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ProntoCharger reviews

66 reviews
Categories: Computer, Laptop Batteries
Tel: 1-800-790-0786
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Customer service contacted me promptly to make sure they had the correct model. (in 12 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Deserves minus stars. Ordered a charger for laptop. It didn't fit so returned it in July 2014. I still have NOT heard from anyone from this company. Lousy service. NEVER again.

Tip for consumers: pick another website

Ask terri about ProntoCharger
New Reviewer

I ordered a charger for my daughter's tablet. We received the charger but it broke within a week!! I immediately sent a note to support and my email was acknowledged but I have not received a word from this company on what to do to exchange this charger for one that works! HORRIBLE Customer Service and cheap item. Problem is still not resolved and these idiots have my money.

Tip for consumers: Go somewhere else!!!

Ask Karen about ProntoCharger
New Reviewer

On June 18th I called about a charger,I found out it was my battery for the computer.I mailed back the charger on June20th with a return receipt. It was signed by V.Gonzales.I payed $41.26.Still have not received the credit on my account.I wish I had like so many of saw the reviews about this company.Going to call the BBB in Texas and what can be done.
Lorraine NY

New Reviewer

I ordered a charger thinking I had lost my original. Within 30 minutes of ordering I found my original (of course). I immediately contacted ProntoCharger and asked for them to cancel my order. I never got a response back from them in spite of receiving an email that stated they would be in touch with me within 24 hours. When my package arrived I immediately refused it. I have never received a refund!! I have contacted them 2 other times in regards to my refund. I get the standard "we will reply to you within 24 hours" and never hear from them. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE A BUNCH OF THIEVES! I wish I had read these reviews before making my purchase!

New Reviewer

I ordered a charger for a laptop I bought at Best Buy. The laptop didn't come with a charger, and Best Buy didn't carry them - weird - so I had to find the cheapest available charger. Luckily the charger I purchased was the right one for the laptop, and worked too! Only bad thing is the computer was already broken. I had to then return the computer the day I received my charger. I have been trying to contact Prontocharger since then with no such luck. Now I will have to resell this charger myself to get my money back. Such a scam. DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

New Reviewer

Terrible. Sent me wrong charger, made me pay to ship it back for exchange. Next one didn't work. Again wanted me to pay to send it back, but shipping costs the same as the unit itself! When I calmly protested, they hung up on me. DON'T BUY FROM THEM

New Reviewer

Do not order from No such thing as same day shipping, next day shipping, etc. After days, I emailed them and asked if it had been shipped -- the response was a USPS tracking number that I could not track for 24+ hours. Tracked i but the tracking stopped several days ago. Wish I had looked at the reviews first. Will contest the charge and contact BBB.

New Reviewer

1 star only because it would not let me give them 0 stars. Dishonest or just incompetent, it's hard to tell. Do not believe it when they say they ship the same day. You will be luck if they ship it within a week. I am 15 days from when I order and still no package. I ordered the same item form a different seller and I got it in 4 days. Customer service will respond but they are not very helpful. I had to request the shipping information. The shipping information has not been updated in a week, and I still don't have my item. And now they will not respond to me at all.

New Reviewer

Ordered a charger and waited and waited and waited some more. Tried to track it with the order number but received error message that there was no such number. Tried calling the 24/7 phone number which was never answered. Tried emailing customer service and never received an acknowledgment. Finally got a hold of them during "normal business hours". Was told they had emailed me to let me know of a back order(not true) and it "just got in today'. That was 2 weeks ago...still no charger. In total, I have waited for 4 weeks. Stay away, stay away, stay away!

New Reviewer

Filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Houston and disputed the charge on my card. Ordered charger on May 22 and have been getting the runaround ever since. Took my money and a week later emailed me that it is on backorder, they said shipped on May 30 (not), they will send a tracking order (never), customer service system is down (June 5 and 6), asked for management and transferred to voice mail. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE and I have in the service business.

New Reviewer

Ordered a charger for my laptop on May 23..."same day shipping" went out on May 29...still haven't gotten the charger and it is June reply to emails,
no tracking info..I will order from Amazon and get it in 2 days,
May dispute credit card charges... pronto...not..

New Reviewer

Product not shipped until I filed a complaint with Paypal. I am sure it was a coincidence the product shipped the day after the complaint was filed. Product received and works. I recommend using paypal to pay and if product not received, then file a dispute with Paypal.

New Reviewer

5 Star's no issues I choose 4-5 shipping days I got it in 4 days and it was the right charger don't let any of these bad reviews turn you away from this site and its awesome deals just because it happened with them doesn't mean the same outcome will happen to you I got the right order and if I should need another replacement later on down the road for future laptops this is the first place I'm going to.

New Reviewer

Corrupt business. Next day shipping means nothing. All orders shipped same day is a false statement. I wish I would have read all these reviews before I placed my order that I have never received.

New Reviewer

I sure wish I had read all these reviews before I ordered from them! I ordered a Lenovo Thinkpad charger and was sent the wrong one and it wasn't Lenovo, but generic. I called and they said to keep the charger and they would send a new one. Got the new one and it looked like the right one, but didn't fit and also was not a Lenovo brand as advertised. I called again and was told to return both chargers and they would refund my money. I returned them both in the same package on 3/27/14. It's 5/19/14 and still no refund. I called to find out why and they said, "I'm sorry but you only returned one charger, so we can't give you a refund." I said I returned both of them in the same package and she said, "I see by the notes on your account that we only got one back. If we had gotten two, it would have been noted as such". I asked to speak to a supervisor and she transferred me. Of course I got a message that they were not available to take my call. I left a message, but I doubt I'll hear back. Now I'm just out that money and still have to get another charger! What a ripoff!

New Reviewer

This company is the worst. I was charged for an out-of-stock product. Company now refuses to issue a refund. Totally unresponsive to requests.

Ordered the charger I needed at LESS then the Pronto Charger price. It arrived; this scumbag company is still refusing to make good on their charge.

New Reviewer

Turn around right now and order from somewhere else! I picked this site because i wanted to order from a professional website instead of ordering from EBAY, but I was completely wrong. First, they boast same day shipping... that only means the process begins after you order and does not guarantee fast or 'pronto' delivery. In fact, shipping cost isn't even considered until the very last page of the form after you've already put in all your information. At that point the $18.00 you though you were spending turns into $25.00. Not that big a deal as long as you get a quality product and prompt service... BUT YOU WILL NOT!. I ordered a charger by entering my serial# from my laptop, after ten days I called and they said that in order to ship the product they needed that serial# plus the make and model of my laptop. Where the information went and why it could not be attained from there records will remain a mystery because they have no freaking clue how to run a quality business much less in pronto time and fashion. H O R R I B L E. If you could kill a website, I would murder

New Reviewer

Total Misrepresentation. I ordered (what I thought to be) a DELL charger. See this site:
The site states that it is a DELL charger. Not that it would work on a Dell laptop. It also states that it is originally $62.95 (the DELL website has it for $69.70 so I thought since the original price was that high, it would be genuine Dell) !!!It was important for us that we ordered a genuine DELL product. When it arrived I realized it is just a very cheap charger! NOT a DELL product. I ended up just purchasing from Dell directly. Prontocharger is a scam. It is false advertising and a misrepresentation of the product. The quality of the poduct, which arrived is very cheap and I would not trust to use it on my expensive laptop.

New Reviewer

Did not read reviews before I ordered and wish I had. I ordered the expedited shipping, but got note saying it was delayed. Took 3 weeks to get it and they still charged for the expedited shipping. They show pictures of the OEM chargers, but what you get is not OEM--it is something different. Mine is working so far......we shall see how it goes. For the price it seems a good deal--provided the charger actually continues to work. Just be ware that 1. do NOT order expedited shipping 2. the charger will not be OEM. Otherwise, no issues.

New Reviewer

Por Favor no compren en este sitio llevo una semana esperando mi cargador y cuando contacte el customers service me dijeron k no tenia mi cargador y k ellos me habian mandado un email notificandomelo cuando no fue cierto y k habia sido enviado ayer k provablemente lo reciviria el Viernes k desilucion pague el shipping para k me llegara mas rapido y miren lo k me dicen ahora Cuando EBAY lo tenia mas econimico free shipping pero se tardaba mas k ESTOS INRESPONSABLES k te engañan y despues solo kieres callarte con k eso esta en las Usos y Terminos de la compañia EN SERIO K INRESPONSABLES SON COMO TE ROBAN EL DINERO Y NO SON KIEN NI DE DEVOLVER LO K PAGASTES X EL ENVIO RAPIDO :(

New Reviewer

Horrible company!!! They sent me the incorrect chargers twice! Then they wanted me to do a Bios upgrade to use the foreign adaptors. How am I supposed to do that with a dead laptop? Horrible Customer service, now "Company Policy" they will not reimburse for returned shipping. Sent me an email with an address to unprofessional - DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered 3 chargers in January and received them promptly. They were not what I wanted, so I returned them and requested a refund. I'm still waiting, as of 3/24/2014 for my refund. They have said 'it is processing' for over a month.

I would not recommend this company.

New Reviewer

This website totally sucks! it took my money and I even paid extra so it can be here the next day and its been a month and NOTHING. I am so mad and disappointed and to top it off they don't want to give me a refund. Like what makes you think I want credit to your website when you guys can't deliver anything!!! Worst sight ever. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE!!!!!

New Reviewer

The owner of prontocharger is an professional artist cheating the customer ,he doing business by cheating . he never send money to me ,and also adapter also not sent me . this company should be disappearing in the world . Sulena and Fiyyaz are cheat couples .

New Reviewer

I received a charger for my MacBook Pro. It had a short in it. They were willing to replace the charger. However, I was soon notified that the charger I needed was "Out of Stock" and wouldn't be available for a while. They said they would ship me a replacement when it was back in stock AND I had returned the defective charger. That seems reasonable. However, they would not pay for return shipping of a defective charger. I think that is poor customer service to require the customer to pay for return shipping on a defective product that they had sent. I asked if they would reimburse the shipping charges if I paid for it, and they said no, it wasn't in their policy. That I should have read their policy. That feels to me like they are getting away with the "fine print" clause. I disputed the charge with my credit card and the charges were reversed. It is still under investigation. DO NOT PAY WITH A DEBIT CARD, as you will lose a lot of consumer protection if you do. I feel like their excuse that the charger was not in stock was a way to delay me long enough so that the filed dispute against them with my credit card would expire and they would then not be held accountable for the poor customer service and defective product they provided. I will never do business with them again, and would recommend you never do as well. The only positive reviews i could find, are cases where nothing went wrong. If those same people who posted positive reviews ever have a problem with this company, I believe they will experience difficulties and through that experience, they will change their minds about this company.

New Reviewer

On January 2, 2014, I ordered a charging plug for our Asus tablet. My bank card was charged the next day. On 01/04, ProntoCharger advised us that they no longer carry the charger and that we would receive a credit in 24 to 48 hours. Eight+ weeks later, after 4 e-mails and 3 phone calls, still no refund. We kept hearing "one to two days". Finally, today (after 9 weeks) I received a credit on my bank account. ProntoCharger needs to get its act together.

New Reviewer

I'm shocked at the other reviews. My macpro charger broke, my model being from 2009, and I ordered a replacement from prontocharger. Customer service contacted me promptly to make sure they had the correct model. Once confirmed, I received it within twenty-four hours. The charger is a legitimate Mac charger. I am completely satisfied. Thank you prontocharger for your help!

New Reviewer

These items are falsely advertised! They are not the true brand chargers. They are off brand charges!! Cancellations and Returns are extremely difficult and time consuming. with no guaranteed results of getting your money back!!!


New Reviewer

On Jan 5, 2014 I ordered a laptop charger from The charger was advertised on their site as "Brand: Asus". I wanted an authentic Asus charger since I have had problems with two other generic ones I had previously purchased from other vendors. Immediately after placing the order I became leery and thought I should call them to make sure it was an Asus. I was told that all of their chargers are generic. I told the lady I would like to cancel my order that was submitted 20 minutes prior to my call since the advertising on their site was false. I was told that I could not cancel my order and that I should just reject the package when it arrived at my house. After the call I also followed up with an e-mail to their customer service stating that I wanted to cancel the order. The package arrived a few days later and I did as I was told and put "Return to Sender" on the package. It took a month and a half (from my order date) for me to get a refund. During that time, I called them 3 times to question about my refund and also finally sent an e-mail to have something in writing. On February 13, 2014, I finally received my refund, but, to top it all off, they deducted $6.14 from my refund for shipping expenses. So, after a month and a half of this ordeal, I lose out on my shipping expenses and lots of my personal time trying to cancel the order in the first place via phone and e-mail, and numerous additional phone calls and another e-mail just trying to get my refund.

They falsely advertised their product on their site and should be responsible for the shipping. Plus, I tried to cancel the order 20 minutes after I placed it, when the product obviously hadn't shipped yet, and I should have been able to cancel the order. I feel very strongly about this complaint as is all about principle!

New Reviewer

These guys are absolutely terrible. I ordered the wrong model on my charger and realized it three days later, but thought it was okay because my "same day shipping" package hadn't been shipped yet. I called to cancel, and the girl was like, "Oh, well, the page just hasn't been updated yet. It shipped today. Just return it once you get it." So I called once I received the package, and they sent me the return information. I followed it, and was exchanging emails regularly about the return and refund with customer support. My tracking number said they received my charger back on 2/14, and strangely enough, that's when customer service stopped replying to my emails. I'm going to inundate them with phone calls, and if that doesn't work in getting my money back, I'll happily go through the Better Business Bureau. It's only $28, but it's the principle of it. This site is run by scam artists who don't believe in a proper business model, and I will jump through whatever hoops I have to in order to get my money back. Absolutely stay away from these hacks!

New Reviewer

THE WORST! an order that was supposed to take 2 weeks to arrive ended up going 6 weeks before I found out the product was on backorder (a simple laptop charger). I then canceled my order and was consistently told the refund was processing an it was on my banks end/would arrive in "3 business days". I contacted my bank and they said nothing had been sent through to them. It has now been over 2 months from original order date and I have not received funds back. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY RED FLAG!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I believe this site is run by scam artists. Ordered a charger on Thursday, site said it ships same day. Friday I get an email, "out of stock" with no estimated in-stock date. Called the company, some girl answered and said, "Oh the out-of-stock products just came in, it will ship out this afternoon" and refused to look up my specific order number to verify it was covered. Today, three days later, no shipping notice. Called again, got the same story as Friday. Don't know why they even answer their phones. Found this site, saw all the problems everyone else has had, and realized I had been duped. Called American Express to explain, they are taking the charge off my account and opening an investigation with Stay away from this site, they do not appear to be legitimate.
Filed a complaint with the FTC. They had helpful info on their site, especially how to get your money back.
UPDATE FEB 10, 2014 - A few days after I called Amex to dispute the charge because the merchandise was never rec'd (ie give me a credit while the merchant proves to AMEX I ordered the product) I called Prontocharger and requested a refund. She pulled up my order number, paused, said, "Ohhhhhhhh....." and said she was issuing a credit. Didn't ask why I was cancelling the order. Bet she saw the AMEX dispute note on the file. Bottom line: don't buy from this company, and if you did get your credit card issuer involved to help get your refund. They all want to know about scams like this, so they can put them on their list of companies to deny payment.

New Reviewer

Massive SCAM Stay away!!! Ordered a charger, received a charger couple days later im thinking not only to find out its the wrong charger. I called they said our mistake we will send the correct charger today you will have in 2 days. They also said to go ahead and discard the wrong charger they did not need it to be returned. (sounded to good to be true so I kept it) Week later no charger, they tell me its "out of stock" but will be in today will send out tomorrow and I should receive 2 days from then. Week later no charger, I call they tell me "out of stock" I said fine refund my money Ill find it elsewhere, they say okay it will show up as credit on my credit card. Week later no credit on my credit card, I call they said we cant credit your card until we receive back the wrong charger we sent you originally?? what you said discard it, you do not need it? Im pissed, dont feel like shipping back at my own expense they said they now have my correct charger and will send out today should get in 2 days. Week later no charger, the 24/7 hotline is bull$#*!! this is a big scam, stay away. Its incredible that this site is still in business and that no one in Texas has figured out who runs this place and has not beat their ass.

New Reviewer

I ordered a charger and paid priority shipping over a week ago and I still haven't received the charger. I called during the day after it was supposed to arrive and they told me it shipped the prior day and I still haven't received it.

The website says to contact them 24/7, but that only applies to sales...

Do not use this site! It's not worth any savings.

New Reviewer

Ordered a charger for my M1730 and received it with scratches and scrapes on the cord, rubber bumpers missing, and the connector to the computer was chipped. I get an error on my computer saying it isn't recognized and won't charge. I contacted the site, and still haven't received a response. Wasted money and won't make the same mistake again. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. STAY AWAY.

New Reviewer

I made a purchase 3 weeks ago for my laptop adapter. until today I have not received my order. The first time I called, which was a week after I placed my order, they told me my item was out of stock. Thus when I asked why I was not notified of this manner, the costumer service representative simply said that she will fix it and she will ship my order the next day because she is certain that it will be in stocks. I believed her because there's no way for me to check such statement. After 2 days of business, I went back to check my order and there was no updates. I called again and that's when I was notified that my order has not shipped. It is as if these people did not go through proper training. Anyways, after I was finished with them, I received an email from a representative named Vanessa G. who said that she is sorry for the inconvenience and she will refund me some money for the handling and the shipping. I am still waiting on my money. The worse case is that, I cannot get the hold of the manager as he/she is never near the phone, and never calls back its costumer. This is a frustrating experience and from now on, I will only trust websites that have been certified and does not mistreat its costumers the way these people do. This makes me wonder sometimes if they ever understood the marketing business here. The goal is to keep costumer coming through good service and quality product.

New Reviewer

I ordered a replacement charger for my brand new macbook pro (after my new puppy chewed the original). I received the charger quickly and it worked for about 6 weeks. After it quit working I called and they sent out another one. It worked for about 2 months. I called again and they now want $20 to make a warranty claim. They post that their products are under warranty for 2 years. I told them forget it and moved on to another supplier. What a waste of $50. Should have gone to apple from the start!

New Reviewer

I'm afraid I've had nothing but bad experiences with Pronto Charger. In the first place, they sent me the wrong product. Although I returned it more than a month ago, I still haven't received a refund. And while I've been told (twice) said refund is on its way, there's more: they also charged me for shipping--both ways! ("Shipping is never refunded.") Sheesh. Please keep in mind that I was sent the WRONG part. So it's cost me (assuming the long-lost refund does eventually arrive!) between $15 and $20 in shipping charges alone to have Pronto Charger ship me a lousy little adapter that I didn't order. Needless to say I won't be doing business with Pronto Charger again and don't recommend them. (By the way, the adapter they sent was quite different from the one they had pictured on their website, and while they charged me for a long cord, they sent the short one.)

New Reviewer

My charger cord broke, had little battery left. Did a quick google and found this to be the cheapest. I didn't expect the charger to arrive in 3 days but it did. I did not pay extra for shipping. I would absolutely use again.

New Reviewer

Imitation Apple chargers - Shoddy work - Had to return 2 and still have not receive my refund. When I call, they say it should be processed by the end of the day. How many end of days should it take to give me my credit!!

New Reviewer

My story tells like the others.

I paid $25 for next day delivery, for a $40 charger and have received nothing.

The owner of this company is Fiyyaz Pirani. He can be found on facebook.

The location, there is two good leads. I am looking to make a visit and possibly confront them face to face.

Piranha holdings is the name that prontocharger is under.

My hope is for a refund. Seems like I would be lucky to get anything back.

New Reviewer

Add my voice to the growing chorus of detractors. Placed and order for a charger that was immediately charged to my card. I paid extra for 2nd day shipping. About 5 days later, nothing had arrived. I followed up and was informed that the product is out of stock and would not be in until the following Wednesday. Of course, I cancelled my order. Lets see how long the refund takes.

New Reviewer

Same story as everyone else, no product, no refund. I even talked to a representative and was told that the product was in stock. Paid extra for ups blue, waited and waited, but no product. I went on their website and of course order number not found. I ordered the charger on 08/29/13. Chatted with the company on 09/05/13 & was told that the product was on back order & no ETA. Still have not received a refund. They continue to accept orders for the same product online even though they know they don't have the product. Bad business

New Reviewer

OMG, Im not the only one!! I asked for a special cord for an OLD printer...and they assured me they had fact they advertise that they carry cords for ALL Hp printers....well, of course it was totally wrong, \as I warned
them.....the end of the cord was a completely different shape and size....well, I wanted the shipping fee back too...oh boy....I even called my lawyer and I called BBB, and after all that, the legals said well you are will cost more to take them to smallclaims court than if you just take what you can get from them. well, thanks alot.....
so I sent the product back and its been months and months and I havent heard ONE reply from them as to if they have credited my creditcard back for the product itself...forget about the shipping cost.....NO ANSWER yet.....
I wish the attorney general or some organization would stick it to bad internet businesses...

New Reviewer

AVOID, these guys are SCAM artists. I ordered a HP DM3 power cord from these guys just before Christmas for $45. They sent a power cord that did not even remotely fit a DM3 - simply the wrong product - though I could not (obviously) test the product it appeared to be of cheap manufacture from China and not an HP OEM product. I called them to ask for a refund, and Oscar, head of customer relations at, told me that I would have to send the power cord back at my cost of shipping. Initially, I thought this seemed reasonable until Oscar told me that even if the power cord was deemed by to be the wrong cord I would NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR SHIPPING. WHAT THE FRACK KIND OF BUSINESS IS PRONTOCHARGERS IF THEY KNOWINGLY SHIP THE WRONG PRODUCT AND THEN CHARGE CUSTOMERS THE COST OF RETURN SHIPPING REGARDLESS OF SHIPPING THE WRONG CORD?!?!?. Also note the numerous complaints on the web of other customers having similar difficulties with returns/exchanges and GASP! Prontochargers claiming not to receive certified returns (Do a search on Google for '' no need to put in complaints or refunds on search - complaints show up on the top 10 search results.) Prontochargers has now blocked my home phone number from contacting them and will only send me machine generated emails that do not give me any return or contact information. I immediately contacted the Houston, TX Better Business Bureau - notice the 'F' rating and at least 16 recent complaints (all unanswered by - , the Texas Attorney General office , and disputed the charge with MasterCard. BUYER BEWARE is a SCAM - currently there is nothing preventing this company from sending you a wrong or defective product and then putting the onus on you (the consumer) to get a refund as well as paying shipping costs - AVOID PRONTOCHARGERS.COM they are dishonest and simply will not ship you the product you ordered and then expect that you pay return shipping costs!

New Reviewer

Totally awful. Ordered a charger and paid for next day shipping. Got an immediate email of the bill, but two days later, no charger, the website has no record of my order number and the phones are not answered either after business hours event though the site says they answer 24/7 or during regular business hours. I will NEVER use this site again.

New Reviewer

They are not selling authentic macpro chargers. They show a picture of a mac charger, they say they sell original chargers that come in the original packing and that they are an authorized mac dealer. This is all a lie. The battery is about 40 percent larger than my original, is multicolored meaning has different whites showing the pieces they used to put it together and is certainly not original. They will let you return within 14 days but you have to pay for shipping and handling. They are a fraudulent company that is guilty of scamming people. They charge more than other companies that sell rebuilt or replacement mac stuff, so I was dumb and thought I was getting an actual Mac product.

New Reviewer

Site says they operate 24/7. I placed an order for a laptop charger and paid extra for expedited shipping (within 2-3 days) FedEx or USPS. It has been four days and I've just received an email that they shipped today. So much for them operating 24/7. I should have received my order by now. Don't pay extra for shipping, it's a sham. We'll see how the product turns out when it gets here. My hopes aren't too high.

New Reviewer

The cord I bought from Pronto Charger didn't fit with my printer like they advertised it would. It completely ruined my $200.00 printer. When I called about the refund they would only process it if I returned the cord to them and paid the shipping. Bad business!! The customer service reps just kept repeating the same thing and I never could get the supervisor to call me back. I had to hassle them in order to speak to her and she still only repeated the same things that the reps said. What a joke!!

New Reviewer

Dont use, needed a charger over nighted 2 days later I called still no charger, So I cancelled order. Friday they are delivering after I cancelled order. Told them What part of paying extra money to have it shipped over night does not mean 5 days shipping reg shipping.

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