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QuiBids reviews

815 reviews
4 NE 10th St., Suite 242
Oklahoma City, OK 73104, USA
Tel: (405) 253-2038

815 Reviews From Our Community

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This "person" could have bought this item using "Buy Now" at least 5-6 times over. (in 410 reviews)


I, too, paid $60 for the original 100 bids and won $75 in gift cards and won a kitchen appliance valued at over $120. (in 63 reviews)



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New Reviewer

This is a gambling site. The key to a good gambling construct is that it gives you the appearance that you can win (like the red/black bet on roulette) and it takes a lot of money to find out you can't.

Sure the money for a bid you buy can be credited to the item, so don't bother bidding on something unless you are willing to go all the way and wind up spending full retail price plus some fees.

Also, they have two types of bids: Ones that count toward a purchase and ones that do not. If you win bids in an auction, those don't count in the purchase price. They keep trying to get you to bid on bids, and this is one way you will definitely loose money.

As a gambling site goes, there could be worse. But like the casinos, you will eventually rue the day that you went in to play.

20 bidders bidding on the same item can't all win it at a price for less than retail.

You can develop some strategies that help you out, but in the end, all it takes is one bidder who is willing to go the distance to come in after you and you will wind up paying full price or more for the item.

Also, the drive up the prices by adding on their voucher bids.

I also won several items and didn't receive them, and I was planning on using them as gifts. One was a set of headphones for my wife's birthday, and it took them two months to ship them. Another was some headphones for my son's Christmas present, and they finally refunded me, in bids not cash, just a couple of days before Christmas. This is after I wrote them daily for nearly a month. I won on November 3 and wasn't "refunded" until December 23.

If you have a problem with gambling, this site is a pit fall. You can get some good wins in there, but in the end, you will loose. That is gambling, buddy. And the more you play, the more you lose. Period.

This is a gambling site. Avoid.

New Reviewer

I have watched many of their auctions and have participated in a few. I find that auctions do sometimes have a tendency to end when I stop bidding. To test my theory, I bid up to the FULL PRICE on a laptop, which was $1044. I was going to purchase this laptop anyway, and I wanted to see if I could "win" it at about 75% of the purchase price. No big surprise, but I was the second to last bidder AGAIN. I bid for six hours straight, as did a good half dozen other bidders. As soon as I reached full price for the item and stopped bidding, none of the other 6 or 7 bidders bid again and the auction was over. I truly believe that many of the bidders on this site are bots employed by the company. (And yes, there are those who may say I have more money than brains... and in this case, I have to agree.) If you can't afford or don't want to purchase an item at their full price, I would not frequent this site past the first couple of auctions that they appear to "let" you win.

New Reviewer

After reading how a penny auctions work, and after reading all the tutorials at their site, on what to expect "These auctions are high risk/high reward and they should be treated that way" ( I enter a bid expecting to pay if I have to the full price on the product that I wanted... The problems was that I ended paying $333USD for a TaylorMade R9 Driver, that the Manufacturer (Taylor Made is selling at $299.. the Value price for this auction was $399, $100 more than the actual price that all the respect seller are selling them.. When I ask for my money back, or at least consider the possibility to refund the overprice paid ($33USD), they answer "if you would like, you can return this item for the transaction price...Erik QuiBids Customer Support" this money will be $16.48.. So I had to swallow my loss and accept my error on trusting this company,.. When I ask for the product even after is overprice, they answer "I spoke to the vendor concerning this order and it appears this item is on back order. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes..Sincerely, Carly QuiBids Customer Support" .. once again.. all other respectable sellers have them on regular delivery time.. I ended buying from the same driver, received 5 days after and I pay $299.. as for the driver "won" in the auction, Im still waiting from this despicable company to ship it, so I can sell it back and recover some money... If some one is planning on trying penny auction, I´ll urge you to use your money some other site..
This is the auction, and this is the price from a trully respectable company..

New Reviewer

OK, I watched this website a while and at first thought, 'this is a good money maker for the owners.' This was when I thought the bids were 10 cents a bid. Then I looked further into it and discovered the 60 cent bid cost! OMG, do the people understand how much the owners are making on that iPad that goes for $200 on Quibid, that cost $600 normally priced? Well if they have bots pushing up the price they are making less than it seems but... they are robbing people by making 1000% plus profits. The winner may make a deal but with all the subsidies from the other gamblers, the final cost is too steep.

When I looked the 65GB iPad was close to $150. Since there are 2 types of bids, 2 cent bids and 1 cent bids, the website owners had already made between $4500 and $9000 on bids alone. Seems like robbery to me. To make a 640% to 1280% profit from MSRP (I'm sure they buy in bulk for half though) for a product that they didn't have RD in, should be considered immoral. It is one thing to run a gambling site, that is what this is, and run a good profit, it is another to screw the many who don't get it. These people are raking in bidders money and making millions. It doesn't take long for them to make, millions off other people's losses. I understand gambling is fun, and there are statistics of when to play, time of day, price of product, etc... but there should be a limit on the percent won by the house.

This site is making millions of dollars a day off people's ignorance. Bids are way over priced. The chance of winning and the true final cost are way too steep.

If you win a $100 Kindle at Quibid, thank all the other idiots for subsidizing a $6100 dollar Kindle + taxes and shipping. You would think they would cover shipping at least!

New Reviewer

I have used QuiBids with fairly successful results...that is until three of the gift cards I received were INVALID. Attempts to contact customer service by e-mail have gone unanswered. I contacted customer service by phone and was assured that the cards would be activated. Three days later and nothing. i posted a comment on the QuiBids FaceBook page detailing my experience and providing a link to the Oklahoma State Attorney General's website for complaints (QuiBids is based in Oklahoma). Within minutes, my post was removed and yet they don't have time to answer e-mails or take care of paying customers???

New Reviewer

Once I understood how the site worked, I started making more money than I was spending and I enjoy the entertainment of bidding. I have played on a few sites and always come back to Quibids. I feel they are the best bidding site that I have come across. I have had a positve experience...just make sure you learn and read the rules and you should come out a winner!

New Reviewer

this website is similar to (see reviews). what made me write a review here is i wanted to check this site out to see if these news people who purport to have "checked out" one of these penny auction sites, by bidding and then reporting their somewhat positive findings. i think this is also made up.
just look at what everyone says and steer clear. i actually read dale's review on the swipebids review site months ago. i looked to see if it was still there, but it wasn't. i remember it word for word. i didn't memorize it, but i remember reading it carefully at the time as i was very interested in his calculations and analysis from his standpoint. my review was also gone. but this website is the same, and it looks to me like "dale" got a pt job with swipebids and now with qbids as well, pulling people in with the calculations that most people wouldn't understand, or bother to check out for themselves.
i got scammed out of hundreds of dollars.

New Reviewer

Sure wish I could have found this before I tried it!!!! Then to beat all,,,,,you only have a short time to buy it at full price using the money you spent on the bids!! I actually looked for a critique like this,,,unfortunately,,,should have kept looking and not tried the site,,,,,Live and Learn"!!!

New Reviewer

This is a SCAM. This is not an AUCTION site, it is a Gambling site. The site sghould be shut down, is a huge scam. A class action would be great against them.

New Reviewer

I watched this site for a while then jumped in and bought a few dozen bids. I don't think it's a scam per se--it's clear that you have to pay to play--but if there are bots or some other scheme for artificially increasing the purchase prices then that's clearly fraudulent. In my case I placed one bid ($.60) and won a $15 iTunes gift card. I paid $.04 for the card + $1.99 shipping + $.60 = $2.63. I'm not complaining. A few days later the gift card arrived. I noticed the QuiBids LLC street address at the bottom of the (undated) letter they sent me: 4 NE 10th Street Suite 242, Oklahoma City, OK 73104-1402. So I checked it out. It's a UPS Store location --

My 2 bids (cents).

New Reviewer

Helped me quickly determine the business model of the site I was interested in and avoid a brilliant but valueless marketing scam. THANK YOU.

New Reviewer

I would have broken even with the money I spent and my wins if I had not been sent a gift card that had no money on it. I contacted the company over 3 weeks ago and nothing has been resolved. If you have received gift cards from this compeny be sure and check them before you try to use them. I have played my last game.

New Reviewer

I thought I'd give it a try. Pretty much threw away about $80 but I did come out of it with a gift card for $25. You can do the math.

At one cent increments you are spending 61 cents on each bid. The "buy now" option gives you the dubious ability to buy the option at full price, which are no bargains, minus the money you wasted bidding on it.

A bit addictive and sort of like bidding on air.

New Reviewer

I consider my self very LUCKY. I purchased a newbie account for $45.00 read through all the on line info and started biding. Gave up quickly on the big items and concentrated on gift cards. For my $45 I picked up two $25 gift cards and one surge protector valued at $50 but available on-line for $28. I am ahead and I am walking away.

New Reviewer

how can people think they are not profiting from failed bids just because they give you an opportunity to purchase at reg price. last i heard msrp is a heck of a lot more than what any retailer will sell it for. they know this and count on people not being stupid enough to pay msrp. and if they are that stupid, then the company rakes in even more profit.most people won't pay msrp so all failed bids become company profit. anyone who cannot understand this should not even be permitted to use a computer for they will surely harm themselves.

New Reviewer

This site have a lot of strange things happening. I can or cannot be a scam, but I am very skeptical. Being a Data Analyst myseld, I collected some data from the site.
For example: a 50 bids auction was sold for $ 5.12. I collected the bids data while from begining to end.
By the end of the "auction" I pluged the data on excell and NOT for my surprise I found out that. One "stupid"(if it is a real bidder) or "clever"(if is a quibids employee or a set up program) person spent 79 bids trying to win 50. and 2 others over 40 bids. One of them won which was not the 79 bids.

I don't mean that people are not winning the stuf they are bidding but I am very skeptical about this site.
I myseld won 25 bids, 1 bids and a 15 Itunes gift card for $0.03.
My skepticism is because some stuf on the site leave margin tothink on scam.
I was bidding on one item and it was 10 seconds to go. Twice I was down to one second and it took 3 or 4 seconds to appear that I was the Winner. When I reversed the situation, which means I tried to outbid the person after the clock turned to one second, it immediately made the other bidder the Winner and sent me a message that I did not bid on time.By the way, the winner was the bidder that was bidding since the begining and was outbidding everyone that tried to win the item. It was not an automatic bidding auction.
For who worked with programming, it is very easy to a good programmer to create a routine that will trigger bids on any (or all) auction using random fake names/data from a database previously fixed.

I still have about 40 bids. Will try to get something else and I am out of this site. I really don't trust it.

New Reviewer

I can't believe the government haven't caught up with these auction wanna be sites . Total scam I joined one time and learned the hard way what a huge scam these auction sites are. I wrote one auction site one time just to see what they had to say about themselves and I received no response. these sites never respond to people and if they do they still don't address the question asked .I joined thinking it was a real auction if you don't win you don't lose your bids I spent a little over $90 dollars and I'll never ever do this again or recommend it to anyone, I warn all people to stay away these sites are scams and when they see that people are getting wise to them all they have to do not to get in any trouble they just simply change the name of the company. I made an effort to watch all these sites just to see the patterns and what i gathered was not good .These sites get rich fast of false information that they give to people that are trying to get good deals.NO ONE EVER WINS ANYTHING. They make it seem like a real person just won but so not true they are just taking people's hard earned money, they bid against real bidders only to hike the price and then they make it seem like it sold and tell you to go buy more bids. A very clever scam that should be repoted to news, government and etc... it has to be stopped . I watched these site and the same names keep winning and bidding on many things at the same time and they are spending more than what the products are worth. I can go on and on about my findings. BIG SCAMS and the people on here that are writing good reviews are scammers from the auction sites.

New Reviewer

Its like your in Vegas every bid you make (that cost you money) you think your going to win than your so far into it with your money ,you just keep going. The web-site is very addictive, Who ever thought of this idea is very clever and making a hell alot of money.! Stay away. I thought I did great winning 3 gift cards for less than $10.00 the first day.But..... after I reviewed my credit card charge account it came out what I paid for my bids and the cards I came out even., NO great deal! This why I do not go to Las Vegas, the second day I went on the web-site and started bidding for another gift card. after all is said and done I ended up paying a total of $300.00 on my credit card for bids and gift cards I won . The gift cards came out to $295.00 but you have to pay for shipping. I ended up paying about $6.00 more and wasting 3 hours bidding! NO big wins.

New Reviewer

I read Quibids 101. I read the posts that said you needed to use the site correctly in order to win and I believed them. I tried some bids-thought I needed to give it a few more tries and bought some more. What I found is that when I participated in an "auction" and watched four others occurring at the same time for the same item-my auction went to $90 while the others closed at $11, $22, $32 and $40. This happened numerous times and could not be coincidence. The low closing auctions are there to ,make you believe it is possible but it is not. Those employees and paid writers who are saying we are not using it appropriately should be ASHAMED! I feel so foolish for having believed your posts. I read carefully, I watched numerous items and EVERYTIME I became involved the item sold for tons more and went on for an hour or two more. Additionally the clock jammed a number of times and then all of the sudden one second went by and there were five bids all at once. I know there must be a program or employees in the autions where real customers participate and it drives up those autions and places teaser closed auctions to entice us. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE THAT IT WAS A COINCIDENCE!!! The game is rigged and the only way you will receive something of value is to pay the full price which is ussually $20 to $100 more than what the item sells for in a retail store or on a legitamate site like Ebay or Amazon. This business model would work to be quite profitable for the company and provide a deal for the consumer even if it were run honestly but the persons who are running this are GREEDY and UNETHICAL and I hope it is their ruin. Shame, shame shame!! Do not waste your time or money-just go to a trusted online store. This site will play on your belief in a deal and your desire to win and it will let you down over and over. DO NOT believe those silly pictures on the side with people who say they won five IPODs for their grandchildren or those posts that say you are not using the site correctly. I believed them and lost better than $160.00 that I am far from being able to afford. Shame on me for believing!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Scam...have no idea if opposing bids are legit bids or BOTS from the QuiBid Company. Going to report them to BBB and my state attorney's office.

New Reviewer

I'm not a poor loser - I'm a poor winner. This site is a SCAM. I won and auction for an iPad. I was a lucky one who placed six bids and won the thing. Pretty amazing. I was thrilled. That was until the iPad never shipped. I contacted Customer Service right after the auction asking if there were different shipping options - the answer is no; they don't have a way of arranging that with the "vendor". That's the first I heard there was a vendor involved other than QuiBids.

After never hearing more about the order, I contacted CS again asking when the item would ship. Two days later I hear back and I'm told they have to contact the vendor and it will take a week to get a response. A week??!?? Where is this vendor and who are they??

I sent another email asking them who the vendor was because I would like to contact them directly. I haven't received a response.

DON'T BID. Even if you "win" a good item, it seems there's a good chance you'll never see it.

New Reviewer

i bought the beginner package and won a about 3 bidding vouchers a 10 a 15 and a 100 bid one i won them really cheap too. the most i spent was 1.30 and that was for the 100 bidding voucher after that i lost some bids but then won the new touch screen ipod nano for 3.40 and shipping brought it up to 14 and some change i think its a pretty good site i agree with most of the comments but then again u have to factor in the people who don't do the math and just want to win something at a cheap price and end up bidding more than they should i admit im one of those people who continually hits the bid button but thats what discourages people to bid against me

New Reviewer

No wonder such a site is profitable. The drooling mouth breathers with the minds of gnats see the advertising and do not do the basic research into what to expect. Then they complain about their experience. But there are many more people with the same mindset that never read these complaints and jumped in without doing the research. Their complaints are added to the rest, to be ignored by others doing the same thing. I see complaints going back for months which is the main indication that the basic research is not being done. But this is not surprising as I also see the same trend in the voting patterns in elections. No wonder this country is now a third world nation.

New Reviewer

Quibids is clearly a bait and switch Scam.

My first visit peaked my interest when I saw large LCD TV's and High end Cameras up for bid. So I purchased $60 worth of bids.

When I logged on after my purchase none of the items I previously saw up for auction were there. A search for TV brought up nothing but cables. This was all in a matter of minutes. Items with 2 hours left on the bidding were gone.
I was using firefox as my browser so I went to with internet explore ( which I had never logged onto quibids with).
Behold all the high end items were back.

So viewed them side by side. One just browsing and one where I was logged on to my account.

High end items appeared to be up for bid in the explorer window ( just browsing) but could not be found in the firefox window ( logged into quibids account).
I did contact support and was able to get my money refunded because I had not used any of the bids I paid for.

Say Away from this site!
What you see browsing is not what you get to bid on!

New Reviewer

I bid on an item. Won it and it was broken when arrived. I emailed my my ticket to them, mentions the problem, had all item info and have never heard from them. Now I am out of $8. bucks plus when I won I tried again only not to win our have enough after $60 to buy it now item. I only wish to return the item for a new one but the site said not to send it back to sender? and off

New Reviewer

Do you remember when you were a kid and you watched a magician play the shell game with the audience? He always got it right. That is like Quibids. They use magic (trickery) to lure you in and then things disappear. These are the 4 issues I noticed about Quibids within the first 48 hours of using their site. If you do choose to sign up, don't say I didn't warn you!

1. I purchased my starter bid pack and more than half of the auctions were removed from the website, even after I won my beginner auction I could not see ALL of the auctions listed on Quibids. If I was on my other computer not signed in I could see them just fine. I had to call customer support and wait 10 minutes for someone to answer the phone. Then they told me they do this on all beginner accounts. Why? We don't sign up to win bid packs, we sign up to win the items you are advertizing all over the internet (mac laptops, ipads, digital cameras).

2. Your auctions don't seem to be legit. I have watched several auctions and noticed there are lots of shill bidders. There are people who actually WANT to win the items, but get frustrated at the people who bid just to piss others off. I don't know if they are employees of Quibids doing this just to up the price of an item or if they are just people who have no life and want to instigate auctions.

3. Quibids 101 says DO YOUR HOMEWORK on an item before you bid. How can I do my homework on historical auctions if you remove them from MY account? Example. I want to bid on a DSLR, however when I log into my account and search for Canon or Nikon - all of the DSLR's have been removed from the closed auctions. HOWEVER, if I search on another computer NOT logged into my account they are there for everyone to view. How can you expect a customer to do their research. I think you need to practice what you preach.

4. Autobidders - this doesn't seem to be an ethical way to conduct business. All the websites that tell you how to win a penny auction basically tell you it is statistics/strategy. However there are so many different autobidders out there to assist people in making sure they win the auction. If there are so many autobidders and people thinking they can win the auction it is based soley on LUCK and NOT strategy. Maybe the autobid makers have teamed up with the penny auction sites to ensure that they don't go out of business.

New Reviewer

I think it is pretty funny that soooo many people on here are mad that quibids is making a lot money. Isn't that the American dream?

My father and I bought the $48.00 package and we walked away with three items worth over $110.00. Once you add in the shipping we totaled about $59.00.... I will continue to "play" on the site if I can keep up that kind of small success. I find it rather entertaining.....
1. $25.00 gift card to applebee's
2. A voice activated alarm clock that "actually" retails for $60.00 not the $80.00 the site said
3 $25 Walmart gift card

*** I have nothing to do with quibids.*** I am a residential and commercial mortgage banker in SC.... So don't call me a pencil whipper for the site!

New Reviewer

Used to be cool, but too many people on now...

I started using Quibids about 6mo ago and I cleaned up back then! I got about $3,500 worth of stuff for around $1,000. But that was then...

Nowadays there are less items and too many people. It feels like Quibids is now trying to maximize profits by limiting the number of auctions available, thus there are always 20 or so bidders bidding at the last second. It is nearly impossible to win and get a good deal now.

I will never use Quibids again.

New Reviewer

Hi, all buddies. We should try our best to close the scam by high tech. Attack it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer
Like several reviews I saw (following a google search and leading to this site, though the other reviews don't come up now on search! too bad....)

This site seems above-board, explaining how the idea is like "going going gone". But the truth is that there is no point in "bidding" except when the clock ticks down, and it is constantly re-setting, with little to no predictability as to when the required "exactly at zero" push will register. I played against quiet groups only to watch the screen freeze at zero and declare a "new player" winner. I've seen "autobid" tools drive up the bid price and there's no way to know if it's all human beings doing the bidding, and the company makes money on bids, which are fast and furious.

Bad enough that the site is a glorified "eBay themed slot machine" where neither skill nor method can be helpful, and there is never any confidence of it being fair and un-rigged. Worse: Within minutes of "winning" a small beginner prize (more bids!) I learned that (1) there is a $2 "service" charge for the immediate/automated crediting of extra bids, and that this must be paid for separately from the bid account; and (2) after paying from a separate, secure Paypal source, within 2 minutes I received phishing letters from Paypal (which I'd not used at all for any other purchases) saying that I'd successfully bought an electronic item I never heard of, nor bid on. It was a fake, and I didn't follow the link. The next thing I know, however, I'm getting hit by lots of email (actually) from Qbids but sent to variations on my email, not my actual address.

I'm thinking not only is this a racket akin to the "variable reinforcement" addictiveness of slot machines, but it's as or more random, and may be like handing out a blank check to spammers and phishers in addition.

As some of the older reviews *here* warn (and I hope they're still findable!) - I'd definitely avoid this site. It's tempting but ends up stealing hours of time piddling away clicks one cent at a time, bidding against real people, robots, and Lord knows what else. Not only is it totally unlike the consumer-oriented eBay site, offering protections for buyers (and identifying the seller!) but there are usually only one or two "bait" items (iPads and an occasional laptop) mixed in with all the packages of bids - easy to win and hook one into more profitable bidding on impossible to win items.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

New Reviewer

The website is a rip off.. i repeat, its a rip off , don't get lured in... just like the lottery, many play the game and very very very few ever win. it's a game of chance, it is not a real auction. I watched the site for weeks... never gave them my money... pay attention, they post fake auctions to lure you in on main website, once you login, you will never find those same auctions.. not logged in, I clicked on an xbox system with the new kineck system.. it asked me to login... so i did, then i clicked on "bid" it came up with an error saying i had to validate my account before i could bid, once i did that, i went to find the auction and it was no where to be found - when just five minutes earlier it said it had 47 minutes left.. so i tested it, i logged back off of the system, closed my browser, and went back to - there was the xbox system again.. but once i logged in again, the game system was no where to be found again and not listed in the recently sold items list..

I am glad that i took the time to research... and did not waste my money.. only wasted my time.. remember, if something is too good to be true, it's usually not true.. don't fall for the tricks.. they will only take your money and leave you with nothing.....

New Reviewer


Apprentice Reviewer

OMG!!! I absolutly hate this website!!! The timers just kept repeating themselves, and not because of other bidders. In a nutshel, SCAM!!!

New Reviewer

I try to get I Pad, spend over $ 300 in bids, and up to buy that item, because was big investment, to leave , total I spend was over $ 650, so and in store you could buy it for $500 or less, so never ever try this site !!!

New Reviewer

On December 4th I actually won 2 auctions- nothing large, just 2 small kitchen appliances from quibids "home & garden" category. Within minutes of winning, I immediately processed my payments to quibids through Paypal and was notified within an hour that my credit card had been debited & quibids had received my payment. On their webpage, quibids quotes 100's of "happy" winners who received their merchandise within days of winning their auctions. Nothing could be further from the truth!!! After a week of receiving no confirmation whatsoever from quibids, I emailed them to check on the status of my 2 orders. Turns out they claim to have no record of my first winning auction and I have recieved nothing back from quibids to resolve my complaint- no refund, no merchandise, no emails, no nothing... The second item (a George Foreman grill) was "out of stock" and quibids claimed they were "having trouble with this particular vendor fulfilling their orders". Quibids finally notified me that my grill was shipped via FedEx and I received it in 12/11. The shipping charge I had to pay when I won the auction was $20. When I received my grill, though, I was immediately struck with how- after shelling out $20 for shipping- it was not in any way packaged to be transported halfway across the country!!! It had not been shipped in any type of protective carton- just the "factory" box that you would find it in on a shelf at any local store with my name & address scribbled on the box with a Sharpie. Worse still, the "factory" box was not even sealed and one of the cardboard flaps was sticking out from the side of the box. I was not terribly surprised then when I opened the box and found the entire plastic top of the grilling assembly was cracked beyond repair. So now, after winning 2 auctions I am left with 1 item quibids can't account for and a second that is damaged beyond repair & is completely useless. What a waste of time and money! My hunch is that quibids sells refurbished crap that vendors are trying to unload then passes the already damaged junk off to unwilling "winners" like me who get their shorts ripped off in the end. Please, please, please- I know quibids pitch sounds appealing and it's easy to get caught up in their addictive 1 or 2 cent auctions- but avoid this company like grim death!!! Your chances of winning are slim at best and even if you win- YOU LOSE!!!

New Reviewer

Verrrryyy sketchy. You buy the bids for .60 cents a piece and then sit at your computer for possibly HOURS watching the item you want as you and other suckers keep plunking down their bids hoping vainly that you'll be the last man standing.

My biggest complaint is that on at least five occasions, I threw bid after bid at an item, only to keep getting outbid. Then, magically, as SOON as I quit bidding, some one who just joined the auction WINS! I just wasted $40-$50 in bids on something and some schmuck who just showed up wins the item because the other bidder with whom I was competing got fed up at the same time as me and walked just like I did!

They suck you in with promises of 50" plasma flat screens for $3.50. I NEVER saw something that nice go for under about $75, but you have to spend probably $200 in bids and winning is PURE LUCK! You can easily spend 3-4 hours and $200 and come away with nothing.

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I am not a member of quibids.Sequence of events:1.Was following two items, ipad 32gb and 16gb on December 8th at around 1am(in detailed view, so I could follow the bidding history).After the items reached a certain amount(I think 40 and 20 something dollars respectively), both these items could not be accessed from the home page(but note the fact that I could still see the items because I had separate windows ALREADY opened in detailed view for the ipads).Is making these items "invisible" (after adequate money has been recouped) to late logins fair or legal? Are they not narrowing the playing field so that bidding wars don't go on for ever and everybody can win and keep coming back?
2.Then redfox52 won the ipad 32gb for 53.69 dollars....preceding that I saw the clock countdown to 3 or 4 seconds then all activity on the web page ceased(for 3-5 seconds)and I saw the sold sign.My point is why did I not see the countdown to 1 or zero seconds and then get the SOLD sign? Why would I not think that bidding activity is ceased at random for certain items(after profits are realized of course) and whoever had placed the last bid before bidding activity is stopped, wins?

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Stay away from this site !!! I registered, bought my vochers, made a few bids (didn't win) and logged off. Now when I try to log on it says "Username not recognized". I've emailed quibids 4 times now and they just keep resetting my password. So, I can't log on and they have my $60.00.

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I knew that statistically they make more off the bids and nothing off the actual sales price. I figured I would have some luck just bidding on cheaper 25 gift certificate or more bids. I really think this site uses bots. I noticed so many of these going for small amounts until you join in, then the bids are out of control. The creators are definetly smart, but I won't be back and soon people will catch on that it is almost impossible to buy anything cheaper than just going to the store. It is of little interest to maybe win a 25 dollar gift card that costs you 24 dollars in bid fees, 2 dollars to process, and the 2.79 cents for the auction. Bots, Bots, Bots.

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It was OK at first...I won an Ipad for a total of probably only $100 (bids and costs), then I won the "Premium Golf Balls" which showed a photo of Bridgestone golf balls (as did the description), but when I went to pay for them and choose which balls, no Bridgestones were available...only Titleists and Calloways which my husband doesn't play. Three complaints to them, and they just said the choice was the choice. No more quibids for me.

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This is a total scam Do not waste your money You might as well open the window and throw your money outside

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Not worth it. It's a trap. Stay away from it completely. They buy an item for $800, they charge .60 a bid, with only one-cent bids (which is only a deal for them). By the time all the bidding is over, they make out quite well. You're better off going to a casino. At least you know you're gambling. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE, UNLESS YOU LOVE TO GAMBLE AND THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY AND WATCH OTHER PEOPLE JUST TAKE FREE MONEY FROM YOU!

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Gamblers only need apply. There is a difference between betting and bidding. With quibids, only the winner ends up having bid. Everyone else was betting, and they lost their money. Calling this an auction site is misleading. This is a gambling site.

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when you register they automatically charge your credit card over $40, so that you can "bid" on their auctions and buy more bucks to bid on more auctions. Overrated.

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It's an online auciton that you have to pay to bid. It's costs 60 cents no matter what,and it's rare to win any auction for one 60 cent bid. You pay for your bid, plus the cost of the actual auction and shipping/handling. So Ebay is better, since a buyer doesn't pay to bid on their auctions, and there are no fees involved for Ebay bidders.

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One person talks about how this site is not a scam by definition, but pure capitalism. He is right! In today's society ignorance is BLISS, some intelligent Entrepreneur found a way to capitalize on ignorance! Face it people, if you fell into the trap of buying bids, quibids didnt scam you, you scammed yourself into thinking something so good could actually be true!!!! Ignorance??? I think so!

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I am wondering if any people won 2 times or more. If not, the auction is cheating. All the bidders are not real besides you. I spend 40 bucks and 2 hours but just won a flush driver valued less than 10 in the begining easily nothing after that.

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Here's the REAL scam: go to the website and see all the great stuff being "auctioned" live. Then buy bids and log on - all those great items disappear. You have a ton of gift cards and cheaper items only available to bid on, with 1 or 2 big ticket items being auctioned. Just log on using one browser (Explorer) and open the website in another (Firefox)and see for yourself. But you must be a customer, logged in to your account to see the difference. CURRENT CUSTOMERS VERIFY THIS FOR ME-THX

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DON'T waist your money! This site is the biggest RIP-OFF!!!!! Huge scam, I'm sure it won't be in buisness much longer

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