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PickupFlowers reviews

57 reviews
Categories: Flower Delivery, Gifts
Sunnyvale, CA 94085-5405

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New Reviewer

Can't believe I didn't read the reviews for this company first. Beyond awful. HOW IS THIS COMPANY ALLOWED TO EXIST?

Ask Chelsea about PickupFlowers
New Reviewer

They are simply terrible, the website claimed they had bonsais available for sale so i placed the order before my sisters birthday by a month asking for it to arrive 2 days earlier to avoid any disappointments. Only they called me on the day they were supposed to reach her informing me that they do not have any bonsais yes i managed to get a refund unlike other customers but they ruined my sisters birthday. Customer service is also terrible they probably are automated bots unless you choose the (need help with purchase)option and they never responded to any of my emails during this entire month.

New Reviewer

Awful company failed to deliver flowers despite being given three days notice. No refund. Do not use!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE

Ask Chris about PickupFlowers
New Reviewer

These people are scum. I paid $80 for a plant to be delivered to my girlfriend. I made the mistake of ordering, then reading the reviews. It was supposed to include a large pot with 3 Hawaiian umbrella trees, but it ended up being a clay cup with a small plant that was something completely different. I wrote ahead of time expressing my concern that they might not deliver, and that might be the only reason they delivered anything at all. These people are criminals. Since they're this dishonest, I'll probably change my credit card.

Tip for consumers: Don't use them!

Ask matt about PickupFlowers
New Reviewer

don't buy from them. just take my advice and don't do it. they don't deliver the flowers.they don't answer you and if they do, the only thing they will say we don't have an update about you order and we will get back to you and of course the never will. they are just that horrible. one star is way too much for them. simply they are worst. Just stay away!!

Ask Ryan about PickupFlowers
New Reviewer

Never ever buy from them. They don't deliver the flowers. They ruined my day. Horrible, bad , thiefs they should close down right now so many bad comments

Ask Fabien about PickupFlowers
New Reviewer

I ordered roses that were suppose to be heart shaped when they were delivered. They were not. I paid twice as much as I would have if they were not heart shaped. I ordered from them 6 times, twice the order was "changed" . They claim they were able to substitute. What about their guarantee that if I am dissatisfied I can get a refund. I will NOT order from them again 2 out of 6 times I had a problem. They refuse to refund my money What I ordered is on the left, what I got was on the right. When I posted this same comment to facebook, they unfriended me and removed my rights to post (unfriended me).

Ask Dan about PickupFlowers
New Reviewer

WORST SERVICE EVER! i send the damn flowers two days ago there is no flowers and birthday already it's gone it's a scam thanks pickupflowers you are defenitly screwing everybody.

UPDATE 14/08:
They send me an e-mail saying that the order was delivered, but it was not.
this is a Scam i lost my money and got absolutly nothing

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER. Another horrible experience. I ordered three times and I thought they would have it straightened out with delivery times, special instructions, and the same area/address.

Instead, the order was not delivered, like last times. Poorly handled.

What is the point of a delivery day, if it isn't on time.

New Reviewer

i feel disgusted. i order the flower on 13th july and the delivery on 23rd july and they stuff it up. this supposed to be a surprise and now all i've got is disappointment. after this happened i will never use this site again.Hopefully as they promised the goods will be delivered 24 july

New Reviewer

This website is a scam. I have ordered the delivery of bouquet and no delivery made. Each time I send an email, I received an apology response. Please stay away from this website.

New Reviewer

I ordered bouquet for my mom on her birthday, and these people sent a totally different one than i even imagined. I chose a multi flowers bouquet and they delivered with single colored flower bouquet. When this was brought to their notice they told they will compensate for the same. I asked for the right bouquet delivery again but no action was taken from their end till now. WORST SERVICE I EVER HAD WITH THE ONLINE SHOPPING. My mom birthday was totally messed up. PLEASE DO NOT OPT THIS PICK UP FLOWER WEBSITE FOR ANY PRODUCT.

New Reviewer

Two weeks ago I ordered flowers for 5th anniversary. Flowers were never delivered and so far no refund. I used live chat many times they were always nice, but never solved any problem. Or gave useful advise.

New Reviewer

Same as all other complainants. Over a week later. Order never delivered even after promise of extra box of chocolates.

Disgusting service.

Someone close them down. Destroying memories.

New Reviewer

Have just gone through a challenging and frustrating experience using Had arranged for flowers to be delivered to my girlfriend on Tuesday and now it is Friday and she still doesn't have them. On Wednesday they said they would send the flowers with an apology note and a box of chocolates, but even that didn't show up. Every time I talk with the customers service staff it is always someone else's fault and I should wait longer. Nothing worked and nothing was easy.

New Reviewer

This has been the most terrible and frustrating experiences. I ordered flowers for my sister's birthday. And they never reached her on the day. I had to keep calling the UK customer care number, and get on the live chat every few hours to check, and they kept telling me it would be delivered before 7pm. When I called them at five minutes past 7p, they tell me that their delivery timings are over for the day, and they would deliver the next day. A day later, I am still trying to get them to deliver the flowers, and they tell me they will take another day. Unbelievable!

The customer care seems really unprofessional, irresponsible, and hardly concerned that deliveries meant for a particular day do not reach their recipient on time.

I would not suggest this service to anyone. I would say even if you had to pay a little bit more somewhere else, it is worth doing that.

New Reviewer

Its a scam. They do not deliver the flowers. Should have read the reviews first.
Ordered from Melbourne to Indonesia. Ruined fiancés birthday when they never delivered. there were excuses galore. my fault apparently. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH PICKUPFLOWERS EVER

New Reviewer

FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously don't even think of ordering from them. I live in London and I ordered a bouquet of flower for my mom who lives in Singapore and up till now my mom has not received her flower!!!!!!!!! When I was gonna ask for a refund, it suddenly says that live chat is under maintenance, WTF?! Truth be told, It's not entirely about the refund but it's about turning my surprise into chaos and I feel bad about my mom bcs I didn't give anything on her special day! Thanks for pissing me off!

New Reviewer

i ordered two sets of flowers for my mom and her boss to be delivered on mother's day but they made NO delivery, i called the shop and somebody did answer me, according to him they will deliver it within the week but days pass by and still my mom haven't receive the flowers. and i don't know if i can still apply for a refund.

New Reviewer

I wish I would have seen all of these bad reviews before I decided to do business with I tried arranging flowers to be delivered to Thailand. My order was not completed the day promised and I had to continue to contact them and was promised flowers would be delivered the following day. Never happened. I contacted them again via chat service and they left me on hold forever. Received an email stating my flowers would be delivered 3 days after being promised. I declined and wanted a refund. I've waited two weeks after saying I would receive it in 4-5 days. Still haven't received it and had to file a complaint with my bank who is researching it and has already issued me a credit on their end. WORST COMPANY. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

New Reviewer

I saw the reviews here but after chatting to an agent on the site, decided to believe him that the service is good.

I was sooo wrong!! The order was to be delivered in the morning but the first call from their delivery person was at 10pm!! That was too late to accept a delivery so we asked him to deliver the next morning. Thenm no news!! We're still waiting to hear. The site chat agent won't give us a number to call locally!

Absolutely rubbish service.

New Reviewer

A nightmare experience. I won't go onto details as they as the same as most of the other reviewers here. If you are thinking of using these people, consider instead getting a hammer and hitting your big toe with it as hard as you can. It will feel about the same, and be cheaper.

New Reviewer

Not only were the flowers not delivered, but the customer service reps Peter and Austin were incompetent with providing a solution or accommodation. I wasnt initially looking for a refund, but since they already missed the targeted day of Valentines Day and could not even give me an estimated date of delivery, I asked for a refund. I hope they process the refund correctly. The customer service reps could not tell me if the package would be delivered in two days, two weeks, or two months. How a company responds to a customer service misstep is just as important as the initial customer service experience. Learn from my experience and do not order from this company.

New Reviewer

I asked for the delievry of my flowers and they never were!
The assistance told me it was delivered while it was nowhere to be found.
I got back to the live assistance and when I asked for a refund they put me on hold for 30 minutes before exiting the chat without any comments
Worst company EVER! Scammers who took my money and delivered NO SERVICE whatsoever

New Reviewer

ordered roses for my wife on tuesday to be delivered on friday, She did not recieve. The idiots i talked to refused to give me the name of the florist shop or the phone number to the shop so i could call them myself and find out what the problem is, 02265540 was my order number.

New Reviewer

Ordered flower to deliver to my wife to the hotel, live chatted and told yeap no problem all good, so went ahead and paid, guess what? My wife still not received any flower at all, for $#*! sake it's for Valentine's day, if not why i want to paid over priced flowers?? And tried to contact with them, but live chat doesn't work, unable to send message. What can i do?? I feel so pissed, it was suppose to be a surprise to my wife now you make me look like a fool. You are the most useless online florist.

Wish i read the review of this before i ordered.

New Reviewer

Ordered a bouquet of flowers for Valentines day. The flowers that arrived looked nothing like what i had ordered. Paid for a lovely bouquet, got a pile of crap which was worth nothing close to what i paid. Customer service is horrible as well. There is no way of contacting them or even communicate to someone who isn't a robot. Worse company ever. Will not be buying form them ever.

New Reviewer

Do not use this site. no service. prescripted responses which dont answer the questions being asked.
First time I have ever complained online but had to do it for these clowns. I should of searched for reviews first but was in a rush.
repeat DO NOT USE.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE, let me elaborate.
Talked with the online support which let me waiting for 45 minutes after accepting my chat and after answering few questions.

I live in a country which does not speak English, and the website does not support other characters than English, so asked the support, Andrew Curtis (obviously a fake name) told me that I should write the address in local language at the special requirements box. I did so.

later on I received an email containing the characters "??????????????????????" instead of the important, fundamental instructions given. Worried the flowers would not arrive (as people do not speak English here, and certainly not their "partners"), I went back to the chat again and realized it would take a LOT LONGER to have someone talking to me. As they got the customer's money already, the service was slower and the same Andrew Curtis told me (50 min. later) he didn't say what the said. Told me as a lair!!
Also the emails you receive with the chat transcription will be EDITED for their own convenience.
Right at this moment I am trying to talk with their terrible customer service again. When I logged in, it was displayed I should wait 3 minutes, however I am already waiting and sending them messages for the past 48 minutes and NOTHING.
After all this time wasted, the representative "left" the chat. He was never there.
The agreed day had the flowers delivered, however its VERY VERY VERY different, the cheapest option available, different color, different arangement, different flowers, very poor quality and dirty.They blame a thirty party but obviously is becaus eof the little money they might give to their partners, this cannot be done. VERY VERY bad experience.
Need to have my money back via PayPal. But the most important, the FLOWERS, the person will not get. At least I didn't use credit card!
If you are unsure about them ( I will help you with a decision: NO! STAY AWAY. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE

New Reviewer

Appalling disgraceful service and they don not give a jot! Ordered a Christmas prezzie for my Newphew in Australia and was told it would be delivered on 24th December and that i would be kept informed and notified when it had been delivered. What a joke this company is, i was not kept informed i had to keep e-mailing and was finally told on 30th December that they were too busy to send my gift to my newphew and his family!!! They were happy to keep the money and not inform me that they could not deliver. Had i not made contact I would not of known. Seriously stay away from this site/company, they are nable to fulfill their commitments and cannot keep their promises as stated on their website.

New Reviewer

One of the worst service experiences ever...
I tried to get assistance by Live Chat with a simple question about how should i fill the order form for a delivery to a hotel guest. Sounds simple, doesn't it? So why should this take 24 minutes and without a single clear answer.
It was obvious the representative hasn't read my question,he was answering with a delay of 3-5 minutes each time and each answer had nothing to do with my question.
I'm shocked that this is called "Online Support", because its made me frustrated... And by the way...The representative shouldn't tell me that he handles additional 2 customers online - this is not my concern.

New Reviewer

incompetent - 3 orders 3 late deliveries and 1 of them came withered... worst site DO NOT USE STAY AWAY... this is my very first review for any site experience was so bad it made me want to create an account here just to voice out my opinion...

New Reviewer

I am seeing people like me who have been scammed by this company. Soooo sad I didn't read up before using them. Is there any way to get them stopped or reported? Surely they cannot get away with this crime? And what they are doing is a crime.

New Reviewer

I really think this is a scam. Somehow this site is affiliated with another gift company called I ordered from this company because it offered next day delivery. I paid for the next day delivery. The gift never arrived and I received no notice of any delay or other problem. When I called I was connected to some sort of call center. The person on the phone- whose poor English made the bad phone connection even more frustrating- appeared to read from a script and kept repeating there were "technical problems" with my order. She couldn't explain the problems and could not transfer me to someone who could. But she told me that the gift could be delivered on the same date originally offered by the company (same product). I should have researched before placing the order but am going to take 30 minites and post this to as many sites as I can. My friend really needed this pickmeup in the hospital. Shame on these folks.

New Reviewer

the service is really bad !
Delay , Wrong product , wrong date , they ruined the day for me
and once they just left the gift in the office (as they said ),
and the Recipient didn't got it !
don't use this site

New Reviewer

Do not order from this site ever. I ordered flowers to be delivered to my girlfriend in Germany on Friday June 18th. I paid extra money for the next day delivery, got confirmation for delivery of the flowers on Friday 18th.
However the flowers did not arrive until Monday of the following week. To make things worse they claim they will check with neighbors and leave the flowers with them. Nobody did that or even try to call the number I left there.
I contacted their customer support for refund, all they said was the delivery is not guaranteed. If it is not then don't advertise next day delivery!!!
I contacted their customer support for refund, all they said was the delivery is not guaranteed. If it is not then don't advertise next day delivery!!!

New Reviewer

Worst scamming company out there!!! Here is my transcript with AMY.Chat Reference Number: 77822
| 13.05.2013 13:28:05 | Amy: Hello Michael, my name is Amy, how may I help you?
| 13.05.2013 13:29:40 | Michael: My Moms flowers are now three days overdue
#01210814. When I chatted with you yesterday you told me the supplier would
e-mail me.
| 13.05.2013 13:30:19 | Amy: Please give me 2-3 minutes while I check and get
back to you.
| 13.05.2013 13:32:55 | Michael: Come on this is the same answer you gave me
yesterday and it took you 10 mins to respond! Guess I should have researched
your awful company first, as all the reviews are very negative with this same
problem! NO DELIVERIES!!!!
| 13.05.2013 13:41:13 | Amy: Thank you for being online.(another 11 min wait)
| 13.05.2013 13:41:47 | Amy: We regret to inform you that we are unable to
provide the delivery details of the order.
| 13.05.2013 13:42:01 | Amy: Please let us know how would you like to proceed
with this order.
| 13.05.2013 13:43:27 | Michael: that is a bad answer to my question you are a
scam and i will report you to the BBB
| 13.05.2013 13:44:12 | Amy: We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused
| 13.05.2013 13:44:42 | Amy: Since we are unable to get in touch with the local
florist who has delivered this order, we are unable to provide the details.
| 13.05.2013 13:47:50 | Michael: thank you so much for ruining my mothers day
| 13.05.2013 13:49:42 | Amy: We will surely cancel the order as per your request
and we will issue full refund for the order.
| 13.05.2013 13:49:48 | Amy: We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to
| 13.05.2013 13:50:37 | Amy: We will make sure that this would not repeat for
your fututre purchase.
| 13.05.2013 13:50:53 | Amy: We will issue 10% refund for your future purchase.
| 13.05.2013 13:52:14 | Michael: WHEN WILL THAT BE DONE?
| 13.05.2013 13:54:04 | Michael: I WILL NEVER ATTEMPT ANOTHER PURCHASE!! PLEASE
| 13.05.2013 13:54:49 | Amy: The amount will revert back to your account in next
3-4 business days as per your banks policies.
| 13.05.2013 13:56:06 | Michael: IT IS NOT A BANK IT IS PAY PAL!
| 13.05.2013 13:57:14 | Amy: It will be reverted back to your PayPal.
| 13.05.2013 13:57:19 | Amy: Is there anything else I can help you with?
| 13.05.2013 13:58:03 | Michael: NOPE
| 13.05.2013 13:58:46 | Amy: Thank you for contacting us and you have a
wonderful time ahead.

New Reviewer

This company is run from ill legal immigrants whom are stealing from everyone who put their trust to have flowers delivered on special days to loved ones, only to have their $ taken, and nothing delivered !! These people need to be stopped, and prosecuted now. Everyday they are free they are stealing from hard working Americans !

New Reviewer

Huband ordered flowers and they were not delivered on birthday and neither he or I was notified. Rep said I should recive a credit in 3-4 days...very vague with her answers to my questions on live chat....would not recommend and I hope to see my credit.

New Reviewer

This is a complete SCAM, please beware. I am out $107 USD right now and countless hours of my time out the window. Same situation as others, order never delivered. Live Chat Reps said the same thing, concerned department will take a look at it, it's one big script that they copy and paste... I bet they will never even look at it. Just closed the Live Chat window because Rep LEFT the chat session, I have proof of this, I took a screenshot. I have copy of chat sessions stating the refund will be initiated but still don't see any movement, nor any communications from this so called company with any sort of status update... Oh yeah, 24x6 customer service? maybe they should put a disclaimer that it's 24x6 Philippines time, the Rep today said that at 11am EST there was no one who could approve the refund AND it's not a business day, so what 24x6 customer service if they don't in fact work the 6th day? I had placed an order last year which was delivered, that's the messed up part, I already trusted these people so whoever reads this, if you think it may be a one-off error, think again, I would have given them 5 stars last year just like the people from previous posts. Unless I receive a full refund, I will not take back my words!!

New Reviewer

I have ordered from this company 5 times. 4 were perfect but they sure screwed up Valentines day 2013. I ordered, Jan 29, a cake and flowers to be del. in Manila, the cake was del but not the flowers. After trying to contact them all day the 15th, I finally got someone name "Alex". They wanted another 30.00 USD to del the flowers. After a heated discussion they agreed to del the flowers the next morning. Well 1:30 that afternoon they del. The flowers were dry and no card. The cards were a continuation of each other, words from our song. They offered me a 10% discount on my next order. Be a cold day in hell before I order from them again..

New Reviewer

NEVER EVER order from this site! quick to take your money, but less than convincing when it actually comes to delivering. This site should be investigated for false advertising and spread the word the this site should be closed. Customer service have no clue about their product nor how customer service is supposed to be. NO ONE please order from this crappy site.

New Reviewer

They should make a negative star rating, cos definitely deserve a -10 star.
I placed my order on 12th Feb, to be delivered on 14th Feb to my best friend at her school around 9-10am.
It was a really humiliating experience for her as she has to ask her department office if it was ok to send flowers there, and she even stayed back alone till 4pm waiting for it, which never came.
I tried the customer service hotline for U.S and everytime it got through, it appears to be "busy" and got cut off.
My attempt to find an alternative way to contact them yields nothing, as they dont even dare to put any sort of contact information on their website. Even that customer service hotline was from the "Approved" email they sent me.
Adam, if u r STILL the Customer Service Manager, DO SOMETHING!!!
DONT copy and paste that useless response of urs anymore.
"sorry for not observing this website before" ?
"We would like to resolve this problem." ?
That reply was from 13th May 2012, nearly 9 months ago and people r still getting the same $#*!ty problem.
And that number u paste its the exact same one i tried so many times.
If ur company cant handle an international business, then DONT DO IT. Instead of ruining people's special days and spreading horrible experience to people's dear ones.

New Reviewer

NEVER...NEVER order from this site...Terrible service....If you want to piss off your significant others, then you can. Well..I can't even begin to express how i feel right now. My friend ordered flowers for me for this Valentine Feb 14 2013. Since I was going to be at school on that day. He requested to sent to the department. I had to ask the department permission before hand. So everyone knew that i was getting flowers on V day. Now it's 8:00 pm and i already went home. NO FLOWERS whatsoever. Can't even call them. Giving a full refund won't even calm me down. I was humiliated. I don't even know if they were going to give a refund. SO DON'T ORDER FROM THIS SITE...EVER

New Reviewer

Oh my God! This company is to terrible, I should have done my homework before ordering and check the reviews. Now I'm dreadful.
I ordered flower arrangment for my Brother's 50th Birthday in Europe. First of all they have a complete miscommunication between each other, took them a whole day to verify the payment information and then at 4AM ( of course who is sleeping ?) they send me an email stating my order is out of stock and if I want they can deliver it 2 days later. Are you kidding me? How about if I serve you dinner and give you a fork at a later time, huh? You are terrible creatures. Get out of this business, you are nothing but failure. ( And by the way - put someone who can speak English clearly, I understand someone in India cost cheaper but c'mon)
With my deepest disregards,
PS.Remember, I told you I'm going to let the whole world know? I swear I would.

New Reviewer

I palced an order with them twice before and it went fine even though they overcharged me, the 3rd time i placed an order, they replied back that their loval partner was asking for $15 more because it's a provincial address, they never charged me extra before and I am sending it to the same recipient. I chatted with their costumer service which was no help at all, and they will issue my refund 2 days later. this is a very poorly run company with customer service that barely speaks english, stay away from them

New Reviewer

My boyfriend ordered flowers for me for Valentine's Day since I am in Spain for the semester. He received the confirmation email on Feb. 11th that they had been delivered, but it is now Feb. 20th and I still haven't received them, even after several emails and chats with "customer representatives" who claim they are still waiting to hear back from their local partner. They also said they would call and/or send me an email when they hear from their partner, which has yet to happen. We're now asking for our money back. Do NOT order from them, you will be disappointed.

New Reviewer

They did teh same thing with us - asked for an extra $5- luckily i had read reviews on here and ordered as backup thru another site!

New Reviewer

Absolutely terrible! It doesn't even deserve 1 star. Everyone, DO NOT order from this lousy company. I ordered flowers for my girlfriend's birthday that was supposed to arrive during the day on her birthday. She heard nothing until 9pm at that night!

If you want to p#ss off someone dear to you, go ahead and trust their service.

New Reviewer

Absolutely dreadful. Ordered 2 bouquets to Europe, on day of first scheduled delivery received email stating couldn't send ordered flowers out of stock & would I go online & reorder which I refused to do having already checked funds had cleared from account. After quoting them Distance Selling Act 2000 and threatening Office of Fair Trading they eventually delivered completely different flowers. Second bouquet never received on transacted day either, over 4 days late, not what was ordered plus no surprise element due to having to ask recipients to let me know if they'd got flowers. Just awful, nobody answers telephone - would never recommend using this company.

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