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Publishers Clearing House (PCH) reviews

57 reviews
Categories: Prizes, Sweepstakes
Port Washington, NY 11053, US
Tel: 1-800-645-9242
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57 Reviews From Our Community

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New Reviewer

Well Im not very good at this but I'll try.The Company that got me hooked in was "Award Notification Commission in Kansas City KS PO Box 2905 zip code 66110 I guess I can say they started sending me letters first then emails saying I was a potential winner in one of they're Sweepstakes, at first I didnt know whether if it was real or not so I just didn't answer them at first but the letters just kept coming and the papper work they would send me looked so real I mean the papper work was so official looking that I didnt give asceond thought. MY bad! anyways They started asking for filing fees and I would send it like adummy:-( but as the months went by I found my self sending more and more money orders untill I realized I was probably never going to get anything from them, so I Google the Company and there was in living color that they had so many complaints against them.I felt so stupid I was so mad at myself for letting them pull me in the way they did I hope they get whats coming to them soon before they get someone else again but they probably have already and there's nothing I could do about it either I really hope that by me giving you they're address tou could do something about and if for some you need any help doing it I have some of they're letters still and the money order receipts left, well I hope that was helpful. Sincerely Debra Garcia Ornelas

Tip for consumers: Whoever happens to get a letter telling you your a winner of they're Sweepstakes it's a scam dont do it like I did becuz you will never see a penny of it......

Ask Debra about Publishers Clearing House (PCH)
New Reviewer

Why is it that every time they offer a big prize, they never pay it out? There's always the excuse that the winning number is not returned, so they offer the alternative prize of 1 million dollars...paid out at 25000 a year for so many years. Never the 10,000 a week for life, or the 10 million, 3 million, or 250,000 a year for life. Those are like "bait prizes", designed to lure people. They seriously need to be investigated for fraud.

Tip for consumers: Don't waste your time.

Ask Kathleen about Publishers Clearing House (PCH)
New Reviewer

I played the blackjack game, it seems rigged no matter what card you choose. Does anyone ever actually win money from them?

New Reviewer

Has anyone been having trouble with the puzzles freezing and lost half way through? PCH center says it is my browser. I think it is PCH and it happens at certain times of the day only.

New Reviewer

I have now stop looking at PCH email in order to win the big money, I knew when they send me the map of how they were going to get to my house on 11/21/2014 it was a scam, the flower shop mentioned has not been in business for the last 15years or more and it would be hard to get flowers at the Veterans' Office. Shame on you PCH for giving people false hope. I will no longer respond to any king of sweepstake

New Reviewer

They have games that are fixed. The spinning wheels have 6 money spokes and 6 useless things. There should be a 1 in 2 chance of that landing on money, but in months I have never seen it land on anything except scratch off card that are always Sorry this is not a winning card. It's a waste of time.

New Reviewer

It is a scam all the way.just got a 21 playing blackjack. After turning my first card to add up to 21, a pulishers clearing house symbol was on the first card picked. That's where the technical difficulty notification appeared and I could not go any further.IT's PROBABLY A WINNER AND THEY WOULD NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. IT'S RIGGED AND A SCAM.

New Reviewer

Like others have said the PCH site is a joke. It takes hours to complete the games, the entries, the scratch-offs, etc, etc and there is no way anyone can rack up the points like you see on the token board everyday. I tried and on a good day of high token earnings got to 104,000 tokens but that was all day. I have no idea how anyone can get to past 200K from midnight to noon unless they don't sleep and have a trick or two. Even playing the extra games, it can't be possible.
As someone in need of cash and good fortune from a win it's easy to see how they pull people in. They got me for 4 small orders(only things I need for the house) but it adds up. I usually don't go for magazines but have noticed in the last 3 days that nearly every entry comes with a chance to order something.
It's good if you're bored with nothing else to do I suppose but avoid ordering.

New Reviewer

I have noticed the same thing. On last night 10 mins into a new day and several people have over 100,000 token...I can't even get that in a whole day, no way they can get that many in 10 minutes unless they have uncoverd how to cheat the system. And by the way the same people keep winning the 100 daily token. Frank V from CO just won again that last 2 days in a row...with something like 180,000. Seriously PCH....some of us are honestly playing yet people are obviously cheating the system and you have done nothing about it.

New Reviewer

This place is just a waste of time I have played and perticipated for 15 years now and never and will never win anything except for more tokens to reenter more games that don't give anyone a chance to win even a $10 gift card. I was given 2 years to live last November because of a blood clot disorder that I have and this is like playing the lottery except you actually have a chance to win there but you do have to spend $2 on a real ticket. I stop play this scam bogus games 2 year ago because I always keep getting e-mails from them and I wanted to atleast try to win something maybe get lucky for my kids sake since I have 5 of them. Served during the Gulf war use to make $60,000 a year working now on disability and waiting to win on this sure is worse than waiting for my body to shut down or a clot to go to my lungs again or heart or brain. My mom use to enter this years ago and did she said for 40 years and never won as much as a thank you for wasting your life dreaming. So without further adue thank you PCH for changing someone's life out here in the world and keep on keeping on did trying hope and dreams that is why you are the entity that you are. Well just got another email that someone on my road maybe a winner and if I want it to be me I should stop posting the truth and come scratch off my chances at winning $.05 for life hangs in the balance and by delaying responding to this e-mail means I will forfiet any shot I have at winning nothing.

Tip for consumers: Stop wasting your time posting because it takes away from your shot of becoming a multi-zeronair.

Ask D about Publishers Clearing House (PCH)
New Reviewer

Luck, I think not! Can the daily tokens you receive be manipulated (probably). I see the same people on the token leader board daily. For example: Rick F. well over 100,000 tokens everyday since 8-27-14, won $100 3 times; Karen K won $100 3 days in a row; Frank V won 3 days in a row (on top again today 9-11-14). I have asked PCH about this and they "take cheating very seriously" lol. Scuttlebutt is you can gain mega tokens by refreshing (whatever that means, i'me computer stupid). I don't think they have anybody watchdogging this or they just think we are too dumb to notice. Would love to have an answer back from PCH other than "we take it very seriously". I dont expect to win anything but would love to have an equal chance at it. If its ligit then congrats to all of these same daily leaders, if not then shame on you PCH for not keeping things fair and above board.

Tip for consumers: everybody need to keep an eye on the board.

Ask vernon about Publishers Clearing House (PCH)
New Reviewer

Has anyone noticed that the same "people" are always the leaders on the daily token board. The PCH website doesn't update till midnight everyday and yet these "people" already have well over 100,000 tokens at 12:15am. How is this possible? I usually play everyday and this whole process takes hours and not to mention I cant even come close to 100,000 tokens. I've never even won a $5 gift card after years of playing these games and entering the sweepstake. It always says no purchase necessary to win or play and that is good because until I win something I'm not planning on buying anything. Its fun to play and enter the contests but don't have any expectations because you will be disappointed.

Tip for consumers: Have fun but don't expect to win anything.

Ask rob about Publishers Clearing House (PCH)
New Reviewer

I have ordered & received 2 items & they don't even come close to doing what they should do, plus the detailed information & picture of each item,makes it sound & look much better than it really is, when you receive it. Very disappointed, to say the least. I've seen other items I would like to order but, I won't, thinking the same problem would happen all over again. Sure, they make it sound like it's very easy to get a refund but, I don't care to be the one that has to repackage & go to post office to get it on it's way. NO THANK YOU, i DON'T ORDER SO I CAN RETURN..

Tip for consumers: Better luck than what had but, I doubt it.

Ask John about Publishers Clearing House (PCH)
New Reviewer

Much like many of the other reviews here, don't waste your time playing ANY games because you WILL NOT WIN, i cant say for sure if the 10,000 a week for life is a scam though, so in my personal opinion i would probably continue to enter into that sweepstake at least(and ONLY that one....) but i'm now only playing the games to pass the time since they are fun at least (i seriously believe that the game is rigged....).

Now one thing that actually worked for me (in terms of making money) is a site called Cash Crate (found after giving up ever winning money on pch), you basically get paid to complete surveys and offers (the surveys are the most reliable especially since you do not have to give out your actual information and they will not bonbard you with emails like pch does.

the only email you will receive is is a confirmation that your Check has been shipped out to you(Yes they will send you a Check each month when you reach the minimum payout its legit i have actually gotten 2 checks from them it wasnt much(because im lazy and dont spend too much time on it i admit it, but at least i know it works))

So if your curious about what Cash Crate is then check out this full Link below

Tip for consumers: Pro tip: i found out how to unsubscribe from pch, basically find an email that that they sent you (regarding anything that you consider spam...which is everything but the confirmation registration email..go to the VERY BOTTOM of the email of the message that they sent you and you will see small gray text, and within the text it tells you that you can safely unsubscribe(click on the small blue Unsubscribe link...

Ask Ariel about Publishers Clearing House (PCH)
New Reviewer

this is probably a Chinese scam! everything they have is made (cheaply) in China
the BBB should investigate this they hound you with postal and Email urging you to buy products and in the end (three days before so called prize drawing) you HAVE to make a purchase or you are disqualified!

Tip for consumers: be prepared to be hounded and if you order be prepared to spend a lot of $$$ on postage

Ask elizabeth about Publishers Clearing House (PCH)
New Reviewer

Don't waste your time. Should be shut down. They send e-mail all time, about winning, but nobody does or they did not register their numbers. Can I fill a complaint to get Pch removed from everything. A SCAM

Tip for consumers: Don't

Ask Neil about Publishers Clearing House (PCH)
New Reviewer

Its a bunch of crap all they do is waist your time and there timing sucks my stepson just pased away and all I keep getting is pch email's Steven vanderwall Modesto ca

New Reviewer

Yes,, PCH Slots,PCH lotto,PCH Games and PCH Blackjack are ALL A BIG JOKE!!! I've NEVER meet anyone that has ever won anything other than tokens. I've been playing for years and NEVER won a single item. Also, I just found out that if you have multiple tabs open on any of their affiliate websites (just to save time) it's considering cheating and ALL OF YOUR ENTRIES, SWEEPSTAKES and GAMES are voided...WTF PCH!? I would advise just entering in the main PCH sweepstakes (usually $5,000 per week for life) once per day and log off...other than that...PCH it's not worth your time. To enter EVERYTHING PCH has to offer on a single tab will take several hours per day...literally! Where it loses it's "fun factor" after sitting through the same advertisement for the 100th time. If any PCH employee is reading this your online website(s) and rules/regulations needs some serious work in-order to be considered enjoyable.

New Reviewer

PCH games are a joke. I don't really think they give money to anyone!!!!! I play the blackjack game online. When it comes to picking cards of 21 to win the $1000.00 or the $25,000 it is fixed. It doesn't matter which cards you pick,it is set for the last card to come up is always the 10 card so you ALWAYS go over 21 and have NO CHANCE OF WINNING THE $25,000. I also do not believe anyone wins the BINGO games either or the big prizes of so much a week for life. PCH IS A BIG JOKE!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Well yea,kind of,but I found out that Danielle Lam is married. Well just in case, if I won $5000 a week for life,tell her,"TOO BAD! YOU ARE TOO LATE!

New Reviewer

Play the Games on PHC sweepstakes Website but don't order anything.. then you will be having fun and not wasting money..Then you can win stuff and not lose any money..It would be a win win if you do it that way.. the Website says you don't have to order anything to win. It's not a scam..

New Reviewer

About the popup barrels,it the one ad that said,"buy one and you get one FREE",do you staffs from PCH remembered that? I know I did hit the order box on the screen.I wonder why it didn't go thru.? If I didn't get any answer about the popup barrels,I may give you ONE STAR rating! If I still don't hear anything about the popup barrels,I may want to drop this service and you can't force me to stay on this service.If I get a rep. to call me to stay on this service to play these games and buy more stuffs,don't try to be like the guy at COMCAST who trying to get his customer BACK! Now do you understand that?

New Reviewer

It seems to me the daily emails I've been getting since I first entered the $5,000/week Sweepstakes, are basically "gimmicks" to get you to keep visiting their site. The emails are worded deceivingly to get you to think you need to re-enter the Sweepstakes or make you afraid (fear) that you are forfeiting your entry by not clicking the "respond button" in the email. Apparently getting millions of people to click on the their site daily makes them a ton of money through the advertisements that appear. But it's basically wasting a ton of your time!!!

New Reviewer

I didn't get the pop up barrels from PCH,buy one and get one free. I never got that.Can you tell me why? I really need that ,because I got four big trees,a tree at each corner of the house. I like these barrels ,because it will be easy for me to rake the leaves on the hill in front of my house and be able to carry its up the LONG STEPS! It lighter for me to carry the pop up barrels with leaves up the long stairs.It will be better for me,because I got a blood clots on my right leg.

New Reviewer

Beware that if you pay on-line it pays the whole amount you owe. I did not no this and they would not fix the problem. Plus for each item that is late they charge you $5.00. They get you the way the payment system is set up. I will never purchase a thing from them again. Most of the products are cheap and flimsy.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I've been playing for about 4-5 weeks and up to 7 hours per day and haven't won ANYTHING. Some games froze up and the message came up "having tech problems" and to try again later. I'm not sure if I can save some tokens for the next contest. Does anyone have an answer to that? Actually I need to win cash as I'm going to school to get money to live on since I can't find a job, plus I have 3 teeth that the crowns came off of. I owe so much in student loans and I'm 68 years old!

New Reviewer

I always receive emails from pch sweepstakes and for the last to weeks when I click to confirm it says that it's envalid or a code pops up saying the url is wrong or to large does anyone else have this problem!

New Reviewer

I have been playing instant Bingo for over a year now. I sometimes get all the numbers, but I never,ever have gotten the letter "O". Has anybody else experienced the same problem. I am convinced the "O" does not exist.

New Reviewer

I like playing some of the games. I was wondering if anyone has gotten the letter "o" in the instant bingo game. I have gotten every letter but the letter "o" every time I play

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

to whome it concerns I ordered a lap top computer and I didn't get any response back Can you help me to get this if possible its paid for too thank you Joe

New Reviewer

I started a petition against them, sometimes we say to ourselves "Oh, it's no need, they've been around for YEARS, change will never occur". You'll never know until you try, and that's what I'm journeying towards, starting today I hope to see them go down.

New Reviewer

I ordered a Ipad the price was jaked up when received the shipping was high it didn't last 2 months didn't work right from the get go right.The PCH games I have been playing for about a year I keep getting ripped off tokens and games and have never won anything I BELIEVE ITS JUST A SCAM.

New Reviewer

lotto, scratch and spin are complete joke. only one thing you can win is chance to win bigger price. i wasted 2 days on these games, and keep winning tokens and telling me now i am illegible to win big money. what a waste of time.

New Reviewer

the lotto scratch games are a joke, you never win and they always just give you tokens, I don't want tokens, I want the money because I need money to pay my medical bills.

New Reviewer

Aside from registering for the big prizes which everyone wants, this site offers other online games such as simulated bingo, arcade and casino themed games. The problem is the site often locks up and presents a "technical difficulties, try again later" window. When you try to leave the stuck page you get a warning that if you do it will forfeit the game currently in play. So, it's the player's fault that their site malfunctioned? Not very sporting of Also numerous pop-under ad windows will open while on the site and these seem to contribute to incidents of technical problems during game play. Expect to get around a half dozen emails per day regarding the games you use. If you offer up an email address to any PHC partners that address will be slammed with spam in the future. Try creating a free address somewhere just for this purpose in order to keep your regular address clear.

New Reviewer

First they say you won---but need to complete some offers. Fine. EXCEPT then they splash up a HUGE screen preventing you from completing the required information. TOTAL SCAM. Probably time for a class action suit...

New Reviewer

If you sign up be prepared for a LOT of email SPAM. Try to 'unsubdscribe they say it takes 10 business days. Really? In the meantime they send you more and more 'offers' to be rich. Anyway to report these ^&%^&s?

New Reviewer

Hi everyone! Well, I love PCH. Even though it's kinda hard to win stuff because so many people enter, this website is LEGIT! I played a game called Quiz4Cash, I think it was like in early 2009 when they had the game (got cancelled since), it was a great game. I received 2 $200 checks from them. It was awesome, because I was unemployed at the time. I just wanted to let everyone know my experience with them as being legit when I played their games and DID receive money about a month after I claimed it on their site. I still play their sweepstakes games. Just wanted to say that they are the real deal.

New Reviewer

i have won with pch and im waiting to win again to help my disabled family ,son and mom and self ,, i won a dollar 1n 2000 and was over whelmed and thought it was a joke but soon realised it was a first in a line of checks that pch sends out so im told im waiting we will see but het keeping the faith every one should play and never stop it increases the amounts you can win and your chances are better as well !

New Reviewer

They say you could win but I never see it I have received final notice finish step and u won and nothing

New Reviewer

DONT GIVE THEM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. I was dumb enough to enter my email address on one of the PCH giveaways - and since then I am bombarded with SPAM. In the 8 years I have had my gmail account, I have never had Spam in my InBox. Since giving PCH my email address, I get spam every day now.
DO NOT let them get their hands on your EMAIL address.

New Reviewer

PCH has been around A very long time, if they were A scam they would not be operating for 50+ years? People do your research :) You may have very slim odds of winning but that don't mean no1 wins! I mean some people have been entering for 40 or more years, think about it, there is a lot of people entering and only 1 can win! But it can happen! And by the way I do not work for PCH :)

New Reviewer

I don't know if the sweepstakes entries are legit or not. There is no way to tell. However, i can tell you that the merchandise they sell is of very poor quality. The good news is that if you send it back they give you a 100% refund, no questions asked. I have stopped ordering from them because not one item has ever been satisfactoty. An read the fine print about the shipping charges. They really get you there.

New Reviewer

They overcharge on shipping if you buy anything other than magazines. I purchased a CD and they billed me $8 for shipping!!! It does not cost $8 to mail a CD. I was playing one of the contest games and it actually looked like I would win a large amount of money and suddenly........the page froze and could not be recovered.

New Reviewer

Went to web site to enter sweepstakes and an online web site order # 304335075XX was processed in error totaling $14.96? When I received the e-mail order confirmation I contacted PCH at 1 800 459 4724 on 02/26/2013 to CANCEL the order and was told by ROBERT that the order had not yet shipped?
I was told to call back to assure that the order was in fact CANCELLED? On 02/27/2013 I telephoned to 1 800 459 4724 and was told by BRAD that the order
shipped out on 02/19/2013 by tracking # 9102 9270 1035 7868 XX23 XX and that
NO BILL WAS DUE since the order was CANCELLED? I asked if I could refuse delivery of the shipment and was told by BRAD "no" just gift it away. Not sure I
would ever order from PCH because I am put into an awkward position now to
pay for a CANCELLED order that PCH shipped and was processed in error? It has been an issue to get the matter resolved to date as e-mails have been ignored? I never received an e-mail informing me that the order had shipped and when I spoke with ROBERT on 02/26/2013 he did not provide me with valid order status information? Be very careful when entering the PCH sweepstakes that no
orders are processed in error!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I just got an email from pch and it has a picture of a check saying ill will 5000 a week on the 28th of feb. has anyone got that or is this just a scam cause pch has been sending me tons of emails but non saying they want my bank accounts or anything i just want to know if this is a scam or not cause i saw the commercial on tv and i entered in the begining of this month.

New Reviewer

every time you sign up on big five million play well i kept getting tthe same return and no way to complete the signup also a notice from google that the page was being directed in a manner so it could not be completed,very sorry way to do business.

New Reviewer

Just saw someone trash publishers clearing house, WTF? of course they are selling magazines and other merchandise, what do you think they are some billionaire who give out money for fun?
I have found them to be just what they say they are! I do not buy anything i do not want, however I do look at the stuff they have. I have found some real nice deals on things like you see on QVC and other TV offerings. As well the GAMES ARE FUN! if they send anything you do not like they unsubscribe faster than any I have seen and it is easy. I would say if anyone is unhappy with PCH it is their own fault for expecting too much. It is what it is and I LIKE IT!

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A: are there frequent winners to the large sweep stakes
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