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New Reviewer

Scam site. They either sold/rented/shared my masked email address with some perverted website and my inbox at work was filled with obscene emails. I have been trying all afternoon to delete my account while signed into my account, it keeps saying my username and password are wrong - while signed in??? I am filing a complaint with the FCC on these bozos.

New Reviewer

On my first I saw a really attractive lady but her profile did not seem right (a widow for 3 years & divorced at the same time.). Anyway I thought I would reply but in my Sunday newspaper I was floored to see her in the same photo, same dress etc but this time she was wearing an alert button on a chain around her neck in an advervisement. WOW. Also on rarely do I find someone in my vicinity but on pop they were all in my area. Looked fishy to me.

New Reviewer

I have had some success with POF. But in the last year, I haven't had any, in fact I have had several women block me or state, I will turn you in to POF admin if I "Favorite" her again. Nice lady......So I am am pretty disgruntled with dating right now. I was married for 23 years and I have dated many good looking women in the past. But where I live in Boise, Idaho it has been horrible. Moving on.

New Reviewer

Excellent website here in Australia. All the profiles seem to be real but many women, AS IN REAL LIFE, ignore my messages. Still, I have met lots of women and had sex with at least 8 (all were looking for a relationship though). It is still basically 100% free here in Australia. I think it is a great site and I have been using it for 6 years. I could have been married many times over if that was what I was looking for.

New Reviewer

My aunt & uncle met on this site... & I met the *man of my dreams* .. That was yrs ago...they had started charging for features that use to be free...I never paid for anything & I couldn't be happier :)
I relocated ( only 1 hr away) when I moved in w my fiancee & my new job pays $12,000 more a yr and is much easier too~ so there's bonus winnings w this site!

New Reviewer

Ok. Let's just say there are some complete perverts on this site. I however went on three dates. The first guy no chemistry but such a nice guy we are still friends. Second date the guy was very nice we just had different views on life. I was going to tie up because I was getting some really offensive messages but I decided to give this one guy a shot. Let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised! We are still seeing each other. It's in the early stages still but I'm happy I gave it another shot. Never met anyone like him. Let's just say fingers crossed and for now profile removed. Don't be discouraged by the jerks. You might actually find someone amazing.

New Reviewer

I personally think this site should be shut down. They 'deleted' my account for no reason and now I believe they still use my account information as if I'm actually on there. This is the worst dating site I have ever heard of.

New Reviewer

Okay I’ll try to keep this semi intelligent. I think I make a valid point here when I say, Women online suffer from an Absurd Standards Syndrome (ASS). The cyber female of today suffering from this ASS complex is a result of the fantastical 20 to 100 male to 1 female ratio at any given dating site. This on line ratio of dozens of males to each female on personals sites leaves women in a state of cyber induced self-delusion from so much attention from so many men they do not experience once they walk out their door into reality where the actual ratio is less than 1 male for every 1 female. Insulated by the PC media, glam mags, academia, beta suck-ups (manginas) and female friends, there are growing numbers of women posting personals on line losing touch with their rank relative to other women and are thus finding it easy to slip into this comfortable bubble of cyber self-delusion known as ASS. Similar to cigarette addiction, and the quick dopamine fix, many women found on personals sites are escaping a harsher acceptance of their personal flaws that can only be remedied by realizing the reality of their diminished mating choices in the real world after leaving their self-deluded comfort found in a multitude of attractive men that in all reality don't exist for them outside the confines of cyber space.

Remedy to all this:

1. Stay away from women under your league, and never settle.
2. Go to the gym.
3. Put on gear that fits.
4. Go the hell outside and chase women.
5. Stay the hell offline.

New Reviewer

0 Star Rating. SCAM. I gave a couple of bucks to upgrade from free and they sent me an email that someone wanted to meet me. Click to open user profile on the site, nothing there and you have no option to search user name they gave. They restricted whom I could message to only those that they feel are my and don't allow me to message others. The matches they "suggest" are not close to my local geographic area. Emails contacting the site go unanswered.

New Reviewer

POF is a complete scam design to create traffic to their website. Profiles are either outdated or fabricated by POF. There are legitimate profiles but any email correspondence are viewed or blocked by POF as to get the user to upgrade their account at a monthly fee. The website's method to get users to upgrade is based on this statement or question, Did you read your email. Upgrade now to find out. WTF???
If POF didn't block your email then why should you need to upgrade. Do not attempt to bypass their system. If you attempt to include any type of contact info in your email, such as phone number or email address then POF will delete your account.

POF will regularly send users " notification like You have a (12) new matches) in the hopes to generate traffic to their website or they will falsely respond to any emails you send or falsely indicate some one wants to meet you .. This is how the website makes money through online advertising. The more traffic they generate the more money POF makes


New Reviewer

A little surprised at the negatives here about this site.
I've been on and off of it for several years. I've met at least a dozen women in that time, dated several of them. True, the features available are diminishing over time. That doesn't stop me from viewing profiles, sending and receiving messages.
I've deleted my account each time and have less features each time I rejoin, but I still get dates. I'm not a millionaire playboy, I meet real women.
As for the quality of the clients, you can't blame the site for that !!
No I am not a pof staff member.
I've tried several sites, I always come back to this one.
All in all you get what you put into it.
The automated match feature is based on what info you provide about yourself. I find the matches are age appropriate and within my area.
Sure some gals don't reply, I don't take it personally, they just don't see me as a match I guess, no harm in that.
I have always been respectful and get the same in return.
I recommend it to anyone who asks. I have friends and co-workers that have met casual dates as well as long term partners.
Don't shoot the messenger!

New Reviewer

Like many others I will say that this site is exactly what it seems. People are a**holes, sure, but aren't they usually? There are very few girls looking to hook up, and very few guys looking for something lasting, but that's just the nature of people, not to be blamed on the site. I've never actually had a date from this site (probably because I'm just looking for hook-ups and casual friends), but I do have one scheduled, and that's more than I can say for any other site or bar I've been to. If you just don't have time to get out, this will give you about the same chances as going out to a bar with actual social skills.

New Reviewer

I have to give this site 5 stars because it is what it says it is. In the many months I've been on (and off) there, I never experienced any misleading gimmicks. Most of the features work (not an easy feat for a web browser based thing). I've met quite a number of really nice people through there. I think a lot of negative reviews are from people disappointed in their ability to get a date. As far as that goes, I'd give *myself* about 2 stars ;-) The kind of girl I'm after doesn't need a dating site to attract men...

New Reviewer

This website is horrible! My profile was deleted because someone was rude to me that was on match....he contacted me on POF and I was not rude in any and reminded him that he was very rude. Well he reported me and then my profile was deleted.
Really POF a guy emailed me andf told me I looked like Sh*T in my glasses and I reported him. Guess what? POF did nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I was curious to try this site out. I'm a math major and numbers guy. I have heard from many people this site is "rigged" and has "many fake profiles"…. So my buddy and I decided to join and see what was up.

I'm not ugly whatsoever. (not to sound $#*!y) and don't have problems picking up women. Nor does my friend.

We created profiles then proceeded to send about 8-12 messages per week (each) to women. After 4 months. We averaged out of the 160 messages we sent to women, ONLY 6 responded. This is unreal.

What does this mean?

This means that POF is not updating their sites profiles. Profiles on the site are still showing up but are either, fake, non -active or have not been removed off the site itself. Ironically, out of the 160 messages we sent to women, only TWO showed up in the "who's viewed me" section. This means, NONE even read the e-mails we sent to them. Because if they did and "weren't interested" or "deleted" our messages. They would still show up as if they viewed our profiles.
POF makes it look like profiles are "online" when they really are not online. I also personally received 3 messages from women on the East Coast saying there profiles were showing up in Los Angeles, even though the NEVER put LA on there profile.

This means POF is purposely manipulating the amount of users in "your area" and the amount that are "online" when in reality they are not whatsoever. Many of the profiles seem to be abandoned and non -active.

POF is set up to purposely drive traffic to their site. Plain and simple. They need the advertising money. They depend on that for survival. Unlike, e-harmony etc. that make money from paid suscribers. POF has a very low paid subscription amount of users. They realize, people are leaving their site in droves and need the site traffic to make it look like there are more profiles than really exist.

POF is a Canadian ran company. NOT based here in the United States. So they bypass most laws by using people’s pictures without permission or consent.

All in all, POF is more of a marketing gimmick. Sure you nay "meet someone" or talk to someone from your area. But don't get your hopes up that you will find "the love of your life" on this site.

New Reviewer

More than plenty of fish they could called this scam, fake dating site plenty of s**t.

Girls can take bikini's photos and if you guys are in a summer pic NO this forbidden, and you profile is trashed without warning. You must be clothed as a taliban's wife. I got my account deleted probably because I had a photo in which I am in the beach here a Cartagena. YES it is very naughty....Ridicouls

Another strange behaviour: There is a lot of fake photo and doubled profiles but the moderators don't care.

I wrote my profile in spanish, I am from Spain, but seems that sometime they deleted account if the language spoken is not english...very racist. This has occured at a friend of mine, with no photo, He only wrote (in spanish) that want to meet some girls. Full stop. And nothing more. They deleted his account.

p.s. Sorry for my bad english

New Reviewer
12/7/13 is pretty good for being a free dating site, however it is kind of hard though to find a decent date on there. So for those reasons, I would rate it 3 stars.

New Reviewer

I joined this site by suggestion of a friend, but it is the worst site I have ever worked with. Supposedly a "Team of Experts and PhD's" put this scam together ... if so, they need their credentials revoked.

All "Matches" are based on age and location. There is absolutely nothing to connect individuals based on interest, activity or profession. My "Matches" NEVER matched. For perspective: I teach martial arts, health & fitness and indicate an interest in someone with my LIfestyle & Mindset ... my "Matches" were 95% obese and looking for an "Old-Age Partner." Uh-h-h, no thanks.

I made it clear I was not interested in women older than I (I simply am not interested in dating cougars) ... over a two year period I recieved only one contact who was in her 40's out of over 200 contacts. My contacts averaged 55-70 years of age, I am just turned 53.

A woman whose pix revealed what must be at least a 60" waistline sent a pile of hate-mail when I politely turned down her advances. My understanding was she made a complaint and I was kicked off ... the person who supposedly runs the site never returned my calls, let alone emails as to why.

There is a feature called "Meet Me" where you look at pix and decide whether you would like to meet the person or not, or maybe. I recieved several messages from women who claimed I wanted to meet them ... these are women who I would never want to talk with, let alone go to meet.

This is supposed to be a clean site and it is indicated anyone writing anything lewd or sexually suggestive will be kicked off ... yet the site abounds with soft-core porn style pix of women sprawled all over their beds, dangling the "girls," sitting with legs well spread or hiked up in the air, etc.

In exchange for paying for an upgrade you can tell whether someone has looked at or read your messages, big deal.

The site supposedly shows new members who "Sign In" every day, yet the pix are clearly a revolving door of the same old faces.

While this is probably a concern on other sites, POF is the one with the greatest percentage of liars & players, at least of the female nature. Only one person I ever met even remotely looked like her picture. As a rule, POF women ages 35-60 tend to be incredibly obese and have what must be the dumbest teachers in the world. 38 different so-called school teachers contacted me, only one of who wrote a well punctuated note.

Recently the site made a ruling no one more than 13 years older or younger could contact a anyone. Now, I can see laying down law on a 65 year old hounding an 18 year old, but that should be the individual's choice. I'm not interested in a 20-something, but a lot of celebrities would have never been allowed to meet, here. More interesting, the Profile allows a person to limit what ages he/she is willing to recieve contacts from. So this rule really makes no sense.

No!!! Leave this one alone,


New Reviewer

Not sure yet if it's worth spending money on. I've emailed several and have had only two real replies. Most of the women are looking for a mate instead of a casual encounter. I've been on it for a while and had two really big gals wanting to meet but their profiles don't match at all, says they want a single guy and a relationship while I'm only looking for casual sex. They have finally let me show that I'm married, in the past if you select that in your profile they direct you to Ashley Madison which is very expensive to join. They don't have a real time chat either like AFF does which is free for all members to use. Pof let's you email for free but can't send pics. Can't post nudes either, only pics with your face in em, yuck! I've read a lot of reviews for different sites and it's hard to figure out which ones really work to hook up! I have tried several only to find they just want to drain your bank account! My wife and I are swingers and have been in the lifestyle a while so don't knock it till you've tried it, it's not for everyone! We love the lifestyle, very pleased with each other after 26 years and not afraid of someone running off with the other! Sex has been proven to keep us all healthy and that's really important to us older folks! So back to POF, after reading a few others here I think might give it a try, can't read full profiles and don't want to offend anyone sending out emails to hook up if they are not willing to! Don't mind spending a little money to have fun in the bed room but don't wanna get ripped off anymore either! To all of the people here with negative responses about POF, it takes practice no matter what you do in life, and to the ones that have meet someone you like, way to go, you must have done it right! If you read my profile you will get more info there but beware, it's adult content!

New Reviewer

The site sucks! For some reason it arbitrarily blocked me from contacting some members, members that l've already met in person. I tired to replace my account by opening a new one and by the time I finished setting it up, it vanished. They're like dictators.. The site is horrible!!!

New Reviewer

POF is now HOTEL CALIFORNIA for internet dating: You can check in any time you like....but you can never leave. POF used to be mostly free. All that changed recently--if you want to deactivate your profile, you have to PAY now. This is one of the new features. So what that means is now POF will have numerous accounts/profiles that are from members who simply refuse to pay to have their profile deactivated---which creates its own self-perpetuating issue for the website just like has---thousands upon thousands of profiles that are "dead" profiles. At least OkCupid allows the users to see the last time a person was "on" the site and/or logged in. Such a feature allows users to see if the profile person is active online and looking or not---allowing one to gauge whether they are real or fake and not a waste of their time.

I recently created a new profile on POF. My old account was inactive for almost two years because I never chatted with any man on there who wanted anything more than sex, even though I was blocking all "intimate encounters" profiles, which was an option back then. When I signed up this time, I was smart enough to use a new email address and I created the site from my office computer while on a work break---so when I registered the url and other information gathered by their site was new to them and unique---so I did not get deleted. But what I have found in my recent experience on there, is that many men in my age group----the OVER 40s group----have obviously figured out the new age rules that the site creater has imposed that you need to be within a certain amount of years of whomever you contact so many men have obviously created brand new profiles that have ages that are clearly ten and fifteen years younger than they actually are---in order to bypass the site rules. So now, when I do a search for a man who is 40-48, in actuality, most of the profiles that show up are men who are clearly in their upper 50's and 60's----there is NO denying this. It is disgusting. I am not saying no man lied about his age when I was active on there three years ago, but it was not as bad then as it is now. So by creating an age limit on there, many men who prefer to date younger women, have been forced to create new profiles and many of them are lying about their age in the new profiles.

I hate POF now. It is awful. I have tried most all the other sites, and I have found that OkCupid (ironically owned by the parent company) is currently the best free site that is free for MOST features and they do not prohibit you or charge you for deactivating your account or taking a break and hiding your account without totally deactivating it. Also, OkCupid allows one to date anyone you want, and they do not judge anyone for expressing themselves in any sexual way either as far as contacting others goes-----they figure that is what the "block" feature does and that the users are all adults and the members have the block feature to block unwanted messages that may be overtly sexual or disturbing. One can "report" someone if they get a message that is overly offensive, threatening or harassing---so the site masters have a way of policing if asked to do so. But unlike POF---they do not take it on themselves to become the dating Nazis of the internet.


All the really bad reviews here are unfair. The site is has a lot of fakes, time wasters, liars etc but there are plenty of nice genuine people too. If you have your wits about you it's easy to find what you are looking for. I have tried paid sites and they have the same issues but with much less members.
I only marked it down as the customer service aspect of the site is horrendous.

New Reviewer

Ithe women on this site are fakes. I wouldn't even call them women. Wanta b's is more like it. Do not waste your time with this site. You could find better women on a street corner.

New Reviewer

1 year and a half later: ENGAGED to be married on May 31st, 2014.

I had been on the website a good solid year, maybe a couple months longer with no such luck. I probably deleted my account, and started it back up only to delete it again a dozen times...but because I had a friend who had found it to be effective (he had met his girlfriend who he was absolutely crazy about on there), and because the men I was meeting in day to day life were not "take home to meet the parents" worthy, I decided to give it one last shot. My profile was constantly littered with messages from people who were way too old, who were sending very odd and unacceptable messages, and also from people who were interested in things that I simply was not. Most of my messages consisted of the following:

"Hi. You're hott."
"I want you to have my babies."
"Hey Sexxxiii."
"I'm having a party tonight. You should bring a couple girlfriends."

Then I'd get the long and elaborate messages from the men who paid attention to every single detail in my profile...which I appreciated and was flattered by, but that's just not my cup of tea upon the first interaction. Kind of scared me a little actually!

I had probably gone out on about 15 dates total, some pretty awesome ones that resulted in great friendships...and some not-so-great ones. I got to a point where I was about to delete my profile for the last time, and then I received a message from a handsome looking man in the age range I was looking for.

I ended up meeting my fiance a day later for a date at the bowling alley. He was the first man from that site that I allowed to pick me up upon meeting from my home, and take me out on a proper date. When he got out of the car, I was SHOCKED. He was SO much better looking in person than what his photos made him out to be...seriously, the best surprise I had ever had while meeting someone online. Usually, they end up looking worse.

We had the best time, and were inseparable ever since. I truly found my other half that I have been looking all these years for. He understands me, loves me, and is always pushing me to be my very best. He took me to meet his family on the east coast and we have been back 2 times since. On our last trip this past summer, he popped the question in front of his entire family. I have felt like a family since day even more-so since I will soon share their last name... and it's a wonderful thing. Couldn't be any happier.

I say to all the skeptics, what is there to lose? You really never know who you may "bump" into online...the love of your life could be a click or two *or several ;) * away. Good luck!!!

New Reviewer

what a joke...Marcos is an ass..never responds to questions from emails..I posted something in the forum..about someone who completeky flamed me..asking what is the right process in dealing with that besides just blocking them..suddenly..I have my permissions to post on the forum revoked for 5 years....insane..of no response when I asked what the hell happened...the search function..or who's online..says there's thousands online..but if you will notice on everypage they r peat members over and over u can't close you profile..without upgrading..have u ever heard anything so ridiculous. .hate customer or hotline to cal..

New Reviewer

Not a bad dating site. Most people on there seem legit. It a free site so you tend to encounter younger people in the 18-30 range. Most people seem to complain they can't get attractive girls to respond but I found with a decent profile picture I was getting what I considered a decent amount of responses. Found a really wonderful girlfriend on the site so I can't complain. Site layout can be confusing and overall I found it simpler to meet girls on POF and then move on to Facebook. But its not a bad place to meet new people if you don't mind weeding through things a bit.

New Reviewer

Pof is a good site if you are looking to date average girls and their mother. Most of the girls have luggage and a carry on, and at the same time try to set ridiculous high standard. It is not much of a professional site and that is the bottom line. You will get girl emailing you and making you question whether you have sold your self way too short.

New Reviewer

I used to live in Canada, but I moved to the US. You cannot move to another country apparently with POF. I never did anything wrong, just moved. I recreated a profile with the same email address but in the US. My email address wouldn't show as valid so yesterday I emailed them. They told me they were not going to discuss it but I violated the terms and it appears I am a fraud. This was after me telling them I moved and my IP would tell them that. They told me I will always be blocked. I recreated a new profile on a new gmail address and I lasted 4 hours before being blocked.I even skipped the photo thing just in case. Obviously it is an IP thing. I am going to try and create it so my IP is invisible. Why? They kinda got the market cornered, but this is crap. I really moved and did nothing wrong.

New Reviewer

Joined it 7 years ago. I Had good experiences. The site is not brilliant but it was good. Speaking of now it is not good enough for anything.. it was better before. Now they start forcing you to do their matching test and forcing you to do psychology test., forcing you to do what they think is correct to mach you with. Question set does not reflect every human - each individual has his own life and experiences. You cant judge people based on their income. (for matching off course)

New Reviewer

Many years ago it had many more options now it s very limiting and frustrating! Not only that but there's nothing free that s worthwhile!

You find the profile of someone that you might be interested in, so you take he time to write a nice and pleasant message that probably took a few minutes to write and when you submitted it is rejected with some stupid explanation that gives you some lame excuse. Why not tell you this before you wasted your time?

New Reviewer

This site is a joke and most of the profiles are phony. Marcus is an idiot and they allow prostitution on this site. Most of the women that are real are , ugly, lie about their occupation and I have checked and verified this as I can access background checks. If your looking for , AIDS , CYBERSLUTS AND PHONIES THIS IS THE SITE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. In short it and Marcus are a scam.

New Reviewer

the site is lame if ur not some hot guy with money nobody wants to chat ive been on the site 5 years an have only met a few off of it an that was after giving the women an fbook profile an they wound up turning in to psychos this site is for picky people who do not want a life they just want prettyness an money its all a bunch of crap an it has fake profiles all over it stay away they should have a deal where u have to make a salute if u create a profile on it

New Reviewer

Bunch of lonely loser on here, mostly men who are in the military. About 98% don't have a college degree and looking for a hook up. Fake profiles. I know one guy who says he has a southern accent met him and he didn't have a southern accent. Just because they were raised down south don't have to lie about some accent. Some says they want a serious relationship, that's a lie too. Bunch of bogus. Ladies if you have class avoid it at all cost.

New Reviewer

By far the best dating website in my opinion. I don't care too much for the gimmicky crap- this is straight up see someone or a match you like, send a message. They have good filters, and it's FREE. I've signed up for and deleted most all of the sites you pay for because after the trial nothing is better than POF with OK Cupid the close second.

I don't understand the argument where people say that people who can't fork out twenty to thirty bucks per month (per site?) aren't worth dating. Why pay for a site when you can get it better for free? We definitely would not get along when it comes to investment decisions.

New Reviewer

I tried to join POF and I received an email saying that I was successful. However, I've been unable to log on and I keep getting a "Your username or password was incorrect" and I know I'm typing in the correct info. Also it says to ask for a password reminder (thinking this might held) and all I get is "That email address is not in our database". Huh? It's the same email they used to send me my confirmation. I've sent them several emails asking for their help, but no response. Also I was able to find their phone number and I tried several times to call them, but again, no answer. Is this site just a scam? is also free and it's been working without any problems.

New Reviewer

I meet a guy who posted he was separated, 40 years old, & athletic build. Come to find out the guy was still with his wife & was 50 years old. Everything he told me was a lie & the pic was may years old. I reported his profile to POF & they deleated my profile instead of his. BEWARE of 1football6.

New Reviewer

I see that most of the negative reviews come from men - for me the experience has been pleasant.
I joined in June. Yes, it's free - Truly free and I like the compatibility tests (although no one is required to complete them).
I have met 3 really nice guys - they have really good jobs and great personalities and although 1 was just "not for me" I have held on to the other 2 and REALLY like both of them!
True, there are some perverts and creeps on the site but aren't those types everywhere? Be sure to read all profiles before responding to messages and always trust your gut!
All in all, I like POF and suggest you give it a shot.
Oh AND I heard Patty Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker) met her fiance on POF (she was on Steve Harvey recently - saw the interview myself)

New Reviewer

Sure the site is free to use, which is attractive at first, but the majority of women are past their prime; are needy for a long term relationships; their libido's are equivalent to a used up sparkler. Oh and don't even use any sexual terms, or your membership gets trashed. A very sterile site.

New Reviewer

Site is discriminatory. My profile was pirated twice. Many profiles are fake. In relating to the men as I am female, I notice one man has become younger, his employment is untrue. He writes his kids are his world yet he rarely sees them or has no contact with them at all and it is in my suspicion as many men, has many many others he stakes no claim which is amazes me. He was awarded a 2 million dollars and like my like my ex-husband in past also experienced a several law suits to which he pissed thru sizable amounts in no time which is really a way to payout for their LOST!

New Reviewer

As a man's perspective I was on this site few times, this site is free and the quality of women in it are very cheap, meanings, I am a very good looking guy if I go anywhere I could possibly get a date or hook up with whom I like, since I don't go out much and because I am busy I have decided to get on a site like this. The women in it are looking for the guys that have money, nice house, nice car and you got to look like a model, even though they are fat asses ugly more of a lower class with kids!! the first question they ask you what do you do for living before they get to know your name, they're looking for a guy to support them even though their ugly and fat! lots of them they hide their body and show their faces only, they love to surprise you with their ugliness when it comes to the date meeting, other than they are hookers asking to get paid in a way of buying them things and possibly paying their rent. On the other hand, they don't want you to post shirtless picture but its ok for them to show boobs and pussy lips on their profile pictures and posting just looking for friends nothing more!! end of line this site is $#*!ed up.. if your Horney save your headache go to a bar pick a whore, or rather use your hand

New Reviewer

Registered ok, then the next time I couldn't log in and they kept saying my email wasnt on their database. Finally contacted them and they said they had closed my account and any attempt to rejoin would be detected (as if I would want to after the shoddy treatment!) No explanations from them they say they will not say why they closed account. I certainly didn't violate any of their T and C's or was rude to any other members, so who knows. Really unprofessional responses from them though so I definitely would not recommend!

New Reviewer

I would not recommend POF to anyone for online dating. The interface is very slow. I don't understand what kind of software engineers they have hired.. Lot of bugs.. I am myself a software guy and can tell this site sucks big time.. I can make such site or app in 2-3 days myself..
Try skout, datehookup.. they are much better.
One issue me and my friend faced is that when we try to approach a girl, if she is not interested and would just block you.. If u get any 2-3 suck blocks against you your account is deleted.. I mean what the f.. They got completely stupid policies.. too much female oriented.. I think they should rather make it a homosexual (actually lesbian)dating site, only for women so that nobody would mind from anyone.. And atleast guys ego and respect can be saved.. I faced this problem two times when I got my account deleted.. I never misbehaved, abused anyone.. Still they deleted the account then I think the creators themselves have never ever dated.. There algorithm is itself incorrect which finds your matches exactly opposite to what you are looking for.. I mean c'mon guys are you some school students trying some hands on project and playing with people.. I wish I could give it a 0 star. People, there are much better sites out there, please don't stuck yourself into this foolish site..


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Pof used to be a decent site, however they have recently done some changes that do not allow you to search with in your community or neighboring ones; However, they will automatically set your search defaut to communities that are 300 kms away and then some. This is one sight that is not wasting your money or time on.

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It's not best dating service on the web but it's one of the trusted and reliable among all other sites. Me and my wife met on pof. I like the service, it's professional, with no fake profiles

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This site used to be pretty good to work with but now it's complete crap. The site is slowly taking away free things and making them available only by paying a subscription. The whole point of the site was to offer a free place to look for someone and slowly it's turning into a pay site one piece at a time. I can't even check to see who I sent mail to, which was something I used to make sure I don't sent more than one letter to the same girl. Such a shame, I used to like this place...

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My initial experience with this site was pretty good and I did talk to a couple of women, but there have been some draconian changes recently. When I try to do a search for women ages 18-35 years old, the search range automatically truncates to 35-38. I'm 45 years old but not really interested in dating divorced, older women with kids. For some reason they have deemed me unworthy of even communicating with younger women. It's making me paranoid. In the "help" section it even says something like "zero tolerance for rude messages -- if your account is deleted, you cannot ever sign up again". I'm still awaiting an explanation from customer service.

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Going downhill fast. Very poor site management! Even fake supporters of the site here....those that work for commenting here.

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POF is a dating site wherein membership is "free". Recently (spring 2013) the ownership - this is a privately held company which I prefer over the huge corporate money sucking dating conglomerates.

There seems to be a huge change in policy. Many non-paying and paying mens accounts are being deleted willy-nilly. A woman told me that she received an email from the owner that he is weeding out men who are overtly sexual with woman - the five guys she knows (including me) would never ever consider sending or writing something of pronograpic nature - so that is an out right lie. I tend to write many woman - as with all dating sites men out number women by a very high percentage, and most women do not write back - there is no way for a man to show a woman interest without writing an email - pof policy bans copy paste messages, however when most woman write "I am looking for a guy with like interests in her profile description, I tend to send a copy paste email because I have no idea what to write to her). I suspect that paying members are less likely to be deleted.

I did write a very harsh email to a member who turned out to be 16 years old pretending to be a 30 yo adult. I am a teacher and do not think adults and kids should "mingle" and believe that there was no good reason for her to be on the site.

My guess is that if the ownership continues it draconian management practices,

For every 40 women I wrote, three or four responded of which one to three would say "not interested". For every 100 women, 25%-35% are married or in a relationship and lying about it, 1-3 are men pretending to be women, and 10-15 are prostitutes. As with men on here (per reviews by women on site jabber), many POF women are not desirable for real relationships. Going through an illness; married; financially debt ridden and looking for a man to pay off their debts; extremely out of shape; drug, gambling, or alcohol issues; wanted in various states; angry with their spouse or X and taking it out on the men on POF; or completely psychotic. These woman also tend to be on Match, Mingle, and the other paying sites, so it may be the norm.

In general, you can find a partner on POF (men expect to work your bottom off writing many women for a very low quality response rate). The site is picture driven, to meet quality members of both sexes, get a higher quality - professional like set of pictures taken. Do somethings fun (although pictures of women shooting guns scare the heck out of me - what kind of a potential partner shows that he/she can blow your brains out?), one professional dress picture, one dress up picture for a night out - woman makeup and nice hair etc such as one taken at a wedding, formal party, and/or new-years- a female friend on mine played with different photos and highly suggest showing some cleavage with bit of care so that men do not jump to the conclusion that men tend to jump to - use this picture as your main because this is the only thing men know about you prior to clicking on your profile (we have no choice but to look at your picture on this site), then one or three with you smiling and doing things you enjoy doing. Be VERY careful about posting a picture of you with your friends or children. If there are two or more woman in a picture, I have to guess which one you are and often guess wrong (and quite often, the other person looks better in the picture), I feel it is unwise to put pictures of children on an adult dating site even if they are yours.

I am not created another account on POF and until the ownership stops deleting nice guys from the system; I recommend that you do not waste your time as well.

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Do not use this site I was a member and they deleted my account so I tried to setup a new one they sent a registrationon email then wouldn’t let me login and when I tried to have a new password sent my email was not in there database the same email that they just sent an email to it seems they pof will delete you profile if you’re not the type of person they want on the sit i.e. if you’re not looking to get married and if you’re looking for anything else then they don’t want you don’t bother I have friends on pof that I can’t contact now because I’m not what pof wants on the site find some other site pof is not worth it DO NOT USE IT

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Well for a free and paid dating site this site is not bad at all. The old saying goes you get what you pay for. I have met allot of great ladies from this site and do not regret it at all. The only thing that would make this site a 5 is they pay for the first

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