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QuiBids reviews

730 reviews
Categories: Penny Auction
4 NE 10th St., Suite 242
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Tel: (405) 253-2038
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730 Reviews for QuiBids

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I won three $25 and one $50 gift cards for a total of $125 in value.

$.60 a bid and a whole mob of people trying to get stuff for cheap.

I am an unemployed analyst, so; a) that means I have time on my hands.

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New Reviewer

After reading and trying this "scam" of a site, it is clear that you are lured in quickly in to buying a "bid package," the rest does not matter you already spent your money on the site. Even if you do it once multiply over the million that do it once....

It seems that everyone wins in the beginning some gift certificate, but I have yet to hear from someone who keep on winning.

This site is a scam

New Reviewer

I signed in for this site and brought 150.00 in bids and then reallized that I could not bid on the camera i wanted because it was no longer available. I then requested a refund it has been overa month and I have yet to here fromt the. company due to the nature of the complaints on this site it is time for some District Attorney to take action.

New Reviewer

This site SUCKS! With a capital S... before you can start you have to purchase bids for $48 bucks. Then, you bid on items.. (believe you won't win anything with the bids you purchased for $48 bucks!). If you do your LUCKY! The chance's are a million to one. It's a scam!!! I spent over $64 bucks on this site and have nothing to show for it... BUT A BILL FOR OVER $68!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!! OR MONEY!!! Buy the item you want from the store, before you try this site! Believe me you'll save money!!!!!

New Reviewer

Do you realize that for every $10 bid, this Co. is making $600. So, an Ipad goes for $32. Quibids is making $1920. Or you can "buy it now" for $629? The same Ipad 16gb (the cheaper one) will go for $499 at Target! So what if your bids go toward this inflated price. And who is to say that the bids are not made by em...ployees at the last second! It says in the fine print that employees are not allowed to bid...But, nobody knows for sure who these bidders really are! And the site won't allow you to see the entire bidding structure for an item - just the last 5 minute bidders!
Now, when I signed up, I bought $48 worth of bids. I won on my first auction ($25 home depot card) for 10 cents. I didn't even come close after that. It's almost as if it was set up for me to win that auction! Which was 3 weeks ago and I have yet to receive the gift card! Something doesn't sit right with me and the...y won't refund my money for the bids...I can pretty much guarantee you'll see some sort of scam alert on dateline or one of those type of shows!

New Reviewer

I hope this helps someone save their $$$. Many of the reviews on this site are extremely questionable as to the veracity of what was reported.

The site is set up to help a fool and his money soon depart.

This is why:

1. Site claims you can get your $$ money back if you don't win by applying your bids toward purchasing the item....the site states this over and over, and many users here have stated it (employees maybe???)

2. ALL of the items sold are sold well above market price. If I go to home Depot and spend $50.00, then I avoid paying the $2.00 or whatever processing fee & delivery charge....$52.00+ for a home depot card is not market price. This is a specific example...
-you can buy a really nice $66.28 brand new camera on EasyShare C182 Digital Camera),

-or buy the same camera at for $115.58 + shipping & handling (Auction ID: #160344962)

3. You can only buy bids in increments after you buy your first beginner bids ($49 or something) cannot buy bids for the amount of the item you wish to purchase...these are the increments:
-45 bids = $27
- 75 bids = $45
- 300 bids = $1802
- 600 bids = $360
- 800 bids = $480

In each "bid pack" you are forced to buy into the price of the bids remains the same. You are forced to buy into a "bid pack" because the goal of quibids is to separate you from your money while making you think it is worth a shot.

4. The website monitors your activity when viewing an auction for a reason. why is it when I leave a web page open it asks me eventually if I am still there? Why monitor this...time me out like my bank, and what else is being monitored/controlled?

5. The website has poor search and reporting.
case 1: I was bidding on a voucher for 50 bids that went over $ I wanted to see what other voucher auctions were doing...I quickly hit my browser back button, see the refreshed live auctions for "voucher" category, but my auction is not there. I toggled back and forth within the 10 second interval, opened other tabs and looked....yet not there??? My computer and connection is lickity-split.

case 2: Type an auction id in their search box: "Search terms: Auction ID: #160344962 (43865 results)"

case 3: "Search terms: Canon EOS Digital Rebel T2i 18MP + Lens (4686 results)" With results ranging from root beer making kits to model air planes...

case 4: try to find how much a single item has sold for over the past X amount of auctions and you will find the search sucks......yet they can label auctions with "XX oitem sold for XXX recently".....with recent being 3 months ago with a nice link to the site.

6. If you try to set your $$ amount of your "market value" of an item by bidding on theory you can break even on bid on a 50 voucher auction and find that you spent close to $30, or roughly close to 50 bids...cut your loss and biuy back your bids with their "market price BS" and what you get is 50 bids + shipping and handling $2.00+ (huh?), and they are worth zero toward any future auctions. voucher bids do not = $$$ toward the "MFSRP" BS the site and users here are selling.

7. what idiot would bid on any of these items 1+ hours before auction end? No one, that's who. yet items have bids 20+ hours before end time.

8. often I bid at the last moment, and somehow my avatar does not show up, or my bid is not in the history, or someone elses avatar is over my face....and many other during bidding. What is this about?

Many users here have pointed out the same name bidding on multiple items......realistically if quibids wants to post fake bidders believe it or not they can come up with more than a handfull of usernames that bid on multiple auctions at the same time. I sat in the voucher bids section bidding on multiple auctions at the same time...but I am a real whack job, I mean person.

New Reviewer

My Experiment

Do I recommend it? NO!

I decided that I would join Quibids after hearing about it from several people. Upon seeing the website I decided that I would not join immediately, particularly when they asked for $48.00 up front, before doing my due dillegence.

I researched on the web, looking for anything about the site being a scam. Turns out, it's easy to find information claiming this site is just that. Unhappy customers, who paid money and lost it all as if it were gambling.

Even after doing all my research, I was still curious, so I set out to do a $48.00 experiment and joined.

I was directed to read their FAQ's and instructions, so that I wouldn't end up another unhappy customer.

I read their manuals telling me to watch for a long time before bidding, and after watching for a few hours at various categories of auctions, I began bidding.

I began in the beginners auctions, where you bid on "vouchers". Vouchers are bids, like the ones you pay .60 each for when you join ($48.00 = 80 bids).

Here's the way it works.

1. You purchase bid packages. These allow you to bid in an auction.

Each time you bid, the price of the auction item goes up one or two cents as designated on the auction item icon.

2. If you bid on the item when there is less than 20 seconds left, the timer goes back to twenty seconds, or 20 seconds is added whenever you bid on any item, I'm not really sure.

3a. If somehow you win the item because nobody else bids after you have, you will have to pay the cost of the item, (Perhaps $.01 or $2.56 or whatever) plus a transaction or shipping fee depending on the item.


3b. If someone else outbids you, you must do the math to decide if it is worth bidding again. In addition to just the math, you might take a look to see if many other people are also bidding on that item, or caught up in other auctions. It is completely dependent on how many people are on the site at a particular time, and which items they are bidding on, and if they are waiting (as you might be) for other people to waste their bids and get burned out, so you can swoop in and make your bid at the right moment to steal the item.

Here's what I won:

25 Bids Voucer. Cost $0.01 +
$10 Target Gift Card $0.04 + $1.99 (shipping, transaction fee, or something)
Transcend 16GB Flash Memory Card $0.70 (+$4.99 shipping, transaction fee, or something)

So total, I spent $55.73 for a 16GB flash memory card (retail ~ $25) and a $10 gift card. My other bids were wasted on other items I did not win.

So, my experiment means Quibids 1 Me 0, I got a few things paying more than they were worth overall, I paid someone's salary at the company for an hour, and I'm not going back for more.

It's tempting, just as all gambling is tempting, but overall, I would not recommend it as a consistent way of getting good deals. It is nothing more than gambling through shopping. Wait, now that I put it that way, it sounds like just what America needs right now!

New Reviewer

At first I thought it would work. I spent 7 bids ($3.60) + .30 auction price + $1.99 shipping, a total of $5.98 for a $25 gift card. But, my next auction, I gave up and ended up purchasing $50 Card for $25. But, when all was said and done, I really spent about $85 on $75 worth of cards. This site is, I've concluded, a scam, and a pretty good one. I'm sure they use bot to up the bids at the last second and much tons of money selling "bids." Stick with e-Bay unless you are an expert gambler.

New Reviewer

Quibids is a SCAM website..they neglect to tell you that the 80 bidding credits you start off with are charged to your account in the amount of $48! NOWHERE on the site do they tell you that regardless of whether or not you approve it, your getting chared the $48 as soon as you hit "bid" on ANY of the things they are "supposedly" selling. DON'T USE THIS SITE UNLESS YOU WANNA GET RIPPED OFF!!!!!!

New Reviewer



New Reviewer

I think that any site that charges you simply to register smacks of a scam. As soon as I realized my credit card had already been charged for a batch of bids I never asked for, I unregistered. If I don't get a refund on my card, I will know for certain the site is truly a scam. Everything about it feels like scam. Its tempting you in with "too good to be true" chances at buying something for next to nothing. But in the end, you will have spent a lot of money to end up losing an auction.

New Reviewer

Well it IS a scam, It IS called FALSE ADVERTISING. If they say this iPad only sold for $115 it is not really sold for 115 actual united states dollars, it's sold for 115 QuiBid dollars (which at $0.60 united states dollar per 1 Quibid Cent comes out to $6900 United states dollars !!!!!!!) Which really should say iPad sold for $6900 united states dollars !!!!!!!!!!! This is called misleading of the worse kind !!!!!! if the general interpretation of the people is that is actually sold for $115 united states dollars, it is considered misleading and should be better re-frased! They've shut ad compaigns and products down on misleading information which could lead to misinterpretation, I don't know why the FTC doesn't shut them down !!!!!!
It's the $ in front of the 115 that misleads you !!!!!! BEWARE !!!!

New Reviewer

This website is a scam. They advertise the positive aspects of the website, but they do not inform customers that they will be charged to sign up. On the sign up page, they ask for a credit card number for when item are won. They do not state that the credit card will be charged the 48 dollars I believe to sign up. It is a scam, and anyone should avoid it.

New Reviewer

Let me start off by saying; I completely agree with many of the reviews already posted, I have read reviews form both sides, and agree with points made form both sides. Also, that i am a collage student with almost no money. I also have spent very little ($70 over all) on this site.

I Have won a few items, and for very few bids, as well at a decently low price from the site. HOWEVER, a lot of it does seem like a scam, and no doubt exists in my mind that the people running the site are making a killing off it. Many times when biding i would get out bid at the last second (or it would freeze at the last second, and i would be out bid), and the person who just out bid me had at the same time managed to placed a bid on a different item to out bid some one else. If you ask me it sounds like a bot. a lot of the items i gave up on, because i didn't want to waste my bids, money, and time against a bot. So yes, i did lose some money and time on the site. But if you set limits for yourself, and be willing to let stuff go, it is possible to get decent items for cheep.

That said, the site is BBB Accredited. They are up front about what, the risks are, and that it will ultimately cost you your money. I get why many people are mad about this site, if you don't win it can seem like a huge scam, and you can waste a lot of your hard earned money. But the point remans that you need to cautious with your money. Before you put your money into something, do a little research, and use your brain.

New Reviewer

This site is a complete scam. It cost you $.60 per bid and every time a bid is made additional time is added to the clock ensuring that you and others will make more bids.

Please contact your state attorney generals office and the BBB. The business is operated out of Oklahoma. Additionally dispute the charges with your credit card company. Websites like this should not be allow to operate in this fashion and we should take it upon ourselves to make sure these scams do not go un-noticed.

New Reviewer

well i think it is a scam. i joind quibids, i read all if the fine print, terms and conditions. I thought well we will see. So i registerd got a email, logged into my accout and a the first page pops up and says thank you for tour 48 dollar purchase. i also recived and email saying thank you. i never made and purchase, authorized anything what so ever. nothing was even mentiond to me about any purchasing, i didnt even get fully logged into my account to make any purchase. i tried the support tab on their page go figure it did not work. so i sent in an email and have not heard anything yet

New Reviewer

It is basically a scam on many levels. You buy bids at .60 cents, so each time you click to bid, you just spent 60 cents. So logically you will wait until the timer runs down to the last few seconds to bid, but so is everyone else, so the timer gets to 2 seconds, and everyone jumps in, so it jumps back to 10 seconds. I watched it bounce around between 2 and 10 seconds for over 2 hours before I finally gave up, and the bids were still only about $5, going up a penny at a time. I noticed this morning the iPad eventually went for about $600, (according to Quibids) which means the bidding must have continued for many hours after I left. All with only 10 seconds left on the clock! It also shows that whoever got it couldn't have saved much, because you had to buy the bids, and spend them, and the original price was $649. They claim it was 79% of the original price, but again, that doesn't include how much your bids cost you. Yet another question here is how is Quibids manipulating the bidding? The higher the price the more they make, but if you watch all of the user names flash by at 60 cents a pop, they are really making a lot off this on top of what they are getting for the item. It is a scam. The only winner here is Quibids. I spent $48 on bids and chalk it up as an expensive lesson learned.

New Reviewer

I think that if it seems too good to be probably is. I looked around and items I would be most interested in were big ticket with low bid incriments. If I'm going to spend 100 bids (60 bucks worth) and end up bidding $1.20 on an item that I'm sure to get outbid on, I'll just go spend my bucks elsewhere. To me, this is about as logical as spending $60 to window shop and then going to a different store to make the purchase.

New Reviewer

I won a micro camcorder from this web site. When I received the item it was faulty and the company that makes it advised to contact Quibids to make arrangements to to return the camera for a replacement. Quibids gave me a address for returns for saying Amazon was one of their vendors. After 6 weeks of hearing nothing I contacted Amazon. Amazon advised me they do not do businees with Quibids and without a return number from Amazon they not track the item I returned to them. I have sent several emails to Quibids and each time I am told they will look into it and get back to me in a couple of days. I have also called a customer service phone number that Quibids list on their web site and it goes to a private parties voice mail. Will never use this auction site again. Will be checking into filing charges of theft with the local district attorneys office.

New Reviewer

After signing up and spending $60 on bids I won two low ticket items quickly. This boosted my confidence in the site but everything went downhill from there. Subsequently I have bid on a number of items and have never won. On many, I was prepared to bid all the way but the clock expired before the auction hit 1 second. I complained to customer service (Mike) who admitted they do not have control of when an auction might end because of "internet lag". I am happy to copy and paste his emails here if anyone is interested. The bottom line is their platform is flawed. The most critical element of their auctions is the clock and, by their own admission, they cannot control the clock outside their internal system. This is tantamount to FRAUD!

New Reviewer

This is the definition of a "bait and switch" scheme. They lure you to sign up by showing you auctions for big-ticket items like Mac computers, big-screen TV's, and cameras. After you sign up and start bidding and buying more bids, for a while you still have those big-ticket items available to you.

Then suddenly, usually once you have already spent some money on bidding for more bids (another of their schemes whereby you use the bids you paid for to bid for more bids, ostensibly at a lower price), the big-ticket auctions disappear. You still have plenty of junk you can bid on, just none of those items that brought you to the site.

Initially, like me, you may believe it is just coincidence, that the items will be available in the future again and that they just ran out. I though that, until I followed the come-on ads again to the site and discovered to my dismay that there were lots of big-ticket auctions happening- they just weren't available to me. They already had my money!


New Reviewer

Their auction is more like gambling site, except you don't know the odds. One of the biggest ripoffs I've ever seen. The even have what they call "beginner auctions" which you can only participate in once; they let you "win" one to suck you in. Makes you feel violated. Thieves!

New Reviewer

I guess I am one of the thousands out there that got dooped. I won bidding vouchers and when I paid for them the transaction went fast and easy. I said to myself this is easy and fun, so I went back to bid on other items and I won what I bid on, I went to pay for them and I ran into an error page. I emailed Quibids support, got no response and I tried again still no response. several days pasted and next thing I found out the items were cancelled cause I took too long for me to pay for the items I won. No bids credited back to my account. $#@!&*%^^(*^&^$

New Reviewer

So I've been watching this site for a while now. I have purchased bids and bid on a few products but have only won a 25 bid voucher. I have a pretty good idea as of how to this site works but noticed something really odd today. I'm particularly interested in an iPad and have noticed that lately there are very few up for auction. In the past when going to the site I always logged in first and then did a search, well for some reason today I decided to do a search first and then log in if they had anything. So I searched for iPad and sure enough there is a 64 GB and 16 GB version up for auction this morning. So I log in and when the page renews I type in iPad again in the search field… no ipads listed?! What the hell. So I clear all my cookies, browser history and so on. Open a new explorer window and do a search again, nada. I grab my iPhone go to the site and just do a search and again the 64 GB and 16 GB versions show up so I click on the 64 GB auctions, click the bid button which brings me to the log in page. I log in and it re-routes me back to the home page? So I do a search again and nothing. I check my page to see if it listed it as an auction that I am participating in and nothing. Something is seriously going on with this site. I'll admit that I have been logged in and watched about 6-8 iPad auctions just to get an idea of how things worked and if there were any trends that I noticed. So it seems like their system has made a note as of to what I'm looking at and now won't allow me to view them or participate in the auctions. Can you say scam?

New Reviewer

This is NOT an auction website. This is a game of chance. A total rip-off. I predict they will be shut down soon. BEWARE!

New Reviewer

Chad, Nov 17 10:59 am (CST):
Hi Chad,

Similar to the beginner auctions that we offer, and as stated in our terms and conditions, we may tailor our auctions for our customers to help keep our site as exciting and fun as possible. QuiBids has so many auctions ending at the same time that we can't simply show each user all auctions. We do this to limit competition and decrease server load so you have a better chance of winning. If we showed you all auctions, we may very well have 1.7 million people bidding on the same item. We do it to better your chances of winning. Our number one goal is to maintain a great user experience for all customers, along with balancing heavy strain on our servers.

If you find an item you really want to bid on, we advise adding it to your watch list.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance, and have a wonderful day!


QuiBids Customer Support


Chad Buechler, Nov 17 10:57 am (CST):
why are the gift card auctions that reach about 10% of the value suddenly gone from view after refresh and unsearchable. they become private auctions. and people doing research or bidding are unable to see all of the higher auctions. please disclose this somewhere on the site or i will complain to every board i can find. like jabber for one. reply with care i'm only giving you one chance.

New Reviewer

After reading 100's of reviews about this sight i have come to this conclosion. quibids is the ONLY winner in this scam.How couls so many negitive reviews come up on a sight with NO marrit.When quibids turns a $500 item into $4,600,theres something wrong going on.Greed in there program is overwhelming.And the way the bidding ends abruptly in some cases,and drags on and on in others says theres an outside influance monituring the (auction) i use that term losely. My advice is to go somewhere else to buy items you seek.quibids will without a dought screw you to the wall.

New Reviewer

Quibids is Spam. I was watching bid for Ipad for last an hour. First of all there is for sure people from site, or even some program runs, when bids place going on for last hour every 3 sec with the same group of "people". Would you bid an item every 3 sec if there 1 hour left?, No, you will check it out, place bid once, that it works, you got to see your logo and you wait untill last 10 sec. But bids going on and on with no cense. For last 15 sec time stopped for about 10 min and bids are still going on and on. Then finally it star moving down, but then up... but no in order, not like clock would work, 15, 14, 13 sec and then 15, 14 , 12, 10... 11, 12, 15 skipping back and forth. It is not even actual clock, and how you can trust clock if your winning depends on it? Then it went through 15sec period and stack on 10 sec ( for last 47 min so far, I still watching and just think, You got to b kidding!) There is no real people, it is all program runs; nobody will let you have Ipad or TV for pennies! Now let's try to get our money back! It will be another story!

New Reviewer

I joined QuiBids last weekend and think it is a pretty cool site. I haven't made a killing, but have won a couple of things and did a "Buy it Now" on a Walmart Gift Card that I did not win (yes I had to pay a $1.99 service change, but that was better than losing the $$$'s that I used on bids). I figured the $2 was the cost of the entertainment.

There is tons of information available on the site, along with hints on how to make good decisions. They do advertise the best recent wins (they show you an IPAD that won for $3.54, not the one that was bid up to $111). The most important thing is to only bid on things that you really want or will be buying anyway.

My best suggestion is to start by bidding on gift cards to places that you frequent anyway and be willing to Buy It Now if you don't win.

New Reviewer

BEWARE - BOTS. Tricks you into purchasing "bid credits" in order to have the right to bid on an item will below retail. The problem is that you're bidding against their bots that only seem to kick in if you show interest (ie - place a bid) on a product. Shame on them!


you can tell the people who work for the site they tell you how lucky and fun and how they got that $1800 computer for $3.40 and how great it is to be an american. Then they give you all the math numbers on such a good deal. But when you try to win it you need to have patients and be SMART and be willing to pay up to 75% of real cost plus shipping and a finger up your butt....buddha says you don't need it anyways

New Reviewer

All these penny auction sites are a scam. I was ripped off by their other site Jumbocloseouts for $150. They seduce the potential victim with a fake news video. With quibids it was on Comcast's home page luring people to click into their slick ad. Once there you will see a video of an actual news station talking about auctions. If you look in small, tiny letters you will see a statement that quibids or (fill in the blank) is not affiliated in any way to this site.

Please don't be taken and don't give them a chance. In my case I thought I was signing up for free bids and within one click my credit card was billed for $150. I know, I know! Stupid me. I thought I was smarter than this but one second was all it took and my money was gone. As soon as I clicked that button, I knew something was wrong. Of course, I contacted them right away and many times but they lie. Fortunately I went to my local police and got a report and filed with my bank to get my money back. It took weeks and a lot of time just for that one second click.

Also, when I was emailing jumbocloseouts my desktop computer froze and started acting strange. The next day my computer would not power on and it is still completely dead. I had no problems whatsoever with my computer until I went on their site but it is hard to prove. I read of one other person saying their computer started acting up when on this auction site but I can't remember where I read it. Would like to know if anyone else had this experience?

New Reviewer

If you understand what is happening, then Quibids is "ok" I guess. Maybe my big struggle is the fact that most people do NOT know, and that Quibids is making HUGE profits on its "inventory". Quibids is NOT an auction.. Not really. IT's more like a controlled "raffle", or better yet, like taking several pulls at the slot machine trying to hit the "777" along with hundreds of others at the same time.

Consider an example of a recent "auction".
Some people thing the site is a scam.. There is really no reason for Quibids to shill their own auctions considering a $1,800 MacBook Pro (costing them about $1,400 wholesale), will fetch as many as or more than 30,000 bids at a penny each.
Understand that every bid costs the bidder 60 cents, and only raises the purchase price by a PENNY.

Recently, a MacBook Pro sold for over $300.00. This is a "great" deal for the lucky winner. I say Winner because what people are really doing is buying RAFFLE "tickets", or as Quibids calls them, "Bid Vouchers".

Do the math on this auction, where the lucky winner won the right to buy the MacBook..

300 dollars equals 30,000 bids at 60 cents each (remember there may be several bidders trying for the same item, and over a period of 5, 7, 10, 15, hours, this is a FACT.

Most new users buy a bid package that costs $60.00. This 60 bucks gets the new user 100 bid tokens (vouchers). What does that represent in the aforementioned auction?
ONE-DOLLAR in bids at a penny increment each, BUT, at a cost of $60.00 going in.

So, it is easy to see how this bidder can bid him/herself right out of $60 and have nothing to show for, except for an option to pay FULL retail for the item minus the bid costs.

NOW, I am not saying this is a RipOff, but, people NEED to understand what is happening, and remember that they essentially, ARE gambling to win an item of value. The ONLY redeeming factor is that you can buy the item as stated above, if you don't win, therefore, if you are/were planning to make a MacBook purchase anyways, you may consider taking the gamble, and if you lose, make the Full-Retail purchase.

There are lots of items in Quibids. I "won" a Kaloric Water Kettle for 4 cents and about 6 dollars in shipping. I "won" a knife sharpener for 2 cents and about 6 bucks shipping. The "retail" value of those 2 items was about $60.00. I "spent" my other bids trying to win a MacBook, so in the end, I PAID for my items in full. Of course, I didn't win the big item (MacBook), AND therein lies the question..

..Does Quibids let users win the cheap stuff and then shill out the expensive stuff?
The answer is: how would we ever know? We can't know, They really don't need to have shills, because; using the MacBook Pro example above, let's look at the AMAZING math in favor of Quibids:

Quibids Wholesale cost of the Laptop?: About $1,400.00 (retail $1,800.00)
Sold for: $300.00 (equal to 30,000 bids, at 60 cents each, giving Quibids $18,000.00 in bid revenue). Remember the bids Cost the user 60 cents each and the bid goes up only a penny each time you bid. There are several people bidding a penny at a time costing them 60 cents for EVERY bid.

Here is the final math: (note, this is an rounded-off estimate of an actual auction that closed recently)

30,000 bids cost the aggregate bidders a total of $18,000.00! EIGHTEEN-THOUSAND Dollars!, for ONE laptop.
One lucky person wins the item for $300.00, PLUS the number of his/her own bids. This is variable. I seen what appear to be people who've walked away with a win after only bidding a few times, and others (the stubborn ones) bidding hundreds of times.

IN the end, there is NO reason for Quibids to cheat. They are Raking in over $18,000.00 on this one auction alone! One lucky winner and a BUNCH of losers.

To come away a winner at/on this site, ONLY attempt to purchase items you are in the market for, and at the very worst, you will pay FULL Retail plus shipping costs. Quibids seems to price/value their items at the Highest of Retail Value.. especially on the junky stuff.

New Reviewer

Quibids.has glitches,paused auctions and technical difficulties which hamper the bidder and can result in loss winnings and even,deactivation of an account.
This is frightning especially if you have five thousand dollars at play as I did.
I think Quibids should be terminated by the trade commission.
There is a pending class action suite which may serve the purpose.

New Reviewer

I do not reccomend this site to anyone. I spent $60.00 on bids being what they showed to be true how great it is!! The only thing I won was more bids. Then that cost a $2.00 transaction fee plus the bids you lost on winning it. Go figure. I did win a $50.00 gift card for AMC theaters but to my surprise there is not an AMC theaters here or even within 50 miles, had to pay for the shipping also. Go figure. The closest one I found was Las Vegas, NV. Yeah spend more money. I wish I had seen this site before I bought bids. They make it sound like everyone wins because there are so many items up for! I guess you have to be really stupid, I am ,or have lots on money to place the bids to get a 62" tv for $42.97. I sat and watched the bids. Someone won a $25 CVS gift card for $1.84 so I thought ok there are a few going for that price. I start bidding and low and behold it's up to $10.00 magically. WOW!!! i see on there all the time how little things go for but when I start bidding I eventually ran out of bids. They offer me more for part of the price. NO!!!

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Beware!! It sounds good while you are searching for things, like a Wll console but, as soon as you purchase the bids, the console magically disappears and no more are offered. they lure you into giving you credit information. Afterwards, looking up what they have to auction, they don't have much of a variety. Your better of with EBAY or Amazon.

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Spent $48 so I could bid on items. after about an hour I was out of bids and didn't win anything. Shouldn't have to pay to bid.. stay away from this site it's a ripoff. I just wasted $48

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This is a COMPLETE RIP OFF!! I would not suggest bidding on bids... that's how they get you. You pay 60 cents per bid and they go fast. I'm sure these guys are making a bundle, but they will not be getting any more of my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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this is a scam i monitored the bids from different machines, and i can see the robots bidding in different auctions at the same time. the rules clearly says one auction at a time but hell no, try it your self open two machines and watch the bids, you will see and identify the robots.
i spent already 50 USD on nothing, its a big scam

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Oh my gosh! The people from Quibids are, simply put, GREEDY!!! I understand that you have to know how to bid and you have to be patient, etc, etc. But for them to make over $7000 for a a $700 product is outrageous! If you win, great! You get the product for cheap. If you don't, you're out how ever much you put in to trying to win the bid. You can buy the product as buy it now, but it costs $900 for a product that you can purchase at a merchant for $700. And as much as they make off of the bids, they're gonna charge a shipping fee? How greedy can you get? I placed a bid and won the $25 bids for newcomers. They charge you a $2 fee to process it. REALLY????? I saw a news clip that said that these people are trying to help people during these tough economic times. How are they helping people who are placing bids in hopes to win the product but end up losing? I hope this site gets shut down.

Yes, I wrote this review as a comment to another reviewer. But i feel strongly enough to want to give this a "can't get any worse than this" rating.

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You must buy your bids up front at $.60 each and in specific packages. Each bidding round is cheap on the face value but people forget they are also spending those $.60 bids each time. If an iPad goes for $80.00 on auction then that's a great buy but how many bids did it take you to get there? What people also forget about is this, the compnany is making an ENORMOUS killing. That $80.00 for the iPad at $.01 incriments was actually 8000 bids. 8000 bids at $.60 each gave the company a whopping $4,800.00 for an $800.00 iPad. I'm going to start my own online auction site. Anybody want in?

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Until now I've never been so motivated to "out" a scam site. It's probably all legal, but you don't win anything except more bids. I'm convinced there's software there to prevent anyone from actually leaving with money. It makes Casinos and Lotto look guaranteed by comparison. Grrrr. -Nalts

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Quibids is a scam and falsely represents itself. You purchase tickets and then "spend" them on bids. At the end of the auction, when you do not win the auction (and you never will), you are offered the same product you were bidding on for the "fair" market price minus what you "spent" in bids already. It makes it sound like a great deal. If you decide not to take them up on the offer, then the bids you "spent" on the item are gone, and so is your money.

So let's say your bidding on an iPad. These cost $500 minimum. Let's just say 100 people are bidding on the iPad that the web site says is going for $5.00. It goes up in one cent increments. People are spending their bids and the price is up around $10.00 now. So that's 100 people each bidding somewhere between $0.06 to $10.00 for the $500 iPad. Now you need calculus for this, but I would say that they have collected way more than the $500 for that one item, the iPad.

In the end, "one" person wins the item for let's just say $15.00. Awesome deal! Everyone else is given the opportunity to buy the iPad for a fair amount minus what they have already spent in bids. Meanwhile, they could have collected thousands of dollars selling just one item and then turn and offer you that item for what you could go buy it for in the store. Oh, and do I know that person that won the item? It doesn't take a genius to figure out a simple mathematical problem could make it all a computer generated ghost that bids on the item until they make their profit.

Oh, and if you bid, no matter how much, you lose the money to them. At least when I bid on eBay, I don't have to pay if I don't win.

If you fell for this, I am sorry, but as P.T. Barnum put it, "There's a sucker born every minute."

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QuiBids purchases the Amazon Kindle for $259.00. It then schedules an auction for the Kindle to end sometime in the near future. Each auction has a banner in the upper left corner that indicates what cent increment the auction is. That number can be $.01, $.02, $.05, $.10, or $.20. It represents how much the final sales price will increase each time a bid is placed.

So an auction is scheduled for the Amazon Kindle as a $.02 auction and as the timer counts down bids begin to be placed by users who are competing for a chance to win. Eventually, the bidding ends at the price of $8.70. Because it was a $.02 auction that means that there were a total of 435 bids placed during the course of the auction.

435 bids x $.60 bid = $261.00

Cost for QuiBids to Purchase the Amazon Kindle = $259.00

Cost for the Auction Winner to Purchase the Amazon Kindle = $8.70

The bidding in this auction paid for QuiBids cost to buy the product. As a result the winner of the auction was able to win a Kindle at a 90% discount to its retail price.

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It's a scam -- I bought a 75 bid packet, earned 25 bids, just lost out on a 50 bid packet - so then got an offer to buy the 50 bid packet for 9 bucks.... Figured out how to use the auto bid .... something that had gone 10 minutes ago for a 25 cent bid was up to 4.00 and 4 bids and 10 seconds before it hit my autobid limit all of a sudden the item was gone... tried again on a different item and the same type game..... DON"T PLAY THE GAME ... You're more likely to get something if you put it in the keno machine -- or a gumball machine even!!!

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I was intially lured in with a site advertising penny auctions - what a laugh! The next thing I know iI am linked with QUIBIDS!-RUN FOR THE FOREST ALL YE UNENLIGHTENED!. They sucker you in with a QUOTE" SATISFACTION GUARANTEE". BOGUS! They agree t give your money back, if you did't get "clipped" yet. They notified me that I had to put up a $48.00 deposit to participate in the auction. I started bidding on "BIDS", and was informedthat these were done in .60 cent increments. NOW WHAT THEY DON;'T TELL YOU IS THAT THE BIDS COUNTDOWN IN 10 SECOND INCREMENTS AND EVERY TIME YOU BID, YOU ARE CHARGED 0.60 CENTS, JUST TO BID! IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER YOU OR ANYONE ELSE WINS THE BID, IT STILL COST 0.60 JUST TO MAKE AN ATTEMPT. SUDDENLY THERE IS AN ACCOUNTING MESSAGE SAYING THAT MY $48.00 WAS GONE-IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES-AND I NEVER WON ONE SINGLE THING. I CONTINUED TO WATCH THIS ITEM, SUPPOSEDLY IN IT'S LAST TEN SECONDS- AND THERE NEVER WAS A WINNER!

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well i joined this site sunday-spent my 48.00 on a small bid pack of 80-i won my limit of 3 auctions a day the first 2 days- 115.00 in gift cards w/ small amounts of bids included in the wins-i still have 55 bids left which equal 33.00-id say im ahead of the game! i tried a little bidding on an ipad but its get way out of hand-im cheap and won't give up my bids that easily

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Quibids is gambling, plain and not so simple. Bidding is offering to pay a price for something. Wagering is something (usually money) risked on an uncertain event. Quibids is not a scam. You buy bids at U.S. $0.60 each, minimum 45 or something, and you use those bids (wagers) to bid on "auctions" (gambling) in hopes to win. Each bid increases the auction price between $.01 and $.10 AND end time by 10-20 seconds giving someone else the chance to bid. In the end, the last bidder (because nobody else has bid in time) wins the auction. Sometimes auctions go for $.01. Do people win things like Apple Ipads for $25? Sure it's possible and are the products real? Yes, I know from experience.

The business model: what you need to realize up front. Every time you bid on something, each bid costs you $.60. Bids are non-refundable whether you win the auction or not. The winner pays the final price of the auction, usually a small fraction of what the actual price might be, and shipping. Remember that bids are pre-purchased so figure that into the price as well. Shipping and handling is reasonable and in my experience, quick. Lets have an example; I'm currently watching a Bushnell night vision 50x scope up on the block. Original end time was 45 minutes ago but because people keep bidding, the time gets extended. Bids for this auction increase the price by $.02, current price is $10.46. That's a great price! I researched this item and it routinely sells at retailers for $200+ . Remember that only the last bidder is going to pay that price. In the meantime, I've watched many other bidders spend hundreds of bids "wagering" that they will be the final bidder. Many bidders drop out because they are sick that they have simply lost that money or simply run out of bids. Back to our example, how does quibids make money? Let's say that scope sold for $10.46. That's 1046/2 (increment increase) x$.60 (cost of each bid) or $313.80 + the cost of the auction $10.46 for a total quibids has made of $324.26, get the idea? Remember that only the winner will get the product, all others are out however many losing bids they placed, hundreds and in the case of our example, 522 $.60 bids. Currently, the scope is up to $13.60.
Is there a strategy for you to win or increase your odds? Sure there are strategies to help but none are sure things. Keep in mind that this is really gambling and you will be better able to work the site to your advantage. Watch the products and understand what a product will sell for so you don't bid un-necessarily low. You might go so far as to watch individual bidders and know how serious a bidder they are. Would you sit next to a card counter and play Blackjack? Some bidders have a computer program that will automatically tell them when to bid based on the 2 factors I just mentioned to increase their chance of winning.
In the end, here are some do's and don'ts:
Keep in mind this is in reality, gambling.
Have a limit on how many bids you're willing to spend on an item and stick with it.
Have a strategy for each item.
Start small and have fun.
Spend money (especially on buying bids) you can't afford to lose!
Bid on buying more bids.
Think your going to win that laptop your first trip out.

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I have bid on a couple of things on this site but have totally rethought the whole Quibids idea. Here's why:

Let's say, for example, that you are bidding on a $200 gift card with a 1 cent bid, and let's say that you win the gift card bid for HALF the price with only 10 bids. You have paid $6.00 for the bids, plus the $100 for the card. Great bargain for you, but is Quibids losing money? Hardly.

At 1 penny per bid, the $100.00 card would be 10,000 bids, or 10,000 pennies.
Since each penny increase costs SOMEONE 60 cents, so the company makes .61. Let's do the math: 10,000 (pennies) x 61 cents (60 cent bid + 1 cent increment increase = brace yourself: $6,100.00!! Even if Quibids pays full price for the gift card, and I believe they are, they are STILL making a killing! I'm all for making a dollar, but collectively we are getting screwed while they are laughing their butts off all the way to the bank....

Wanna see something MORE outrageous? They currently have a 60" LG plasma TV for bid that they have listed as $1,887.00 value. Let's say that goes for 1/2 price, which would be $943.50, at 1 cent increments, equals 94350 bids x 61 cents each = 57,553.50. (This DOES include the end purchase price of $943.50, but does that make us feel all warm and fuzzy?)

Still a deal for SOMEONE, but it's the principal of the thing. Their site states that they take a loss on many things, but it couldn't possibly be equal to what they are raking in.

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While I don't doubt that people "win" auctions here, I'll BET that there are also bots putting in bids to keep some of them running so you'll keep bidding. In just my first (and only) day trying this (today), I just saw too many instances where as long as I was bidding on an item, the clock would keep resetting by "other bids" to keep it going - but within 30 seconds after I gave up on the item, the damn thing would "sell". I saw it too many times to believe that it wasn't being controlled internally. At least it only cost me $45 to learn this lesson.

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First I want to say..I do NOT work for the website, nor do I know anyone who does. I live in WI and am in upper management. My husband stumbled across this site and started bidding. I was extremely angry with him when I found out and told him all the things in the negative's a scam, you have to BUY your bids?, etc. But being the husband, he of course listened to me the way he always does and continued to bid anyways. Well I can't complain anymore! We have won a flatscreen TV, a juicer, a Garmin, a new printer, and a handful of giftcards. Our final price and the cost of the bids has NEVER exceeded the MSRV.
That being said , it IS gambling, you can't begin bidding and expect to win every item. There is a certain amont of luck involved. We also watch the auctions VERY carefully before bidding and will never bid against Autobidders.
So if you use common sense and reccognize there is a certain amount of chance I say go for it, but it you can't afford to gamble then don't play.
I'm going to go have a fresh glass of OJ and watch my new TV

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