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317 reviews
2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131, USA
Tel: 1-888-221-1161, 1-402-935-2050
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It is 100% safe and secure and customer service is great. (in 38 reviews)


You send them a request for money and they don't have an excuse, they can even pay with their credit card. (in 39 reviews)


While they take commissions when you receive money - they are acceptable compared with the fees my local banks charge. (in 125 reviews)

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5 reviews
8 helpful votes

In the past when I was in Iraq Paypal gave access to my brother, now nothing really affected me other than upon my return I could not use it myself due to the credit card transaction I had no idea how and what credit card he used forcing me to used an alternative email address. That brings up the question how safe is to use Paypal. I recently made a purchase I was not even asked which pay method I wanted to use, they processed payment on a bank account that my wife had recently closed. Well the bank contacted me letting me know and offer options. So I attempted to contact Paypal using the phone number from the website first if I was over 50 push pound, offer for T-Mobile and last Satellite Cable. No customer service rep. I called several times finally they said my phone would be block. I called 4 times thru Ebay, got hung up by the time I got thru I was hot. No results. I paid the bank and their fee. Good luck with them.

Ask james about PayPal
5 reviews
4 helpful votes

Six years ago I tried to open a PayPal account before I knew anything about them. They repeatedly declined the picture of my ID that I took with my HD Canon Camcorder saying it was too blurry, despite being 1080P soon after that first came out. So I closed my account, this was also when I had a different bank.

Recently on Ebay I got screwed over when doing a guest paypal payment after a six year boycott. It declined both of my cards, neither of which had been attached to the account six years ago. I called customer service and they said my account needed to be verified. $#*! please, I closed that 6 years ago, are you serious? This is exactly why I closed it too. After so many attempts to verify ID they refuse to let you keep trying and then try to mail you stuff but it never sends. So they closed my account.

My cards still got declined. I was with customer service for both cards for a while and made sure all billing addresses matched. Still no avail.

I was in communication with the seller and PayPal gave me one other option: get a PayPal invoice. The seller ignored all of this and cancelled our transaction, and Ebay- Paypal's affiliate, made it impossible to give the seller a bad rating, and warn others in the community about the scam.

The community was even badgering other buyers for complaining about bad sellers and mods were removing content that was negative about sellers!

Tip for consumers: BOYCOT PAYPAL. Ever notice you'll go on a site completely monopolized by their payment program? And you can't buy on that site around PayPal? This is a dictatorship of regulations and manipulation. There are better options. Leave.

Ask Jack about PayPal
6 reviews
2 helpful votes

Pay Pal is behind in online payments. Square and google wallet are better. None of those dumb ass holds.

Ask Marcus about PayPal
46 reviews
44 helpful votes

Several years ago, it was very difficult to apply for a PayPal account (in China) unless you had a credit card that was issued overseas. I should know. I tried. Repeatedly again and again with wife's local credit cards. I tried all the cards she had, the ones issued by Chinese banks, but I could never really get PayPal to fully work for me. If it was not asking me for more verification documents, it would limit the amounts of money I could send or receive. It was very frustrating.

Thankfully though, applying and successfully owning a PayPal account is so much easier these days. With more and more Apps / services requiring that a credit card be placed on file (for example, the super popular Uber service), Chinese banks have actually forged cooperations with major credit card companies to offer such invaluable cards to citizens.

Be warned though - the Internet is rife with horror stories from users of PayPal. Feedback ranging from rude and unhelpful customer service operators, to accounts being frozen for up to six months for the oddest of reasons, must worry potential customers. There's even a website where disgruntled users of PayPal's service can go and share their tales of woe. However, and I speak from experience, unless you use PayPal for shady transactions, such as, say, knowingly selling / purchasing replicas, or, have huge amounts of money going to and fro from your account citing lame reasons a la money laundering, it's really highly unlikely that your account will get frozen / limited.

If you want to send payment to Chinese sellers, especially those you are dealing with foe the very first time, please, use a service such as PayPal.

Let's think about it. If the online seller was legitimate, why would they not want to use PayPal? The service offers both Buyer and Seller protection which is win-win for both parties, and although the transfer admittedly does take some time to actually hit the Seller's account, that particular payment is 'guaranteed' by the credit card that was placed on PayPal's file, so, it still is a win-win for both parties.

The most common reason that Chinese sellers give to their buyers to try coerce them into sending payments via Western Union / MoneyGram instead is 'the sooner we receive payment the sooner we can ship your order' - which is totally cr@p. Why should PayPal be any different, since as mentioned, the payment is guaranteed? I'll tell you the reason why - because most of these online sellers are simply middlemen. They need your payment on hand so that they can use it to purchase said order, and then ship it out. They're not going to take the chance, spend their own money, buy stuff, only for the Buyer to change their mind about the color / size / selection and leave them out of pocket. That's the real reason. Come on, you know us Asians. We are stingy people. Why should we fork out our own money and take any risk?

Now, I'm sure the main reason that many buyers prefer to use PayPal is because of the 'Buyer Protection' that's offered. True. There is such a service in the event of a dispute, especially with dishonest sellers. However, the dispute does (more often than not) gets ruled in favor of the Seller because all they've got to do is produce proof of shipping (More about this in a later post). Even if you did receive a faulty / shoddy / useless / not-up-to-standard / nowhere-near-advertised product, the fact remains that you did receive your order, so, don't start screaming and pulling your hair out just yet, there are ways to dispute an unfavorable ruling as well.

First, keep records of your conversations with your seller. A good idea would be to send the an email, stating clearly information such as your product description, price (including or not, shipping charges), your mailing address, information of the Seller, promised shipping timeline, and payment preference / proof Including a photo of your order would greatly help. Have the supplier 'confirm' your order via this email, so, at least there is a paper trail.

Now, in the event you get a shoddy shipment, buy PayPal rules in the favor of the Seller, take clear photos of the cr@p you received, and produce said email. This will definitely get you your money back.

Remember, the people (customer service) working at PayPal are only human, and there are only so many operators. Elon Musk spends most of his money sending monkeys into Space and trying to build electric cars he can't sell in China, so, it's not as if there are a thousand reps just sitting at their desk dealing with your problem, though, there probably are a thousand disputes going on at any one time.

Use PayPal as much as you can when dealing with Sellers from China, It's convenient for both Buyer and Seller (as mentioned above, it's really easy to own a PayPal account now in China), the fees are low, and, most importantly, it really does offer protection.

Ask Mario about PayPal
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

There are too many better options such as Square, Flint, Paysimple, Venmo, and more. Pay Pal is outdated and takes too long to transfer money. Not to mention they could hold your money for 6 months at any given time. Smh. Trust me, they are not worth dealing with.

Ask Christopher about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

My daughter baught item from a Disney seller on FB and used PayPal. She only received one portion of her items. When my daughter disputed, the seller gave PayPal a tracking number for the first purchase and said she had mailed all items in that shipment. My daughter offered to share the FB private messages which includes admission from seller that what she told PayPal was false, PayPal said they could not use those messages. Now they've sided with the seller after telling my daughter that this would be resolved as a seller could not use one tracking number for multiple different orders. This company's customer service is all over the place as well, you get a different answer every time you talk to someone!!!

This is totally ridiculous. I know that there are reputable sellers out there, but please stay away from these scammers that make their pages private. You can't review them and can't verify if they're a legitimate business.

Ask Martha about PayPal
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

Hey all,
Came across this article on the Business Consumer Alliance website and it looks like any of us who have basically been victimized by PayPal may be able to recoup some of the money lost. I know i had my account put on hold for a while and no one could really give me a good reason why. The class action law suit went in favor of the consumers and we may be able to claim some of the $4million dollars they are forced to now pay. Here's the story:

Ask Nicholas about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have no respect for this company, not one person knows what they are doing, no one, IF YOU ASK FOR HELP YOU WILL NOT GET IT.

Ask CONNIE about PayPal
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

PayPal buyer protection is a joke. Clear case of receiving a defective refurb iMac - after many emails and alot of wasted time, PayPal rules that Item was as described. No, it was broken upon receipt. PayPal blatantly sided with seller - no protection for buyer. Beware.

Ask jeff about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

It is very frightening that a company with this much ineptness has access to our bank accounts and personal information. Rarely do I post reviews, but I couldn't sit on my hands with PayPal anymore. Spoke with a client service rep named "Kevin". Kevin was rude, evasive, and whenever I pointed out his mistakes, he simply put me on hold for 15-20 minutes. It was clear that the error had occurred on their end, but zero responsibility was taken. I suggest staying very far away from this service ... if that's what you want to call it.

Ask Carrie about PayPal
116 reviews
1,309 helpful votes

Honestly never had a issue but when i do its sorted very quick within a day what most people don't know is that when they contact customer service a auto reply email is sent if that don't help you then email back and ask for a human reply in which they do.

PayPal makes it easy for me to send money to family and friends in other countries, yes theirs a small charge but its a lot cheaper then my bank would charge.

Ask Justin about PayPal
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

3 fraudulent transactions. 3 fraudulent companies representing themselves dishonestly. 3 failed claims Swoggi Ebay Amazon.

Do not believe Paypal is their to protect your interest it serves itself and it's own agenda at the expense of it's customers. The chances of them blacklisting fraudulent companies who they have received numerous complaints about is 0 to none. Believe the advertising hype at your peril.

In an effort to not assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible, please do not communicate direct to us. Once you log in to your account, you can click on "Contact" at the bottom of any PayPal web page. This will give you further information on how to Call Us if you would prefer to contact us by phone or to send us an email. You can also choose "Resolution Center" which will take you to PayPal's central hub for buyer and seller resolution and limitation information.
It is our intention to make communications as difficult as possible and to cause you as much inconvenience as possible in the hope you will go away.
Of course you should expect us to behave in the same manner as we expect you to behave to us. That of course would open the door to dealing with customers problems promptly and professionally. Woe begone cannot have that might cost us time and money.

To have given out an email address would have taken seconds and of course seen us promptly and efficiently deal with your problems and issues. Cannot have that can we. UNDERSTAND! We are not here to help you but to ensure our rules are followed without question. should be renamed

Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2015 06:58:03 +0000

Subject: AutoResponse - Email Returned SAXK (KMM185270637V85858L0KM) :ppNA

Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Service.
In an effort to assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible, please direct all customer service inquires through our website. Once you log in to your account, you can click on "Contact" at the bottom of any PayPal web page. This will give you further information on how to Call Us if you would prefer to contact us by phone or to send us an email. You can also choose "Resolution Center" which will take you to PayPal's central hub for buyer and seller resolution and limitation information.
We want to help you but we are not able to respond to emails sent directly to this address. We value your business and want to provide you with the best customer care.

Ask jim about PayPal
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Without much detail, Paypal will always protect you !!! if you have a choice to purchase an item use Paypal.

Ask Jean about PayPal
15 reviews
19 helpful votes

Was reading over some of the bad reviews and was surprised by the comments. The only one I agree with is that hold times can be frustrating. Other than that, I think PayPal is great!

I got ripped off once by a bogus merchant and after 3 months of investigations, I got my money back.

My husband's PayPal account was compromised and he was able to get the monies back that were stolen from his account. He even got the exchange rate monies back as there was a different rate used from the time of the investigation to the time of the settlement.

He also uses PayPal regularly for his customers to pay for services.

Ask Janice about PayPal
11 reviews
4 helpful votes

They have helped e so much with getting my money back from SammyDress! I really appreciate what they do!

Ask BK about PayPal
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

They better be glad I can't upload the photo of how long I've been on hold. I called PayPal before I got in the shower. It's now 1 hour and 39 min later and I'm at work. Still haven't talked to anyone and I guarantee PayPal will do nothing but apologize! There is no EXCUSE for any customer to wait this long for service! HORRIBLE. THEY WILL RESPOND ON HERE BEFORE I GET SOMEONE ON THE PHONE

Ask Joshua about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

They will not even try to help you get your money back from fraudulent seller

Ask Asif about PayPal
3 reviews
13 helpful votes

Rosegal's website does not look like it is from China. I ordered a bunch of items on Oct 30th. Right away I received an email that it would ship China post. I emailed them right away and cancelled the order. Two days later I got a reply from them that one item had shipped. I told them to cancel the rest and I would refuse the item, which I have done. I went on Paypal to find out they charged me the whole 111.42 instead of the 10.00 for the sweater. I emailed Rosegal and received a different reply which I have kept all. I have sent all of these responses to Paypal and keep getting the run around. They even said I had to file a police report, which our state police laughed when I called to see how to do it. The first response from rosegal said they would refund the money and to just keep the shirt but I had already refused it. I waited no refund. I did a claim to paypal. I get another response telling me to change my claim from a not received to not as described claim then they will pay. In the mean time I get a message from paypal that they are offering me 85.00 as a settlement. I refused partial claim. I contacted paypal 3x with no response as to if I should change the claim. I then changed the claim as they asked. They wrote to me and said sorry we can only give you a refund if you close the case. I refused. They emailed me that they can't refund my money after all it was frozen when I refused the settlement. This has gone on for a month with no help from Paypal only stalling. I have written everyday to paypal with no response. I call and the agent says oh no problem they should be getting you a refund in 24-48 hours. That never happened either. I I have even sent paypal the list of companies involved in this scam See below and buyer beware. I know they have had hundreds of complaints about these companies because the people are all over facebook saying they have complained to Paypal and Facebook for letting them advertise and listing them as an approved seller.
Yigou International Group own Zaful and may other online clothing sites:

They are operating from multiple addresses around the world:

5F No 632 South Jianshe Road
Taiyuan City
Shanxi Province 030000

IVAN (sells as rosegal)
Room 201,2rd Floor,Building 8,Zhongxin Industrial City,, Chuangye Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province 518054 China

Below from:
Zafu, Inc.

1201 Park Avenue
United States - 94608
Customer Care
1 510 428 8201 0 0
Additional Contact Information

1331 7th Street Suite F,
Berkeley, CA 94710

Emails, phones:

+86 075586936302


These are just SOME of the websites that have been identified as being associated with this ring:

DressLily (
SammyDress (
Rosegal (
ModLily (
NastyDress (
SheIn (
AliExpress (
TinyDeal (
Twinkledeals (
RoseWholesale (
JollyChic (
On fancy (
sheIn SheInside (
Rotita (
EricDress (
Walk trendy (
RoseWe (
Closet candy (
Stylewe (
Fashion Mia (
Trends gal (
Lovelywholesale (
Tidebuy (
TB (
Sweet dressy (
Tide store (
Vessos h(ttps://

When will PayPal take this seriously?????
Yigou International Group - China Wholesales

Ask Carol about PayPal
14 reviews
4 helpful votes


Ask Elizabeth about PayPal
98 reviews
456 helpful votes

I never had any problems with

Easy to use, VERY legit and reliable, fast transactions.

Ask Peter about PayPal
12 reviews
47 helpful votes

I use PayPal for both personal & business transactions. Overall it is a great website and keeps transactions secure when you're buying over the internet.
However, if you do have a query, contacting the customer service is almost impossible. If you do mange to find the contact form or email address, all you get back is an automated email telling you to telephone so its completely pointless writing out an email in the first its no good for people who are deaf or struggle on the telephone.
For such a well known online company, I would expect their online presence to be much better for customers to contact them.

Ask Claire about PayPal
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Changed a rented flat and got account blocked. Contacted support and they didnt solve that!

Ask Aleksei about PayPal
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I've been using PayPal for months, and it's typically been fine, but...
I was scammed by,, and These are all the same Chinese scam company. I read numerous other reviews on these sites, and it sounds like enough people have paid through PayPal that PayPal should know to cut off ties with this company. I'm disappointed that they haven't. Come on PayPal, you are better than this!

Ask Nicole about PayPal
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

Just had a purchase last July on ebay with tools. The tools were defective, had used my credit card through paypal to buy item. Total cost was just under $300 in two separate purchases from same seller supposedly because misunderstanding of tools being bought one other item was needed for the tool to be useable. Long story short, I emailed merchant, they went into denial about defective part but admitted milling of tool could have been better. I called my credit card about item and asked for refund and sent email to seller to send postage so I could send item back. Seller ignored my request, credit card then refunded my funds. So seller went to ebay, got my credit card information and did a sale directly out of their store, I contacted my card and they then could see the fraud through my emails and paypal @ which capital one gave me my funds back. EBAY and PAYPAL are a working unethical business and it's just a matter of time where their bad deeds will get them in trouble!

Ask BroC about PayPal
1 review
3 helpful votes

To whom it may concern,

I miss beekharry P has open a dispute on paypal,case no: # PP-004-231-425-149.But the problem is that i am unable to to respond to my dispute .And I have send to email to paypal,but unfortunately receive no reply.Therefore,I have purchase a mobile on 31/08/2015 on everbuying order no :EEP1508311035375734, and the seller has shipped the product out after 3 weeks that is on 23/09/2015.
And as the seller policy clearly say that the product should ship within 7 days.And more the site promise to 30 days money back I have open 3 case on the site but no fruitful solution were proposed to me.
And today we are the 21/10/2015 still I have not receive my product that I have purchase at $166.

please Paypal help me
I think it is the only way that i could communicate to you as i am unable to respond to the case ,and I have email you twice but no reply so far.


Ask lesieur about PayPal
6 reviews
22 helpful votes

Been with Paypal and eBay over 10 years with several accounts. Something changed after they split. Maybe had 1 problem with them in the 10 years. This month (as of 10/20/15) I've had 2 in the same day. They accepted unallowable returns on behalf of my eBay store. They did NOT read my side. Both buyers stated to PP "item not as described". BUT both buys told me "it just didn't work out". Their wordings seemed too exact. So I went back to their id's. Both buyers live near each other in the DC area. Seemed odd again. And both had fairly new accounts (which always scares me). I think our store got scammed and Paypal helped with the damage. I appealed the case; still waiting. I also had to file a Better Business Bureau claim, which they approved and forwarded within an hour. You can be slapped with a chargeback 180 days after your item sold. We sell authenticate luxury shoes. We cannot take returns due to potential fake replacements. So we've closed the store and trying to figure out our next step.

Ask Sandi about PayPal
3 reviews
15 helpful votes

Their customer support consists of emailing you automated responses. They dont bother to read your emails. And the phone customer support is even worse. They will lie to you to get you off the phone quickly. Stay away from PayPal. There are better services out there.

Ask Mark about PayPal
7 reviews
22 helpful votes

i JUST POSTED MY REVIEW FOR paypal and my rating was 1 STAR, buy it is showing 2 and 1/2 stars. That is wrong, they are not even worth 1 star; please change they don't deserve it,

Tip for consumers: Please! Change the rating!
Thank you.

Ask Grace about PayPal
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

Someone paid me to pay pal and they won't give me the hundred dollars they just kept it they keep saying me they sent me a check but its been almost 2 months now complete rip off

Ask Diane about PayPal
5 reviews
4 helpful votes

Sometimes my inbox may have media from sites I deal with on an occasional basis. This may result in deleting the e mail. Note that Pay Pal will only deal with retailers who have Pay Pal accounts. This is what I understood from a recent communication. So, don't delete any communications from Pay Pal. May even be a good idea to go to the site to verify the changes, and how they effect you.

Pay Pal is a safe, and efficient way of dealing with the internet. But, if my understanding is correct the retailer you utilize, for a purchase will have to be a Pay Pal member also. If not, this could cost you delays that may be important to you, and intolerable, for your business needs. I know terms of service reading can be time consuming, boring, but this change, if I understand it correctly should be understood by anyone using a Pay Pal account.

Ask Jerry about PayPal
3 reviews
15 helpful votes

"they are thieves rude & arrogant .<br>I am a business man that uses eBay on a regular about 2 years ago i had issues with pay pal and they suspend it my account with no explanation.<br>recently i been using my master card direct to purchase from eBay until i got message saying i cant any more because card linked to pay pal which is not i don't know how they linked it i think its blatantly fraud and i will take them to county court.<br>they staff is so rude i spoke to Shned to try sort it out she was laughing over the phone while i was so frustrated IT as its my business that i was purchasing for.<br><br>people pls don't link your cards to pay pal or use them you can purchase direct with your card from eBay.<br>avoid, avoid , avoid SCAMS SCAMS SCAMS RUDE AND RIP OFFS DON'T TRUST<br>AND I WILL SEE WHO WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH IN COURT SHNED"

Ask gerges about PayPal
4 reviews
0 helpful votes

The fees are enormous. Someone should do something about it !!!!

Ask Henry about PayPal
4 reviews
22 helpful votes

I recently tried to catch up financially by having a small ebay yard sale. What a mistake and financial waste. Paypal, because I was a new buyer, would not even release the funds so I could pay for shipping. If I did not use their overpriced shipping service, they held my funds for 21 days, which they did. I also during that period received a purchase credit from August 22nd. I am still waiting for this credit to be available to me, although the purchase was quickly deducted from my bank. I was told via phone call that it would "take a few days". So I have to wait a few days for this credit to appear in paypal and then I will have to wait a few more days for the funds to transfer to my bank before I CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT FOREVER. FRAUDULENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Robin about PayPal
1 review
2 helpful votes

Paypal's Bill me later is a scam and they should be investigated for their horrible business practices.

Ask vin about PayPal
1 review
2 helpful votes

I.. I run MY business just like you do YOURS! When you want your payments you get them instantly without verification. Lets just make life more difficult by holding funds that are obviously MINE. It only took a ton of my time just setting everything up.. Disappointed majorly with your customer service where as I've working in customer service for over 15 years.. Pick up your slack and verify this. Thanks! -ZERO STARS!

Ask Firstname about PayPal
19 reviews
32 helpful votes

Best uses: 1) When you do not have a credit card, the payment can be taken out from the bank account of your choice. 2) When a company refuses a VISA debit (or similar). 3) When you want an extra barrier of security between yourself and your seller.

Security: I feel there is an added measure of protection because the seller only gets a transaction ID from Paypal and no banking information from me. I also have the ability to contact Paypal's customer service if I do not receive what I paid for through an individual seller.

Customer Service: I have had no reason to reach out to them yet. All my transactions have gone over smoothly.

Overall: PayPal has been a Godsend for my online orders and purchases. However, private memos for transactions would be a bonus. Currently, any notes you attach to a payment are seen by the seller.

Ask Echo about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

I want to give a good review for purchase #1026970736, It was a sweatshirt purchased by June Morrow. It was returned because it was too big. I should have noticed that it was advertised as unisex, which never fits me. The sweatshirt was nice but not designed for me. Shoulders were huge for a man.

Ask June about PayPal
2 reviews
17 helpful votes

With all the stress and problems I had with, 3 months +, Paypal came to my rescue when I filed a dispute against ericdress. If it wasn't for Paypal, I probably would have lost $59 USD! Paypal helped me win the dispute. YIPPEE! I am so, so happy that it's all over now. If you use Paypal to make purchases, and come across problems with fraud sites etc., file a dispute through Paypal.

Ask Dianne about PayPal
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

In less than 24 hours Paypal achieved what I had been trying to do for almost 8 weeks. get a fraudulent company, to either supply ordered goods or refund my money. I applaud Paypal for their efficiency otherwise this could have dragged on for another 2 months.

Ask Ladya about PayPal
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I have had to call paypal for a few different issues from time to time. I have been a buyer, seller, and credit user. One occasion, I transferred money to my friend's email address at @gmail and it was @hotmail. To reverse this, it usually can take up to 3 days. I called customer service and they immediately reversed it due to my situation. Another time, I ordered from a site called Dress Lily. If you aren't familiar with that site, please look up their reviews. It is a complete scam. I feared I would only get the partial refund the site offered for items that were nothing like what I ordered. The site would not communicate with me. I filed a dispute through paypal. Dress Lily offered me $9 for a refund after returning their merchandise. They business is located in China so shipping it back cost $7. For the $50 I spent, I was going to get $2 back. I refused the partial refund and sent in my evidence of the poorly represented items to paypal. They immediately refunded me my money in FULL. Their staff is very well trained to handle the different situations they are presented with. When you call, they way they speak to you doesn't feel fake. They are very nice and caring people. Paypal is the only company I actually rave about to family and friends. Trust me, if I can complain, I do!!! I have never had a negative thing to say about paypal.

Ask Rachel about PayPal
22 reviews
2 helpful votes

You can buy and sell on Amazon or eBay. Low rates, you can make payments to other accounts or banks.
It is good for trade in USA

Ask Giovanny about PayPal
22 reviews
19 helpful votes

It is convenient for shopping online, but where a bank pays interest for using your money, PayPal charges you to do it. Customer service sucks. Online support doesn't work a lot & trying to call them is a joke... It is total b*llsh*t that you have to use paypal, if you wanna use ebay!

Ask Sean about PayPal
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

It is a bad online banking.And it always gets on its demand!!
It doesn't support some countries.
Such as
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Monaco, Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, Pakistan, Paraguay, Saint Lucia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Timor-Leste, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe.
So what do you think about it?
Doesn't the people of those countries need the account?
Anyone please tell me. :(

Ask Emily about PayPal
6 reviews
15 helpful votes

PayPal also doesn't have to much support for their seller. Their system is very much gamed by the buyer. You can easily file disputes and make ridiculous claims just to keep the item & money.

Ask Edward about PayPal
7 reviews
4 helpful votes

This company NC Interactive, LLC took 45.95 euro from my paypal account, I dont have any service nor a game with them. I never bought anything from them. It happened 21.5. 2015 4:58am. I made a dispute at paypayl and they said it has been reversed. Guess what... I received today my bank statement. Nothing has been reversed and I lost 45.95 euro becasue of paypal. Yes, I do have secure laptop, I do have antivirus and nobody has my paypal account password and nobody else has an access to my laptop. Screw you paypal, closing my paypal account asap, I dont need to use piece of $#*! like this!!!

Ask Adam about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

ZERO stars! PayPal is the worst company I have ever experienced! The worst product, the worst service, the worst procedures, the worst infrastructure, the worst useless employees, the worst security, there is NO reason for PayPal to exist! And if PayPal is spun off from eBay, PayPal will certainly implode due to its gross incompetence...the competition will eat its lunch and thankfully put the beast out of its misery and thus save its victims much pain!

Ask Etienne about PayPal
26 reviews
307 helpful votes

No idea why ANYONE would give it a negative review. Concept is great and it is available on almost every online service you can find. Way to go, PayPal, keep it up!

Ask Robert about PayPal
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if you sell something you pay fees too much m and if u want to take your money you pay fees in your bank 4euros ,,, i sell a grafic card for 25E and i take 17,5 in my bank ,,, this is stolen from my money !!! i have paypal many years , but now i have big problems with them ,, i try to use bank tranfer in my selling , one more think ..,, i sell a camera and the buyer make a dispute , paypal charge me -76E , me and buyer agree to give him back 20E ,, but paypal not allow me to refund the buyer because i dont had money in my paypal ..,, i must put 96E to pay the buyer 20E ,, this is the joke with Paypal !!!!!!

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A purchase was made on eBay using my paypal account but I was not the one that was doing the purchasing
PayPal did nothing about it
I feel very insecure about using PayPal
I'm having trouble closing my account
They are tight liped about the whole thing
I now who the eBay seller is and the purchaser
PayPal is no good
Don't use them
They don't care about your identity

Ask Francis about PayPal
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After receiving an invoice from a paypal business requesting friends and family payment, even though I didn't even know him, I paid the invoice. Although PayPal is suppose to NOT ALLOW a business to ask for friends and family pay, they did. The PayPal user knew what he was doing and when disputed, he and his wife said "too bad" you paid with friends and family and you can't dispute it. I'm out $1800 and didn't receive anything for it. He refuses to refund any of my money, and much to my surprise, PayPal backed him. He even put it in writing he was avoiding charges by doing this, so PayPal didn't even receive their fees. I thought something was odd about his request, a $1800 lesson to learn PayPal's rules and how to rip someone off that isn't familiar with this.

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