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POF reviews

111 reviews
Categories: Dating
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5400
Seattle, Washington 98104
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111 Reviews for POF

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The problem is you have like 7 men to every 1 women.


There are some fake people, but what do you expect if the person has one picture up.


I've met at least a dozen women in that time, dated several of them.

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New Reviewer

Honestly this website is full of $#*!. I made an account and 2 hours later my account was somehow deleted. Supposedly my email doesn't exist yet when you look it up it's still there.

Ask Frank about POF
New Reviewer

Okay I've been on many different dating sites and let me first say that with most dating sites you are taking a huge risk anyway.

Not bragging or anything but to tell you where I am coming from as a female on here. I consider myself a fairly attractive young woman and I have a job, transportation, and live on my own. I really try not to act desperate when it comes to looking for a significant other to share my life with, but the way these men act on these sites, particularly this one, makes it very hard not to come off that way.

For example, a guy will message me and act as if he is interested in wanting to talk to me and then soon after will either all together stop messaging for no reason or explanation at all and then a week or even a month later just out of the blue say "hey" as if nothing happened. I mean I feel like if I keep messaging him to try to play games and get his attention I am the one who comes off desperate and wanting his attention. So when I ignore him then the harsh bullying harassing messages come to follow. Pretty jerk move right?
A lot of mind games and a lot of heartache. It's just that simple.

And as a few reviewers have stated on here there are a lot of creeps and perverts on this site. I am amazed by some because they cloud themselves behind well groomed and smiley pictures when really those are the main ones sending pictures of their private parts and harassing the living $#*! out of you until you eventually block them. Then if you block enough of them, it seems as if you are the one that gets punished. Nice move POF. Stupid $#*!s.

A lot of these reviews on here seem geared towards women that are apparently found to be trashy, whoreish, and have daddy issues on POF, and I don't doubt that there are women out there like that on there. Do you think that a high volume of literate, well educated, goal oriented females are going to be "fishing" around for guys on a dating site? I highly doubt that and it's obvious. Most of the people on these sites ARE people that have extreme issues themselves. Most of this is Psychology 101. Humans are very predictable. You have the few far in between that are actually somewhat normal and honest. But guess what? Those are the ones with a sense of self worth and have some morals left.

And I am not talking about people with small issues either I am talking BIG issues. Being from a woman perspective a lot of guys on there are divorced 3 times over, or divorced have three or four kids from broken marriages. Or just kids by two three different women (that we know are probably hooking up with on the side when they're lonely). And I am not saying that single parents shouldn't have a chance, but lets face it, getting to know someone and start a relationship is hard enough when they don't have kids, try throwing some kids in the mix and 9/10 times a jealous ex wife, or baby momma in the background and it spells recipe for disaster. Then you have the really pompous prideful jackass that wants his ego stroked and told he has a nice bod or that you turn him on or whatever just so he can feel good about himself when he's around other people. Those are the worst. They are stuck up, rude, and egotistical son's of $#*!es. Then the other percentage seems to be older men that are literally very unattractive (not to sound rude but it's plain and simple), overweight, and have the absolute nerve to message women that they personally know deep down inside are out of their league. Then they try to guilt trip you by saying you are rude and $#*!y when you politely turn them down because you simply ARENT interested. But if you think of it those are most of those young men on there are going to look like later on in life. Dried up, used up, and unsuccessful at any meaningful and fulfilling relationship because they hooked up with half of women in the United States when they were younger. Then at that you have the other type on there the druggies and just downright losers. The ones you think to yourself "NO WONDER WHY YOU'RE SINGLE?!"

Anyway to end all of this review as painful as possible. This site is not great, but I think you have to weed through it a lot more because guess what ITS FREE! So you're going to get the bottomless pit a lot more than average than with sites like and Eharmony because those people are actually paying money to be users on there. But yes POF is very terrible to navigate as well. Very advertisement ridden. And just a tip for ladies out there, try to set your expectations high that is if you have high expectations high. I am not talking about Brad Pitt high but I am talking about if you want the gentleman type then keep that expectation there. I am talking paying for a date, offering to pick you up or meet up in a public place, messaging you with thoughtful well written responses not two words. Asking for your number after talking to you for more than just three responses later not just throwing out a number and saying "hit me up later baby". Just simple things to look out for. Watch out for the ones that try to put everything out there too and seem almost desperate. They put their life story out there and then they want you to be their girlfriend after a day. Stay far far away.

As far as experiences go I've only met two men off of there. After being on the site for more than two years. None of them worked out. And to be honest there needs to be higher moderation and screening on this site. So many crazy people on here. It's scary. But again take everything with a grain of salt when it comes to online dating.

New Reviewer

POF could be perfect, but there was one very big drawback I experienced. I live in a rural area and if I wanted to search within 8 miles, there were "not enough matches". There were in fact over a dozen profiles within 8 miles, but POF would not allow me to view just those. If I expanded this to 10 miles, I no longer received the "not enough matches" warning, however my results were artificially expanded to include people from up to 20 miles away. If I set it to 15 miles, my results were artificially expanded to include women living 60 miles away! I am not exaggerating on that figure, that 60 miles is Mapquest confirmed. 59.6 miles if you want precision. I'm a more-than-full-time engineer and part time farmer. I do not have the time to make a 60 mile relationship work, nor do I have the time to comb through a thousand people to find the 20 who are within my range. Yes, the site is called "plenty of fish" as opposed to 20 fish, and they are trying to generate add revenue like any online business. It might not be conducive to this goal if customers only logged on briefly every once in a while to see if they had any new potential matches. Obviously they want you to troll the site late at night until you start to go cross-eyed. But it sure would be a heck of a lot more useful and less annoying if they did not bias the search results in this way. This is a key reason I use OKcupid more than POF, despite the fact that I like everything else on POF better. OKcupid's search algorithm is biased in the opposite direction, it tends to exclude some matches rather than include erroneous matches, but it works better for me because it doesn't waste as much of my time. Perhaps all of this is just the inherent plight of the rural online dater but it would sure be nice to see some changes!

New Reviewer

This website is a FRAUD. FAKE profiles. CATFISHING galore!! They stole my pics and info from my website to create a fake profile. I have attempted to contact them to get my pics removed but NO RESPONSE. BEWARE USERS! What you are seeing on line is NOT what you are getting. USING MY STOLEN PICS!

Tip for consumers: Catfishing! Stolen pics used to create FAKE profiles!

Ask Concerned about POF
New Reviewer

I couldn't even start a profile. I feel no need for that dumb website to know if my parents are still together, and its mandatory at sign up! WTF?! I'm not telling some website or any website everything about me. especially things no one needs to know. its overly intrusive and pisses me off.

Tip for consumers: make a lot less info mandatory at the start up. i don't mind filling in a lot of needless crap when no one is trying to make me.

Ask JD about POF
New Reviewer

**(UPDATE)- upon further investigation, I have made a mistake. Normally I use my mobile phone and mobile app to serach, but when I used my computer..all different kinds of search queries (ladies) as I put in all different kinds of metrics. I was NOT limited in body type at all. I apologize to POF. Perhaps for moblie use it has something to do with phone/app settings..

**(Original post..not applicable)**
I did some advance searching on POP and found that most female users are all a" few extra pounds", "BBW", "prefer not say" (code for bigger). I selected "thin", "athletic", and"average" all with in a 150 mile radius of Los Angeles. None of the other metrics mattered!! I tweaked them all...but when I selected "few extra pounds", "BBW", "Prefer not to say", data/women showed up in my search query. I don't have a problem per say with larger ladies but I think POF should market as such. For many it will waste their time..

Tip for consumers: Lots of options!

Ask J about POF
New Reviewer

Plenty of fish allows people to find someone local and it is good. But the bad thing is that you have to wait for a response for a long time. It really makes me sad, when you meet someone in public place, it is much easier to find common ground and chum up. From the other side, a lot people found their second half, it gives me a hope and giving another chance to this dating website.

New Reviewer

I joined this site thinking it was normal and had the shock of my life.
This site and perverted site allows FULL FRONTAL PENIS SHOTS THAT ARE ERECT!
Perhaps they enjoy looking at ERECT PENIS in their head office in the USA.
But in England it is illegal!

The owner of this site does not care what the content is as he makes lots of money from all the advertising that is placed on his site. That is why the site is free.

This site is full of sick men that are wanna be male prostitutes that cannot obtain any business in reality to supplement their dole money.

They say the women are bad..but believe me their is only a small handful of women that use sexy photographs and personally..I would rather see a pretty girl in a sexy shot then a repulsive BLOW UP PENIS SHOT..which is very off putting.

Most of the people on this site are just desperate for any kind of email contact. That are not interested in reality i.e. speaking to you on the telephone and just want to collect photoraphs of females to PERVE OVER!


THE OWNER OF THIS SITE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF. I understand that the programme 'DINNER DATE' uses this site to obtain single people.



Ask Pussycat about POF
New Reviewer

Good sight you can have basic services for free yes including communication. Nice to see a sight that isn't all about the money. Would like them to have a little cheaper membership available it is right to pay something for there service. Thanks pof for your service it is interesting.

Ask Cindy about POF
New Reviewer

Why is it that POF continues to let men put up profiles that have used their site to meet women with children or granddaugthers for their own gratification? I met a man on POF and we moved in together. In the time we lived together he kept insisting my granddaughter come stay with us. I found out exactly why he wanted this to go on. When I confronted him he broke my arm? Our case is currently in police hands but when I was searching the profiles there he was again. He has used someone else's photos but it is him and he says he is in Minnesota when in actuality he is in Virginia. They use to have a testimonial section so at least other women could be warned about a man like this but now it is gone most likely because women warned other women about men like this. While POF continues to let him have a profile he can continue to do what he has done in the past. They are enabling him to find women and they share some of the responsibility for what he does when they have been made aware of the situation. Can a dating site be held liable for enabling a man like this????

Tip for consumers: This site enables men to find women to abuse and put the children or grandchildren in danger.

Ask Cassie about POF
New Reviewer

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New Reviewer

Pof is terrible, woman prostitute selfs and when u report u get deleted. This site is full of whores and gold diggers. Meet 2 woman in 10 years that were cool. If you cant find a sucker on the street there not on pof. Done i think real woman are on street. Whores, and gold diggers is all pof.....use to be awesome.

Tip for consumers: Go somewhere else. ...oh pof at least hear the persons side your booting, there's 2 sides to each person.

Ask art about POF
New Reviewer

This site is the bottom of the dating barrel. Yeah it's free but I've been on Match, Chemistry, Zoosk, OkCupid, and BBPeoplemeet with good success on all of them. I had been on POF for 3 years and never seen so many middle-aged, wrinkly, tattooed low-lifes with an embittered attitude about men even though they're jobless, functionally illiterate, and act like an educated, successful man like me should kiss their rear. Uncanny!! I've had a lot of chats with women on POF and a couple of dates but in terms of date QUALITY and good behavior, I've never wasted so much time in my life. Go ahead and enroll 'cause it's "free" but you're better off finding a ho at your neighborhood drunk tank.

Tip for consumers: Don't reveal anything in your profile that implies you're well educated and successful on this site. On this site you'll be perceived as a snob because you don't stoop down to their 5th grade vocabulary. Oh, and if you say you ride a Harley you're halfway home 'cause this site has more biker chicks per capita than any site in the universe. You get what you pay for ... nothing.

Ask John about POF
New Reviewer

i can pick up women in public places without any trouble but you never get any replies from women on POF so they must be dormant accounts or shills .even elderly MILFS dont reply and they have saggy wrinkly funbags so should be up for it but theyre not.
its a waste of time and trashed my account as theres no way to delete it

Tip for consumers: dont bother- waste of time for guys even if you look like Tom Cruise

Ask joesep about POF
New Reviewer

I have used POF for a couple of months. They built up their membership and name brand when it was truly free, and now they are milking it. Sure you can set up a profile and message people for free. But you won't see their entire profile or know if you have contacted them before unless you upgrade to a paid membership. Even badoo gives away better functionality for free. Plus the layout is a mess. POF is a very bad value, whether you use it for free or pay to upgrade your membership.

Tip for consumers: Maybe useful for amusement or develop your game, but pay at a better site when ready to get serious.

Ask Jason about POF
New Reviewer

So far I've met 0 people on POF. When I first started using POF nobody ever message me back. Now they do, but I never been successful to ever meeting someone. I know I am a good person by heart and attitude. That is what my coworkers tell me. I've always been a respectful person, whenever it is on POF or outside of POF. I just don't understand why nobody in POF is interested in me. I need help.

New Reviewer

The website absolutely rubbish I had to register a few times, when I was trying to log in after a few day keep saying tour email address is not in our database, and a lot of time waster are there most of them are married or have partner and there a lot of loser.
website rubbish

New Reviewer

It's feee because it is shockingly bad.
Firstly, site moderation. There is none. You get it all in here. Photos of cats, dogs, cars and stuff for sale but not real pics of single people. Women tell me that most men just post a pic of their dangle. You'll get men dressed as women. All the clues are there in the picture. The big hands, the Adams Apple and in the backgriund a wedding pic of them with their wife. Then the most obvious clue is in their profile where it says "I'm a man who likes dressing up as a woman". You don't have to be Columbo to come to a conclusion however tPoF seems to struggle to compute that one.

Customer service. There is none. Well when I say none there might actually be one person though I think their job is to delete all the emails that come in from angry customers. The payment system works fine though. Funny that. If you need help you'd be better of writing to Justin Beiber to get a satisfactory result.

Matching. From what I can work out if anyone else is registered on the site then the programme sees them as a match for you. So if your Jane in a London looking for a man within 20 miles expect to find yourself matched to a used canoe that's for sale in Oaklahoma.

Apart from that the site's great. Actually, no it isn't. It's awful. It's a sewer. Imagine a prison with no wardens and that's PoF for you.

New Reviewer

The worst dating site ever. My profile was deleted four times in three days without any reason.
I tried to contact customer support - no response. Better read "Terms of service" before you will give away your credit card information. One star is too generous for this crap.

New Reviewer

It didnt take me long to meet my love on pof. We are currently engaged and im pregnant with our first bby. If it wasnt for pof im sure wev would have never meet.

New Reviewer

Having been scammed on two dating sites now I think it fair to say that if you are 50 plus and using this site or any other, be very careful. Look out for 'highly intelligent men' who seem unable to punctuate sentences correctly, make comments such as 'it was nice' and use future tense eg: I will like to speak with you again' and ask for your number after the first conversation. Sadly, like the other site I was on, fake profiles seem to be in abundance. Tread with caution!

New Reviewer

I have a friend who just discovered that a member of this dating site has stolen her pictures off of her Facebook page and downloaded them to her profile! It is absolutely ridiculous that she cannot report this person for stealing her image and using it on this site, without signing up for the website!!!! Plentyoffish needs to review their policy because my friend refuses to sign up for the website and give any of her information just to be able to report this woman!!! She goes by xoxo_nc Cary north carolina

New Reviewer

I got very lucky. I met a few decent men who were local to me and am still in contact with them on and off. I also met a good match for me a year ago last March and we have been seeing each other for the last 16 months and very happy. Our Time is a terrible site -make sure you search for reviews before spending time there. had a lot more foreign scammers than POF, imo.

New Reviewer

I went on dates with two men that I met on POF. The first date was awful because the guy just wanted 2 things: Sex and watching cartoons! The second man I went on a date with was wonderful! We dated for two years and he is the love of my life! I married him earlier this year! POF was free for me to join and communicate with people and I think that it is a plus! I would recommend it to anyone!

New Reviewer

By far the WORST dating app I've ever been on... I had to make a new account about 3 times because they kept DELETING IT!!!!!! I'm surprised it even has people going on it at all. Worst worst worst app I cannot stress to you enough. Use any other dating app and you will be happier than if you used pof. Honesty it horrible

New Reviewer

I was surprised to see so many people had the same experience as I had with POF. Tried twice to use this site and both times my profile was deleted for no reason and no explanation. Didn't do anything against their terms of service. One was deleted after one week and the other was deleted after two days. I don't consider this a legitimate dating site. Just goes to show that nothing is free...

New Reviewer

This website is gender biased. Women can send private pics, but men cannot. How ironic that all i see on their pics is cleavage and butt shots. I assumed if you're providing a service, all aspects of that service were to be available to all consumers. Not the case here. Also, anyone can report you and your account will be removed or blocked..mostly men are the victims. I read a few reviews about this, but until it recently happened to me ,I was skeptical. Avoid this site

New Reviewer

A decent dating site. You can message for free, view for free, everything is actually free. The people on pof seem a little lower quality than, say, OKCupid, and the site isn't nearly as snazzy in terms of interface. But it does what it says on the tin.

New Reviewer

Pof is a scam it's not free as it claims, you have to pay to use half of the services and it's full of webcam girls, hookers, escorts, and scam artists. I'd never recommend this sight to anyone.

New Reviewer

I will never ever use this website again! It is full of crackpots, losers and hopeless alcoholics who are loo king to clean up someone elses leftovers out of desperation. Theyre always looking to find someone to take pity on their sorry existences. I have learned thanks to the experiences Ive had with POF that going out on a date with someone really makes me appreciate being alone...and I love not having romantic love in my life!!

New Reviewer

STAY THE F…. AWAY from this crappy site.. The women on this site are attention whoring, man hating sexually promiscuous, materialistic, BIOTCHES with serious daddy issues.. MOST are single baby mommas, divorcees and lesbians holding out hope for that desperate man to come along….

New Reviewer

Actually this article doesn’t cover the facts of POF. I have personally reported 3 sex offenders to the site through the complaint form. Which was completely ignored, except to delete my profiles. I provided evidence, and even the offenders families testimonies. These offenders also spread Gonorrhea, and it has become a health hazard for the community. Though in the male list of the site. I did meet two cops who are actively monitoring the site. None the less. Of all the sites I have looked into. Plenty of Fish is the only one actively protecting sexual offenders, and disease spreaders from the truth. The company of POF does not maintain their own rule in order to protect these individuals. This is the site to use, as a woman at least, if you want to be raped, infected with stds, and have attempted murder practiced upon you. I have screen shots of all that I claim with in this post. The site POF needs shut down, and the owners tried for the crimes they are knowingly allowing to occur via their site! To their members, and the community!

New Reviewer

At first, I was intrigued. Love the free viewing & interactive opportunities with others. However, it's not clear to me where to go to get questions answered. Like for fitness, would you date someone with a few extra LBS? Or BBW? What the heck does this acronym stand for? I asked for Caucasian men, other ethnic show up & ppl way younger or older than the age bracket I requested. I chose MissPrissStl as my profile name. Edited profile on different issue, hit check Mark at top right & after all I went through to get this site to remove my real name, my username, ErlineJinesSchneider, correcting name chosen for my profile, it's now showing my real name again which concerns me as I said before when they corrected. Very frustrating!!!

New Reviewer

Complete bull$#*!. Markus is an ugly loser who obviously has issues. Sorry how you look Markus, and sorry you have a small $#*!. My profile got deleted because after getting my greeting message from Markus, I replied to him. I said. Markus, don't you think it is a little arrogant to list yourself as the "Creator"...the only creator is God. Bam delete! Markus you are an arrogant Nazi, $#*!. You are a creepy weirdo that thinks he has to protect every woman on this site. We are adults. We do not need you telling us who we can connect with, what age we can connect with and what we say in our "private" messages. If an "adult" woman dislikes a message she can simply block that individual. Markus you are a scammer and a fraud. You knowingly post fake profiles and then ask men to pay! You advertise a free site...and then if anyone actually wants to chat they have to pay you. I can go on all day but you're not worth it. Good luck when you get busted for the fraud that you are. $#*!!

New Reviewer

My experience on Pof has been just as bad as a lot of the men in there most wemen are on there to get money, and you get banded for no good reason you try to be respectful and nice to people and follow all the rules but u get banded like I did for no reason. Marcus your nothing but a complete Ass hole and I would not care to say that to your face, you don't band people for no apparent reason, and say you got a really good site, and trust me I would not care one bit to tell you my users name that was on there you friggen twit, Guys don't spend on money on this site because ur just wasting your time and money

New Reviewer

POF and Marcus along with his staff are nothing but a bunch of religious fanatic anti-male Canadian ass holes. They block people for absolutely no reason. I should not say people it is men they do this to. This is done for absolutely no reason. Anyone can make a complaint and they will disable your profile and not answer an email. They will not even tell you you have been blocked. He is anti-sexual and a total control freak. His staff will not reply when you ask them politely why or even if you were blocked. They blocked me for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I was never rude or used any language that was inappropriate. I have written them multiple times and asked them why I'm being blocked they never answered me. If there were another site both myself And others would use it.

New Reviewer

I was on pof for two weeks.
I seen many fake profile with fake locations.
I was nice , I thought it was not to bad considering it's free but then my account was deleted with absolute no explanation.

New Reviewer

This site is a social science experiment! At least there are more people on POF than any other dating site. Look at and Okcupid, these sites are littered with fake profiles of yuppies that have pics of themselves backpacking through the Alps or Skydiving. When Joe or Jane Average sees this they go the other way. The problem is and okcupid are ran by Yuppies who backpack through Europe during the summer or go scuba diving. So they think its okay to write fake profiles based on the type of people they think exist.

Let's be hypothetical here. If a fat person opend up a Walmart dating site filled with people who love shopping at Walmart and they needed to write a bunch of fake profiles to get the ball rolling. What do you think those fake profiles would look like? Probably other walmart fatties and Jesus freaks. My point is a person is going to write a fake profiles based on the types of people theyre exposed to.

Nope, the profiles are all mostly real. The problem is you have like 7 men to every 1 women. In some larger cities there are 10 men to every 1 woman.
Think about it, some chicks sign up and in 2 hours they have 30 to 70 emails. Numbers or not, they cant possibly get back to you.

Some women get addicted to the attention but they burn out before too long on there. The chicks who get addicted and have to check their emails once an hour are the ones who spend years online. They are on for a month then leave for a month.

The other problem is the 'same old, same old' story of people running when faced with other people who say they're looking for the same thing. If I was to write a profile about how much I want a relationship I would ger no emails. Sometimes I tell a woman I want a relationship and there will be no return email. Lol, the truth is you have... to gulp... be yourself. However you have to talk about normal stuff. I think guys get frustrated after a while... then they start emailing women for hookups.

POF is not a numbers game. You can send out mass emails and the people can spot a fake becasue the email you sent them isnt personalized. Also, if you have a bland profile then its unlikely anyone will email you back. People are looking for a good time, theyre on POF for fun. The fact is this is a psychology experiment, not a math experiment.

Here's what I found that works. You have to focus on one person at a time. If you get caught up in the emails you'll screw yourself. Its all time and energy.

My problems are with the way the site functions and the users.

The problem I had is the dufus creator Markus created a matching system that tries to pair younger men with older women. I had to put an age restriction on who could contact me because there were too many older women sending me emails. I think older women complained about getting matched up with ugly old men and he listened to them.

Whats hard to believe is how many people that exist on POF that have been single for years upon years. I think online dating and knowing there is someone a page away has made us picky. We're not giving people a fair shake because the site fools us into thinking theres an abundance of people. In reality there isnt an abundance of people. Its a fools paradise.

The other problem is my profile made it to the top of searches based on my email activity. The more emails I send the more my profile was out on the top of search lists. Wow smart. Im busy with email, why not make me more busy.

The other problem is the site isnt encrypting anything and its security for protecting passwords and other data is outdated. I mean massively. The founder Markus only spends about 40 minutes a day dealing with his site.

The biggest problem is the "Creator" Markus. The guy created the site with not much knowledge on how to build a site or a server for that matter. I admire the fact that he just went out and did it and I have to thank him for keeping internet dating free and cheap. Can you imagine how much would be charging if POF wasnt around? However Markus know little about dating, what it takes, how it works, and how people come together. IMO the matching system needs an overhaul. There are compatible people on there who aren't meeting because of how the site works. People aren't connecting because there are too may incompatible and uncompromising people in the way.

Sooner or later a better dating site will come along. However at this time you cant argue with free and the shear numbers. If youre going to date online then you might as well use POF. The paid sites have too many fake profiles to keep up with.

Im sure my review might rub some people the wrong way. If it does then take a good look in the mirror. The other main problem with POF is there are too many people who will NOT take accountability for themselves.

If you admit to being 'picky' and not really being concerned with the pressures of finding someone then cool. However there are people who swear they attract Douchebags and blame everyone else for their problems. They're the ones who need to take a look in the mirror.

Ive dated 13 women from POF in a span of 18 months and the longer I was on there the easier it was to find dates. So its was okay for me. Some of those women lied and either used angled photos or they used old photos. Others were pretty honest. I think its possible to find someone but you really need to weed through the site and look for someone who's likeminded, which is tough. Last year I dated a POF stalwart who had been on the site for 5 years however she just wasn't ready to be in a long term relationship. So I had come close.

My advice, dont get frustrated. Just have fun. If its not working then change it. You have to hold your frame and focus on the people you want to date.. not trying to keep the ones you dont want away. Take it one person at a time. Keep the texting and phone calls up until the first meeting. Its that simple. However it is time consuming. Internet dating is kinda like living in New York city, those with a weak frame dont make it.

New Reviewer

mostly women who are there just to assist if they still have it to attract men !huge number of saddest women who enjoy putting men down who think all men are the same !one size fits all because they had one bad experience for their ignorance !! most women are looking for a perfect man but they have nothing to bring to the table!,mostly snobs,insecure,ugly ,fearful,misfits,dating sites addicts,amazingly seductive women but in no way they are ready to meet any one rather have a relation ! just plain time wasters ,,they never tell the truth about intention or age unless they a re not ready to date and do not care !! they should call it

New Reviewer

Horrible! The profiles seem fake for most girls, they never send anything to you or respond. All talking about finding a good guy or whatever but if you don't look like an athlete or model it's not worth it. It is so bad I can't even delete my profile, such a waste of time. Literally talked to 1 girl for like 4 messages and that was it. And it is not that free, lots of key features can't be used without paying. I would pay a city bus driver to run me over multiple times before I would join and pay for this site. Absolutely worthless!

New Reviewer

POF has the fakest people on it's site ever ! I was on there eight days and never met a single person, not sure I'd want to with the sleazebags on there, there were exactly three people on there I was maybe interested in meeting, the rest were horrible, but none had any intention of meeting, just phishing and trolling, (not why I joined), the men on there were not anyone you'd want to meet; sooo gross !! The people on there also like to get your phone number: IMMEDIATELY, also for phishing.

New Reviewer

like i said its DESRIMINATORY towards MEN!!!! i can PROVE it, first takes 2 people man and woman , each set up account, let the woman go off on the man and the man DO NOT RESPOND just report the message WATCH WHAT HAPPENS UR AZZ WILL GET BOOTED SO FAST!!!!!!! woman can also say what they want in headline and profile from profanity to sexual comments( which it states CLEARY youll be permenantly kicked off) if you report thier profile AGIN they will BOOT YOU MEN trust me i know my profiles have simply stated i dont date toothless users cheaters and liars well sum1 gets butt hurt and there IS NO VIOLATION in that kinda profile but as soon as a woman doesnt like your answer or you ignore her or report her YOUR DONE THIS IS A P.O.S SITE lol MEN STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I think maybe 30% of the female profiles are real. The rest are just scammers and fake profiles that puts up to make it look more like a 50-50 male to female ratio.

Their basic membership is (or at least was) completely free - which makes it OK. However, after contacting about 250 women and not receiving one response, I became a little disappointed. I guess that's where the paid upgrade comes in for some reason.

I have better luck meeting women in bars and the grocery store. was a waste of time for me. But if you're young and good looking, you may have a chance at success.

New Reviewer

THIS SITE IS HORRIBLE from many aspects. 1. Fake profiles. 2. Horrible Customer service. 3. Female members were not attractive to me at all. In my opinion they were desperate. 4. Bad quality all together. BE WARNED!!!!!

New Reviewer

My profile was deleted on the 2nd day without any explanation or notice. Customer service didn't bother to reply

New Reviewer

25% of this site is good due to my own exp but after reading these reviews it is verifying my summing up of this site, but it's free which is good, also iv'e been on here 1 year and had 1 crazy woman but to tell the truth i'm a bit crazy myself so i guess you have to sift through the garbage and be patient for what your looking for and be honest about yourself..

New Reviewer

The people on this site are either fishing for a quick hook up or they want to be permanent penpals. To make matters worse, they WILL NOT LET YOU LEAVE. I should have believed the reviews I saw on multiple sites of people with this experience. When I tried to remove my profile I was blocked from the site, and told my email address and user name do not exist. THIS SITE IS A SHAM.

New Reviewer

What a Joke of a site, they stress that are trying to help people find love but deleting people for being themselves and wanting to date. They took my profile site off because I had more people on block then actual dates...This site sucks...

New Reviewer

I got 1 response. I met this woman who scammed me for over $5000 by wire fraud, stealing my checkbook draining my account. She finally offered me sex on two conditions. That I not press charges & that I buy her some crack. Pitiful as it is, she was my crack whore for the night! Until she died from drugs last July, my family literally feared for my life!!!

New Reviewer

I would not recommend this site to Satan himself. It's just a complete waste of precious time. I'm still a member of POF for free but I'm going to delete my account. I haven't gotten very far at all with anyone on POF. It's like every single woman on there likes playing hard-to-get or they're complete and total snobs. I've had women message me to say hi and then when I message them back I don't get a reply back. I've went on three dates-one with one lady who wanted to get too serious too quickly and two dates with another lady who was a very sweet lady but she had been married before and had two kids and she didn't want anymore kids, which is what I want some time after I get married so it didn't work out. Seriously, don't waste your time people.

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