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Review of ProDirectSoccer

ProDirectSoccer reviews

26 reviews
Categories: Jersey, Shopping, Soccer
Bridge House, Parkhill Road, Torquay,
Devon, TQ1 2AL, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 871 423 20 20
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26 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I just ordered two sets of cleats for my daughter and I couldn't be happier. They were last year's models so the price was very good (I was a little worried too good). They shipped from Atlanta a day later and arrived in two days via Fed Ex as they were supposed to. I checked the cleats thoroughly upon arrival for an defects or any hint that they may be knock-offs. The were in great condition and they (as well as the boxes) look legit. My daughter has played three games in them and she has had no issues with one pair. Hasn't had a chance yet to try out the artificial grass cleats yet.

Ask Kevin about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered 14 team shirts from ProDirect. Firstly, the good news - the shirts arrived in reasonable time, and were fine.
The not good news is that Pro Direct charged me twice for this order. I saw this (Pro Direct did not) and so emailed Pro Direct to report this to them. It then took over a month to get a refund of the over payment. In that time I had to write endless emails asking Pro Direct where was my refund was . The customer services at Pro Direct were terrible. They did nothing -except the usual bland "sorry for any inconvenience" statement. I received emails - each one from a different Pro Direct customer support person, and each one telling me something completely different.They had no idea what they were doing -or how to fix the problem.
People and businesses make mistakes - I am ok with that, but how they handle mistakes and customer care tells you alot about a company. The customer care of this company is very, very poor. I will not use them again.

Ask Alan about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered Mercurial SG Vapors on 5 May, as the boots were available for immediate despatch. After receiving an email confirmation, I was told the boot was on back order until May 11.
On May 11, was told May 18. On May 18, date put out to May 25. On May 25, date changed to May 29. On May 20, my order was marked shipped. I arrived home to check the tracking information and the status changed to BACK ORDER AGAIN!!!
I asked for an IMMEDIATE REFUND and no one responded to my email. I could have ordered the boots in the UK and had them THREE WEEKS AGO!
I filed a BBB complaint and will file with Georgia Attorney General.

Ask Richard about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

The reviews looked a little unpromising but we ordered anyways (from clearance because the deals are amazing) and it came 3 shipping days later with no problems whatsoever.

Ask Ben about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I spoke to a man called James I must say the service was fantastic he was very helpful and even gave me free express delivery as my previous order was on back order also was very calm and nice and kind and helped me out in every aspect even went out of his way to call me back to confirm I will receive my order the following working day.

Ask Tom about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
5 helpful votes

Bought some Nike Hypervenom Phantoms for a great price of $144 and got them in less than a week. Awesome!

Ask Niwre about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
2 helpful votes
1/4/15 is a really reliable source! Im from Australia and the website says it would be delivered by Royal Mail between 7-8 working days and it came on time! The prices are low and I never had to contact customers service because their site is really good! I ordered the Nike Elastic II Finale Indoors and they were amazing! I have just ordered the Adidas Predator Instinct and the price was so cheap!! The shoes perform amazingly! Wonderful Website! and for the people who had trouble buying go to a different website like SOCCERPRO.COM or WORLDSOCCERSHOP.COM but the prices are very high!

Ask khiem about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
2 helpful votes

The pricing and selection are amazing and they have boots that can not be found else where. THAT IS EXACTLY WHY THEY ARE NOT LEGIT!!

Placed an order for three pairs of boots, two Nike Tiempo IV and one Adidas 11Pro, via Paid for the transaction using my Visa card. Received and email stating that my card was declined due to having the wrong mailing address. Although the correct address was displayed in my pro-direct-soccer account. Gave them the benefit of doubt and placed the same order again, this time using my PayPal account. Once again, I received an email stating that my card was declined due to having the wrong mailing address. Although I did not even use a credit card!

I sent an email the us customer support office,, asking about the status of my order. I got one of the most bizarre email response form an online retailer. I have pasted the email copy to the end of my review, judge for yourself.

I called the UK customer service at +44-871-423-2020, spoke with a lad named James. I explained my dilemma and provided him with my order number. Unfortunately, not only he was not able to find my order he kept addressing me with various different names. Even though I was nothing but polite over the coarse of our conversation, he hung up on me!

Since they were the only online store that offered the brand, style and price that met my needs, I tried once more to place my order. This time the boots that I wanted were not even showing up regardless of the parameters/filters I used to complete the search on! Here is when it gets interesting (for a tech geek). I cleared my browsing history and cookies just for grins. Would you believe it, the search results were different and both shoes were now displayed at much lower prices than before! My original order for the three shoes was $400+ and now the same order was $275+. Needless to say, once I place the order the third time and paid via PayPal, I received an email stating that my credit card was declined due to having the wrong mailing address!

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately due to the high amount of orders placed using fraudulent bank cards online, our bank has requested that we take extra care whilst dealing with orders that follow a particular pattern/scenario, this includes the following:

- Delivery to an city/area/country of which we have received issues from in the past
- Delivery to a country where the credit/debit card is not registered
- The card used is issued in a country different to the one you have specified as your billing address (excludes AMEX)
- Multiple orders in quick succession (through not only us but our online e-commerce handler)
- Details matching an already blocked account
- The card used does not match the one authorized on that account
- Including other reasons we feel like this order may not be genuinely placed by the cardholder

I am afraid that this means that we have been unable to process your order successfully.
In order for us to process your order, we would request that you forward us a copy of the address shown on your bank statement as well as the last 4 digits of the card you are using.

-----We have no interest in any financial or personal information found in the bank statement-----
-----We only request proof of your address on headed paper as well as the last 4 digits of your card-----
-----Please cover all confidential information for your own privacy-----
-----All emails are treated and dealt with confidentially and securely-----

This could either be in the form of a screen shot from your online banking or a scanned copy of your statement.

If you have paid via PayPal then please follow the same procedure however it is not necessary to include a card number.

We can also accept a screenshot of the transaction in your account if the order has already progressed to a stage where funds have been reserved or debited in your account.
In relation to this, if you are paying using the same payment details as a previous order and we have requested this confirmation, we will accept a screenshot of the transaction within your account (again, please cover all confidential information).

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause to customers that are genuine and realize that to many this may this may seem unorthodox, however we take credit card fraud very seriously and apply the strictest measures to ensure the security of all our genuine customers.

All details are dealt with and disposed of securely once received and you shall be contacted asking to replace the order once a valid statement has been received and confirmed. Please do not replace the order until you hear from us as the account may still be blocked meaning the order would not be accepted by our systems regardless of if we approve the statement or not.

With Regards
US Customer Support

The information in this email is intended only for the addressee(s) named above. Access to this email by anyone else is unauthorised. If you are not the intended recipient of this message any disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken in reliance on it is prohibited and may be unlawful. Pro Direct Sport can't guarantee that any attachments are free from viruses or other defects and accept no liability for any losses resulting from infected email transmissions. Please note that any views expressed in this email may be those of the originator and do not necessarily reflect those of this organization.


Ask Fateh about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I had a great experience with First I was a little affraid because of the negative reviews I saw on the internet. So I decided to e-mail them with a couple of questions and they answered my questions within a few hours. These answers gave me the trust I needed to place my order. So I ordered a pair of Puma Powercat 1 SL soccershoes which retailed for €274,95 a year ago in the Netherlands, these shoes were in the Sale so I only paid €76,- for them with additional €8,29 shipping costs instead of €274,95.

I ordered the shoes on 29/09/2014 and they were deliverd at 02/10/2014. I had a great experience ordering at Pro Direct Soccer!

Tip for consumers: Take a look at the Sale, there are high quality shoes for exceptional low prices!

Ask Mark about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
2 helpful votes

What a load of $#*!! Orders displayed on the site are not actually in stock even though the confirmation email gives you a dispatch date! Customer services upon hearing that I want to cancel the order suddenly very vague and quite rude. I asked for a call back because she couldn't confirm whether or not she could actually cancel - "might be today, I can't put a time on it!" Very annoyed as this whole process has taken 8 days up to now.............

Avoid this site if you've got any sense.

Ask Gemma about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a $140 pair of pantafola cleats and when they came in they were almost two sizes bigger than my Nike cleats. I wore them outside one time to see if I was able to adapt with the fit and I could not, I sent them in for an exchange of a size smaller and they replied that they would NOT exchange used pairs of cleats even though they were in perfect condition. Bogus Site.

Ask Damian about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

There are better options out there: stay away from this store.
On Christmas day I discovered they had shipped me the wrong item and contacted them immediately. No response to the first e-mail.
I sent another one a few days later and they offered to replace the wrong item, but I had to pay for the shipping cost for the return. Since it was their mistake, I refused and they offered a pre-paid shipping label.
In mid January, I received an e-mail that my return/exchange was processed and the replacement item had been dispatched to me.
At the beginning of February, I had not received anything, so I contacted them again. Their response was that the item they sent as a replacement was currently out-of-stock (if they sent it, how can it be out-of-stock !?#).
Tired of dealing with them, I requested to cancel the order and be done.
Timidly, they offered to replace the original item with a comparable one. Fine with me, but then of course it could not be that easy ! I had to place a new order for the similar item, and then they will discount it by 10% and, after shipment, cancel the original order. I can already image what else could have happened if I kept following their story. Forty days later, I still don't have the item I ordered, and exhausted I decided to cancel the original order and go shop somewhere else.
Avoid the hassle and start from my conclusion: go shopping somewhere else.

Ask Michele about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

It is impossible to contact pro-direct soccer's customer service via email. They do not respond even after multiple emails. If you are outside the UK (I'm in the US), avoid this site. After I placed an order there, they started sending me catalogs in the mail and there is no way for me to opt-out. For me, the catalogs go directly from the mailbox into the trash because I am not interested in soccer goods- the item I bought was a gift for someone.

Ask Gail about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

It is an illegal service, please avoid it at all costs. Do not give them your business!

I placed an order which was displayed IN STOCK, to be delivered in 2-3 business days. However, after processing this order and giving payment and delivery details it said that the item was currently OUT OF STOCK. I therefore cancelled the order. However, 1 MONTH LATER I was charged and received this order without my permission. This was a new transaction that happened without my authorisation and against their own terms and conditions. It is unfair commercial practice and prohibited by UK law under The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (2008).

Customer support do not care that they are breaking the law and do not take responsibility for their illegal transactions. They could not even confirm that the item could be returned and fully refunded including delivery charges.

Ask Anon about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have sent over 20 emails to this company! They sent the product which I had cancelled by mistake and wanted me to ship it back to them while I was OUTSIDE THE UK. As it was a mistake on their behalf, the company should return the shipping cost also, they didn't return a single quid. I did a first class delivery which cost 16 pounds! I emailed them more than 5 times about this and never had a single respond so now I am taking it to another level. I have consulted with my lawyer about this and am considering to file a lawsuit against this company if they are not going to do anything about it. I have wasted 16 pounds for no reason!!!

Ask Eric about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Stay away from them, ordered a pair of boots, payed for fast delivery and after 13 days they're still in their warehouse. Worst football shop online I ever bought from. I wrote them 5 emails and they replied me only the first time. The customer service was just terrible, like the company itself.

Ask Mario about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
3 helpful votes

As a UK customer I'd just like to say that I had absolutely no issues with this website. I ordered a pair of Nike Maestri III football boots with next day delivery. I was told via the website and delivery company's website where my boots were all the way from the warehouse to my house, they arrived the next day. I just wonder whether all the bad reviews have come from people in other countries, so I'd like to assure the people using this site from the UK. You have nothing to worry about. For non-UK countries, I can't really comment. Andy/24/Wigan.

Ask Andy about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Prodirectsoccer is by far the worse service I have ever use.
First, I was charged twice. Then when the boot finally sent, they put the wrong address and sent it to Germany instead of Vietnam. Ok, so mistake can happen but how do they recover it make good or bad company.
When they got the boot back from Germany to resend it to me, they were so stingy that they use standard shipping when I paid extra for express shipping which then I can track it with details (while they could use another company for express shipping).
Now I have to wait for at least another month (after already 2 weeks of their mistake sending to Germany) for my boot to arrive.
I demand my refund back they would not accept it (unless I wait for another month for boot to arrive and send it back for another month which is total at least 2 more month! while they could easily ask the courier service to cancel the shipping).
Moreover, everytime I spoke with customer service officer (they phone fee alone is 1/3 the amount of boot), they give different information with very bad attitude.
Order number: 4558402 for a pair of hypervenom phantom.

Ask Long about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
2 helpful votes

My daughter missed and entire soccer season waiting on shoes she ordered from this website. We are in our third month and still no response from them as far as an ETA. They just took our money and have nothing to show for it.

Ask Kimmy about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
2 helpful votes

Item never arrived, and I can't get in touch with their support

Ask Tom about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

This company is very poorly run and you may lose your money (and your temper!) doing business with them. I wish I had read the reviews before placing my order with pro direct soccer! I only started to read the reviews after I they had already screwed up my order. On their website, it states that overnight delivery orders must be placed before 1pm Pacific Standard Time. I placed my order on Thursday at 9am PST and paid for overnight delivery as I absolutely needed it by Friday. Needless to say, this did not happen, and my order which is a birthday gift is now weeks late. I emailed their customer service and who knows if I will ever receive a response.

Beware- If you are a US customer, there is no US customer service number so you either have to pay for an overseas call to the UK or suck it up and realize that you have made a poor decision if you have ordered from prodirect soccer.

Ask Led about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered soccer boots on 24 November for a Christmas present. They arrived in Australia on 9 December but as Prodirect had addressed the package incorrectly, I dod not manage to track them down until 4 January - too late for Christmas. As such I sent the boots back................that was 6 weeks ago and Prodirect are claiming that they have not received them. The boots + postage cost $100, I spent at least $30 talking long dostance to a customer service department that seem to go out of they way to be unhelpful and then a further $40 returning the boots. I would never use this company again, they are useless, unhelpful and currently owe be money.

Ask elaine about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
4 helpful votes

bought some football boots and had them personalised.paid for next day delivery .when i got confimation e-mail it said boots could take 7-14 days becouse of being personalised.there is no mention of this beforehand and they are still charging for express delivery .i have waited a week now and still no sighn of not use these conmen this is what i paid for bad service.UMBRO GEOMETRA PREMIER FG - WHITE/RED (Size: 7.5) (Personalisation: Flag (NONE)) £44.99 1 £44.99 £7.50 Allocated
BOOT ID PRO PERSONALISATION OPTION 2 (Size: ONE SIZE) £19.95 1 £19.95 £0.00 Allocated
Sub Total £64.94
Carriage (UK & Channel Islands Only) £5.95
Total ex VAT £57.44
UK VAT at 20% £7.50
Total £70.89

Ask jack about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
2 helpful votes

i ordered a pair of mens football boots and a pair of junior football boots, in their website tells that a pair of mens football boots i want to order is still in stock, but suddenly they said no longer they will only sent the junior ones, so i think i will lost for saving delivery cost, then i cancelled that order
i want my refund, they said that they already processed it, a month later, still no refund from them...
ive complained to their customer services, i brought them prove that i havent received yet
but i think they had a stupid customer service staff... they even don't understand my explanation...

Ask aulia about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a pair of junior goalkeeper gloves but when they arrived they were not as described on their website. I returned for a refund and asked for my return postage to be refunded as I would not have ordered the item if it had been described correctly. It took them 11 days to reply to my email asking for the return postage and they claimed that they had refunded the postage at the same time as the gloves. But they had not. I replied back and asked for the transaction number so that I could query with my credit card company, however, this was two weeks ago and they still have not replied to my email and have not refunded the postage as they said that they had done. Totally appalling customer service.

Ask Jane about ProDirectSoccer
1 review
4 helpful votes

Worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Have attempted to contact them with four emails and have received no response. Made a long distance call from the US to the UK, was put on hold, promised by a customer service manager that they would track the package and see what happened to it, send a new package if necessary, and reimburse me for my long distance call. He told me he would contact me the next day via email and/or phone call. I have yet to hear from him. That was five days ago. The package was supposedly sent on 8/2. It is now 8/24. This customer service and company are HORRIBLE!!!

Ask Keri about ProDirectSoccer

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