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682 reviews
2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131, USA
Tel: 1-888-221-1161, 1-402-935-2050
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682 Reviews From Our Community

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It is 100% safe and secure and customer service is great. (in 45 reviews)


and bank account linked, and also almost 100% approval of purchases, would that make you nervous? (in 27 reviews)


While they take commissions when you receive money - they are acceptable compared with the fees my local banks charge. (in 143 reviews)

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2 reviews
4 helpful votes

100% buyer protection. bull $#*!
I have 7 cases with them all being closed by them my refund by them. Never receive any communication from them. I call them, they said they sent emails never got them. Ask for them to be saints again cannot do was on the phone with them for 40 minutes. I know such a short time, been served fast last time all was on the phone with them was 2 hours. I am escalating its I am going to the ACCC with my case against them. And they have threatened legal action against me stay away from PayPal they threaten legal aid should against you when you are in the right. They do not protect you, they only care about themselves. I would love to take a class action against them. I am hoping the.ACCC will help me with them.
Way to go PayPal threaten your customers. With legal action. That's great customer service
I am going to close my account as soon and close why bank accounts which is linked to my PayPal accounts
they will not be getting any more of my business
very rude and arrogant staff at PayPal not willing to help. They do not care or liquor about themselves no customer service skills. Do not use PayPal your money is not safe you do not get looked after 100% buyer protection more like 0%
when I was on the phone to them. They told me I had to call in and escalate the claim by email and which I never got from them. I ask them to resend it, and reopen the case cannot do. If you want our customers in customer service you resend the email and reopen the claim that no we can't do that more light we do not want to do that
it is your bad luck if you don't get the email

Ask eric about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have used Paypal for 20 years and always had illusion that it would provide protection on buyers until now.

In Feb. 2016 I bought a faulty tablet PC from via Paypal. I spend $231.30 on it. When I decided to return, their customer service told me to send it at USPS not using Express mail because express mail has higher possibility to cause Chinese tariff. I followed and used first class mail which doesn't provide tracking in China. I spent $33.75 of postage. 6 weeks passed, Everbuying kept saying not received it and refused to refund. I brought my case to Paypal resolution center and told Paypal that I saved all the communications with Everbuying into a file and had copies of USPS receipt and Customer Declaration form. Paypal has never given me opportunity to upload and submit my documents and ruled that I should mailed the item back (I did it 6 weeks ago?!) with tracking number in my own expense. Only after the company confirms receiving I am able to get refund. This totally absurd ruling shows Paypal is actually partner of Chinese cheating online sellers!

Ask Chongguang about PayPal
12 reviews
9 helpful votes

It used to be pretty darn awesome, Paypal was great to me for many years. You'd run into nothing but the worst customer service in the known universe over at Ebay, and Paypal would step in and solve that issue like FAST. Now you call up and they've gone from a reasonably good answering system to another one of those nightmares from hell. And then you get put on hold and they play the same message over and over, telling you how much they value you as a customer, and after 30 minutes of hearing it over and over I wanted to pull my hair out. And so did the other people around me who could hear the speaker phone. They all said the same thing, "Wow Paypal has gotten bad!" If you get through to someone outside the USA you have about a 50/50 chance of it working out. The over-seas operators can be very good or very bad, their levels of training vary greatly. Almost always the USA people have great training and will help you. Recently I had a problem and got my money back. I have never once failed to get my money back. But one time I sold an item on Ebay for $5500 and the customer was happy, there were no problems, but Paypal decided to just freeze my account. No reason was given. Phone calls went on and on, and finally after many dozens of phone calls I got through to an "upper tier" person who would help me. What a nightmare. Don't ever give them access to you bank account, that's a very serious mistake. They can and will take money out of your account if they want to, and they have not always been forthcoming about why. I was part of a class action law suit a long time ago against PayPal for stealing $88 dollars out of a bank account without my permission, and we won. And yet they continue to do it. They make it harder and harder to complain about a bad purchase. You have to wait long periods to get your money back. They exceed their own time frames. They'll tell you on the phone it's 5 days and it will turn out to be 10. Very often the operators have told me one thing only to find out that changes. They'll say 5 days, and that's what it shows on the site, but then suddenly on day 4 you look and now it says 10 days more with no explanation. This has happened to me many times. In all cases no one at PayPal can say anything except, well we're sorry but it was always 10 days, or whatever. I'll say then why did it say 5 days and your operator say 5 days? They have no explanation. PayPal used to have a "Executive Escalations" team. If it still exists they often can help you. I'm not sure it exists anymore because I was told Ebay did away with that, so I wonder if PayPal did, too. Now my review is a one star but the problem is there really is no other game in town. Mostly on Ebay you have to use PayPal. If you have big problems with them complain to the Fed at, and then figure out in your state who licenses PayPal in your State and complain to them, then complain to your State Attorney General's office of consumer protection. The only way to get them to ever improve is if enough people complain.

Tip for consumers: Do not give up. If they tell you "no", hang up and call back until you find someone who will say "yes". Sometimes it can take a lot of perseverance but if you're tenacious you will win. Complain to people like I say in my review. We're American's, we keep fighting when others give up.

Ask Calvin about PayPal
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

I have purchased a crash cam from about a month ago, paid $35.34 USD
Then I have received a crash cam with a dead rechargeable battery inside which cannot even be turned on. Hours of charging the crash cam only let the crash cam to turn on for seconds and it turns off automatically. The primary power source of the crash cam is the rechargeable battery inside it and because it could not be charged, the crash cam could not turn on.
I have contacted support and they replied:
They will refund USD$10 for this faulty crash cam which I have paid USD$35.34 for the original price.
They also said, if I send them back the crash cam (return postage would cost as much as the original price that I have paid for the cam) then they will refund fully.
Why should I pay the return postage for the faulty item they have sent to me? Why would any customer spend time, pay the postage which is as much as the original purchase price in order to get the refund?

When I contacted for describing how the crash cam could not start (I have also attached photos of the faulty product and sent them) they replied to me and said they also want to see the video of the faulty crash cam and asked me to take videos of the misbehaving crash cam and upload it to for them to see. JESUS CHINESE!!

The reason why I have trusted this company was because they had PayPal payment option and I thought buying online using PayPal was safe.
But when I contacted PayPal dispute for this transaction, PayPal also asked me to return the product to seller and I am responsible for the return postage.
Returning a faulty product back to China can cost even more than $100 USD if the item is more than 3kg in weight.
I cannot trust PayPal anymore and I won't pay using PayPal in future for any online purchases. Why should I bother logging into Paypal to pay for any transaction if I'm not protected? Many online stores charge extra for paying using Paypal.
This Chinese scam online store is partnering with PayPal to deceive customers and making profits. PayPal is no longer effectively protecting consumers and in fact PayPal is one of the most dangerous payment method online shoppers are using now. Many buyers think buying using PayPal is safe but in fact it really isn't. Online shoppers should only buy from the shops they know well (such as and shouldn't trust online stores just because PayPal is one of their payment method.

Ask Richard about PayPal
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I don't know how many know this but pay pal actually charges a 4.95 per month maintenance fee once funds have been put on the card whether you use the card or not or whether you have a balance on it or not I just closed mine out . I pointed out to them that I had a debit card at the bank that was free so from now on when I wish to use my pay pal funds I will simply use my bank card and transfer that amount from my pay pal account to my bank account I hope this advise saves some one some money

Ask Katherine about PayPal
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I am pissed that this company is attempting to hurt the population of a State for a measure passed by the government. Not making any comment on the bill, just the fact that a multi million dollar corporation is attempting to influence local politics with terrorist tactics. Have an account but I rarely use it. Seriously considering deleting my account and asking others to do the same.

Ask Bob about PayPal
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Big thanks to paypal for a job well done.

Ask Della about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

If you want to wait 3 weeks to get your money after a straight forward sale on the now scam ridden E bay and be charged $8's or so for the privilege, (after being forced to give your bank details rather than have them Credit the dedicated debit card you normally use online) then go right ahead and use the rip of system. The fact that they get 3 weeks of interest free money from me for nothing and charge me for doing so, and then rub it in by telling me that they wont charge me again for transferring my money to my account, which by the way will take up to another 5 business days, destroys any faith I once had in either company.
Alternatives fortunately exist, bye bye E bay, bye bye Pay Pal.

Ask John about PayPal
8 reviews
3 helpful votes

I usually shop with the PayPal account, I have since 2014. I had 3 situations when they returned my money after I opened a dispute and proved my point. Wonderful service!

Ask Alex about PayPal
4 reviews
33 helpful votes

If you are a buyer using PayPal for purchases, it's great.
However, as a seller, it's like not receiving any payment for your goods at all. You can never be sure, that you will be able to keep the payment for your merchandise.
Buyer has 180 days since the payment to open a dispute for whatever reason he wants - item not received or unauthorised transaction. No express delivery tracking with buyer's signature? You lose your entire payment, shipping cost and the merchandise as well.
It does not matter, that the buyer selected economy delivery without tracking at checkout. Even if you have a valid tracking number showing delivery, the dispute will be in 99% cases closed in buyer's favor. The only tracking, which they accept is signed delivery by FedEx or UPS, which is unrealistic if you sell items of average value.
I pay PayPal 500$ in fees per month for no seller protection at all and theft of my money whenever a fraudulent buyer decides to get a free item.

Ask Misaki about PayPal
3 reviews
13 helpful votes

While I was deployed they allowed some scam company to auto charge my card for 1500$.When I returned home they were demanding money for something I never authorized.

Ask Philip about PayPal
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

PAID FOR GOODS WITH PAYPAL. Goods were not fit for purpose (they were chinese crap from sammydress). Paypal refuse to give me my money back as I did not return goods. I maintained that the seller should have sent a prepaid label and goods would be returned at no more cost to me.

Ask geoff about PayPal
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

PayPal quite happily let you sign up, give them all your information including bank account and credit card, they let you sell some items on ebay, take payments for over 3 months (without any issue) but as soon as you try and take the money out they limit your account and suddenly need lots more information?!
Dont use if you cannot afford to lose the money!

Ask Maureen about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

What good is using PayPal now that everytime you sell on eBay or another site or family and friends send you money it pends for up to 21 days. Rude customer services the way they speak to you on the phone. A woman helped me release my money then it happened again so I rang back and two men I spoje to at different times were so disappointing didn't help didn't speak sence and wouldn't release my money. I wont be using PayPal again. Discusting. Please dont open a account as they will not release money.

Ask Tiffany about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

i've had the worst experience with paypal recently and it's really been the only time i've used it. I sold a few things on ebay and because i used paypal it took fees off me as well as ebay which i understand as i listed with them. Next thing i couldn't get my money into my own bank account so i emailed them a few times and I am yet to receive an answer even though they say they will get back to you within 24 hours. Tried ringing them up and they give a contact number on their website which costs you, however there is a free phone number which i found out about from a friend, but they do not list this number on their website. I had to sign up another account to transfer money to me and guess what....yep another charge!! I says it can take a while to transfer the money. However a while ended up being 5 days and then another 4 days to actually get the money into my account. Safe to say I deleted both accounts as soon as the money was in my bank. Biggest load of s@!* i've ever used.

Ask katie about PayPal
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

Paypal is owned by eBay. They are both continually looking for ways to get more money from the people who use them.

Recently, I bought a membership online that defaulted to my PayPal account. I tried to reverse the transaction, but PayPal was not cooperative. Credit Cards work really hard to help you not get screwed by online businesses. They will cancel your transactions and open a dispute case. PayPal does/will not. They simply debit your bank account. Why not just use a debit card?

Ask Jill about PayPal
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

A few years ago I was bitten by transfer my balance out to my linked checking account. I thought it should be free as all other similar services I had used, but Paypal did took a not small portion out of it. I didn't have time to complain but stopped using it on banking side.

Two days ago one friend sent me $130 it looked more shady this time: Paypal sent him notice saying I would get paid $130, and on my side I only got $125.9 after $4.1 fee deduction. This time I took time to check the company's fee policy, as I care about the mutual trust between us: It shouldn't take any fee based on the transaction type we did.

I guess that's how Paypal's good profit comes from, pretty shameful business.

Ask X about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

Horrible customer service! Horrible!!!!!!! After their glitchy app told me to "retry" a payment that was "did not go through." I did as instructed, and re-processed a payment of $300.00 from my Debit card. After looking back through my receipts within in 10 minutes of making the payment, I noticed that the first payment did in fact go through. I instantly called PayPal and requested to have one of the two $300.00 payments stopped as it was a mistake and a default through their smart phone app. The customer service representative was not well versed at all and to save myself time I requested to be transferred to a "tech representative," I was told by the tech representative at PayPal that they could not stop the payment, there was nothing at all that she could do for me on their end and that the entire payment has already processed. Although I could clearly see on my bank account that no drafts had been made at all. Hearing how disappointed I was, the representative advised me to call my personal bank and to request a stop payment through them if I really did in fact need to stop the double processed payment of $300.00. This is exactly what I did. I called my bank and paid for a $35 stop payment fee in order to avoid the additional $300.00 payment that never should have processed to begin with. My bank assured me that the second payment would not be processed. I felt at ease for a good three days until I received an email from PayPal the following week stating that my bank had denied 1 of 2 payments and that they had pulled the second amount of $300.00 from my second bank card on file. Now let me just explain what exactly my " secondary bank card on file is." When I was 16 years old I received my first Student Checking Account secondary to my mothers bank account. Throughout high school and my undergraduate degree, I would use this account here and there to make purchases, my mother was able to transfer me money when needed etc.... I am now 24 years old. I no longer live in the are of the country where this bank (Commerce Bank) exists. I live on the east coast.... thousands of miles away from any Commerce Bank. This is the "secondary bank card" PayPal charged. I instantly called customer service again . Explained my self in detail... and explained that I was instructed by their tech services representative to request a stop payment from my bank. She did not explain that once the payment was stopped Paypal would continue to pull the draft from any and every source of income they could find. ONCE AGAIN. PAYPAL DID NOT CARE. Not only was I now out $600.00.... I am also out an additional $35 from the requested stop payment fee. I was transferred to three different managers and was told by all 3 that there was nothing they could do, they would not and could not stop the payment... even though once again nothing had been drafted from my bank.. and that basically they could care less. Please keep in mind.... this is all happening due to a glitch and mistake on their behalf with their smart phone app. So now because I have listened to PayPal's instructions on two different requests... I am being screwed over by their company for listening and for trusting them with my funds and my bank information. I finished the conversation with the 3rd manager that I had been transferred to screaming at the top of my lungs. I told her that I was not going to have to call my mother thousands of miles away and have her transfer funds into my "secondary card in file" to avoid an overdraft fee because I would literally have to get on a plane in order to make it to any close enough Commerce Bank prior to the $300.00 being pulled out. She still did not care and refused to help me. I told her that first and foremost I knew she was lying about the payment "already being processed" and unable to stop, that I planned to immediately call my bank and to request and additional stop payment from ALL paypal transactions, and TO NOT TAKE ANYMORE MONEY OUT OF MY BANK. After calling Commerce and then my mother to stop the paypal payment and transfer the amount of $300 just encase it where to somehow draft anyway.... I felt as though this issue was over... there is nothing else that can be stolen from your bank. After seeing within in two days that no payment of $300 had been taken, I told my mother she could transfer back the $300 amount, I closed my bank account completely with Commerce, deleted all of my bank information from my Paypal account, deleted the smart phone app off of my iPhone, AND CLOSED THE PAYPAL ACCOUNT ENTIRELY. I felt once again, at ease and as if this terrible nightmare was over. I even took the additional steps to protects myself with my current bank account Wells Fargo and request a long term stop payment from all Paypal transactions for 2 years. Wells Fargo insured me that everything would be okay, my bank account was in good hands... I would see not see a second $300 payment from this company. About 5 days later....... SURPRISE!!!! My mother called me and said that PayPal had taken $300.00 FROM HER OWN PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT. Not in my name, not at all associated to me at all. At this point she agreed to help me pay off the additional amount of $300.00 as the two of us had given up on any hopes of being treated fairly and with reasonable customer service. PayPal most definitely won this war. I will never in my life ever again use this company. I manage three gyms for a corporation of 8 and never in my life would I put a customer in this type of a complication. I am mortified at this PayPal's lack of customer service and care. I absolutely hate this company because of the trouble they put me through and even heavily considered claiming fraud through my mothers account and having the amount refunded. This company steals your money. They are robbers and liars. I will never ever in my life ever open a PayPal account again.

Ask Alyssa about PayPal
4 reviews
1 helpful vote

They will hold your money for no reason randomly for 6 months. You're better going with square cash for business or google wallet!

Ask Michelle about PayPal
11 reviews
4 helpful votes

When ever I buy anything online I Always use PayPal. It is the safest way to pay. If you don't receive your item of your oven didn't match the description they give you a refund.if I could give them a ten I would!

Ask Monica about PayPal
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Got a clothes washer from It arrived damaged. Paypal told me to pack it up and send it to at my own cost to get a refund.

Ask Thai about PayPal
4 reviews
7 helpful votes

My team and I worked on the app for about 5 days and communicated with the seller when we realized the app did not work as described.

We initiated a refund on January 30, 2016. The seller refused the 14-day money back guarantee advertised.

After notifying PayPal and Capital One, both parties suggested we talk to seller and we did. . PayPal opened a claim, Capital One held my money from the seller, and sent a formal letter indicating the seller has to respond within a matter time, if not the case would close and the refund would withstand. However, on March 24, 2016, I realized that PayPal closed the disputed case (PP-004-610-017-807) without notifying me. I called PayPal 3 times and abruptly the phone disconnected as I held each time for a representative.

I am highly disappointed that PayPal acted in favor of the seller and not the customer. I have been with PayPal for 7 years now and have acted responsibly and ethically by their standards.

I adhered to the Chupamobile LTD refund policy, I reacted professionally and reasonably. If Chupamobile LTD does not want to adhere to their refund policy of 14-day money back guarantee it should be removed from their site. I am ashamed that PayPal would favor on the side of seller that does not adhere to their own policies. I now have to determine whether my money is safe with Pay Pal.

Ask Kimberlye about PayPal
6 reviews
19 helpful votes

I still stand by the poor customer service, but I must apologise I have checked with my bank, and have found that there was a mix up and my money although showing as gone through papal wasn't taken

Tip for consumers: Don't use these

Ask jackie about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hi my name is Panagiotis deligiannis and I use paypal for more than 3 years when I made the decision to use paypal for my website permanent and I started to proceed with a transaction they hold 20.000 usd the money I have in my account fro 180 days my suppliers was upset with me because I didn't have other money to pay and paypal create big damage to my company .I don't know how the authorities allow paypal to generate cash flow using third parties money hold the money for 180 days without any interest and put the companies like me in huge risk .Don't use Paypal Be away from this type of electronic fraud

Ask panagiotis about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

If you like fighting to receive your money on each and every transaction, paypal is for you. If you like waiting weeks to receive payments, paypal is for you. If you like spending 30+ minutes on the phone trying to talk to a human being, paypal is for you.

Ask Christian about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

Customer service is a joke. Calling Paypal to resolve an issue is a waste of time. All you get is a confused agent who cannot listen or resolve your issue. They say what they need to get you off the phone then do nothing to fix your problem. I called to delete an account and cancel a charge, One week later I am notified that the bank rejected the charge. Duh, why do you think I called and notified Paypal the account had been closed. BTW I had attempted to delete the account on the internet 1 month earlier but was unsuccessful

Ask Richard about PayPal
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

Recently PayPal Credit was maid unavailable with Uber, all of the sudden Uber charges were taken directly out of my account putting me in a tough situation. Not ok with how the charges were handled.

Lets the consumer be anonymous and makes payments easy on things that are normally too expensive.

Ask Jonathan about PayPal
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I have Paypal account for more than 3 years , used to buy some stuff from Ebay or to pay for online services(Software etc..), but suddenly last 2 weeks they limit my account for no reason and as per their mail, ' my account may be in violation of United States regulations administered by the Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).
LOL i felt like i'm a terrorist or someone dangerous. Anyway they asked for document proving my address same as shown on my Paypal account, i sent them Phone bill, they reject it because there's two letters missing !! then i send them everything i have(Other bills, ID, DL, Passport, Visa, Tracking Number From DHL showing my full address, Bank Statement, Screenshot from my Bank Account Online etc...) then they stopped replying on my mails for 4 days, then i started calling them and this was the start of the nightmare, they have the worst and Stupidest customer service ever in the world, most of them are Arabic speakers. First they reply on the phone after 5 minutes of waiting Second they pretend that he's not hearing you then hang up the call, finally they are stupid they can't understand and they will never help it's just a waste of time.
However, after 2 weeks my account returned to regular standing (as per their mail) BUT when i tried to Buy something from Ebay, Paypal refused the transaction and at the same time the amount deducted from my credit card, i tried again same problem happened and the amount deducted twice a total of 300GBP !! Called my bank said Paypal took the money and transaction done, then called Paypal said they didn't took the money but there's a problem in returning that amount and theyneed to investigate and escalate my problem to other department etc...
More than 10 days and still nothing returned to my account and nothing changed.
Paypal F Scammers.

Ask Achref about PayPal
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Paypal Backs sham companies Like Cupid dating sites-beware! I filed for return of my money within 24 hours of joining that site when I discovered it to be a sham.
Paypal paid, without my consent, from my account after reviewing my plea to return my money. I sent the link of complaints that were listed on site jabber but they seemed not to care and sided by Don't do business with these companies!

Ask Mike about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

i like it

Ask jim about PayPal
5 reviews
36 helpful votes

In the past when I was in Iraq Paypal gave access to my brother, now nothing really affected me other than upon my return I could not use it myself due to the credit card transaction I had no idea how and what credit card he used forcing me to used an alternative email address. That brings up the question how safe is to use Paypal. I recently made a purchase I was not even asked which pay method I wanted to use, they processed payment on a bank account that my wife had recently closed. Well the bank contacted me letting me know and offer options. So I attempted to contact Paypal using the phone number from the website first if I was over 50 push pound, offer for T-Mobile and last Satellite Cable. No customer service rep. I called several times finally they said my phone would be block. I called 4 times thru Ebay, got hung up by the time I got thru I was hot. No results. I paid the bank and their fee. Good luck with them.

Ask james about PayPal
15 reviews
18 helpful votes

Six years ago I tried to open a PayPal account before I knew anything about them. They repeatedly declined the picture of my ID that I took with my HD Canon Camcorder saying it was too blurry, despite being 1080P soon after that first came out. So I closed my account, this was also when I had a different bank.

Recently on Ebay I got screwed over when doing a guest paypal payment after a six year boycott. It declined both of my cards, neither of which had been attached to the account six years ago. I called customer service and they said my account needed to be verified. $#*! please, I closed that 6 years ago, are you serious? This is exactly why I closed it too. After so many attempts to verify ID they refuse to let you keep trying and then try to mail you stuff but it never sends. So they closed my account.

My cards still got declined. I was with customer service for both cards for a while and made sure all billing addresses matched. Still no avail.

I was in communication with the seller and PayPal gave me one other option: get a PayPal invoice. The seller ignored all of this and cancelled our transaction, and Ebay- Paypal's affiliate, made it impossible to give the seller a bad rating, and warn others in the community about the scam.

The community was even badgering other buyers for complaining about bad sellers and mods were removing content that was negative about sellers!

Tip for consumers: BOYCOT PAYPAL. Ever notice you'll go on a site completely monopolized by their payment program? And you can't buy on that site around PayPal? This is a dictatorship of regulations and manipulation. There are better options. Leave.

Ask Jack about PayPal
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

Pay Pal is behind in online payments. Square and google wallet are better. None of those dumb ass holds.

Ask Marcus about PayPal
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

There are too many better options such as Square, Flint, Paysimple, Venmo, and more. Pay Pal is outdated and takes too long to transfer money. Not to mention they could hold your money for 6 months at any given time. Smh. Trust me, they are not worth dealing with.

Ask Christopher about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

My daughter baught item from a Disney seller on FB and used PayPal. She only received one portion of her items. When my daughter disputed, the seller gave PayPal a tracking number for the first purchase and said she had mailed all items in that shipment. My daughter offered to share the FB private messages which includes admission from seller that what she told PayPal was false, PayPal said they could not use those messages. Now they've sided with the seller after telling my daughter that this would be resolved as a seller could not use one tracking number for multiple different orders. This company's customer service is all over the place as well, you get a different answer every time you talk to someone!!!

This is totally ridiculous. I know that there are reputable sellers out there, but please stay away from these scammers that make their pages private. You can't review them and can't verify if they're a legitimate business.

Ask Martha about PayPal
4 reviews
13 helpful votes

Hey all,
Came across this article on the Business Consumer Alliance website and it looks like any of us who have basically been victimized by PayPal may be able to recoup some of the money lost. I know i had my account put on hold for a while and no one could really give me a good reason why. The class action law suit went in favor of the consumers and we may be able to claim some of the $4million dollars they are forced to now pay. Here's the story:

Ask Nicholas about PayPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have no respect for this company, not one person knows what they are doing, no one, IF YOU ASK FOR HELP YOU WILL NOT GET IT.

Ask CONNIE about PayPal
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

PayPal buyer protection is a joke. Clear case of receiving a defective refurb iMac - after many emails and alot of wasted time, PayPal rules that Item was as described. No, it was broken upon receipt. PayPal blatantly sided with seller - no protection for buyer. Beware.

Ask jeff about PayPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

It is very frightening that a company with this much ineptness has access to our bank accounts and personal information. Rarely do I post reviews, but I couldn't sit on my hands with PayPal anymore. Spoke with a client service rep named "Kevin". Kevin was rude, evasive, and whenever I pointed out his mistakes, he simply put me on hold for 15-20 minutes. It was clear that the error had occurred on their end, but zero responsibility was taken. I suggest staying very far away from this service ... if that's what you want to call it.

Ask Carrie about PayPal
118 reviews
1,583 helpful votes

Honestly never had a issue but when i do its sorted very quick within a day what most people don't know is that when they contact customer service a auto reply email is sent if that don't help you then email back and ask for a human reply in which they do.

PayPal makes it easy for me to send money to family and friends in other countries, yes theirs a small charge but its a lot cheaper then my bank would charge.

Ask Justin about PayPal
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

3 fraudulent transactions. 3 fraudulent companies representing themselves dishonestly. 3 failed claims Swoggi Ebay Amazon.

Do not believe Paypal is their to protect your interest it serves itself and it's own agenda at the expense of it's customers. The chances of them blacklisting fraudulent companies who they have received numerous complaints about is 0 to none. Believe the advertising hype at your peril.

In an effort to not assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible, please do not communicate direct to us. Once you log in to your account, you can click on "Contact" at the bottom of any PayPal web page. This will give you further information on how to Call Us if you would prefer to contact us by phone or to send us an email. You can also choose "Resolution Center" which will take you to PayPal's central hub for buyer and seller resolution and limitation information.
It is our intention to make communications as difficult as possible and to cause you as much inconvenience as possible in the hope you will go away.
Of course you should expect us to behave in the same manner as we expect you to behave to us. That of course would open the door to dealing with customers problems promptly and professionally. Woe begone cannot have that might cost us time and money.

To have given out an email address would have taken seconds and of course seen us promptly and efficiently deal with your problems and issues. Cannot have that can we. UNDERSTAND! We are not here to help you but to ensure our rules are followed without question. should be renamed

Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2015 06:58:03 +0000

Subject: AutoResponse - Email Returned SAXK (KMM185270637V85858L0KM) :ppNA

Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Service.
In an effort to assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible, please direct all customer service inquires through our website. Once you log in to your account, you can click on "Contact" at the bottom of any PayPal web page. This will give you further information on how to Call Us if you would prefer to contact us by phone or to send us an email. You can also choose "Resolution Center" which will take you to PayPal's central hub for buyer and seller resolution and limitation information.
We want to help you but we are not able to respond to emails sent directly to this address. We value your business and want to provide you with the best customer care.

Ask jim about PayPal
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Without much detail, Paypal will always protect you !!! if you have a choice to purchase an item use Paypal.

Ask Jean about PayPal
17 reviews
27 helpful votes

Was reading over some of the bad reviews and was surprised by the comments. The only one I agree with is that hold times can be frustrating. Other than that, I think PayPal is great!

I got ripped off once by a bogus merchant and after 3 months of investigations, I got my money back.

My husband's PayPal account was compromised and he was able to get the monies back that were stolen from his account. He even got the exchange rate monies back as there was a different rate used from the time of the investigation to the time of the settlement.

He also uses PayPal regularly for his customers to pay for services.

Ask Janice about PayPal
11 reviews
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They have helped e so much with getting my money back from SammyDress! I really appreciate what they do!

Ask BK about PayPal
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

They better be glad I can't upload the photo of how long I've been on hold. I called PayPal before I got in the shower. It's now 1 hour and 39 min later and I'm at work. Still haven't talked to anyone and I guarantee PayPal will do nothing but apologize! There is no EXCUSE for any customer to wait this long for service! HORRIBLE. THEY WILL RESPOND ON HERE BEFORE I GET SOMEONE ON THE PHONE

Ask Joshua about PayPal
1 review
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They will not even try to help you get your money back from fraudulent seller

Ask Asif about PayPal
3 reviews
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Rosegal's website does not look like it is from China. I ordered a bunch of items on Oct 30th. Right away I received an email that it would ship China post. I emailed them right away and cancelled the order. Two days later I got a reply from them that one item had shipped. I told them to cancel the rest and I would refuse the item, which I have done. I went on Paypal to find out they charged me the whole 111.42 instead of the 10.00 for the sweater. I emailed Rosegal and received a different reply which I have kept all. I have sent all of these responses to Paypal and keep getting the run around. They even said I had to file a police report, which our state police laughed when I called to see how to do it. The first response from rosegal said they would refund the money and to just keep the shirt but I had already refused it. I waited no refund. I did a claim to paypal. I get another response telling me to change my claim from a not received to not as described claim then they will pay. In the mean time I get a message from paypal that they are offering me 85.00 as a settlement. I refused partial claim. I contacted paypal 3x with no response as to if I should change the claim. I then changed the claim as they asked. They wrote to me and said sorry we can only give you a refund if you close the case. I refused. They emailed me that they can't refund my money after all it was frozen when I refused the settlement. This has gone on for a month with no help from Paypal only stalling. I have written everyday to paypal with no response. I call and the agent says oh no problem they should be getting you a refund in 24-48 hours. That never happened either. I I have even sent paypal the list of companies involved in this scam See below and buyer beware. I know they have had hundreds of complaints about these companies because the people are all over facebook saying they have complained to Paypal and Facebook for letting them advertise and listing them as an approved seller.
Yigou International Group own Zaful and may other online clothing sites:

They are operating from multiple addresses around the world:

5F No 632 South Jianshe Road
Taiyuan City
Shanxi Province 030000

IVAN (sells as rosegal)
Room 201,2rd Floor,Building 8,Zhongxin Industrial City,, Chuangye Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province 518054 China

Below from:
Zafu, Inc.

1201 Park Avenue
United States - 94608
Customer Care
1 510 428 8201 0 0
Additional Contact Information

1331 7th Street Suite F,
Berkeley, CA 94710

Emails, phones:

+86 075586936302


These are just SOME of the websites that have been identified as being associated with this ring:

DressLily (
SammyDress (
Rosegal (
ModLily (
NastyDress (
SheIn (
AliExpress (
TinyDeal (
Twinkledeals (
RoseWholesale (
JollyChic (
On fancy (
sheIn SheInside (
Rotita (
EricDress (
Walk trendy (
RoseWe (
Closet candy (
Stylewe (
Fashion Mia (
Trends gal (
Lovelywholesale (
Tidebuy (
TB (
Sweet dressy (
Tide store (
Vessos h(ttps://

When will PayPal take this seriously?????
Yigou International Group - China Wholesales

Ask Carol about PayPal
16 reviews
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Ask Elizabeth about PayPal
76 reviews
611 helpful votes

I never had any problems with

Easy to use, VERY legit and reliable, fast transactions.

Ask Peter about PayPal
14 reviews
71 helpful votes

I use PayPal for both personal & business transactions. Overall it is a great website and keeps transactions secure when you're buying over the internet.
However, if you do have a query, contacting the customer service is almost impossible. If you do mange to find the contact form or email address, all you get back is an automated email telling you to telephone so its completely pointless writing out an email in the first its no good for people who are deaf or struggle on the telephone.
For such a well known online company, I would expect their online presence to be much better for customers to contact them.

Ask Claire about PayPal
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