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393 reviews
Categories: Dating
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5400
Seattle, Washington 98104, CAN
Tel: +1.6046922542
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393 Reviews From Our Community

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The problem is you have like 7 men to every 1 women. (in 110 reviews)


Funny how people complain about "customer service" on POF. (in 20 reviews)


It's free, easy to use and has a lot of people there. (in 110 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

This Website is full off;
* Very Ugly & insecure Men & Women*
* Single Mothers with lots of Children, looking for $$
*Good Looking women, that just want to do the Slut rounds & in a Cosmetic/Commercial World to make themselves feel better, & get the most messages
*Drug & Alcoholic's
*Inauthentic & very insecure people

You have been Warned!

If you want to meet real/down to earth Attractive & Honest People, then try, but you will have to pay for your Subscription, but it is defintely worth it & your time.

Ask justin about POF
1 review
1 helpful vote


TWO FOR SURE!!! BERNARD MILLER AND JAMES WATERS ( I am sure its probably not the real name...but beware; they so dumb they may use the same name again)

Ask Cynthia about POF
1 review
3 helpful votes

Been on here twice, the first time for about 6 months and it ended with a wife calling me from my number that she found in her husband pocket. So I left the sight. Then after several after that I thought I might give it one more try. Several guys responded to my profile and most were only in meeting and having sex. No Thanks. Please don't waste your time.

Ask Gina about POF
1 review
5 helpful votes

POF is by far the worst dating service that You will ever use. I used to be a member and all I got was fake profiles , scammers and unhappy ladies that are trying to make men pay for what their exes did to them. I was as polite as you can possibly be and got My profile deleted just because I politely turned down some of these ladies. The POF management won't even look into it , they will just take their word. If you're looking for an honest dating service , try OKcupid. POF is just garbage.

Ask Alfonso about POF
1 review
35 helpful votes

Man, I was on this site for at least a year off and on. All honesty I'm like a 7/10 nothing too great but I'm not ugly. So I'm thinking yo, I'll find someone whose close to my age and fun.

Nah. Not the case at all.

Unlike many people leaving reviews I realized that the girls in my area were actually people I went to high school with at some point. I'm 26 now and seeing their pro pics was a little weird at first. All that being said let me tell me you about my experiences.

In my 1 year I had about 30 girls with kids message me saying hi. I was very attentive to them and answered appropriately until I realized they just wanted a sugar daddy. When I backed off they got mad. Dumb $#*!.

I messaged about 50 girls a day for 2 weeks. Almost trying to see how many girls were real or would even respond. To my surprise atleast 200 females didn't reply to me at all. 20 females did reply only to tell me they didn't like black guys and another 20 replied to tell me that they aren't looking for a relationship....

Wtf, I don't get why you would be on this dating site if you don't want to date anyone.

My conclusion after a year is this. More than 80% of the females on the site are looking for guys to tell then they are hot. It's all ego. They don't respond to anyone who isn't a model type. Trust me I even played games and posted a pic of Ari Shapiro from NPR and birches went crazy talking like 60 messages a day from females. Basically ugly, fat and egotistical girls sit back on their phones and let good guys go for the guy who can any girl. They live off the "hey you're cute" messages even though they say they hate it. It's hilarious to me. Too many stupid females just looking for ego boosts. I'll pass.

Also after reading these reviews I think it's pretty obvious a lot of females find their love after waiting but lets be real youre picking and choosing from 200 guys a day probably. SO YEAH!!! I think it's obvious why THESE HOES FIND LOVE.

$#*! POF

Ask Stevie about POF
1 review
0 helpful votes

We are so unbelievably happy! We met after 4 days of talking on POF, we moved in together 3 days later and married 2 months later. Been married for almost a year and couldn't be happier! (We both had our share of weirdos but it was worth it) be patient! We found each other and will be forever grateful to POF!!

Ask Sonya about POF
1 review
0 helpful votes

Had only been on pof 2 weeks before we found each other. I had fun talking to some of the guys..i think u have to be very clear in what you want and are looking for..otherwise you allow the others to waste your time. You knew that guy wasn't crap when you first heard him speak but you ignored your intuition and carried on any way..not pof fault...yours. I been with my man 2 years now he is a wonderful provider and we will be getting married this summer.

Ask Al about POF
1 review
25 helpful votes

Off the bat you could tell several of the profiles on the site were fakes. They featured pictures of beautiful women with incomplete profiles. Profiles that were clearly made to boost up the stats of the site and to make it seem legit.

Now after clearing out the fakes, You are left with some of the worst search results of all time. Trying to find a girl 10 miles from you? Here's one from Vermont. Want to find someone looking for a relationship? Here's one that isn't seeking a relationship of any kind. Which drives another point, Why does a dating site have the option of someone saying they aren't looking for a relationship right now? Sort of flaws the point of being on there doesn't it?

The only way for them to save the site is to remove the clearly fake profiles and to improve the search function of their site. Also, Remove the option of not wanting a relationship. If you don't want one then why are you joining a dating site?

Ask Michael about POF
1 review
30 helpful votes

If i could of given this site 0/5.

I've been on and off POF since 2006 and have to say it's by far the worse site I have ever seen. Maybe the fact that it's free is why it attracts the most vile people you could ever wish to meet. MY experience on POF goes like this:

I met and had 'relationships' with two women who turned out to be very disturbed sociopaths who made my life a living hell.

I chatted to two women who I discovered were on the rebound and using people.

I spoke to one woman who was cheating on her partner.

I met a woman who claimed to want to date but who was secretly on sex sites and just keeping me as an option.

I briefly 'dated' two women who made out they were interested and went out on dates and acted like a girl friend but then dropped me as soon as other options came along.

I had a date with someone who spent the whole date talking about how her kids had been taken off her by the police and social services and admitted to obsessively stalking her ex!

And I recently spent four months getting to know someone only for them to suddenly go quiet on me and then found to be on a sex site meeting random guys for sex and lacked the common decency and respect to tell me!

Men are made to jump through hoops and have to bend over backwards to even get noticed. Women demand decent messages but delete them without a reply, make ludicrous demands forgetting they're on POF and not realising they aren't going to hook a millionaire!

I read a survey that stated men have less than a 1% chance to get a reply on dating sites and that regardless of what a woman writes on her profile she is actually looking for a guy around 25-38 who has a great job, has a lot of money and looks like a male model with six pack abs. So take that as you will.

The only positive I can give this site is that it's free to search and send/read messages but you can pay to use the ridiculous extras!

If you want to use a dating site then my advise would be to either use pay to join one which may prevent these vile types of people from using them, or to just go out and meet people face to face. The best thing for POF would be for it to close down. Avoid like the plague!

Ask Craig about POF
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was on that site for 9 months.. and yeah there were some interesting guys that I chatted with, but meeting them in person was another thing. Some said they were looking for something serious but other times they just wanted to have sex. I thought that I wouldn't meet anybody that was "normal" I was actually giving up... but I did. It's all about patient and yes being frustrated and not caring anymore is something that we all go through. It's about profiles that you can really read on and catch them on the act if they are truly being dishonest. It took me 9 months to find someone that was great, and now after 3 months, it's still going strong. Not everyone will agree with me, but this is the dating world that we are willing to put ourselves through to meet the right one :)

Ask tessa about POF
1 review
28 helpful votes

They do not approve profiles or photos. People can post anything they want, and POF does nothing to protect their users. There are a lot of fake and outdated profiles on POF. If you don't delete your profile it remains on POF. Even if you have not been online for years. You can report anyone you want, but POF will not do anything about it. Once I complained about their practises and my account was deleted. They need a lot of users because it's a free site. Money comes from advertising. So much is wrong with this site and you will never find anyone at POF who cares. Horrible site. Spend a few dollars and pick a site with integrity and a good reputation.

Ask Craig about POF
1 review
5 helpful votes

My spouse went on this site and met some chick with her profile sunneedazee66 she's total homewrecker $#*! $#*! she knew he was married with three kids and didn't care $#*!ing this site is just a free way for people to lie and cheat on their spouse this girl is so evil she got mad that he was with his wife still but still open her mattress legs up Lindsay la forest of Woodstock Ontario I found out has met many people on here who in fact where married or engaged and still slugged it up with them like I haven't left cause of my kids and baby we are expecting in summer. At the sametime he tells me he loves me and begs for sex like we have always been married in full sense he just lied on site. Cause it's free makes it easy for people to cheat pof stand plenty of whores

Ask Rachel about POF
1 review
5 helpful votes

Came across so many fake profiles who where using pictures of models, actors or footballers as their profile pictures. Even after reporting them to POF the accounts would remain active!
Was POF setting but the fake accounts?
Why are they not removed ?
Whatever the reason there are very few genuine members.

Ask Getta about POF
1 review
6 helpful votes

A lot of men on this site are ex cons, sex driven, have financial, physical and mental issues. They date multiple women and are quick to move on to the next one. No long term potential

Ask Buy about POF
1 review
7 helpful votes


I joined this site a couple weeks ago and gave them $38.00 on my Visa card for a TWO month membership.

Then, all of a sudden, they booted me from the site, stole my money and are refusing to let me back on!!! When I called their "customer service" the guy told me that I have a virus on my computer that's not allowing me on the site. But tonight I registered again, using a different user name and email address on the SAME computer and had absolutely NO problem getting on!!!

POF, if you think I'm going to sit on my ass and let you get away with this crap I have HUGE news for you, because if you don't restore my access to the site, or give me my money back I'm going to drag your butts to Illinois, before a judge, and sue you. Then you can pay all the court costs and other fees when I win!!!

Along with that the site is otherwise a big farce. All they send you for "matches" are fat, ugly broads you could only find in a trailer park or nursing home, or black women you don't even want to look at. You'd have better luck finding a woman by going to a decent bar and screwing off the same $38.00 to had out some free drinks!!!

Ask p about POF
1 review
7 helpful votes

Its like an online brothel

Ask Geri about POF
1 review
37 helpful votes

i've tried no end attempts to look for someone on pof and gotten nowhere most women on there are too stuck up their own arses and don't reply back or if they do its your not my type avoid avoid avoid if you don't make their list

Ask dean about POF
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have tried this dating site and found a lot of men very interested in chatting with me but when I met them in person they looked totally different from their pictures and some I never met face to face but when chatting on the phone with those, I found out that even though these men are daily on the site, they failed to update their profile( some relocated out of the area, lost jobs months earlier). These three factors play a extremely important role, that is what any of us use to decide to reach out to someone in the first place, (1) How they look(how current their photo is,(2) Where they are located now and (3) What their financial status is or at least if it is sound or are they in and out of work and why?
I am sincerely honest here and I hope this helps

Ask Brenda about POF
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

These guys are up to no good. Some will ask for your money and sex.!! Everything is a lie from their name to what they want! I was drugged by justdavon.

Ask Ryan about POF
1 review
7 helpful votes

I was on POF for about 6 months, met my fair share of nasties and chumps. Hilarious stories to tell. But a geeky guy showed up as a "top priority match" and after a few weeks of talking we exchanged numbers and finally met. I haf 2 kids from my past marriage and had to be very careful.

Fast forward: we will be getting married in June after being together for over 2 years, and we have a little girl together. If you take your time you could find the right one.

Ask Abby about POF
1 review
3 helpful votes

Enrolled five times. Does not stay online. Terrible site.

Ask Sue about POF
6 reviews
3 helpful votes

i havent spent a year on this site met only one girl dated had sex and that was it,most of the messages i sent to other woman never reply ever! this site sucks im never going back im on a okcupid a week and already talking to 3 woman and im getting to know them and see witch one is the real deal.

pof is garbage it should be shut down

Ask chema about POF
1 review
23 helpful votes


Ask MIKE about POF
1 review
9 helpful votes

This site is a joke alot of mental issues, some men on the site are very nasty and sleep around with multiple women they're only looking for hookups women please hit the ground running with the site

Ask Jennifer about POF
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Not too hot on dating sights in general. This one seemed fine except when I decided to understand subscribe. Sent them an email asking the how to do that. Sud

Ask Tom about POF
1 review
6 helpful votes

Just meat market. Nobody is in it to find true love, just one-night stands. I am not that shallow.

Ask melinda about POF
1 review
7 helpful votes

Stay away, far away from this site....sexual predators galore. I'm glad I made it out, and off of this site, with my sanity still intact. I had enough of wives calling me introducing themselves, and stating to me that the man I was communicating with, was their husband! I had, had enough!

Ask Vicci about POF
1 review
37 helpful votes

I have been on the site off and on. Then I read the reviews of POF. Now, I'm just going to check into the reviews and never return to POF. Most of what you people say is to a T what I have experienced on POF. Oh and people, these 'I met my dream world, all thanks to POF tee hee, Thanks POF' Why praise POF? Two people do all the work to meet each other. POF isn't the reason why you two met. Nice to hear POF cut you a cheque to praise it on review sites like such. If you're on there for entertainment, mmmm, what is more psychotic those entertaining you or you find entertainment in it.? They both are. Anyone with a healthy mind shouldn't be able to handle that mental garbage. The positive is, you can find out who to avoid like a nuns sex life in your area when you are looking to date. ok.

Ask Shane about POF
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

nomatter what i enter as my info ypi give me some $#*! n bull so i can never get in. How many time must i enter the correct info before you give me a break? I am furious with you people You make it impossible

Tip for consumers: anyone who wishes to get frustrated. I enter my universal password and they tell me "its taken" OF COURSE ITS TAKEN ITS MINE!!!!!! Now they wont let me SUBMIT. Must be me....i need to be someone else to get in.

Ask Marcia about POF
1 review
8 helpful votes

Every guy on there seems to only be looking for hook-ups. I've only met in person 3 men off of there and have had the account over a year. One of those men i thought was to good to be true we started dating and got serious then come to find out he was still using the site to meet woman just to sleep with them.

Ask Mary about POF
1 review
41 helpful votes

This site is bad.The women on here will just waste your time.They are attention seekers that is it.They play way to many games.Deleted my profile.Not worth it have better things to do with my time.The women are no good on this site.VERY VERY BAD!

Ask jeff about POF
1 review
46 helpful votes

What a crap site . Full of shanky women with their breasts hanging out , i message one woman and i asked her what she was looking for in a man and she replied a big $#*!!!.
The skanky women out weight the good ones, if you are looking for skanks this is the site for you.

Ask Darren about POF
1 review
11 helpful votes

This site is full of men that are after money and one night stands. These are the usernames to stay away from. Fahgettaboutitt, Churchcowboy, and lastchance2468. After text/calling for a week they asked what I did for a living. I tell them a lie because it's none of their business. Then the day before the date that was planned they start throwing out red flags...psycho....or they just disappear. This site is NOT worth wasting your time on.

Ask Jules about POF
1 review
6 helpful votes

My boyfriend and I met a year ago on pof and we our now about to celebrate 10 months together. It has been the best thing to happen to me. Thank you

Ask Brittney about POF
1 review
37 helpful votes

A woman I met on POF has herpes and is not telling people that she has herpes and is spreading it to one guy after another. Herpes in uncurable and leaves you with a lifetime of misery and pain. Avoid POF like it has the plague ....well like it is a great way to get herpes!

Ask Robert about POF
1 review
4 helpful votes

The one guy with no pic xjayk211x has vulgar language and wants nude pics and lies he wants a relationship but if u ask for nude pics and crappy lines only means one thing he wants sex !

Ask Nancy about POF
1 review
3 helpful votes

Chatted and texted with a guy for 5 months and we never met.

Ask Tangela about POF
1 review
6 helpful votes

I've met a handful of awesome guys and boat loads of chumps (yes in person). The interesting ones never wanted to commit longer than a few months; from my experience they never deleted their accounts (or stopped talking to their exs)after we'd meet, and continued to communicate with other "fish" while we were in the pre commitment phase. Ultimately each one found someone else. The chumps... well at least I have hilarious stories to tell. I believe when there is so much to choose from people tend to find it easier not to make a serious decision at all.

Ask your about POF
1 review
49 helpful votes

1/100 messages sent say hi to women were completely ignored, the one girl started talking but then stopped when I got serious about asking what her main goal/hobby is, fuk that pissed me off badly I almost broke my phone then pissed my dad off about how women don't have a clue what a real man is ect. he did agree btw a real man want love not a quick std, I hate being ignored especially 99 times with sluts I mean girls that don't reply to a happy new year message or how are you, I did have two women that approached me first but they were larger then life so I messaged them back saying thank you for noticing me but I don't think we are matched good luck x, the way I was raised was to be polite and friendly, what a bunch of no life sluts on there, I'm glad no one responded as Im way to big of a catch for them to handle. pof kiss my ass

Ask jason about POF
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

I decided to try POF to possibly start a serious relationship. Bad idea! Most of the guys on there are looking for a one night stand. A lot of the messages I got were from horny guys asking if I wanted "D" pics and trying to meet up for sex. I even wrote on my profile that I'm not interested in sex until marriage, but I guess they think I'll make an exception for them. I even got blocked by a guy because I told him I wasn't going to do foreplay with him. Even when you look at their bios most of the guys say they're not looking to commit. That's because they just wanna sleep with you! There were even men looking for women to have threesomes with. The rest of the profiles that sound too good to be true, usually are.

Ask Court about POF
1 review
13 helpful votes

Waste of time people don't want anything just sex,they get your number wanna Tex all day an still be online, it's one in a million you will find someone decent....good look

Ask LISA about POF
2 reviews
56 helpful votes

Going to hell would be like being a male perpetually stuck on POF begging ladies for a chance to possibly meet them so you could apologize for not being young enough, tall enough, wealthy enough, powerful enough, good enough dancer, golfer, or anything else that each one of them are entitled to have chase after them.
I do not have anything against the site itself. What I do not understand is through life, ladies i have encountered in so many aspects of life, treat me with respect and general courtesy. Why then on POF am I ignored, deceived, lied to, by profiles that state they are thoughtful, sincere, and want the same in a man. I'd love to get fortunate and turn my back on this crappy experience of just never being good enough for the princesses of POF.

Ask phil about POF
1 review
49 helpful votes

This site is full of stuck up jaded women who thrive off of attention. Do not waste your time with a dating website like this you will get nowhere.

Ask Matt about POF
116 reviews
1,326 helpful votes

It's free, easy to use and has a lot of people there.
But you can't really expect to find anyone decent there because most people just joined this site for trolling and attention-seeking.

Ask Justin about POF
1 review
17 helpful votes

This dating site seems to be filled with fakes. Not only have I experienced this, but also others I have spoken with. They usually start out , "looking for a relationship " when in reality they are looking to hook up with no serious intentions. Beware the "sucessful",handsome, athletic (Aka, gym rat), who drives a luxury vehicle. There is a reason a 40 something year old man (never married) is on dating sites. NEVER MARRIED, big red flag. Why do you think that is?!? Um, can you say, "personality disorder???" Haha..scary.

Tip for consumers: Beware

Ask Lovinlife about POF
3 reviews
15 helpful votes

I was attracted to the "zero tollerance policy" against married users, under-age, scammers, nudity, overtly sexual approaches etc... it seemed to guarantee a higher standard of user and provide some safeguards against scammers... I paid for an upgraded account, but I was disappointed... Fake profiles... Scammers... Inactive profiles from 1947days!!!

It seems that the "zero tolerance policy" is self policing by the community with the "rate images" function the users are invited to approve or delete the photographs of other users, which suggests that they are not reviewed by POF at all... I don't know...

My main frustration was with customer support which is robotic and when eventually they do answer it is unhelpful. Queries about payments took 13 days to receive a standard response. They seem to have an automated response to all queries - the deletion of account and a refund... Very impersonal. No evidence of real people reading and responding to your query.

I reported a scammer, with evidence of real identity of person on the photo, This resulted in the deletion of my account!? Maybe the scammer realised that I had rumbled him and he had my profile deleted? That's ok! Saved me the trouble... LOL! I would not recommend the site all in all...

If you do use this site, I would recommend that when you like someone to move communication to email or chat because your or their account could disappear at any time!

Ask Erica about POF
1 review
39 helpful votes

Plenty of fakes that's for sure. Shallow rude stuck up single mom's overweight. So many. Few decent girls on there get swamped with mssgs anyway and no guy seems to stand a chance. Don't waste your time like so many others have.

Ask chad about POF
1 review
5 helpful votes

Just like many reviews on here state, it's not a real dating site. Most men put that they're looking for a relationship but in reality they are looking for hookups. Some men have even lied about having children. What kind of person lies about their own children?! Disgusting. Even found out one user not only has a pof account claiming to be looking for a relationship but he also has a bunch of profiles on sex sites. Gross! Ladies beware of Misterme812. Keep a look out for these as well, MistermeOR, Misterme81, and Misterme8123. All the same person with multiple accounts.

Ask J about POF
1 review
5 helpful votes

I was charged for a 8th month membership even tho I signed up for 2. i asked for a refund of the difference. no response. Asked again. said I would contact CCcompany if I needed to.2 hours later my entire profile and still won't respond to emails.As bad as the rest of them.

Ask Cathy about POF
1 review
10 helpful votes

I cancelled my subscription last month and they still automatically withdrew payment from my bank though no longer have an account nor can I access the site without re-registering. There is no way to actually contact these people either. I contacted the bank so this should not happen again but I was still ripped off by these people.

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