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50 reviews
Categories: Card Games, Gambling, Games
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There are different levels of difficulty you can set the game at.

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New Reviewer

I have never seen a site do so much maintenance, and it never does load the games right. Been on here for 4 years now.....? What does the word "maintenance" actually mean to these people? I actually find it humorous that players actually "pay" for this!! Probably just your run of the mill rich people I'm sure!!!

New Reviewer

these people are pirates. i caught a debit on my checking account 2 years after cancelling my subscription to stop them from auto-renewing my subsription. apparently they already took my money the year before, and surely would have banged my card every year until i died or changed my bank account. maybe even after i died. live chat is the only way i found to contact them, and they promised a refund if i let the (pending) transaction go through. these people are pirates i am shocked the united states allows people to do business like this. i am even more shocked electronic arts has their name on this. oh well at least i know whose products to boycott

New Reviewer

I can remember a time when the so-called 'intermissions' only happened between games of Scrabble. Now, thanks to a new regime that has succumbed to greed, the 'time-outs' occur every 4 minutes or so. They evidently want to frustrate you (call it what it is: bullying) with the interruptions, that you'll join their little 'club' just to stop the torture of the game being stopped every few words. I refuse to be intimidated and to pay for something that I've been brow beaten into. I don't play much any more. The site also has the bad habit of locking up my computer. Save your money. From what I've read of the other reviews, it ain't worth it!

New Reviewer

A game site that can't keep its most simple games operating. ZERO customer support. Before they will fix a game they will spend a week giving you inane instructions to make changes to all your programs, settings, software, downloads. In short, do anything to keep from taking responsibility and fixing the problem. After the run around and wild goose chases that don't fix anything, one day the game will magically work again. Currently, after the most recent Java update NO GAMES WORK AT ALL. And no word from POGO. Maybe in a week or so they will admit that there is a problem, and maybe in another week they will fix it. Since there is no customer service you pay your money and put up with their garbage or just quit entirely.

New Reviewer

The parent company of Pogo, EA, has informed me that my Pogo account is "banned or suspended". This was apparently due to the fact I was a yearly member and come the renewal date, they could not process the credit card on file because that card had been cancelled by Chase Bank due to the Target Identity Theft situation of a few months ago. The Pogo site would not let me update the credit card info, there was some glitch on the pages that made that impossible. I contacted customer service about how to update my credit card info to renew my account, and I was sent a cut and paste non-answer to my question indicating that my account had been "banned or suspended". Well, since I could still log in and play games and since POGO was sending me daily emails about how they were trying to charge my credit card (an email from them that you could not reply to), I thought this was a mistake. Several more emails to "customer service" and I get the same cut and paste response. I was able to submit info via a PayPal account and Pogo charged me $39.99 for a renewed yearly subscription, but I am now informed once again that my account is "banned or suspended". I have now filed a complaint with the California Attorney General's Office. Pogo does not get to charge me a renewal fee and then turn around and tell me that my account is suspended. You don't get to collect a yearly subscription fee for a service you have no intention of providing. Their customer service is apparently outsourced to India for emails. I did find their corporate address in Redwood City in order to file the complaint with the Attorney General. I feel Pogo and EA are operating in bad faith and their various components do not know how to interact with each other, as one phone rep told me "no problem" straightening out my account and then I get another email stating my account has been "thoroughly reviewed" twice and the suspension will stand. No reason for a suspension and no answer to my request for a refund for the fee they took out last week.

New Reviewer

pogo sucks i have been a customer in good standing for 14 years and i have been temporarily suspended for reasons unknown

New Reviewer

I like the games they offer, it's very fun, but some of the members leave a lot to be desired. I think a little step up on the moderator side would be a good thing for this site.

New Reviewer

I have been a member of this site since it began 12 or 13 years ago, never had a problem with it until it changed hands since then they have repeatedly stolen my money - I've paid for memberships which have been "lost" in their system. They bury their customer service info and when you finally DO find it you'll discover that you have to sign up for another sister site just to access it. Once you go through all of that and actually file your complaint they tell you they will look into it and then go on to just ignore you. I have already filed complaints with consumer protection but EA games doesn't care because they already have your money and people assume they are legit and still keep buying from them. All those cash prizes they offer? BOGUS all the winners are fictitious players and I have confirmed this firsthand with "winners". Every time someone joins the site EA gives itself a high five and laughs all the way to the bank.

New Reviewer

I have been a member of Club Pogo For years. I renewed my membership and began having problems with games I played EVERYDAY. I followed all the instructions on the HELP pages. I could not find any way to contact anyone to report the problem. I finally posted on the forum board and a supposed tech emailed instructions that I again followed to the letter. He than asked me to cut/paste/send to him the specs on my computer. I heard nothing back. There is no customer service to complain to. If I cancel my subscription I will not get any $$ back. I paid for services I cannot use. Club Pogo is a big Rip off. I am so dissatisfied and there is no way to get any help from Club Pogo

New Reviewer

This website has really gone bad, since it changed hands, IN uncensored rooms you could use MILD LANGUAGE/ Don't go into any Uncensored Room,!!!!!!! ppl use FILHTY LANGUAGE & I MEAN FILHTY !!! SEXUAL COMMENTS ABOUT PPLS PRIVATE PARTS,!!!!! YOU GET THE MESSAGE !!!!! These ppl doing this have been reported many many many many times & nothing has been done to stop it, they got the last of my money

New Reviewer

The games are great WHEN they work. Everyday it is a new problem .Getting help is almost impossible. If you do manage to get through to someone they either don't understand what you are trying to tell them or just spit out the company line: It's your computer! I have spent hours trying resolve Java issues, screwed up my computer and had to install and uninstall so many times it is stupid!
If I could find another Scrabble game as good I would leave. It is hardly a pleasure playing on this site anymore with all the stupid changes that don't improve the game going on.

New Reviewer

this pogo is nothing but a piece of garbage they update the java then half the games don;t work and then you keep getting plug ins and have to use the box in the top in order to play the games . they have changed regular scrabble so now that you can;t even get a new game . i will not be renewing my subscription next year have been on here almost 5 yrs its a waste of money since they don;t give a damn about how their games work and when it comes to fixing them they are the laziest in the world!!!

New Reviewer

I have been a customer for several years. What should be a good and fun experience is now annoying. Problems with games loading, if you complete offers to obtain points they never credit you then you have to contact "customer service". They are ignorant to their sponsors. I am actually just to discontinue my membership. Don't waste your money, time, effort or breath.

New Reviewer

I spent months and endless hours of trying to load games in the Forum section,working with the moderator and (supposedly) the programmers/designers to try to fix issues I had with games after a new Java update - of course Java.
When my last post was ignored for over 10-days and a new Java update came up that now blocked the games I'd managed to play after the previous update I let them know how unhappy I was.
Their response was to lock me out of that forum feed and tell me that it seemed that all I wanted to do was vent and that was not the place for it.
My response was to cancel my membership.
They are all about making money and nothing about providing service.
Oh, and, of course, it's all Java's fault. Certainly couldn't be the people who design their games and absolutely have to play with every new bell and whistle that comes along whether it works or not...

New Reviewer

They've been sneaking Ad times up in the last two months. Originally it was 30 second Ad for first game and then 30 for consecutive. Then they inched it up to 35 for first and 30 for consecutive. Now today I note it is an incredible 40 seconds for the first Ad,

I'm finished with Pogo. If you're a super good player you get three uninterrupted games ... occasionally four. The Ad is repetitive and far too LONG. I wouldn't buy any of the products because I'm so angered by the Ads. And Pogo's free trial was interrupted with silly pop-up messages. Big FAIL.

New Reviewer

After 13 years it's time to say good-bye POGO. None of your games load anymore. No it is not my computer, at first I thought but just look at the complaints!! Your player numbers are dwindling fast. Thanks or the good years but I have had it with you!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

pogo has the poorest abuse enforcement in cyberspace.the site is infested with hackers and mal-software users. keep your money in your pocket and play free. even so you will be harassed daily by some fashion or form of corruption on this site

New Reviewer

Absolutely horrible customer service.If you email them you just get an automated response so you have to call or live chat. Live chat takes about 45 minutes to connect & then they just sit there for like another hour not telling you anything that is going on.I will never play on this site again & i have been a member for over 9 years. Please dont waste your money. From what i have heard they dont pay out their jp winnings either

New Reviewer

I have been a member for almost 10 years. 3 weeks ago my credit card got hacked.. I went into all the places I used it and deleted it. I was issued a new one, went in to add a new card to Pog and they refused it. My husband tried his 3 cards, all refused. I still had weeks left on my Pogo account. try to contact this company, its impossible. Emailing is out of the question and forget their Pogo email Help, that is ridiculous. So here I am 10 years into this site, and now with 3 weeks left, suddenly I can't renew or entire any credit card. Save your 40 bucks people, if the site has no customer service, don't waste your time...............

New Reviewer

Pogo is in the business of making money. Period. Electronic Arts supported the site by placing ads between games or rounds of games. Perfectly understandable and acceptable.

Now, they stop the game every 2-3 minutes of gameplay and run a 15-30 second ad. Suffice it to say this breaks the flow of the game making it unpleasant at best and unplayable at worst.

New Reviewer

Play Chess, Checkers, card games, or work Crosswords online at, a free website maintained by Electronic Arts!

New Reviewer

I was once addicted to them, but then they started placing adds DURING each game. I am now looking for a new site to play on. I shouldn't need an 'intermission' while playing a game. absolutely ridiculous!

New Reviewer

I have been a member for 9 1/2 years and there are always issues with the java or applets or connecting to server. I do not reccomend this website.

New Reviewer

Two years ago I set up a free profile but never subscribed or played. Recently I discovered my username and email had been hacked. I have tried for days to have someone remove my user info from Pogo's servers, which is technically not difficult or labor intensive. All links and contact information provided lead in circles or nowhere at all. Two of my emails were acknowledge dbut help was refused and I referred again to the same broken links. Pogo is complicit in the fraud, by refusing to assist in resolving a privacy/security issue of one of their patrons. Total disregard! Appalling!

New Reviewer

It takes me more time to actually get a game to start up (Due to their JAVA issue) than it does to play! Very frustrating! I have the correct JAVA but they keep telling me that I don't. And we pay for this!!!! Trying to find someone to contact is like trying to break into Fort Knox. I have been a member for 6 years....I will most likely NOT renew.

New Reviewer

I had two accounts that were hacked. contacted pogo support numerous times with no luck. they refused to refund my money. they told me that they have plenty of what they call pals that monitor the rooms, this is so not true. In my 5 years of playing different games and rooms did not ever see one of these so called monitors. something needs to be done, about this because all they care about is taking your money

New Reviewer

too many trolls and hackers, games are buggy and crash frequently, price keeps going up, no ability to directly contact tech support... DO NOT EVER VISIT!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I love I've been using this site off and on for about 9 years or so. My son also likes playing the games. There is a very large variety of games to choose from.
One thing that can be pretty annoying is the ads in between the games with the free sign up membership. If you buy the Club Pogo membership you don't have to deal with the ads, and you also get access to games that are exclusive to Club Pogo accounts. I have had both memberships before and Club Pogo is definitely much better. You can also turn in coke rewards codes on Coke's website towards and get a free Club Pogo membership that way.
You also can complete tasks for badges, earn tokens to buy virtual things and dress up your profile person. I personally don't utilize any of these things, but my son does and loves it.
Bottom line for me is it's not a bad way to kill a little time when you feel like it.

New Reviewer

have played for quite a few years and then I bought a new Apple computer Now I want my money back because I can not play any of my badges. They do not seem to care or response back. I am looking for another websight.

New Reviewer

The new Pogo embedded game formats look horrible and won't load at all for a lot of their customers. Their customer service is somewhere between the worst ever and nonexistent. The parent company, EA, wasn't voted 'Worst Company in America' this year for no reason. They're losing customers over a format people hate, and instead of admitting they made a mistake, they ignore customers and/or treat them like crap. While all of the problems with their new format have been going on literally for months now, EA/Pogo continues to defraud many of their customers by continuing to collect yearly fees or refusing refunds for a service they can no longer provide because they can't get the things to work despite assurances that they were 'working on it' which might have been believed when they first reported that months ago--by now it's apparent they can't fix the problems with the new format and that they have absolutely no regard for their customers at all.

New Reviewer

I have played for 9 years. Recently, they changed the format of their games and made many o them unplayable. Despite repeated complaints by hundreds of customers, they have done nothing but state that they arelooing into it.

New Reviewer

Love this site. Have been a member for a couple of years now. Its a good way to pass time and relax. And I have actually met some interesting people on it :)

Apprentice Reviewer

Average. Everything about this site is average. It is predominantly filled with puzzle style games, monopoly, mahjong, etc. I can't give it any less stars because some people may get some enjoyment from the large collection of puzzle style games. For me, however, there is no need to return to the site.

It is your typical program where there are lots of games to play and they sucker you in by letting you obtain "badges" for game accomplishments.

[1] You love puzzle/board games

[1] Annoying ads

Veteran Reviewer

I Pogo online games. My favorite is word whomp. There are different levels of difficulty you can set the game at. I like the little ground hogs in this game. They are cute. The solitaire, brain games, hidden object games, arcade games, and scrabble are some of my favorites. I visited this site many many years ago. I have been playing the online games with friends and family for a long time. I love to have my little cousins come over and challenge them on word whomp. It helps them to develop speed and spelling tools. I like to see there faces when the ground hogs eat the carrots. If you need a break from work relax, play a game of word whomp. Pogo games are cool you don't have to sign up if you don't want to. You can play a lot of the games as a guest. Not everyone has time for games but everybody need to have a little down time.

New Reviewer

Fun game site where you can interact with other members and play great games! You don't have to join, you can play for free, but membership has it's rewards. I love this site!

New Reviewer

Since I joined Pogo Club I cannot get most of the games as your JAVA is an old version and needs to be updated. If not possible PLEASE CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP. I would appreciate a response as to your action.

Veteran Reviewer

I use Club Pogo literally everyday. It's the page I have set up to come up when I first come online. I've been using it for about 5 years or so now, and am completely addicted to it. I'm usually not much of an internet gamer, but Pogo is my go-to for the games I do like to play. They have a lot of word games and I love word games. Scrabble, Boggle, word whomp, tumble bees, and wordsearch are among some of their addicting word games. The only thing that is a "Con" for me is that there are waaaaaaaay too many card games! I'm really NOT into card games at ALL. Also, tokens are pretty much useless now, can't use them for anything except entering to win $25 gift cards or buy mini items (though even those are mostly requiring gems now, which you have to pay REAL money for). I always thought anyone who pays money for a set of clothes, furniture, accessories, a background, etc. that their character can wear on a game site which many people don't even look at the profiles anyway...has too much money and is spending it on ridiculous things. Also, the badges. You have to pay for badges!!! You're paying for an achievement, again which no one will see or know anyway lol. I don't know. I just think that sort of thing is ridiculous. I'm not trying to embarrass or insult anyone who does pay for mini items or badges, but it's just not my thing. Just my opinion. Besides that, I love pogo. Just don't love spending money on it lol. Even my yearly memberships are bought with my free coke rewards!!

New Reviewer

For 3 days now I have been trying to play scrabble against the robot and the words that he is getting credit for are NOT legitimate words. How am I supposed to compete with cheating?

New Reviewer

this website is a crock of $#*!! sure register for free to play boggle online... if you don't mind watching ad after ad pop up... i have been signed in for over 15 minutes and can't even figure out a way to minimize the ads to be ableto play!! what a joke... just like everything else is nowadays... it's a scam... you are better off not wasting your time... just buy aN ACTUAL BOGGLE GAME FROM WALMART TO PLAY... WHT A JOKE AND A DISAPOINTMENT!

New Reviewer

i liked it at first, but right in the middle of my games the site shuts down and i have to start all over. Every time i play Windows Internet Explorer shuts off the site. WHY?

Apprentice Reviewer

I'm a little addicted to pogo. I find myself getting bored of the games quickly, but I still find myself heading to the website when i have nothing to do :) I love that they have classics like monopoly, and I can play against the computer which i really love. I recommend it to my friends all the time, they have a ton of games and even cash jackpots (though i've been on there a while and haven't won one yet)


It's fun to play the games when I'm bored but, like any other website where there are members, people get bent out of shape. It's funny to see how many people are actually serious about winning their badges. They think they are winning something important! Ha.

New Reviewer

This is a free site with a lot of games to play, usually great chat also. There is a Club Pogo that you can join and pay for. I have been a member for 6 years. You can win prizes and money without being a member. I have won a gift certificate for 25 dollars from Target. It took 2 months for them to send it. My friend in Canada won 1500 dollars. And yes she did get her money. It just took a while to get it. If your a stay at home person, I would say, join the club. You play for badges, there is a mini person you can dress also. I spend about 100 dollars a year here. We live in a small town and I am a housewife so this is not a huge expense in my opinion. I now have friends all over the U.S. and the world.

New Reviewer

Don't waste your money.

New Reviewer

I enjoy this site, cool games and cool people use this site, most make you feel welcome or you can turn off the chat option. Cool rewards and chances to win cash!

New Reviewer

i used to trust this website but the second i won money they claimed that i cheated to win i have emailed them and they said oh were looking into it...i have gone to other websites about complaints and there are pages of them on pogo....just a word of advice...the site is fun to play on but your s.o.l if you win anything becasue you will never see it

New Reviewer

Pogo is a scam, don't pay for it. It isn't worth it - Pogo clots up your computer.  It says it will pay out, but it does not.  It freezes on you. I have requested from them help for 3 to 4 months and have heard nothing from them.  They do not pay out.  You do not win any money off the site.  The site puts junk on your computer that you can not get off without professional help. 


New Reviewer

Macintosh owners - For the jast six months =, I have tried to play on Pogo.  YThey state that they are having problems trying to get connected with Mac,

My suggestion is that all Mac users foreget about Pogo and go to  This is a better program than Pogo.

New Reviewer

pogo games - its a free site i love it they also have a club to join it cost money but the club has better games this is the ultimate site for free gambling they have bingo slots card games dominoes yahtzee monopoly if you visit there tell them scootermamarose referred you as i will get tokens you earn enough token you can turn them in on a daily weekly monthly cash drawing.i play there all the time even though i havent won its still fun

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