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Raffaello Network reviews

30 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Dresses, Fashion
Torino, Italy
Tel: 800-258-0716

30 Reviews From Our Community

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New Reviewer

The customer service is excellent. They understand the problem and come up with a solution rather than just saying, "sorry not possible"

New Reviewer

Hello , I would like to declare here that , i am using different brands products from Raffaello-Network since 2 plus years , its the best online shopping site i have found , and after that i havent been to anyother online site . As a customer , i am fully satisfied with the products .

Ask Nabeel about Raffaello Network
New Reviewer

Ordered cuff links - kept well informed and received promptly
Excellent service - will definitely use again

New Reviewer

This site is a gift to true fashionistas in every sense. Starting with a "killer" combination of choice selections from the top world designers and even better prices, and ending with a knowledgable and caring customer service that is always on top of every logistical detail.
I have been a customer of theirs for many years - my one and only one-stop shop for every fashion and season because they simply blow out of the water all other competition.

Tip for consumers: If you have any questions or doubts, just ask...

Ask Andrei about Raffaello Network
New Reviewer

Hello I received my package of 'PRADA' shoes this morning....the shipping data stated no leather on the product and was valued at $167.00 .... I was charged $ the shoes are clearly marked Made in Vietnam!!!! Buyer was too good to be true!

New Reviewer

This is a fashion e-shop that has amazing products at very affordable prices. The services is excellent. I should not write this review because I want to keep it for myself but I can only ware one pair of shoes at the time so fellow fashion girls get your plastic out and start shopping. Have a good time and await your shopping with excitement you will not be disappointed. A-JD

New Reviewer

Totally satisfied with the service. I bougth a pair of Fendi sneakers, they came with the box and the inner fabric bags, Im sure they are 100% original and the delivery came directly from Italy within 4 days.
If you buy at the site just try to get stuff that has immediate availability, otherwise you risk at not being on the retail´s stock at the stores.

New Reviewer

I recently purchased a pair of Brand New Prada sneakers from Rafaello Network and at first I was sort of skeptical about it since I was afraid to get scam and not get the real true items. But I tell you what people, this site really has the items and they are real. I got the shoes via DHL straight from Italy in less than 4 days. I totally recommend the website.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair shoes from this website, i received an email letter which asks to change payment method, then this afternoon i called the customer service Uk, i supplied my order number, then he told me they did not send me any Emails. Also, i sent 3 email letters to the customer service, they have not reply me till now. so now im still not sure if the shoes has already paid or not. Hope you can help to solve this problem as soon as possible. And Order Number is 626862.

New Reviewer

Just had an amazing experience with Rafaello. I ordered my clothes, it came fast, I loved it. A couple of items didn't fit me, so I DHL'ed them back to Rafaello. Money refunded in 2 days no questions asked :) You guys are awesome. Someone knows how to run a business!

New Reviewer

I recently purchased my first online item with Raffaello, and I was shocked by the price on my visa card at the end of the month. There had been a clerical error, and they charged me in Euros, not Dollars. The price was considerably more.
I promptly wrote a terse email to the service department, and within hours I received a very kind, apologetic response that somewhat took me back, considering how caustic my initial mail had been. They had promptly researched the discrepancy and corrected it immediately with a reimbursement.
I have had some other problems in the past with other companies, so I was pleasantly surprised by the obvious difference.
Thank you, Raffaello, for reminding me that there are still many bonafied companies on the web. I will continue to do business with you, and recommend you to my friends.

New Reviewer

I ordered a Prada shoes, but they didn't have the size I ordered. They immediately sent an email informing me that the shoes I wanted was already out of stock, so I ordered another color of same style and they promptly addressed my concern. I got it in less than a week! :) Excellent and prompt service! Trustworthy too! :) Love my shoes! And love rafaello network!

New Reviewer

Beautiful shoes - the genuine article - and often difficult to find elsewhere. I bought some D&G shoes in their sale, delivered the next day to the UK from Italy. I have used this site in the past and it just gets better and better. Thanks!

New Reviewer

Ordered 4 items Dolce& Gabbana underwear. Almost immediately had a phone call to check size and colour. I tracked the package easily...Genoa to Heathrow to Melbourne, Australia. Ordered on a Thursday and the parcel was at my door on the following Tuesday morning and this included Easter so amazing service. As was the quality of the goods. A sensational transaction!

New Reviewer

Both my friend and I bought 2 lanvin purses and they are genuine. I got my purse within 3-5 days and my friend ordered hers during the holidays and got hers with 7- 10 days. I decided to return my purse and it was easy and got my money within 7 days of my return. The site is legitimate and their products are genuine and the real thing.

New Reviewer

What is displayed on the website as being on stock is not everytime an appropriate information. Sometimes you get only after ordering the information via e-mail that ordered items are out of stock.

The quality of a shirt is just bad. The labels and logos has separated from the fabric. I have always washed the t-shirt as mentioned on the instruction label and I have never ironed it.

Considering the high prices on this site something like that must not happen after approximately 6 month wearing the shirt a couple of times and washing it maybe 3-4 times.

The t-shirt I mentioned is made in Laos

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of Hogan sneakers. Within 3 days of ordering, they arrived at my door. They are authentic, and not available anywhere else.
This was great service. No overcharges or anything.
I will be using this website again.

New Reviewer

Ordered a pair of Hogan sneakers. Was in my hands in 2 working days. With a very reasonable postage fee. Customer service (for Europe) was excellent. Mr. Maxime Giglio was more than helpful. He even called me on my mobile to assure me about my concerns in regards to the negative reviews I have read.

New Reviewer

Ordered Prada shoes Tuesday about 6 pm. FedEx tracking filled package from Torino , Italy to augusta georgia Thursday morning at 9 am. The budiness is in Italy so website chat may not always be fully staffed. I had an order using a debit card and cancelled it and the funds were back in my account in a matter of minutes. No scam. Shoes are not fakes. My experience with them was fine. Most complaints are about out of stock items, etc. which is just something that is going to happen with an outlet type business.

New Reviewer

Horrible website and the they are fairly rude when they are in the chat. I purchased a Gucci handbag and the next day they said it was no longer available! So why they don't update their system before advertising!!! I used to buy from they and always had issues. Well I am sick of it now! I rather buy from Net a Porter or from the designer straight away and pay more than having a poor customer service! if they can afford losing business !!!!

New Reviewer

Recently I purchased a men's Gucci Shoes perfect, authentic and I love it, I received it in two days after I placed the order from Rome to Virginia (USA) through DHL, this is my second time with Raffaello-Network I love their product I am still enjoying my D&G jacket. Great to do business with them. Yohannes

New Reviewer

A rubbish website, wholly $#*!! When I order a Parda sneakers, it delay my order for 5 days and finally says it is out of stock. I wonder if it is out of stock, why the website still show it is available? Furthermore, the customer service e-mail is very unfriendly and cannot check what is the progress of my order. I will never shop in this boutique. SCUM!

New Reviewer

Ordered a pair of burberry sneaker on this monday. They shipped the item on Thursday Italian time and I got it this on friday. nice website. By the way,, i used paypal for payment and have no trouble with overcharge

New Reviewer

I recently bought a set of cufflink from givenchy from this retailer. To my surprise they sent me a fake cufflink that is made in china and i paid EUR150 for the cufflink. I wrote to them in three emails for the clarification but they never replied. This is a con job done by them and i feel so frustrated. The item only probably cost just 10 percent the amount paid. Please becareful with this site. What i don't understand is there a lot of positive reviews of them as well. Now that i had this bad experience with them, those positive reviews could have been planted by them.

New Reviewer

The worst website ever! Every time I order something I get a email 5 days later that it's out of stock! But it's still on the website? And when i go to email them never any response. I wouldn't recommend this website.

New Reviewer

fake listings. if you place an order they will try and source the item. if they cannot find the item, they will say its "sold out due to high demand". they will not respond until you contact them directly. trust me, STAY AWAY.

New Reviewer

Raffaello Network is not a legitimate seller of any of the brands on its website. It is selling high quality fakes, models that often don't even exist in the true collection of the designer, so please check the real collection of the designer before buying.

If you go to this place anyway, at least you'll know that you will get a fake, and you will the judge of what price you want to pay for this.

My references are my from my own research, including contacting designers, and authenticing a pair of shoes I bought from Raffaello Network (logo obviously applied reverse, unusual hill, unusual tag, unusual label, and model number that simply doesn't exist). Please beware.

New Reviewer

I purchased an item and they cancelled saying that we can not ship to your shipping address and we can only ship to billing address.
1- why do you have the option of billing and shipping?
2- Why they wasted my time three times going back and forth, ok we ship , next day, no we dont ship, again we ship///

New Reviewer

very disappointing online store, I have purchased Italian outfit which was priced $336 and they have charged me additional $88 for no reason and plus $13 for international transaction and with no extra notices!! Thanks to the bank representatives, who called me to check those transactions. I have disputed the charges! Do the same if you have the same situation! I've tried to call R-N office, they don't dare to answer any call, neither you'll get any reply to your e-mail... Avoid this store! I have 3-years everyday online shopping experience and that was one of the worst! It is the same scam store as Farfatch, AVOID THEM!!!

New Reviewer

I love Prada purses, but aside from what is available at the department-store websites like Saks 5th Ave and Bergdorf Goodman's, it's hard to find a really good website that shows a big selection of Prada purses. Then I found this website. The merchandise is authentic, and they have a huge selection of designer goods: purses, accessories, shoes, lingerie, men's items, clothing, etc. All by famous designers. What's nice is that it appears that many of the items are not sold in the U.S. market, so you get a much broader selection. I bought two Ferragamo purses from this website, and they were both authentic. Serial numbers and everything. It's high-end stuff, so be prepared to be shocked by the prices. But it's the best "windows shopping" fun you will ever have on the internet! Well, to me, at least.

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