the one I was going to get at Best Buy. The tablet came without trouble so I can't comment on Rakuten's return policy but I did receive it promptly.

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